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fax, videoconferencing Sound, vibration, email Barcodes and stocktaking recognition Billing systems Webpage display and advertisements Accounting data transfer Online salesSmartcards Data storage Management Information Systems Electronic data exchange Electronic orders, comparative searching Intranets and extranets / it Allocates a case number And perhaps an investigator (who liases with the bank) Sends details to bank After 30 days bank should have provided O with response. If it asks for longer, has to/

Pricing Online Banking amidst Network Effects

Pricing Online Banking amidst Network Effects Baba Prasad Assistant Professor Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455 bprasad@csom.umn.edu Network Effects When the value of a product is affected by how many people buy/adopt it Example: Phone System Types of Network Effects Direct Indirect Post-purchase Direct Network Effects The number of users directly impacts the value of/

Business to Business Banks Simon Yan Gao Anand Kadekuzhi Raghu Kakumanu Dinesh Kini Jason Knight.

stock quotes, etc. Help small and mid-sized banks open stores on the Internet at low cost –Banks have great experience with secure transactions –Integrate bank financial systems for online payment and deposits early on. Points to Ponder Can a new player enter the online banking arena as a B2B Bank without having a physical presence? Should the new online only banks offer services in the B2B domain? How can/

CitiBank Online Lee Dubois. Overview  CitiBank is one of the most popular international banks and credit card giants in the U.S.  Headquartered and.

to continue, Parsells took over the helm to re-vamp the online experience. The Competitive Environment  This era gave way to different competition: –Traditional banks offering online access to accounts and bank services –New pure-play banks like E-Trade Bank and NetBank, and traditional banks that were starting separate pure-play banking systems like Citi and BankOne. Traditional Banks: The Good Side  Large established base of customers.  Wide variety/

1 Prentice Hall, 2002 Chapter 10 Service Industries, Online Publishing, and Knowledge Dissemination (modified by Judith Molka-Danielsen)

neglecting to build in-house skills (customer information systems) 3.Focusing on the profitable customers to provide broad channels for services and products 4.Keeping a central role in the payment environment On-line banking and Personal Finance (cont.) 47 Prentice Hall, 2002 The Future of Online Banking Three core strategies to pursue 1. Customers Agents—banks unable to achieve economies of scale Offer customers/

Chapter 11: Payment Systems For Electronic Commerce Dr. Jing Zhou

with truly anonymous electronic cash Anonymous electronic cash Electronic cash that cannot be traced back to the person who spent it Creating truly anonymous electronic cash Requires bank to issue electronic cash with embedded serial numbers Electronic Cash Systems CheckFree Largest online bill processor in the world Provides online payment processing services Provides infrastructure and software that permits users to pay all bills with/

EMTM 553: E-commerce Systems Lecture 8: Electronic Payment Systems

line Off-line Individual does not have possession personally of electronic cash Trusted third party, e.g. online bank, holds customers’ cash accounts Off-line Customer holds cash on smart card or software wallet Fraud and /attempting to create an extensible and interoperable method of embedding micropayment information on a web page Extensible systems allow improvement of the system without eliminating previous work Merchants must accept several payment options to insure the widest possible Internet audience/

Banking Today Presented by Stacy Cox

actual currency but through checks, ATMs, and debit cards (also known as a check card, allows bank customers to withdraw cash to pay for goods and services in stores or online) Keeping Money Safe Banks are physically safe… Surveillance equipment and security systems Nearly indestructible vaults with alarm systems and antitheft devices Teller windows have bulletproof glass and other safety features Protection against internal theft/

Online Banking Grade 11 ICT Mrs. Ghazaal Ali. HOMEWORK Master Define the following terms: Feature, Concern, Redundant, Intercept Answer the following.

replaced by ATM machines and online banking – Cheque processing centres and workers are being replaced by online bill payment options – Number of retail shop workers have decreased due to the increase in online shopping ICT and Employment Increased Employment The use of ICT has created the need for skilled ICT workers in many industries and business sectors – System Analysts: analyse existing systems and recommend the design/

4 December 2002World Bank, Washington DC E-Finance for SMEs: Global Trends and National Experiences 1 Dr. Rouben Indjikian Head of E-Finance, UNCTAD “New.

world of smart cards; electronic money, e-cash, electronic checks, EBPP&EIPP, other electronic trade finance instruments and systems. 7 4 December 2002World Bank, Washington DC E-Finance for SMEs: selected B2C online payment instruments Credit, debit cards and prepaid cards getting combined into smart cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc). So far smart cards represent less than 10 % of all cards and a/

Page 1 Setting up your Admin System Intuit Financial Services University Business Banking Certification.

of days before Company User passwords become invalid and must be reset for continued access to the Business Banking system. Business Banking Certification: Setting up your Admin Platform Intuit Proprietary and Confidential Page 12 Maintenance – Policies Policies: Allows / Reconciliation and Positive Pay service – This requires a separate contract and is covered in a separate training. Online Statements This requires a separate contract and is covered in a separate training. Single Sign-On Globally enable /

Electronic Payment Systems University of Palestine University of Palestine Eng. Wisam Zaqoot Eng. Wisam Zaqoot March 2010 March 2010 ITSS 4201 Internet.

not notice the difference between this system and the typical online payment system. The customer may not notice the difference between this system and the typical online payment system. 6. Banks Automated Clearing System (BACs) This payment system is ideally suited for business-to-business (B2B) transactions between regular and repeated customers. Usually there is a dedicated software linked in with the banks systems. This payment system is ideally suited for business/

Financial Institution Econ 310 Group 7 Can traditional bank be replaced?

money train up their staffs to be polite and patient and be able to work efficiently i-banking upgrade their i-banking system new services are always introduced I-banking hotlines to eliminate confusing or for assistance A case study of HSBC I- banking HSBC I-banking is called online@hsbconline@hsbc 8 main functions: Money transfer Time deposit management View & pay bills Investment management Credit cards/

C2a Understanding of ICT Systems in Everyday Life.

. It spends that delay handling other inputs and managing data movements. Examples Examples –Booking pop-concert tickets –Ordering books online –Handling bank accounts Batch Processing It is often not desirable to deal with the inputs until a certain number have occurred or a /set time has passed. So they are stored until the system comes online to process the data in one batch. It is/

BTA Online system Financial portal for business customers.

malicious objects made booting of the computer impossible. DO YOU WANT TO CONNECT TO BTA ONLINE SYSTEM? Please address all questions on connection to BTA ONLINE to the Call Center of BTA Bank by the following phone numbers: +7 (727) 2 500 111, 2 500 222/ 2 500 200 – for Almaty 8 8000 800 111 – toll-free number around Kazakhstan Additional information on BTA ONLINE system is available on BTA Bank website at www.bta.kz/ru/corp/btaonline. Information on rates for servicing legal entities is available at www.bta/

The Future of On-Line Banking Global Trends and Local Prospects Presented by Sanjay Kao - Cards Business Manager & Marketing Head Global Consumer Bank.

sites are “Advanced” Past, Present & Future [c] On-line Banking Problems The Future of Online Banking On-line bankers need & want the following 5 features: [a] A sophisticated security system Security is probably one thing that holds potential customers from signing up/ or wait for a sales associate to call. Past, Present & Future [c] Problem Solutions The Future of Online Banking [a] A sophisticated security system A password to log in; A Firewall; 75 or 128-bit encryption technology [b] Low fees Removal of/

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Inc. Slide 5 Online Banking Online banking is a means to perform banking services over the Internet. Also called: personal computer banking home banking electronic banking e-banking Internet banking Copyright © 2007 by Saunders, Inc., an imprint of Elsevier Inc. Slide 6 Online Banking Services Of homes / Saunders, Inc., an imprint of Elsevier Inc. Slide 16 The Banking System The Federal Reserve Created by Congress in 1913 as the central bank of the United States Consists of a seven-member Board of Governors/

Page 1 Administering the Customer Platform Intuit Financial Services University Business Banking Certification Training.

and/or delete wire groups. Investigation Request: Check this box to allow the user to submit a wire transfer investigation request online. Foreign Exchange Rates: Check this box to allow the user to view the foreign currency exchange rates table. Rates are / this box to allow the user to import external ACH batches and add their batch and participant definitions to the Business Banking system. Send ACH File: Check this box to allow the user to submit external ACH batches to the financial institution. Daily/

EC Applications. Learning Objectives Describe and discuss different EC Applications: 1. Direct Marketing 2. E-tailing 3. Online banking and personal finance.

information and access TransactionalAccount transfer capabilities and pay bills PortalLinks to financial information OthersWireless capabilities and search function 3. Banking and Personal Finance Online IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES Online banking has to be very secure. Imaging Systems that allow clients to view incoming checks, invoices, etc. Some banks offers the online services for free; while others charge them. So, this strategy has to be very clear for the clients/

VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL BANK. 2 How can VIB enhance your success?

, payment on more than 6000 ATMs because VIB take part in Smartlink card system and successful connect with VNBC. Customer can immediately receive information when salary transferred with Mobile banking, query any transaction, balance amount, make any transaction at every time and in every where via VIB4U online banking Can enjoy bank overdraft up to 3 fold salary months – approximately 50 million VND in average/

©MNoonan2009 Commercial Transactions Module 9 Electronic Commerce & Banking Winter Session 2009.

more easily than formerly. They can also sometimes do things which were not possible /very difficult before-e.g. online auctions. Online Perspective ©MNoonan2009 From a legal perspective, we can consider the need for a signature and whether an electronic signature suffices/ to customer because of human or system error, bank is entitled to recover the money paid under mistake except where customer, in reliance on the payment, changed their position in good faith. Bank must establish it made a mistake of/

E-Banking. History of banking sector in India The Bank of Bengal obtained its charter with a capital base of Rs 50 lacs in the year 1809. It was given.

transfer It provides new opportunities for formulation of innovative products For the customers It provides sophisticated online banking services It offers reliable high value funds transfer It improves personal image with beneficiary How RTGS is different from Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFT) or National Electronics Funds Transfer System (NEFT)? EFT and NEFT are electronic fund transfer modes that operate on a deferred net settlement/

BUSINESS APPLICATION SYSTEM Before an IS auditor can successfully audit a system, (s)he must gain an understanding of the business application Before an.

to: 1. Avoid 2. Mitigate Transfer 3. Accept E-BANKING contd… Banks should have a risk management process to enable them identify, measure, monitor and control their technology risk exposure. Banks should have a risk management process to enable them identify, / signature on the request and performs the transfer. This type of system requires the payer to be online, but not the payee. This type of system requires the payer to be online, but not the payee. ELECTRONIC TRANSFER MODEL contd… Advantages include:/

2/16/00 1 Electronic Payment Systems. 2/16/00 2 E-payment systems To transfer money over the Internet Methods of traditional payment –Check, credit card,

methods On-line –Individual does not have possession personally of electronic cash –Trusted third party, e.g. online bank, holds customers’ cash accounts Off-line –Customer holds cash on smart card or software wallet –Fraud and double/–Settlement occurs in a few days when funds travel through banking system into merchant’s account 2/16/00 46 Processing a Payment Card Order 2/16/00 47 Open and Closed Loop Systems Closed loop systemsBanks and other financial institutions serve as brokers between card users/

Integrated Financial Management System 24 November 2015 National Academy of Audit & Accounts Shimla.

with external IT systems:  Central Accounting Office of Reserve Bank of India;  Pension and GPF Accounting systems of Accountant General (A&E);  Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System;  Core Banking Systems of agency banks. Components & Functions of IFMS Integration with External Systems IFMS RBI / Banks Departmental Systems UIDAI HRMS CPSMS Accountant General Stakeholders of IFMS 10 Treasuries The reconciliation and account generation would be streamlined. Submission of bills online by the DDOs/

MP School Education Portal www.educationportal.mp.gov.in An integrated e-Governance System Presentation by Ashok Barnwal Secretary, School Education, Govt.

can be easily prepared after data entry of school level utilisation certificates at CRC level Benefits of online Financial Accounting Management System (FAMS) Amount can be released within 2-3 days to concerning sub district level agencies through SBI with RTGS, NEFT facility Problem of duplicate bank account or wrong account for school has been solved with the help of portal All Core/

Payment Systems Evolution: Where to From Here? Philip Lowe and Stephanie Weston Reserve Bank of Australia 27 September 2006.

good record –EFTPOS, bill payments, universal ATM, reliable and stable …. but recent developments overseas –B2B –online debit –CHIP/PIN/contactless B2B Extended message formats Attaching electronic files –standardisation is helpful? Online Debit Both merchants and cardholders seeking an alternative to credit cards online Systems typically connect to internet banking Available in an increasing range of countries CHIP/PIN/Contactless Low levels of fraud in Australia/

Online Application Process

.gov.in and fill the form and before submission for form deposit the fee through SBI Net-Banking/ATM-Debit Card system. Option-2 (Through e-Mitra Portal ) Select e-Mitra Portal i.e. http://emitra.gov.in and register online for making online payment through Net-Banking/ATM-Debit Card/Credit Card and get unique token number (16 digits) and apply on-line on/

Chapter 4, Online Monetary Transactions

companies the technology and expertise needed to transfer from paper to electronic billing through iNetBillerSM Encirq Partners with banks that issue credit cards, presenting the consumer with an illuminated statement (interactive statement, placing special offers/standard mechanism for the exchange of financial information 4.12 Jalda Feature Developed by Ericsson An open standard online payment system that connects content providers (anyone selling a good or service on the Internet) with an Internet Payment/


ON THE BANKS PAYMENT SYSTEMS AND DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS IN FINLAND 2002-2012 3 PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS IN FINNISH BANKS Federation of /Online bank transactions are payments made using an online bank. Customers access these services using online bank identifiers provided by their bank. Figure 11 Tupas Identification is strong electronic identification by means of online banking identifiers. Tupas identification is used in other online services than banks own services. Online payments are payments made in online/

Online Monetary Transactions

Applications Typical Wireless intranet services include: e-mail secure access to corporate databases stock trading mobile banking ticketing shopping betting Subscriber identity module is critical; it performs: network identification and user authentication additional/as a standard mechanism for the exchange of financial information Jalda Developed by Ericsson An open standard online payment system that connects content providers (anyone selling a good or service on the Internet) with an Internet /

Navigating innovations in

conference with a remote Citi specialist Source: The Economist, “Bank branches: Withering away,” 2012 Case study – Physical infrastructure from online banks Online banks are trying to build a physical infrastructure to supplement their online offering ING Direct’s new 17,000-square-foot facility is/ in stores and restaurants If a customer who has signed up for this service swipes a credit card, the system can look at the time of day, the location and the customers previous shopping or eating habits If it /

Is Online Poker a Valid Platform for Money Laundering in the EU? (Revised version) Conference: International Masters of Gaming Law October 1-4, 2013, Oslo.

Type of cybercrimeUK estimatesGlobal estimates 1. Cost of genuine cybercrime Online banking fraud -phishing$16 m$320 m -malware (consumer)$ 4 m$70 m -malware (businesses)$ 6 m$ 200 m -bank tech. countermeasures$ 50 m $ 1.000 m Fake/2013© Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schneider Table A.10: Updated FATF model of global amounts laundered. Source: International Monetary Fund, Financial System Abuse, Financial Crime and Money Laundering- Background Paper, Feb. 2010; UNODC, 2005 World Drug Report, Volume 1, Analysis, Vienna/

E - Banking.

this tutorial we shall focus on the Internet banking Security problems Online banking relies on a networked environment. Network access can be performed through a combination of devices (PC, telephone, interactive TV equipment, card devices with embedded computer chips, ...) Connections are completed primarily through telephone lines, cable systems, in some instances even wireless tech. All these systems improve efficiency, speed and access but also present/

Payment systems Tuomas Aura CSE-C3400 Information security Aalto University, autumn 2014.

coin twice 15 BITCOIN 16 Bitcoin  Transferable digital money – Based on cryptographic signatures and hash functions  P2P system, no central bank or trusted issuer  “Fair”, competitive mechanism for the initial issue  Amount of money in circulation capped – / a means for economic exchange Reading material  Ross Anderson: Security Engineering, 2nd ed., chapter 10  Interesting reading online: – University of Cambridge Security Group: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/security/banki ng/ http://www.cl.cam/

1 The story behind the numbers: what makes World Bank databases the standard for development data Valentina Kalk November 27, 2006.

goals –Agreed by world leaders in 2000 –To be achieved by 2015 –Millennium Declaration in 2005 –The Bank works closely with the UN and other international agencies to maintain data and metadata sets covering all MDG /Reference Regional Strategic Framework – Africa –Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics Partnering with the international statistical system 14 WDI Online Premier source for social and economic data Database on social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators/

Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Slide 6-1 Chapter 6 E-commerce Payment Systems Extra notes on e-payment (JMD, modified 2007)

6-43 B2B Payment Systems More complex than B2C Two main types:  Systems that replace traditional banks (example: Actrade)  Existing banking systems extending to B2B marketplace (example: Orbian) Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Slide 6-44 Key Features of B2B Payment Systems Table 6.8, Page 340 Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Slide 6-45 Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment Online payment systems for monthly bills EBPP expected/


. Later came: Rupee or a dollar Notational money in the form of Cheques Credit cards – a credit based system Electronic Payment System. Online Payment Systems The various payment mechanisms can be broadly classified into three categories – Cash, Cheques and credit cards. Many virtual / itself at random. Then it hides the coin in a special digital envelope and sends it off to the bank. The bank withdraws one dollar from the customer’s account and makes its special ‘worth-one-dollar’ digital validation, like /

Global Treasury Management Banking Without Borders Program Skill Builder Last Revised: June 2012.

Systems and Information Management NOSTRO (CBDS) - Client Direct Access (CDA Web) provides real-time account information on your Canadian and U.S. dollar accounts, as well as the ability to initiate transactions and immediately transfer funds. The future plan is to integrate CDA Web into our Online Banking for Business platform Domestic Banking (MECH) - Online Banking/Information Reporting Your clients have access to real time information online Online Banking for Business is slated for a private label and /

Fighting Fraud Risks, Solutions and Best Practices

a counterfeit site, a treasury professional may be asked to divulge bank account numbers and online banking credentials, such as usernames and passwords In a “reverse phishing” attack/online banking site, the malware alerts the criminal, who uses keystroke logging technology to capture the victim’s login and security credentials Most banksonline services agreements outline liability – but in general, a company is liable for payment fraud losses that occur because the company failed to protect its systems/

Payment Systems.

price-comparison). Further issues Alternate consumer payment options (e.g. www.debit-it.com); B2B transactions (e.g. www.paymentech.com); Online banking (e.g. E*trade.com). See Deitel & Deitel & Nieto Ch. 5, for more details. Review Questions (1) What is/ participants: a consumer, a merchant, the consumer’s bank and the merchant’s bank. Comment on the advantages and disadvantages of this model. (2) What are the issues involved in developing an online payment system? (3) Describe with the aid of a diagram /

1 Online Banking and Investing Kazan State University Non-Commercial Fund of Corporate and Cultural Development “FORRA”

.combondsonlineMuniDirect Internet can cut the cost of issuing bonds Need for a standard system for bond sales process 19 Merging Financial Services Glass-Steagle Act Since the appeal of the Glass-Steagle Act, banks, brokerages and insurance companies are permitted to offer a wide range of financial services Most online financial services offer electronic bill presentment and payment It is crucial for financial/


continue having pension (by pension owners) Tendency to enter the system (by those who do not own pension) Those who ever have pension Those who have pension now Pension is bought from banks (66%) or agencies (28%). Most of the time /, Radio and Internet) 61% Most read newspapers among readers of printed newspapers; Newspaper Readers Followed by Posta and Haberturk Among online papers, the most popular is Hurriyet (49%). Followed by Sabah and Milliyet 56% of newspaper readers read printed newspapers, 25/

Introducing [name of lender] Serving Americas Creditworthy Consumers [date] General Credentials Presentation for [name of bank]

[if the lender is subject to other state, tribal or country regulations, enter those here] 14 ACH Processing for Online Lenders is Permitted  The FDIC has reinforced that “Financial institutions that properly manage [ACH] relationships and risks are / must determine whether a client presents a risk of criminal or improper conduct – Compliance programs to prevent illegal use of banking system Financial Management Service Regulations (31 C.F.R. Part 210) – US Treasury rules for government ACH entries, such/

Online Counseling Resource YCMOU ELearning Drive… School of Architecture, Science and Technology Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik.

information about the exact location of all atoms in a large biomoleculeatoms School of Science and Technology, Online Counseling Resource… Protein Data Bank:3 The founding members are RCSB PDB (USA), MSD-EBI (Europe) and PDBj (Japan/made protein sequencing routine; School of Science and Technology, Online Counseling Resource… Techniques for Structure Analysis:2 3.Better X-ray detectors; 4.Real-time interactive computer graphics systems, together with more automated methods for structure determination and /

Online Monitoring of Funds in Madhya Pradesh. Introduction The State Bank of India & State Bank of Indore provide coverage of more than 85% of total accounts.

can be easily prepared after data entry of school level utilisation certificates at CRC level. Benefits of online Financial Accounting Management System (FAMS) Amount can be released within 2-3 days to concerning sub district level agencies through SBI with RTGS, NEFT facility Problem of duplicate bank account or wrong account for school has been solved with the help of portal. All Core/

Dr. Stefan Heng InternationalInternational Telecommunications Society, Berlin, September 6, 2004 E-PAYMENT SYSTEMS: CHANCE ONLY IN THE MEDIUM TERM.

to the merchant:0.3% of sales Accepting outlets in Germany:100,000 (7 online) Users in Germany:62 m Page 14 - E-Payment Solutions, S. Heng, 06.09.2004, 09.00-10.30h Comparison of current payment systems (III) Firstgate click&buy  Aggregated micro-payments are debited from bank account.  Payment made by entering user name and password.  Guaranteed anonymity. Internet-based/

CHAPTER 7: Electronic Commerce Systems

. E-Commerce Exchange or buying and selling of products and services by electronic means. E-commerce systems rely on the resources of the Internet, intranets, extranets, and other technologies. Projections show that by/early 1990s, EC applications have rapidly expanded. Electronic Commerce Applications A Framework for E-commerce Electronic Commerce Applications Shopping  Online Banking  Auctions  Travel  Customer Services Buying and selling stocks  Job search People: Buyers, sellers, IS people,/

ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS 20-763 SPRING 2004 COPYRIGHT © 2004 MICHAEL I. SHAMOS Electronic Payment Systems 20-763 Lecture 11 Electronic Cash.

-- no need to visit a site) Anonymity (even with collusion) No existing system solves all these problems ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS 20-763 SPRING 2004 COPYRIGHT © 2004 MICHAEL I. SHAMOS Online v. Offline Systems Online system requires access to a server for each transaction. –Example: credit card authorization. Merchant must get code from issuing bank. Offline system allows transactions with no server. –Example: cash transaction. Merchant inspects money. No/

Commercial Transactions Module 8 Electronic Commerce & Banking Summer Session 2006-07.

than formerly. They can also sometimes do things which were not possible /very difficult before-e.g. online auctions. Online Perspective From a legal perspective, we can consider the need for a signature and whether an electronic signature/Licences (e.g. software,music,film)  Supply of services…banking, shares, advice.  Combination contracts E-commerce Is there a valid Contract? Valid offer?  Wording and display?. Limits? Systems?Interactive or active site?  Automated interactive sites? Vending machines…/

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