Ppt on networking related topics such

Probabilistic Topic Models Mark Steyvers Department of Cognitive Sciences University of California, Irvine Joint work with: Tom Griffiths, UC Berkeley.

Small world graphs arise elsewhere: internet, social relations, biology BASEBALL BAT BALL GAME PLAY STAGE THEATER Power law degree distributions in Semantic Networks Power law degree distribution  some words are “hubs” in a semantic network Creating Association Networks TOPICS MODEL: Connect i to j when P(/YOUR HER ITS MY OUR THIS THESE A AN THAT NEW THOSE EACH MR ANY MRS ALL MORE SUCH LESS MUCH KNOWN JUST BETTER RATHER GREATER HIGHER LARGER LONGER FASTER EXACTLY SMALLER SOMETHING BIGGER FEWER LOWER ALMOST/

Circuits of Profit: Business Network Research Conference 28 th January Center for Network Science, CEU, Budapest Zoltán Szántó – István János Tóth – Tünde.

such payment The agent (the extortee) uses coercion, violence, or threats to obtain this payment Topics  Introduction  Earlier results  Idealtypes  Networks  Conclusions http://www.crc.uni-corvinus.hu Idealtypes of corruption: Extortion Topics  Introduction  Earlier results  Idealtypes  Networks/hu 2.2. Three actors, one broker with A, ownership and business relations Topics  Introduction  Earlier results  Idealtypes  Networks  Conclusions P1P1 A C B1B1 4. case: „Feasibility study modell” /

Women and Brain Injury BIAC Conference 11 July 2008 Carmela Hutchison, President DisAbled Womens Network Canada- Réseau d‘action des femmes handicapées.

Network Canada- Réseau d‘action des femmes handicapées du Canada Late Breaking News Brain Injury Professional, published by the North America Brain Injury Society (NABIS). This issue is devoted to Womens Issues in Brain Injury. This issue includes the following topics/reported seatbelt use in 68% of women and 56.8% of men in 1996. Men and women differ in safety-related activity such as using a seatbelt or wearing a helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study reported seatbelt use in 68%/

CS234/NetSys210: Advanced Topics in Networking Spring 2012 SIP and VoIP Kundan Singh, and Henning Schulzrinne "Peer-to-peer internet telephony using SIP"

such as video. The APS gateways QoS-Enabled Voice support in the Next-Generation Internet: Issues, Existing Approaches and Challenges “Bo Li, Mounir Hamdi, Dongyi Jiang, and Xi-Ren Cao, Hong Kong University of Science, Technology,Y. Thomas Hou, Fujitsu Laboratories of America” Presentation by: Swaroop Kashyap Tiptur Srinivasa Anirudh Ramesh Iyer Tameem Anwar CS234/NetSys210: Advanced Topics in Networking/authorization), address resolution, and other management-related functions. An MCU provides the necessary/

Computer Science CPSC 502 Uncertainty Probability and Bayesian Networks (Ch. 6)

locally structured) domains Domains in with each component interacts with (is related to) a small fraction of other components What if this is not/ the symptom of stiff neck appears in conjuction with meningities. In Summary A Belief network is such that, the JPD of the variables involved is defined as the product of the local/tutor (aka Intelligent Tutoring System) Topics divided in sub-topics Student knowledge of a topic depends on student knowledge of its sub- topics We can never observe student knowledge/

Tag-based Social Interest Discovery 2009/2/9 Presenter: Lin, Sin-Yan 1 Xin Li, Lei Guo, Yihong Zhao Yahoo! Inc WWW 2008 Social Networks & Web 2.0.

topics 4 Outline Abstract Introduction Related Work Data Set Analysis of Tags Architecture for social interest discovery Evaluation Result Conclusion 5 Introduction (1/4) Discovering common interests shared by users is a fundamental problem in social networks/’s social or online connections to discover users with particular interests or expertise for a given user for social network systems such as del.icio.us, social connections among users are hard to identify In the object-centric approach, Sripanidkulchai/

Methods of Social Network Analysis explained with help of Collaboration Networks in COLLNET Hildrun Kretschmer Department of Library and Information Science,

research in this field. This has led both to an increase in the number of relevant publications concerning this topic in international magazines, and to an increase in the number of lectures in international conferences (Basu 2001, Braun / face at various international conferences such as at ISSI conferences (held every two years since 1987). However, neither of these international conferences is focussed solely on issues relating to collaboration or collaborative networks, thus establishment of COLLNET in/

T-110.5290 Seminar on Network Security P (4 cr) Prof. Sasu Tarkoma Helsinki University of Technology 16.9.2008.

in reasonable depth The structure of the article content is clear and logically related to the "story the author is telling". The in-text references (/ of latency in wireless roaming –Handoffs between wireless 802.11 access points, networks and wireless access technologies cause a delay in the transfer of application data/ on different methods used in current disk encryption applications. The paper should handle topics such as key management, full-disk encryption, filesystem-level encryption etc. The student/

St Andrews High School, Higher Computing 1 Higher Computing – Unit 3 Topics 5-8, 2, 9 Networking.

Powers Act (2000) gives government and employers wide rights to monitor employees e-mails and telephone calls to ensure that they relate to work. It has been condemned as an invasion of privacy but the government argues it is necessary to crack down / can block traffic on all incoming and outgoing ports except the ones which the network manager knows are for legitimate use of protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3. Topic 6 – Firewalls and Routers St Andrews High School, Higher Computing 58 A router/

CSE3180 Lecture 8 Extended Topics / 1 CSE3180 Extended Topics and Applications.

inquiry by a user (e.g.how many occurrences of a specific attribute value occur ?) Lecture 8 Extended Topics / 16  A relational system may support several languages and various modes of terminal use. There must be at least one language  /Goyal)  Also interested in Linux and Intel based hardware Lecture 8 Extended Topics / 85 Grid Computing  Grid computing is based on the concept of networked computing resources  And managed such that they can be quickly and efficiently re-allocated for use by different/

Network Security Instructor: Professor Stephen Osborne.

has increased physical security risks related to the mobility of the data through mobile devices such as laptops and smart phones. In addition, to be considered are the information risks related to employees using unsecured networks at airports or other public / will be a PowerPoint presentation consisting of as many slides that you deem necessary. I have provided the necessary topics below that should be incorporated into the program. I believe that these areas would definitely reflect a security awareness/

Local Networks Overview Personal Relations: Core Discussion Networks Getting Deals Done Questions to answer with local network data Mixing Local Context.

for your topic of study. Local Networks Getting Deals Done If networks provide resources and “social capital,” then different types of networks should matter/or plurality… the increase in similars is of marginal importance; such people are available almost anywhere, and especially in small communities/ with whom they have relations. Social Network Data Network Data Sources: Collecting network data Social Network Data Network Data Sources: Collecting network data Complete network surveys require a process /

Mini-course on Artificial Neural Networks and Bayesian Networks Michal Rosen-Zvi Mini-course on ANN and BN, The Multidisciplinary Brain Research center,

, Bar-Ilan University, May 2004 Networks (1) Networks serve as a visual way for displaying relationships: Social networks are examples of ‘flat’ networks where the only information is relation between entities Example - collaboration networks Mini-course on ANN and BN,/ to efficiently predict word usage with just a few basis functions (i.e., “concepts” or “topics”) The topics model provides such a rational analysis Mini-course on ANN and BN, The Multidisciplinary Brain Research center, Bar-Ilan University/

Kansas State University Department of Computing and Information Sciences CIS 890: Special Topics in Real-Time AI Wednesday, March 14, 2001 Haipeng Guo.

Time Bayesian Networks Inference KDD Group Presentation Kansas State University Department of Computing and Information Sciences CIS 890: Special Topics in Real-Time AI Presentation Outline Bayesian Networks Introduction Bayesian Networks Inference Algorithms Review Real Time Related Issues A/X n = x n } that is consistent with evidence. Computing a MPE is finding an explanation such that no other explanation has higher probability  This kind of inference tasks is called Belief revision Kansas State University /

Chapter 6: Link Analysis. CS583, Bing Liu, UIC 2 Road map Introduction Social network analysis Co-citation and bibliographic coupling PageRank HITS Summary.

site.  Other hyperlinks: point to pages from other Web sites. Such out-going hyperlinks often indicate an implicit conveyance of authority to the pages/ influential hyperlink based search algorithms PageRank and HITS were reported. Both algorithms are related to social networks. They exploit the hyperlinks of the Web to rank pages according to their levels/weaknesses of HITS Strength: its ability to rank pages according to the query topic, which may be able to provide more relevant authority and hub pages. /

Architecture & Cybersecurity - Module 4 ELO 4.1Identify cybersecurity concerns associated with a Cloud service offering at the Infrastructure, Network.

1.Which document provides guidance on the various architectural considerations related to DoD’s use of commercial cloud services? The DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide Application Network Infrastructure DoDIN CAP CSP Commercial Topic You should be able to: Content Questions CLE - Module/these threats, there is still residual risk that may or may not be acceptable to DoD. Legal concerns such as e-discovery and law enforcement seizure of non-government CSP customer/tenant’s data pose a threat to /

Photonics and organic electronics related calls in Horizon 2020 LEIT ICT WP 2016-17 Philippe Reynaert Photonics Unit DG CONNECT - European Commission 27.

(equipment and suppliers) and the end-user industry FOF-13-2016: Photonics Laser-based production Other topics related to advanced and additive manufacturing – FOF-01-2016: Novel hybrid approaches for additive and subtractive manufacturing /and dissemination activities shall make use of established networks reaching out to SMEs, such as Enterprise Europe Network, NCP network, … ICT 4 – 2017: SAE Initiative Scope Innovation Actions Cascade funding - Topic ICT-04 Proposals shall clearly detail the objectives /

Topic 1: OS Functions, Desktop & Toolbar Objective: - Explain the common functions of an operating system. - Identify the parts of the desktop and taskbar.

to help you configure your computer. These utilities are small programs that help you perform specific functions, such as connecting to a network, managing resources, and adding new programs to your computer. Helps manage computer resources An operating system helps/ an email to a partner in this class. When you send the email, remember to include: - A subject Line that relates to the topic of the message - A short message - Attach a file - Insert an inline picture. When you receive your partners email,/

2010 Annual Business and Professions Study Report to Public Relations Institute of Australia © 2010 Beaton Research and Consulting Pty Ltd 1.

on confidentiality The Annual Business and Professions Study (ABPS) is made possible through collaboration and trust among participating organisations. As such, these organisations agree not to, in the public domain: – Quote comparative results arising from this report; – Disclose /& promotion. I find that the topics for events often relate for social media/B2C etc. I would like to see more promotion, B2B aimed topics & internal communications if possible. Also, I hate networking as it terrifies me, it would/

1 ECAI’16 Tutorial T11 Network-Oriented Modeling: Dynamic Modeling Based on a Temporal-Causal Network Modeling Approach Jan Treur Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

clusters Dynamic Network Based on Homophily Principle: Simulations Quadratic Variant Overview of Further Topics Applicability of Network-Oriented Modeling  Network-Oriented Modeling book, Chapter 2  Treur, J., Dynamic Modeling Based on a Temporal-Causal Network Modeling Approach/ ways to specify computational processes:  Conceptually such types of representations of (state) transitions can be related to causal relations in a temporal-causal network modelling approach  Defining combination functions by c/

Hot Topics In Technology Mississippi State University Tyna Adams Leigh Ann Hussey Carolyn Lang Dorothea Mack.

audio (podcasting), and are part of a wider network of social media. Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in/

Network Flows. 2 Ardavan Asef-Vaziri June-2013Transportation Problem and Related Topics Table of Contents Chapter 6 (Network Optimization Problems) Minimum-Cost.

say x ij 0 or 1 Why all variables came out 0 or 1 43 Ardavan Asef-Vaziri June-2013Transportation Problem and Related Topics The Minimum Spanning Tree Find a tree such that we can access each and every node at the minimum cost. The total length ( or cost) of the / u sually use the term “EDGE” as nondirected, and term “ARC” as directed. All distances in MSE network are symmetric. 44 Ardavan Asef-Vaziri June-2013Transportation Problem and Related Topics The Minimum Spanning Tree 1 5 6 4 3 2 7 2 5 2 7 5 1 7 3 4 /

Computational Models for Social Networks

to proof its NP hardness. To find a subset of nodes, such that without them, the connection between communities would be minimized. Algorithm/ effects of preprocessing decisions and network forces in dynamic network analysis. In KDD’09, pages 747–756, 2009. Other Related Concepts Cosine similarity Correlation factors Hazard/ to define? 2. How to optimize? 目标函数P描述了隐变量y_i取任意一组值时的联合概率分布 How to define (topical) feature functions? similarity Node feature function Edge feature function Global feature function or /

Graham Betts Communications Systems The topics within this unit are: Characteristics of communication systems. Examples of communication systems. Transmitting.

and Receiving Other Information Processes Issues Related To Communication Systems Click on the topic of your choice Graham Betts Communications Glossary Communications Networking Glossary Glossary of Networking terms at Clock.org Communications Terms/has been extended to include access to or from selected external organizations such as customers, but not general public. Note: Connections via leased lines, or network interconnections. Internet, Intranet, Extranet Graham Betts Transmission Media twisted pair /

Year End Planning TEI Conference October 10, 2014.

policy Routine maintenance safe harbor Includes buildings (with a 10-year testing period) Network assets ineligible (pipelines) Casualty losses permitted in conjunction with restorations Treatment of / of the tax position at the reporting date ASU 2013-11—Income Taxes (Topic 740): Presentation of an Unrecognized Tax Benefit When a Net Operating Loss Carryforward,/$24 and an increase to income taxes payable of $16 As such, $0 of DTA related to the NOL carryforward and $16 of income taxes payable would be/

CIST 1601 Information Security Fundamentals

if strong preventive measures are considered as part of the process. Such measures include training, awareness, and careful reviews of processes and policies. IT staff, including network administrators, must be kept up-to-date on industry trends, /informationweek.com. InfoWorld    Deals with PC issues from an IT management perspective. Offers regular articles on security and related topics. The website is http://www.infoworld.com. Regulating Privacy and Security Compliance, Best Practices, and Standards 3:50/

Social Networks First half based on slides by Kentaro Toyama,

mechanics of complex networks.” Review of Modern Physics. 74:48-94. (2002) Web Applications of Social Networks Web pages (and link-structure) Online social networks (FOAF networks such as ORKUT, myspace etc) Blogs Analyzing influence/importance Page Rank Related to recursive in-degree/computation so that it counts only links from “trusted” sites.. Sort of like discounting links that are “off topic” Aardvark WHO? Aardvark a million miles to see you smile! Case Study: Epinions Users can write reviews and /

Stochastic Network Optimization (a 1-day short course) Michael J. Neely University of Southern California d b c 1 a.

some probability law. Let f(t) and g(t) be related stochastic processes. If there is a non-negative function L(U) such that for all U(t), t, we have:  (U/(c) (t) n (c) Mechanism Design and Network Pricing: Maximize: g nc (r) - PRICE nc (t)r 0 r R max Such that : greedy users…each naturally solves the following: This/, et. al. [IEEE Trans. Information Theory 2006] d b c source 1 1 GeRaF:a A Hot Topic Area: Zorzi and Rao: “Geographic Random Forwarding” (GeRaF) [IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing, 2003]. “Closest/

Welcome to CS 395/495 Advanced Networking. What is this class about? Goal: to help you learn how to do the networking research –Read research papers –Argue.

related work By the time you come up with an idea, several quarters may pass (it took me 2 years!) How to do it all? Projects: –I’ll provide you with a well-defined, yet open, research projects –The goal is to submit your research papers to top networking conferences Classes: –Discuss various networking research topics/ times However, it is not clear whether such a behavior can always give you a better performance The hypothesis of this project such a behavior can significantly degrade your performance –/

Updates on Two Topics: The Security of Cloud Computing, and The Security of Mobile Internet Devices Joe St Sauver, Ph.D. Security Programs Manager, Internet2.

going to pretend to be one, so were not going to cover issues related to contracting for cloud services. Fortunately, NACUA did a great job discussing this topic in a recent seminar, see www.nacua.org/meetings/VirtualSEminars/december2009/home./Employees If youre like most sites, youre probably pretty careful about the employees you hire for critical roles (such as sysadmins and network enginers). But what about your cloud provider? If your cloud provider has careless or untrustworthy system administrators, /

© Neville & Provost 2001-2008 Mining social network data Jennifer Neville & Foster Provost Tutorial AAAI 2008.

Jensen ‘05) Movies –Box-office receipts of movies made by the same studio (Jensen & Neville ‘02) Web –Topics of hyperlinked web pages (Chakrabarti et al ‘98, Taskar et al ‘02) Marketing –Product/service adoption among customers/such as we saw with guilt-by association © Neville & Provost 2001-2008 Example: Can we estimate the likelihood that a stock broker is/will be engaged in activity that violates securities regulations? © Neville & Provost 2001-2008 Putting it all together: Relational dependency networks/

CMSC 828G: Introduction to Statistical Relational Learning (SRL) & Link Analysis (LA) January 28, 2005.

: tracking change in topics over time. group detection: finding collaboration networks. – citation counting/ranking: predicting number of citations or ranking based on predicted number of citations. hidden object invention: Analogous to hidden variable introduction, the introduction of a hidden object, such as an advisor, that relates two author instances. predicate invention: from co-author information, affiliation information and perhaps information such as position and room/

Group Formation in Large Social Networks: Membership, Growth, and Evolution Lars Backstrom, Dan Huttenlocher, Joh Kleinberg, Xiangyang Lan Presented by.

kmbrown/Diffusion_of_Innovations_Overview.htm Related work on Diffusion of Innovation How a social network evolves as it’s members attributes change (Sarkar and Moore, Holme and Newman) Social network evolution in a university setting (Kossinets and Watts) Evolution of topics over time (/ decision tree  Every possible feature  Every binary split treshold for that feature were examined Of all such pairs the split which produces the largest decrease in entropy was chosen Splitting process for LJ New splits /

Topic 10 Policy Process Studies: Policy Implementation

6209 Policy Studies in Education Topic 10 Policy Process Studies: Policy/services). Most collective action arises from voluntary agreements among people - within families, private organizations and exchange relations.” (Weimer & Vining, 2005, p.30) Individual rational choice: According to the above-cited premise / traditional notion of space of places has been transformed into space of flows. In informational network, such as the internet, "no place exists by itself, since the positions are defined by flows/

Computing & Information Sciences Kansas State University Wednesday, 02 Apr 2008 CIS 732 / 830: Machine Learning / Advanced Topics in AI Lecture 27 of 42.

transactional databases  Mining sequence patterns in biological data 9.Graph mining, social network analysis, and multi-relational data mining  Graph mining  Social network analysis  Multi-relational data mining 10.Mining Object, Spatial, Multimedia, Text and Web data // 830: Machine Learning / Advanced Topics in AI Mining Approximate Frequent Patterns Mining precise freq. patterns in stream data: unrealistic  Even store them in a compressed form, such as FPtree Approximate answers are often /

The Utility of Using Social Media Networks for Data Collection in Survey Research Direct Quote from : Source from : Thirty Fourth International Conference.

Introduction Literature Review Referrals Affiliations Method Case Study Final Words 2 Abstract Social media networks (SMNs 社群媒體網絡 ) such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter seem appealing tools for matters of reaching potential /Linked In, for example, is the de facto standard of work- related SMN, it is possible that certain organizations or activities are less present / Context Our study aims to make several important contributions to a topic that has received little attention in the field of Management. First/

Social network analysis – introduction and some key issues Social network analysis Chris Snijders Dept of Technology Management Cap. group Technology &

Who Influence People. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. TOPICS AND READINGS Introduction and Overview Wasserman and Faust, chapter 1. Scott, chapters 1-2. Marsden, Peter V. 2000. “Social Networks.” Pp. 2727-2735 in Edgar F. Borgatta and Rhonda J.V. / the incoming relations NOTE1: this is a locally defined measure, that is, a measure that is defined for each actor separately NOTE2: this gives rise to several global network measures, such as (in/out)degree variance NOTE3: if your network is not /

They Do Public Health Differently There: Opportunities for Publication and Networking in the Humanities and Social Sciences Oregon Public Health Association.

discussion of opportunities of public health professionals to network with other disciplines Serious discussion of opportunities of public health professionals to network with other disciplines Suggestions on how to /related topics feature in a large variety of conference venues and publications in such fields as English, media studies, popular culture, medical humanities, philosophy, history, and the arts. Public health-related topics feature in a large variety of conference venues and publications in such/


of each respective organization. The specialization model creates manufacturing and distribution networks composed of multiple, individual supply chains specific to products, suppliers, and/ 2.Factors relating to the needs and competitiveness of the enterprise e.g.:- – Unavailability of raw materials locally. – Insufficient domestic capacity to meet demand insurance reasons such as buying/e.g tree planting Some ways of greening supply chains TOPIC SIX: GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ISSUES 171 Issues in /

Kansas State University Department of Computing and Information Sciences CIS 830: Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence Friday, May 5, 2000 William.

Expresses constraints over relations (predicates) within model Example: Ancestor (x, y)  Parent (x, z)  Ancestor (z, y). Determine –Hypothesis h  H such that h(x) = c(x) for all x  D –Such h are consistent with/Topics in Artificial Intelligence Class 10: Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks Architectures –Nonlinear transfer functions –Multi-layer networks of nonlinear units (sigmoid, hyperbolic tangent) –Hidden layer representations Backpropagation of Error –The backpropagation algorithm Relation /

Library Networks in the New Millennium: Emerging Trends Library Networks in the New Millennium: Emerging Trends Dr. H. K. Kaul Director, DELNET.

use of knowledge organisation such as thesauri, classification schemes and subject heading systems within the framework of the Semantic Web are becoming available for application in knowledge networks. December 18, 2008 / Foundation of New South Wales Law Council of Australia OECD Topics Parliamentary Library - E-Briefs, & other Publications Pandora ArchivePandora Archive - National Library & Partners (select Law & Criminology or related topics) Proceedings from the Old Bailey, London (1674-1834) United/

E-Therapeutics plc The Network Pharmacology Company May 2012.

2012 e-Therapeutics plc ETS2101 – anticancer candidate 1. Targeting strategy developed using network pharmacology   In cancer, variability leads via selection to acquisition of survival/ combination of nisin and miconazole   Activity extends to drug-resistant strains such as NAP-1   Issues in formulating drug & potential for better / and recent data on related approaches 18 e-Therapeutics plc Significant market opportunities ETS6103 Depression ETX1153a MRSA topical Selective apoptotic against multiple /

Haslina/Topic 4 1 HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS AND INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Meeting 1/Session 2 Sunday, 20 February 2010.

related to sending messages as well as receiving them Subordinate’s views of supervisors openness and warmth are based on NV cues such as eye gaze, posture, facial expression and tone of voice Subordinate’s views of supervisors openness and warmth are based on NV cues such/great deal from each other when they do comm. Haslina/Topic 417 Within informal comm. peer networks, individuals play diverse roles Within informal comm. peer networks, individuals play diverse roles Isolates—have minimal contact with /

Networked Life and Social Networks Thanks to Michael Kearns, James Moody, Anna Nagurney, Colexn.

: –Examining apparent similarities between many human and technological systems & organizations –Importance of network effects in such systems How things are connected matters greatly Details of interaction matter greatly The metaphor of/relations are studied? The substantive topics cross all areas of sociology. But we can identify types of questions that social network researchers ask: 1) Social network analysts often study relations as systems. That is, what is of interest is how the pattern of relations/

Topic 2 – Protocol Architecture 1 FIT1005 FIT – Monash University Topic 2 - Protocol Architecture Reference: Chapter 2 – Stallings 7E.

Network Access Module Computer X File Transfer Application Communicat ions Service Module Network Access Module Computer Y Communi cations Network Files and file transfer commands Communications-related message Network interface logic Network interface logic Simplified Protocol Architecture For File Transfer Topic/ within the subnetwork –Facilities requests such as priority Topic 2 – Protocol Architecture 47 Operation of TCP and IP Contd. At a router, the packet header (network header) is stripped off and /

The VisTG Framework for Network Visualisation Based on report to IST-063/RWS-010 by the IST-059/RTG-025 Working Group on Framework for Network Visualisation.

Framework for Network Visualisation Framework — The Way Ahead 1.Complete the Framework by Categorizing computable network attributes Categorizing Network-related user tasks Categorizing network-related display techniques /new RTG has been accepted in principle, with the topic “Interactive Visualisation of Network Behaviour”. (However, if the bureaucratic processes don’t/ the software. Some of them are irrelevant to the Framework, such as cost, open-source versus proprietary, hardware platform, coding language/

Communications Systems The topics within this unit are: Characteristics of communication systems. Examples of communication systems. Transmitting and.

Other Information Processes Issues Related To Communication Systems Graham Betts Click on the topic of your choice Graham Betts Communications Terms Communications Glossary Communications Networking Glossary Glossary of Networking terms at Clock.org / has been extended to include access to or from selected external organizations such as customers, but not general public. Note: Connections via leased lines, or network interconnections. Transmission Media twisted pair – telephone cable coaxial cable –Thick /

Probabilistic Topic Models ChengXiang Zhai Department of Computer Science Graduate School of Library & Information Science Institute for Genomic Biology.

on... Anybody is interested in it?... so sick of people making such a big deal about a FICTION book and movie. Facet 2: Book/Network Supervised Topic Modeling [Mei et al. 08] Probabilistic topic modeling as an optimization problem (e.g., PLSA/LDA: Maximum Likelihood): Regularized objective function with network constrains –Topic distribution are smoothed over adjacent vertices Flexibility in selecting topic/e 0.01 natural 0.01 engine 0.01 relations 0.01 page 0.01 cortex 0.01 service 0.01 library/

March 24, 2011 Joint Enhancement of Topic Modeling and Information Network Mining Mid-Year PI Report focusing on I3.2 Heng Ji City University of New York.

topically-related documents, the distribution is much more convergent  e.g. In the overall information networks only 7% of “fire” indicate “End-Position” events; while all of “fire” in a topic cluster are “End-Position” events Topic Modeling can enhance information network/, such as the response structures in twitter data – Technology Transition: Apply all of the successful approaches to military applications, e.g. conduct tight collaborations with ARL (e.g. Dr. Robert Cole) to make terrorism network search/

ATTC Network Evaluation National Evaluation of the ATTC Network: Findings and Recommendations Presentation to ATTC Directors November 4, 2010 Richard Finkbiner,

?  Through review of research literature and ATTC curricula, identified “critical actions” associated with each of the 3 topics  5 for MI (e.g., Seeking to understand your client’s frame of reference via reflective listening) /49 ATTC Network Evaluation Defining Technology Transfer Success is a Challenge Need for common terms and definitions:  Several models or frameworks for technology transfer  Corresponding variety and inconsistency in their terminology related to important concepts such as “success/

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