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Energiråd Innlandet – Regional Energy Agency for Inland Norway (Inland Norway Energy Agency) Lillehammer 8. april 2013.

County) in the South-East part of Norway (380 000 inhabitant) An independent, autonomous and non-profit organization Be a supplement to existing players and a regional driving force Staff Merkantilvn 2, 2815/ for other’s activities and projects Setting up, organising and disseminating results Work Areas/strategy and priorities of action (2009-12) Households Buildings Transport Kids and Youths Municipals Entrepreneurs/SMB Industry Agriculture/Forestry Kids and Youth Municipalities Information activities Work/

Network for a Healthy California Local Food and Nutrition Education Orientation for FFY 2009 Awards Funded by the USDA’s Food Stamp Program through the.

by the PM and CM 138 Non-Network Sponsored Travel Form www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/CPNS/Pages/FiscalGMAppendix.aspx Resources (GM Program Sections 600, 702 & 907) 140 Network Terminology U SDA = The United States Department of Agriculture. The primary source of funding for the Network for a Healthy California. A llowable = Reasonable and necessary Food Stamp Nutrition Education activity expenses that may be legally/


people. Example: A kid sits next to you whom you never talked to before. You saw him with another kid that has been mean /@GMAIL.COM) FOR JKUAT WESTLANDS, 2016 284 Social Change & Characteristics of industrialized societies 1) Smaller percentage of people are doing their activities in agriculture, increased division /similarity-dissimilarity’ pattern, members are alike in the respects in which they differ from non-members) ◦territorial contiguity with free mobility throughout ◦a relatively large scale ( and/

Using ICTs to create opportunities for the marginalized Women & Men : The Private Sector and community working together Presented By Chetan Sharma -Founder.

in the economy & non- competitiveness of the Indian Agriculture and Industry DAUNTING TASK AHEAD FOR THE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS AND FOR THE DEVELOPMENT EXPERTS ICT/ Prayas ( A non-profit dedicated for juvenile delinquents & slum kids) Deepalaya (A non-profit dedicated for rehabilitation of slum kids ) Udayan (An orphanage for girls run by /independence numbers. Medical community & local police authorities/administration are active abetters/participants in this crime. Initiative # 2 INTERVENTION Datamation /

Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit Somalia Post Gu 2011 17 th August 2011 Gedo Region EUROPEAN COMMISSION Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

- migration into riverine areas for cash crop activities, resulting in increased competition and reducing wage rates. North Gedo: wage rates slightly increased in July due to low supply of labour resulting from escalated conflict in Luuq district Agriculture Regional Trends in Terms of/-term negative impact on the environment)  Sale of fodder among the riverine communities generating income for food and non-food items Gu (April-July) Median Estimates of Nutrition Situation (2008-2010) GEDO Summary: /

Selling and Teaching Foresight Development Tips and Tools for Foresight Educators World Future Society July 2008  Washington, DC John Smart, President,

000 yrs ago Homo Sapiens Age 100,000 yrs Tribal/Cro-Magnon Age40,000 yrs Agricultural Age7,000 yrs Empires Age2,500 yrs Scientific Age 380 yrs (1500-1770) /for optimism. Nonzero: The Logic of Human DestinyNonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny, Robert Wright, 2001 Makes the case that non-zero sum (positive sum) interactions drive most social activity./ Choose your friends wisely! Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than PeersHold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers,/

Info & Tips on AP Human Geography EXAM. Format & Schedule for the AP Human Geography Exam Consists of 2 sections: Section I: 60 minutes; 75 M-C ?’s Counts.

or 2 answers. I just tell my kids to try to do better than the "average" kid taking the test - since over half will/ & is unevenly distributed Non-renewable energy: (can u make more?) Most of electricity for businesses comes from what fuel source? Coal For homes? Natural gas Map/agriculture 3. A culture group that is usually small in area and number and very slow to change? Folk culture 4. A manufacturing activity that is free to locate where it wants to be? Footloose industry 5. Relocated capital city for/

Outline  Review Questions…many were lacking…your grades reflect it.  Deadline for class withdrawal without academic penalty is Wed, Mar 31, 2010  Fundraiser…what.

pass legislation to help disabled workers, mothers, kids etc… Welfare State by state by state…/Southern Elites fight to exclude agricultural workers, domestic workers and others…Why would / Welfare  Myths About the Welfare Population  From AFDC to TANF  Saturday (1/4 pt for activity)  Table- Bernard  Coolers & ice- Heather  Poster – Heather  Money- Adam /non-welfare families; that most are on welfare for relatively short periods; but that most remain quite poor, and that this probably accounts for/

APES year in review Part II 2011, The year everyone gets a 5! Food Production-Industrial Agriculture Water source…water pollution Atmosphere…. Pollution.

non-point sources are scattered and diffuse and can’t be traced to any single site of discharge –examples: runoff from croplands, livestock feedlots –difficult and expensive to identify and control these discharges Point and nonpoint sources Types, Effects, Sources of Water Pollution –sources of water pollution, cont. leading sources: agriculture, industries, mining –agricultural activities/ ways for individuals /possible carcinogen; 20% of inner city kids have [high] Sources: particulates, smelters/

A WHOLE NEW MIND School Change Are buildings necessary? Are we hunting saber toothed tigers? Educational design for each student?

Educational design for each student? From the Agricultural Age to Today Agricultural Age (farmers/Material ‘abundance’ that is deepening our non material yearnings Globalization that is shipping white/for the 21 st Century? What skills & values will be required? Do we believe the following? “There’s too much pressure on our overscheduled kids.” If so, why does research say the most engaged and healthy kids are heavily involved in extracurriculars? Cf: Yale Professor Joseph Mahoney’s study: the more activities/

New 4-H Club Leaders Lesson Four 4-H Events & Activities 4-H Record Books Parent Involvement Child Behavior Bill Heltemes Florida 4-H Volunteer Recruitment.

and swine. 4-H Events & Activities September 1 is the cut-off date for 4-H member participation in all state 4-H events and activities. Non-Competitive County District State National Competitive Must/ selection may advance directly to State Congress. Horse Bowl: team event. Questions on industry, agriculture, and biological sciences. Ages 14-18. One team per county. Share the Fun: junior/other than notes, in a speech. 4. Give 3 ways parents can help their kids in 4-H. 5. Youth ages 5-7 may not compete in 4-H/

What’s the Big Deal? The Ethics of Public-Private Partnerships related to Food and Health Jonathan H. Marks Director, Bioethics Program, Penn State; Non-Residential.

, Penn State; Non-Residential Fellow, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard Ohio State University Lecture October 16, 2013 Acknowledgments – Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard –/activity program in your community, you can be sure they’ll say it’s to show ‘our company’s concern for our kids’/ “expanding markets for agricultural products” AND “improving nutrition and health by providing … nutrition education and promotion” “Mission Statement,” United States Department of Agriculture, http://www./

HEALDS : NON-FORMAL EDUCATION CENTERS -Mohanur, Namakkal District, Tamilnadu, Chennai Half Yearly Report - Koussalya Balasubramanian.

Cauvery.” - One site visit done – by Sathyam Ravoor NFE : Non Formal Education Centers Education Center for drop-out kids : Financial reasons, Community reasons Coverage of 25 villages Merging back into/for teachers: Rs. 500 per month School timings: 5 – 7:30PM School days: Mon-Saturday Overall school attendance: 99% Medium of instruction: Tamil Economic background of parents of the children: Agricultural laborers, vendors and seasonal workers earning $1.5 per day Number of Panchayats the school is activated/

INTERNSHIPS WIKI LOG ENTRIES. Community Based Learning CBL Is An Acronym for.

experiences to his teaching. He sounds like he was a very active kid. He seems to know a lot about the different sports that /some people dont like participation in then he makes a non-competitive group so that they dont have to feel left/ this because I like to work on them.like doing stuff with agriculture… At Bates I sweep a lot. Matt and I are managers /CBL encourages RUMOO00INATION hands-on effort, collaborative relations, and relevant rigor for personal growth. Roman and Mitch say, “Branch Out!” Reflect /

Introduction to Rural Marketing. Why should we do this course? Agriculture’s share in GDP is going down, but, India still lives in her villages Agriculture’s.

customers M.D G.M Product Finance H.R Marketing Men wear Women wear Kids wear Organizational structure By project M.D G.M Product Finance H.R Marketing/for sharper understanding Multi – disciplinary approach is necessary for sharper understanding Transitions In Rural India Food Grain Crops On land activities Farm Activities Non –food, cash crops Livestock & fisheries Manufacturing & services Rural Employment Patterns Sector Year – 1987 ( % share in employment) Year -2004 ( % share in employment) Agriculture/

Government Benefits for Non-Citizens February 2011 Laura Melnick SMRLS 651-222-5863

OF 1997 added groups of non-citizens eligible for SSI based on disability; extended 5-year window of benefits for refugees & asylees to 7 years.  1998 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH ACT restored food stamp/ for 7 years after grant of status. Certain humanitarian immigrants may get additional 2-3 years of SSI after their 7 years of benefits.  2) U.S. veterans & active-duty/children born in U.S. o Lori wants to apply for MFIP, MA & food stamps for herself & the kids. o Lori worries that 1) County will report Aniceto’s/

Balancing Global Public Goods and Agricultural Development Needs of Developing countries Uma Lele, Visiting Professor University of Maryland, Former Senior.

Initiative Avian Flu Initiative Development of soil maps Development of soil maps Development of agricultural research capacity Development of agricultural research capacity Examples of Global agenda needing more resources and commitment to implement Effective / large number of small non-strategic demand driven activities Move Upstream away from a large number of small non-strategic demand driven activities Aim for larger impacts and adopt results based frameworks Aim for larger impacts and adopt results/

CROATIA Ministry of Economic Affairs, Office for Agriculture, Zagreb 1.

of production, improving of active technologies, enlargement of production units through new quality standards and traceability  Liberalization of the food product market increased demand for (competitiveness and distinctiveness of) national animal production  Consumers’ attitudes have changed significantly - hygienic safety, traceability and origin of the product have become increasingly important criteria LIVESTOCK GENERAL Ministry of Economic Affairs, Office for Agriculture, Zagreb 36  Yet, animal/

American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Fall 2004 Newsletter California Polytechnic State University – San Luis ObispoCalifornia Polytechnic.

Agriculture and Life Sciences, NY Dept. of Agriculture and Markets, NY State Education Dept., and NY Farm Bureau. NYAITC’s signature program is Kids growing Food, which involves helping elementary school teachers grow school gardens and use that experience to promote agricultural/agricultural education. Outreach Activities in Ag Education District meetings for agricultural educators were held recently at six sites around Iowa. In-service education activities/, and teach in non-formal educational settings. /

Maggie Gosselin, M.S. NFSMI New Director Orientation March 13, 2013 Farm to School United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service An.

Agriculture to “improve access to local foods in (eligible) schools” by providing farm to school grants, training, and technical assistance. Grants and technical assistance »Planning grants are schools just beginning farm to school activities. »Implementation grants are for schools to further develop existing farm to school initiatives. »Support Service grants are intended for/likely to be cheaper than non- local competitors. »SFAs / served to kids. Consider developing food safety protocol for: »The school/

Learnscapes as Pedagogical Tools: Understanding Teachers Levels of Use. Keith Skamp Centre for Children & Young People School of Education Southern Cross.

non-mandatory in all states except NSW: EE is non-mandatory in all states except NSW: EE Policy for Schools (NSW DET 2001) EE Policy for/spontaneously and just told me what a wonderful activity it was to go searching for slaters in the rainforest…to me that / because of my own interest in fostering concern with the kids for the environment. [cont next slide] The innovators- at personal/then saving some seeds for the next cycle; and showing to the children how it is a sustainable agricultural system; using that/

Strategic Reading in the Content Areas: Train the Trainer

areas. Which paradigm will get our kids where they need to be? We’re going /. ________ 5. Music for the Church used a triple meter because of its religious significance. Agricultural Terrorism ____ Bovine Encephalopathy/will need: Generate examples for people you will train: Trainer to Trainer Anticipate questions/responses: Responses to these: Word Activities and Cooperative Learning Word/ World Economy Key Events Math Example Essential Characteristics Non Essential Characteristics May be one to one Has a/

Promoting a Safe and Healthy Environment by Collaboration By Thomas F. Sullivan, Regional Administrator Administration for Children and Families Denver,

the only kids from our generation in our community who had not been sexually abused as kids ” This/ police response. When her daughter ’ s boyfriend, a non-native, broke her daughter ’ s nose, her daughter filed/One support worker told Amnesty International that of her 77 active cases of sexual and domestic violence involving Native women, /part responsible for public on Reservations. G.) Department of Agriculture, the Food and Nutrition Service and that part of USDA with responsibility for Rural Telemedicine /

Introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Requirements for Maine Schools Responsibilities of the School IPM Coordinator.

 Property Damage: insects, mice, rats, birds, weeds Why be Concerned About Pesticide Use in Schools?  Kids are more sensitive to chemical exposure than adults (smaller size, closer to the treatment areas)  Acute Poisoning: /fields, agricultural fields  Private or public properties used primarily and regularly for school- related activities  Including ball fields owned or managed by town or non-profit organization  Does not include non-school properties used mostly for non- school activities such /

Roadmap to Afterschool for All Examining Current Investments and Mapping Future Needs www.afterschoolalliance.org Afterschool Alliance.

dangerous hours for kids.  Juvenile crime soars  Peak hours for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex  Lack of physical activity/obesity  Parents of 15 million children would sign up for an /for FY09  NCLB authorized $2.5 billion  Other sources of afterschool money: CCDBG, Safe and Drug Free Schools, OJJDP, SES, Department of Agriculture/ Religious5%0.2% Individual Donors23%1.9% Other Sources9%1.8% Non-Monetary Donations36%N/A Funding differences by program characteristics Program funding differs depending/

2006 George R. Wiggans Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory Agricultural Research Service, USDA, Beltsville, MD USDA Genetic.

(27) G.R. Wiggans 2006 Accuracy of Evaluations  Does kidding in same season  More records  better estimate of herd- /for Genetic Improvement (Cont.)  Pre-select only promising bulls for PT  Select only the best of the PT bulls for widespread use  Only about 1 in 10 PT bulls enter active service  Remove bulls from active service as better new bulls become available  Bulls remain active/model  Evaluations are based on comparisons  Differences for non-genetic reasons must be removed  DNA technology /

Rift Valley Fever (RVF) Overview and Recent Developments at USDA

USDA-ARS, Center for Medical, Agricultural & Veterinary Entomology, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Gainesville, Florida. / often autolysed) —Peracute hepatic disease in lambs and kids <1 wk of age —Hepatitis —Cerebral infections —/cases (prolonged bleeding time, prothrombin time, and activated partial thromboplastin time; elevated fibrin degradation products; /slow onset to protection, and requires booster Non-licensed, formalin inactivated adjvunted vaccined (Egypt /

Georgia Competent Applicator of Pesticides Program (GCAPP) Frank Hancock, Henry Co. Agriculture & Natural Resource Agent Paul Guillebeau, Professor, Department.

MSMA on Centipede MSMA on Centipede Where Kids Play MOWER DAMAGE HEALING Where were you standing? Non Target Damage INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM)/No mixing required No mixing required Low concentration of active ingredient reduces risks Low concentration of active ingredient reduces risks Easy disposal Easy disposal Disadvantage:/ for federal regulation of pesticides. The Georgia Department of Agriculture regulates pesticides in Georgia. UGA Cooperative Extension GA CLEAN DAY Georgia Dept. of Agriculture /

Unit 3 Economic Activity Broken up in three sections

solutions to problems. Natural Resources for the future Unit 3 – Part 1 Agriculture Fisheries Mining Forest Water Primary Resource Activity Extractive Activity To take from nature How are/and wind, are neither renewable nor non- renewable. They must be used where and when they occur. For example, wind energy to produce / NO KIDDING!!! Jeopardizing “Sustainable forests!” WORLD POPULATION INCREASES CAUSES: The demand for forestry products increases (It is a RESOURCE with value) the demand for forestry land/

True to Their Word Anthony Fitzpatrick The American Institute for History Education.

many Indian Nations available to non-Indian American settlers. This marked the beginning of mass migrations to Indian lands for non- Indian settlement. Typically -/. This would entail the Indians adopting a settled agricultural lifestyle and granting them the full civil rights of/ the act is in line with his message the kids give a physical or verbal indication. Red light green/to the big-ticket events of the presidency – What type of activities can we develop???? John Quincy Adams - 1825 Treaties of peace/

Social indicators for policy-making Daniel Kostzer UMKC, April 2006.

can be combined Or can be combined Tools for targeting Categorical targeting Categorical targeting –Age groups (kids, old) –Social groups or clusters (unemployed,/ high level occupations Female share of non-agricultural wage employment Female share of non-agricultural wage employment Female/male earnings ration/training – –unemployment insurance, – –Unemployment assistance – –early retirement Active Labor Market Policies “active” policies refer to labour market integration through demand or supply side /

Los Angeles Palo Alto © 2004 Accelerating.org Challenges for World Security Policy John Smart USAWC, August 2004, Carlisle, PA Adapting to the Future:

Saturation Example 1: Total World Population Positive feedback loop: Agriculture, Colonial Expansion, Economics, Scientific Method, Industrialization, Politics,/UCSD INS) Neural electrical activity to develop dominant thoughts (mosaics, fighting for grossly 2D cortical space)/50,000 high school kids/year. Chinese science fairs: 6,000,000 kids/year. For now. BHR-1,/ of Simplicity (Wigner’s ladder) EvolutionDevelopment Non-PatternPattern VarietyUniformity Symmetry and Supersymmetry Symmetry Breaking Chaotic/

Welcome to Operation: Military Kids Volunteer Training For Deployment Cycle Support Yellow Ribbon Youth Outreach Activities.

in usual activities/hobbies Stage Four: Recovery & Stabilization Family finally starts to settle into routine of life without Service Member Coping with changes can be positive for kids May enjoy new/active participant in the future • Opportunity for self-determination Mastery • Engagement in Learning • Opportunity for Mastery. Generosity • Opportunity to value and practice service for others Source: National 4-H - Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture/

National 4-H Program Mission: To advance knowledge of agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being, and communities by creating opportunities.

in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food & Agriculture (NIFA) – Provides financial support, program/ a Welfare Foundation. The American Legion Auxiliary A non-profit organization comprised of 1 million members, empowering /for FY09-14 Increasing community-based outreach services to 49 states for children & youth of deployed Active, National Guard, & Army Reserve Soldiers thru Operation: Military Kids Providing child care at reduced rates in 1600+ community child care programs for/

Healthy School Environments: State legislatures’ and policy makers roles in promoting nutrition and activity in school populations. Millicent Fleming-Moran,

as healthy foods (USDA standards). Non-healthy Foods not compete with School Lunch/Breakfast meals. Competitive prices for Healthy foods HB 1017 Proposals: Physical Activity Physical Activity Provisions At least 30 min/ day of Physical Activity for K-6 Can include recess time./ sales now and… cultivate brand loyalty..” The other side of the obesity equation: Physical Education / Activity CDC guidelines: At least 30 min/day of PA for school kids: < 25% get even 20 minutes/day, 56% get “some” PE, 25% have no/

Hiran Region Deyr 2010/11 January 26, 2011 Information for Better Livelihoods Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit Somalia EUROPEAN COMMISSION Swiss.

food gifts  Hiran riverine: Main sources of income: labour activities, sale of crops, crop fodder and bush products; main/following the crop failure in the regions. Agriculture Regional Cereal Flow Agriculture Regional Trend in Sorghum Prices and Daily/Deyr ’10/11) Calving/ kidding (Deyr ’10/11) Milk production (Deyr ’10/11) Expected calving/ kidding (Jan – June ’11/conditions leading to deterioration of body condition for all livestock species  High food and non-food prices, high fodder prices  Significant/

Welcome to Operation: Military Kids Volunteer Training For Deployment Cycle Support Yellow Ribbon Youth Outreach Activities.

interest in usual activities/hobbies Stage Four: Recovery & Stabil i zation Family finally starts to settle into routine of life without Service Member Coping with changes can be positive for kids –May enjoy /active participant in the future Opportunity for self-determination Mastery Engagement in Learning Opportunity for Mastery. Generosity Opportunity to value and practice service for others Source: National 4-H - Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture/

Study Guide For 3 rd Nine Weeks Exam!!!!!!! Robertson’s near genius 6 th grade Social Studies class.

Timber companies clearing land for wood & to make room for agriculture (farming) Loss of habitat for plant & animal species / is threatened by the English cultural majority. Mostly non-violent, but some violent protests Parliament voted on/activities Controlled by government, widespread poverty, private property is seized Many cultural celebrations outlawed, art censored, sports & space programs well funded Greater freedom for/help? Did you hate it? Why is that kid in the back still sleeping? Wasn’t this way/


activities in the agricultural and food sector at individually basis or as members of organizations (mostly NGOs) carrying out such activities for/kids (about 3 birth within of two years). How have the number and intensity of the different types of U3M activities evolved at the institutional level In the last two years university has been engaged in activities/sport activities Social engagement Main problems University investments in infrastructure for cultural and sport activities, which are practically non /

 Childhood Obesity: Why Physical Activity is Important KNH 403 Kelly Davis.

low or non-fat milk, yogurt and cheese  Choose lean cuts of meat  Skinless chicken or extra lean ground beef for hamburgers or /for a fun activity Encourage Physical Activity  Establish family goals that everyone can follow and achieve together  Make family challenges  kids are competitive  Schedule your activities  Sign them up for/Retrieved from www.choosemyplate.gov www.choosemyplate.gov  United States Department of Agriculture. (2012). Retrieved from www.cnnp.usda.govwww.cnnp.usda.gov  Nutrition/

Sandra G Hassink, MD, MS, FAAP Immediate Past President AAP Director AAP Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight.

LL, Does food insecurity at home affect non cognitive performance at school? A longitudinal analysis of/ 34, no.11 (2015):1949-1955  Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participation /activity nutrition and activity resources  Food banks, fresh produce, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, community sports  Employer support for nutrition and activity  Community group educational and program efforts  State and National policy ◦ Healthy Hunger Free Kids/

Study Guide For 3 rd Nine Weeks Exam!!!!!!! Robertson’s near genius 6 th grade Social Studies class.

companies clearing land for wood & to make room for agriculture (farming) Loss of habitat for plant & animal / threatened by the English cultural majority. Mostly non-violent, but some violent protests Parliament voted/roads, railways, airports, & unfrozen water Are you kidding me, another quiz? Do you hate us or what/activities Controlled by government, widespread poverty, private property is seized Many cultural celebrations outlawed, art censored, sports & space programs well funded Greater freedom for/

“FFVP - Best Practices for a Successful Program” A Tri-State training between Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire May 5, 2016 Stephanie Stambach, Marianna.

Non-Discrimination Statement In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity in any program or activity conducted/

The Innovation for Green Economy and Society

+1.8%~+2.0% Energy Conversion 66 -0.1% CO2 from non-Energy, CH4, N2O 132 -1.5% HFCs, PFCs SF6 31 -1.6%/activities Launching “our life on biodiversity” project which aims to enhance the involvement of local governments, businesses, NGO and the public Hands-on nature experiences for school kids/capacity building Promoting sound activities of agriculture, forestry and fisheries Managing habitat for endangered fauna and flora; combating alien species issues II The Innovation for Green Economy and Society/

Statistical Information on Young European Farmers

AGRICULTURE /Agricultural/Agricultural Census has um register for each of the 12 million holdings surveyed in the EU 27. What data is available in Farm Structure Survey? 2 27 April 2012 HOLDER Age, Gender, Training Other gainful activities What data is available in Farm Structure Survey? MACHINERY Tractors Harvestors FARM STRUCTURE SURVEY LABOUR FORCE Age, gender, Family, non/for accessing microdata for/agricultural-economics "Land for sale" http://www.prlog.org/10972356-land-for/social-network-for-cows "/

Media Advocacy to Change Public Policy Communities Putting Prevention to Work Washington, DC June 3, 2010 Danny McGoldrick Vince Willmore Campaign for.

Media Conduct polls to show public support for tobacco control policy Release the poll publicly and actively pitch to the press Weave polling into/American Cancer Society, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Heart Association, American Lung Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. All these non-profit groups have long supported /for the elderly, disabled and poor. It also is expected to generate $5 million each for cancer research and efforts to curb smoking and $1 million for agriculture/

All Foods Sold in Schools, aka “Smart Snacks” Implementation Guidance for July 1, 2014 Implementation of: Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in School.

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act  Gave USDA authority to establish nutrition standards for all foods and/for school year 2014-2015. LEAs should include in their wellness policies standards for fundraisers and foods available for purchase Fundraising activities/school day, where revenue does not accrue to the non-profit food service account? Examples: vending machines, school/The U.S. Department of Agriculture prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the bases of/

Welcome to Career Exploration Sit anywhere you’d like to sit, FOR NOW This course will meet for Semester 2 Jan 20 – June 2 Mrs. Mittica Rm 31.

Clusters Jobs grouped by similar skills Law Medicine agriculture Employabilit y Skills Skills that make you a good / have to fire you if we have budget cuts Non-working team members will get an independent/silent research /to or still goes to or works at SFMS would be INTERESTED –Kids with extra allowance, school spirit, people who wear T- shirts, / listed under our class in Moodle If you finish…explore the websites for activities and more information about jobs Job 1: Dentist Career Cluster: Health /

Future-Shaping Techologies Genetic Screening - Marfan Case Gene Replacement - Bubble Babies Stem Cells Cloning - Dolly the Sheep Agriculture - Crop Modification.

Stem Cells Cloning - Dolly the Sheep Agriculture - Crop Modification SCID “Bubble” Baby Dolly and Kid Cloned Sheep Stem Cells Early embryonic cells / the most recent commonancestor of vertebrate and invertebrates Mouth Anus/ Genitals Nervous System Non-neural Ectoderm D/V Axis Photosensitive organs Sensory Appendages? Eyespot? Gills? Protrusions or/and EF act the same way in flies? - Are there new activities of LF or EF? - Is there evidence for synergy between LF and EF? Anthrax Toxins: Lethal Factor (LF) and/

Government Benefits for Non-Citizens April 2013 Laura Melnick SMRLS 651-894-6932

non-citizen.  BALANCED BUDGET ACT OF 1997 added groups of non-citizens eligible for SSI based on disability; extended 5-year window of benefits for refugees & asylees to 7 years.  1998 AGRICULTURAL/non-citizens are potentially eligible for SNAP. Applicants may have to wait 5 years to get SNAP benefits. Non-citizens exempt from the 5- year bar for SNAP (and therefore eligible immediately) are: refugees, asylees, & those granted withholding of deportation U.S. veterans & active/without kids, and living at or /

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