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PPP for ICT development in Lebanon

and available libraries together with the Ministry of National Education over a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure with a gateway to the global internet and supported by the latest information and communications technologies. Collaboration and Partnership with various educational networks. PPP in Education PCA (Professional Computer Associate) - 1 Project PCA ICT Academy : PCA ICT Academy (PICTA) are fully equipped and staffed training and/

MSDN Connection Get personalised information on the topics and technologies you want Profile yourself today and get updates via RSS Get personalised information.

Microsoft product updates, vital programming information and early delivery of everything you need to build solutions using Microsoft technology. MSDN also enables organisations to cost-effectively licence and manage test development environments. A MSDN Subscription gives you / about the latest events, webcasts, news, tips and information for developers? Why not register for our bi-weekly newsletter - MSDN Flash! https://www.microsoft.com/ uk/msdn/flash.aspx What’s happening in your local community? If you/

Information Security in Today’s World Casey W. O’Brien Associate Professor & Network Technology Program Coordinator Community College of Baltimore County.

Technology Program Coordinator Community College of Baltimore County Protecting Your PC, Privacy and Self “The minute you dial in to your Internet service provider or connect to a DSL or cable modem, you are casting your computer adrift in/ Apress) Purpose of This Discussion  Provide an overview of: What information security is The challenges to InfoSec The latest trends Best practices to help protect your digital assets The need for Information Security professionals CyberWATCH What Is Information Security/

Parents’ Briefing on Cyber Wellness

findings and provide useful ideas and resources in the area of parenting in the digital age. Structure Technological Trends Value and Potential Risks of Technology Cyber Wellness Education (MOE) Parents as Partners Latest Technological trends Latest Technological Trends Data taken from ‘We are / risks of harmful online behaviour Recognition of the power of the Internet to benefit oneself and the community According to MOE and MDA, Cyber Wellness refers to: Positive well being of Internet users Understanding /

Geeks Bearing Gifts: Unwrapping New Technologies (Part 2) Penny Glassman Technology Coordinator NN/LM New England Region

.  Academic: Cheating in school  Criminal: Osama joke in Philippines in 2001  Political: Mark Foley  Social: During Hurricane Katrina – with phones down, many used SMS on mobile phones to communicate Questions? Penny Glassman Technology Coordinator NN/LM New /and patches!  If you don’t have a firewall – get one! Some Linksys routers have firewall software built-in Latest Windows updates include firewall ZoneAlarm “FREE” is popular  Practice Safe Surfing! Security Practices Web Sites  http://www.vmyths/

Overview of on-going EU funded PCP and PPI related projects in the ICT field Lieve Bos European Commission DG CONNECT (Communication Networks) F2 unit.

address students within the topics of Science, Math and Technology, support different learning styles in an individualized way and be accessible from any device including to bring your own device (BYOD). Latest News: IMAILE project starts February 2014 Project Timing: / (BE), Ayuntamiento de Vigo (ES), CITAG Galicia (ES), Liikenevirasto (FI), VTT (FI), EARDA (HU), ITS Bretagne (FR), Commune di Verona (IT), Tudor (LU), ITS Sweden (SE), Region Liguria (IT), OHL (ES), TOPOS Aquitaine (FR) P4ITS will create/

11 Intel ® Centrino ® 2 with vPro™ Technology and Intel ® Core™2 processor with vPro™ Technology Best for Business: Manageability and Security on the Chip.

Qual Deploy 2008 Intel ® Notebook SIPP Platform 66 Providing an open dialogue between Intel and the IT community Using collaboration, knowledge management tools, and training materials to raise the expertise level of the entire IT Community Reducing the integration time required to implement Intel ® vPro™ technology in enterprise IT shops and small and medium businesses www.intel.com/go/vproexpert Keeping the Business Running/

Low Vision Technology: Keeping Up with the Latest Advances Ike Presley American Foundation for the Blind 100 Peachtree St., Suite 620 Atlanta, GA 30303.

5,500 Video Magnifiers Desktop models Advantages Best for longer reading tasks – continuous text Easier for handwriting Working in two planes? Highest magnification Color / Polarity Masks/Occluders Lines/Blinds Friction brake Margin stops Video Magnifiers Desktop/Technologies Screen Magnification Software www.afb.org/at Brainstorming How can we keep up? What resources would you like? How would you like to communicate with others? What level would you pay for? Low Vision Technology: Keeping Up with the Latest/

Marketing to Generation Y 1. Demographic TrendsSlides 7-147-14 Marketing CommunicationsSlides 15-2315-23 Spending PatternsSlides 24-3124-31 Media/Technology.

practices. 68% said the criteria for socially responsible corporations was fair labor practices, 46% said supports diversity in the workplace. 49% said that social messages incorporated into advertising have an effect. 93% say they are /community and is a trend follower. The Spending Green shopper who buys green clothes because that sense of exclusivity and entitlement are important to her, and buying green connotes luxury. 31 Source: MediaPost Publications 4/7/08 (Latest data available) Media/Technology/

New Crypto 101 Internet2 Technology Exchange Indianapolis, IN, Oct 30 th, 2014 White River Ballroom D, 8:30AM Joe St Sauver, Ph.D. https://www.stsauver.com/joe/new-crypto-101/

stability above everything else. These enterprise grade distributions do NOT chase the latest version of every package, they typically only back port and merge major / meet the unique requirements of the Interoperable Global Trust Federation "Grid" community. Note: if youre NOT trying to set up a server to use/org/wiki/Intel_Active_Management_Technology "Intel AMT is hardware and firmware technology that builds certain functionality into business PCs in order to monitor, maintain, update, upgrade, and repair/

Tokyo Big Sight July 19 – 21, 2006 The 11th edition in 2006 The largest and the only one exhibition specialized in Wireless & Mobile network Technologies.

OUTLINE The conference will features the latest technologies, business visions and models. It has gained reputation by inspiring audiences with updated information in the market. Course : Keynote speech/, Ltd. Mobile Broadcasting Corporation / Mobile Content Forum / Mobilecast Telematics Inc / Nagoya University / NAMCO LIMITED / National Institute of Information and Communications Technology / NEC Corporation / NEC ENGINNERING / net.com Japan Inc. / Netperfect Inc. / Neven Vision K.K. / Nextcom K.K. /

Copyright © RXP Services Ltd. Commercial in Confidence 0 Company Overview February 2014.

ESM Tool Transformation Business and IT Process Improvement Process and Service Automation Enterprise Monitoring and Reporting Communication and Alert Management Workflow and Forms Tool Consolidation The EBIT Challenge Strategic Alignment Strategic Sourcing Governance,/, and exploit the proliferation of mobile device technology. In particular: Broad exposure of organisational services with the use of mobile solutions; Modernise application portfolio with the latest user experience (UX) and user interface (/

Mobile App and Internet Statistics in India 2014.

Reports User Management Google Map Location Picker Communication High Tech Hosting (With Cloud Computing) ScalabilityNative AppHighly Scalable Design and Development DELIVERY METHODOLOGY + TIMING 54 Within 2days - Admin Panel App Theme Logo & Color Changes with Webservice 3 days With in 5 working days the app will be submitted APP CUSTOMIZATION The app is developed using the latest technologies and covers all the common functions of/

17/09/2004 John Kewley Grid Technology Group Introduction to Condor.

used to classify/advertise the resources in the pool. oAvailable on multiple platforms. John Kewley Grid Technology 17 th September 2004 Supported platforms /Technology 17 th September 2004 Build and Test oOur External Pool is being used by the OMII (Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute) for building and testing their latest/the following computational science communities: o CCP1 - The electronic structure of molecules o CCP4 - Protein crystallography John Kewley Grid Technology 17 th September 2004/

Strictly Private and Confidential April 2014 Fung Retailing Annual Conference 4 April 2014, Hong Kong Omni Channel Retailing The latest developments on.

to Lego’s leading market position Source: CoDesign, Geek, The WashingtonPost PwC April 2014 18 Omni Channel Retailing The latest developments on the Chinese mainland Contextual O2O (Geo-location) Driving consumers from intent (online) to footfall (offline) /technology in the UK by launching a mobile loyalty app that enables customers to redeem offers by showing their phone at checkout. “A game changer, redefining loyalty for the 21 st century” Ramesh Bukka, Eat, Head of IT “Strategic pillar in communications/

Nano-Medic Advances in nanotechnology offer the potential for a range of sub-atomic nanoscale devices, inserts and procedures that could transform personal.

nanotechnology, and the effects of nano materials in humans. Because of the range of emerging applications of nano techniques and technologies, Nano-medics would need a deep understanding/. The nature of the job will require handlers to be trained in the latest electronic data management techniques, software encryption, legal issues and customer service/being bullied within the internal social networks or not performing effectively in the external communities of which they are a part. A session might follow/

© 2008, Renesas Technology America, Inc., All Rights Reserved 1 Introduction Purpose  This training course provides an overview of the installation and.

2000/XP platforms are supported HEW GUI is installed with a compiler package or pure-debugger package Install latest version (HEW4 [June 2006]) - Uninstall previous HEW versions Language for installation depends on operating system running/ Components that provide key functions in certain areas of the HEW system. Communication Tools — External tools that provide communication with HEW Help System Tools — Tools that provide additional Help data for HEW © 2008, Renesas Technology America, Inc., All Rights /

CHINTOO MC0904 ----- MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARKETING www.vustudents.ning.com www.vustudents.ning.com.

employees due to Govt. bank Job security for the employees due to Govt. bank No use of latest technology adopted by the bank. No use of latest technology adopted by the bank. Shortage of ATM machine in most branches Shortage of ATM machine in most branches Weak in communication with customers. Weak in communication with customers. Recommendations Govt. must take necessary steps to hire more employees Govt. must take necessary/

Web Technologies Introduction Web Technologies are playing the leading role in the World Wide Web includes many latest evolutions in it like Web Services,

dreamed possible 10 years ago. The explosive growth and mind-blowing rapid pace of changes in the technology has compelled the business world to integrate for the latest technology amends." Wide Spread of Web 2.0 Web 2.0 concepts have led to the development and evolution of web culture communities and hosted services, such as social-networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, blogs. Web/

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2005 For the latest, go to my.itron.com Indications in green = Live content Indications in white = Edit in master Indications in blue = Locked elements Slide Body Text Style 18pt Arial Regular Black Bullet Style 14pt Arial Regular Red - R192 | G0 | B0 Maximum number of bullet indents: 4 Copyright Style 6pt Arial Regular Black Page Number Style 6pt Arial Regular Black Ethernet Technology: Communication Option  IT Dept/


5.tar.bz2  Latest release (preferred for new core models): https://github.com/cdkersey/qsim/archive/0.2.1.tar.gz  Current development tree (API is stable): https://github.com/cdkersey/qsim  INSTALL file in source tree: step-by/guide. SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING | SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE | GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MANIFOLD QSim API: Timer Interrupt  Information about time not communicated back to QSim from the timing model.  Periodic interrupts simulating PIT events are the /

Search Technologies. Examples Fast Google Enterprise – Google Search Solutions for business – Page Rank Lucene – Apache Lucene is a high-performance,

or even included in the index. things like cheesy off topic reciprocal links are generally ineffective in Google when you consider the associated opportunity cost Ask looks at topical communities due to their heavy emphasis on topical communities they are /32] take[36] year[5] latest[37] police[38] technology[2] result[39] shock[40] Search Ditionary [1] search [2] technology [3] around [4] forty [5] year [6] time………[40] shock Representing documents as 40-dimensional vectors Values are in form of : Doc1(1:1, /

Getting to "YES" in YOUR Practice Ken Rotondo January 18 th 2016.

time 1316518 Walk-in, no appointment needed, veterinary services81668 Pet pickup/delivery and house calls available815211 Separate waiting areas for dogs and cats71519 Nutritional counseling and prescription diets available 31501 Communication from your veterinarian by text messaging -2153-13 Exam rooms provide a quiet, private environment814012 Updated modern facility514-310 Appointments available the same day you call96109 Hospital utilizes latest technology to provide the/

Russia 2015. Putin is a dangerous leader who will have to decide early in 2015 whether to scale back his ambitions. President Putin has steered Russia.

oil. It can do so due to oil shale technology, In a comment in the Israel National News earlier in the year they said “As oil prices continue to /and his dominion is from generation to generation. For over 150 years the Christadelphian community has understood that Russia would one day invade Israel. It is truly remarkable /advanced tanks to Syria frontline Russia is deploying its most advanced battlefield tanks in Syria, in the latest sign that the Kremlin is being forced to escalate its intervention from /

Recent Trends in Rubidium Frequency Standard Technology PTTI 2002 Tutorial Reston, VA December 2, 2002 W.J. Riley Symmetricom TRC, 34 Tozer Road, Beverly.

Tutorial 12 Military Rb Clocks  Small and Environmentally Hardened  Widely Used for Secure Communications  Classic Designs Used MIL Parts that are Now Hard to Obtain  Military /7] 12/02/02PTTI 2002 Tutorial 31 Rb Gas Cells  The cells in the latest commercial RFS designs have (along with their cavities) gotten much smaller. While/without D/A conversion. That approach is under consideration for the NRL Advanced Technology rubidium clock. 12/02/02PTTI 2002 Tutorial 61 Oven Temperature Controllers  Most/

UIS activities in the collection and analysis of STI indicators and overview of data for South East Asia South East Asian Regional Workshop on Science,

in Montreal Director: Mr. Hendrik van der Pol UIS presence around the world Montreal Nairobi Luanda Bangkok Santiago Apia ● Paris Doha Delhi Dakar● Bamako Yaounde Windhoek UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) United Nations data repository for: Education Science, Technology and Innovation Culture Communication/national research densities What are the national research densities? Researchers per million inhabitants, 2009 or latest available year: Asia 0–100 per million 0–100 per million 101–300 per million /

Information Technology Management (ITM101)

of their CRM systems and some have commented that in the end it was not about the technology, but about organizational change. You must manage these /start time. This is the latest you can finish an activity without delaying project completion. It is the same as the Latest Start time of the next/communications, bad project timing, weather… Types of Project Risk Service/Product Risks: If the project involves new service or product, several risks can arise. Market risk comes from competitors. Technological/

RC:1137386. A Strategic blend of Public Relations And Multimedia Services, Powered by Technology.

a combination of the traditional promotional elements and the very best of the latest technologies available anywhere in the world. We make a point of duty to constantly update ourselves with the latest ways of executing communication services going lengths in ensuring that we possess the mastery of the newest, most effective, relevant technologies in the process. The result is super fast, extra effective pin point solutions that/

Communication Strategies It Takes Two to Tango. Don’t try to hide your hearing loss Listener: Acknowledge your hearing loss and tell who you are communicating.

: Don’t shout or exaggerate mouth movements. Try to speak clearly with pauses between phrases Use hearing assistive technology Listener: If you own hearing aids, use them. Check to see what devices are available. Consult your audiologist on the latest in hearing assistive technology Communication Partner: Encourage the use of assistive devices Polish your concentration skills Listener: Pay extra attention to the talker. Watch the/

Neuqua Valley High School

in groups and/or autonomously to solve problems by developing realistic products. Master projects drive the direction of the course and the student learning. The projects cover one of several major technology sectors while employing an enterprise process to design, build, and market an invention or idea. The technologies introduced are AC/DC Power, CNC Milling Technology, Communication Technology/Students interested in building and servicing PC computers should be directed to this class. The latest software /

Centre for eCommerce and Communications Online Farm Trials Knowledge | Technology | Smarter farming.

for eCommerce and Communications Online Farm Trials Knowledge | Technology | Smarter farming/ of trial research data. Smarter farming – decision making assisted by access to the latest knowledge and information. Project objectives Online Farm Trials Research Project4 Improve access to, and/ Online Farm Trials Research Project8 Online Farm Trials features Direct online access to trial research data in digital form. Linkages to other relevant online data and information. Interactive online maps of trial/

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KG Analyze contacts of members NETWORK NAVIGATOR NETWORK NAVIGATOR …see which friends you have in common… 21  2000-2011 relenet GmbH & Co. KG Analyze contacts of members/-Generated Content PHOTOALBUM TEASER PHOTOALBUM TEASER: TEASERS show the latest photo albums on the front page of the Community. This leads to frequent member login - to view /the group, Desription of the group, Desription of the group Internet and technology Social Networks Logo Join Now (128 members) Desription of the group, Desription/

"St.Petersburg State University - scientific and communication links in St.Petersburg region and some future plans of GRID applications" V.Bychkov, G.Feofilov,

radiation treatment control and the newest methods of precise diagnostic of oncology deceases will be taken into account. The latest developments in the information technologies based on the distributed data analysis will be used as a base for the demonstration of two prototypes of / equipment and the GRID system is planned at the high productivity computer complex of SPbSU using the 1 GB/s communication channel to St.Petersburg. The volume of data expected for one patient is about 30 MB. Data is expected to/

Raccolta di articoli in inglese scritti dalla Classe 3 A Anno scolastico 2004 – 2005 Prof. Enrica Puppo PILLS.

of art, New technologies and society. Linz has also a slogan “Everything Starts Here”, and in fact it has changed very much in the latest years. Its historical centre has been bettered and in 1996 a museum of the future was opened in a building made/ everybody” more fully accepted and diffused. The most essential roles of water in human life have been shown to communities in order to obtain many important results. States involved in the celebration of the World Water Day have to organize a heap of activities/

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Analyze contacts of members NETWORK NAVIGATOR NETWORK NAVIGATOR …see which friends you have in common… © 2000-2009 relenet social networks GmbH 21  2000-2007 relenet / Co. KG Send Messages to Other Members (2) Messaging System: LEADING-EDGE AJAX TECHNOLOGY, fast and flexible. Very similar to email: Send messages to multiple recipients, add CC/ Content PHOTOALBUM TEASER PHOTOALBUM TEASER: TEASERS show the latest photo albums on the front page of the Community. This leads to frequent member login - to /

Copyright, 2007 © RealFlex Technologies Ltd. ROBUST, SECURE SCADA SOFTWARE Presentation 2007 “Addressing security vulnerability in the critical infrastructure”

Minimal system down time Minimal re-training Using latest generation SCADA software Copyright, 2007 © RealFlex Technologies Ltd. RealFlex Suite Of Products - More Than Scada Software  RealFlex 6 Server  FlexView 3 HMI  Photon HMI  FlexBase  FlexWeb  FlexOPC  RFLink Copyright, 2007 © RealFlex Technologies Ltd. FlexView HMI – Sample User Screens With Video and Graphics Copyright, 2007 © RealFlex Technologies Ltd.  Secure Communications  Single port for easy firewall configuration  Hardware/

The French ACI GRID* initiative and its latest achievements using Grid5000 Thierry PRIOL Director of the French ACI GRID Franck.

First Experiments 2300 ~2500 Planning The French ACI GRID initiative and its latest achievements using Grid5000 17 Allow users running their favorite measurement tools and / Virtual Machine: No need for reboot Virtual machine technology Selection not so easy Xen has some limitations: -Xen3 in “initial support” status for intel vtx -Xen2 / successively fetched from the master process, 2) all-to all communications to exchange submesh in-formation between the processes, 3) merging of cell information of /

1 Presentation by: Infrasoft Technologies Limited This presentation is a proprietary material of Infrasoft Technologies Ltd. Any unauthorized usage or.

Limited User Acceptance Criteria 14 Presentation by: Infrasoft Technologies Limited Project Team NameRole 15 Presentation by: Infrasoft Technologies Limited Roles and Responsibilities – Supporting Groups #StakeholderRepresentativeResponsibility 1.Sr. Management Provide the allocated budget Collects Contract /other Customer communication from Business Development Manager. Provide Project specific approval 2.SEPGSEPG Team Provide latest process updates Provide Approval on Project specific tailoring Guide/

Intel® Active Management Technology For Embedded Systems

Technology For Embedded Systems Intel Embedded and Communications Group 2017/4/17 Legal Disclaimers INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH INTEL® PRODUCTS. NO LICENSE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, BY ESTOPPEL OR OTHERWISE, TO ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IS GRANTED BY THIS DOCUMENT. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN/ AMT devices remotely and automatically http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/download-the-latest-version-of-intel-amt-setup-and-configuration-service-scs/ Intel AMT Reference Design Kit/


and other derivatives. 21.04.200313 RISK TYPES-VI Technology risk Technology risk occur when technological investment do not produce the antipated cost savings in economies in scale or scope. Technology risk occur when technological investment do not produce the antipated cost savings in economies in scale or scope. Operational risk is partly related to technology risk and can arise whenever existing technology malfunctions or back- office support systems break down/

B.I.T.S. BI Database Developer Training Program ® How Do You Achieve One B.I.T. At A Time Business Intelligence Technology School Inc. Business Intelligence.

tables and other design concepts, and intermediate level MS Access SQL Database Language. Course uses the latest version of Microsoft Office Access. Students will be required to demonstrate advanced level MS Access database/Technology School Copyright © 2015 35 B.I.T.S. Technology School The BI Database Developer/Architect Curriculum Eng 233 - Proper Business Communications for IT Professionals This is an English grammar written composition course for Information Technology (IT) professionals with a focus in/

МФИ Софт GARDA ENTERPRISE A handy DLP solution. GARDA Enterprise is a cutting edge solution featuring all the latest technologies in the field of data.

A handy DLP solution GARDA Enterprise is a cutting edge solution featuring all the latest technologies in the field of data leak prevention (DLP) Garda Enterprise: a new view on/manage information policies and analyze their efficiency; Perform comprehensive monitoring and analysis of user activities Keep archives of all business communications Back to contents Operating principles Garda Enterprise comprises the following subsystems: Interception and management module Storage module Analytical module /

Www.uis.unesco.org UIS activities in the collection and analysis of R&D indicators and overview of data for ECO member states ECO - UIS Regional Workshop.

in Montreal  Director: Mr. Hendrik van der Pol www.uis.unesco.org UIS presence around the world Montreal Nairobi Bangkok Santiago Paris Dakar ● Dar es Salaam Yaoundé Doha Delhi www.uis.unesco.org UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)  United Nations data repository for: Education Science, Technology and Innovation Culture Communication/org What are the national research densities? Researchers per million inhabitants, 2011 or latest available year: ECO member states 0–100 per million 101–300 per million 301/

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective.

. 2010. Raising the bar for rugged EDAs  A field-proven rugged and ergonomic design  The latest generation best-in-class technology platform offering multi-mode data capture and desktop-like performance for the most demanding applications  The industry’/ reduced power consumption Integrated IrDA support Enables wireless communications with mobile and desktop computers as well as other legacy business equipment MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other/

Computer Technology and Pediatrics Nursing 140 Ashley Alexander Betsy Cockerham Brittany Pirko Rachel Werth.

Technology in Pediatrics  Telemedicine Systems  Child Health Improvement Through Computer Automation  JPL Software Links Pediatric Doctors With New Research Telemedicine in Pediatrics  Telemedicine in pediatrics: is the use of electronic communications technology to/s Family New Technology in Pediatrics Latest innovation in medical care for children Latest innovation in medical care for children Blends “just-in-time” concept with increased parental participation Blends “just-in-time” concept with/

CMOS VLSI Design Technology, Business Model and Future Trends.

chance to catch up in terms of design skills once technology nodes stabilize Costs Latest technology node fabs cost /communication pipe to the consumer Most people on the planet will first experience internet on their mobile and not computer Roughly, every other person on the planet has a mobile Skip a grade Developing countries like India can skip a few steps in technology migration With china quickly climbing the value added food chain of technology development, latest technology will become affordable in/

We offer quality products at reasonable prices. We use the latest technological advances. We offer solid, reliable products.

products at reasonable prices. We use the latest technological advances. We offer solid, reliable products. / (1/1/1) Component Audio Input (1/2/0) D connector Audio Input (0/0/2) PC Audio In (1/1/1) DVI+HDCP Audio Input (1/1/1) (Optional) Audio Output (PAL/NTSC/NTSC-J) /-20 °C ~ 60°C Module Name: PLC02 SPEC. PLC TRANSMITTER WITH CCD FOR OUTDOOR USE Communication Theory Power Line Communication Modulation Method Frequency Modulation Image Catching Device 1/3” Color CCD Camera Number Of Pixels NTSC:512(H/

#C14LV REMINDER Check in on the COLLABORATE mobile app #C14LV Session 917: Understanding Storage – The Latest Trends and Technologies Prepared by: Tom.

session material and presentations Special IOUG activities with no "ante in" needed - evening networking opportunities and more Save more than /community of 20,000+ technologists strong Enter for the chance to win books from IOUG Press or a free registration to COLLABORATE 15! Visit us Sunday through Wednesday! #C14LV 5 Overview ■ A Brief History of Storage ■ The Dominant Disk Protocols ■ The Dominant Storage Configurations ■ Disk Types ■ Ways to Attach Storage Subsystems ■ Filesystems ■ Latest Technologies/

A Complete Technology Solution for Brokerage Firms 501-502 Prakashdeep Building, 7 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi - 110 001 INDIA, Ph no :+91-11-43500600 eMail.

in New Delhi. We were established and incorporated in 1992, to provide computer consultancy, services and support services to the local community. Over the years of combined experience in/exchanges (NSE, BSE and DSE). It is developed on client/server technology with robust backend Oracle database server with strong and full proof security/Site : www.shilpisoft.com.shilpitech@vsnl.com www.shilpisoft.com Commex is the latest state-of-the-art Multi-Commodity software for Indian Commodity Exchange like NCDEX, MCX/

AAC AND THE IPAD Charlotte Mecklenburg Assistive Technology Team May 1, 2012.

huge impact on our profession and those clients we serve. From articulation, language development, fluency to augmentative communication. iDevices are the latest in speech generated devices for persons who need AAC, but…. Are iDevices for everyone? iDevices and AAC apps /Bad… “Cool” everyone else has one Highly portable Relatively low cost Empowers family and consumer Based on mainstream technology Intuitive to use across age and disability iPads Can be used either as a complete or supplemental SGD Useful/

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