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Abdulaziz Bin yahya Naif Al eid APPROACH TO OBESE PATIENT.

calories available per person per day increased in all parts of the world except Eastern Europe. Total calorie consumption has been found to be related to obesity. DIET Settings in which dietary factors become important: 1- /www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs311/en/ Management of Overweight and Obesity in Adults, Adolescents and Children clinical Practice Guidelines for Primary Care Health Professional,Australia. May 2013. www.youtube.com Obesity Management Interventions: A Review of the Evidence,Joseph /

Source: International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk www.cardiometabolic-risk.org Illustrations relevant to Managing CMR section.

: 71-7 Reproduced with permission PopulationFollow-up rateComparaison (n) Placebo-substracted improvement in outcome with rlmonabant 20 mg daily* (95% CI) 1507 overweight or obese European (82%) and American patients, 41% with hypertension and 61% with dyslipidemia 1036 overweight or obese patients from Europe and North America with untreated dyslipidemia 3045 overweight or obese subjects from North America, 30% with hypertension and 63% with untreated/

Risk Communication in Health Promotion

to sustain health promotion action (World Health Organization Health Glossary 1988). Health Promotion In 1984 the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe defined health promotion as "the process of enabling people to increase control over, / R.E. 2005. Risk Management in Post-Trust Societies, Basingstoke: Palgrave.) UK One major advantage of involving companies is that it avoids exposing the government to a top-down presentation of the risks of obesity. In modern “post-trust” societies/

Obesity, Nutrition, Nutrigenonmics – OH MY!

Rare monogenic forms do not account for majority of cases Trends in Obesity From the CDC website: BRFSS Trends Data Trends in Obesity From the CDC Website: NHANES Study Data Trends in Obesity Nutrigenomics Integrates genomics and nutrition Goal: Improving health and preventing /that may play an important role in determining how your body manages inflammation” “..assesses four key diet and lifestyle action areas” Consumer Demand? Sciona claims to have sold 10,000 kits in Europe, Asia and the US Current use/

Obesity Prachi Desai, Jacquelyn Ferrance ,Vincent Nardone,

68 220) and grade 2 to 3 obesity (BMI ≥35kg/m2) with >82 000 (95% CI, 44 843–119 289). In a collaborative analysis of data from almost 900 000 adults in 57 prospective studies, mostly in western Europe and North America, overall mortality was / Sugary Drinks." New York Times, 13 Sept. 2012. Web. "How Are Overweight and Obesity Treated?" -NHLBI, NIH. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. Wing, Rena, and James Hill. "Successfull Weight Loss Management." Annual Review of Nutrition 21 (2001): 223-41. Print. Wolfgang, Ben. "New /

2005 Pan American Health Organization Creating a tipping point to stop the epidemic of chronic diseases in Chile: the need for transformational partnership(s)

together, politicians, business, media, academia, etc., in a new way. Although our entry point in this Summit is obesity and chronic diseases, the discussions will lead to the/ Sector Perspective “Dr Hospedales, we have demand for healthy food products from Europe and North America, but we have no demand from South America; why should/ Pan American Health Organization Policy & Advocacy Surveillance Health Promotion & Prevention Integrated Management of NCD 1 2 3 4 4 Lines of Action 2005 Pan American Health/

Management of Hyperlipidemia Mark P. Woodruff, M.D. Creighton Cardiac Center November 9, 2005.

131-136. 100125150175200225250275300325350 Northern Europe United States Southern Europe, Inland Southern Europe, Mediterranean Siberia Japan 5 LDL Reduction Proven to reduce cardiac events and other vascular events (stroke) Proven to reduce total mortality in certain groups Proven to be/ (>40 in) >88 cm (>35 in) Men Women  110 mg/dL Fasting glucose  130/  85 mm Hg Blood pressure HDL-C  150 mg/dL TG Abdominal obesity † (Waist circumference ‡ ) Defining LevelRisk Factor 68 ATP III: Management of Diabetic/

Introducing ShapeWorks. Obesity Overweight Obesity Overweight ShapeWorks Philosophy ShapeWorks Programme ShapeWorks Process Agenda.

become common in Europe People have become less active Here are the four most common Health problems related to obesity High Blood Pressure Coronary Heart Disease Type 2 Diabetes Certain cancers ShapeWorks is a unique weight management programme based/. Water, healthy carbs and exercise All the important factors of a successful weight management programme Why is ShapeWorks different? A unique Weight Management approach based around personalised protein Focuses on good carbs rather than no carbs Simple,/

Anti-Obesity Surgery Joint Hospital Surgical Grand Round 17 th May 2008 Dr. YuhMeei Cheng Department of Surgery United Christian Hospital.

Obesity Management Aim Loose weight Minimize complication Improve self image Improve quality of life Management – Approach Dieticians Physiotherapists Clinical Psychologists/ Psychiatrists Endocrinologists Bariatric Surgeons Multidisciplinary Obesity Management/ improvement in co-morbidities Persistent bowel problems Effective in super-obese patients Difficult reversal surgery Other- Biliopancreatic Diversion Predominantly malaborptive Gastrectomy Food passage diverted from duodenum Mostly done in Europe 1 /

Approach to obese patients Presented by: Abdulaziz Mosleh Alonazy Abdullah Saleh Alkhuraiji Abdulaziz Bandar Alsuwailem.

calories available per person per day increased in all parts of the world except Eastern Europe. Total calorie consumption has been found to be related to obesity. Diet Settings in which dietary factors become important: 1- /obesity. Obesity should be managed initially with diet and life style modification followed by pharmacotherapy and surgery as a last option. References 1)World Health Organization. “Obesity and overweight - fact sheet” 2)Centers of Disease Control and Prevention “Prevalence of Obesity in/

Challenges in childbirth research – caesarean section, obesity and postpartum haemorrhage Prof Cecily Begley Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Visiting.

in Childbirth Research… …and Challenges in Childbirth Research… Caesarean section, obesity and postpartum haemorrhage Person-centred care Person-centred care 54 ….helps women to have happy childbirth, as well as healthy 55 References Begley CM, Gyte GML, Devane D, McGuire W, Weeks A. Active versus expectant management for women in/Perinatal Health Report. The health and care of pregnant women and babies in Europe in 2010.May 2013. Available www.europeristat.com EURO-PERISTAT Project with SCPE and EUROCAT./

Dyslipidemia in the Metabolic Syndrome: Can 1 agent treat all? Brian Tulloch, M.D. Diagnostic Clinic Houston, Texas.

gain Overweight and obesity Insulin resistance Metabolic syndrome Impaired glucose tolerance Diabetes Hypertension Hyperlipidemia CVD Size of population needing treatment NCDP-ATP III Guidelines: Clinical Management of the Metabolic Syndrome  Management of underlying cause / in Prediabetes-Analysis from RIO-Lipids, RIO-Europe and RIO- North America Study Design Rosenstock, J. Late Breaking Clinical Trial. EASD Annual Meeting, September 2005. Rimonabant in Prediabetes-Analysis from RIO-Lipids, RIO-Europe and/

Obesity and Breast Cancer: An Ever Growing Problem Presented By: Dr. Jaixin Niu Dr. Adam Kerievsky Brenda Keith RN MSN OCN Amy Malensek RN OCN CBCN Sara.

for behavior change – Reasons for inadequate counseling Lack of training and competency in obesity management Jay, M., et al. 2010; Kraschnewski, M., et al. 2013; Huang, J., et al. 2004; Jay, M., et al. 2008 Addressing Obesity in the Clinic Society of Gynecologic Oncology Addressing Obesity in the Clinic Ask permission to discuss weight Acknowledge that obesity is a disease with multiple causes – Culture – Environment – Genetics Understand that/

1 Directorate Health DG Research – European Commission FP7 2 nd call – April 2007 The Health theme in the Cooperation programme.

driven research strongly reinforced. New: emerging epidemics, obesity, chronic diseases, biomedical technology & engineering. 14 Collaborative research in the Health theme Two other issues will be addressed/and surveillance of newly emerging infectious diseases in humans (IP) Definition of research needs and priorities in Europe in the area of Emerging Infectious Epidemics (/FP). Continuity of clinical care (FP). Patient self-management of chronic disease (FP). 40 Topics from first calls Optimising the delivery/

Chapter 6 Obesity and Healthy Weight Management. 2 Elsevier items and derived items © 2010, 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc. Health Problems.

Chapter 6 Obesity and Healthy Weight Management 2 Elsevier items and derived items © 2010, 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc. Health Problems with Weight and Obesity  Medical problems associated with the metabolic syndrome:  Hypertension  /water or other sugar-free beverages  Try diluting juice with seltzer, as done in Europe  Include regular physical activity on most days, including physical education in schools; discourage excess sedentary behaviors (e.g., excess television, computer use) /

Disease Management Colloquium Philadelphia, PA May 7-9, 2007 International DM and Approaches Lucia S. Rosenberg Senior Vice President of Product Development.

Management Alliance wtodd@dmalliance.org Our agenda….this morning Part 1 Welcome – International Participants A World in Crisis/the Bi-Modal Threat…can we change in time Part 2 The Status of DM in the United States…impact on Int’l Is it Working in the US – Early outcomes feedback Lessons Learned from the US DM Experience The Global DM Experience – different models of DM in Europe/


Europe  Asia and Africa: no increase in incidence Incidence: Worldwide Worldwide Gayya et. al (2008) FNRI – DOST digest January 2014  Thailand – 23%  Taipei – 28%  Vietnam – 14 – 16% Asian Prevalence Gayya et. al (2008) FNRI – DOST digest January 2014  Prevalence of childhood obesity/2 to 27.7 (z > 2)  TABLE OF LABS Course in the Clinics Steps to Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric Obesity Structured Weight Management  Dietary and physical activity behaviors  Balanced macronutrient diet with low /

The Future of Chronic Care in America: Fat People Meet Skinny Benefits Ian Morrison www.ianmorrison.com.

don’t work or French Page 22 Page 23 Estimated EU Prevalence of Obesity Source: Obesity in Europe, International Obesity Task Force Page 24 Page 25 National Geographic August 2004 Supersize Everything Part 1 Page 26 New Monster Thickburger: On Sale Page 27 Obesity: How Far Upstream Do You Go? n Metabolic medical management  Drugs: Coming soon at a theater near you  Surgery 140,000/year rising/

Future Role of Pharmacotherapy for Obesity Management VT Chetty MD FRCPC MSc Associate Prof McMaster University Medical Director Bariatric Clinic, HGH.

of Pharmacotherapy for Obesity Management VT Chetty MD FRCPC MSc Associate Prof McMaster University Medical Director Bariatric Clinic, HGH Objectives Overview of background history Principles of Pharmacotherapy in Obesity Review medications for long term use What does the future holds? Rational & Principles of Pharmacotherapy in Obesity Obesity is a Chronic Disease Long-term therapy is required for successful long-term weight management. Drugs do not cure obesity Drugs do/

Food Production in Europe: trends and concerns ).

in Europe: trends and concerns ) FOUNDER of the principles of sustainability Aριστοτέλης, Aristotélēs ARISTOTLE 384 - 322 BC Born in Stageira A Greek philosopher; student of Plato; teacher of Alexander the Great 1. To keep in/management TERMINOLOGY Food sovereignty Local food movement Slow food movement Holistic management Food Sovereignty the "right of people to define their own food and agriculture," in/(obesity and hunger) Citizen - Consumer education is needed to correct eating habits and fight obesity//

Cardiometabolic Risk : Evaluation & Treatment in Your Patient Population Cardiometabolic Risk Mohammad Saifur Rohman, MD. PhD Interventional Cardioloy.

obese  More than 70 million (nearly 1 in 4) Americans have varying degrees of insulin resistance  There are an estimated 54 million (more than 1 in 6) Americans with prediabetes  Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. adults has high cholesterol  1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure Increasing of the trends in US Metabolic syndrome in other countries In Europe/Association. Understanding Cardiometabolic Risk: Broadening Risk Assessment and Management, Dyslipidemia Richard M Bergenstal, MD International Diabetes /

APPROACH TO GALL STONE DISEASE IN OBESITY Dr Girish juneja Head of surgery deptt. Specialist laparobariatric surgeon Al Noor Hospital, abu dhabi, uae.

IN GENERAL POPULATION Low(<0.05)in Africa & Asia Intermediate(10-30 %)in Europe & north America very high rates(30-70%) in native Americans. Gender F: M------------------ 2>1 Age women >50yrs----------- 3times GALL STONE DISEASE IN OBESITY There is higher incidence of gall stones disease in obese/ With concomitant cholycestectomy In formulating policy regarding the investigations & management of the gallbladder in obesity we must incorporate recognition of the likelihood of disease in the future & /

French National Institute of Health and

Young researchers (including chairs of excellence) Inserm - ANR Programme Management Launch of the Thematic programme "Biology and Health" In 2005 Cardiovascular, Obesity, Diabetes Neurosciences, neurology and psychiatry Microbiology - Immunology Rare diseases/ Contact person in each connected/involved Inserm’ departments: The EUROPE Task Force A permanent staff in Brussels (CLORA) A contact in London A competence centre in Project management within Inserm-Transfert A specific budget The « Europe Task Force /

John S. Banas, MD Professor Emeritus of Clinical Medicine

Metabolic Syndrome: NCEP-ATP III Abdominal obesity Glucose intolerance/ Insulin resistance Hypertension Atherogenic dyslipidemia Proinflammatory/ Prothrombotic state Diabetes CVD Characteristics of the metabolic syndrome: NCEP-ATP III In 2001, the Expert Panel on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults (ATP Treatment Panel III, or ATP III) released updated guidelines for cholesterol testing and management that included a definition and treatment/

Empowering persons suffering from chronic disease Workshop to consider “Tackling the Societal Challenges of Horizon 2020” UASnet Conference 2014 in Copenhagen.

Horizon 2020 Health Demographic Change and Wellbeing Work Programme FP1.. EURO-PREVOB Prevention of Obesity in Europe www.europrevob.eu Improve understanding of determinants of inequalities in obesity; Indentify initiatives that can impact positively on determinants; Develop & pilot tools to assess/authorities for politicians..who thought it was a really good idea, and something they wanted …. (Project Manager) In relation to the families I work with, they have other issues to deal with and these are /

Strategic Management Case Study Coca-Cola Co.

Strategic Management Case Study Coca-Cola Co. Presented by: /The Coca Cola soda saw a 5% volume declines respectively in the carbonated soda brands category. With rising obesity rates of 35.7% for adults and 17% for youth in the U.S. alone, health concerns may cause reduced consumption/ servings of beverages per day in over 200 countries. Coca-Cola generated 9.5 billion in cash from operations in 2010, up 16% over 2009. Weaknesses Weak performance in Europe achieving a 0% growth in 2010 Does not hold number 1/

International Health Care Management Part 2c Steffen Fleßa Institute of Health Care Management University of Greifswald 1.

2c Steffen Fleßa Institute of Health Care Management University of Greifswald 1 Epidemiology of Non-Infectious Diseases 2 Demand for /Obesity (Men) 17 Obesity 18 1989 1991 1993 1997 China is becoming wealthier... Proportion of China‘s population (20-45 years), that gets less than 10% of their energy from fat: Proportion.. more than 30% of energy from fat 18 Diabetes: in Developing Countries as well Global Prevalence of Diabetes 0 50 100 150 200 250 Africa America Europe Middle East Asia/Australia People in/

European Guidelines on CVD prevention ESC Commitee für Practice Guidelines to improve the quality of clinical practice and patient care in Europe Fourth.

European Guidelines on CVD prevention - Rationale 1.) CVD is the major cause of premature death in Europe. It is an important cause of disability and contributes substantially to the escalating costs of / Management of Riskfactors Lifestyle: -No tobacco -Healthy food choices -Physical activity Charité, CVK, Lipidambulanz Management of other Riskfactors -Overweight and Obesity -Bloodpressure -Plasmalipids -Diabetes -Metabolic Syndrome Charité, CVK, Lipidambulanz When to prescribe cardio-protective drugs in /

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(3):638–644; Arslanian SA, Lewy VD, Danadian K. Glucose intolerance in obese adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome: roles of insulin resistance and beta-cell dysfunction/ pediatric care, flu shots, hepatitis B immunization, transition planning Sick day management Glucose monitoring Self-monitoring glucose, understanding glucose targets, A1C quarterly Medications Glucose/North America and Europe statistics 30% of new cases, 20% of deaths from diabetes <20 years 1/200 episodes result in cerebral edema /

Prof. Timothy Barrett Euro-WABB Project Leader Ms. Amy Farmer Euro-WABB Project Manager

Wolfram Childhood diabetes, optic atrophy, deafness, neuro-degeneration Alström Obesity, retinal dystrophy, deafness, often cardiomyopathy and diabetes Bardet-Biedl Obesity, retinal dystrophy, deafness, often diabetes, polydactyly, cystic kidneys Plus: Wolcott-Rollison syndrome Roger’s syndrome Other even rarer syndromes Objectives To support efficient diagnosis, treatment, and research for WABB diseases in Europe 1.To identify barriers to doctors using an EU-wide registry/

Women for Positive Action is an educational program funded and initiated by Abbott Laboratories Challenges associated with ageing in women living with.

increase risk of CVD ~Smoking ~Blood pressure and cholesterol ~Physical activity ~Obesity and overweight ~Diabetes ~Renal disease ~Smoking ~Blood pressure and cholesterol ~Physical activity ~Obesity and overweight ~Diabetes ~Renal disease Factors that CAN be changed or controlled/ of depressive symptoms in women in the study is twice as high as the general population in Europe 1. Bayon et al (2012) 2 nd International Workshop on HIV and Women, Abst 0_1 67 Managing depression and anxiety in women with HIV As/

DIABETES AUSTRALIA New South Wales Janice McLay Liaison Manager.

-30% incidence) ABS 2006c) INEQUITIES ATSI Diabetes in ATSI is associated with Lifestyle factors Poor diet Sedentary lifestyle Obesity Alcohol use All these lead to a socioeconomic disadvantage Genetic factors INEQUITIES ATSI Access to / cost of treatment S100 Insulin storage Compliance to treatment Lifestyle measures Community programmes Access to trained health care workers “passive” management BARRIERS TO GOOD CONTROL INEQUITIES Hospitalisation rates Higher/


of sugar.  Practical Use: allows us to choose “slow-release” carbohydrates  Included in Nutritional Data of food in Europe; proposed to be included in the US FOODKCalGI Table Sugar 100 White Bread10070 Pumpernick el Bread 10051 FruitGI Pear33 Apple45 / less is low Pharmacologic Intervention  Morbid obesity with laboratory verified insulin resistance  Not compliant with diet or exercise  Metformin 500 mg BID or 1000 mg XR OD with meals MANAGEMENT: Dietary Three Fundamental Principles 1. Timing:/

Topics in nutrition and food science. Dr M. Altamimi.

that diet plays an important role in the aetiology of colorectal cancer. associations between overweight/ obesity (waist circumference), processed meat, alcohol/in human milk, causing increased levels of bifidobacteria in breast-fed babies compared to bottle-fed infants. Prebiotics have been used in infant formulas in Japan over the last 2 decades, and in Europe/lactulose, the prebiotics studied so far in human trials have been shown to have little effect on managing constipation, and to have only mildly/

Immunizations: Safe and Very Neccessary Jeffrey R. Boscamp, MD Chair, Department of Pediatrics Physician-in-Chief The Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital.

viruses Reassortment of genes from different influenza viruses Swine (American, Europe/Asia), Avian, Human Swine (American, Europe/Asia), Avian, Human Mexico, April 2009 Mexico, April 2009 /in 1 st 2 years of life is a miniscule challenge compared to tens of thousands of environmental challenges that babies manage every day 11 or 12 vaccines in/ than 18 on aspirin Younger than 18 on aspirin Immunosuppressed Immunosuppressed Obesity (BMI 40+) Obesity (BMI 40+) Novel H1N1: Severe Disease 25% of hospitalized /

Motivation Motivation is a need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it towards a goal. Aron Ralston was motivated to cut his arm in order to.

Index (BMI) in excess of 25.0. 31% are obese with a BMI in excess of 30.0. Childhood obesity in the United States has more than tripled in the past two/sex. HomosexualHeterosexual Bisexual Sexual Orientation Statistics In Europe and America, based on many national surveys, homosexuality in men is 3-4% and in women is 1-2%. Due to/ stores of the same chain. Managing Well Every leader dreams of managing in ways that enhance people’s satisfaction, engagement, and productivity in his or her organization. Larry /

CHICOS Developing a Child Cohort Strategy for Europe.

stakeholders Dissemination tools Workshop organisation Dissemination activities –Stakeholders forum WP6 – Management Day-to-day management Reporting Support Existing, related coordination projects EUCCONET: - The European Child Cohort Network – ESF - http://eucconet.site.ined.fr/ - focus on large scale generalist cohorts - focus on methodological aspects of data collection RICHE: - A Platform for Child Health Research in Europe - inventory of ongoing research - indicators - research gaps, roadmaps for/

Educating and inspiring policy makers – driving change The Global Partnership for Effective Diabetes Management, including the development of this slide.

42.1% The major cost of diabetes lies in the management of avoidable complications Annual healthcare costs with diabetes and/in Europe meeting towards European Health Strategy Formal recommendations from Portuguese Presidency due June 2008 National action plans in 14 states Need for unified policy initiatives Local and national programmes: The Finnish example Partnership between government and Finnish Diabetes Association –Screening of at-risk patients; lifestyle counselling –Obesity prevention in/

Helping People Lead Healthier Lives GetFit Health Manager.

Manager The UK health challenge More than 29 million overweight or obese people in the UK and growing (DOH 2006) Adult obesity rates in Britain are the highest in Europe at 24 percent (OECD 2006) Someone in the UK has a heart attack every 2 minutes. It is still the leading killer in/for continuous engagement and support Stakeholder Health Our stakeholder partners receive: Extensive management reports to show: Participation in the programme Health risks and priorities across the population suggesting where to/

The Science and Medicine of Thrombosis in Cancer

through evidence-based education, expert analysis, and case study-based management Processes: Strives for fair balance, clinical relevance, on-label indications for agents discussed,/:2277 Incidence of VTE: USA and Canada Greater than Israel, Australia, and Europe rEPO used more in USA and Canada L+Dex: 23% VTE with EPO vs 5% w/o/ Simonneau MD, et.al. Obes Surg. 2008; [Epub ahead of print] LMWH in Obesity: Summary Treatment: in controlled trials, LMWH dosing has been based on TBW (max 160-190 kg) Dalteparin/


Guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation: Europace. 2012 Aug 24 CHA2DS2-VASc vs. CHADS2 Is More Information Better? The new scoring systems have been adopted in Europe but not in the United States, even in the latest practice /middle-aged subjects Over 17 years, 1520 incident cases of AF in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study 56% of cases explained by elevated CV risk factors, especially hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and smoking Circulation 2011; 123: 1501-1508 Guidelines for/

Rural developments versus agricultural modernization in China: some preliminary thinking Thomas M. H. Chan China Business Centre Hong Kong Polytechnic.

in direct payments for bigger firms. (1) 4. New rural policy set in 2005 for 2007-2013 - improving the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry; - supporting land management and/ food system in Europe 1. A 1998 market survey data indicate that organic products, including imports, account fro less than 2% of total food sales in the EU,/ Nutrition, 8(6A), 2005 and Overcoming public cacophony on obesity: an ecological public health framework for policy markers, Obesity Review, 8 (suppl. 1), 2007, pp.165-181/

YEAR-ROUND TOURISM WITH SHARLOPOV HOTELS. HOME AWAY FROM HOME! www.sharlopov.eu in Bulgaria … … and Germany.

Bulgarian climatic South - the best natural healing centre in Europe for treatment & prophylaxis of bronchial asthma Resort with /in Bulgaria for construction and architecture excellence Hotel management 2008 award from PARI national newspaper Golden prize for the best five-star hotel in Bulgaria for 2008 – from Tourism i otdih Magazine Hotel management/Zone therapy modeling of problem areas Anticellulite program Rectifying topical obesity program SPA & Wellness DIBI techno rituals Face Cosmetic microcrystal/

DASH DIET Convention Theme: Bringing Global Trends in Cardiology Closer to Home Tripartite Colloquium: Diet and Sports in Cardiovascular Disease Topic:

Manage HPN MODIFICATIONRECOMMENDATIONREDUCTION (RANGE) Wt reduction Maintain normal body wt. (BMI 18.5-24.9 kg/m 2 )5-20 mmHg/10kg wt loss Adopt DASH eating plan Consume a diet rich in/ Intern Med 2001; 161:685 N= 2382 30-54 yrs old <140/83-89 Obese Interventions Usual care Salt restriction Weight reduction BP control Results: Salt restriction 50-40 mEq/ stroke Specific dairy groups like cheese and yoghurt Outside Europe and USA Meta-analysis depends on the quality of underlying studies Residual confounding by physical activity /

QUOTATIONS Brethren, let’s tee off with these germane quotable quotes:- The death of every man diminishes me, for I’m involved in Mankind. The death of.

socio- cultural practices Harmful socio- cultural practices Clinical Presentations Clinical Presentations Management Management Burden of CKD Burden of CKD Prevention of Chronic Kidney Diseases Prevention /in paints and mercury as above. Exposure to heavy metals- lead found in paints and mercury as above. Obesity – which is regarded as a sign of good living in Africa, obesity associated glomerulonephropathy as now being described. Obesity – which is regarded as a sign of good living in Africa, obesity/

Obesity Treatment Pyramid

formidable barrier to treating obesity. Therefore, a clear understanding of the factors involved in regulating food intake has important implications in designing therapeutic agents for obesity management. Zhang Y, Proenca R, Maffei M, et al. Positional cloning of the mouse obese gene and its human /or rimonabant 20 mg. Pi-Sunyer FX.Obes Res. 2004;12(suppl):08-OR, A27. RIO-Europe and RIO-Lipids: Weight Change at 1 Year 37 RIO-Europe and RIO-Lipids: Weight Change at 1 Year Completers ITT (LOCF) -1.5 -2.3 /

George A. Mensah, MD, FACC, FACN, FCP (Hon) SA VP, Global R&D Nutrition PepsiCo The Role of the Food Industry in Health Promotion Presented at: Oxford.

range of foods & beverages that offer solutions for managing calories, like portion sizes. In 2010, we continued to launch new products with /to primary and, in some cases, secondary schools in most of Europe, Canada and the majority of countries in the Arabian Peninsula. In this past year/philanthropic actions for the prevention & control of obesity, diabetes, HTN Unrestricted research grants to support community interventions in health. PepsiCo Foundation philanthropic initiatives promote healthier /

1 © metabolic balance GmbH metabolic balance ® and Diabetes © Dr. Wolf Funfack, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine/Nutritional Medicine.

(Costs of Diabetes in Europe) The costs of diabetes in Europe 10 © metabolic /in 8 test subjects of normal weight and 10 obese subjects Source: from Karam, J.H. et al. 1963 Blood- sugar (mg%) Obese Minutes Normal weight persons Obese Serum- insulin (µE/ml) Minutes Normal weight persons Obese 15 © metabolic balance GmbH Obesity and the metabolic syndrome Normal weightOverweightSlight obesitySevere obesity/term success of an efficient weigh management program Reduction in Body Weight 23 © metabolic balance/

Area informatics in community health policy & system development to cope with changing health needs in South East Asia Prof. Masami MATSUDA, Dr.H. Sc.,

from solid fuels 2.7 10.Overweight and obesity 2.3 1.5 billion total global DALYs in 2004 Attributable MortalityAttributable DALYs GBD2010 Nature of Change /Aging Society- Japan as a Model of Countries in Asia, Latin America & Eastern Europe in future Japan USA,EU Thailand,Korea,Singapore,China/) Contemporary roles – Community Developer – Facilitator of self-health promoter/self-help – Resource Manager – Policy Formulator Remarkable topics today : lifestyle disease, frail elderly – Community level activities/

Advanced Biology Presentation Weight Control and Obesity Copy all text in red.

rate of obesity in Europe; if current trends continue, half of British children will be obese or overweight by 2020. It would be very easy to cure Britain’s obesity epidemic, /manage 30 minutes of physical activity at least once a week, and that the number of people admitted to hospital with a primary diagnosis of obesity tripled between 2006-7 and 2011-12, to 11,740. The majority of these admissions were for surgery. The definition of obesity ‘A chronic disease characterised by excessively high body fat in/

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