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the writing application you are teaching at that time. Score only the two rows of criteria for the speaking application being assessed.  For example, Narrative Content and Narrative Organization would be scored for a Narrative Presentation. Level Criteria Listening Comprehension Speaking: Presentation Speaking: Narrative – Content Speaking: Narrative – Organization Speaking: Descriptive – Content Speaking: Descriptive – Organization Scoring Example: 3 rd Grade Narrative Thus, for a 3 rd Grade Narrative/

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the balloons. I got some and POP!” “Oh, that’s good.” “No, that’s bad”. - Maria (3rd grade English learner) Fortunately/Unfortunately (based on the book by Remy Charlip) Once there was a new kid going to school Unfortunately/. I love his beautiful language.” Elements of narrative: * Character * Setting * Plot -Problem -Solution * Tone * Language * Theme Teaching writing explicitly with a book 1. Introduce the book 2. Give a focus for listening (descriptive language, character, plot development, etc/

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Grade level: 2nd Mode of writing: Narrative Content area integration: Social Studies Georgia Writing Test 3rd Grade Consists of teacher evaluation of student writing using an analytic scoring system. The Instructional Guide contains:  a scoring rubric  types of writing required by the GPS (narrative, informational, persuasive and response to literature)  good practices for the instruction of writing  sample student papers  ways to evaluate student writing Georgia Writing Test Types of Writing Narrative/

Preparing for the 07-08 KS Reading Assessment Part 2: Strategies to Support Student Comprehension Kristi Orcutt ESSDACK 2007.

org, 2007 1. Text Type 2. Text Structure 3. Text Features What’s confusing for students? ©Kristi Orcutt, kristio@essdack.org, 2007 Text Types –Narrative –Expository –Technical –Persuasive Text Features –Maps, graphs, italics, text boxes, etc. /Karnowski, Reading & Writing Nonfiction Genres ©Kristi Orcutt, kristio@essdack.org, 2007 What are Text Structures? Organizational patterns used in writing Description Sequence * Problem and Solution * Cause and Effect Comparison and Contrast *3rd grade only these two ©/

2014-2015 TELPAS Holistic Rating and Writing Collection Training January 27, 2015 8:30 am – 12:30 pm MOC 104 1.

 Descriptive writing on a familiar topic  Writing about a familiar process  Narrative writing about a past event  Personal narratives and reflective pieces  Expository and other extended writing from language arts classes  Expository or procedural writing from science, math, and social studies classes 44  Papers containing copied language  Papers in which student relies heavily on resources (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.)  Papers showing teacher comments and corrections  NO GRADES of any/

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th grade Core at WCI. I am living my dream! I am living my dream! My Website Always (okay, 90+% of the time) completed by Friday for the following week. Contains some worksheets (if generated by me), but most importantly, it contains my agenda for the week that includes homework and work due. You can also find the teaching points for reading and writing workshops/

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show off all you know about narrative writing.”  “In your writing, make sure you: Write a beginning for your story Use transition words to tell what happened in order Elaborate to help readers picture your story Show what your story is really about Write an ending for your story.” Grading for reading is divided into 2 parts; reads grade level text and comprehension. The grade for reads grade level text is based on/

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used for multi-digit computation and estimation. Fractions are introduced in the third grade with an emphasis on understanding fractions as numbers and their relative size and placement on the number line. In third grade students understand concepts of area and perimeter and solve problems using liquid volume and mass. Grade 3 -Overview Writing Writing Workshop (narrative, informational, and persuasive writing) Step Up to Writing (skill based lessons) Writing in/

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6 7 8 Applies understanding that different audiences and purposes affect writer’s voice. Writes with a clearly defined voice appropriate to audience. Writes in appropriate and consistent voice in narrative, informational, and persuasive writing. Uses language appropriate for a specific audience and purpose. Uses precise language. Selects words for effect. Applies understanding that different audiences and purposes affect writer’s voice. Supports a position in/

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to one performance objective, while several standards are covered in a PARCC ELA/literacy item. ELA/Literacy—3rd Grade Reading Items AIMS PARCC According to the passage, which of the following is true about the Zoomster 2000/writing. Narrative writing can be used to convey experiences or events, real or imaginary. In this task, students may be asked to write a story, detail a scientific process, write a historical account of important figures, or to describe an account of events, scenes or objects, for/

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week 6 of semester 4 5 Resubmission for students who are unsatisfactory* Satisfactory grade is Mandatory for entry to OSCE and Sem 5 /PMS-UG Students fill in: Form A ECA Form Narrative Form Mentors fill in Student Attributes Form Compilation of result sem 1/ READING WRITING SPEAKING WRITING & SPEAKING WRITING & OTHERS TOTAL 2014 NIL 8 6 1 23 2015 3 2 11 9 29 IELTS IELTS requirement for transfer/Mid- July of 2016 Transfer Information collated 3rd Week of Feb 2016 3rd week of July 2016 DEANS BRIEFING ON /

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weekly. 2. Late homework: only accepted 24 hours after due date for 50% credit 3. Grades= Vocab/Grammar: 30%, Literature: 30%, Writing Workshop 40% 4. Grades posted on school website, updated weekly. 1. Homework posted on the /2. Research paper: 3rd trimester, 10- 12 pages on a chosen career 1. Types: Narrative-biographical, persuasive, response to literature**, poetry, poetry response, career- related. 2. Research paper: 3rd trimester, 10- 12 pages on a chosen career Curriculum: Writing Curriculum: Vocab, /

Georgia Instructional Frameworks English Language Arts Part 1 – Kdg. – 3 rd Part 2 – 4 th & 5 th Created by Valerie Mathura & Cindy McCloud for use with.

for use with Elem. AP Training November 10, 2005 - Coweta County Schools Part 1 Kindergarten – 3rd The instructional frameworks are designed… n to support teachers in the implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). n for use by Needs Improvement (NI) schools throughout the state. n for/Moveable” units Fourth Grade ELA Unit Length of Unit Unit One: “An Introduction to Habits of Effective Readers, Writers, Speakers, and Listeners” 4 weeks Unit Two: “The Narrative in Writing, Literature, Speaking/

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1.Work on focused “I Cans” 2.Create questions for a story in Unit 1 of Journeys GRAMMAR & WRITING INSTRUCTION Effective Grammar and Writing Instruction Being a Writer – This will be our primary resource for writing instruction 3 rd grade Units – The Writing Community & The Writing Process – Letter Writing Supplement – Personal Narrative – Opinion Writing Supplement – Functional Writing & Poetry – Expository Nonfiction Effective Grammar and Writing Instruction Grammar – Journeys will be our primary resource/

9 th Grade English Mrs. Kimberly Wilder. Introduction  The 3 r’s: Rigor, relevance, & relationship  Contact me!  Email*  Please encourage your child.

 2 books per 9 weeks  Writing concepts  Thesis  Paragraph structure  Unity of composition  Organization  Editing & proofreading  Writing  Personal narrative  Formal essays  Research paper  Nonfiction  Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT, Book 1 (Language Handbook/Farm **Formal Writing: Definition Essay on Romeo and Juliet Instructional Design…  Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): all 9 th grade English teachers meet at least once a week to discuss lesson ideas, write tests/quizzes/

Upcoming Events JUNE 6/1...3rd grade field trip 6/2...Parent Tour SMS 6/3...4th gr goes to SMS 6/3...BOE Meeting 6/5...Volunteer Appreciation-8:15 6/8...SIT.

are completing our Weather Unit. In Language Arts we will be working on some Narrative pieces of writing to end the school year. (We have had a lot of experiences in first grade that we can turn into some excellent stories!) We are finishing out our /school year with many important events! We hope you will be able to join us for some of them. On June 3rd/

Third- Grade Welcome!. Welcome to Third Grade!  We will introduce you to third grade.  If you have any questions, we will answer general questions at.

for completing three activities in their spelling journal at home each week. (due on Friday) We will assess where they are on Fridays. Writing Write From the Beginning Writing to inform, personal narrative, imaginative narrative Journals Open ended prompts Free choice writing / work or projects to go home occasionally. Parent Support is Key! Grading Policy  Six week grading schedule  Progress reports – Every 3rd week, parents will receive communication from the school. Students are considered at risk if /

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student choice) Accelerated Reading or Reading Log (student choice) 10% of English Grade 10% of English Grade Reading correlates with test scores! Reading correlates with test scores! Read, read, / 2/3 Narrative – Quarter 3/4 Narrative – Quarter 3/4 Pandemic Text Set (Informational Text)– Quarter 4 Pandemic Text Set (Informational Text)– Quarter 4 Students will also write several on-/My prep period is 3rd period. My prep period is 3rd period. Questions? Thank you for coming! I look forward to getting to know /

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day to see that it is signed. Math Curriculum / Language Arts Curriculum Please visit our website for more details concerning the 3rd grade Common Core Reading  Informational Text (Non- fiction)  Traditional Literature  Fictional Text  Narrative Text / Poetry Writing  Informational Writing  Responding to Literature  Procedural / Persuasive WritingNarrative Writing / Poetry Number Sense and Numeration Geometry and Measurement Patterns and Relationships Computation and Estimation Problem Solving/

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are: Build Background Discuss It Model It Memorize It Support It Independent Performance Strategy Selection 3rd grade: –summary writing strategy 4th grade: – narrative writing strategy – SSCARE (Narrative strategy developed by teachers for project): Situation, Setting, Characters, Action, Reaction, Ending 5th grade: – expository writing strategy – TH3 TNT (Expository strategy developed by teachers for project): Topic, Hook, 3 Details + Topic, NEED to enumerate, Topic Current Activities Complete scoring and/

K-5 ELA Module 1 Training Understanding the K-5 ELA Vertical Alignment Narrative and Response to Literature Genres CHAPTER 6: Research on Teaching and.

and Frey, in Better Learning Through Structured Learning: A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility Some Research-Based Best Practices for ELA Three Part Lesson/Instructional Framework Use of authentic text /writing, and higher scores on tests. Reading/Writing Connection  As readers, we identify in text what it is that good authors do.  As writers, we then apply what good authors do to our own text. Readers think like writers, and writers think like readers. An Example from 3rd Grade Narrative/

Jordan Cayton Social Studies: Capitol Buildings (National or State) Grade Level: 2 nd grade Persuasive Writing: Travel Brochure Jordan Cayton Persuasive.

(National or State) Grade Level: 2 nd grade Persuasive Writing: Travel Brochure Jordan Cayton Persuasive Writing: Travel Brochure Grade Level: 2 nd grade Social Studies: Capitol Buildings (National or State) Georgia Writing Assessment for 3rd Grade Four Types of writing: 1) Narrative 2) Informational 3) Persuasive 4) Response to Literature Three Performance Levels: 1) Exceeds 2) Meets 3) Does not meet Georgia Writing Assessment for 3rd Grade Four Types of Writing: 1)Narrative 2)Informational 3)Persuasive/


best practice, he should review the online practice activities for grades 3–5 to check his readiness to apply the rubrics appropriately for his 3rd grade students. 25 2016 TELPAS HOLISTIC RATER CAMPUS TRAINING Depending /RATER CAMPUS TRAINING Descriptive writing on a familiar topic Writing about a familiar process Narrative writing about a past event Personal narratives and reflective pieces Expository and other extended writing from language arts classes Expository or procedural writing from science, math/

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time for ALL students. Of note, I have built in extended time for ALL students. In general, if late work is turned in…your child will receive a failing grade,/– Quarter 2/3 Narrative – Quarter 3/4 Narrative – Quarter 3/4 Pandemic Text Set (Informational Text)– Quarter 4 Pandemic Text Set (Informational Text)– Quarter 4 Students will also write several on-demand pieces/8208 My prep period is 3rd period. My prep period is 3rd period. Questions? Thank you for coming! I look forward to getting to know you and /

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Model Systemic and layered design for increasing the literacy achievement of struggling readers in kindergarten to eighth grades Reading Recovery (1st grade) Oral Language and Literacy Group (K-8th grades) Guided Reading Plus Group (1st-6th grades) Assisted Writing/Interactive Writing Group (K-1st grades) Assisted Writing/Writing-Aloud Group (1st-4th grades) Writing Process Group (1st-8th grades) Comprehension Focus Group (2nd-8th grades) Content Strategy Group (3rd-8th grades) Response to Intervention 3/

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. Truong 3rd Grade B-3 3rd Grade Friends Marcus/ and grammar skills. *Spelling tests given using cloze sentence paragraphs and phonics skills. -Writing * Students will engage in 4 types of writing styles: Narrative, Descriptive, Informational/Expository, and Persuasive. * Personal and formal letters, thank-you notes/not signed. -This is an important part of the classroom communication and helps prepare your child for upper grades. -”Ask me about” (Great way to be involved with your child’s education.) Friday /

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Grades: Introduction to Workshop Guidelines, Published Narrative, Published Fictional Narrative (GT: Short Argument Piece) Writing: Workshop Setup Jump Start 10 Minutes ●Students begin class by writing into the day in order to launch the mentality for writing. This establishes a predictable routine for students to practice writing/% Lab 20% Project 20% Quiz 15% Major Test 35% * Benchmark 5% 2nd and 3rd quarters Science: The Wonderful World of Cells ž Perform labs to investigate bacteria, protest, and viruses/


Grade Writing We have a brand-new Common Core aligned writing curriculum called Units of Study. It has four major units: narrative/story writing, informational/non-fiction writing, opinion/persuasive writing, and a 2 nd narrative writing/ receive a score of level 1 (Below Basic) on the 3rd grade English Language Arts (ELA) assessment will be provided the opportunity / “new baseline” that provides a more accurate indicator for the work to be done for students to achieve college and career readiness. What can/

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Choice writing (personal narratives, creative writing, poetry, expository) Conferencing Sharing Writing in 4 th Grade What are the expectations for writing in 4 th grade? What do higher level thinking questions look like in writing? Personal Narrative: PROMPT – Write about a/for acquiring this skill. A major grade will be given each quarter. Students will be graded on fluency > speed and accuracy of 100 basic facts and will be graded as follows: 1st Quarter - 5 minutes 2nd Quarter - 4.5 minutes 3rd/

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Informational Opinion Fiction Narrative Writing: Personal Narrative Informational Opinion Fiction Narrative Health: Germs Feelings Nutrition Heart Teeth Safety Health: Germs Feelings Nutrition Heart Teeth Safety Science: Habitats (Life) Push-Pull & Position (Physical) Observing Sun & Moon (Earth &Space) Science: Habitats (Life) Push-Pull & Position (Physical) Observing Sun & Moon (Earth &Space) Endeavour First Grade Curriculum Web Math: Number Sense Computation Place Value Geometry Fractions Time Money/

 Information- transportation on IEPs, ESY, 6/15- 7/10, Tribe Games  Survey Results  Re-evaluation for SLD reminders  TNReady  Instructionally Appropriate.

3rd grade student whose specific learning disability in basic reading skills adversely affects her ability to access grade level materials. Results from measures of achievement indicate difficulties with recognizing consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, sight words, and decoding unfamiliar words in text. 18 19 Core Instruction Transition Progress Monitoring (Data) Narratives/ processor for writing assignments  Shortened assignments  Assignment broken into smaller tasks  Oral assessment for understandings /

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excessively and five jobs associated • is a loner with each Sample PL Example Non-Example Based on running records, Maria reads 3rd grade narrative text at 70 word correct minute; however with expository text her words correct per minute is reduced to 50. Due to her/use a pictorial number line (e.g., numerals and correct number of dots) to solve linear equations with sums under 10 S will write the linear equation for known money facts (e.g., X quarters = $1.00, or, X(25) =100). Again, most severe to least. /

WELCOME EVERYONE!. White Sheet: Transition to CC is: for student learning Requiring a shift in teaching pedagogy Expensive for districts Challenging for.

live.” ELA/Literacy: 3rd Grade Reading Items AIMS to PARCC: Grade 3 ELA/literacy Standards (2) Standards Assessed by AIMS 3S3C2.PO4 Interpret information in functional documents (e.g., maps, schedules, pamphlets) for a specific purpose. / Calendar Outline for Discussion Click & drag Multiple choice 1 short research summary 1 long research essay 1 literary text analysis 1 narrative essay Today’s Focus: Evidence-Based Response Why: * *Transcends test format *Spans grade levels *Feeds writing, reading, /

1 Volume 1, Issue 9 April 30, 2007 NEWSLETTER: May 2007 Graymont Grade School Newsletter As the end of the year quickly approaches there are many activities.

Invitational, Thursday, April 12th: 8th Grade Team – 1st place 7th Grade Team – 1st place 8th Grade Individual – tie for 1st – Seth Brown and Megan Frizzell 7th Grade Individual – tie for 2nd – Nick Elliott and Kalyn Young tie for 3rd – Caleb Leach (tied with other / In Language Arts we are continuing to work on our writing skills: persuasive, narrative, and expository. I am really impressed with the students ability to increase their writing vocabulary and their use of sensory and factual details. If/

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after school and schedule trips and special events for non-school days. Thank you!! Our Classroom Economy/Grading 100% - 90% = 4, Above Grade Level 89% - 75% = 3, At Grade Level 74% - 60% = 2, Below Grade Level 59% and Below = 1, Far Below Grade Level 3rd Grade Curriculum Language Arts- Common Core Standards based; mostly done in small reading groups Math- Common Core Standards based; done in small and whole group Writing- Common Core Standards based, including Informative, Opinion, and Narrative Writing/

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the student is able to do. 10 Narrative vs. Expository Appropriate graphics Main characters are animals Description Rhyme, Rhythm Reminiscent of quality children’s literature 3rd person Fictional Expository: Time sequence Non-fiction Involves/in multiple stages. First, the WIDA Writing Rubric for Grades 1-12 was examined in conjunction with several other grade-appropriate writing rubrics for Kindergarten. Test developers also considered the WIDA ELD Standards for Pre-K/Kindergarten across all Standards (SIL/

Table of Contents Writing Required on Assessments………………………………………………...….1 When should we use the 4  writing method?………………………………….…….2 4  and the MAP..………………………………………………………...…………..2.

same or different Wrap-up 2nd way they’re same or different 3rd way they’re same or different Item(s) to be explained.5 /how centimeters, milliliters, and grams are connected in the metric system of measurement. Narrative: Tell about a time when you used the metric system to measure something. Persuasive/and uses transitions effectively. Grading Tip: Use www.4teachers.org to get scoring guides for many different types of writing assignments. Assignments to Practice Writing in Your Classroom 12 /

A WebQuest for grades 3rd and 4th By Mariza Davis.

A WebQuest for grades 3rd and 4th By Mariza Davis The Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale. A fairy tale is a fiction (made up) story. Most fairy tales include: Animals /.The Three Little Pigs Once you finish the Venn Diagram, on another sheet of paper, write down your own fairy tale. Make sure you use all of the major elements from a fairy tale. CriteriaPoints 2015105 Venn Diagram All elements of a narrative story were found in both stories/ Found all the similarities and differences between the two stories/

Grade 9 Edition Definitions and examples for students.

Grade 9 Edition Definitions and examples for students  Short Story Terms Many will carry over into other units…Beware!   The person or force that works against the purposes of the main character in a narrative/character is not actively involved in the story.  There are several kinds of 3rd person POV: objective, limited omniscient, and omniscient. Third person POV  /   A personal, private journal. People who keep diaries often write in them daily.  Sometimes, these are published as a literary work/

Why Should I care? Because 6 - Trait writing provides… 1. Common language 2. Consistency in assessment 3. The “how to” students need to revise.

noticing little things that others might not notice. How does it look at intermediate grades?  Writing has a clear, direct message that is focused. Ideas and Content Links to / directions such as putting commas where semicolons should be, spelling every 3rd word incorrectly, capitalizing only words that shouldn’t be etc. Then/for the audience? Help students find their individual voice? Leave their personal mark on a piece of writing? Make sure voice/tone matches purpose? (e.g., business letter vs. narrative/

I Suck at Reading: Rebuilding Confidence in the Disenchanted Reader Literacy For All, Monday, November 3, 2014 LCC-12 Justin Stygles Gr. 5/6 ELA Teacher,

read much… In 3rd grade I actually read Mark Of Athena. I actually started to like reading in third grade. I don’t remember anything about 4th grade because the teacher didn’t have any books. Implications His perception needs to be honored. Not a time for sympathy Contrast & Contradiction/ was such a bad school year because I went to south paris and did HORRIBLE with my grades my reading was the worst out of all of my grades. Writing was alright I think. Math was pretty bad too. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t/

Learning Meaning Vocabulary Instruction For Elementary Students Lori Hornfelt Speech-Language Specialist Maple Elementary.

Vocabulary Development 2nd - 3rd Grades Vocabulary learning more directly/ –Matching definition to word –Writing sentences with words –Sentence completion/Grade Preparation for Word Learning Strategies Prediction: picture, title, vocabulary Activating background knowledge –Lubliner’s Mine Your Memory Teacher modeled Think Aloud for looking for word meaning in context Beginning word structure –Word building: play, player, playful, playpen, ballplayer Cause-Effect signal words and relationships in narratives/

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Common Core Learn Standards Changes Balance of fiction and non-fiction reading Balance of narrative, non-fiction, & persuasive writing Increased text difficulty at each grade level Analyze text through close reading Text based answers More vocabulary instruction Instructional Level/ Standards introduce the traditional algorithm in 4 th Grade now. Strategies That You May See Your 3rd Grader Use: (refer to the Student Math Handbook & Palmer Patch web site for specific examples) o sticker pictures (Fall) o/


for Reading Grade 11 Writing Test Design Writing Clusters5 th 8 th 11 th Structures of LanguageLess emphasis Response to Literary or Informational Text Greater emphasis Expressive Writing: Narrative Reflective Essay Greater emphasis (narrative only) Less emphasis (narrative only) Greater emphasis (reflective essay only) Informational Writing/June 2nd for students wanting to receive traditional SAT college reportable scores (taken at a nearby test center).  Monday May 3rd –Wednesday May 12th for students /

1 1 Introduction to RTI and the School-Wide Reading Model For Each Student Instruction Goals Assessment For All Students.

for Second-Grade Reader 17 Middle and Low Trajectories for Second Graders Words Per Minute 18 Third Grade Oral Reading Fluency and Oregon Statewide Assessment Test scores Odds of “meets expectation” on OSAT given 3rd grade/–Individual Summary Score (pg 11) –Average Schoolwide Overall Scores (pg 13) –Narrative Summary 27 Completing the PET-R PET-R can be completed individually or in / idea that matches the definition or example from the word bank. Write it in the box next to the definition or example. Use your/

Differentiation for Special Education in a Common Core World Dr. Gail Angus Riverside County SELPA.

, distinguish, focus, select, organize, outline, find coherence, deconstruct (e.g., for bias, point of view) o Decide which text structure is appropriate to audience and/ grade writing prompt on a familiar topic, a sequencing graphic organizer, (keyboard?) and 30 minutes to write, Jenifer will write a 3 paragraph narrative/ 3rd - Look at the specific skills identified at each grade- level 3rd – 5th : Acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain- specific words and phrases 3rd /

What is it and Why do it? W hite River Parent Seminar January 2013 Standards- Based Grading.

: 75 Practical Strategies for Linking Assessment, Instruction, and Learning, Corwin Press, NSTA Press, 2008 Brookhart, Susan. How to Assess Higher-Order Thinking Skills in your Classroom, ASCD, 2010 Alternatives to Grading Student Writing, Stephen Tchudi, Editor/the material is rendered new. Reading Standards Grades 6-8 [www.corestandards.org/assets/CCSSI_ELA%20Standards.pdf] The Standards require that students be able to incorporate narrative elements effectively into arguments and informative/explanatory /

Teaching Integrated Literacy Lessons by Aligning Reading and Writing Standards and Incorporating Reciprocal Processing Strategies to Improve the Writing.

/spreadsheets/d/1Q0YTIQlryBlVnF SC9tHFKJ1d-66LYfOJqVlybWu3Lbc/edit#gid=0 * District Writing Team ●Six writing program publishers presented to team ●2015-2016 writing pilot ●Standards Alignment Document for K-5???? Book Browse! Kindergarten 1.How Writers Work 2.Personal Narrative First Grade 1.Personal Narrative 2.Nonfiction - Informational/Explanatory Second Grade 1.Folktales, Fables and Fairy Tales 2.Opinion/Argument Book Browse! 3rd Grade 1.Nonfiction - Informational/Explanatory 2.Featured Article with/

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and so is writing down assignments. We spend time at the beginning of each day to do this. Common fears in 3rd Grade (According to a study done by Betty Young) Fear of being chosen last for a team fear of/spelling for conventional spelling. They learn to use dictionaries and make marks next to words on which they are unsure of the spelling. Genres of writing - personal narrative, realistic fiction, essays, persuasive writing, book reviews, informational writing, and poetry Rubric Used to Grade Writing Math /

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Grade Units of Study Reading to Understand My Community Reading Fiction (literary elements) Writing to Influence My Community (persuasive opinion piece) Reading Nonfiction Writing Nonfiction (expository, narrative, persuasive) Literary Response Expect to See… students making frequent entries in their Writer’s Notebooks using their tic-tac toes and viewing the world as writers do, recording their thoughts/reactions DESE scoring guides for writing and summarization rubrics for// March 3rd Trimester Feudal/

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