Ppt on nuclear family and joint family problems

Separation and Divorce

problems. 3. Compared to married people, divorced women & men are three times as likely to commit suicide. 4. Divorced individuals have more difficulty raising children. 5. For some people divorce is associated with positive consequences such as higher levels of personal growth & greater autonomy. Children and Divorce A. A traditional nuclear family/ the traditional family. c. Many men do not feel competent, or are not perceived as competent in day- today child rearing responsibilities. 2. Joint custody, in/

Choosing the Correct ANA Technology for your Laboratory Michael L. Astion, MD, PhD, HTBEMichael L. Astion, MD, PhD, HTBE Professor and Director of Reference.

explain their ANA testing strategy – including problems-- to ordering physicians. 3.ANA testing/nuclear extract (1st generation)Hep-2 nuclear extract (1st generation) Hep-2 nuclear extract spiked with extra antigens (2nd and 3rd generation kits)Hep-2 nuclear extract spiked with extra antigens (2nd and/, automated methods Perspective on ANA testing: Internists and Family Practitioners (1) Not knowledgeable about:Not knowledgeable / her lip, and joint pain bilaterally in her hands, wrists, ankles and knees. The/

Norms and Institutions. Origins, Change and Effects

and Th. Spitzley. 1984. Soziale Probleme und Protestverhalten. Eine empirische Konfrontierung des Modells rationalen Verhaltens mit soziologischen Hypothesen am Beispiel von Atomkraftgegnern. Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher Verlag (124-127): If I wouldn’t do anything against nuclear/, that others accept the norm OR that a joint decision has been made. Realization does NOT mean /or groups (financial support for young families). Opp, Norms and Institutions Opp, Norms and Institutions Another condition for the outcome /

Recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committees PAC for Nuclear Physics (16–17 June 2011) Walter Greiner.

of IREN and the methodological research base of nuclear and neutron physics. III. Possibility for the production and study of heavy neutron-rich nuclei formed in multi- nucleon transfer reactions (V. Zagrebaev) Transfermium elements (1)no more alpha-decays ! (2)problem of Z /dissociation of a family of light nuclei, with great interest. Statement. Since it is known that both the FASA-3 and BECQUEREL projects are coming to an end by 2011, the PAC advises advises these groups to prepare a joint project to be/

Macroeconomic Processes, Gender and Labour in India Chirashree Das Gupta Ambedkar University, Delhi.

of Exclusion in public expenditure/resouces (health, education, nutrition etc and taxation) access to credit and financial markets Problems in these narratives Gender discrimination in labour markets and share of resources demonstrated but not explained Women’s labour no /to break away from the ‘joint familyand start a new ‘Hindu Undivided Family’ as long as he was married. Thus, even as families went nuclear, the ‘HUF’ could be perpetuated as a legal entity as each nuclear family marked the beginning of a/

Remarriages and Stepfamilies

least one child. Types of Stepfamilies Gay and Lesbian Stepfamilies They are similar to traditional stepfamilies and encounter many of the same problems. They may encounter triple stigmatization, first, because they are gay or lesbian; second, because gay and lesbian families are looked at as deficient compared to nuclear families in our society; and third, because some in the gay and lesbian communities themselves stress the primacy of the/

Child, Family, School, and Community Socialization and Support 6 th ed. Chapter Three Ecology of the Family.

parenthood. 5.Provide “Big Sister” / “Big Brother” programs. Joint Custody  A modern-day solution to the quandary facing many judges: –Which adult claimant should be given custody of the children?  Some nuclear families split by divorce are evolving into a new form, called the binuclear family, in which the children are part of two homes and two family groups.  A modern-day solution to the quandary/

Essentials of Joint Commission Readiness Dale Brown, RN, MSN Stephen Dorman, MD Day 2.

or nuclear medicine (NM) services: At least annually, a medical physicist conducts a performance evaluation of all imaging equipment. The evaluation results, along with recommendations for correcting any problems /in the following activities: Education of patients and families. 93 The Standard: MS.05.01.03: CITIZENSHIP 2: The organized medical staff participates/to assess compliance with its own and Joint Commission requirements (for example, who will complete competence assessments) Review the personnel/

RECONSTRUCTION AND THE SOUTH Presidential Reconstruction –after John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, the national mood hardened.

and in many cases overwhelmed, local infrastructures –problems of sewage and garbage disposal, fire protection, law enforcement, and availability of potable water supplies often reached crisis stage –overcrowding and substandard housing led to epidemics, crime, juvenile delinquency, and, at times, to the disintegration of family life –efforts to enact new building codes and/Khrushchev announced that American intervention in Cuba would be met with nuclear retaliation by the Soviet Union –near the end of his /

Business Ethics: A New Style of Management and Investment Professor David M. Chen Graduate Institute of Finance Fu Jen Catholic.

to business but also to government, politics, the family, personal life, and all other aspects of life.  The 1960s American society turned to causes. An antibusiness attitude developed as many critics attacked the so called military-industrial complex. The decay of inner cities and the growth of ecological problems such as pollution and the disposal of toxic and nuclear wastes. The rise of consumerism (Consumers ’ Bill of/

Depression, War, and Recovery Unit 8B. By the 1930 ’ s: By the 1930 ’ s: Dictators had taken control in several countries (Italy, Germany, Japan, and.

problems and his hatred of Jews grew. Blamed the Jews for many problems and his hatred of Jews grew. An extra page in our packets tells why Hitler and/ and joint transplantation Bone, muscle, and joint /more babies and more families needing homes. Meaning more babies and more families needing homes./and Julius Rosenberg They were members of the American Communist Party. They were members of the American Communist Party. Convicted of selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets. Convicted of selling nuclear/

The societal aspects of risk. Perceptions of risks There is no risk-free technology (or any other human activity – life itself is dangerous and unavoidably.

joint probability of an explosion is readily calculated (risk trees, probabilistic safety assessment). For example, a nuclear power station might explode if the reactor overheats and the safety system is faulty and the station controllers are not alert. If the probability of each of these is known and/ of independence is almost certainly unjustified. The problem is further compounded by the difficulty of ensuring/knowledge of factors such as family history, past record of illness, and so on, as well as/

Chapter McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2005 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. 17 Environmental Laws And Pollution Control.

National Environmental Act (NEPA) METROPOLITAN EDISON CO. v. PEOPLE AGAINST NUCLEAR ENERGY  103 S.Ct. 1556 (1983)  DECISION: No/Small landowners, logging companies, and families dependent on the forest products industry in the Pacific Northwest and in the Southeast sued / ban and limit the use of pesticides.  Pesticide runoff into waterways is a major environmental problem. /were deposited. Looking at the law of independent contractors and joint venturers, the court concluded that the chemical supplier was/

WORLD HISTORY Teacher: Ron Coleman Grade: 10. California Standards 10.1 Students relate the moral and ethical principles in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy,

problem for the industrial working class poor was contaminated drinking water Women and Children - Unlike the wealthy, who had people to look after their children middle class women devoted much of their time to raising their children at home. Child Labor - often Children needed to work because their wages kept their families/ nations are suspected to have bought or sold nuclear weapons A) Iraq and Iran B) Afghanistan and Iraq C) China and IsraelD)North Korea and Iran 9/11 History Channel Documentary Part 1 /

IzBen C. Williams, MD, MPH Instructor. Lecture # 16 THE FAMILY, CULTURE, AND ILLNESS BEHAVIOR.

are now the largest minority group b. As a group, Latinos place great value on the nuclear family and on nuclear families with many children c. Respect for the elderly is important. Younger people are expected to care for elderly family members, to protect elderly relatives from negative medical diagnoses, and often, to make medical decisions concerning the care of elderly relatives Culture & Illness Behavior IV. Minority/

Chapter 36 The Cold War Begins, 1945-1952. I. Postwar Economic Anxieties The decade of the 1930s had left deep scars: Joblessness and insecurity pushed.

earning between $3,000 and $10,000 a year By the end of the decade the average American family owned a lot. II./ dismantle the industrial- ized German factories and reduce the country to a potato patch XI. The Problem of Germany (cont.) – The Soviets/George C. Marshall invited the Europeans to get together and work out a joint plan for economic recovery – If they did, /explosion in 1953 The nuclear arms race entered a perilously competitive cycle Nuclear “superiority” became a dangerous and delusive dream. XV/

MARRIAGE, FAMILY & KIN Dr. Jane Granskog.

the Kibbutz (Israel) & Nayar of India illustrate the non-universality of the nuclear family Problems with categories (ideal case) - emphasis must be given to a processual approach, functions of family within socio-historical context as a unit that changes over time (developmental cycle) Summary Points distinction between family of orientation and family of procreation “Friends as family” - criteria for chosen kin have enough history to suggest future, are/

A Brief Introduction to the Baby Boomer Segment Introduction to the AARP Public Perceptions and recent issues facing the organization The Indian Cultural.

the number of nuclear families is growing, they continue to have connections with the central households from which they have separated. Living with children is the preferred living arrangement for the aged. Scenario in Rural India The joint family system is / Government which is already grappling with a number of pressing problems, does not have adequate resources to address the issue. For more than a decade, several individuals and Organizations working with older people have been pressing the government/

The Cold War and the 1950s Primm-2015.

joint control of the Dardanelles with Turkey Helped Greece and Turkey and was an attempt to halt Soviet aggression Sent 400 million dollars in aide to European nations to help stop the spread of Communism Provided assistance and support free people of the world against subjugation and totalitarian regimes Marshall Plan Postwar Western Europe faced problems, politically and/Friends Your Children Your Family and YOU….COMMUNIST Communist secretly/, held hostage to Nuclear Terror Retaliatory capability ensures/


conflict. causes organizational problems Thomas Arthur Green, loving father and husband to five women, was charged with four counts of bigamy April 2000. Complex Families most common solution is for each wife to have her own household husband plays a secondary role in each. households seldom fully independent economically a principal motive for polygyny is to create a joint work force and pool the productive/

Review for Final Examination History 419: American Social and Intellectual History Examination Date: December 11, 2008.

the world today necessitates my appearance before a joint session of the Congress.” Harry S. Truman, The Truman Doctrine /problems of Negro Americans must be directed towards the question of family structure. The object should be to strengthen the Negro family so as to enable it to raise and support its members as do other families… Energy and National Goals 1979 Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter… Was born and/ imminent danger of nuclear war. Were not". “As long as we maintain the strategic balance and make it more /

Chapter 1 - Introduction

part of a three way government with Somoza Somoza kills Sandino and his family rules until forced out by Sandinista rebels in 1979 US opposes Sandinistas, supporting /holder to board planes, enter federal buildings and nuclear power plants. Must be done by December 31, 2009 - do you have one? Practical Problems How much do you trust the states/ investigation.’’ 50 U.S.C. §403-5a(a) (2000) What about the joint actor doctrine if they cooperate with local authorities? Chapter 24 - Civil Detention Of Terrorist/

FAMILY.  Heterosexual relationship between 2 parents  Married (preferably first marriage)  Children (2.4)  Live together  Father head of the family.

children and so arrangements must be made to have the children looked after by non-kin.  an independent unit that must fend for itself; this creates a strong dependence of individual members on one another Nuclear familynuclear family is impermanent - goes through a cycle.  nuclear family disintegrates with the death of the senior members  once children gone, who cares for parents in their old age?  problem does/


children and so arrangements must be made to have the children looked after by non-kin. an independent unit that must fend for itself; this creates a strong dependence of individual members on one another                        Nuclear family nuclear family is impermanent - goes through a cycle. nuclear family disintegrates with the death of the senior members once children gone, who cares for parents in their old age? problem does/

Family Youth Ministry and you!. I got this! 3 Biblical Concepts.

relationship as well as the marriage relationship. Both the Old and New Testaments give specific attention to particular, nuclear family relationships. Some Potential Problems: Parents often feel inadequate to be primary teachers of their kids. This mode can also ignore relationships and needs of “non- traditional” families and singles within a church. Only families that fit the typical “nuclear triad” (mother, father, children) find the supportive environment they need/

Investment Climate and Business Opportunities in Jordan

electricity and produce oil. Generating electricity from nuclear energy. Developing local sources of Natural Gas Infrastructure, Utilities->Energy- Privatization and PPP/Plants JOD10-15M A joint venture or direct investment in turnkey water technology plant fabrication and assembly unit specifically targeting/ to care for cardiac patients and their families and be part of a network /shall provide gender and age specific programs to assist patients in the management of specific life problems. The center shall/

Choosing Wisely Richard Honsinger, MACP Past Governor, ACP Council of Subspecialty Societies President, Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

and Secretary/Treasurer and AAAAI participants in the Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters. Through multiple society publications and notifications, AAAAI members were invited to offer feedback and/decision-making process between patients, their families, and their physicians. Am Soc Nuclear Cardiology 1 Don’t perform stress/information-only) consultation ** ______ Consultation (Evaluate and Advise, with the goal to managing the problem remaining with the referring clinician) ______ Procedural Consultation/

Making notes “authentic” and retaining quality Nancy M. Enos, FACMPE, CPC-I, CEMC, CPMA October 7, 2013 MGMA Annual Conference San Diego, CA.

problem, and time History History of the medical record documentation should include four areas:  Chief Complaint  History of Present Illness  Review of Systems  Past, Family and/Eyes – Glasses, vision problems, Cardiovascular – Heart, palpitations, chest pain GI – Diarrhea, vomiting GU – Urinary, Male/Female problems Respiratory – SOB, coughing Musculoskeletal – Joint pains, backaches, stiffness/ risk factors, prescription drug management, therapeutic nuclear medicine, IV with additives, closed treatment/

Environmental Protection Waste Safety Section, Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.

to man 26 And radioprotection is only a part of the problem Economical aspect Patrimonial aspect Familial aspect Employment Home /and maintain effective defenses in nuclear installations against potential radiological hazards in order to protect individuals, society and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation from such installations 36 Binding International Legal Instruments Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management Joint/

By Justin, Zach, and Kyle ANTI-NUCLEAR MOVEMENT. DISASTERS OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS Three Mile Island (March 29 th 1979) A power plant near Harrisburg,

AND RELOCATION 1953: Congress issues a joint resolution declaring it to be the intent of Congress to free Indians “from federal supervision and control and from all disabilities and / OTHER KEY POINTS President Johnson wrote a special message to Congress on the problems of the American Indian, “The Forgotten American,” in March 1968, in/ to the creation of the idea of the nuclear family and attempted to create American propaganda about familial roles through media and more. This related to the women’s rights/

FAMILY.  Heterosexual relationship between 2 parents  Married (preferably first marriage)  Children (2.4)  Live together  Father head of the family.

allegiances to their kin, often conflict.  causes organizational problems HBO 2006-  common solution is for each wife to have own household  husband plays a secondary role in each.  households seldom fully independent economically  a principal motive for polygyny is to create a joint work force and pool the productive (and reproductive) efforts of several women. Complex Families  Each household may be a partly separate unit/

Joint Commission Tracers 2011 What Hospitals Need to Know.

restrictions or supplements  S&S of problems and who to call  Self care /the qualifications of radiology staff and nuclear med director  Verify /and coordination with other staff, family and significant others relative to suicide risk  Education provided to patient and family about suicide risk and information for crisis situation  HR should evaluate orientation, training, and competency of staff to evaluate risk for suicide and self inflicted harm 177 Suicide Prevention Behavioral Health  Staffing and/

1  Must have medical record (MR) services and have an administrator responsible for MR who will sample 10% of daily census and at least 30 records  Must.

Organ and Tissue  Surgery and Anesthesia  Nuclear Medicine  Emergency/family and friends can reduce physiologic stress and lower BP, heart rate and intracranial pressure  Patients should be allowed to determine visiting hours 276 Visitation Rights: JAMA article  Article discusses the pros and cons  Does a review of the literature  Bottom line is evidence shows the problems of open visitation are overstated  Provides support system for patients and families  Friends and family tend to reassure and/

Mindfulness-Based Family Therapy A Brief Overview Copyright 2011 by Charlton Hall, MMFT, LMFT www.mindfulfamilytherapy.com.

changing your behavior, you ‘get off the seesaw’ Family Systems Therapy Nuclear Family Emotional System Describes four basic relationship patterns that govern where problems develop in a family: 1.Marital conflict 2.Dysfunction in one spouse 3.Impairment of one or more children 4.Emotional distance Family Systems Therapy Nuclear Family Emotional System 1. Marital conflict As family tension increases and the spouses get more anxious, each spouse externalizes his/

Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) and the Defense Acquisition System (DAS) Requirements and Acquisition Management In the 21st.

and defeat state adversaries Disrupt, degrade, and defeat violent extremist organizations Strengthen our global network of allies and partners 16 JOINT FORCE PRIORITIZED MISSIONS Maintain a secure and effective nuclear/Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) / Defense Acquisition System (DAS) 20 Resources 21 Family of Joint Concepts Current Joint Warfighting Capabilities Intelligence Affordability Cost Threat Future Joint/ “What’s the military problem” ID capability gaps & redundancies/

1 Efficient Haplotype Inference on Pedigrees and Applications Tao Jiang Dept of Computer Science University of California – Riverside (joint work with.

PaternalMaternal Maker locus Genotype Multiallelic Biallelic 4 Mendelian Law of Inheritance and Recombination BA Father CD Mother ACADBCDB C1C2C3C4 BDBD ACAC Father ACAC BDBD ADAD BCBC Child: 5 Pedigree Pedigree, nuclear family, founder 6 Pedigree Father Mother Children ID no. Genotypes Founders Nuclear family Family trio Loop Mating node 7 Haplotyping from Genotypes: The Problem & Methods Problem: Input: genotype data (possibly with missing alleles). Output: haplotypes. Input data/

Marriage and Changing Family Arrangements Chapter 12.

potential for joint custody Problems remain Problems remain Family Diversity  Growing single population 27% of households consist of one person 27% of households consist of one person  Single-parent family statistics National – 41% of births to unmarried women National – 41% of births to unmarried women African American – 72.5% African American – 72.5% Hispanic – 53.3% Hispanic – 53.3%  Gay and lesbian couples The Future?  Social/

Today’s Standard SSUSH20 SSUSH20 Analyze the domestic and international impact of the Cold War on the U.S.; describe the Truman Doctrine; containment;

billion in aid is sent $17 billion in aid is sent The USSR rejected it The USSR rejected it The Problem in Berlin The Marshall Plan was a huge success The Marshall Plan was a huge success All countries who accepted it/determined and want war 3) Antagonists – Joint Chiefs of Staff (the generals) – they are also determined and want war 4) Avoiding World War III and nuclear war with the Soviet Union 4) Avoiding World War III and nuclear war with the Soviet Union 5) The O’Donnell family 5) The O’Donnell family /

By samah alfar0127943. O UT LINE Family Definition Types of Families Family Functions Family Values Family Life-style Family dynamics Calgary Family Assessment.

among unit members that include future obligation The unit care-giving functions consist of protection, nourishment, and socialization of its members. T YPES OF F AMILIES Nuclear Family. Joint Family. Reconstituted families. Single-parent families. N UCLEAR Nuclear conjugal: husband, wife, and children Nuclear dyads: married couple without children under 18 living in home Children may be biological or adopted Dual-earner: two working parents with or without children Found/

Family Revision activities 2014 With the following activities – aim to recap core knowledge..but then start to try and: Explain points – check understanding.

Isolated/self sufficient Neo –conventional families (Chester) New Right Nuclear is norm –cornerstone Self-reliant/cares for self/not welfare Support moral values and decency Role models/moral development of kids Stability and security for children Diversity = problems, ie) welfarism, laziness, educational failure, crime Arguments for and against diversity Arguments forArguments against Postmodernist/Feminist There is no ‘proper’ family. Family is about choice and what those involved choose to/

PART III: TREATMENT PLANNING PROTOCOLS AND CONCEPTS Palliative Radiotherapy 01.1. BRAIN METS Therapeutic Considerations Patient population. Brain metastasis—single.

■ Myelitis, damage to cranial and other head and neck nerves, nerve pain ■ Spinal damage ■ Breathing problems Clinical Protocol Reference RTOG 0920: a/similar device ■ Borders (Figure 22.6): ■ Superior: mid-sacroiliac joint ■ Inferior: 5 cm below lesser trochanter of 2 cm below /multiple myeloma, 163-164 testicular cancer, 165 nuclear stability, 5 nuclear transitions, 6-7 nucleon emission, 6 number/, 143ethnicity, 138 physics, 1genetic susceptibility and family history, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), 2,/

The Executive Departments and the President’s Cabinet.

Food Safety and Inspection Service- maintains quality and safety of meat and poultry.  Food and Nutrition Service- distributes food stamps to millions of needy families.  Soil Conservation service- protects the rich soil of American farms, and its Forest/  Regulates the development and use of US oil and gas resources.  Conducts research into fossil-fuel efficiency, and development of alternative energy sources. (wind, water, nuclear, solar, etc.)  Also regulates the nuclear power industry.  Directs/

and when I say show, I mean power-point.

public places! Families vacationed in station wagons and everyone wanted an RV. The fashion influence of Sixties hippies was mainstreamed in the Seventies, as men sported shoulder length hair and non-traditional clothing/and illegal practices at the nuclear plant. Benjamin Spock A pediatrician, author, and social reformer whose permissive philosophy in his influential book, The Common Sense of Baby Care, was blamed for a wide range of social problems in the 1970s. George Wallace Governor of Alabama; shot and/


and nuclear genome. However, recently more and more frequent are become complete mitogenome usage. Most popular in phylogenetics are sequences of cytochrome b (Cyt-b) and cytochrome oxidase 1 (Cо-1) genes, which used for taxa comparison at the species - family/ there are problems of insufficient information capacity of sequences to cover big species diversity and adequate taxa / of Co-1 and Cyt-b genes for 59 sequences of our and GenBank representatives of Glyptothorax catfish jointly with 3 outgroup /

THE COLD WAR BEGINS 1945-1952 Chapter 36. Postwar Economic Anxieties  The decade of the 1930s offered joblessness and insecurity, pushed the suicide.

the nation’s basic economic structure. The Roots of Postwar Prosperity  The family farm nearly became an antique artifact as consolidation produced gigantic agribusinesses able to / same way and used their veto power to scuttle the proposals.  A priceless opportunity to tame the nuclear monster in its infancy was lost. The Problem of Germany /1947, Secretary of State George C. Marshall invited the Europeans to get together and work out a joint plan for their economic recovery.  If they did so, then the /

Welcome to Half A Democracy A 72-slide presentation on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the prospects for peace and reconciliation based on a Two-State.

- IN A SIMILAR OPERATION IN THE ASKAR REFUGEE CAMP, SOLDIERS DESTROYED THE FAMILY HOME OF A LEADER OF THE AL AQSA MARTYRS BRIGADES, ALI AJOURI,/that terror is a genetic problem and not a sociological and political mutation, horrific as /and that of the Palestinians, and its inability to accept the principle that two peoples have equal rights to the land they jointly/government that refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to allow inspection of its nuclear facilities, which Israel refuses to do/

A Quick Overview of World Problems

the 1990s, as international economic and financial barriers were lowered, terror groups expanded their businesses, which become transnational. Today, money is raised cross border, as proved by the joint business empires of Yousef Nada and Idris Nasreddin, two of bin/ less than $1.25 per day. Among this group of poor people, many have problems obtaining adequate, nutritious food for themselves and their families. Poverty As a result, 947 million people in the developing world are undernourished. They consume/

Chapter 20 Foreign and Military Policy. The Shape of the Twentieth Century The history of the twentieth century can be summarized--excessively briefly--in.

problems facing the United States in the world and/and occupy Haiti and Somalia Several nations have long-range rockets and weapons of destruction Several nations have long-range rockets and weapons of destruction Many nations feel threatened by neighbors Many nations feel threatened by neighbors Russia still has nuclear weapons Russia still has nuclear/and Reserve 1.2 million Guard and Reserve 2.0 million retirees & families receiving benefits 2.0 million retirees & families/ Joint Staff J-1 Manpower and /

MARRIAGE, FAMILY & KIN Dr. Jane Granskog.

the Kibbutz (Israel) & Nayar of India illustrate the non-universality of the nuclear family Problems with categories (ideal case) - emphasis must be given to a processual approach, functions of family within socio-historical context as a unit that changes over time (developmental cycle) Summary Points distinction between family of orientation and family of procreation “Friends as family” - criteria for chosen kin have enough history to suggest future, are/

Complexity of Japanese “North Korean issues” How do they affect Japanese diplomacy and regional security? Norihito KUBOTA Visiting Scholar at Asian Institute.

and Vice-chairman of Japan Socialist Party Tanabe, visited NK, reached a deal on the Joint Declaration by the three parties. Mentioned Compensation of the past and renormalization. -> subsequent consultation broken off due to disagreements on compensation, “comfort women,” and nuclear/families of victims. -> Stalemate for the disagreement on the abduction issue. -> Second nuclear/it be solved?  Difficult  Disagreements over facts  Information problem  Intention to cooperate?  Measure to change the other’/

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