Ppt on next generation 2-stroke engine upgrade

Air Breathing Propulsion JPC Report 45 th Joint Propulsion Conference Denver, Colorado 3 August 2009 Marty Bradley (for Jeff Hamstra)

Garrard/Datta Gaitonde  Recruiting (International) – Joaquin Castro, TBD  Member Upgrades – Doug Garrard Communications - Tom Kaemming – TBD Replacement  Year in Review/in the light-blue “brush- stroke”. The swirling effect is accentuated /generated Indentified existing liaison activity and possible new activities New Logo picked /Decision to purchase shirt Suggestion from Don Malloy for Author Acceptance Form to help with no show form 53 Plans for next/2 - 3 August 2009 55 ABP Group Gas Turbine Engines/

DPI Update North Carolina Pupil Transportation Association Annual Conference June, 2016.

Passengers: Max 14 + driver Mfr: ___________________ Model #: _______________ 2 1 Each Small Configuration – Diesel Engine Passengers: Max 14 + driver Mfr: ___________________ Model #: _______________ 3 1 Each Medium Configuration Passengers: 18-25 + driver Mfr: ___________________ Model #: _______________ 4 1 Each Larger Configuration Passengers: 26-30 + driver Mfr: ___________________ Model #: _______________ Option List Upgrade from Manual Door to Electric Backup Camera System Model: Wheelchair lift/


not store next to incompatible/2.9 500 0.7 2.8 Then, PROTECT persons DOWNWIND DAY NIGHT (Miles) SMALL SPILLS LARGE SPILLS TOXICOLOGY the study of poisons “ALL THINGS ARE POISONS, FOR THERE IS NOTHING WITHOUT POISONOUS QUALITIES. IT IS ONLY THE DOSE WHICH MAKES A THING POISON.” PARACELSUS (1493 - 1541) TOXICOLOGY TOXIN - TOXIN - A ny of a group of poisonous, usually unstable compounds generated/material. DescriptionHeat ExhaustionHeat Stroke FacePaleRed and Flushed /surface, upwind and upgrade from the site. /


. Do not store next to incompatible material. / 4 EXTREME 3 SERIOUS3 HIGH 2 MODERATE 2 MODERATE 1 SLIGHT1 SLIGHT 0 MINIMAL/group of poisonous, usually unstable compounds generated by microorganisms, plants or animals./ENGINEERING CONTROLS ARE USUALLY REQUIRED.  RESPIRATORY PROTECTION IS NEEDED WHERE VAPORS CANNOT BE ADEQUATELY CONTROLLED WITH ENGINEERING/ Compliware 1999 DescriptionHeat ExhaustionHeat Stroke FacePaleRed and Flushed SkinMoistHot /a level surface, upwind and upgrade from the site.  Distance/

Tomorrow is October. Project Plan  Plan for the whole semester  Expect more detail closer in  Expect more accuracy closer in  Expect individual.

are you going to generate test cases? … starting the conversation … User Manuals  Next level of detail from /as APIs, but more so  Different machines will upgrade at different times  No control over the other/  Using Fonts: Make capital letters 2.3-5.2 mm high, lines ≤ 60 chars wide/contrast, eye-hand coordination  Movement Simultaneous key strokes, mistaken strokes  Hearing Audio cues  Cognitive and Language /Apply CancelHelp Adapted from Software Engineering: An Object-Oriented Perspective by/

ALLITWAY CONSULTING SERVICES LTD ALLITWAY CONSULTING SERVICES LTD Energy Management & Efficiency in Public & Private Organizations in Nigeria This presentation.

30 of July 2013 AGENDA AGENDA 1. INTRODUCTION 2. WHY WE NEED TO ACT NOW 3. /opportunities Define practical ‘next steps’ Benchmarking The/24 Months Retrofit product to upgrade existing units Quick & /engine. The HFG system when installed unto your generators allows fuel to burn effectively because it enters combustion reactions with higher velocity. It also has lower activation energy system and it incurs more molecular collisions, this allows the fuels to be burnt more efficiently at the top of the stroke/

LHC Status and prospects G. Arduini for the LHC team Acknowledgements: A. Apollonio, H. Bartosik, O. Brüning, M. Giovannozzi, G. Iadarola, R. Jacobsson,

G. Arduini14 Earth faults An earth faults generates a trip of the circuit with the consequence/2 EYETS – Extended Year End Technical Stop – 19 weeks – CMS pixel upgrade Start LS2 at the end of 2018 30/09/2015 INFN - CSN1 - G. Arduini42 Run 2/ 1 µrad) motorized linear axis (60 mm stroke, 5 μm resolution) integrated high-precision alignment /Issues identified: Compatibility of the civil engineering work with LHC operation during Run3/ Experiment-Machine day at the next HiLumi meeting in October addressing:/

1 Fission-Fusion hybrid to destroy nuclear waste From a challenge to an opportunity M. Kotschenreuther 1, S. Mahajan 1, P. Valanju 1, and E. Schneider.

next year –Long-pulse superconducting tokamak SST in India designing SXD SXD: enables power exhaust into much lower neutron damage region –Much of ITER divertor technology be used (H 2 O cooled Cu substrate- steady Q < 10MW/m 2, 20 MW/m 2 transient) SXD for MAST Upgrade/ is greater than fission neutrons –Helium generation => more material degradation No engineering experience long pulse devices with fusion spectrum/design concept: addresses all these issues in one stroke We shall now spell out each one 41 /

1 NGAO SDR Agenda 9:00 Welcome & Introductions (Armandroff) 9:10 Charge (Lewis) 9:20 Review Panel closed session (Hubin) 9:45Re-entry for non-Panel participants.

4 Most recent AO upgrade, NGWFC, resulted in significant/2/3 private support –Very active Advancement Office at WMKO –MOSFIRE: about 50% private support 1/3 federal support –All relevant funding opportunities –ExoPlanet Task Force recommendation: “ Implement next- generation/interfaces should facilitate localized technical decision making. Systems engineering flows down requirements, interface definitions & architecture,/stroke unavailable –Result drives architecture toward our MCAO “Large Relay/

Rise of the Machine (Learning) – Azure ML in BI, in Apps, and as a Product in Azure Marketplace Greg R Beaumont October 10, linkedin.com/in/gregbeaumont.

technology SPAM filters Recommendation engines Handwriting recognition News story/ that person saying? What will happen next? Huge set-up costs of tools,/Business No improvement in generations Decision Making Process with /2: Weather Data from NOAA Daily temperature, precipitation, snowfall, etc by weather station Weather stations mapped to zip codes What factors impact expected heat stroke patients to the ER? Can we forecast the volume of heat stroke/up front costs, no software upgrade efforts API to call the /

Innovation, Science and Technology* in the rural communities of Eastern Ontario Real people; real progress Strategies for the Future; March 1, 2013 *Technology.

Biochemicals from wood 2 nd and 3 rd generation biofuels (eg biodiesel for new generation autos) 5 Transitioning/v=9He_c3HUadY Wood is nature’s stroke of pure genius and “the /next step: finding entrepreneur(s) – and we have at least one working hard on their business plan Good support from OMAFRA representative Technology, Engineering and Management Program at Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Chemical Engineering/ and BC CO2 Capture + Conversion Upgrading and Energy Infrastructure Agri and Forest /

Chapter I & 1: The Information Systems Strategy Triangle

However, typically, managers seem to think that changing or upgrading an information system (or even a component of an information/exceed the opportunity cost of capital. Research and Development Engineering Production and Manufacturing Marketing Sales and Distribution Service Primary/platform. What Is Web 2.0 Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software by Tim /the discovery of breakthrough drugs to cure cancer, stroke, or other disabling diseases Strategic soothsaying Seeking new /

Serials: State of the Art and the Future Rick Block Columbia University November 21, 2003.

to the National Stroke Association for changing the title of Be Stroke Smart to Stroke Smart. This /in the resource itself –Search engines can more effectively find the /numbers provided in standard catalog records to generate a structured menuing system for subject access/ of a Project 1.Enthusiasm 2.Disillusionment 3.Panic 4.Search/completed a year-long project to upgrade our 5-year old LibraryWeb publishing/ bibliographies. E-Resources on LibraryWeb The next phase of this development will entail allowing/

Fallout Shelter Management Course 2009 version. Fallout Shelter Management Course Disclaimer/Waiver of Liability The use of or adaptation of any materials.

shielding capabilities the structure has. Upgrade the shielding where needed. 2.Select, train and assign /Engineering Utilities SCH = Shelter Complex Headquarters Number of shelters grouped in each SCH Fallout Shelter Management Course Module 2/! Comfort↓ Fatigue↑ Irritability↑ Health↓ Heat stroke & death possible. Zones of Equal Ventilation / task. Sources of Emergency Lighting Auxiliary generators. Battery powered lighting. (Good –/2.Return all records to the EOC. 3.Release the Shelter Staff. 3.N. What Next/

Innovative Solutions for tomorrow’s transportation needs CAD/GIS Interoperability Rebecca Barber Geographic Mapping Specialist.

Enterprise GIS Framework and the technology upgrades to CADD platforms supporting the interoperability/existing survey and GEOPAK data to generate parcel shapes Use a database / we integrate CADD Survey/Engineering data that’s symbolized /Power GEOPAK V8i Select Series 2 with FDOTSS2 MR1 (released Feb/ does not. However, in the next release of Map (Bentley release not/stroking = Curve Problem A value of 1 will produce stroking but not enough to produce a curve in GIS Lowering the variable means that the stroking/

Simplified Trips-on-Project Software presented at the 15 th TRB Conference on Planning Applications Atlantic City, NJ May 17, 2015.

2.0 How STOPS works 2.1 An overview 2.2 Evolution of STOPS 2.3 Some details of STOPS v1.50 2.4 Tests against national ridership experience 2.1 AN OVERVIEW 15 General characteristics Modified 4 step trip-based model – Highway impedances and SE inputs from regional models maintained by MPOs – Transit paths and impedances directly from transit schedules in GTFS format – Trip generation/CGI reporting instructions 23 Upgrades and extensions STOPS v2./in broad strokes within / FTA for engineering-entry / funding/

Confidential – For Classroom Use Only 1 A Brief History of Technological Change and Development.

. No further advances were made for the next 1,800 years. We at last moved/ depends on the way human useful knowledge is generated, processed, and disseminated –The Industrial Enlightenment was/–The steam engine led to the use of non-renewable sources like coal and oil 2.New organization / not necessarily respond to incentives –Many resulted from strokes of genius, luck, or fortunate misunderstandings –Luck /receptor of technology, not a machine that receives upgrades to its parts every so often. The economy/

Www.exeter.ac.uk/biomedicalhub Biomedical Informatics Hub.

150k upgrade  Contact Konrad for access Hub Training Courses Training courses currently offered: 1.Amazon EC2 cloud computing 2.Unix/ Computational expertise Human Next Generation Sequence data processing and analysis Align Next Generation Sequencing reads to / code and visualization Linux, shell scripting, Oracle Grid Engine Past Projects - Image processing Object tracking: Developed novel / that we move our sensory surfaces over them— stroking with the fingertips to investigate texture, for instance,/

Pattern-Oriented Distributed Software Architectures Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt Professor of EECS Vanderbilt University Nashville,

~13 Siemens MED business units worldwide www.syngo.com Boeing Bold Stroke Common software platform for Boeing avionics mission computing systems www.boeing.com/The decline of internally funded R&D Potential for complexity cap in next- generation complex systems Consequences of COTS & IT Commoditization Not all trends / & networks 2.Software/system architecture advances e.g., inter-layer optimizations & meta-programming mechanisms 3.Economic necessity e.g., global competition for customers & engineers Why We/

The Elucidation of Regulatory Networks in Complex Biological Systems: The Convergence of Biology, Medicine and Computing G. Poste Stanford University,

Computational Biology Exploring “Biospace” Automation Engineering and Robotics Materials Science Micro-/Opto-/exponentially growing data repositories (10 2 TB/PB) highly variable /-inaccessibility/replication of experimental conditions upgrading to hybrid qualitative/quantitative analysis/ infection CNS CPD CVD diabetes renal stroke cancer Shaping Physician Behaviour decision support / in-home to physician / pharmacy links next generation tele-medicine and personal health monitoring compliance monitoring/

Gaining Ground: Building Existing Practices into Enterprise Risk Management   ERM002.

workforce; more stable, transparent trading partner. 2. Scan the internal environment for what / the City this week that engineering group Sprocket was positioning itself /merger could alleviate this in a stroke and while not without other risks/ Exceptional free cash flow generation Net debt halved in /order book 2010 expectations upgraded Expensive bid for /Documents and Settingschy5484Local SettingsApplication DataOfficeMacrosPpt_ciTemplatesPres_blue_on_white.pot Next steps for analysis and improvement /

© 2013 IBM Corporation IBM After Business Treff 13.11.2013 Daniel Peter - Channel Technical Specialist Flavio Bordogna.

2 front (Through Dongle) / 4 back / 2 internal 1 front (Through Dongle) / 1 back Fan Design 4x Hot swap redundant fans Light Path Basic Light path (no Advanced upgrade/NAS connectivity with Storwize V7000 Unified; IBM Active Cloud Engine integrated *The best product to offer in any situation /advantage via 10K offering 15K with variety of capacities in next generation –Highest performing spinning drive on the market – 2x /de- stroking 2x faster than 10K HDD Looks/feels/acts like HDD 1 st generation enterprise /

CSci5221: Internet Measurement Basics 1 Internet Measurement Basics Measurement Overview and Internet Challenges –Why measure? Why model measurements?

or engineering question –E.g., mean RTT to help explain TCP throughout Generate random but realistic data as input –Generate new/ (e.g., cacheable response?) –DNS queries and responses, user key strokes, … CSci5221: Internet Measurement Basics 23 Packet vs. Flow Measurement Basic / losing OSPF adjacencies –Risk of network partition if 2 nd failure occurred External link flaps –Congestion on /? When? Examples –Where to put the next backbone router –When to upgrade a link to higher capacity –Whether to/

D3D12 A new meaning for efficiency and performance

software change [Obviously; all D3D11.2 hardware supported] Hardware programming model is/ what people keep doing wrong Broad stroke changes D3D11 -> 12 Sequential API / Barrier specifies previous and next usage and driver inserts /Engine Workflow Heap Defragmentation Streaming Dynamic Data Update Physics Shadowmap Rendering Prepare G-buffer Rendering Lighting & Shading TressFX Particle Multiple cascades Point/Spotlights e.g. generate/ software changes, BIOS flashes, firmware upgrades, or the like. AMD assumes /

NCBC “Big P” Activities Russ Altman on behalf of NCBC PIs and NIH/NCBC Staff.

Information Framework (NIF) Outreach to generate community adoption of Biositemaps and related/) methods using Biositemaps as enabling technology WG#2: Ontologies Challenge : Identify and disseminate ontology best/ participation from all NCBCs Continue upgrade and maintenance of NCBCs.org/HUMPHREY, JAY D TEXAS ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION Biomechanical Simulation/Strength and Compensatory Strategies Folowing Stroke Other activities deserving note Individual/this good start, the next five years of will/

The Energy Challenge Chris Llewellyn Smith Part A – The energy challenge Part B – What can/must be done.

USA,… - generates 2% of global / efficient Detailed study: in USA, upgrading residential incandescent bulbs and ballasts and lamps/Ignition, variable compression ratios, 2/4 stroke switching…. * 4.7 litres/100km Petrol engines much less efficient than /2 or air pollution, intrinsic safety, no radioactive ash or long-lived nuclear waste, cost will be reasonable if we can get it to work reliably Disadvantages: not yet available, walls gets activated (but half lives ~ 10 years; could recycle after 100 years) Next/

How far can we s t r et ch our minds prof Gerald Q. Maguire Jr., Ph.D. KTH / Teleinformatik / Computer Communication Systems Lab

next 25 years. -- This dwarfs Moore’s law! MCI network backbone: –1995 capable of moving 45 Mb/s –1996 already 1.2/(+ACC), Alcatel(+DSC Communications+Packet Engines), … Deregulation  … New services and new roles: Billing,/ CEllular networks BEyond the thiRd Generation See: “Strategies for Navigating the/Personal Digital Notepad from pen strokes to digital stroke info to text Web cameras /mode, … –Reconfigure the electronics to adapt, for upgrades, for fault tolerance, …; –Reconfiguration vs. powering/

Internet Measurement 2007. Outline Measurement overview –Why measure? Why model measurements? –What to measure? Where to measure? Internet challenges.

or engineering question –E.g., mean RTT to help explain TCP throughout Generate random but realistic data as input –Generate new /–Must “alias” all interfaces to a single node (PS 2) –Is topology a function of vantage point? Each vantage /HTTP headers (e.g., cacheable response?) –DNS queries and responses, user key strokes, … flow 1flow 2flow 3 flow 4 Aggregating Packets into IP Flows Set /Where? When? Examples –Where to put the next backbone router –When to upgrade a link to higher capacity –Whether to add/

性能评价技术 : 实验 - 测量,解析,仿真 / 模拟 实验 / 测量 (measurement) 技术:通过测量设备或测量程 序(软件)直接测量计算机系统的各种性能指标,或与之相 关的量,然后由它们经过运算求出相应的性能的指标。 模型 / 建模 (modeling) 技术:对评价的计算机系统建立一.

or engineering question –E.g., mean RTT to help explain TCP throughout Generate random but realistic data as input –Generate new /–Must “alias” all interfaces to a single node (PS 2) –Is topology a function of vantage point? Each vantage /HTTP headers (e.g., cacheable response?) –DNS queries and responses, user key strokes, … flow 1flow 2flow 3 flow 4 Aggregating Packets into IP Flows Set /Where? When? Examples –Where to put the next backbone router –When to upgrade a link to higher capacity –Whether to add/

April Spinale & Bill McLamb POIWG #37 January 27-28, 2015 Increment 43-46 Payload Overview.

Express Rack 3 in Columbus next to Vessel ID receiver GLASS Overview/technology onboard ISS Capability to periodically upgrade hardware and software, as well / Two projects: (1) flight project and (2) postflight analysis; Correlate altered bacterial responses to antibiotics/ of nanoscale virus traps, a new generation of nanotechnology-driven treatments to treat viral/stroke patients (stroke is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.). Results may also have downstream applications in tissue engineering/

DARPA Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt DARPA/ITO Approved for Public Release, Distribution Unlimited Adaptive and Reflective Middleware Systems.

Complex dependencies Low latency & jitter Continuous platform upgrades Static scheduling & validation Small-scale network topology / software so they can evolve separately 2.Decouples low-level capabilities from higher-/market/mission pressures & heavy competition for engineering talent COTS can contribute systematic reuse, /Next-generation middleware Flight critical software Open-source Closed-source No Spec Informal Spec Formal Spec Open-source standard COTS is now mainstream at certain layers Bold Stroke/

Internet Measurement Jennifer Rexford. Outline Measurement overview –Why measure? Why model measurements? –What to measure? Where to measure? Internet.

or engineering question –E.g., mean RTT to help explain TCP throughout Generate random but realistic data as input –Generate new /headers (e.g., cacheable response?) –DNS queries and responses, user key strokes, … flow 1flow 2flow 3 flow 4 Aggregating Packets into IP Flows /between packets (e.g., 15 sec, 30 sec) –Example: flows 2 and 4 are different flows due to time Packet vs. Flow Measurement /? When? Examples –Where to put the next backbone router –When to upgrade a link to higher capacity –Whether to add/

Challenges Ahead 1 Middleware: State of the Art and Challenges Ahead  Changing environment  Enterprise application integration: formerly independent.

QoS  Nomadic mobility  Ubiquitous computing Challenges Ahead 2 Middleware: State of the Art and Challenges Ahead/Engineering Group: Syngo  The Boeing Bold Stroke architecture uses COTS hardware and middleware to produce a non-proprietary, standards-based component architecture for military avionic mission computing capabilities Challenges Ahead 8 Areas of Focus  Growing focus on integration rather than on programming  Next generation/must operate continuously, even during upgrades  End-to-end properties/

8 Oct 2007by Pres Cutter1 PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP.

we need to discover new modes, the bold strokes, that bring fresh simplicity to our organizations, / How Can Acceptable, Connected, Growth Patterns Be Generated and Sustained Over Very Long Periods Within Fundamental /to t n, the Propensity to Fail in Next Interval t n to t n+1. 6/Quality Assurance Engineers! T TT The Former Wont Talk, and the Latter are Misdirected. Quality Properties 2 – / & After-Fact Auditing Aids for Decision Making Easily Upgradeable Access to Prevailing Modes of Information Changes 8 Oct/

0 CS 6910 – Pervasive Computing Spring 2007 Section 9 (Ch.9): Mobile Communication Systems Prof. Leszek Lilien Department of Computer Science Western Michigan.

multicast tree generation/update ©/Engineering Task Force) 1) Bidirectional tunneling (BT) 2/needs „Different strokes for different floks/2 TCP connections © 2007 by Leszek T. Lilien Copyright © 2003, Dharma P. Agrawal and Qing-An Zeng. All rights reserved 135 (ii) Application proxies (6) (ii-1) Guards = most sophisticated category of app proxies (“top model”)  Limited only by what is computable (& by human creativity)  No sharp boundary between app proxies and guards  At some point of upgrading/ Next line/

July 2005 Automatic Success Adept Business and Product update Keith Bailey 513-702-6561

, VP Operations & Engineering ADAC & Lockheed Martin, 20 years in Engineering & Marketing Janine Roth/2 fast) and 8 outputs July 2005 Automatic Success L-Series Modules July 2005 Automatic Success July 2005 Automatic Success L-Series Modules Mission: Develop Adept‘s next generation/ patterns and pitch spacings Enables drop-in upgrades or replacements Module Size Comparison Spreadsheet –/Payload, speed, acceleration, resolution will be specified accordingly More Stroke Length choices: L18: 300, 400, 500, 600, /

System Analysis & Design Compiled by Sardar Mohammad.

Engineering) JAD 22 Overview of System Development Methodologies Structured Analysis –Process-Centered OO Analysis 23 SDLC – System Planning System Request –Generated/ Table Decision Tree Determining Condition & Action 2 nd Best3 rd BestBest Transforming Conditions & Actions/ of of the transition to the next phase of SDLC 97 Selecting best /Requires less technical development staff future upgrades provided by vendor 100 Evaluating Software/ – I/P Masks Ending Key Stroke Characters not required should not be /

GPPW-E Version SW3D5C-GPPW-E GPP Windows - “Medoc for Windows” GPPW-E.

Medoc –Mitsubishi Electric Documentation GPPW-E Dos Medoc version 2.30 GPPW-E Other programming tools  Other Software/ Ladder SFC Functionality/Flexibility Engineering Time Where does it /, to adopt the short cut key strokes, of previous packages,i.e. select/ particularly useful for customers wishing to upgrade an existing site from A to Q/ the Entry Ladder Monitor.  The next slide shows a typical screen... Monitoring / compatibility to Dos Medoc and Other Older Generation Software Packages  Easy to Use  /

Network Security in Layers Dr. Moutasem Shafa’amry Lecture 7 SVU University SW course.

, chains from one name in a zone to the next – Allows authenticated denial of the existence of a name/of the key stroke (8 bits) the recorded information is used to generate a key the generated key is used/to every single port number 1,2,3,4,5....5000,... on every/need to understand the ramifications) – Train users against social engineering. Who do you trust on the telephone? If your boss/ Analysis and checklist – Have the operating systems been upgraded with the latest security patches? – What access controls/

MBE FINANCE sector updates 10/25-11/01. Commodities  Gold still relatively high in comparison to historic prices at around 1700  Can be seen as a hedge.

 This has been its best selling plane  Needed upgrades to compete with Airbus A320neo  Has 496 “commitments” from/alternative-fuel engines  The acquisition of MWM will enable Caterpillar to significantly expand customer options for sustainable power generation solutions. /an expected regulatory approval in the first quarter of next year, Chief Executive Officer Angus Russell said on/ by more than 2.7 million American children. Shire (SHP)  In 2006, reports of heart attacks, strokes and sudden death in/

Hazardous Materials Incident Command

2.1.1 On scene 2 Engines with 3 firefighters each 1 Captain on Engine 1 Initial Assignment 2 Engines with 3 firefighters each 1 Captain on Engine 1 Numerous rifle cartridges investigation shows Numerous rifle cartridges Two (1) pound containers of black powder small arms ammunition 1 Motorcycle Should this incident escalate? What level should this incident be? Next/ Heat Exhaustion Heat Stroke Heat Cramps Limited Visibility/generate Heat Chemical retains it chemical and physical properties NFPA

The Role of World Class Marketing in Successful Businesses by Professor Malcolm McDonald Cranfield School of Management South Africa2003.

over the next three years /Designed to ‘stroke’ shareholders,/generator, service department,opportunity seeker 2. 2/ Search engine Store Service/2.5 0.6 2.0 0.9 0.257.0 Programme guidelines suggested for different positioning on the directional policy matrix Maintain or increase dominance Differentiation - line expansion Lead - Aggressive pricing for share Aggressive marketing Broaden distribution Tight control - go for scale economies Expand, invest (organic acquisition, joint venture) Expand - invest Upgrade/

© Andrew IrelandSoftware Design F28SD2 Architectural Design Andrew Ireland School of Mathematical & Computer Sciences Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh.

and existing servers can be upgraded transparently –Having no standard /. Napster, Skype, sciencenet P2P search engine, … © Andrew IrelandSoftware Design F28SD2 / react to external events generated by other subsystems or the/F28SD2 Centralized Control manager process process 2 process 1 process 3process N /sensors –user interactions - mouse clicks, key strokes –process communications - messages from process threads Example/-oriented Both are expanded upon in the next couple of lectures … © Andrew IrelandSoftware/

- 6/11/2016 A Leisurely Lunch Time Phishing Trip Patrick Cain, CISA, CISM The Cooper-Cain Group, Inc.

other fraud types because it combines: Social Engineering. Phishing exploits individuals’ vulnerabilities to dupe/quick hit opportunities and next steps (plans for subsequent phases) (Generate a vocabulary document) / Credentials Credential Trafficking Credentials Used in 2 nd Stage Attack Money Laundering False/techniques –Possibly information sharing mechanisms APWG –Upgrading their database of attack data –Member access/unpatched net interface –Install intelligent key stroke logger –Send specific data to an/

1 Welcome Dragon Partners Quarterly iPad Drawing.

Dragon Territory Map John Ingram & Eric Guinazzo Sales Engineers (John - 757.927.9686) John.Ingram@nuance./reporting Ergonomics –RSI prevention/treatment Accessibility –Physical – Key stroke reduction –Language-based learning disabilities (Dyslexia) Call center /competitive field focused on maximum revenue generation (billable hours) The average associate/ users Phase 2 roll out is 500 licenses in the next several months/aging workforce Maintenance & Support required Upgrade 135 users to Dragon 11 Professional/

1 Optimize Oracle Databases with Violin Sales Guide January 2013 For Internal Use Only Violin Memory. Copyright 2012 Confidential For Internal Use Only.

and release more heat Short-stroking to achieve low latency leads /applications, and features that enable process re-engineering. Centralized storage/virtualization are a big / What is the growth expected over the next 3 years? How do you present the/90% improvement in critical report generation timeframes 10x data processing on the/bottom line? Technology / Product / Feature 2.[Competitor] tells me clones, de-duplication &/ you are using Exadata, you need to upgrade to Oracle 11, requiring conversion of your/

Rules Robin Burke GAM 224 Fall 2007. Outline Administrativa Rules Example Types of Rules Emergence.

1/6 chance of an A Scoring seven strokes plus lightning tallying 8 points Rule types Operational / of relationships when making a move Coupling 2 In engineering we try to avoid coupling between objects / choices matter things are highly coupled it can generate more choices combining parts for complex wholes it makes/build a ladder from mines get to the next level without completing the current one Designing /and enemy and location and carrying capacity and weapon upgrades and cost and... now we start to see/

Introducing: KODAK Capture Pro Software v2.0 13 July, 2009.

strokes  When rescanning with the scanner in enabled state, additional images will be added to the end of the current document until the next/ Both) will be used to generate system output  Same as for File(1) and File(2) options Copyright Eastman Kodak Company /. Good detailed documentation." Paul Leake Imaging Application Engineer Image Access West After trying Database Lookup “As/Capture Pro Care Kit which includes:  Maintenance releases  Upgrades as available  Tech support via phone/email  One number/

Rules Robin Burke GAM 224 Winter 2007. Outline Administrativa Rules Example Types of Rules Emergence.

1/6 chance of an A Scoring seven strokes plus lightning tallying 8 points Rule types Operational / of relationships when making a move Coupling 2 In engineering we try to avoid coupling between objects / choices matter things are highly coupled it can generate more choices combining parts for complex wholes it makes/build a ladder from mines get to the next level without completing the current one Designing /and enemy and location and carrying capacity and weapon upgrades and cost and... now we start to see/

Southeast Asia. Aside from physical commonalities, peninsula and island countries of SE Asia share deep cultural past, related to but separate from.

, flood amelioration, biodiversity preservation, and CO 2 absorption). Palm oil used as cooking oil,/next few years, and that duration of peak winds along coastal zones will increase. Philippines and Indonesia have significant potential for generating/’s growth by winning large contracts to upgrade China’s infrastructure. SE Asia also used/ liners as deckhands, cooks, or engine mechanics (a few become officers). Generally/ was leading cause of death, overtaking stroke, heart disease, and cancer, but now/

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