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CMPT 463. What will be covered A* search Local search Game tree Constraint satisfaction problems (CSP)

11 Some solutions Solution: a limit on the number of consecutive sideway moves E.g., 100 consecutive sideways movies in the 8-queens problem successful rate: raises from14% to/continued) [2,2] [-∞,2] [3,3] 27 Example: Map-Coloring Variables WA, NT, Q, NSW, V, SA, T Domains D i = {red, green, blue} Constraints: adjacent regions must have different colors e.g., WA ≠ NT, or (WA,NT) in {(red,green),(red,blue),(green,red), (green,blue),(blue,red),(blue,green)} 28 Example: Map-Coloring Solutions are complete and/

The Proposed Solution to the Orphan Works Problem: Safe Legal Adoption or Risky Foster Parenting? Denise Troll Covey Carnegie Mellon University Libraries.

registry Default licensing = orphan Reasonable effort = keep looking –Incentive for © owner to register Limited remedies = currently not working Burden © owner Benefit preservation, access, & use Register searches /present OW situations See pp. 2 and 21 Conclusions The orphan works problem is real The problem is difficult to quantify or describe/continuance of the orphan works problem & the invitation to recommend a solution –Federal government knew that the 1976 CTEA would exacerbate the orphan works problem/

Limiting & Excess Reagents Chemistry 11 March 19, 2010.

the exact masses of all reactants! One reactant will always be in excess, the other reactant will be called “limitingLimiting & Excess Reactants Chemicals continue to react until one reactant is completely used up (the reaction then stops) The “excess reactant” is the/H 2 gas and 7 moles of S 8. Which reactant is in excess? Which reactant is limiting? How many moles of water will form? Calculations with Limiting & Excess Reactants 8 H 2 + S 8  8 H 2 S TWO WAYS to look at this problem: “Hydrogen /

CP Chemistry Agenda 24-28 Feb 2014 Monday:Continue to work on your Review Packet. L/D Summary Notes Molecular Bonding HW: Use EN values to determine polarity.

CP Chemistry Agenda 24-28 Feb 2014 Monday:Continue to work on your Review Packet. L/D Summary Notes Molecular Bonding HW: Use EN values to determine polarity. Tuesday:R/R EN Value to determine polarity. L/D Octet Rule N – A = S Sigma and Pi Bonds TLS: Use N – A = S to draw molecules. Wednesday:TLS: Work N – A = S problem set HW: Read Molecular Model Actiivty Thursday:TLS: Molecular Model Activity HW: Complete Activity Friday:L/D Resonance and Limits to the Octet Rule. HW: Limit Problem Set.

UNIT 1 TIER 6 Determine the limiting reactant and the reactant in excess when quantities of reacting substances are given Solve problems involving theoretical,

of reacting substances are given Solve problems involving theoretical, experimental and percentage yield Limiting Reactants The limiting reactant is the reactant that limits the amount of the other reactant that can combine and the amount of product that can form in a chemical reaction. The excess reactant is the substance that is not used up completely in a reaction. Limited Reactants, continued Sample Problem F Silicon dioxide (quartz) is/

Modified Newton Methods Lecture 9 Alessandra Nardi Thanks to Prof. Jacob White, Jaime Peraire, Michal Rewienski, and Karen Veroy.

) Give good initial guess for x (0) Most model computations produce errors in function values and derivatives. Want to have convergence criteria || x (k+1) - x (k) || than model errors. Improving convergence Improve Models (80% of problems) Improve Algorithms (20% of problems) Focus on new algorithms: Limiting Schemes Continuations Schemes Outline Limiting Schemes –Direction Corrupting –Non corrupting (Damped Newton) Globally Convergent if Jacobian is Nonsingular Difficulty/

BINF 702 Spring 2014 Practice Problems Practice Problems BINF 702 Practice Problems.

. BINF 702 Spring 2014 Practice Problems Problem #1 Solution BINF 702 Spring 2014 Practice Problems Problem # 1 Solution in R > prop.test(xx) 2-sample test for equality of proportions with continuity correction data: xx X-squared /limit theorem be assumed to hold?? Yes Inference concerning means? Yes (go to 3) Are samples independent? No Use paired t test. BINF 702 Spring 2014 Practice Problems Problem # 7d Conduct the hypothesis test and report a p-value. BINF 702 Spring 2014 Practice Problems Problem/


deal with the desperate problem. FDR THE M AN W HO C HANGED A MERICA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew2j3P0OJeg&feature=relmfu FDR AND THE T HREE R/it. The 2 nd Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938= more Comprehensive substitute (still continued conservation Payments) If growers observed acreage restrictions on specific commodities, they would be eligible/ autocratic ambitions of Supreme Ct  FDR lost  1939-cong. Gave him limited powers for admin reform in the Reorganization Act. The New Dealers were accused /

12.3 Limiting Reagent and Percent Yield

Limiting Reagent and Percent Yield By: Michelle Alice Ganian Limiting Reagent In a chemical reaction, an insufficient quantity of any of the reactants will limit the amount of product that is formed. (In terms of ingredients, the smallest amount you have of the ingredients will be the limiting reagent, because it is the substance that will limit the amount of the recipe.) Limiting/ Step 2: Continue the problem by using the founded limiting reagent to solve for the quantity of the product Limiting reagent = 2/

Review Answers with step-by-step examples

burn 1 mol of C3H8 (propane) molecules in a camping stove? (write down the equation first; this is a simple Combustion equation and remember that it must be balanced before you continue.) If I had asked for grams instead of molecules, then the last step would be: 1 mol C3H8 5 mol O2 = 5 / Review Answers Stoichiometry Practice Problems (Front) 2) 100 g CO2 1) 116.38 g AgCl 3) 315.9 g I2 2) 2.21 g 𝐻 2 4) 343 mg H2O or 0.343 g H2O 3) 34.5 g Na 5) 55 g H2O 4) 292 g Ag Worksheet # 2 Limiting Reactant 5) 0.344/

An Experimental Replication of Hand and Finger Usage Patterns among Congenitally Blind, Braille Reading Adults: A Pilot Study Loana K. Mason American Printing.

One experimental study contradicts current practices regarding braille mechanics (Ferrell, Mason, & Young, 2006) Problem: Fluke or Fact? 14 congenitally blind braille readers between the ages of 8-10 were tested/Literature on Cerebral Processes & Braille Braille reading requires both language and spatial processing, & thus, it makes sense that good / left index finger dominance Discussion Continued Different pattern emerging than found by Hermelin & O’Connor Limitations Small sample size prevents statistical /

Principals of Digital Signal Recording. How do we represent a continuously variable signal digitally? Sampling – Sampling rate – number of measurements.

limit Aliasing – What would be the disadvantage? Data size Compute time How do we represent a continuously variable signal digitally? Sampling – What would be the advantage to greater sampling depth? Finer resolution – What would be the disadvantage? Data size Possibly compute time How do we represent a continuously variable signal digitally? Sampling – A note about data size and/ Should you filter? – Yes, when necessary to reveal a real signal Problem: how do you know it’s “real” – No, always look /

Physics of fusion power

12: tokamak – continued A tokamak Plasma (/These unwanted components are referred to as impurities Schematic picture of a plasma limiter Impurities are no good news Given a fixed electron density, impurities dilute / / Beryllium have a low Z Carbon does not melt but has the problem that it binds well with Tritium (contamination of the machine) Tungsten has very/of the neutral particles Note also that the angle between the magnetic field and the plate is as small as possible. This makes that the energy carried/

IL PBIS 2008: Leadership Lucille, Holly, Kelly, Diane, Brandi, Seth, Rob & George OSEP Center on PBIS Center for Behavioral Education and Research University.

Education and / STUDENT PERFORMANCE CONTINUOUS PROGRESS MONITORING DATA-BASED DECISION MAKING & PROBLEM SOLVING UNIVERSAL SCREENING/ RtI RtI: Good “IDEiA” Policy Approach or framework for redesigning & establishing teaching & learning environments that are effective, efficient, relevant, & durable for all students, families & educators NOT program, curriculum, strategy, intervention NOT limited to special education NOT new Quotable Fixsen “Policy is –Allocation of limited/

Election Studies: The State of the Field and Beyond Ian McAllister The Australian National University

of the Field and Beyond Ian / 8. Denmark1971- 9. Australia1987- Inspired by Michigan model But election studies appear to have reached their limits Length of questionnaire in Australian Election Study Number of variables in American National Election Study Declining response rates,/Sample Size  Usually 1,500-2,000 respondents Problems: effective sample smaller for voters; difficult to analyze some issues, groups Methodological Issues, continued Study Design  An enhanced portfolio of coordinated studies/

Index FAQ Limits of Sequences of Real Numbers Sequences of Real Numbers Limits through Rigorous Definitions The Squeeze Theorem Using the Squeeze Theorem.

and is divergent. 0 Index FAQ 0 Index FAQ Limits of Sequences 2 3 Notation The sequence (1,-2,3,-4,…) diverges. Index FAQ Computing Limits of Sequences (1) Index FAQ Computing Limits of Sequences (1) Examples 1 2 1 n2n2 0 Index FAQ Computing Limits of Sequences Examples continued 3 Index FAQ Formal Definition of Limits/ like L’Hospital’s Rule. Here each term k/n < 1. Index FAQ Using the Squeeze Theorem Problem Solution Index FAQ Monotonous Sequences Definition The sequence (a 1,a 2,a 3,…) is decreasing if a /

Sect. 1.5: Probability Distributions for Large N: (Continuous Distributions)

a large number of independent repetitions. This theorem allows us to analyze and predict the results of chance phenomena when we average over many observations. Related to the Central Limit Theorem is The Law of Large Numbers: As a random phenomenon is repeated/ (u,v)dudv = 1 (limits a 1 ≤ u ≤ a 2, b 1 ≤ v ≤ b 2 ) Mean values: ≡  G(u,v) P (u,v)dudv Functions of Random Variables An important, often occurring problem is: Consider a random variable u. Suppose φ(u) ≡ any continuous function of u. Question If P/

Calculus 2-4 Limits and Continuity. Continuity No breaks or interruptions in a function.

not an easy fix. One-Side Continuity Continuous at all points except at 1. Jump discontinuity at 1 Right-continuous at 1 Infinite Discontinuity If one or both side limits of a function are infinite, then the function is infinite discontinuous at that point. Basic Laws of Continuity Continuity of Polynomial and Rational Functions Continuity of Some Basic Functions Continuity of Composite Functions Problems 2.4 #1-5, 7, 13/

Is DNA Computing Viable for 3-SAT Problems? Dafa Li Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 290, no. 3, pp. 2095-2107, January 2003. Cho, Dong-Yeon.

The paper will report  No matter how large l is and no matter how close to 1 p is, there always exists a class of 3-SAT problems such that DNA computing error must occur with Lipton’s model/x 1 =0, x 2 =0, x 3 =0) Remainder © 2003 SNU CSE Biointelligence Lab 9 Example 3 (continued)  Further operations  t 3 contains p 3 2 n-3 + 3p 3 (1+q)2 n-4 DNA/q)+p)10 l DNA strands.  When n , the limit of the latter is 0.  For any p  (0,1), no matter how close to 1, and for any l > 0, no matter how large, there /

2005 ASHRAE 62 – 1989 BTL Building Tightness Limit Based on LBL Correction factor Gives agencies a minimum target CFM 50 Using the Zip Test Pro TI-86.

target CFM 50 Using the Zip Test Pro TI-86 BTLa Building Tightness limits and ventilation requirements based on ASHRA 62,119 & 136 Recommends Mechanical Continuous Ventilation New fan standards Rated for Continuous use Sone level 1.0 or less certified by the home ventilation institute. Energy efficient 19 watt or less Problem Contactors had a hard time finding the fans. Clients complained of fans/

Chapter 4 Continuous Models Introduction –Independent variables are chosen as continuous values Time t Distance x, ….. –Paradigm for state variables Change.

continuous /’s model Malthus’s assumption: –Unlimited resource & no migration –Birth rate and death rate are both constants The equation Malthus’s model Phenomena –Population `explosion/USA: immigration –Fish in a pound –Whale in the ocean Big environmental problems –Fishing grounds collapsed under over-fishing –Some animals are in danger of/ resource!!!!! Harvest logistic model (I) Assumption: For fish, plants, etc –Limited resource & death rate is constant –Harvest depends linearly on the population –Birth/

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Lecture 3: Solving Problems by Sorting Ramin Halavati In which we look at how an agent.

and robot location Actions? Left, Right, Clean Goal test? No dirt at all locations Path cost? 1 per action Example: The 8-puzzle States? Locations of tiles Actions? Move blank left, right, up, down Goal test? Given Path cost? 1 per move Example: robotic assembly States? real-valued coordinates of robot joint angles parts of the object to be assembled Actions? continuous/available in the problem definition –Breadth-first search –Uniform-cost search –Depth-first search –Depth-limited search –Iterative /

Calculus 1.Area Problem A1A1 A2A2 A3A3 A4A4 A = A 1 + A 2 + A 3 + A 4 A3A3 A4A4 A5A5 A 10 …… A = lim A n = πr 2 n -> ∞ A x y 0 y=x 2 x y 0 x y 0 Volume.

…… A = lim A n = πr 2 n -> ∞ A x y 0 y=x 2 x y 0 x y 0 Volume Problem Integral Calculus Calculus 2.Tangent Problem Differential Calculus x y 0 y=x 2 P k tangent line x y 0 y=x 2 P Q k PQ secant line k = / be positive. Therefore Limit of a function: A function f(x) is continuous at a point a if i.e. f(a) defined exists and A function f(x) is continuous on an interval if it is continuous at every point of this interval. Itermediate Value Theorem: f – continuous on [a,b]. i.e. continuous function takes on every/

The Bandstructure Problem A One-dimensional model (“easily generalized” to 3D!)

to 3D!) Bandstructure Problem: A One Dimensional/ (x) is a simultaneous eigenfunction of the translation operator T and the Hamiltonian H. –The Commutator Theorem of QM tells us that/< (½)b ψ = A exp(βx), x < -(½)b ψ = A exp(-βx), x > (½)b Boundary Conditions:  ψ & dψ/dx are continuous. So: Algebra (2 pages!) leads to: (ε/V o ) = (ħ 2 α 2 )/(2m o V o ) ε, α, β are related to/ka)  -1< L< 1 But also L(ε/V o ) = a messy function with no limits. For ε in the range -1 < L < 1  Allowed Energies (Bands!) For ε in /

Sustaining Change: RtI & SWPBS George Sugai OSEP Center on PBIS Center for Behavioral Education and Research University of Connecticut May 9, 2008 www.pbis.org.

Education and Research /limited resources for unlimited needs” –Opportunity, not guarantee, for good action” “Training does not predict action” –“Manualized treatments have created overly rigid & rapid applications” Public Health & Disease Prevention Kutash et al., 2006; Larson, 1994 Tertiary (FEW) –Reduce complications, intensity, severity of current cases Secondary (SOME) –Reduce current cases of problem/Continuous Self-Assessment Practice Implementation Effective Practices Relevance Priority Efficacy /

How does distance walked in 6 minutes relate to re-hospitalization? Clinical Problem Solving I Kaylea Kirven.

relate to re-hospitalization? Clinical Problem Solving I Kaylea Kirven Purpose: / (HOB raised + Rail utilization) PT Initial Evaluation: Continued HOB: Head of Bed CGA: Contact Guard Assistance * Should have been performed Impairments:Functional Limitations: Edema (2+) Pain (2/10) Decreased ROM /Within 6 Months of Discharge: > 50% of patients are readmitted to hospital Prediction of Mortality and Morbidity With a 6-Minute Walk Test in Patients With Left Ventricular Dysfunction Journal of the American/

J.K.Fenner(India) Limited MDU - 1 /58 1 APPLICATION FOR 10 th CYCLE OF QCI D.L. SHAH QUALITY AWARDS J.K. Fenner (India) Limited 3, Madurai-Melakkal Road.

of solution depends on the involvement Self confidence of our team to solve bigger problems. Each attempt is a good learning in Problem solving J.K.Fenner(India) Limited MDU - 1 /58 To implement this project in Madurai II plant Our journey towards becoming green and being a responsible corporate citizen Continues……. TARGET : BEFORE Oct ‘2015 FUTURE PLAN 57 We proudly say that we are/

Electric Fields Due to Continuous Charge Distributions.

summing the contributions of all of the charge elements. For the individual charge elements: Because the charge distribution is continuous: Volume Charge Density When a charge Q is distributed evenly throughout a volume V, the Volume Charge Density is/dq = dx, so dE = k e [dq/(x 2 )] = k e [( dx)/(x 2 )] And E = k e ∫[(dx)/(x 2 )] (limits x = a to x = l ) E = k e [(1/a) – 1/(a + l)] Example/between the plates. Solving this problem is identical mathematically to the problem of projectile motion in Physics I!!!

Culture & Demographics Chapter 3. Bases for community among Latinos Major themes: – Continuing high population growth – Broader geographic presence of.

for most Latinos. – Hence, English-only & loyalty issues continue to occupy the political landscape. Culture, Latinos, & Demographics /, and manufacturing, & construction industries. Hence, if more Latinos tend to be occupationally “stratified” & located in particular industry sectors… – Then issues, problems,/conditions, educational isolation, limited employment opportunities, economic segregation, & vulnerability to violent crime) – Which suggest both common ground & limited political resources to mobilize /

Medical Malpractice Insurance Crisis: Round Three Current developments Rounds one and two Tort reform proposals Impact of interest rates on cost of insurance.

Current developments Rounds one and two Tort reform proposals/Illinois –Federal tort reform Caps on non economic damages Proportionate liability Three year statute of limitations Limitations on legal fees Plaintiffs’ attorneys oppose tort reforms –Argue caps would hurt seriously injured /in lawsuits –Continue to allow rate freedom What are their Positions? (3) Regulators want to focus on key responsibilities –Solvency –Market conduct –Competition Legislators want to solve the problem –Difficult issue/


PROBLEMS IN MODELING FRACTURE PROCESS IN CONCRETE Miodrag Pavisic Structural Engineer 1. Theory of Plasticity 2. Fracture Mechanics 3. Continuous Damage Mechanics Assumptions & Limitations Theory of plasticity Non-linearity in concrete –where does it come from? Plastic flow in quasibrittle material? damage ε = εe + εp….( +εω ) Assumptions & Limitations Continuous damage mechanics “ continuous/“With the load increased enough microcracs and microvoids propagation and interaction concentrate – localize in a /

Separation and Divorce

mentally limited children are associated with divorce. 3. Kitson & Sussman (1982) found that the four most common reasons given for divorce were, in descending order: personality problems,/, almost everyone falls back into separation anxiety. 5. As the separation continues, separation distress slowly gives way to loneliness. 6. A person goes through/consequences such as higher levels of personal growth & greater autonomy. Children and Divorce A. A traditional nuclear family, merely because it is intact,/

On Apr. 6, 1789, G. Washington was elected 1st prez. of new nation.

prez. of new nation. Precedents, or traditions, that he set continue to shape presidency of U.S. Everything Washington did would set /money to pay the government’s bills and make loans to farmers and businesses. Tariff, or tax, on/in 1795- GW accepted too to avoid war III. Problems with Europe (pages 288–289) Spain, worried about becoming/to Hamilton came together & called their party Democratic-Republicans. They wanted limited central govt. policies favoring farmers & urban workers. Jefferson & Madison /

Aim: What do slope, tangent and the derivative have to do with each other? Do Now: What is the equation of the line tangent to the circle at point (7,

the slope of its tangent line at (x, f(x)), and is given by provided this limit exists. difference quotient Find the slope of the graph f(x) = x2 at the point (-2, 4). Model Problem Find the slope of the graph f(x) = x2 at / Differentiability and Continuity What is the relationship, if any, between differentiability and continuity? f(x) is a continuous function (x, f(x)) f(x) – f(c) x – c x c (c, f(c)) Is there a limit as x approaches c? YES alternative form of derivative Differentiability and Continuity Is/

Warm Up Packet pg. 2 & 3. Problems for HW Credit pg. 65 3: Morgan; Gil 39: Victoria; Rebecca 40: Megan; Drayton 44: Savona; Carlos 47: Decoya; Julie 48:

DISCLAIMER: The limit of f(x) as x approaches c DOES NOT depend on the value of f(c). However, sometimes you get a gift and it’s a simple plug & chug problem when: For these problems, simply sub in x = c. i.e. DIRECT SUBSTITUTION How to tell when you can use DIRECT SUBSTITUTION: The function needs to be “well-behaved” (continuous) at c/

© 2005 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. BGP v3.2—7-1 Optimizing BGP Scalability Limiting the Number of Prefixes Received from a BGP Neighbor.

All rights reserved. BGP v3.2—7-3 Limiting the Number of Routes Received from a Neighbor Definition of problem: All other filtering mechanisms specify only what you/ neighbors with the maximum-prefix function configured, displays the maximum number of prefixes and the warning threshold For neighbors exceeding the maximum number of prefixes, displays the reason/either terminates the peering (by default) or sends a log message but continues peering with the sender. You can use the show ip bgp neighbors command/

Bologna 6-8 September Genetic Approach for a Localisation Problem based upon Particle Filters A. Gasparri, S. Panzieri, F. Pascucci, G. Ulivi Dipartimento.

problem GENETIC APPROACH FOR A LOCALISATION PROBLEM BASED UPON PARTICLE FILTERS 5 29 Algorithm Taxonomy Kalman filters (KF, EKF, UKF) –Continuous space state –Gaussian distributions Particle Filters –Discrete space state –Limited number of states –Multi-modal distributions GENETIC APPROACH FOR A LOCALISATION PROBLEM/apply within each partition The resulting algorithm is able to solve both the global localisation and the kidnap problem. The resulting algorithm turns out to be robust : –in presence of noise on/

Fort Gordon Civilian Personnel Advisory Center Managing Leave and Attendance.

and Attendance “Stay alert. You can observe a can observe a lot by watching.” lot by watching.” - Yogi Berra Managing Leave & Dealing with Attendance Problems/ treatment Managing Leave & Dealing with Attendance Problems n Sick Leave - Family Friendly – Same reasons as for “self” – Limited: portion of employee’s SL » accrued/ Dealing with Attendance Problems n Employee Responsibilities - continued Don’t “disappear” without supervisory approval Managing Leave & Dealing with Attendance Problems n Late Arrivals /

Amy Gutman MD EMS Medical Director ALS / BLS Continuing Education

Continuing/Echelon Full spectrum of hospitals with rehabilitation capabilities outside combat zone Definitive care Limited to no mobility Korean War  Increased use of aeromedical transport  /  Integration of Advanced Technology  Commitment to Training  Outcomes Driven Model Triage Tools Problems  “One Size Fits All” No, it doesn’t Populations & resources vary &/vs Not Sick? Not Sick with high potential for Sick? Densmore. Outcomes and delivery of care in pediatric injury. J Ped Surg. 2006.  PURPOSE/

Full Year Review MTH 251/252/253 – Calculus. MTH251 – Differential Calculus Limits Continuity Derivatives Applications.

MTH251 – Differential Calculus Limits Evaluate limits at a point. Evaluate end behavior limits. Evaluate limits of quotients. L’Hôpitals Rule MTH251 – Differential Calculus Continuity Where does discontinuity occur? Jumps (piecewise functions) Asymptotes Holes Intervals where the function is undefined Given a graph or equation of a function; indicate where the function is discontinuous MTH251 – Differential Calculus Derivatives Polynomials Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Exponential Logarithmic/

Unit 4: Social Institutions Ch 11: The Family Ch 12: Education Ch 13: Political and Economic Ch 13: Political and Economic InstitutionsInstitutions Ch.

be ___________. Also allows students to transfer schools + continue learning the same things. Challenging formal education Formal / End Section 4 Ch 13 – Political and Economic Institutions The link b/w economics +/active. ___________ - draws attention to various topics, emphasizes some problems while downplaying or ignoring others. Determines what ______________ + forces/ form of business controlled by __________, who have limited liability + limited control, recognized by law as a separate legal /

Channel Archiver Stats & Problems Kay Kasemir, Greg Lawson, Jeff Patton Presented by Xiaosong Geng (ORNL/SNS) March 2008.

~70 sub-archives  … so that maintenance or problems on one sub-archive wont affect others  Means /limitations O AK R IDGE N ATIONAL L ABORATORY U. S. D EPARTMENT OF E NERGY 4 Data Management Limitations  Difficult and/Continue to invest in Channel Archivers data management tools?  End up implementing a relational database?  Why not use existing RDB? O AK R IDGE N ATIONAL L ABORATORY U. S. D EPARTMENT OF E NERGY 6 JLab: MySQL Transition (Chris Slominski)  Very promising performance tests!  Limitations/

Solved Problems on Limits and Continuity. Calculators Mika Seppälä: Limits and Continuity Overview of Problems 1 2 3 4 56 78 910.

x. Calculators Mika Seppälä: Limits and Continuity One-sided Limits Problem 10 Solution Calculators Mika Seppälä: Limits and Continuity Continuity Problem 11 Solution Calculators Mika Seppälä: Limits and Continuity Continuity Problem 12 Solution Calculators Mika Seppälä: Limits and Continuity Continuity Problem 13 Solution Calculators Mika Seppälä: Limits and Continuity Continuity Problem 14 Answer Removable Not removable Calculators Mika Seppälä: Limits and Continuity Continuity Problem 15 Solution By the/

Chapter Two Limits and Their Properties. Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. 2 | 2 The Tangent Line Problem.

Chapter Two Limits and Their Properties Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. 2 | 2 The Tangent Line Problem Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. 2 | 3 The Area Problem Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. 2 | 4 A Strategy for Finding Limits (simplified) Use direct substitution (easiest method). If direct substitution does not work try finding an equal function that can be evaluated/

PRIMITIVE DATA TYPES -Integer -Floating Point -Decimal -Boolean -Character STRINGS -Character Array -Class -String Length -Static -Limited Dynamic -Dynamic.

Limited Dynamic -Dynamic ENUMERATION TYPES - C++ - Fortran - Java SUBRANGE TYPES ARRAYS -Indexing -Flavors -Static -Fixed Stack Dynamic -Stack Dynamic -Fixed Heap-Dynamic -Heap Dynamic -Initalization -Operations (APL) -Rectangular/Jagged -Implementation -Single Dimensional -Multi Dimensional ASSOCIATIVE ARRAYS RECORD TYPES UNION TYPES POINTER/REFERENCE TYPES -Fundamental Operations -Problems/ salary is: $salaries{Perry} "; # Iterate and print the key - value pairs print "Dumping the/continue Ada UNION TYPES

Phase 1 Exam Review 25 M/C, 25 T/F Questions 3 Time Value of Money Problems Chapters 1 - 5 Personal Financial Planning FIN 235.

Problems (4 Extra Credit) Chapter 2 Career Planning Importance of Career Planning – Links to life time income potential – Identifying Career opportunities – Importance of resume and cover letters Key phrases – targeting cover letter – Managing credit profile – Continuing Education Chapter 3 Financial Statements, Budgets Importance of Goals and/ deposits (CD’s) Monetary Assets Liability limits for lost credit cards – $50 <= 2 days, $500 <= 60 days FDIC Insurance limits ($250K) Time Value of Money Future value/

Limited Contribution of Self-Management in Chaotic Wireless Deployments Presented by Karl Deng.

: Socially responsible power control algorithms Individual access points and clients behave in an altruistic manner Not simply relying/ CSMA/CD.) Power control algorithm (Continue) Backward compatibility  Heterogeneous transmit power levels cause problems  Compatibility with old APs  / algorithms:  Channel assignment algorithm  Rate adaptation algorithm  Power control algorithm Limited Contribution No Yes (but problematic) No ? Measurement Contribution Qualitative results are straightforward/

The Negative View Problem: Linkages of habitat & fish Degraded tributary habitat Degraded Saginaw Bay habitat shoreline alteration Loss of connectivity.

Cormorant Consequence: Prevent rehabilitation of lake trout Potential invasions lead to unpredictability Prevent achievement of most FCOs Continued management of exotic species Reliance on Exotic Prey Base Problem: Alewife and smelt dominate prey Bloater more abundant but not used Consequence: Not using full potential of ecosytem Limit ability to meet Salmonine FCO Prevent achievment of Overall Objective Predation on eggs & larval of native fish/

© ABSL Power Solutions 2007 © STM Quality Limited STM Quality Limited 8D Problem Solving TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 8D Problem Solving.

Disciplines A typical form is used for the 8D approach to problem solving © STM Quality Limited STM Quality Limited 8D Problem Solving By taking this approach we can continuously improve quality by eliminating the causes of problems and prevent their reoccurrence. © STM Quality Limited STM Quality Limited What are the 8 Disciplines? 1. Define the problem. 2. Build a team. 3. Containment action. 4. Determine the root cause. 5. Verify/

State Mental Hospital Continuity of Care Study Timothy L. Boaz, Ph.D. Keith Vossberg, B.A. Florida Mental Health Institute May 8, 2001.

Database Time Frame July 1, 1998 through June 30, 2000. Indicators of Problems with Continuity of Care Days to restoration of Medicaid benefits Days until onset of services / Variables Those who experienced adverse events received more case management service (1 month and 6 months) than those who did not experience such events No other intervention variables/status was related to whether a person received services reported in IDS Limitations of the Study Data may not show up in analysis reporting deficiencies/

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