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1 © 2005 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Enterprise Mobility Strategy for Cisco Unified CallManager & Cisco Unified CallManager Express Brian.

user license Cisco WLAN Cisco MobilityManager GSM Account Dual Mode device Mobile Operator Cisco Mobility Manager 19 © 2005 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Solution Feature/Services List Feature Categories Enterprise Mobility HandsetVoiceDataManagementOther Phase One: Market Trials and Early Deployment  WLAN Roaming  Retrieval of Enterprise Information in Wi-Fi  Single Enterprise Number and Voicemail Box (via Mobile Connect)  GSM & WCDMA for global coverage  Client VPN  Same User/


COOPERATIVE MOBILITY ENHANCEMENT and CONTROL SYSTEM (C-MECS) HIGHWAY 1 For Empowering Smarter Mobility The Next Gen Highway Solution Empowering Highway as a Service ` JAN RAKSHAK 3 Safe Drive with a Smarter Solution 4  Proving Public Reporting and intelligent gathering of incidents affecting Traffic  Providing Real Time Information and Navigation to commuters  Provide Visuals & Data Information for Actionable Intelligence  Provide alternatives to the commuters based/

Text to Change Mobile telephony: public-private partnerships in emerging markets Mobile Africa Revisited Research Program, ASC Leiden December, 9 th 2010.

networks; * Better data analysis; * More partners; * Local content; * Create sustainable programs; * Better training of peer educators on text messages; * Open Source system to establish interoperability between mobile for development systems. Overview –Partnerships - Future Challenges: * Learn from failures, they do exist… * Pilotitis… Overview –Partnerships - Future Scalability: Only way is: large scale operations with mobile infrastructure partners: Companies, NGO’s and Governments. The momentum for/

Lessons Learned from Payments System Interoperability Carol Coye Benson Managing Partner Glenbrook Partners ITU Workshop on “Digital.

business model for participating banks In some countries, regulators are expanding direct participation in these systems to non-bank payments institutions Payments Systems Functions RULES Law and Operating Rules BRAND C ommon terms for payer and payee PROCESSING Switching and settlement Transaction management Liability / There are effective models for interoperability among banks that can apply to mobile money systems Cash is the standard against which the unbanked will measure the usefulness of mobile money

ICT 1 A multimodal context aware mobile maintenance terminal for noisy environments Fredrik Vraalsen Research scientist SINTEF MOBIS’04 – Oslo, 15/9-04.

-free operation Noisy environments Improve information flow and work-processes Provide access to experts ICT 4 Electronic Tags on Equipment Mobile Maintenance Terminal PARAT earplug Communication Terminal Backoffice Maintenance System Wireless /of prompts, downloaded on demand Higher quality than Text-to-Speech Lower processing and power requirements Requires constant network connection FAMOUS project on adaptive component-based systems ICT 13 Conclusions and future work We have developed a mobile system/

1 Mobile Networks logica Contents Confidential & Proprietary to Logica © 2001 Application-Level Active Networks Presented at Dublin Breakfast Briefing,

Content, Events Programs, Policies Producer Consumer Mobile Networks logica Contents Confidential & Proprietary to Logica © 2001629 June 2001Application-Level Active Networks Active Services Networks Programs supplied by the users of the network Those programs will run on equipment owned by the operators Users have access to custom services that will be managed by them without the operators’ intervention Management system needs to be as lightweight as/

Oi Paggo 1.00 1. Mobile Transaction Features  Mobile Operator Independent  No special deals need  Lower costs, no revenue sharing  Increase business.

and fast R&D and Operations capability  Proven International and multi cultural experience  Mobile Transactions full technology ready and proven, from links to the banks or transactional network to the self mobile applications  Business international experience 6 Proposal Be partners for the new Mobile Transactional World Be the Brazilian Paypal and content, goods and services billing system Establish a Joint Mobile Transactions Business Unit or spin/

Building Your Own Android Systems from Source Adam C. Champion CSE 5236: Mobile App Development 1.

“official” OS support – Research (e.g., wireless networking, mobile systems, etc.) – Customize device (e.g., themes, lockscreens) Disclaimers: – This will definitely void your warranty – system building is at your own risk! I am not responsible if you “brick” your device! – Using a custom Android system on a cellular network may violate your network operator’s terms of service – We’ll only cover building Android Open Source/


Projects Workforce Management Task Allocation Advanced Telephony Interconnect Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Alarm Management & Notification Operational Efficiency  Employee Safety  Emergency Response OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Integrate Radios with Corporate Telephony System Advanced Telephony Interconnect Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Alarm Management & Notification Benefits Eliminate re-occurring cell phone costs Provide mobile telephony in areas with no cell phone coverage Twin PBX extension with two-way/

/* Life runs on code */. Introduction to Windows Phone Kamalakannan Annamalai Windows Phone Developer Ilink Systems Twitter : kanal_7

hour? History about Windows Mobile.- Pocket PC Pocket PC 2000 Pocket PC 2002Pocket PC 2003 History about Windows Mobile. – Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 5.0 Windows Mobile 6.0 Windows Mobile 6.1 Windows Mobile 6.5 What is Windows/Landscape Get Started with Windows Phone. – 3 Resolutions in Windows Phone Get Started with Windows Phone.  Architecture of Windows Phone Operating System.  Life Cycle of Windows Phone Application.  3 important UI Controls.  Launchers & Choosers.  Walkthrough on top 5 Windows/

Innovation forge. 22 About Bor Software Bor Software has been operating since March 1st, 2007. MISSION Producing enjoyable, user friendly mobile, video,

operating since March 1st, 2007. MISSION Producing enjoyable, user friendly mobile, video, web X.0, Enterprise applications/systems that are improving service quality for organizations/ enterprises. VISION Traversing borders of cutting edge technologies in order to provide more robust, usable, enjoyable products based on mobile and/or video solutions. PRODUCT&SERVICES MUGA, Mobile/ Network Security Enterprise Applications WEB 3.0 Solutions Mobile Systems Telecommunication Bor Software and R&D Areas 66 /

Videotelephony for blind people – case studies with high quality prototype and 3G mobile systems Bjørn Hestnes, Telenor R&D Peter Brooks, Teolys Svein.

case studies with high quality prototype and 3G mobile systems Bjørn Hestnes, Telenor R&D Peter/ –10 friends that guide –Opplysningen AS as additional guide centre Hand out 2 pieces 3G mobile phones to each Study user pattern for 4 months Study implications for Opplysningen as a guide /test persons in the project, 10 for 3G Used for: –Regain control when lost –Find something lost –To operate devices (mini-bank, washing machine) –Reading text (signs, soup packet instructions) Though too poor quality (for /

August 2008 Net-960CE-S Windows CE.NET Mobile Data Terminal.

2008 Net-960CE-S Windows CE.NET Mobile Data Terminal Net960CE-S Product Specifications basic/options System & App Memory: RAM: 32MB Option/reader Tracks I/II or RS-232 Magnetic tag reader Tracks I/II or To any of the 4 RS-232 serial ports Option: USB Host GPRS GPS RFID tag reader High Speed/Output2 Remote engine cut-off Input2 Sensing Ignition switch & programmable MDT shut down Output1 Remote operating siren Input3 Alarm system input SER1 Inputs / Outputs 5 Counter Inputs -1 High speed counter Optional: 2 /

Complete process and discrete manufacturing system to plan, execute and improve production Fit SMBs with different sizes and biz models Support plastic.

schedule, plan and estimates -Accuracy of item specification and system parameters … -Vendor delivery performance and product/service quality Knowing “what/du www.icubeinfo.com 17 Further enhancements Implement iCube Supply1st to integrate operation workflows for sales, shipments / deliveries; purchase, receipts, payment;/ to Sage SMBs to make processes agile processes agile transactions mobile transactions mobile warehouses versatile warehouses versatile www.icubeinfo.com 20 iCube Customer1st Manage/

PEOPLEnet First 3G operator in Ukraine. 2 ABOUS US Telesystems of Ukraine = PEOPLEnet = mobile 3G 1x EVDO Owners: private investors National license 800MHz.

main dealers (Evroset, Mobilochka, MobiDik, ALLO,) Call Center launched Interconnection (incl. SMS) with main UA operators incl. ALL GSM operators PETER – SERVICE Billing deployed (vodafone, MTS, Beeline, Megafon, SkyLink, KYIVSTAR) Unique tariffs launched 7 SERVICES in OPERATION Voice services SMS, MMS Internet, WAP Missed Call Alert Self Care System Mobile Portal Internet Portal Payment for services with vouchers, via bank & dealers, via credit card 8/

ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM Guided By,Presented By, Ajay B.N Somashekar B.T Asst Professor MTech 2 nd Sem (CE)Dept of CS & E.

.N Somashekar B.T Asst Professor MTech 2 nd Sem (CE)Dept of CS & E Presentation outline: 1.Introduction 2. Android features 3. Architecture 4. Application building blocks 5. Activity life cycle 6.Development tools 7.Android development 8. Android as a ubiquitous system Introduction A software platform and operating system for mobile devices Based on the Linux kernel Developed by Google and later the/

1 Managed IT Systems Presented by Dean Berreth Managed IT Systems, Manager.

Systems Analyst Mits Yamahata, Systems Analyst Who are we? 4 Who we support… Our Customers : Our Customers : Communication Technology Services Bus & Admin Services Administration Campus Service Enterprises Early Care & Education Real Estate WC Office of/, etc. Local & Network Printers Local & Network Printers Operating System Operating System Windows NT, 2000, XP, etc. Windows NT, 2000/ other PDAs Blackberry & other PDAs Windows Mobile 5 (Future) Windows Mobile 5 (Future) VPN (Virtual Private Network)/

EE 396/496 Scout ROV by Chris McLeod & Autonomous Systems Lab.

of the Scout ROV Object identification Arm manipulation Connect to underwater communication and data stations. Self inspection Project Outline Phase I – Summer 2005 Design, build, and demonstrate a prototype for a very small Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle. Phase II – Fall 2005 Design and test user interface system/ bi-directional DC motors Independent 5V supply for motors as well as for logic Phase I: Mobility in the z plane Phase I: Counterbalance & Housing The frame is designed to slide perfectly /

Slide 18-1 Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Operating Systems: A Modern Perspective, Chapter 18.

Main Program #define NPROC 4 #include #include “pvm3.h” main() { int mytid; /* my task id */ int tids[NPROC]; /* array of task id */ int me; /* my process number */ int i; mytid = pvm_mytid(); /* enroll in pvm */ /* Join a group; if/Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Operating Systems: A Modern Perspective, Chapter 18 Mobile Java Code Server Service Client JVM Web Runner Java Applet 1 Process 2 Slide 18-9 Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Operating Systems: A Modern Perspective, Chapter 18 Java/


New contracts in the last 6 months ! With Major WCDMA Groups - Operators worldwide China Unicom China All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2009 17 | 3G Mobile Technologies| December 2010 Brunei – Scan France – Bouygues Telecom UK (Isle of Man) – Mobile Operator UK (Guernsey) – Mobile Operator New Zealand – TNZ Slovakia – Mobile Operator Sudan – Mobile Operator UK – Mobile Operator France (Réunion) – Mobile Operator Not publicly disclosed Reference Publicly disclosed Reference Reference added in the last 2/

VPS-HD Video Presentation System. Features Smooth HD Video/Audio Play Support up to 720p HD video through HDMI output and play smoothly with audio. Virtual.

Manage and configure multiple VPS devices settings via webpage without log- in the system. 信業科技 SINEW TECH 3 Functions  4-1 Split Screen Projection: Allow/screen projection Advanced Functions 1. Plugin a PnS-Token to a USB port of your NB/PC PnS Token (Flash Disk) 3. Ready for presentation Plug/1280x800) HDMI: 720p (1280x720) Supported Windows AccountAdministrators, Limited User, Guest Supported Operation SystemWindows XP/Vista/7, Windows Mobile 5.0, Mac 10.5 and above PowerExternal Power adaptor 5V DC input/

Net-960CE-X Windows CE Mobile Data Terminal October 2007.

Net-960CE-X Windows CE Mobile Data Terminal October 2007 Net960CE-X /MDT internal power RS-232 Bar-code Laser scanner RS-232 Magnetic tag reader Tracks I/II To any of the 3 ports Option: MCX connector Option: SMA connector Option: Output for hands free speaker & microphone/engine cut-off Input2 Sensing Ignition switch & programmable MDT shut down Output1 Remote operating siren RS-232 CTS signal Input3 Alarm system input SER1 Net960CE-X Automotive control signals Net960CE-X Optional Protective Back Cover /

Security Methods for the Mobile Android Platform Sam Rush Computer Systems Lab 2009-2010 Period 4.

scale. This project will integrate biometric technologies with the Android mobile platform. As smartphones continue to hold more and more personal information, including emails and other forms of private communication, the demand for security is growing. This project aims to protect a phone using only biometric security measures. Introduction Android- an open source operating system by the Open Handset Alliance HTC Dream- First android/

Operating system for mobile devices with a Java programming interface. Provides tools, e.g. a compiler, debugger, device emulator, and its own Java Virtual.

Operating system for mobile devices with a Java programming interface. Provides tools, e.g. a compiler, debugger, device emulator, and its own Java Virtual machine (DVM). Application Components Activity: present a visual user interface. Services: run in the background without UI. Broadcast Receivers: receives system messages. They can be used to react to changed conditions in the system/off wifi connection. ◦ The application checks current status of wifi connectivity. ◦ The application displays a button and /

WebFOCUS Mobile Business Intelligence Charles Kong & Saad Ansari Toronto Solution Architects Copyright 2010, Information Builders. Slide 1.

, view, drill, and analyze  Use any email/Internet-enabled mobile device  No plug-ins Business Value: Keep your frontline workers apprised of important events and in-touch with critical systems. Improve productivity and decision making. MobileApplications WebFOCUS – Extended BI Mobile Applications Across Mixed Devices: Mobile Favorites Copyright 2010, Information Builders. Slide 6 BB OlderBB OS6AndroidiPhoneXoomiPad Mobile Favorites BI Portals Parameterized Reports Charting KPI Active Dashboards Accessing/

CSNB544 Mobile Application Development 1 - Class Intro Thanks to Utexas Austin.

TA: Nathan Clement – nathanlclement@gmail.com nathanlclement@gmail.com The Course Mobile computing with focus on application development for the Android operating system Second iteration Advise against taking if you have ever created an Android/ App on your own Large project, self selected project with 2 - 3 students NDR = No Device Required Android application development in Java using Eclipse plug in Emulator part of/

Prime Mobility Group Group Members: Fredrick Baggett William Crick Sean Maxon Advisor: Dr. Elliot Moore.

individuals who may not be able to safely operate an ordinary wheelchair.  Primary market will be disabled individuals, hospitals, and healthcare institutions. 2 Front Clearance (0.5 meters) Side Clearance (0.1 meters) Collision Avoidance Maintain Distance (1 - 2 meters) Target Following 3 4 5 Powerchair Electronics CompactRIO Controller User Input Vision System Shaft Encoders Drive Motors 6 NI Interface C Series/

Mobile Application Development with ANDROID Umang Patel(6537) LDCE.

Introduction to Android Open software platform for mobile development A complete stack – OS, Middleware, Applications An Open Handset Alliance (OHA) project Powered by Linux operating system Fast application development in Java Open source /–Email –Camera & Gallery –Application management Performance Improvements Faster Camera start-up and image capture Much faster acquisition of GPS location (powered by SUPL AGPS) Smoother page scrolling in Browser Speedier GMail conversation list scrolling New Features /

天線工程期中報告 論文 研討 : Li-Hua Chou, Chia-Hao Ku “Planar Coupled-Fed Monopole Antenna for Nine-Band LTE/WWAN/GPS Mobile Handset Application,” 2015 Fifth International.

Chia-Hao Ku “Planar Coupled-Fed Monopole Antenna for Nine-Band LTE/WWAN/GPS Mobile Handset Application,” 2015 Fifth International Conference on Communication Systems and Network Technologies 報告人 : 碩研電子一甲 MA430104 陳乃源 Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology 1 Outline 1. 摘要 2. 天線架構 3. 結果與討論 2 參考文獻 A/ L. Wong, “Planar monopole with a coupling feed and an inductive shorting strip for LTE/GSM/UMTS operation in the mobile phone,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., vol. 58, no. 7, pp. 2479-2483, Jul. 2010./

PowerTech Mobile Workforce Management System BUSINESS IT EXCELLENCE.

reports o No data entry, everything is stored in the system automatically o Total control of productive and non-productive hours Productivity +30% Operational Expenses -20% Enhanced customer experience o Much faster response times, important in critical operations o Quicker and better task fulfillment, as every required information can be retrieved from the mobile app o Professional image to the customer as signature is collected/

Surface Missile Engineering Production System NAVSEA Liaison:Michael Tao Faculty Advisor:Dr. Jiang Guo Graduate Advisor:Saul Perez Team Members: Fernando.

& A About NAVSEA Operated by US Navy Supports the fleet Research and development Test and evaluation Maintenance and engineering support ABOUT NAVSEA SMEPS Mobile for Android About SMEPS Surface Missile Engineering Production System Allows access to standard / XML CHALLENGES SMEPS Mobile for Android Conclusion This project gave us the opportunity to learn how to create a mobile application using Android. Thanks! CONCLUSION SMEPS Mobile for Android Picture Layout You can add a description of the picture here/

Sep.26, 20021 Latest Mobile Radio Services and Associated R&D Activities Hideyuki Shinonaga KDDI R&D Laboratories Ohara 2-1-15,

boards CDMA2000 1x boards cdmaOne RAN Upgrade Pros: Less CAPEX needed. Cons: cdmaOne software including the management system should be modified. Overlaid CDMA2000 1x Deployment Pros: No essential modification required for the cdmaOne devices. Cons/Key technologies (1) Mobility management by mobile-IP based mobile router, (2) Selection of optimum wireless media, (3) QoS management, (4) Account & security management among multiple network operators Devices in Vehicle Wireles s LAN Mobile Router IP camera /

Mobile Infrastructure CSE 390 Fall 2010. Mobile device types Pagers – Mostly RIM devices (proprietary OS) – 2-way paging – Use Mobitex and DataTAC wireless.

and GSM/EDGE –16, 32, or 64 GB flash drive, 1 GHz Apple A4 processor –Lithium-polymer battery, 10 hours of use per charge Mobile device types Cell phones – Wide range, but the trend is to have more features and larger screens – Wireless email, MMS/–Lithium-ion battery, 7 hours talk time, 10 hours WiFi, 10 hours video playback, 40 hours audio playback –iOS operating system –8, 16, or 32 GB HD Mobile device types Nexus One Specs – 3.7 (diagonal) multi-touch display, 800 X 480 resolution –5 megapixel camera, /

ICTT Vallarpadam First Trans-shipment terminal in India.

shipment terminal in India. First container terminal to operate in a SEZ. Design capacity for 4 /(leased) 100 Forklifts 2 Hydra 1 Equipment: Phase 1A Super Post Panamax Quay Cranes 4 Mobile Harbor Cranes 2 Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes 15 Reach stackers 2 Empty Handlers 2 Inter-Terminal /Forklifts 2 Hydra 1 Advantages High productivity resulting in fast turnaround CSS a web based system for online registration and monitoring of complaints. Faster vessel turn around time. Faster truck turn around time. Un-matched/

MobileWare Integrated Infrastructures for Wireless Services An Initiative to establish an R&D Cooperation in Wireless Systems Bergen – Dec. 2008 1.

System Integration & Aggregation Users Technologies Business Models Aggregation Scenario 7 WiMax BS 3G BS Radio AP Aggregation WiMax Operator 1 Tetra 3G Operator NERA Operator WiMax Operator/ Provider Process Industry Service Provider 10 Technology areas Mobile Access Sensor Net Adhoc/ Mesh Radio Application and/ –facilitating energy efficient, reliable sensor networks –“networks of things, services & the real world” –virtualization of network nodes –instrumentation & observability –testing & verification/

Frankfurt (Germany), 6-9 June 2011  Smart charging Costumer satisfaction Avoiding unneccessary grid investments Integration of renewables Anders Holm.

2011  Smart charging Costumer satisfaction Avoiding unneccessary grid investments Integration of renewables Anders Holm Foosnæs – Denmark – RT 1B: Components for smart grid and e-mobility Components for smart grid and e-mobility Frankfurt (Germany), 6-9 June 2011  Actors and roles System responsible entity DSOs Electricity traders and Balance responsible entities New: E-mobility operators (Charge operators) Anders Holm Foosnæs – Denmark – RT 1B: Components for/

GovernanceFull Control Lightweight Control Windows Phone 8.1 Windows RT 8.1 Windows 8.1 Exchange ActiveSync OMA-DM Mobile Device Management Allow e-mail.

Mobile Device Management Allow e-mail access BYOD-style management Fully-managed corporate device App management Policy enforcement and compliance Security managementContent management Windows 8.1 Inventory CPU InformationWeb links deployed via MDM Memory InformationRemoteApps deployed via MDM Operating/ Device wipe thresholdDisable copy & paste functionality Auto-lock TimeoutDisable sharing and saving of Office Documents Inactivity timeoutDisable MDM un-enrollment Device encryptionDefine Wi-Fi profiles and /

Introduction to Unlicensed Mobile Access. Contents Basic Concept Operation Overview Major Advantages.

for mobile phones. It describes a system that allows access to mobile voice, data and multimedia services over unlicensed spectrum networks. The access techniques used are unlicensed spectrum operating networks; IEEE 802.11x and Bluetooth technology Operation Overview A mobile subscriber /is on an active GSM voice call or GPRS data session when they come within range (or out of range) of an unlicensed wireless network, that voice call or data session can automatically handover between access networks with no/

System Pre-requisites Operating System must be Higher than Windows 98 SE e.g. Windows 2000, Windows XP Internet Explorer Version must be 6.0 or higher.

Operating System To check Operating System, right click ‘My Computer’ icon on desktop Click on “Properties” as shown Your Operating System will be here Click “OK” to proceed Your Operating System will be here Click “OK” to proceed Your Operating System/enabling all “Active X” controls, click ‘OK’ Click ‘OK’ to finish this process In case of any difficulty, contact the C1 Help Desk Team at the following address:- Technical Support Team Mr. Rakesh /.commplun@c1india.com Mobile : 07869915611 [Mr. Keshav Chouhan]

Mobile Document Access (For Councillors and Staff) Using WebDAV.

download documents using Readdledocs and/or iAnnotate Both apps store local versions of the docs on the iPad It’s reliable, easy, quick and the accepted way 2 What is WebDAV? Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning Many modern operating systems provide built in support for WebDAV WebDAV gives you a private cloud with/com/products/webdrive/WebDAVClient.html Contact Details Brandon Cheshire Manager Information Services Mornington Peninsula Shire Brandon.cheshire@mornpen.vic.gov.au Mobile: 0419339088 10

An Indian Web Technologies Initiative

System No Monitoring Required Complete Single Sim mobile Recharge System E-Recharge Suite 1.6 Best Online Mobile Recharge Software for all pre paid recharge operators. A One Sim All Recharge application is a suite for all Online Mobile Recharge Providers. Start your own Mobile/in Php, Java, and .Net application development. Mobile Recharge Suite, Mlm Software, ERP Software, Customized CRM Software, E- commerce applications are specialization of Alchemist Ace Software Development Company. Alchemist Ace with a/

B o o k m o b i l e M a i n t e n a n c e How to keep your vehicle operating at its absolute best! Presented by: Michael Swendrowski.

operating/ vehicle operating at/operating at its absolute best! Make time for maintenance! 0 Part of/operating at its absolute best! When mandated? 0 If CDL is required to operate/your vehicle operating at /operating at its absolute best! Exterior 0 Leaning 0 Leaks 0 Damage 0 Muffler 0 Exhaust System 0 Frame Maintenance: How to keep your vehicle operating/ your vehicle operating at its absolute best! Exterior 0/operating at its absolute best! Post-trip Inspection Maintenance: How to keep your vehicle operating/

Www.icubeinfo.com 1 iCube Information Int’l Management System Software Developer Workflows – WMS – Services - Manufacturing Headquarters in Silicon Valley.

rules, track defects and causes, analysis performance with corrective actions www.icubeinfo.com 16 Manufacturing system solutions - Item Master - Bill-of-material - Work order - Material planning - Capacity planning - Production scheduling - Shop floor control - Mobile scan ry www.icubeinfo.com 17 Make works “mobile” Run on mobiles, computers, servers... Run on mobiles, computers, servers... Run on the cloud, on premises and both Run on the cloud, on/

Mobile Web App Design …Getting Started Michael Doran, Systems Librarian

Loser! The Tao of mobile web (app) design standards compliance web usability design minimalist design design and testing  cross-browser  cross-platform A mobile web app should do one thing and do it well. A mobile web app should /Opera Mini Simulator – good Opera Mini Simulator http://www.opera.com/mini/demo/  TestiPhone.com – absolutely worthless Operating System Software Development Kit Oooohh Handheld emulators/simulators Palm iPhone Android Opera Mini Browser compatibility – don’t skip this Internet /

ESPACES “ Establishing a Pan-European Service Centric 3/4G mobile communications environment”. An Integrated Project Proposal Co-ordinator: Telecommunications.

framework based on the principle of plug-and-play and unplug-and-play Address business and regulatory requirements for Pan-European service rollout. Create a Pan-European 3G mobile testbed Some Key Goals Project Workplan Structure Partners involved... UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Canada, Greece universitites, suppliers, operators, R&D institutes Polish Partners Wanted... telecom operators equipment suppliers mobile service providers mobile content providers Contact...

IT skills: IT concepts: Web client (browser), Web server, network connection, URL, mobile client, peer-to- peer application This work is licensed under.

requested page is not found? Pages with links Client Server 1 Server 2 1. Get first page 2. Get second page Mobile Web clients Operating system Client program Memory in peer-to-peer applications Server program 1. Establish a temporary connection between the client and server 2./ recall the steps in retrieving a Web page? 1.Does a URL show both the computer to connect to and the name of the file to retrieve or just the file name? Explain your answer. 2.What happens if the user accidentally misspells the URL/

Dell ™Vostro ™ V13 Remarkably Thin, Stunningly Capable Premium design combines with lightweight mobility and essential productivity at a price that respects.

with security options. A compact and lightweight laptop with great performance and video experience. The perfect balance of mobility, performance and price in a laptop designed for small business. A desktop replacement for small business offering /mobility and day to day business task. DELL INTERNAL USE ONLY FeaturesVostro V13 Processor Options Intel® Core™2 Duo SU7300 (1.3GHz, 3MB L2 cache) Intel® Core™2 Solo SU3500 (1.4GHz, 3MB L2 cache) Intel® Celeron 743 (1.2GHz, 1MB L2 cache) Operating System/

Boost your website traffic Pop-under Traffic Expired domain Traffic Full Page redirect Traffic Banner Traffic Email Traffic Mobile Traffic Contextual Traffic.

Full page Re-direct Traffic IAB standard Banner Traffic Targeted Email Traffic Mobile Traffic Android Redirect Traffic Ipad / Iphone Traffic Web based, Desktop Traffic Operating system Targeted Traffic Blackberry Targeted Traffic ISP Carrier Targeted Traffic City / Zip / Guiana Guyana Paraguay Suriname Uruguay New Zealand Portugal Russia Singapore Tiwan Thiland Turkey UAE South Africa Mauritius Rest of Europe *ZIP CODE / City Targeting available which allow you to target every single local location for any/

Confidential - General Electric Company GEMS-IT Engineering 13-Jun-021 Cardiology Systems Engineering D. Ball Clinical Information Systems Engineering.

T. Kawanaka Service Eng T. Koeneman India R. Ramaswamy Japan J.Nagumo Global Technology Operation Claude Benchimol Enterprise Systems Engineering S. Roehm Clinical Information Technology Board of Directors B. DeBusk M. Leavitt D. Albert Mercury Programs Open Software Technology & / Qiu Mathew Upchurch Langrave Smith-OKC Rob Voorhees Mark Walther Cyndi Cline Melissa Helf Georgine Ruh Mobile Care Jim Brinsfield Confidential - General Electric Company GEMS-IT Engineering 13-Jun-0216 Product Engineering Craig/

Mobile Operators, Fixed and Mobile  Justice  Police  Security  Intelligence  Governments  Military  Private Companies  etc 2.

Mobile Operators, Fixed and Mobile  Justice  Police  Security  Intelligence  Governments  Military  Private Companies  etc 2  Distributed Call Information Capture, Origination and Destination Number, Duration, Audio, CDR capturte and auto generation.  Store and Forward information centralization  Centralized Monitoring and Storage  Distributed Search and retrieving of/ and Tagging  Keeps the Secure Access to the full system  Serves the Distributed Remote Processing Modules by Internet  Off/

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