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Rosemary A. McGowan, PhD1 Leadership Laurier Brantford ▬ A Unique Undergraduate Program in Canada.

at Laurier Brantford A unique opportunity for students to: build on the leadership skills they have developed at work, volunteer positions, and past school Leadership experience pursue an innovative undergraduate degree that targets leadership skills, theory and practical experience in an engaged and supportive campus and community Rosemary A. McGowan, PhD3 Leadership Develops Marketable Skills Communication: Report Preparation & Presentation Skills Case Analysis Team Building Problem Solving and Ethical/

SkillsUSA provides training in leadership and occupational skills, and incorporates what students learn in the classroom into over 100 different competitions.

SkillsUSA provides training in leadership and occupational skills, and incorporates what students learn in the classroom into over 100 different competitions. SkillsUSA shows students how career and technical education are necessary in advancing the future of America. SkillsUSA promotes understanding of the free-enterprise system and community service involvement. SkillsUSA prepares students for leadership in the world of work. SkillsUSA prepares individuals to become champions at work. Through/

Leadership SGA Leadership Conference Cleveland Job Corps  Markeda Carter -President  John Montgomery- Vice President  Kayleigh Edwards- Secretary 

When we start to see all leaders display leadership skills.  See campus as being a more positive environment.  When we notice all student maintain a required phase level, And have completed the necessary leadership training to occupy a leadership position.  We see our campus life being/ Job corps recruited High school drop outs from ages 16-21  Job corps maintain a house at 1588 Ansel rd. for nearly 400 girls until 1971, where they then relocated to the tour arms hotel on 107 th and Carnegie only woman /


growth related closely to student growth. Professional development Principals learn together with teachers. Establishing relationship with outside community 139/11/2015 Factors that Lead to School Improvement from Within 1.Collegiality 2.Communities of learning 3.Foster higher order thinking skills 4.Collaborative leadership (Distributed leadership) 5.Instructional leadership 6.Transformational leadership 149/11/2015 3. Foster Higher Order thinking Skills A tool for life-long learning The/

Y10 BSM Sports Leadership. KEY Learning Objective FOR UNIT 1: To be able to explain and demonstrate good sports leadership Learning Outcome 1 Knowledge.

and Evaluate Planning – Verbal Feedback or Written from teacher and students Delivery - Written AND Verbal from teacher (session evaluation form) and students Evaluation – Verbal or Written from teacher and students Emphasis on student led sessions and student based decision making. SSA Grades Will be based on your ability to show understanding of the ‘Key Leadership Skills’ along with your ability to show you have considered the ‘Key/


Leadership / Diversity and its application to leadership Outcome 81: Student will show knowledge of effective leadership/ Concepts and Skills ) Outcome115: Student will describe /personal examples of group development in use (Tuckman, Bennis or others). Target Class: HDF 190: FLITE Additional Experience: Pasta and Marshmallow Challenge Goal was to create a free standing tower using spaghetti and marshmallows Main point was to work through stages of group work We formulated ideas for/

Part 2—Skills for Success Chapter 10 Leadership and Group Dynamics.

BPA focus on getting ready for careers in business, management, administration, and information technology. Students may learn leadership skills by joining in annual competitions. Students may learn leadership skills by joining in annual competitions. DECA—An Association of Marketing Students DECA offers programs for both high school and college students. DECA offers programs for both high school and college students. Members have a chance to join in leadership programs as well as a/

Groupwork and leadership skills in MMORPGs Group W.

indicate those who gained real life skills such as teamwork or leadership were challenged in line with their gaming ability. Effective Groupwork Practices Japanese Student Study - 2011 Computer literate students with limited English skills No prior experience playing an English-language MMORPG Played the MMORPG Wonderland once a week for four weeks in approximately 70min slots. Effective Groupwork Practices Japanese Student Study - 2011 Most players tended towards/

Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.” —Stephen R. Covey.

satisfaction Delighted parents Improved school cultures Support from business and community leaders Reduced discipline referrals 4 Cores for Developing Leadership in Students 1.Model leadership. 2.Teach students leadership. 3.Empower students. 4.Develop a leadership culture. The 7 Habits and Life Skills What Parents and Business Leaders Want 21 st Century Life Skills The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People INDEPENDENCEHabits 1–3 Goal setting Organization Time management Planning/

A New Engineering Discipline: Engineering Leadership Roger V. Gonzalez, Ph.D., P.E. Professor and Chair Engineering Education and Leadership The University.

-degree programs at other institutions – with varied emphasis Is this developed for a single class, a full course, or a curriculum? An entire degree curriculum Engineering Leadership Courses: ~30 hours and growing Remainder of Engineering Courses from other / are you currently facing? Lack of understanding among various constitutions Q: What is “Engineering Leadership” Helping students realize that these extra professional skills help you be a better engineer What advice would you like from others at FOEE? /

Establish Reality: Effective Leadership and Learning

policy. Theme Daggett System for Effective Instruction 53 53 53 A B C D FIDELITY OF IMPLEMENTATION Rigor/Relevance Framework Supported by Relationships Components of School Excellence Learning Criteria Foundation Learning Stretch Learning Learner Engagement Personal Skill Development Embrace a Common Vision and Goals Inform Decisions Through Data Systems Empower Leadership Teams to Take Action and Innovate Clarify Student Learning Expectations Adopt Effective Instructional/

International Center for Leadership in Education Dr. Willard R. Daggett Cumberland County Schools January 20, 2011.

have relationships with adults, peers, and parents that support learning) Personal Skill Development (Measures of personal, social, service, and leadership skills and demonstrations of positive behaviors and attitudes) Survey Tools for Rigor, Relevance and Relationships We Learn Student Survey We Teach Instructional Staff Survey We Lead Whole Staff Survey Teacher vs. Student Comparison T – Students can apply what I am teaching to their everyday lives. 92% S/

Preparing Students for the 21 st Century Willard R. Daggett, CEO August 11, 2011.

relationships with adults, peers, and parents that support learning) Personal Skill Development (Measures of personal, social, service, and leadership skills and demonstrations of positive behaviors and attitudes) Is your purpose to prepare students for the test? Is your purpose to prepare students for the test? What else should you prepare them for? Culture Vision Structure and systems Organizational Leadership Organizational Changes Looping Interdisciplinary Chairs Electives to 9th Grade Culture/

Raymond McNulty, Senior Vice President, International Center for Leadership in Education March 27, 2008 Mesa, AZ.

, social, service, and leadership skills and demonstrations of positive behaviors and attitudes) Begin with the End in Mind PERSONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT Total Learning Embedded throughout curriculum K8 Personal Skill Development Sample Data Indicators Participation or hours in service learning Students holding leadership position in clubs, classrooms, or sports Time management Ability to plan and organize work Respect for diversity Reduction in number of student incidences of conflict Follow/

"Leading for the Common Core" in Support of the Academic Achievement of Title I Eligible Students Willard R. Daggett, Founder and Chairman March 23, 2012.

, social, service, and leadership skills and demonstrations of positive behaviors and attitudes) Culture Vision Structure and systems Organizational Leadership Organizational Changes to Support Title I Eligible Students Looping Organizational Changes to support Title I Eligible Students Looping Interdisciplinary Chairs Culture Vision Structure and systems Organizational Leadership Build leadership Top-down support for bottom-up success … for Title I Eligible Students Empower Leadership Teams Culture Vision/

Kentuckys Continuing Education Option Program (CEO) Continuous growth over time that significantly impacts student learning Continuous growth over time.

courses that best align with the CEO Plan. Lesson 3 Objectives Develop one goal statement for each of the three CEO areas of Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills. Develop one goal statement for each of the three CEO areas of Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills. Develop teacher and student objectives that correlate with each of the goal statements. The goal statements should be/

CMSD Academic Transformation Plan

referrals Counseling Community events Encouraging activism Skill building Source: “Community Schools in Action: Lessons from a Decade of Practice” 35 Contents of the transformation plan Page(s) For students to succeed, we must dramatically improve/Strategic Partnerships (Charters. EMOs, etc.) Chief Academic Officer School supervision and support Curriculum and instruction Leadership and development Research and information Chief of Staff Human resources Legal services External Affairs & Community Engagement /

Unit 17: Teaching NAUI Diving Courses and Programs Enrollment Course Goals Instructor Growth and Privileges Technical Diver Training Evaluating Leadership.

? [5] Was the exercise polished, smooth, and professional? Evaluating Leadership and Instructional Performance (continued) Confined water teaching presentation criteria (continued) –Skill Transition [3] Were evaluations of student performance communicated to students? [3] Were key points identified? [4] Was good performance praised? [5] Were suggestions for practice and improvement made? Evaluating Leadership and Instructional Performance (continued) Open water teaching presentation criteria –Briefing/

Identifying a Problem An Approach to Effective School Leadership.

(What problem does the identified truth create?) THE PROBLEM l Graduates of Springview Elementary lack knowledge and skills necessary to use technology applications effectively. IDENTIFYING A PROBLEM Step 5 §Prepare an action question for the faculty ACTION QUESTION l What changes can be made to increase student skill development in Microsoft PowerPoint production? ASSESSING THE OUTCOME §How will we determine if the action taken/

Assessment Curriculum Leadership Workshop for Science Head Teachers Science Unit Curriculum Directorate.

practice, effective science assessment is characterised by tasks which: connect to prior learning engage students, are relevant and are valued by them allow students to demonstrate their science skills in context allow students to show what they know and can do. This understanding can be built by: Curriculum Leadership Workshop for Science Head Teachers Science Unit Curriculum Directorate It is imperative that we build understanding of/

Leadership Forum 2 14 May 2010. Robby Weatherley R/Associate Director, Organisational Capability.

Design) www.sit.nsw.edu.au Educational leadership review update Structure approved Two new cluster director/skills investment fund for emerging skills shortages $120 millions for language literacy and numeracy places www.sit.nsw.edu.au Internationalisation “Internationalisation is the process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose,functions or delivery of post-secondary education” Knight 2003a www.sit.nsw.edu.au Sydney Institute’s Strengths 41% of students/

Columbus County Leadership Academy Summer 2009

teacher evaluation instrument Become an expert with the standards and evaluation process Strengthen your instructional leadership skills Begin to plan for professional development at your school using the teacher evaluation instrument Be confident that your staff will be ready to implement the teacher evaluation process next year Future-Ready Students For the 21st Century The guiding mission of the North Carolina State Board of Education/

SAMEN WIJS NEW INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP Prof. Dr. E. Verbiest Effective professional learning of teachers and the role of the school leader.



knowledge of the higher education institutions (HEIs) and the education sector, – Inadequate leadership skills, – Unsustainable student leadership in the long-term. Effective students leadership defined the ability to INFLUENCE others in various directions, viz, downwards for followers to willingly follow the leaders in this context fellow students, upwards for students leaders to the dean of students, DVCs, VC, Council etc, and this can be done with a presentation of hard evidence/

International Center for Leadership in Education Tim Ott DeSoto Public School District Common Core Standards and Assessment Orientation November 2, 2010.

as results Define learning from specific skills up to total student Define learning from “whole” student down to specific skills Cover as many topics as possible. Help students learn priority skills deeply Break apart curriculumIntegrate curriculum Entire curriculum mandatory Curriculum includes some student choice 4. Clarify Student Learning Expectations © International Center for Leadership in Education Quadrant A LeadershipQuadrant D Leadership Teach skills in isolationTeach skills in context Focus is on/

Breaking Ranks in the Middle™

Ranks in the Middle: Strategies for Leading Middle Level Reform What does leadership look like in practice? Balanced combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes Focus on skills and their relationship to knowledge and attitudes Breaking Ranks in the Middle: Strategies for Leading Middle Level Reform School Leadership Study “What a school principal does is second only to teaching in raising student achievement, especially in our nation’s/

Work Experience Education Skill Set Creative Samples Co-curricular Activities 351 TORINO DRIVE #1, SAN CARLOS, CA 94070 (650) 580- 2422

2009- Present Peer Mentor & Team Leader in Training San Jose, CA Supportively mentor students on a one to one level with academic and social life skills Actively participate in on campus events which support our peers and the SJSU community Facilitate MUSE classrooms as an active mentor for 18 freshmen students Reliably supervise the Peer Mentor Center as a Team Leader in training Next/

US-China Culture & Business Association The “Road to Success” Leadership Camp Introduction Confident, Mature, Skillful… Your children’s success starts.

”? What Kind of behavior and performance do colleges look for? What are the roles of parents and student in college application? How should my child plan for high school life? Too late for 10 th grader? What are the resources available in school we may not notice? Which is more important – GPA, SAT, sport, leadership, essay…? Can leadership skill be obtained by training and practice? My daughter/

Leadership Congress, NADE / February 25, 2015 1 COMMUNITY COLLEGE RESEARCH CENTER FEBRUARY 25, 2015 Thomas Bailey Community College Research Center Teachers.

integrated in college-level coursework Developmental instruction contextualized in meaningful subject matter Discrete skills addressed “just-in-time” in the context of authentic learning tasks Instruction: Relevance Leadership Congress, NADE / February 25, 2015 35 COMMUNITY COLLEGE RESEARCH CENTER Instruction: Rigor Align content with college-level course expectations Provide consistent opportunities for students to construct knowledge Make struggle an explicit part of the learning process/

UCF’s Annual Service-Learning Student Showcase

would be relatable and relevant to all audiences. The YWLP partners female UCF students with middle school girls so that they can practice positive leadership skills and, in turn have a positive effect on their lives and the lives/Alayna Jackson, Brian Rust, Michelle Rymer, Bryan Shearon and James Sheets   Course: GEB 3031L Cornerstone La: Professional Skills for Business Faculty Members: Ryan Wilcox and Emily Gay Community Partners: Junior Achievement of Central Florida and Dommerich Elementary School /


Officers and Delegates Local CompetitionsRegional and State Competitions National Leadership and Skills Conference 46 Assessments Including Employability Fall Leadership Conferences Leadership Conferences Career Skills Education Program Advocacy DaysPresidential Volunteer Service Award SkillsUSA NATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND SKILLS CONFERENCE More than 16,000 people — including students, teachers and business partners participate in the weeklong event Students work against the clock and each other, proving their/

Measuring Skills and Dispositions

, Citizenship, Health, Career, Adaptability, Perseverance, Ethics SJI + bio covers 50% of the core skills: Applied Knowledge, Collaboration, Leadership, Communication, Adaptability, Initiative, Integrity, Social and Personal Responsibility Development of the 12 key dimensions was done by searching the mission statements of 35 colleges and universities for skills deemed critical to student success. The measures have been found to be small to moderate predictors of college performance/

The Learning Styles Profile The Study Skills Inventory

basis of native response tendencies, maturation, or temporary states of the subject. The Developmental Factors in a student’s world Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom (mental) and stature (physical), & in favor/Leadership/Management Chart Study Skills Inventory Time Management Note-taking Reading Listening Test-taking Written Communications Stress Career-oriented Study Skills Inventory Memory Learning Behavior Critical Thinking Research Technology Decision-making Life Skills Health Can I say goodbye for/

1 Social/Emotional Competencies for School Leadership James D. A. Parker, Ph.D. Canada Research Chair in Emotion & Health, Trent University.

2 groups of particular interest: ‾ "successful" students (1st- year GPA of 80% or better) ‾ "unsuccessful" students (1st-year GPA of 59% or less/Leadership Questionnaire (continued) Two separate dimensions Two separate dimensions Task-oriented leadership (relates to skills like managing resources, delegating tasks, and planning for the future) Task-oriented leadership (relates to skills like managing resources, delegating tasks, and planning for the future) Relationship-oriented leadership (relates to skills/

Leading clinical learning Leadership and Clinical Education (LaCE) Workshop 1 ‘Clinical education through a leadership lens’ Robyn Nash and Pauline Calleja,

that allows students to put theoretical knowledge into practice within the patient/client care environment (Clare et al. 2003) ‘… the translation of theory into clinical knowledge and professional skills....’ McAllister et/: Creating education-practice partnerships and benchmarks for nursing. AUTC final report. Adelaide: Flinders University. Clark, D. (1997). In Zilembo, M. & L. Monterosso. (2008)., Nursing students’ perceptions of desirable leadership qualities in nurse preceptors: a descriptive study/

Aligning Instruction/Intervention with the WI SLD Rule Changes: Best Practices for CC Teachers MMSD 5.20.2013 Ed O’Connor, Ph.D Midwest Instructional Leadership.

? – What is the academic progress (in the area of student concern) of the subgroup compared to ALL students at the grade or age level? Unique relative to the group? Copyright 2013 Midwest Instructional Leadership Council 47 If Exclusionary Factor is Evident SLD identification may not be appropriate – Is it the “primary reason” for the skill gap? Intervention emphasis may change to address the suspected causal/

What is Key Club? Key Club is the oldest and largest service International Student Led Organization in the world. It is a service organization whose goal.

introduce Key Club to your school? Introducing Key Club to your high school will give students in your school the opportunity to serve their community and learn valuable leadership skills at the same time. They will be able to participate in service projects while building/ advisor from your Kiwanis Club. It is not necessary, but most Key Clubs have a sponsoring Kiwanis Club that pays for their chartering. If you are a community based Key Club, the Kiwanis/Faculty Advisor may serve a double role or the/

ASME Student Programs. Why Join? To meet other student engineers and to network with working engineers To practice your leadership skills To use your.

leadership skills To use your engineering skills in contests and competitions To enhance your job prospects and job search experiences ASME Student Programs What can ASME offer you Networking and leadership opportunities Scholarships and loans Career assistance, ASME Jobs Coach, online jobs database, and e-mentoring. ASME Student/ level, open to student members only. For a listing visit the ASME Student Center at http://www.asme.org/Events/Contests/ Publications Students receive subscriptions as part/

The Leadership Gap Amongst Community Colleges Chair Academy International Conferences for Leaders in Post-Secondary Education March 8, 2007 Deborah DeGan-Dixon,

skills (Wallin, 2004). The Leadership Gap Amongst Community Colleges Competencies for CC Leaders Organizational StrategyAn effective community college leader strategically improves the quality of the institution, protects the long-term health of the organization, promotes the success of all students, and sustains the community college mission, based on knowledge of the organization, its environment, and future trends. Resource ManagementAn effective community college leader equitability/

Association for Career and Technical Education 1 Strengthening a New Vision for the American High School through the Experiences and Resources of Career.

academic expectations with the relevance of an interest-based curriculum can help connect students to learning in powerful ways. Association for Career and Technical Education 27 Recommendation 5: Create incentives for students to pursue the core curriculum in an interest-based context. Federal Leadership Response  Support development and implementation of technical skills assessments for use in interest-based CTE programs built around the Career Clusters framework.  Provide/

Partners in Progress: Youth/Young Adult Leaders for Systems Change Bill East, Executive Director, NASDSE Christine Cashman, NASDSE Joe Davidson, Advocate.

that they need. www.imdetermined.com Dare to Dream: Leadership Conferences for Students with Disabilities As a state-wide initiative, the New Jersey Department of Education has been hosting teen leadership conferences for students with disabilities. The focus of the conferences is to address skills necessary to be successful in school and for transition to life after high school. Students with disabilities present keynotes speeches, read poetry, and facilitate/

Developing Meaningful Learning Experiences: Research & Assessment in Leadership Education © A. Vorreyer & D. Covey Research & Assessment in Leadership.

leaders to:  1) become aware of the different components of leadership,  2) engage in reflective practice, and  3) develop key skills in leading themselves and in leading others. CAS Standards for Leadership Education:  Leadership is an inherently relational process of working with others to accomplish a goal or to promote change. Most leadership programs seek to empower students to:  Enhance their self-efficacy as leaders  Understand how/

Title II D Sharing Session Wednesday, August 12 Partnering for 21 st Century Success Lead Agency: Brookings School District Partnering LEA: Castlewood.

using 21 st Century skills and tools to enhance student learning by one level as measured on the leadership-developed pre and post attitudes and beliefs survey. (met) Goals & Objectives Continuation of cohort #1… deepen changeContinuation of cohort #1… deepen change Creation of cohort #2… dedicated to changeCreation of cohort #2… dedicated to change PD for cohort teachers and administratorsPD for cohort teachers and administrators/

Priority Partners for Turnaround Summary List and Profiles November 2014.

and supportive. Advisory Plus: partnering with school leaders, an advisory leadership team, and faculty advisors to design and implement an advisory program in which secondary students develop key academic behaviors, skills, mindsets, and strategies, and get the support they need to be successful. Considerations for Partnership Success: Could this be a good fit for my district/school? A successful partnership will be one in which/

Youth Leadership Presentation

convincingly. Listen carefully to others’ ideas. Offer helpful advice and participate in group discussions. Consider using DVD and VCRs for the Toastmasters International Contest. How Long Will This Last? The Youth leadership program is designed to develop speaking and leadership skills for students ages 13-17.  The workshop runs for 8 weeks and is run similar to a regular Toastmaster Meeting.  Meetings normally lasts 2 hours. The/

Emerging Eagles to Engaged Leaders Emily Lorino Coordinator for Leadership Development NASPA-FL Drive-In October 3, 2014 Corinne Olsen Student Government.

Developed Overall LD Outcomes Create individual programmatic outcomes that mirror the overall Leadership Development Mission MISSION The Leadership Development program is committed to the holistic experience of students by providing leadership skill development opportunities for the Florida Gulf Coast University community. Through such initiatives, individuals will practice, reflect and apply leadership knowledge and skills that will empower individuals to question critically, think logically, and live/

A Strengths-Based Approach to School Leadership: How a What’s Right With Me Paradigm Engages The School Community Teri Marcos, Ed.D., Chair Department.

) ConsistencyInput * **= Strongest Student Themes ContextIntellection * = Strongest Faculty Themes Source: Dr. Laurie Schreiner, APU Strengths and School Leadership  As school leaders identified their own top five strengths, they began to recognize the strengths of others. Method Objective: This research examined the perceptions of K- 12 public and private school leaders on the effects their top five identified strengths had on their leadership skills within the/

Engaged Learning and Sustainability Leadership: A Case Study Approach Susan Tirone & Emma Savage College of Sustainability.

to: College of Sustainability Engage students in an exploration of personal and group leadership Inspired students to take effective sustainability actions Develop competencies and provide students with practical tools to lead change Provide students with opportunities to demonstrate leadership to increase sustainability in their world and environment Provide skills that will inspire, motivate and build capacity in others to take action for sustainability 8 College of Sustainability Story/

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 2.0 Marcy Levy Shankman, Scott J. Allen & Paige Haber-Curran November 12, 2013.

with the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics to achieve results. EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. Copyright © 2010,/Leadership: A Guide for College Students Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for College Students  Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: –Student WorkbookStudent Workbook –Facilitation & Activity GuideFacilitation & Activity Guide –InventoryInventory LEARN MORE WITH EIL 2.0 (2015) Emotionally Intelligent Leadership/

Seaford Head School Student Leadership Opportunities 2013-2014.

So we need to work together to make it the best it can be!! Why should you apply for a Student Leadership role? By developing your leadership skills you will improve key skills that employers really value and that will really help you in your academic work. These skills include: Team workPresentation Problem solvingCreativity ResilienceListening Speaking confidentlyNegotiation Risk takingDiscussing What positions are available? Designing revision podcasts Teacher/

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