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1. Unit III: The Individual, The Government, and Mix Markets Key Understandings: 1.Both economic relation and political relation represent cooperation.

decisions in a very long time. As the cartoon on the right depicts, many people felt that / up a fence to stop his rapacious relatives and friends from coming in and cutting down the rest of/ Model Business Government Individuals Investors Government Consumer Product Markets Resource Markets Financial Goods and Services Spending Revenue Resources- factors/the quantity she desires.political sciencesociologyWalrasiansupply and demandequilibrium A strong incentive is one that accomplishes the stated goal. [2]/

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including Silly Songs, activities and more ! Marketing Points Marketing Points: National print advertising Radio advertising and promos/happened...with a few gaps." From God and politics to history and even Latin, Eddies genius shines /: Stars: Eddie Izzard (Cars 2, United States of Tara) Target: Target: Adults 18-49/where good meets evil! Join Ginka and his group of friends as they battle to become the world’s best Beyblader/ 2010! Season 2 premiering on Cartoon Network in summer/fall 2011! #1 priority /

The Progressive Era. 1. How did progressivism and organized interest groups reflect the new political choices of Americans? 2. Why did progressives believe.

big business posed to competitive markets. The mergers of individual businesses into trusts decreased competition; bigger business meant power to control markets. By 1910, 1 percent / by John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company is captured in this political cartoon, which appeared in the January 22, 1900, issue of The Verdict. Rockefeller/of the United States Forest Service, for whistle-blowing on a conspiracy to hand public land to a private syndicate, the progressives saw Taft as a friend of the /

AP Govt Review1 A. Review coverage I. Constitutional Underpinnings +Fed = 5- 15% II. Political Beliefs + behavior = 10-20% III. Political Parties SIG.

4. Public interest 5. Smallest You if you can find a friend. AP Govt Review43 How Influence? Six strategies or techniques... a/FTC - monopoly watch - ad accuracy 5) SEC - police stock market. AP Govt Review121 Gov’t Corporations like prv’t corps. Provide services/Winds of change shift these interpretations, especially in time of war... (cartoon) 2. Bill of rights review a. Freedom of Expression (religious/ the significance of the decision in United States politics. a. Identify which provision of the Fourteenth/

Www.ushistory.org.  Reconstruction refers to the period following the Civil War of rebuilding the United States. It was a time of great pain and endless.

males. Ratification of these amendments became a requirement for Southern states to be readmitted into the Union. Although these measures / would allow for settlement of the west, open new markets for eastern manufacturers, and bring relief to overcrowded eastern / the next leader. Although his political history was largely composed of appointments of friends, the tragedy that befell his /was spotted by someone who recognized his face from Nasts cartoons. He died in prison in 1878.  Urbanization brought/

AP Govt Review1 AP American Government and Politics Review.

. Public interest 5. Smallest You if you can find a friend. AP Govt Review51 How Influence? Six strategies or techniques... a/FTC - monopoly watch - ad accuracy 5) SEC - police stock market. AP Govt Review129 Gov’t Corporations like prv’t corps. Provide services/Winds of change shift these interpretations, especially in time of war... (cartoon) 2. Bill of rights review a. Freedom of Expression (religious,/ the significance of the decision in United States politics. a. Identify which provision of the Fourteenth/

The Age of Jackson p. 120. Today’s goal The US was now being politically divided by regional interests: industrial North; agricultural South. The issue.

121, Analyzing Causes Farmers produced livestock or cash crops that they sold in urban markets. They purchased goods that had been manufactured in northern factories. p. 122, Analyzing/, which was force the Cherokee off their lands in Georgia and allow his friends to sell those lands for great profit. p. 125, Geography Skillbuilder 1./states. p. 126, Analyzing Motives He thought the National Bank was a tool of the upper classes and a threat to democracy. p. 126, Analyzing Political Cartoons, 1. The cartoon/

Do Now: 1. What is happening in this political cartoon? 2. Who do you think the three characters represent? 3. How do you think the two characters in the.

political cartoon? 2. Who do you think the three characters represent? 3. How do you think the two characters in the foreground (nearest you) will react? Do Now 4/18/16-4/19/16 2 Current Events: In small groups find three current events as follows: -One current event that relates to politics/ defensible borders Encourage friendly governments on its borders/recover economically would provide markets for American benefiting industry./ It originally consisted of: –United States –Belgium –Britain –Canada –Denmark /

Current Issues in Marketing. S ocioSphere = inter-relationships among social institutions, associations, reference & affinity groups P sychoSphere = Identity,

the Psycho-Sphere as well. page 365 A state of shattering stress & disorientation resulting from too /Dolls, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Carrot Top, TV-Friends, Brady Bunch, Ninja turtles Born: 1965~1980 48 /implants Adult camps and adventure vacations Down-Aging - Examples TV shows starring cartoon characters: "The Simpsons," "King of the Hill," "South Park," / company that offers a challenge Engineering Law & politics Computer science Marketing to Gen-Y POP QUIZ GISilentBoomerXMillennial Helpers Sacrifice For/

Saving & Investing for Retirement (Saving & Investing to keep this cartoon from becoming reality) February 6, 2014 “If we take a late retirement and an.

this cartoon from /name South Sea.” You are not the market! Be careful comparing yourself to the “market”, to your friends, to the gurus on CNBC, to someone/principal. General Economic, Market, and Political Conditions The success of the investment’s activities will be affected by general economic and market conditions, such as interest/steep declines and may increase risks. Future Regulatory and Market Changes Regulation of the United States markets has undergone substantial change in recent years, a process/

Challenges to Liberty: The U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court, & Political Speech Artemus Ward Department of Political Science Northern Illinois University.

wounded. Uncle Sam rounds up enemies of the state in this 1918 cartoon after Congress passed an act imposing severe penalties on/ revolutionary, anarchist, and socialist views. He and his friends published and distributed (by throwing them out of windows/ to get itself accepted in the competition of the market." In dissent, Holmes said, "Congress certainly cannot /action and is likely to incite or produce such action.” Political Speech Standards Speech Protective Speech Restrictive Absolutism Black & Douglas /

A summary of previous 3 weeks

and France British political cartoon, Punch magazine/PRICE SENSITIVITIES INTERNET NEGOTIATION AUTOMATED AGENTS PERSONAL DATA TRANSACTION PROCESSOR SALE MARKET BASKET DATA INTERCHANGE CREDIT/PAYMENT INFORMATION CRYPTOGRAPHY PAYMENT E-PAYMENT SYSTEMS/ the packet. Once the packet arrives at its destination, your friends computer will strip the header and trailer off each packet and / bits) for a total of 32 bits. By convention we are stating the IP address in decimal rather than binary format. Specifically the IP/

Happy Thursday!!! Turn in vocab and pick up an agenda on the stand in the front Did you know: The tombstone of Mel Blanc, the famous voice of cartoon characters.

Did you know: The tombstone of Mel Blanc, the famous voice of cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird and Porky Pig, reads/ political institutions and a free market economic system Capitalism- private citizens control all economic activity –The Soviet Union was a totalitarian government with a communist economic system The state /–US would “pay any price, bear any burden, meet an hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty/

-- Daivata Chavan-Patil Consumer Behavior Model of Consumer Behavior Marketing and other stimuliBuyer’s black box Buyer’s responses Product Economic.

Behavior The Environment Marketing Stimuli Other Stimuli Product Price Place Promotion Economic Technological Political Cultural Competitive Major Types/that a person’s level of motivation is an affective state and actions are based more on what they believe. /also demonstrated that viewing aggression by cartoon characters produces more aggressive behavior than /Dual roles, role-switching (cross-sex marketing) and role-blending More examples  Age-friendly shopping environment with easier-to-read labels,/

Do Now: 1. What is happening in this political cartoon? 2. Who do you think the three characters represent? 3. How do you think the two characters in the.

this political cartoon? 2/’s purges – feared a strong Germany Establish defensible borders Encourage friendly governments on its borders Spread communism around the world “From Stettin/two motives for this: – Helping Europe to recover economically would provide markets for American goods, so benefiting American industry. – A prosperous Europe/ to co- ordinate their defense against USSR. It originally consisted of: –United States –Belgium –Britain –Canada –Denmark –France –Holland –Italy –Luxembourg –Norway /

Period 8 (continued) Key Concept 8.2: New Movements for Civil Rights and liberal efforts to expand the role of government generated a range of political.

Union (EU) for political cooperation, democracy, trade and European economy  Most members adopted a common currency (Euro) Globalization Who wants to explain this cartoon about Free Trade? North/competition and a growing unfavorable balance of trade Outsourcing of jobs to foreign markets where labor costs are cheaper resulted in unemployment for some Americans Free-Trade /Arabs and the PLO 9. What did the U.S. do to maintain friendly states on the USSR border? a. CIA helped overthrow the govt of Iran and/

1 Influence of Popular Media on Youth: Politics & Voting.

 Shock jock Howard Stern is dropped in six markets by Clear Channel communications as the media giant fears/ 2004. 10 Hip Hop makes its move into politics. Rap artists were visible during the 2004 elections,/is the message, not the messenger that is important. Use friends & family – influentials – to reach out to young / 1,000 18-29 year olds in 17 Battleground states. 23 Spokespeople can catch young people’s attention, /MTV, Comedy Central, Fox, WB, BET and Cartoon Network. And they’re watching much later. –/

The United States Of America Skylor Ou Yang. Location -The United States of America (U.S.) is located south of Canada and North of Mexico, right between.

the first indication of Dr. Franklin wearing his double spectacles comes from a political cartoon printed in 1764. Many publications from that period onward refer to Dr. /American art encompasses the history of painting and visual art in the United States. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, artists primarily painted landscapes/as Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin ’ s creeds hold large markets in the U.S. Friends would get together on weekends and spend all night playing video games./

STATE OF THE MEDIA INDUSTRY IN ARMENIA The study on the state of the media industry is implemented by the Yerevan Press Club through the Alternative Resources.

with the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The “Alternative Resources in/ education, etc.) 3. TV series 4. Movies and cartoons 5. Music programs 6. Talk show 7. Sport programs 8. Political debates 9. Documentaries, special reports 10. Humor 11. /market between "quality" and "yellow" (tabloid) media. HOWEVER! As previous research has shown, the obligations of journalists before the media owner, political environment, family and friends/

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wealth and resources of the country, the markets it would provide, and its climate. Opposite/Washington, Depuy de Lôme, to a friend in Cuba  Characterized McKinley as a / History of the United States, Fourteenth Edition Mark C. Carnes John A. Garraty Cartoon of Uncle Sam drowning in/States, Fourteenth Edition Mark C. Carnes John A. Garraty The United States in the Caribbean and Central America (contd) Caribbean and Central American countries were economically underdeveloped, socially backward, politically/

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European newspapers to print the cartoons was "disrespectful" and he /, psychological perspectives, sociological perspectives, political perspectives, and other perspectives (cultural/states or state sponsors. 25 Weak States Invite Trouble Terrorism is LESS likely to be aided by state sponsorship than by an absence or weakness of state authority. Lawless conditions are today the international terrorists’ best friend/on Western values: freedom, free markets (capitalism), materialism, and individualism/

Key Concept 6.1: The rise of big business in the United States encouraged massive migrations and urbanization, sparked government and popular efforts to.

supply, technology, business organization, growing markets, and friendly governments) combined to thrust the United States into worldwide industrial leadership. How this /market journalism, and standardized sports. Higher education, especially new state universities, reached out to a wider market. More and more women attended college in coeducational and single-sex institutions. Long Essay Exam Tips Questions from the Civil War on will frequently use photographs and other visual sources (political cartoons/

Brief Response What reasons did America’s leaders and people have for turning to imperialism? Political: – Political and military rivalry with other imperialist.

go far!” – Roosevelt meant that the US should always negotiate in a friendly manner with other nations, but also have the military force necessary to ensure the/ United States: for maintaining a presence in the Caribbean for protecting a future canal that American leaders wanted to build across the Isthmus of Panama. p. 354, analyzing political cartoons 1/help settle their disputes. 356, analyzing causes To protect American access to Chinese markets. To help maintain the “independence” of China. p. 358, 3, /

Non-communicable Diseases:

programme about diet and physical activity Marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages /-communicable Diseases: Realizing the commitments from Heads of State and Government made in the UN Political Declaration on NCDs WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on the/or physical detriments to minors Ireland-bans cartoon characters and celebrities to promote foods France/Healthy Living Promotion of Physical Activity Bicycle and pedestrian friendly urban landscape, Changwon, Community physical activity facilities,/

POLS 374 Foundations of Global Politics People and Globalization.

showArticle.asp?ArticleID=496  For more, go to The Origins of the Third World: Markets, States, and Climate by Mike Davis (http://www.thecornerhouse.org.uk/item.shtml?x=51983)/an alternative to a medium once completely dominated by the West. An Al Jazeera political cartoon. 32 People and Globalization  All of this can be seen in a generally / familiar social structures that used to protect them, connect them to family and friends, supply their needs and desires, and constrain their behavior; it places them/

U.S. History Chapter 11 Notes Politics of the Roaring Twenties The United States seeks postwar normality and isolation. The standard of living soars amid.

goods over extended period with interest Bull Market: a period of rising stock prices Bull Market: a period of rising stock prices/ had the most Klan members Klan dominated politics in many states Klan dominated politics in many states Violence led to a decrease in power/gang – His corrupt friends who caused him embarrassment Harding also appointed the Ohio gang – His corrupt friends who caused him /Mouse. It was a seven minute long black and white cartoon. Movies 1. The “Jazz Singer” staring Al Jolson becomes/

Mass Marketing https://store.theartofservice.com/the-mass-marketing-toolkit.html.

. 61-65 on market research and pp.227-229 on mass marketing and Spam (electronic)|spam https://store.theartofservice.com/the-mass-marketing-toolkit.html Political ideas in science fiction - Politics 1 ** The Sound/marketing to a consumer-oriented, mass marketing focus https://store.theartofservice.com/the-mass-marketing-toolkit.html Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends - Merchandising 1 Since January 2007, as part of an overall deal with Cartoon Network, Mattel has released items related to the mass marketing/

Grade 9 Social Studies Unit 1 Review 9.2.5 Assess, critically, the relationship between Consumerism and Quality of Life in Canada and the United States.

, education – Political and economic situations How does individual consumer behaviour impact quality of life? Through the choices a consumer makes (consumers have demanded that products be more eco-friendly) Demands have improved/The two values that would be considered important in a market economy, such as the one in the United States, are… I.The importance of the collective. II./B)II C)III D)IV The “dilemma” being suggested in the given cartoon is if… A)Consumers will buy a product that will be damaging to/

The Reforming Spirit We would have every path laid open to Woman as freely as to Man… As the friend of the Negro assumes that one man cannot by right hold.

10- hour day movement A political cartoon from 1787 jesting about the notion of taxation affecting prostitutes /continued… Economic: rise of banking; change from subsistence to market farming Evangelical movement: the Second Great Awakening; Millennialism 1839/view of a community in New Harmony, Indiana, United States, as proposed by Robert Owen. Secular Communitarianism continued…/ convincing critics of slavery. Frederick Douglas: former slave, friend to Garrison, and editor of The North Star Harriet Tubman/

Television Media 531. Copyright © 2012 Pearson Canada Inc. The Canadian Television Market  Television and radio reaches 99% of Canadian households. 

9-3 Copyright © 2012 Pearson Canada Inc. Television Market The television market is divided between:  National Networks  e.g., /and the Springhill Mine disaster. (1956)  Major political coverage included a five-hour federal election telecast and/ one downtown location, the new state-of-the-art Canadian Broadcasting Centre/c. Lifestyles – certain groups of people. Example – Friends, Will and Grace d. Workplace – most of / violent acts per hour.  Children’s cartoons average 22 per hour.  Evidence shows that/

Propaganda Techniques. What are Propaganda Techniques? They are the methods and approaches used to spread ideas that further a cause - a political, commercial,

be found often in modern advertising propaganda. Any time advertisers state that their product is the best without providing evidence for this/world and continues to grow in all of its major markets. As the world’s first sugar free chewing gum, /employed using sarcasm and ridicule, and shows up often in political cartoons or writings. When examining name calling propaganda, we should / in politics, transfer is most often used to transfer blame or bad feelings from one politician to another of his friends or /

American Culture. The development of the culture of the United States of America — music, cinema, dance, architecture, literature, poetry, cuisine and.

decentralized, market-oriented television system. No national broadcast programming services. Local media markets with/ programming aimed at children (including animated cartoons), while Sunday mornings include public-affairs /channels of Christ- centered and family-friendly television and radio programming are currently /a new generation of educated and politically astute African-American men and / become decidedly more sophisticated in the United States. More complex and sophisticated dramas bloomed in/

The Depression and the New Deal

with the job and had a difficult time detecting morally corrupt friends and confidants. (Like Grant) “He was not a bad/event of a Japanese war with the United States. Goals  naval disarmament and the political situation in the Far East. Five-Power /cartoon lambastes Japan for disregarding international treaty agreements when it seized Manchuria in 1931. The next year the Japanese would set up the puppet state/) Serves as a watchdog of the stock market Made stock markets more of a trading mart than a gambling/

Thursday October 3, 2013 Objective: SWBAT understand how political ideology can influence demographic groups. Drill: What does Bipartisan mean? What does.

Political Parties Today? Party Ideology Democrats Not Ideologically Exclusive! Similar in many respects Believe in the ideals of a Republican, Democratic society with a Capitalist economy This is how the parties are able to chase the same “undecided voters”! The state has the answer to problems -Tend to be more Liberal Progressive to help the individual The individual (with help from family, friends/ debt Deregulate the economy Support free market principles & supply-side economics Social Conservatives/

Deconstructing Boy Culture Paradox of Empires and the Politics of Testosterone.

the Politics of Testosterone What Happened to the Boy Culture in the Age of Marketing? / fantasy from reality”.. “For young people in particular cartoon violence must be taken seriously” “cartoon violence goes unpunished, is undertaken by an attractive character/rabbits" or with Power Rangers hell start kicking and fighting”. Another stated: " we were watching Spiderman and Batman and we found we were/and thats been kind of tough because there was a new friend that Z was making in his kinder-garden class and /

PowerPoint by Yu Hongyan Business School of Jilin University Chapter 6 Analyzing Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior.

Food Achievements Themselves Social issues Politics Business Economics Education Future Product / and services companies throughout the United States have used VALS to improve product /the applicability of the segmentation system to advertising and marketing applications. VALS 2 continues to be calibrated 校准/to drink when _________ Buying beer is ____________ _______ My friends think beer is ____________ Picture interpretation 让受试者画出他们对某一特定的物体的印象 。 Cartoon or Balloon Test Each product is capable of arousing a/

Federalist and Democratic- Republican The first 2 political parties. Many of the Democratic-Republicans had earlier been members of the Anti-federalists/

Constitution. Democratic-Republicans believed in a weak central government, state and individual rights, and strict interpretation of the Constitution. /Steel Institute in 1901, he was also involved in the stock market. Thomas A. Edison One of the most prolific inventors in/of the civil war, he led a corrupt bargain, friends and relatives. Although Grant was personally a very honest and/produced satirical cartoons, he invented Uncle Sam and came up with the elephant and the donkey for the political parties. /

The Jazz Age & The Age Of Corruption, 1919=1929 AP United States History Unit 7 A Reluctant Colossus, 1880-1939.

friends or families for weeks. –Visitors of prisoners were sometimes held as prisoners after visits. –Jammed into small, filthy cells, beaten, and forced to sign “confessions.” Palmer Raids Political Cartoon/Sept. 1919 Coolidge’s reaction.Coolidge’s reaction. –Sides with the commissioner. –States that “there is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, /to play with on the stock market.People begin to borrow money from banks to play with on the stock market. Business Mergers Increase Why??? /

The Jazz Age & The Age Of Corruption, 1919=1929 AP United States History Unit 7 A Reluctant Colossus, 1880-1939.

friends or families for weeks. –Visitors of prisoners were sometimes held as prisoners after visits. –Jammed into small, filthy cells, beaten, and forced to sign “confessions.” Palmer Raids Political Cartoon/1919 Coolidge’s reaction.Coolidge’s reaction. –Sides with the commissioner. –States that “there is no right to strike against the public safety by / play with on the stock market.People begin to _______________________________from banks to play with on the stock market. Business Mergers Increase Why??? /

US Imperialism 1898 - 1920 What do you see in this cartoon?

this cartoon? /nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the United States pursued an aggressive policy of expansionism, extending its political and economic influence around the globe. /Pancho Villa were thorns in Wilson’s side – Mexicans revolt against US-friendly leader. US investors back dictator, but Wilson won’t recognize. Wilson /McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson Causes (what does the US need?) – Bases, resources, markets Effects (what did the US gain? Lose?) – Spanish-American War, Hawaii, Panama /

SECTION 1 SECTION 2 SECTION 3 SECTION 4 Regional Economies Create Differences Nationalism at Center Stage The Age of Jackson States’ Rights and the National.

the United States would view it as a hostile act against this nation 2 SECTION NEXT Monroe Doctrine The political system of /system—replaces former appointees with own friends Friends become primary advisers, dubbed “kitchen cabinet” Jackson Attempted Assassination/ Second Bank of the United States resulted in his censure by Congress for abuse of power. This cartoon depicts Henry Clay sewing Jacksons /the tensions came to a head in Kensington’s Nanny Goat Market with a violent nativist–Irish clash that lasted for three days/

The Spread of Democracy Popular Politics and Partisan Identity The Election of 1828 and the Character Issue Jacksons Democratic Agenda Property and Democracy.

market by law, regulation, or other mechanisms of government enforcement.Also called a "de jure monopoly." Guarantee Clause Article Four of the United States Constitution outlines the duties states have to each other, as well as those the federal government has to the states. Jacksonian Democracy Jacksonian democracy is the political/ Bank of the United States Democratic cartoon from 1833 showing Jackson destroying/ Adams home state of Massachusetts C) Adams had slighted Jacksons friend and colleague Henry/

Supply Kirk, Muldoon, Lange, McKinnon Quotes and cartoon on one page to paste in.

if my paragraph includes… 1.A topic sentence that states the person’s stance on the issue/event (eg / can include their background, race, gender, class, religion, political affiliation. 3.You should also explain the reasons that they give/markets. These threats did not eventuate. Even Australia would not support our position. ANZUS was declared ‘inoperative’ and NZ was downgraded from being an ‘ally’ to a ‘friend/ answers EXTENSION: Lange quote Q 8-11 p.111 Cartoon Discuss in pairs Q 10-12 p. 113 END OF/

Immigration 1880 - 1920. Old Immigrants 1800 - 1880 10 million Came from Northern and Western Europe U.K. Netherlands, German States, Sweden, Norway Protestant.

and rules were more strict, conditions were less sanitary, and people less friendly 1910-1940; 50,000 immigrants entered the U.S. Sticking together Immigrants flock/ million not to publish the corrupting material. Offered $500,000 to stop printing political cartoons against him. 1871 Tweed is charged with 120 counts of fraud and extortion. / sell goods at market Wanted government to print more money “ thought more money would inflate the price of goods” Laws Munn v. Illinois = state legislatures did have the/

Dwight D. Eisenhower, our 34th President of the United States.

(1965) At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends (1967) TECHNOLOGY Millions of families got their first/preserved individual freedom and the market economy yet insured that government /States ended this war as a loss Having to deal with the USSR "Only Americans can hurt America." We chose this quote because we felt that though this quote was made during the time of Eisenhowers presidential years, it is still happening today and this quote still makes a big impact in today, and even tomorrow future. POLITICAL CARTOON/

International Marketing Strategy Project: Country Market Analysis India.

Lipton Iced tea there Place: Production Economic Factors –State to state tariffs if produced in India –Cheaper labor in India/color schemes and big red Skippy logo –Incorporated new, family-friendly cartoon character, Skip. Legal Factors –Packaging must have Hindi along/jars of peanut better are currently too large for the market Too big!! Promotion: Types Currently in all main categories/: 35.7% –Cable: 49.0% Legal Factors –No wholly political or religious ads –For children: “Ads must not suggest that, unless/

Warm Up 8.) We are moving into the Progressive Era from the problems that rose in society & politics during the Gilded Age. As one progressive explained,

improving living and working conditions, increasing education, stopping political corruption, & giving women the right to vote. /Took medicines with cocaine & other harmful ingredients off the market. - Jacob Riis: photographer who exposed the horrors /a newspaper editor, she launched a lynching investigation after her friend was lynched. - Devoted her life to an anti-lynching/from office. - Before 1913, each state legislature chose its own U.S. senators/? Cite details from the cartoon to support your answer. /

Spanish American War. Monroe Doctrine of 1823  The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 defined United States foreign policy in the Americas for the rest of the 19.

materials, and markets of another /State Journal  "WARSHIP TO HAVANA...BATTLESHIP MAINE DISPATCHED AND SENATORS SAY AMEN...OFFICIALS DECLARE THAT THIS MOVE IS A FRIENDLY ONE...The sending of the Maine to Havana means simply the resumption of friendly/states are:  local taxation system and exemption from Internal Revenue Code,  lack of voting representation in either house of the U.S. Congress,  the ineligibility of Puerto Ricans to vote in presidential elections. Assignment:  Create a political cartoon/

Current Issues in Marketing. Lecture Outline: The Emerging PsychoSphere: Psychospheric Shifts G enerational Marketing  Generational Theory  Generations.

Dolls, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Carrot Top, TV-Friends, Brady Bunch, Ninja turtles Born: 1965~1983 48 million/- -is divided & anxious about the future.. A state of “shattering stress & disorientation resulting from too much / Adult camps and adventure vacations Down-Aging - Examples  TV shows starring cartoon characters: "The Simpsons," "King of the Hill," "South Park," "Daria/ company that offers a challenge Engineering Law & politics Computer science How to Market to Gen-Yer’s (Honda-example) POP QUIZ/

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