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Lecture 11: Compensation. Strategic Issues and Compensation  Why do dome employers pay more than other employers?  Why are different jobs within the.

insurance, pensions.) A Pay Model -See overhead camera  Contains three basic components. The policies that form the foundations of the compensation system. The techniques that make up much of the mechanics of compensation management/ objectives. Job Evaluation Overview  The results of Job Analysis serves input for evaluating jobs and establishing a company pay structure.  Specifically, job evaluation is the systematic evaluation of job descriptions. Major Decisions in Conducting Job Evaluation 1. /

Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System. Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System (Background) Senate Bill 1: Standards for teachers, principals and professional.

(Mid-Year): Monitor progress on annual district objectives Monitor performance on superintendent standards-based job description Step Four: Conduct a Summative Evaluation Summarize progress on annual district objectives Summarize performance on superintendent standards-based job description Monitor Progress Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System Step 3 and 4: Formative & Summative Evaluation Formative assessment – verbal progress update with board or smaller committee Summative assessment – evidence of/

Education Data Services & Educator Evaluation Team Reporting Educator Evaluation Information in EPIMS for RTTT Districts April – May, 2013 Robert Curtin.

Transactional Reports 1.At the district and school level for the overall summative or formative evaluation rating All Evaluated Administrators Principals (District level only) Non-Administrators Teachers The following data points: # of staff # evaluated % Exemplary % Proficient % Needs Improvement % Unsatisfactory % Not evaluated 2.List of educators in the evaluated job classifications that are not evaluated 27 ESE Public Reporting Public Reporting  “Such information shall be made available in the/

1 Evaluating the Superintendent and the District A Public Process That Yields a Public Document A Public Document That Focuses on Results.

Supt search… If the motion fails…Supt search… End of storyEnd of story Formative 34 Or Like This? The ‘Dissection’ Formative Evaluation: Superintendent develops a detailed portfolio Superintendent develops a detailed portfolio Members of the / District Performance District Performance By monitoring and comparing results against expectations written in policy Supt Job 60 The Superintendent’s Job IS NOT HOW: IS NOT HOW: Education/curricular knowledge/skillEducation/curricular knowledge/skill Demonstration /

1 Point Rating Evaluation Plan. 2 Job Evaluation What is Job Evaluation? A systematic process of determining the value of jobs in relation to other jobs.

Current Plan New Plan Class Specs Kind of Work Level of Work Whole Job Comparison Guide Charts Factor Definitions Factor Degrees and Points Factor to Factor Comparison 18 Job Evaluation Plan Evaluation Process  Job information is documented on the new job description form.  Job information is reviewed and clarified, as required. 19 Job Evaluation Plan Evaluation Process  Jobs are evaluated using the Guide Charts. –each factor is rated and scored. –total points calculated/

Performance Evaluation Training: Phase 1 Spring 2016.

Evaluation forms. Forms will be available on the Pioneer Portal in web format. Paper format is optional for facilities staff members. The new system no longer uses weighting of the 2 evaluation sections. Supervisors are no longer required to set priority levels for questions. Goals and Self-Appraisals are no longer scored. New Forms Overview: Self Appraisal Automatically Populates New Forms Overview: Self Appraisal Review current job/

Job Analysis/Job Evaluation MANA 5322 Dr. Jeanne Michalski

years, up to and including 5 years 5 th degree – more than 5 years Handbook Compensation and Benefits Point-Factor  Factor comparison is most widely used form of internal job evaluation  Point–Factor method is most common form of factor comparison  Point-Factor assigns point totals to each compensable factor  Hay Point Factor Example of Compensable Factor Weighting FactorMax Points% of Possible Points Skill/

Job Perspectives: How To Get A Job With Your Degree In Computer Science October, 2003 Department of Math & Computer Science

business or technical Good project management experience. System Services Engineer I JOB SUMMARY: Under general supervision, analyze, interpret and evaluate technical information to draw conclusions and recommend or implement solutions. The /Systems Manager. 6. Administration Helps maintain a properly functioning business unit. - Completes required expense and administrative forms. - Completes weekly Activity Reports. System Engineer I MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Proficiency in an industry standard /

People in Business AO2, AO3 and A04 Task 2. Starter Exercise – Job Description or Job Specification Job DescriptionJob Specification Job title Location.

-heading Legal, Social, Ethical & Regulatory Obligations. Explain how the Job Application meets these obligations by giving examples from it Write a sub heading: Improvements to the Job Application Form Using the weaknesses you have already stated, recommend ways Waitrose could improve the job application, explaining how and why it would be an improvement. Evaluating Online Application Forms At Waitroses all applications are made Online Write a/

Green Jobs Innovation Fund SGA/DFA PY 10-07 Panelist Orientation April 27, 2011 10 a.m. Eastern.

minimum) –IRS Form 990 (non-profit applicants) 24 2011 Green Jobs Innovation Fund Panel Orientation Prior to deliberation call:  Read each proposal thoroughly without scoring  Review each proposal a second time against the evaluation criteria  Score each/should be written with enough detail to stand alone.  All comments should be objective and refer to specific evaluation criteria. Documentation Tips 27 2011 Green Jobs Innovation Fund Panel Orientation  Such as…  It appears…  It seems…  I believe… /

JOB ANALYSIS AND JOB DESIGN Presented By : Nikhil Singh (BM-09124) Pratima Gupta (BM-09148) Preeti Jaiswal (BM-09150) Radhika Sethi (BM-09158) Raina Sharma.

/201624job analysis & job design JOB EVALUATION  It is an an assessment of the relative value of jobs to determine appropriate compensation.  Job Evaluation is a technique to rank jobs in an organization on the basis of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the job. OBJECTIVES/PURPOSES OF JOB EVALUATION Primary Aim Secondary Aim 7/9/201625job analysis & job design Main elements of job evaluation 7/9/201626job analysis & job design IMPORTANCE OF JOB EVALUATION 1. It/

American Style of Life [Constitution for the United States of America][1] We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish.

your taxes or filling out the right tax forms, or you’ll have a nasty surprise in the form of an unexpectedly large tax bill. The tax advisor who helped you with evaluating your business purchase may be able to recommend /World War I veterans carried forward, but veterans were provided vocational rehabilitation, unemployment allowances, educational and training benefits, and job placement services. One of the most important pieces of social legislation was the establishment of the Medicare program under the/

OSPI Special Education Olympia, Washington April 2008

to assist with easy access of information. Evaluation and IEP review forms that could be used by staff when reviewing evaluations, reevaluations, and IEPs for compliance. Twelve sample evaluations and IEPs are also provided as part of/ specific postsecondary goals. This could include a description of vocational courses, elective courses, specially designed instruction, community experiences, job shadowing/work placement opportunities, etc. that will help the student meet his/her goals. Source: Storms, J., O/

Introduction to Project Management

short term: but not for the long term. Evaluation can be Summative: accountability, rating, scores ‘marks out of 10’ HARD Illuminative: insights into experiences, ‘what has been most useful’ SOFT Formative: aiming for improvement, change, ‘how will this/ other which merely satisfies, but does not drive behaviour. MOTIVATION - Herzberg Motivating factors Factors related to the job itself Achievement Responsibility Potential for growth The work itself MOTIVATION - Herzberg Hygiene Factors – don’t motivate but /

New CASORT Feature Briefing Digital Inspection Job Aids 1002-49-01© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. You can advance to the next slide after this star symbol appears.

the methodology outlined in this presentation. Consider the following concepts when providing your proposed questions or job aids. 1002-49-29 Purpose of Job Aid? © 2012 AVSOG, Inc. Inspect Evaluate ----------- APPROVAL FOR USE IN AVIATION ----------------------------------------------  Eval Document  Eval Procedure  Eval Program / not allow a NO answer without a finding. You can ONLY EDIT the job aid from the associated Action Entry Form. Only very low risk or no-risk concerns may be Admin Concerns. Your/

Reward Systems.

: “All forms of financial returns and tangible services and benefits employees receive as part of an employment relationship” MGMT 412 | Reward Systems Fall 2008 ? A Basic Question Can we satisfy everybody? Perceptions of fairness come from: Actual pay amounts Relative pay amounts on internal basis Relative pay amounts on external basis Pay administration MGMT 412 | Reward Systems Fall 2008 Job Evaluation Equal Pay/

1 Job Evaluation and the ATU 107 JE PLAN. 2 Overview of ATU 107 JE System Introductions Job Evaluation – Why? What? ATU 107 Plan – What it measures What.

requirements An exact science 11 Introduction to the City’s ATU 107 Job Evaluation Plan 12 Your Job Evaluation Plan Uses 10 sub-factors (point factor system) 10 FACTORS 13 Your Job Evaluation Plan Characteristics of work are grouped under four identifiable components: Skill –/is Your Opportunity To tell us what you do by completing a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) To work together where there are multi-incumbents in a single job classification (form a working group) People can do their JAQ on work time –/

Performance Evaluation HR Training Sessions

(if applicable) Pre-populated and are not editable Applies to all employees in the agency Job specific expectations Manager is responsible for adding (select the Add Performance Expectation button) Must enter both a performance/ to CSV (comma separated values) Printing Completed Evaluations Individual employee evaluations can be printed by accessing the employee’s evaluation and selecting the print button on the evaluation form To bulk print completed evaluations for a large group of employees, select the/

Evaluating Work: Job Evaluation

to Importance Different weights reflect differences in importance attached to each factor by the employer Exhibit 5.14: Job Evaluation Form Note that the only reason this form works as it does is that each factor has same number of degrees!!! Overview of the Point System Job Factor Weight 1 2 3 4 5 1. Education 50% 100 200 300 400 500 2. Respon s/

1 PULASKI TECHNICAL COLLEGE Classified Staff Performance Evaluation To insert your company logo on this slide From the Insert Menu Select “Picture” Locate.

overall rating at end of evaluation period. Communicate to employee job expectations and provide feedback concerning performance. Coach. Complete annual review no less than thirty (30) days prior to employee anniversary date. Anniversary date, sometimes called increase eligibility date, is one year from date of hire. Communicate performance results to employee, listen and provide feedback. Route completed Evaluation forms to Human Resources, Administration Building/

2010 Performance Evaluation Process Information Session for Supervisors.

Process Enhancements  Further Refined Rating Definitions  Created separate Self-Evaluation and Supervisor Evaluation Forms  Addition of Supervisory/Leadership Competency Section The Performance Management and Evaluation Process 5 Key Performance Management Processes Performance Evaluation Overview/Timeline Tips on Preparing Performance Evaluations 5 Key Performance Management Processes  Articulation of Expectations: Job Clarification and Goal Alignment  Consistent Performance Tracking  Check-In/

International Personnel Management Association Making 360 Degree Evaluations Work October 17, 2000 Jim Fox Charles Klein.

Procedures Prepare Draft Forms and Procedures Review and Comment Finalize Forms and Procedures Determine Data Requirements Define data needed to measure performance Determine what data is available through existing systems Identify potential data sources Assess and evaluate available software packages Conduct Training Manager and Supervisor Training Employee Training Additional Training –Continually and as necessary The Bottom Line Strategically focused Job related Consistent with organizational/

ENMU Employee Evaluation Training

in dialogue Plan for action Acknowledge Receiving Feedback Actively listen Explore gently Dont get defensive Express your thanks After · Complete all forms · Follow-up on goals · Reflect on employees performance   The evaluation form: Three Tiered Rating System Exceeds Expectations (E): Employee performed job requirements and demonstrated University Values with exceptional skill and knowledge. Employee clearly and consistently exceeded expectations in most areas of the/

Normalization of Database Tables

be used with caution. (If the information requirements seem to dictate the use of partial dependencies, it is time to evaluate the need for a data warehouse design Such caution is warranted because a table that contains partial dependencies is still subject /records that are affected by the charge per hour change, different employees with the same job description will generate different hourly charges. Note A table is in second normal form (2NF) when: It is in 1NF. and It includes no partial dependencies; /

Table of Contents Section 1 Project Objectives and Worksteps 3

and recognize the importance of exemplary work performance and reward it using merit pay programs and/or other forms of formal recognition including non-cash rewards. 10 SECTION 3 COMMUNICATIONS 11 Section 3 Communications Communications regarding / be suggested by a change in salary ranges. Develop and implement formal, written policies and procedures for job evaluation classification and salary administration. Provide initial and ongoing supervisory training with respect to the policies and procedures for/

Performance appraisal

rate employee performance in several areas. The supervisor selects the statement that best describes how the employee performs. Each job title in the organization has a different set of rating statements. A BARS usually contains these features: Six to /Ask for reasons for the various ratings. Then the supervisor describes his or her evaluation of the employee. Start with an overall impression, then explain the contents of the appraisal forms. Most employees are waiting for the “bad news,” so it is probably /

EMPLOYMENT POLICIES IN THE EU 1.Labour market institutions and labour market policies in the EU 2.Evaluating Labour Market Policies: Methodology and problems.

more likely to occur in the long run. the evaluation period may thus be extended. training on the job better than formal training. in order to avoid upward wage pressures and to maintain job search pressures better (according to Calmfors):  set/ greater investment in training and human capital on the part of the firm  greater internal flexibility and acceptance of new forms of work and internal labour division if worker knows there is employment stability  lower costs in enforcing contracts relative to /

© 2010 Cengage Learning. Atomic Dog is a trademark used herein under license. All rights reserved. Chapter 8 Appraising Employee Job Performance.

. All rights reserved. 8-2b Types of Rating Instruments (cont.) Graphic rating scales Strengths  Practical.  Low cost.  Can be developed quickly.  A single form is applicable to all or most jobs within an organization. Weaknesses  Vaguely defined traits to evaluate (e.g. demeanor or attitude)  Does not effectively direct behavior.  Fails to provide specific, nonthreatening feedback.  Accurate ratings are not likely to be/

Purpose The intent of this presentation is to explain how OSHCON uses the Form 33, and show how employers might use it to measure and evaluate the strength.

job description. Formal annual review of all JHA/JSA’s. Created a matrix chart to show who’s first aid card, certification, hearing test, etc., is due when. Meeting minimum OSHA requirements gets you 2’s. Exceeding minimum OSHA requirements gets you 3’s. Form 33 Revised -- August 2007 Analysis Of S&H Program OSHCON is taught two ways to evaluate/ assignments have a mutual understanding of how and when performance will be evaluated. Form 33 Revised -- August 2007 152 Item 29. Individuals with assigned safety/

Mid Year Performance Review Process 2015

EVALUATION/ DEVELOPMENT REWARD Mid Year Reviews - Interim meeting with supervisor to review progress toward FY15 goals (March 6th Deadline) Individual goals are linked to department goals. . . Duke University Health System’s Goals Duke Hospital Goals Department/Clinical Service Unit Goals Performance management Individual/Team Performance Expectations Job/ template located @ http://www.hr.duke.edu/managers/performance/DUHS/forms/index.php Conversation Planner located on Intercom @ https://intranet.dm.duke/

SHRM Survey Findings: Job Analysis Activities In collaboration with and commissioned by ACT December 11, 2014.

professionals will also have a more effective performance management process. Clearly knowing the responsibilities that come with certain jobs allows for ease of measurement on annual evaluations, periodic reviews, goal attainment and other forms of performance management. HR professionals need a comprehensive understanding of how jobs are performed at all levels of their organizations to perform their own duties. The tasks of managing personnel/

LABOUR MARKET POLICIES IN THE EU Labour market institutions and labour market policies in the EU Evaluating Labour Market Policies: Methodology and problems.


Who Should Be Evaluated? All HEO EMPLOYEES  13.3b  One year appointment  Two year appointment  Substitute.

such as: Think about possible developmental activities such as: CoachingCoaching Reading articlesReading articles Job shadowingJob shadowing Attending lectures or workshopsAttending lectures or workshops Preparing for the PE Conference Give employee notice of the meeting Give employee notice of the meeting Do not complete the evaluation form beforehand. Do not complete the evaluation form beforehand. Meet, be open to the other’s point of view. Meet/


Relationship –Teamwork –Flexibility –Creativity/Innovation –Dependability II. Old and New Form - Comparison Identify Rating Differences – Review Evaluation Criteria Handout –Ratings went from 5 levels to 4 levels –Exceeds Job Expectations –Meets Job Expectations –Partially Meets Job Expectations –Does Not Meet Job Expectations III. Performance Evaluation Tools To Assist in the Transition - Use of the Performance Element/Job Duties Worksheet Employee and Supervisor complete and discuss Use of Summary/

Total Army Performance Evaluation System (TAPES)

Form 7223 Senior System: DA Form 7222 Once approved by the senior rater, final evaluation is relayed to the employee Roles: Who’s Involved? Employee Learns what is expected to perform the duties of their position, discusses ideas about the work, performs to best of their abilities, assists in establishing job/ space permits Examples are encouraged for objectives rated Success Rater submits proposed evaluation form with support form to senior rater Senior Rater completes Parts VIII and IX Reviews objectives /

Career and College Readiness

them in accomplishing this work? Do they get “it”? Apple - Continued "My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better.“ – Steve Jobs A real-world high expectations example. No More Status Quo Happy Students From that,/ have a ‘Complete’ Written Response Acknowledgement) the ‘View’ label on the Summary Evaluation Form I-V will change to ‘Edit’ and the evaluator can complete the form. While the assessment form looks different, you’ll find the functionality very familiar. Let’s watch the video/

Making the most of the Performance Evaluation Process 2009.

job performance that are not meeting requirements, need improvement Encourages them to take responsibility for their own performance and progress The Process Set date and time for an evaluation meeting Prepare for the meeting, including completion of a performance evaluation form Exchange evaluations forms/ take – including writing of goals and their due dates Ask the employee to sign the evaluation form Next Steps in the Performance Management Process Yes, it’s a Process Managing people means involvement/

April 24, 2013 EVALUATION TRAINING Brought to you by B A D S.

-Level Supervisor · The current year’s signed evaluation form will be forwarded to the second-level supervisor for review. · Following the first-level supervisor’s evaluation, the completed form will be forwarded to The Office of Human /out of the way to be helpful, greatly exceeds workload requirements, actively helps other departments in addition to their job responsibilities, demonstrates concern for safety of others, clear understanding and demonstration of ENMU-Ruidoso policy and procedures. Performance/

Week Four Staffing.

, case law, and regulations. Performance Appraisal and Feedback Performance appraisal is the evaluation of the employees’ job performance and contributions to the organization Performance Appraisal and Feedback Who appraises performance immediate supervisors are the/ relative weights one would assign to the three criterion dimensions vary across circumstances. If a temporary team were formed to perform a single task of extraordinary importance… the second and third dimensions would be of little relevance /

1 PSY 6430 Unit 6 Job Analysis Tonight and Monday: Lecture Monday, 3/27: Exam.

started in 1974, over 30 years ago Over 330,000 different jobs have been analyzed in the past 30 years Can also be used for job evaluation (salary determination) and development of competencies (onto the PAQ) 40/ Industrial Tests - Arithmetic Arithmetic Fundamentals Test (cont.) 65 PAQ: Alternatives to GATB Tests Spatial Aptitude Revised Minnesota Paper Form Board Employee Aptitude Survey - Spatial Flanagan Industrial Tests - Assembly Clerical Perception Employee Aptitude Survey - Visual Speed and Accuracy/

Making the Match: Role of Career Assessment & Job Analysis 1.

typically only states the minimum requirements to perform the job. 71  Determining employer’s willingness to provide accommodations.  Evaluating formal and informal supports available to employees.  Observing work culture or supervisors and employers.  Identifying potential need for employer education. 72  It can be very beneficial to have the consumer complete job analysis forms, with supports that they may desire.  This can be used as/

BR-main Before Reading 1. An English Song -- Get a Job 2. Background Information 3. Warm-up Exercises Michael Jordan John Michael Landy Sir Roger Bannister.

and the last ones off the basketball court. The same preparation applies in every form of human endeavor. If you want the job, you have to prepare to win it. CF: endeavor, try & attempt /job. The employer is now conducting an interview with the applicants. The questions the employer asks are mainly about the applicant’s academic training, practical experience and other relevant details. Carry out an interview based on the following situations and evaluate the applicants’ performance by filling the form/

Making the Most of Your 2009 Performance Evaluation.

their goals and performance Brings to their attention any areas of job performance that are not meeting requirements, need improvement Encourages them to take responsibility for their own performance and progress The Process Set date and time for an evaluation meeting Prepare for the meeting, including completion of a performance evaluation form Exchange evaluations forms prior to the meeting date Meet to review and discuss performance/

Appraising Employee Job Performance Chapter 8. Understand how effective performance appraisal systems enhance competitive advantage. Specify the standards.

descriptive words or phrases that indicate level of performance. Types of Rating Instruments Strengths Practical. Low cost. Can be developed quickly. A single form is applicable to all or most jobs within an organization. Weaknesses Vaguely defined traits to evaluate (e.g. demeanor or attitude) Does not effectively direct behavior. Fails to provide specific, nonthreatening feedback. Accurate ratings are not likely to be/

Staff Performance Appraisal. Is a periodic formal evaluation of how well the nurse has performed her duties during a specific period.

must be able discrimination between excellent, good & poor performance to identify area of improvement & individual growth. 3-The nurse should be given a copy of her job description, performance standards& evaluation form to review before the evaluation. 4-Staff members should be aware in advance what will occurs if she doesnt meet expected standards of performance. 5-Evauation period, there is no rule for/

EMPOWERMENT Approaches, Skills and Issues. Empowerment thru’ Training, Education and Development Training: job specific skills, knowledge, attitudes,

? Training as a strategic issue? Whose interest is served & by whom? The individual Well placed (job demands + aspirations) to evaluate development needs (SWOT)? But is time & effort invested? Perception of“market” gaps, demands, relevance,/a “Learning Organisation” Adopt a Learning Approach to Strategy Participative Policy Making Informating (Information Systems) Formative accounting Internal Exchange (Client-Server relationships) Reward Flexibility Roles and flexible, matrix structures Boundary workers /

1 Office of Human Resources – 2007 United Nations Development Programme Job Evaluation Job Design and Job Evaluation.

and report. Discuss in groups and report. 3 Office of Human Resources – 2007 United Nations Development Programme Job Evaluation Job Evaluation is a mechanism for determining the grade level of each position in the Organization, on the basis of/should be printed out from the on-line job evaluation system. Classification forms are not necessary if the job description coincides with the pre-classified generic job description.Classification Template An updated job description. An up-to-date organizational chart/

Recruiting. Introduction Recruiting brings together those with jobs to fillthose seeking jobs and Once an organization identifies its human resource needs.

hired deserve the courtesy of prompt notification job offer Resources for Job Seekers: Evaluating Companies Dun & Bradstreet’s Million Dollar /job knowledge, situational, or behaviorally oriented questions and objective criteria to evaluate the interviewee’s responses. 3.Train interviewers. 4.Use the same questions with all candidates. 5.Use descriptive rating scales (excellent, fair, poor) to rate answers. 6.Use multiple interviewers or panel interviews. 7.If possible, use a standardized interview form/

Managing Performance – and Getting through the Performance Evaluation Cycle Principles and Guidelines, Tips and Tricks Office of Research and Sponsored.

than others so straight averaging doesn’t work. Look at major responsibilities/duties on the job description; essential functions of the job when deciding on the overall rating. Addressing performance that needs to be improved Use the “goals and objectives” box at the end of the evaluation form to establish expectations and set goals that can be discussed and addressed throughout the coming year/

Teacher Dismissal and the New Teacher Evaluation System (TESS) Kristen Craig Gould, Staff Attorney, ASBA Special Thanks to Dr. Karen Cushman, Arkansas.

TERMINATION? Answer: If the teacher is being recommended for job action based on classroom performance problems that are identified by means of the TESS evaluation system. Year 3 Summative Evaluation on all components; formative can focus on targeted growth areas, PGP developed following first formative. Track 1 *Probationary/ Novice Year 2 Summative Evaluation on all components; formative can focus on targeted growth areas, PGP developed following first/

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