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Senior academics professional development programme April 2016 Professor Gina Wisker University of Brighton UK 1.

Parent Adult adult Child child 27 Leading Strategic decision making Inititiating strategic alliances Vision and mission Commitment /value driven eg integrity,social justice Lead /8) 133 The key recommendations are: Develop clear definitions and descriptions of SoTL that can be integrated into policy and institutional strategies Support /industry … 160  What do we mean by teaching excellence? Characteristics, schemes to support enable and recognise teaching excellence 161 Our scholarship based learning /

JANASHREE BIMA YOJANA. The objective of the scheme is to provide life insurance protection cover to the rural and urban poor persons below the poverty.

/- per month.  The social security schemes are generally implemented by the Social Welfare Departments in the States. However, in some States, Rural Development Department or Women Child Development Department are administering these schemes. The concerned department in the State may/ social health activist as a link between the Government and the poor pregnant women. BENEFITS PROVIDED : It integrates cash assistance with delivery and post-delivery care. To each eligible pregnant women, in Delhi : In rural/

Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Exploring Lifespan Development Chapter 5 Cognitive Development in Infancy and Toddlerhood.

Development Sensorimotor Stage (0-2 years) This is experienced in the here and now (The active child: infants develop goal-directed behavior, means-ends thinking, and object permanence). Schemes- organized patterns of behavior, becoming more elaborate as development/Self-investigation. Elaborates on existing schemes and integrates simple schemes into more complicated behaviors. Modification and repetition of scheme to achieve interesting sensations: coordination of different schemes (e.g., looking and /

Good practices and new initiatives on social security policy

an important instrument of investment in human capital a multidimensional concept that should be integrated with political, economic and social goals Source: Social protection in EU development cooperation. Report prepared for the EU by Simon Commander, Mark Davies, and / means test, so they have a different access and logic from the Indian schemes. South Africa: Child Support Grant Purpose: To assist families with child care and education expenses Has become crucial in light of pervasive poverty and because/

ICDS Strengthening – Good Practices

revised cost norms Progress on Decentralisation Stakeholders Dept. of Women and Child Development Ministry of Women and Child Development, GoI State Administration District Administration, Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs)/displaying updated Bank Passbook reflecting MAMATA fund Learning and Takeaways Mamata scheme brings “woman at the core of the policy implementation” /ECCE by ‘appropriate Government’ for 3-6 year age group Integrated service delivery of pre-school convergence with elementary education Draft /


to appropriate information and freedom of thought, consensus and religion.s Child Welfare schemes Health Nutrition & care Education Child protection in terms of Health Anti natal care Delivery at Hospitals Immunization Child protection in terms of Nutrition and care ICDS Integrated Child Development services scheme Supplementary Nutrition Anganwadi Centers Parent education Girl child protection scheme check on Child traficing Children homes(shishuVihar / Balvihars) Kishora Shaki yojana Education SARVA/

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALs AND THE ROLE OF STAKE HOLDERS IN FCT. Presentation at the FCT National Orientation Agency Public enlightenment.

child institutions. CONT. EDUCATION SECRETARIAT  Construction of UBE 130 classroom/provision of 130 sets of classroom furniture.  Procurement of teaching materials.  Capacity building for teachers comprising, Head Teachers, Asst. Head teachers and subject teachers.  Construction of 168 units of VIP toilets. CONT. AGRIC AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SECRETARIAT  Production of Improve seeds/seedlings for distribution.  Development of integrated/more communities were given water schemes -92 primary schools with /

Integration Networks Pathways Addiction & Mental Health District Group Alistair Watson 7 May 2013.

shared care scheme to support primary delivery Link to Whānau Ora Suicide minimisation across the district Building psychosocial models of care, brief interventions Child Health/Tamariki /child’s health care needs & issues Map of Medicine Child/Tamariki Ora: Further integrate 1 & 2 care services for child health To assist MidCentral DHB create and maintain a Clinical Network structure and in doing so ensures that clinicians and consumers (and their family/whānau) are the core of health service development/

Institutional Framework on Sustainable Development

Scheme, 2007 Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme, 2009 Socio-ecological (environment and social) National Agricultural Policy, 2002 National Urban Sanitation Policy, 2008 Integrated Watershed Management Programme, 2009 Green economy (economic and environment) Technological Upgradation Fund Schemes, 1999 Fodder and Feed Development Scheme, 2005 Integrated/or immediately after birth. Lack of health care, maternal and child malnutrition and poor environmental health conditions Source: GOI, India Country/

Social protection training Asia Development Institute (ADI)

vulnerable people Lao PDR … Mongolia Universal child benefit Source: Gabriele Köhler 2013 Variety of Cash Transfers in Asia and the Pacific Myanmar Currently being developed Nepal Education grants; employment scheme; social pension Pakistan Benazir Income Support Programme/Office for Asia and the Pacific. 2012. Single Window Service in Asia and the Pacific. Piloting integrated approaches to implementing Social Protection Floors. http://www.social-protection.org/gimi/gess/RessShowRessource.do?ressourceId=/

A Scheme for the Empowerment of Adolescent Girls in West Bengal, India

study Acknowledged as a ‘good practice’ Girl Summit 2014 (Department for International Development, UK and UNICEF in London. ) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ Scheme Ministry of Women and Child Development, India Rapid Assessment (UNICEF, Sept 2014) School attendance rate has improved/ Honours, wants to do her B. Ed Way Forward Key strength: Dynamism Current areas of development E-Portal being integrated with CPFMS for better financial management & effective fund-flow Digital Certificates, USB e-Tokens and SSL/

The medical schemes industry: regulatory approach, trends, challenges & opportunities Briefing to the Portfolio Committee of Health COUNCIL FOR MEDICAL.

integrated in “theme projects” whose results have greatest impact on our regulatory objectives For 2003/4, the theme projects are:For 2003/4, the theme projects are: –Fair Treatment of Beneficiaries and the Public, which involves: Developing an understanding of practices of medical schemes/dependants and 15.1% for child dependants Increases were slightly higher in open schemes than in restricted schemesIncreases were slightly higher in open schemes than in restricted schemes Overall the rate of contribution /

Module 11 BSc/Diploma Rural Development 1 Gender Equality & Social Exclusion Issues in Rural Development Module 11, BSc Rural Development by Distance.

Development. It is designed to encourage the implementation of integrated and innovative strategies for sustainable development in rural communities.. Leader Plus supports training, development/  The girl-child Module 11 BSc/Diploma Rural Development 57 There are /development schemes 4 Encourage the involvement of women who are not currently active in development schemes, but who do wish to become involved. Module 11 BSc/Diploma Rural Development 68 Policy Approaches to Disadvantaged Women in Development/


SCHEME FOR ADOLOSCENT GIRLS  CHILD PROTECTION CHALLENGES SOUTH – SOUTH COOPERATION WAY FORWARD 2 OVERVIEW Constitutional guarantees exist for promotion and protection of child rights Independent Ministry for women and child development to:  Address gaps in State action  Enable inter-sectoral coordination and convergence National and State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights constituted as statutory bodies to protect, promote and defend child rights 3 CHILD DEVELOPMENT Integrated Child Development/

Chapter 5 Cognitive Development During the First Three Years.

Development Sensorimotor Stage (0-2 years) This is experienced in the here and now (The active child: infants develop goal-directed behavior, means-ends thinking, and object permanence). Schemes- organized patterns of behavior, becoming more elaborate as development/Self-investigation. Elaborates on existing schemes and integrates simple schemes into more complicated behaviors. Modification and repetition of scheme to achieve interesting sensations: coordination of different schemes (e.g., looking and /

11 Meeting with State Secretaries Review of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme 28 th October 2010 Ministry of Women and Child Development.

11 Meeting with State Secretaries Review of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme 28 th October 2010 Ministry of Women and Child Development Government of India 2 PART - I ICDS : Universalization 3 Operationalization : –Delay in operationalization / in 6 states. Revised records & registers at AWCs and MPRs/ ASRs being implemented from 1.4.2011 Web based MIS being developed by NIC on revised MIS.. 32 ICDS: Monitoring contd… CMU, NIPCCD in operation since 2009-2010. Medical Colleges, Home Science/


People?  Low or no income;  Infants and lactating mothers;  Children;  Child-headed households;  Orphaned children;  People with disabilities;  Female-headed households;  / Ensure that their food and nutrition needs are included in the integrated development plans;  Assume the implementation of projects within their localities; / 32 Implementation Plan  Audit existing food an nutrition security schemes;  Design food coupon scheme;  Set key performance indicators;  Set service delivery /

Health-e-Child Konstantin Skaburskas Based on presentations made by HeC partners.

-e-Child 07. November 2006 What has been achieved, practically speaking? T5.2 Education / Training 2006-02-27 gLite Tutorial @ CERN 2006-09-26 gLite Tutorial @ CERN 2006-10-10 gLite Tutorial @ CERN T5.3 API Development HeC Infrastructure Requirements Questionnaire Delivered HeC Infrastructure Requirements Questionnaire Collected all filled-in questionnaires (by 23-Oct. 2006) Questionnaires now have to be processed API integration scheme/

Presentation: International symposium on Social Protection in Southern Africa: New Opportunities for Social Development, Johannesburg, South Africa, 24-25.

prevalence – 23,2% ◦ Food insecurity – 25% malnourished; 352 000 affected by 2007/2008 drought  Child mortality: some improvement  Maternal mortality: worsening  Children in particular affected ◦ 10% of new HIV cases /integrate provision ◦ Inclusion in public scheme framework recommended  Several shortcomings (cont)  Links with OHS weakly developed (prevention)  Need to introduce proper rehabilitative and re-integrative framework ◦ Constitutional policy ◦ UN Disability Convention impact ◦ Development/

CaBIG ™ is an initiative of the National Cancer Institute, NIH, DHHS Semantic Integration Workbench (SIW) v3.1 and UML Model Browser v.5  Session Date:

 View Associations in Class Tree: to view associations as child classes  Display UML Description Last: allows you to choose //IEC 11179 standard for metadata registries  Designed to integrate caCORE infrastructure  Supports the development and deployment of Data Elements that are used as / Length  Maximum Length  Low Value  High Value  Decimal Place  Representation Term  Classification Scheme / Scheme Items  Value Domain Origin  Language  Effective End Date  Comment / Change Note Curate a Value/

MP School Education Portal www.educationportal.mp.gov.in An integrated e-Governance System Presentation by Ashok Barnwal Secretary, School Education, Govt.

work on only those entities that are under his domain. In-house Development by NIC for economy, efficiency, reliability, easy adaptability and scale up What/HR MIS –New Pension Scheme -Implementation of New Pension scheme -Portal generated application format for allotment of PRAN No for subscription of scheme -Integration of the pay-roll for/micro level planning and focused interventions and improved monitoring at the individual child level. Children with Special Training Needs (OOSC) Online registration of /

Integrated approach to Early Childhood Development ‘Essential Package of Services’ CARE India.

education, livelihood ◦ Focused intervention with parents, community, AWC Integrated approach-Assumptions Early years of life critical for lifelong domains of Child development-physical, social, emotional, Language and cognitive Interdependency of Developmental /home Child development ◦ Use of ECD age appropriate curricula to build capacity of teachers/caregivers in childcare settings ◦ Linkages between ECD centres & formal primary schools Economic Strengthening ◦ Linkages with livelihood schemes Health /

Vasta, Younger, Adler, Miller, Ellis Prepared by: Mowei Liu

knowledge The nature of children’s knowledge changes as they develop Schemes the cognitive structures that are used to understand the world reflect an object in the environment and the child’s reaction to that object Cognitive-Developmental Approaches: Piaget’s Theory Development is the reorganization of knowledge into more complex schemes Two functions guide cognitive development Organization: New knowledge must be merged with old knowledge/

Child and Adolescent Development: Cognitive development

Structures: change repeatedly during development Schemes = cognitive structures Schemes Fundamental aspect of theory Not something that a child has, is what a child does Relationships between two elements, an object in the environment and the child’s reaction to the /The child merges two schemes into a unit Functions Two major functions: 1) Organization: Cognitive structures are related and fitted into the existing system. Involves integration, not just adding on. 2) Adaptation: Tendency of the child to/

BIEN Congress – Dublin, 2008 Using Human Rights to Accelerate Universal Income Security: The Creation of a UN Investment Fund for child benefit? Peter.

spread of, HIV/ AIDS  the spread of malaria and other major diseases 7. Ensure environmental sustainability Integrate principles of sustainable development into country policies and reverse the loss of environmental resources  Halve the proportion of people without sustainable /considerable part of its annual resources, say half, could be devoted to countries with extensive child poverty, and where schemes of child benefit in cash or kind can be introduced or extended. All countries with large numbers/

Project Title: Empowering People in five backward districts of Karnataka to access the public schemes Project Period: Feb 2014-Jan 2018 Reporting Period.

Gulbarga and Raichur Districts of Karnataka Project Partner: Rural Literacy and Health Programme-RLHP Key Schemes SSA – Sarva Siksha Abhiyan ICDS – Integrated Child Development Scheme MGNREG – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee NRDWP – National Rural Drinking Water Programme TSC/ Schedule Caste colony, and Nutrition programme was made functional in 7 Anganwadis under Integrated Child Development Scheme under National Rural Drinking Water Mission Water connection was brought in for 1 Anganwadi/

India: ‘Status and Vision for ECCE’ Dr Shreeranjan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.

the end of X Plan to 347 lakh (including 180 lakh girl child) during XI Plan] Integrated Child Development Framework ICDS encompasses growth and development of the child through –preschool non-formal education (ECE), linkages with primary schools –/Convergence with related care schemes, SSA and other schemes Young children with different abilities would also be reached. Quality in ECCE Quality Standards and Specifications: Essential and Desirables Interaction (teacher/child, child/child);health, nutrition, /

Index 1 Index 2,3 You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till its gone 4 Sources 5 The Welsh perspective 6 Sustainable development 7 Global citizenship 8-,9 ESDGC.

about power Explore rights and responsibilities and international charters (Rights of the Child, Earth Charter KS4 Role play based on an international crisis Study / published in May 2009, subtitled “The Sustainable Development Scheme of the Welsh Assembly Government”. “This Scheme for Sustainable Development sets out what we will be doing on /occurs Summary Benefits ESDGC as a whole school approach/wider community ESDGC integral as part of life-long learning Promote values/attitudes/perceptions and skills/

Sensory Integration OCT 1172Y April 12, 2005 Cooper, Fernandes, McTaggart, & Vogiatzis OCT 1172Y April 12, 2005 Cooper, Fernandes, McTaggart, & Vogiatzis.

)  Secondary Goals and Expected Outcomes of SI Intervention:  Regulation of arousal states and attention  Development of body scheme;  Postural-motor and bilateral integration of function;  Praxis for organizing behavior;  Fine and Gross motor skills (handwriting);  Visual-auditory/ canals and faciliates phasic postural responses  Incorporate an elastic pull on a swing to allow the child stimulation of all receptor types  allows movement in all directions, at various speeds Tactile Activities /

Development Project By: Kathey George. Part 1 Sigmund Freud was a Viennese physician who developed the psychosexual theory. The psychosexual theory:

real-life circumstances related with it Play develop into less self-absorbed Play comprises more intricate arrangements of schemes  Applying unbiased words, body outlines, and equipment a child can interact with gives a dynamic / Intimacy v IsolationYoung Adult18-40, courting, early parenthood 7. Generativity v StagnationAdulthood30-65, middle age, parenting 8. Integrity v DespairMature Age50+, old age, grandparents  “Temperament is early-appearing, stable individual differences in the quality and /

What can you do to help protect your child?.  Part I Why is the issue of Internet safety so important ?  Part II Why schools take their role seriously.

What can you do to help protect your child?  Part I Why is the issue of Internet safety so important ?  Part II Why schools take their role seriously Part III  The IP scheme + how children will use it WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT/electronic governing and ensuring the conditions for the development of the Digital Economy. Opening the competition on the telecommunications market: allowing new operators to act on a completely liberalized market. Integrating the national telecommunications market into the EU market /


Any other supporting documents  Find out from websites regarding application requirements A SCHOOL OF HIGH STANDARDS, QUALITY LEARNING & HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT Respect  Responsibility  Integrity  Service  Excellence A SCHOOL OF HIGH STANDARDS, QUALITY LEARNING & HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT Respect  Responsibility  Integrity  Service  Excellence ITE Special College Admissions Scheme Admission Criteria:  GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level students  Course-related skills  Sports  Performing and Visual Arts  Leadership/

Introduction to Developmental Psychology. Objectives At the end of this lesson, the SPN will be able to: 1. Contrast principles of growth & development.

contribution to continuity of life Negative outcome- trivialization of one’s activities Ego Integrity Vs. Despair Maturity (65 to death) Reflection on life and acceptance of /Development Some concepts essential to Piaget’s theory include: 1. Schemes or Schema- building blocks of knowledge organized mental patterns that represent behaviors & actions. Set of Skills Start out as concrete in infancy and become more abstract with age. Schemes direct & determine how data from the world is handled. Growth in child/


by providing health and nutrition education, health services, supplementary food, and pre- school education. Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) The ICDS national development program is one of the largest in the world. It reaches more than 34 million children /nutrition and health education (NHED) and vacancy position of ICDS functionaries Monitoring at Block level □ At block level □Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) is the in-charge of an ICDS Project. CDPO’s MPR and HPR have been prescribed/

Copyright edyoung, PhD, LPC 1 Phase II. Journalizing and the Think-aloud Method: Envisioning The Envisioning Process: The Schemata And Schemes Of Envisioning.

Schemata, or knowledge about the world, and some are patterns of behavior, or schemes. Each person has experienced a unique, small, slice of the world and their/ and its self. Expanding Vision Deepening Understanding of Self: Still later in development, the child-adolescent learns about the world beyond its home, learns about the past and/and realistically projecting what the future will be like, regardless of mood. –Integrating and mood of realism with a method of careful study of available information about/

Vandana Singh Delhi, India Experience Sharing and learnings Single Window Delivery Initiatives: Innovations for Inclusive Development.

of being excluded, benefit from various welfare schemes 20 The Vulnerability Criteria SPATIALSOCIALOCCUPATIONAL Vulnerable living in slums / slum like locations Old Age Widow/deserted women Women/Child Headed Households Differently abled Debilitating illnesses - HIV/Laser printer, Web Cam, Internet connection, (Broadband) Similar set up at District Project for developing Apps for all Schemes System Integration Objectives The project aims to  Create a common, dynamic data base of beneficiaries accessible to /

CHAPTER TWO THEORIES OF DEVELOPMENT. Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education Canada 2-2 I. PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORIES Psychoanalytic theorists believe that developmental.

schemes to experiences Accommodation involves changing the scheme as a result of new information Equilibration is the process of balancing assimilation and accommodation to create schemes /think about child development in a new way He provided a set of findings that were impossible to ignore and difficult to explain He developed innovative methods/ factors form a dynamic integrated system Holism: the ‘whole’ is primary and is often greater than the sum of its parts –A person develops in relation to changes /

Human Development. Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved Issues in Developmental Psychology Developmental Psychology – The study.

Development Schemes – A cognitive structure or concept used to identify and interpret information Assimilation – The process by which new objects, events, or experiences, or information is incorporated into existing schemes A child who calls any male stranger “Daddy” Accommodation – The process by which existing schemes are modified and new schemes/ – Desire to guide the next generation via parenting, teaching, or mentoring Ego Integrity vs. Despair (65+) – Acceptance of one’s life in preparation for facing /

Launch of the New Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals United Nations New York, 21 September.

age Disability Benefits Universal Social Protection for Shared Prosperity and Recommendation 202 Social Protection Floors Child Support Support for those without jobs Old Age Pension, Survivors Old Age Pension, Survivors Maternity/ Costing the extension of schemes and expanding fiscal space for universal social protection  Addressing bottlenecks in the delivery of social protection benefits  Integrating principles of universal social protection into their national development strategies. Thank you http/


registration (esp. Rural) Low levels of birth registration (esp. Rural) High levels of child neglect, abuse & labour. High levels of child neglect, abuse & labour. Insufficient concrete support for OVCs during EC. An Orphan is / GENERAL Malaria communication strategy being developed as pathfinder for integrated ECD. Malaria communication strategy being developed as pathfinder for integrated ECD. Introduction of ITN Voucher scheme in 2 districts. Introduction of ITN Voucher scheme in 2 districts. Inclusion of/

E-mail -- jrdrover@mun.ca HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 1 PSYCHOLOGY 3050: Thinking in Symbols: The Development of Representation (Ch 5) Dr. Jamie Drover SN-3094,

structures in balance. When information does not match current schemes, disequilibrium results. Achieved through alteration of cognitive structures (e.g., accommodation). The child may also assimilate. Stages of Development The order of the stages are invariant and culturally universal. Development is epigenetic Based on bidirectional interactions between structure and function. Later development is based on earlier development. New structure is a transformation of an earlier one/

Child Psychology When We Were Younger….

acceptance of oneself as one is and a sense of fulfillment Ego Integrity vs. Despair PIAGET’S THEORY OF COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT investigates how patterns of thinking, reasoning, remembering and problem-solving change during a child’s development. JEAN PIAGET is an important theorist who attempted to explain how human intelligence develops through the child’s ADAPTATION to the environment. JEAN PIAGET PIAGET’S THEORY OF/

By SIA380 – Sia Han Yung HCI 4S2 2011.  Development Status of Singapore  Analysis of current proposals in GE 2011 Manifesto  Manifesto.

CHILD  Maintain, if not increase literacy rate  Social and economic sustainability  EQUAL EDUCATIOANL OPPORTUNITIES  Democratic state based on meritocracy  Social and economic sustainability  DEVELOP/ National Transport Corporation, a public body, to ensure a smooth integration of the overall national transport network and to avoid unnecessary duplication/Rental Scheme should be increased significantly to cope with increasing demand.  The eligibility criteria for the HDB’s Lease Buyback Scheme should /

LTPHN/AW/LW © 2010 Public Health Module Venue Date Unit: Public Health Aspects of Child Health © 2010.

Scheme Adequate Care and Provision Increased provision for under 5’s and parents/carers (for activities, social interaction, physical activity etc) Behaviour Change interventions Smoking cessation programmes 24 LTPHN/AW/LW © 2010 Session 3: Child age 4-8 WB39 25 LTPHN/AW/LW © 2010 Child aged 4 - 8 WB39 Wider social exposure (through starting school) brings new risks to physical, emotional and social development/

Sensory Processing Or Sensory Integration Provides foundation that enables meaningful and purposeful participation in full range of daily activities.

Sensory Processing Dysfunction There is a dysfunction of the brain that affects developing children and adults. These individuals misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as/, how much pressure, where we are in space, what our body scheme is, assist with regulating and calming our system.   Proprioceptive system gives/A. Jean Ayers, Sensory Integration Theory and Practice Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping your Child with Sensory Integration Issues (Lindsey Biel, Nancy /

Theoretical Perspectives on Development: Ethology: Konrad Lorenz, Niko Tinbergen CLASSICAL ETHOLOGICAL THEORY: Ethology studies the behavior of animals.


PDH/PE Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Core 1:Health Priorities in Australia.

mortality, disease prevalence and cancer screening to inform the development of policies like the National Chronic Disease Strategy. NSW/ and conflicts, ill- advised or ineffective programs of integration, separation, education and welfare support have all contributed / to. The strategies relate to - Government Child health and wellbeing Immunisation Mental health Obesity Sexual/over the counter from shops or pharmacies. Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) drugs are subsidised by the federal government /

Developmental Theory. Theory of Psychosocial Development Within Erik Eriksons stages of psychosocial development, the stage that he discusses the most.

develop through interaction with parents. 2. Later tools and schemes are developed through formal instruction. Piaget and Vygotsky Similarities 1.Research based on Piagets theories shows that schemes can be refined faster through the use of quality instruction at a slightly higher level than the child/. "Only by integrating these complimentary male and female orientations-justice and care- will we ever be able to realize our full human potential in moral and general development"(Muuss,233). Bibliography/

O V E R V I E W Social Protection of Women in Enterprise Development in ASEAN 4 December 2014 Manila, Philippines.

deficits ̶Limited ender disaggregated impact indicators Implications of economic integration Changes in the structure of production of a country, which/pensions. Providing women with greater access to employment guarantee schemes or skills development and training could also help Collection, analysis, and dissemination/; Reforming legal frameworks; Assessing macroeconomic policies Way forward Community based child care alternatives Health education and intervention Local promotion Welfare funds for minimum/

Feldman / Child Development, 5th Edition Copyright © 2010 Chapter 6 Cognitive Development in Infancy Child Development FIFTH EDITION Robert S. Feldman.

of the world. Sucking reflex causes infant to repeatedly suck at anything Circular Reactions = Schemes of repetitive actions Feldman / Child Development, 5th Edition Copyright © 2010 Substage 2: First Habits and Primary Circular Reactions = 1-4 months In this period, infants begin to coordinate what were separate actions into single, integrated activities. If an activity engages a baby’s interests, he or she may repeat/

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