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MONIRBA TIMES G O L D E N E D I T I O N EDITORIAL Journey of a mile begins with a small step. MONIRBA is one of those institutions which have a glorious.

summit culminated with the official declaration of the New Development Bank. The 6th BRICS summit was Narendra Modis first major international summit as Prime Minister of India.BrazilRussiaIndiaChina South AfricaArgentinePresidentCristina KirchnerBRICin April 2010BrasíliaNew / paradigm for the world..."Executive Intelligence Review During the summit,the Chinese premier Xi Jinping offered Narendra Modi that China was willing to consider expanding the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to include India as a/

1. Are you a farmer who is not into farming? Are you passionate about Sunday Farming but never got an opportunity to explore it? Do you want to protect.

Not to mention being part of GUJARAT’s GREEN future Inspired by Our Leader 10 Led by the vision of our honorable Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi to see a Green Gujarat The second politician in the world and first in India to pen a book on climate change “Convenient Action”/, tuberose, gerbera, rose, orchids and carnations, and vegetables 42 …Towards fulfilling the dream of our honorable Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi …Towards the dream of a Green Gujarat …Towards fulfilling your own dreams R SE REAP… 43

DIGITAL NIGERIA I N D I A | S O U T H A F R I C A | T A N Z A N I A | N I G E R I A | U S | U K | M I D D L E E A S T | A U S T R A L I A Transforming.

D L E E A S T | A U S T R A L I A Pre and Post Elections – Digital platforms presence Narendra Modi on varied digital platforms – Facebook – 31 million likes – Twitter – 16 million followers – YouTube – Google+ – Narendra Modi official website DIGITAL NIGERIA I N D I A | S O U T H A F R I C A | T A N/

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.About Surge 2.About College 3.Theme 4.Social Cause 5.Star Events 6.Table of Events 7.Media Plan 8.Highlights of previous SURGE 9.

lane of childhood. Social Causes SWACHHBHARAT FOR A BETTER TOMORROW Surge 2016 is following the footsteps of Prime Minsiter Sir Narendra Modi by adopting the Chunabhatti Railway Station. We have undertaken the responsibility of maintenance of the railway Station and it will also/ Causes CLEAN MUMBAI FOR A BETTER TOMORROW This year surge’16 has taken up an initiative to support P.M. Narendra Modi’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. Under this cause we pledge to spread awareness and take up an initiative to clean up /

DARK HORSE INTEGRITY SOLUTIONS welcomes all Foreign Enterprises to come to INDIA to avail the New World of Biggest Business Opportunities with us…. Padharo.

multi-national, as well as domestic, companies to manufacture their products in India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. India would emerge, after initiation of the programme in 2015, as the top destination globally /As a company attached with Foreign Trade, We are very much inspired with the concept launched by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, and we are now planning to go for joint venture / collaboration with Small, Medium & Large Scale Foreign Enterprise Aspirants/

Regional Cooperation in South Asia: Looking Back and Ways Forward U.S. Foreign Policy Summer Institute Bard College, New York July 24, 2015 Prem Raj Khanal,

, India will never become global power’. China influence in SA is growing slowly India can make SAARC either strong or weak Narendra Modi: ‘Neighbourhood First’ ‘Man in Action’ India- 73% total land of SA, 3 times more population than altogether 7 /India will never become global power’. China influence in SA is growing slowly India can make SAARC either strong or weak Narendra Modi: ‘Neighbourhood First’ ‘Man in Action’ SAARC: Achievement Common bond among South Asian people SAARC Summits is only one/


IS VITAL… “We seek a future for the Indian Ocean that ensures Security and Growth for All in the Region.” - Indian PM Narendra Modi ‘SAGAR’ The acronym ‘SAGAR’ is now a foreign policy watchword in New Delhi “We seek a future for the Indian Ocean that /ensures Security and Growth for All in the Region.” - Indian PM Narendra Modi ‘SAGAR’ The acronym ‘SAGAR’ is now a foreign policy watchword in New Delhi The inception of IONS, in 2008, was a step/


PROJECTED SEATS FOR THE CONGRESS UPA ALLIES PROJECTED SEATS FOR THE BJP BJP ALLIES OTHER PARTIES Assumptions: 1.Narendra Modi, as chairman of the national election and management committee, will lead the BJP campaign and be its likely/and the Left Front (20) in West Bengal (and Kerala); and BSP (18) and SP(21) in Uttar Pradesh. Some important observations: 1.Modi’s campaign will have a major impact in the Hindi heartland – UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Himachal. In Uttar /

Two Themes in Recent Indian Politics OBC and Hindu Right aka MANDAL and MANDIR.

BJP Political Respectability AND Access to State Power. Appointments of Hindu Ideologues to powerful positions. Anti Muslim Violence grew Narendra Modi Riding BJP wave of the 90s, became Chief Minister of the state of GUJARAT (Mahatma Gandhi’s home state!)/getting in the way of “growth” Hindu Right also a way to counter lower caste assertiveness Modi success in bringing business to Gujarat Modi in his 2014 election campaign stress Economic Development rather than Hindutva Promised a new “business friendly” /

“Dore Bar Imports & Refining Business Sourcing, Regulatory Issues in Sampling & Inspection, Settling of Payment, Policies on Refining " 13 th IIGC 2016,

Gold Monetisation Scheme | Sovereign Gold Bond | An Official Indian Gold Coin Sep Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launches ‘Make in India’ campaign Nov PM Modi launches ‘Indian Gold Coin’ and ‘Indian Gold Bullion’ 2016Feb Finance Minister Arun Jaitely: Left /permitted to issue flow-through shares for funding risky exploration activities.  Given the impressive progress made by the Modi Government in making India the world’s fastest growing economy that is the ‘current darling’ of the global investment/

An Economic Partnership Seminar Feb 18th, 2015

rural areas, where around 70% of the total population lives. A scheme for comprehensive financial inclusion was launched by PM Modi on 28 August 2014 to provide universal access to banking facilities. Initial target was opening of 75 million accounts per /http://commerce.nic.in/eidb/default.asp President Obama’s Historic Visit Leadership committed to deepening of bilateral ties. PM Narendra Modi’s landmark visit to the US heralds new era in relationship. President Barack Obama became the first US President /

OBJECTIVES  Make In India Launched  Sectors In Focus Make In India  New Initiatives By GOI  Make in India Campaign  Hindrance In Make In India Sectors.

To Be Addres s. LAUNCHED  Launched on 25 September 2014,in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.  Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi launches it in front of top global CEO’s.  Most favored quote, “FDI for me is First Develop India and / Amendment Act HURDLES IN MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT  Censorship Regulation- Bollywood is the second largest movie production industry in the world. Modi government had banned more than 10 movies after getting into power this action of (GOI) will hinder producers & distributors in /

OBAMA VISIT TO INDIA. Highlights of President Obama’s India visit.

of travelling with president Pranab Mukherjee in the latter’s car. Obama greets the crowd at the Republic Day parade. . Narendra Modi and US President Barak Obama, chief guest of the Republic Day celebrations, while watching the fly-past in New Delhi Indian /exports:  U.S. Export-Import Bank will provide an assistance of $1 billion for Make in India campaign launched by PM Modi, which will help made in India products to be exported to US and increasing trade relations in this sector. Special focus would/

ICAI PUNE Page 1 "Glimpse into the practice of future (Services, Industries, Size, Skill-sets, etc) - Global & Indian Scenario" Presented by : Sagar Shah.

confidence in doing business in India to a great degree Awakening of the Giant The new BJP government led by Mr Narendra Modi that came to power in May 2014 has made several high pitch announcements of policy changes that should facilitate renewed / and tax regime, the foreign investment inflows into India would revive and fill up the much needed gap With the Modi government perceived as a business-friendly reformist regime, Leaderspeak suggest that the image of India in the international business community/

India and Al-Qaeda By: Seth Sheldon. Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri After year of silence, last week he released video announcing to join newly established.

threat due to the unstable nature of insurgents in the Islam dominated state of Kashmir Reaction  Government  Indian Prime Minister (Narendra Modi)  In his first Interview with International Media since his election in may..  "My understanding is that they are doing injustice/ said. "Indian Muslims will live for India. They will die for India. They will not want anything bad for India.”  Modi said it was not about “one country” or “one race” but about “humanity vs. inhumanity”  Remarks come ahead of /

Campaign Management https://store.theartofservice.com/the-campaign-management-toolkit.html.

the 2014 election campaign, Sinha worked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to help frame national economic policy, including organizing and hosting an international business leaders forum with Mr. Modi in February 2014. Sinha has been an active /efforts to develop world-leading campaign management technologies and systems.http://www.business- standard.com/article/current-affairs/modi-to- woo-financial-elite-next-week- 114022000842_1.html https://store.theartofservice.com/the-campaign-management-toolkit.html/

Prepared By Anshuman Sahu Class VIII

Director J N Goswami – Director of the Ahmedabad-based Physical Research Laboratory and Principal Scientific Investigator of Chandrayaan-1 Narendra Bhandari – Head, ISRO`s Planetary Sciences and Exploration program. Chandrayaan II The ISRO is also planning a /L. K. Advani, the leader of opposition congratulated the ISRO scientists on launch. The Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi, visited the ISRO centre in Ahmedabad and congratulated the Indian scientists on their achievement. The Chief Minister of /

" A satisfied customer is our best business strategy of all"

. Barack ObamaMitt Romney Twitter20,420,000+ Followers 1,225,000+ Followers Facebook29,101,000+7,993,000+ Youtube233,000+21,000+ Printerest42,000 +12,000+ Instagram1.4 million +38,000+ Narendra ModiRahul Gandhi Twitter 5.19 million followers. 58.1 K followers. Facebook19289503 + followers 191312 + followers Youtube171,230 + followers61,556 + followers Printerest3469 + followers35 + followers Instagram13,347 + followers8890 + followers Social Media in/

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities.

Corporators and newly elected Corporators of the city 2 nd picture shows A view of the felicitation program Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi, in his earlier capacity as Chief Minister of Gujarat, being welcomed and garlanded by Shri. Narendra Thakkers during the former’s visit to Panchavati Education Society, Nashik. Entrance of enormous building that comprises NMC’s Panchavati Divisional Office/

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last names with popular politicians For instance, If one’s first name is Rahul, Arvind, Sushma, Arun or Narendra or they happened to have the same last name as that of a politician like Yadav, Gandhi, Soni or /www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/election-entrepreneurs- mushroom-all-around/article5892779.ece 4DNA http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-narendra-modi-or-arvind-kejriwal- in-your-name-can-earn-you-some-cool-discounts-1976829 5HospitalityBizIndiahttp://www.hospitalitybizindia.com/detailNews.aspx/

Chanakya, the Greatest statesman, a political strategist and the one who created a nation of squabbling kingdoms, will never be born again, but his thoughts.

average of 5000 people in each show.7 out door shows in Gujarat with an average of 5000 people in each show. Celebrities who watched & appreciated this play… Politicians Shri Narendra ModiShri Narendra Modi Shri Laluprasad YadavShri Laluprasad Yadav Religious leaders H. H. Shri Morari BappuH. H. Shri Morari Bappu H. H. Shri Bhupendra PandyaH. H. Shri Bhupendra Pandya Industrialists Shri. Mukesh AmbaniShri/

Influence detection of famous personalities using Politeness and Likeability Navita Jain.

Jeb Bush50.7020.93 30.9576 John Boehner90.4100.31 100.8848 Kim Kardashian20.8410.94 10.9818 Narendra Modi10.85530.91 20.9758 Rahul Gandhi80.5290.44 90.8970 Sarah Palin60.6580.60 80.9152 Stephen/74570.70 60.9391 Taylor Swift40.7460.83 50.9394 Ground TruthPredicted Influential users Barack ObamaKim kardashian Donald TrumpNarendra Modi Narendra ModiJeb Bush Kim KardashianBarack ObamaTaylor Swift Non-influential users Jeb BushDonald TrumpJohn BoehnerRahul GandhiSarah PalinStephen Smith Thanks Influence Detection/


2006………….. MUMBAI TRAIN BLAST 26 TH SEPTEMBER 2008…….. BLAST AT AHMEDABAD 26 TH NOVEMBER 2008………MASSACRE AT MUMBAI 26 TH MAY 2014……MR. NARENDRA MODI BECAME PM WORST BEAR PHASES PERIOD PERIOD MONTHS MONTHS SENSEX FALL SENSEX FALL SEP 94 TO OCT 96 26 -1885 (-41%) AUG 97/.00 AIA ENGG. Rs. 317.00Rs. 1187.00Rs. 870.00 BEST PERFORMING GUJARAT COMPANIES OF 2013-14 (TILL 3/12/14 PM Modis 5 significant announcements on 15 th -Aug-14 1)Replacing Plan Panel- The Planning Commission will be replaced by a new think-tank./


355,000 likes Twitter: N/A Google+: N/A Youtube Channel: N/A W HO ARE THE MAIN COMPETITORS ? Narendra Modi – Representing the Bharatiya Janata Party Current Chief Minister of Indian state Gujarat BJP is the second largest political party in India /studied President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaign style Used the influential “Yes We Can” term from the Obama campaign Modi continues to be relatable to many Indians by creating several Twitter accounts in specific languages such as Telugu, Malayalam, and /

Gujarat Industrial Society. Gujarat Gujaratis live in Gujarat, one of the western states in India. The name comes from "Gujara," a branch of the White.

- (October 2, 1869– January 30,1948) was a major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian Independence Movement. Kalpen Suresh Modi - (born on April 23, 1977) is an American actor who goes by the stage name Kal Penn. Harold & Kumar Government and /a member of the Legislative Assembly is five years. o The administration of the state is led by the Chief Minister. o Narendra Modi has served as Chief Minister of the state since 2002. Economy o The economy of Gujarat is one of the most prosperous /

FIXED ANNUITIES IN A VARIABLE WORLD Presented by: Professor Peter Navarro University of California-Irvine Presented by: Professor Peter Navarro University.

Far too export dependent U.S. and Europe now too weak to sustain China’s historic 10% per year growth rate. Who is this guy? 1.Mahatma Gandhi 2.Narendra Modi India (Will Modi Save the Decade?) THE ROLE OF EXTERNAL SHOCKS Should The U.S. and NATO Provide the Ukraine With Military Support? 1.Yes 2.No 3.Not Sure 4.Here/

Using Simulated OCO Measurements for Assessing Terrestrial Carbon Pools in the Southern United States PI: Nick Younan Roger King, Surya Durbha, Fengxiang.

Pools in the Southern United States PI: Nick Younan Roger King, Surya Durbha, Fengxiang Han Zhiling Long, Narendra Rongali, Haiqing Zhu Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO)  Estimated global total net flux of carbon from changes/, soil nutrient mineralization, and CO 2 exchange, including carbon emissions from soils world-wide.  Assimilates satellite NDVI data from the MODIS sensor into the NASA-CASA model to estimate  Spatial variability in monthly net primary production (NPP),  biomass accumulation,  and/

CHRISTIAN-HINDU CONFLICTS IN INDIA A power point presentation submitted in partial fulfillment of the course on Capita Selecta II(B0B50a) for Society,

http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/religion-cannot-be-made-cause-of-conflict- president-pranab-mukherjee/2 PM Narendra Modi breaks his silence, says “my Govt. will ensure undeniable right to retain, adopt religion of choice.” Abantika /Ghosh, The Indian Express, 18/02/2015, http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/pm-modi-breaks-silence-on church- attacks-says-govt-committed-to-religious-freedom / GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS Rajnath Singh on Delhi Church attack/

Influence of Social Media & Technology By Gregory Samuels.

usage in India is the highest in the world outside of the United States How do politicians use Social Media to its advantage? Narendra Modi, leader of the BJP, has 3.68 million followers on twitter, over 69 million page views on Google plus, and 12/ a factor, the EVMs are easier than the paper ballot system. EVMs can also record a maximum of 3,840 votes Modi used satellites to host live interactions with the public. Google helped all the political parties with their online strategies by organizing weekly/

Realty India The most powerful media platform Reach out to Gulf NRIs investing in real-estate.

preferred choices Smart Investor The catalyst for the emerging real-estate boom is the 100 Smart Cities Project mooted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi There is a surge in interest among Gulf NRIs in buying property in India buoyed by Modi’s UAE visit It is to create awareness about investment opportunities that Realty India’s Vol I and Website (www.realty- india/

Soharabuddin Sheikh And A Brief Account Of His Criminal History.

’s head;to capture him…. Year 2005 Gujarat Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) killed Soharabuddin in encounter while he was on mission to kill Chief Minister Narendra Modi… Scene at Soharabuddin’s village… Soharabuddin’s dead body reached his maternal village Jhirinia in Madhya Pradesh….. Rifle firing at Funeral….. Many notorious criminals and/ Express- Aug 04 2010 Complicated encounters-Ajit Kumar Doval (Former director-Intelligence Bureau) 2)India Today- July 31, 2010 Gunning for Modi-Uday Mahurkar Thanks………………….

Part C - HINDUISM’S LEGACY Global Contributions & Impact 1 www.HinduismResource.com “Many Paths to the Same Summit”

.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saraswati Hinduism’s Three Greatest Teachers were born outside the Teacher Class! 15 Sri RamSri Krishna Lord Buddha Prime Minister of India: Narendra Modi 16 http://www.indiatv news.com/news/in dia/barack-obama- modi-journey- from-tea-seller-to- pm--46722.html World Heritage Sites in India https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki /List_of_World_Heritage_Sit es_in_India 17 Hinduism and Modern/

Welcome to The Markets Now November 9 th 2015 David Fuller fullertreacymoney.com East India Club – 16 St. James Square London SW1Y 4LH, UK.

& Yield 2.76 Asia Pacific Stock Markets 1) China remains the dominant influence and has the most favourable valuations 2) Narendra Modi’s ability to cut through bureaucracy is the key factor for international confidence 3) China or India benefit from international investment / recovery following this years slide P/E 9.90 Yield 3.74% India has lost form recently due to correct anticipation of Modi’s election loss in the state of Bihar yesterday, which will delay BJP reforms – a medium-term setback P/E 20/

Gujarat Development. Gujarat Industrial Society Gujarat Gujaratis live in Gujarat, one of the western states in India. The name comes from "Gujara,"

October 2, 1869– January 30,1948) was a major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian Independence Movement. Kalpen Suresh Modi - (born on April 23, 1977) is an American actor who goes by the stage name Kal Penn. Harold & Kumar /a member of the Legislative Assembly is five years. o The administration of the state is led by the Chief Minister. o Narendra Modi has served as Chief Minister of the state since 2002. Industry o Major Agricultural produce of the state include cotton, peanuts,/



Kaam24.com How Kaam24.com Can Help Generate Blue Collar Jobs In India.

Jobs In India  How ‘Make In India’ Global Initiative Can Help Generate Blue Collar Jobs In India? Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched „Make in India’ campaign where he was seen beckoning business tycoons and industrialists to come and make India/ Collar Jobs In India Perhaps he clearly declared that „domestic manufacturing will be the centerpiece of his foreign investment policy. Modi Expresses His Wish To Turn India Into A Global Manufacturing Hub Sharing his desire, he said, “We want the Indian/

The Growth Engine of India

inauguration of Global Investors’ Summit 2007 An innovative idea providing interactive platform to investors Summits organised successfully in 2003, 2005, 2007 US$200billion worth of investment committed Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi with Dr. Balaji Sadasivan (Minister, Singapore) , Mr. Ratan Tata, CMD, (Tata Group) and Mr. Mukesh Ambani, CMD (Reliance Industries) inauguration of Global Investors’ Summit 2007 Investment Committed during Vibrant Gujarat/

1. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own problems, that we forget how beautiful the LIFE really is! 2.

their parents. Like the doting Shravan of yester-years, these children too care deeply about their parents future and yearn to see them happy in their twilight years... Message By Narendra Modi (Chief Minister of Gujarat) During the inauguration of "Shantiniketan Senior Living" in Ahmedabad. 24 Maja ni LIFE… … As rightly said in this movie… Khavnu, Juice pivanu, carom ramavanu, …..ne maja/


EVENTS/ CONFERENCES MEDIA LAUNCHES AWARD NIGHTS WEDDINGS STAGE SHOWS / CONCERTS GALA EVENINGS/ GLAM NIGHTS FASHION EXTRAVAGANZAS CORPORATE PICNICS SOME OF MY RECENT EVENTS Young Leaders Conclave with CM of Guj, Narendra Modi & Former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Gujarat Tourism Road show across India. Taitra launches new products with Malaika Arora Khan UBM Corporate & NGO Meet 2013 ASUS launch of/

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New Delhi Lancers International School, Gurgaon Clarens Hotel, Gurgaon Rawat Group of Hotels, Jaipur Keshwanand Group of Institutions, Jaipur Modi Institute of Technology & Science, Sikar Elaina Media & Promotions, Jaipur Infoverge Communications, New Delhi Gold Rush Group, Lucknow / !! Any Questions!!........please get in touch with the undersigned: Narendra Kr. Joshi Manager – Business Development. nk.joshi@convexiconindia.com +91-9958620044 / +91-88004433333 Skype: Convexicon 12Convexicon Software /

BHEL PS SR 2X600 MW Shree Singaji TPP congratulates everyone on the occasion of the dedication ceremony of 2X600 MW Shree Singaji TPP to the nation By.

BHEL PS SR 2X600 MW Shree Singaji TPP congratulates everyone on the occasion of the dedication ceremony of 2X600 MW Shree Singaji TPP to the nation By Shri Narendra Modi Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 05.03.2015 Distinguished Dignitaries present on the Occasion Shri R K Singh (IAS) Joint Secretary (DHI) MoHI&PE, GoI BHEL PSSR 2X600MW /

Red, Yellow, Green Light Session

– Biggest till date Mehsana-Himmatnagar – 50 km Padi-Dahod – 85 km Opportunities Ahead – Segment Wise (continued) Education Segment : IIT Indore – Introduction of Civil Branch IITRAM Ahmedabad – Dream project of PM Narendra Modi 5 Universities (20 cr.) under Rashtriya Uchchatar Siksha Abhiyan (RUSA)  MS University Sardar Patel University Krantiguru Shamji Krushna Verma, Kutch University Rajkot-based Saurashtra University Surat-based Veer Narmad South/

Partner with Gujarat: Lead the World

- 1,00,000 sq. mt. Vibrant Gujarat 2015: “A Global Business Platform” January 11, 2015 0900 – 1300 hrs: Inaugural Function Inaugural Address by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi 1300 – 1400 hrs: Lunch 1400 – 1700 hrs: Partner Country Seminars 7 Partner Countries from across the world 1700 – 2000 hrs Global CEO’s Meet CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, Eminent/

ROAD TO LIMA www.isciences.com November 19, 2014 The 13 th installment in an ongoing series on multilateral agreements related to climate change.

(second from right) at climate march, NYC Sept. 21, 2014. (Image Credit: UN Photo) leaders of key CO2 emitting nations China and India - did not attend Though Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi - leaders of key CO2 emitting nations China and India - did not attend, US President Barack Obama and 100 Heads of State did, along with commercial and civic leaders. Process: Pre/


for "culture of life" against “the culture of death” before birth and before time”. In Conclusion (Contd.) Mr. Harsh Vardhan, the Health Minister of the newly elected Govt. under Mr. Narendra Modi in India, stated in an interview: that fidelity was a better AIDS prevention measure than condoms... integrate value education with course content.... focus on safe sex as a holistic concept/

Indian Politics 1.Nehru Dynasty 1947-1996 2.Years of Competition 1996-present – Two Party System? – Two Half Parties? – Regional parties?

Parties 2009 Lok Sabha 2 National parties 1 semi-national party (CPI-M) with seats in four states 39 Regional parties 3. Congress and the Nehru Dynasty Liberhan Commission Report Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat


cook are has an agent, personal manger and ties with public relation agency, and getting help from celebrity marketers. In the 18th parliamentary election, BJP’s election strategy centres around Narendra Damodar Modi, that’ s power of personality. Places: Cities, states, regions and whole nations compete actively to attract tourists, factories, company headquarters skilled labour and new residents. India and China are/

After the Honeymoon? The Next Decade of South-South Development Cooperation Emma Mawdsley

risk Protest and resistance in partner countries Squaring ‘non-interference’ with strategic imperatives and ground realities Changing identities and interests The North fights back 1) Domestic factors Dilma and Lula Narendra Modi Park Geun-hye “Even India has started giving Billions of dollars of aid to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, far away African countries yet we are accepting aid from western countries. It’s/

Self Finance R&D Consultancy Center For Impaired(SFRCI) Department of Physics Sardar Patel University Vallabh Vidyanagar – 388120 Di- Anand,Gujarat, India.

Small Wind Generator 2004-D(C.F.) Department of Physics (SFRCI) Hearing Impaired Language Lab Master Panel (2005) Hearing Impaired Language Lab Student Panels(2005) Honored by Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi for applying science in development of country 15 th August 2004 Manual R-O Plant For Sea Water/Brackish Water Inauguration of Balloon Wind Turbine on 14 th Dec. 2007/

Scaling up of SRI/SCI method of crop cultivation in Bihar PRESERVATION AND PROLIFERATION OF RURAL RESOURCES AND NATURE (PRAN), Gaya, Bihar.

Honorable President of India  Santosh Kumar got award from Sri Sharad Pawar,Minister of Agriculture, GOI (July2013)  Jayjeet Kumar got award and a cash prize of Rs 50000/- from Sri Narendra Modi.(Sept 2013)  PRAN got skotch award for promoting SRI/SCI method among farmers in 2014. PD, Deputy PD ATMA, District consultant, Department of Agriculture and block level officials involved in/

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