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4-Nov-15 Air Force Institute of Technology Electrical and Computer Engineering Object-Oriented Programming Design Topic 1: The Java Environment Maj Joel.

CPU Air Force Institute of Technology Electrical and Computer Engineering 4-Nov-154 Object-Oriented Programming Design Java Programming Environment Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit (JDK) –Available at www.java.sun.com –Latest version is JDK 1.4./ the simplest program you can // you can write in Java // Print “Hello World” to the console System.out.println(“Hello World”); } Air Force Institute of Technology Electrical and Computer Engineering 4-Nov-156 Object-Oriented Programming Design Java Programming/

Simple. Full automation sets Sopix 2 apart from competing CMOS sensors. Additionally, trimmed corners contribute to easier placement. Technology. Sopix².

as the oscilloscope or protection against over- exposure making it truly unique. Sturdiness. Tested in the most difficult conditions, Sopix² comes with 2 years warranty. Technology. Latest CMOS generation. Size 1 : 1.5Mpixels (25x39mm/20x30mm) Size 2 : 2.2Mpixels /Functionality Troubleshooting made easy. Monitors the X-ray generator thanks to its unique oscilloscope function. Monitors the computer’s USB thanks to its unique integrated voltmeter function. Ac or low frequency generatorDC or high frequency /

1 Practical Design and Performance Evaluation of Completion Detection Circuits Fu-Chiung Cheng Department of Computer Science Columbia University.

Fu-Chiung Cheng Department of Computer Science Columbia University 2 Outline Motivation Previous Work New Completion Detection Circuit Performance Evaluation Conclusion Motivation Circuits: Synchronous or Asynchronous. Synchronization: Sync: a global clock Async: start and completion mechanisms Motivation Potential advantages of async. design: No clock skew problem, Low power consumption, Average-case performance, Modularity, composability and reusability Easier technology migration The promise of/

# ModernBiz $. Technology as a differentiator ModernBiz Solutions for your business Agenda Why Microsoft? Get started Grow efficiently Business anywhere.

and monitor jobs online, Clarke Murphy Print had to update their technology. Their Microsoft partner, XCentral, helped them upgrade to the latest Microsoft technology across desktop, server, mobile, and cloud – in about 10 hours – with minimal end-user training required. The/ customers from home – without even realizing they were using the failover system. Be prepared for the unexpected “Our computers are our lifeline. When Hurricane Sandy hit, Hyper-V Replica saved our business.” Aaron I. Katsman, Owner, /

Latest List of Computer Science Projects for Engineering.

those students who are earnestly seeking computer science projects during their course of studies. computer science projects  These topics are exceptionally good ones and involved in different technologies over diverse areas like android projects, dot net projects, java projects, and the projects related to hardware etc. http://www.elprocus.com/ Latest List of Computer Science Projects for Engineering Latest List of Computer Science Projects:  Automated Robot For Military/


can do wonders for your company.  Or, if you’d prefer, a new processor can make old computers and servers feel new again, the latest Intel Xeon processors, could help you achieve increases up to 585%, as well as decreased idle power consumption of/At the end of the day spending can’t outpace revenue. Having the latest IT technology helps so that this doesn’t happen.  Keep the budget in check!  Fortunately, if you have the latest in technology, you should be able to keep your budget aligned, as well as/

Databases in BABAR Igor Gaponenko SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA Super-B Computing R&D Workshop Ferrara, Italy March 11, 2010.

the first attempt to implement the Data Provenance “light” March 11, 2010 Databases in BABAR (Ferrara 2010) 17 Technology transition Before 2002: Original Computer Model –Everything in Objectivity/DB (except ORACLE for a few support databases) –Total amount of data /data size, new reprocessing go into new datasets:  First full reprocessing in CM2 with release 14 – bbkr14  Next full reprocessing with release 18 – bbkr18  Latest full reprocessing with release 24 – bbkr24 For scaling to distributed use, the/

PPP for ICT development in Lebanon

and available libraries together with the Ministry of National Education over a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure with a gateway to the global internet and supported by the latest information and communications technologies. Collaboration and Partnership with various educational networks. PPP in Education PCA (Professional Computer Associate) - 1 Project PCA ICT Academy : PCA ICT Academy (PICTA) are fully equipped and staffed training and/

Back to School 2013 IT Student Support Services Information Technology, July 2013 Presenting: Bryan Vazquez.

.miami.edu/caneidhttp://www.miami.edu/caneid Services Overview In this section, we will be covering some of the services Information Technology provides to University students Information Technology strives to ensure that every University student is provided with the latest technology, and more importantly, expert technical support We provide an e-mail system for students, computer labs, computer support, wireless and wired network access, campus-wide printing/

BR-main Before Reading 1. Poem 2. Computer-related Vocabulary Items

Small-Office/Home-Office What do you guess is the meaning of SOHO in information technology? In information technology, SOHO is a term for the small office or home office environment and/ too much, interrupt. Article4_W_popwin_conversely What first seemed like a luxury, crawling from bed to computer, not worrying about hair, and clothes and face, has become a form of escape,/ decide to check my email. He didn’t bother to keep up with the latest news. His only concern was to study. 2) move at the same rate/

Information Technology (IT) and its impact on the Church and Society PROGRAMME OF ON-GOING FORMATION FOR PRIESTS ORDAINED BETWEEN 1994 & 1998 Ampitiya.

for that. Similarly as a religion catholic has to use the latest technology as shown clearly in the gospel. Otherwise our catholics may not be enjoy their life through/in present social system. Ex: Maris School “Sevilla Computer Programme”. Certain catholic schools are managing the teacher attendance and substitute the teachers. Ex: Teacher Robo at Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. Certain Catholic schools now under way to computerize the students’ daily attendance. We know if we don’t go for latest technology/

Neuqua Valley High School

manufacturing technology. Students will be introduced to CAD (computer-aided drafting) to produce blueprints and products. Students will display the safe operation of hand tools and power tools used in the /in building and servicing PC computers should be directed to this class. The latest software and hardware will be utilized to teach students to troubleshoot computers and repair or upgrade them as well. BACK TO Computer Engineer PAGE BACK TO Electrical Engineer PAGE 4067 Computer Networking 4067 Computer/

Mobile Computing Presented by Lenovo and MicroAge Date.

W510 High performance, high quality 15”mobile workstation Features Latest Intel Clarksfield CPU Technology Latest nVIDIA Quadro FX Graphics 95% NTSC Gamut LED Backlight Multi touch panel technology Colour Calibrator USB 3.0 Less 6 lbs © /choose, from satisfying your mobile computing needs Improved Performance: notebook integrated antenna pulling in weaker network signals & enhancing battery life Upgradeable: Notebooks can be upgraded to the next generation technology through software or aftermarket kits /

Software Engineering Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University Extraction of.

product branched into three products Dataset 6 (1/3) 23 Software Engineering Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University Dataset 6 (2/3) Product Evolution TreeThe family-tree Based on “bsd-family-tree” in the FreeBSD project 24 2 of 4 latest versions of the family-tree are detected by Product Evolution Tree Software Engineering Laboratory, Department/

1 Optimization Algorithms on a Quantum Computer A New Paradigm for Technical Computing Richard H. Warren, PhD Optimization.

Martin Buys Quantum Computer In 2011 Lockheed Martin Corp. purchased a quantum computer from D-Wave Systems, a Canadian technology firm. 2 3 Lockheed Martin Buys Quantum Computer In 2011 Lockheed Martin Corp. purchased a quantum computer from D-Wave Systems, a Canadian technology firm. Lockheed Martin/ Shop Problem on One Processor There are n jobs. Each job has an earliest time it can be started, latest time it can be finished, length of time to complete it, and setup time to prepare processor. The number/

The French ACI GRID* initiative and its latest achievements using Grid5000 Thierry PRIOL Director of the French ACI GRID Franck.

necessary Reboot or Kernel switch (Kexec) Virtual Machine: No need for reboot Virtual machine technology Selection not so easy Xen has some limitations: -Xen3 in “initial support” status for intel vtx -Xen2 does not support x86/6 -Many patches/discussion) Sustainability ensured by INRIA after 2007 The French ACI GRID initiative and its latest achievements using Grid5000 39 Concluding remarks GRID in its wider definition Computing, data and knowledge Grids, P2P Not only focusing on the use of Supercomputers/

1 Scripting Part I Jacco van Ossenbruggen CWI Amsterdam Partly based on the slides of Chapter 4 & 5 WEB TECHNOLOGIES: A COMPUTER SCIENCE PERSPECTIVE by.

TECHNOLOGIES: A COMPUTER SCIENCE PERSPECTIVE by JEFFREY C. JACKSON 2 Agenda Today –Web trends Examples of why and when you need JavaScript –JavaScript basics Differences with Java JavaScript host and other objects JavaScript development in/ - Data type not specified Basic JavaScript Syntax // HighLow.js var thinkingOf; // Number computer has chosen (1-1000) var guess; // Users latest guess // Initialize the computers number thinkingOf = Math.ceil(Math.random()*1000); // Play until user guesses the number /



Reading to the future: Developing best practice lending policies for tablet devices in public libraries Presented by: Kelly Mitchell Image: TeleRead 2013.

developing tablet lending policies in public libraries based on evaluative research. Background Image: Latest Laptop Wallpaper, 2013 Image: Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx, 2014 Background Literature The advancement of mobile technologies is changing the way /03/continuing-the-conversation-integrating-ipads-and-tablet-computers-into-library- service 14. Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx. (2014). Top 10 affordable Quad-Core tablets compared. Retrieved: http://www.digit.in/tablets/top-10-affordable-quad-core- tablets-compared/

1 Copyright  2003 United States Library of Congress. All rights reserved both in the United States and abroad. Reproduction of this item is restricted.

/ $c sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, in cooperation with American Association for Artificial /310 Monthly 177 Former frequencies are listed in field 321 earliest to latest. 310 Quarterly, $b Apr./June /in an annual cumulation: $t Abstracts in new technologies and engineering (Annual) $w … 130 0 Abstracts in new technologies and engineering (Annual) 245 00 Abstracts in new technologies and engineering. 310 Annual 362 0 1997- 787 08 $i Cumulation of the bimonthly publication: $t Abstracts in new technologies/

Jay Moreno Josh McMullen.  Quick History  How they work  Uses  Future of touch technology  Ethical analysis.

of touch technology  Ethical analysis  Before touch screens Mouse Keyboard  First touch screen developed in 1965 E.A. Johnson  1979 – 1985 Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument)  1983 HP 150 one of the world’s earliest touchscreen computers  Resistive Metallic/http://www.msnbc.msn.comhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com  "Touchscreens, Smartphones and the Haptic Future of Games | Technology | Guardian.co.uk." Latest News, Sport and Comment from the Guardian | The Guardian. Web. 21 Nov. 2011..  How Stuff/

Information Technology Project Management By Jack T. Marchewka Northern Illinois University Copyright 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. all rights reserved.

Latest finish timeLF 4.Latest finish time (LF): the latest time an activity can end without delaying the entire project How to Find the Critical Path  In the nodes, the activity time and the early and late start and finish times are represented in the following manner ACTIVITY t ESEF LSLF  Earliest times are computed/ and parallel tasks 23 ActivityDescriptionEstimated Duration (Days) Predecessor AEvaluate current technology platform 2None BDefine user requirements5A CDesign Web page layouts4B DSet-up /

Safe Computing Cyber Security for Beginners James Wicks, CISSP.

Protecting Against the Latest Threats Conclusions Conclusions What is Cyber Security? Cyber security is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Cyber security is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, the term security implies/

INTRODUCTION TO MOBILE COMPUTING. MOBILE COMPUTING  Mobile computing is the act of interacting with a computer through the use of a mobile device. 

 These categories are the basis for the technology that is used today in research and design of mobile computing.  Each category or section is a different area that was focused on to make mobile computing what it is today.  These Seven / to interaction design by promoting information appliances with specialized functionality rather than generalized ones. APPLICATIONS (APPS) The latest wave of applications (apps )is about developing matter and substance for use and consumption on mobile devices, and/

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective.

EDAs  A field-proven rugged and ergonomic design  The latest generation best-in-class technology platform offering multi-mode data capture and desktop-like performance for /computer, cell phone, VoIP phone, camera and GPS — reducing the number of devices to purchase –GPS enables better tracking of assets out in the field, reducing safety stocking levels as well as theft and loss –Backward compatible with MC70/75 accessories: no need to purchase new accessory set when migrating to the latest in technology/

Computer Technology and Pediatrics Nursing 140 Ashley Alexander Betsy Cockerham Brittany Pirko Rachel Werth.

has the potential to play a vital role in the future of health care services Child Health Improvement Through Computer Automation CHICA System Combines Medical Guidelines with Information from Patient’s Family New Technology in Pediatrics Latest innovation in medical care for children Latest innovation in medical care for children Blends “just-in-time” concept with increased parental participation Blends “just-in-time” concept with increased parental participation Produces care/

CMOS VLSI Design Technology, Business Model and Future Trends.

on the planet will first experience internet on their mobile and not computer Roughly, every other person on the planet has a mobile Skip a grade Developing countries like India can skip a few steps in technology migration With china quickly climbing the value added food chain of technology development, latest technology will become affordable in developing world (Wireless, Media Players, Electric Cars) Indian engineers and manufacturers/

The first mouse was made ​​ by Douglas Engelbart in 1963 and placed at 90 degree angles consisted of two wheels. Apple completely touch-technology- oriented.

only draw the project. Both of these devices are produced by London Science Museum. (The calculator was produced in 1991 and the printer in 2000) 3D Printer is a printer that was designed by computer and is the latest technology includes a very fast and quality in usage. The headphones produced nowadays have had very high qualities by means of sound system. And they are very/

Windows for Corporate Support Professionals - Background Issues - Slide No. 1 © Cheltenham Computer Training 1995-2002 Background Issues Windows for Corporate.

Corporate Support Professionals - Background Issues - Slide No. 23 © Cheltenham Computer Training 1995-2002 Other Developments The near future will see dramatic advances in: –CPU types and speed –Memory technologies –Hard disks –Plug and Play buses –Internet –Etc. ? Windows/updating may be either automatically or manually controlled Automatic updating –The client application always displays the latest information –May slow down system performance Manual updating –Does not affect system performance –Allows /

Nano-Medic Advances in nanotechnology offer the potential for a range of sub-atomic nanoscale devices, inserts and procedures that could transform personal.

, and the effects of nano materials in humans. Because of the range of emerging applications of nano techniques and technologies, Nano-medics would need a deep understanding/to learn & would gradually build up a profile of the computer owner, develop additional categorizations as appropriate & identify where software upgrades are /. The nature of the job will require handlers to be trained in the latest electronic data management techniques, software encryption, legal issues and customer service/

Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery. Knee Replacement Surgery Arthritic surfaces on the tibia and femur are removed. Arthritic surfaces on the.

Ci ™ System DePuy Orthopaedics’ computer-assisted surgery system, powered by a leading computer- assisted surgery company. DePuy Orthopaedics’ computer-assisted surgery system, powered by a leading computer- assisted surgery company. Passive and/accuracy. Enables better precision and accuracy. Addresses patient demand for the latest technology. Addresses patient demand for the latest technology. Benefits Guides surgeon in areas that are difficult to visualize. Relays specific measurements not previously /

# ModernBiz Leveraging the Cloud $. Agenda -Technology Insights and Business Challenges -Server vs. Cloud – The Right Balance for your Business -Business.

technology recovery, backup, and resiliency 2 24% 1 FEMA, 2013. 2 Forrester, Forrsights Hardware Survey, Q3 2013. Never lose your latest files – even if you lose your laptop or device. Your latest docs are always in the cloud Know you can get to your latest/worked with a Microsoft partner and deployed Windows Server 2012, using Hyper-V to create virtual servers and desktop computers. They set up automatic backup and failover capabilities to guard against disaster. The result: During Hurricane Sandy, /

TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING Contents Introduction 70’s computers, play station 80’s computers, game boy, cd’s Today apple i-pod, computers, electricity Bibliography.

s Computers, cd’s and Nintendos 1980 There was a million personal computers had been sold around the world. 1980The first microwave they are very different to the latest /1988 50000 computers were connected to the internet 1989 The first proper mobile phone was launched 1989 The first hand held gameboy was launched Technology today 2001/22 million units have been sold worldwide according to Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is available in three configurations: the "Arcade" console, the "Xbox 360", and the "Elite" /

Technology Requirements for Online Testing For the South Dakota Smarter Balanced Assessment Copyright © 2014 American Institutes for Research. All rights.

browser Determining system readiness/network capacity Troubleshooting technical issues Technology Coordinator Tasks 4 Network Connection: A stable, /of simultaneous devices in use. Network Performance 12 System Requirements 13 Computers Operating System Minimum Requirements for Current Computers Recommended Minimum Requirements/latest version. *This feature is optional and can be disabled by districts. Secure Browser 18 Secure Browser Computer/DeviceSecure Browser Location Windows, Mac, and Linux computers/

Backup Procedure  To prevent against data loss, computer users should have backup procedures  A backup is a copy of information stored on a computer.

Backup operation is slower than incremental backup  Faster restore  Keep only the latest differential backup between 2 full backups Incremental backup  Backs up selected files /in automated backup –http://www.automatedbackup.com http://www.automatedbackup.com  Window NT backup & restore –http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/backup http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/backup  Memory write, computer backups –http://www.bc-biz.com/memorywritehttp://www.bc-biz.com/memorywrite  Symantec--internet security technology/

Welcome to the Library © Central Institute of Technology The library is open 6 days a week during term time as follows: Monday to Thursday - 8.00am to.

Technology Every day we get these newspapers: The Australian The West Australian The Financial Review Latest Journal/Magazine Display © Central Institute of Technology/Computers © Central Institute of Technology As well as books, journals, magazines, newspapers, CDs and DVDs; there are many computers available for students to use for study purposes. Computers are free © Central Institute of Technology Computers are available for study purposes, free of charge. Log in using your user ID and password. Computer/

1 - 1Project management, 2011/12. 1 - 2  Many organizations today have a new or renewed interest in project management  The U.S. spends $2.3 trillion.

and the Internet 1 - 26  Rapidly changing technology, fierce competitive markets and a powerful environmental lobby have all encouraged companies to change their management systems - in this sink or swim, adopt or die market, /Computations  The latest event time, (L) indicates the time by which all activities entering into that event must be computed without delaying the computation of the project.  These can be computed by reversing the method of calculation used for earliest event times. This is done in/

Unit 4 COMPUTERS IN BANKING. Skills focus Reading identifying topic development within a paragraph using the Internet effectively evaluating Internet.

textbook – useful if there is an up-to-date one, but books take time to publish, so even the latest may be out of date in these technologically fast-moving times. A Discuss these questions. 4.3 Extending skills latest/recent computers/computerization technology banking/e-banking (process) very specific to the task this year current state the year’s date nowadays the time factor EFT/

HPE Technology Services Support Credits - activity descriptions May, 2016.

further Services contact HP´s SAP & Performance Team to get the latest team brochure with all available Services HPE Trend Analysis Measurement service for/expecting it to provide a “shrink wrapped" solution to high availability computing. In reality, true high availability requires a holistic approach including not only / a baseline for the supported environment and includes activities that cross all the technologies. During the visit the product specific environment requirements (temperature, humidity, air /

Positioning Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

slot Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2007 FUJITSU LIMITED Highlights AMILO Notebook Li 3910 Integrated webcam (with low-light-technology) and built-in microphone 17” (16:10) or 18.4” (16:9) BrilliantView display Silent mode function VGA video/replacement with best value for money, that delivers balanced performance and is perfect for everyday computing Well equipped with latest Intel® mobile processor technology and low-power Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M onboard graphics With its 17- or /

International Telecommunication Union ITU-EC HIPSSA Project Support for Harmonization of the ICT Policies in Sub-Sahara Africa Workshop on Namibia National.

US FIRST RESPONDER GUIDE 3RD ED. Cybercrime Seite: 26 IMPORTANCE OF UPDATES Constant training is necessary as technology is changing Experts working in this field need to be aware about the consequences of the latest technical trends for investigations Example: Advice to unplug cord from computer can lead to an encryption of the hard drive if the suspect activated whole disc encryption Picture removed/

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& Computers © Central Institute of Technology As well as books, journals, magazines, newspapers, CDs and DVDs; there are many computers available for students to use for study purposes. Computers are free © Central Institute of Technology Computers are available/© Central Institute of Technology There are many travel DVDS for loan. Course Reserve Collection © Central Institute of Technology Lecturers request to have high demand items placed in this collection, such as the latest course related textbooks./

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Microprocessor and Computer

art P-channel MOSFET technology. Executed instructions at 50 KIPs (kilo-instructions per second). slow compared to 100,000 instructions per second by 30-ton ENIAC computer in 1946 Difference was that 4004 weighed less than an ounce. 4-bit microprocessor debuted in early game systems / change made to accommodate new DVD players for the PC. PCI Express bus video cards operate at 16X speeds today. Latest new buses are serial ATA interface (SATA) for hard disk drives; PCI Express bus for the video card. The /

2013-2014 www.education.state.pa.us Technology Coordinator Training Keystone Exams and Classroom Diagnostic Tools Technology Coordinator Training Fall/Winter.

Technology Coordinator Training Web-Based Test Engine Release DRC is excited to announce the release of a new INSIGHT Web-Based Test Engine (WBTE) that will be available on February 10, 2014. The Web-Based Test Engine has many advantages: Easier setup and maintenance (no more software releases) Secure browser (locks down computer) for high-stakes testing Enhanced magnification without pixilation Releasing in/

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Lots of Books & Computers © Central Institute of Technology 2011 As well as books, journals, newspapers, CDs and DVDs; there are many computers available for students for study purposes. Computers are free © Central Institute of Technology 2011 Computers are available for / for 7 day loans. Course Reserve Collection © Central Institute of Technology 2011 Lecturers request to have high demand items placed in this collection, such as the latest course related textbooks. These items can only be used within the /

Indian Digital Library in Engineering Science & Technology (INDEST) Consortium by Dr. Jagdish Arora Librarian, IIT Bombay & National Coordinator, INDEST.

is the leading bibliographic database providing access to the worlds scientific literature in electrical engineering, electronics, physics, control engineering, information technology, communications, and computers and computing. The database contains approximately seven million bibliographic records taken from 3,500/every week and as and when their favorite journals are published, to facilitate browsing TOC of the latest issues. Full-text Online: J-Gate provides link to full-text for online journals of the/

National Institute of Fashion Technology Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

catalyzing growth of fashion business through leadership in professional education with concern for social and human values Vision National Institute of Fashion Technology NIFT was set up in 1986 under the aegis of the /computer labs are equipped with state-of-the- art hardware and software. They are fitted with high end servers and latest software. National Institute of Fashion Technology Institute of Design, Management & Technology Techno Labs: The students have access to the most modern technological/

"St.Petersburg State University - scientific and communication links in St.Petersburg region and some future plans of GRID applications" V.Bychkov, G.Feofilov,

: “Model simulations and control of the geophysical environment” 5. Institute for High Molecular Compounds (St.Peterburg): : “Computer simulations of polymer systems with anisotropic interactions between elements” - 6.Physics and Technical Institute named after A.F.Ioffe /and the newest methods of precise diagnostic of oncology deceases will be taken into account. The latest developments in the information technologies based on the distributed data analysis will be used as a base for the demonstration of /

Open source modeling as an enabler of transparent decision making Ian Foster Computation Institute University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory.

Foster Computation Institute/ MIROCJapan No MRIJapan No PCMUSA No UKMOUK Via license, never latest version Andy Pitman and Steven Phipps, UNSW (FOSS4G keynote, 2009/subset of the DICE model Coarse-grained 64x128 (~2.8°) grid used in 4 th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) studies Oxford CLIMOX model/Uncertainty and human response to uncertainty Impacts, adaptation Capital vintages Technological change Institutional and regulatory friction Imperfect competition Human preferences Population change/

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