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1 India’s Demographic Trends: Implications for Growth and Capital Markets Mukul G. Asher Professor of Public Policy, LKY School of Public Policy National.

% of rural) 4% of all households own shares (15% of urban and 1% of rural) Indian Capital Markets/1 Source: adapted from Nageswaran (2006) 12 Indian Capital Markets/2 Returns from Indian equities at 74% were the highest in emerging markets for the Returns from Indian equities at 74% were the highest in emerging markets for the FY 04 to FY’06 period. FY 04 to FY’06 period. Corresponding/

Www.ibef.org Indian Economy An Opportunity Unlimited Indian Economy An Opportunity Unlimited.

07 witnessed a growth of 185 percent over the same period last year With improved performance on PE ratio and ROE, Indian markets have attracted large investments 185 percent Increase Source: DIPP (October Report), SEBIDIPP (October Report)SEBI Electronic equipment, manufacturing /74 billion Major M&A and Investments Announcements in India (2/2) USD 1 billion Plans investment in private equity in Indian markets www.ibef.org 12 India: Pacing Ahead to Emerge as a Major Economy in the World 2007 Global Retail /

20 October 2015 Indian Venture Capital/ Private Equity Industry – Introduction & Suggested Reform Measures Meeting with: Dr. Hasmukh Adhia Revenue Secretary,

their first cross-border merger and acquisition (M&A) only after receiving private equity funding ► VCPE investors tend to bring their expertise in international markets to their portfolio companies and helps in easing access to foreign customers in an effort/ equity industry, it needs to be incentivised or atleast be taxed at par with public market investments. Based on the above principle, we recommend the following propositions:  Provide a tax neutral incentive rate to attract capital for Indian fund/

Equity & Fixed Income Workshop August, 2010 Uma Shashikant Sunita Abraham.

effect and acquisition price syndrome  Psychological asymmetry between regret and pride Text should appear only within the demarcated area. Equity Market Indicators  Visibility of earnings is a key driver of allocation  Quarterly results show increase in PAT from reduced / appear only within the demarcated area. Credit Risks  In the Indian markets issuance and trading are skewed towards high credit quality bonds.  Over 90% of secondary market activity in corporate bonds is in the AAA or AA+ categories./


risk mitigation. Project Finance Models ranging from 80%/20% to 60%/40%. Private – Public Partnerships (“PPPs”) with combinations of Indian Government, private sector, multi-lateral and bi-lateral, etc., debt and equity providers. Funds also will be raised through the Indian and foreign capital markets. Lack of contract sanctity has been a significant problem. Dabhol Power Tariffs. Tamil Nadu Power Tariffs. Failure of States/

Trade Policy, Inequality and Performance in Indian Manufacturing Kunal Sen IDPM, University of Manchester.

theoretical framework that guides research on the link between international trade and the labour market is the one cone Heckscher-Ohlin (H-O) model. The main theoretical framework that guides research on the/from the viewpoint of equity, India’s post-reform manufacturing performance has been disappointing. POLICY IMPLICATIONS – JOBLESS GROWTH International trade may have played an important contributing role in explaining the phenomenon of ‘ jobless growth ’ in Indian manufacturing observed in the /

A Reliance Capital company Reliance Natural Resources Fund An Open-Ended Equity Scheme Opens: 1 st Jan 08 Closes: 30 th Jan 08.

subsidies for the same - Larger installations lead to economies of scale - Technologies evolve towards more efficient utilisation  Market potential for each of these alternate energy resources varies between 2x – 135x!!  Investment opportunities range from direct /NOT natural resources themselves  65-100% to be invested in Indian Equities - This would enable the investors to avail of the tax benefits  Upto 35% in Foreign Equities - This will enable investors to participate in the global opportunity /

President’s Press Conference CII Theme 2013-14 15 April 2013, New Delhi © Confederation of Indian Industry1.

access Equity Capital Enabling Policies to access Equity Capital Establishment of Central Climate Friendly Technology Fund and Branding/Export Marketing Fund Establishment of Central Climate Friendly Technology Fund and Branding/Export Marketing Fund / of MSMEs Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Growth of MSMEs Transformation of Sectors Transformation of Sectors © Confederation of Indian Industry 23 Inclusive Growth & Affirmative Action : Inclusive Growth & Affirmative Action : Inclusive Growth Objective: /

An Overview of Domestic and Overseas Markets In House Congress, Mumbai At Grand Hyatt, April 29, 2008.

shares of proposed allottee(s) in demat form ▪ Lock in of pre-preferential allotment shareholding ▪ No sale and transfer any equity shares for past 6 months ▪ Non-transferability of instruments ▪ Allotment must be completed within 15 days Issue of shares or /in a company but unlike FDI, investors in DRs do not enjoy voting rights  DRs of most Indian companies experienced a sharp fall due to market meltdown. However, recently the DRs have recovered and trading turnovers have improved.  DRs have become /

Serving the Cause of Public Interest Indian Actuarial Profession 23 rd India Fellowship Seminar USE OF DERIVATIVES IN HEDGING INTEREST RATE RISKS AND ITS.

or unavailable CDS to hedge existing credit exposures where uneconomical to sell the existing related asset Equity options to reduce market risks associated with certain policies, and financial guaranty contracts Derivatives to earn additional investment income -/investment Amount of Leverage to be taken Covered vs. Naked Derivatives www.actuariesindia.org38 Challenges/Issues to Indian Insurers Managing derivatives for hedging purpose is complicated process –Ensuring detailed Risk management policy in place /

Analyzing the Indian Economic Slowdown Part I

Management Limited, 4 July 2008 Break-down of loan-consumption cycle Impact on the equity markets (Worlds Equity Market Cap) Credit Crunch leads to withdrawal of funds from equity markets, leading to a drastic fall in indices Fall in overall consumer demand further leads to fall in the stocks India – Following Global Trends Indian and China following global GDP trends Slowing growth in US & EU have impacted/

Indian Economy Opportunities Unlimited Indian Economy Opportunities Unlimited.

largest economies in the world. BRIC Report, Goldman Sachs Why India? – Quote Unquote Travyn Rhall, ACNielsen “The Indian market has two core advantages - an increasing presence of multinationals and an upswing in the IT exports”. Craig Barrett Intel / one of the worlds leading technology centers“. 16 DISCLAIMER This presentation has been prepared jointly by the India Brand Equity Foundation (“IBEF”) and Evalueserve.com Pvt. Ltd., EVALUESERVE (“Authors”). All rights reserved. All copyright in this /

Click to edit Master title style Indian Oil and Gas Industry October 2006.

Tie up crude oil and gas imports – setting up of LNG Regasification terminals/ laying of transnational pipelines  Scout for equity oil and gas from abroad  Explore new technologies like coal gasification, coal to oil conversion, gas hydrates exploration, coal/IMaCS 2006 Printed 15-Aug-15 Page 11 Presence of both State and Private players in the Indian oil marketMarketing Infrastructure – Oil Marketing Companies Source: MoP&NG Company Retail Outlets LPG Distributors SKO Dealers IOC11,7394,8563,564 HPCL7,/

Indian Economy and Business Opportunities for the Israeli Business Community.

witnessed a growth of 180 percent over the same period last year With improved performance on PE ratio and ROE, Indian markets have attracted large investments 180 percent Increase Source: DIPP (June Report), SEBIDIPP (June Report)SEBI Electronic equipment, manufacturing /Group increased its stake in Idea Cellular by acquiring 48.14-percent stake USD 1 billion Plans investment in private equity, real estate, and private wealth management USD 1.7 billion Plans to spend on its development operations in India /

Financial Sector has been incrementally deregulated and exposed to international financial markets in the last 15 years; Consequently, elements of the.

Indian equity and related exchange traded derivatives markets and to some extent the mutual fund industry compare well with international markets The over the counter (OTC) interest rate and currency swap markets cannot grow without better market/Penetration 2004 (percent of population) India3 South Korea174 Brazil71 China61 Thailand54 Mexico44 Table 7 Equity Market Capitalisation and Traded Values (2005) CountryMarket Capitalisation Value AddedListed Domestic Cos. India71574763 USA1361725143 Japan1041093279/

Profitable marketing of Agro products Cutting tools (wood working sector) Special snacks…

will be exercised in fixing the taste and hygiene and chikkies-thattai-rava laddu and other forgotten indian traditional snacks will be brought to market with uncompromising taste and consistency.The huge city based population which is caught in pizza-mcdonald-/provisions of net profit Rs177lakhs for investors help reward them liberally Pref.shares repaid with 50% premium (90+45 =135lakhs) Equity share holders dividend 200% in 7 years for 20 lakhs (20x2=40lakhs) Incometax is taken as 35% and depreciation /

DRAFT Acquisition of Additional Equity Stake in Multi Screen Media Presentation to the Investment Committee October 6 th, 2011 DRAFT October 2, 2011.

in India – IPL Cricket until 2017 (including the 10 th season option) 4 DRAFT Importance of Indian Marketplace 5 India is an important growth market to Sony Corporation and SPE –India is critical to Sony Corporation due to its size, growing middle /already bears this financial risk If SPE is required to operate MSM with minority partners, SPE has two options: –A private equity or strategic partner who will potentially 1) require significant influence or approval over CEO hire and/or fire, 2) restrict Sony/

Learning Objective: The trainees will be able to know about the Government investment in Equity, and about the Public Debt and other Liabilities of Governments.

transparency and disclosure in the financial statements of Government for the benefit of various stake holders Indian Government Accounting Standard-9 GOVERNMENT INVESTMENTS IN EQUITY ► Introduction ► 1.1 Investments are made by the Union and the State Governments in Statutory/Amount on 31 st March, 20x2 123456 E - PUBLIC DEBT A — Internal Debt of the Union Government 1. Market Loans (a) Market loans bearing interest etc. (i) Treasury Bills and Connected Securities issued to RBI — (ii) 364 days Treasury /


by the project promoters. –Lenders would like to maximise the chances of project success. Involve project contractors as an equity partner, take-or pay guarantees from major customers of project output, guarantees from suppliers, counter-guarantees etc. Project Finance/as swaps and options are packaged together for a large project The nature of all these markets and instruments is very dynamic In the Indian context, the governments regulatory stance on accessing these funding avenues needs to be kept in/

For professional investors only. Not for distribution to the public. Mirae Asset India-China Consumption Fund An open ended equity oriented scheme NFO.

US$12tn and India at US$3.4tn Source: CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets., 2010 Source: CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, 2010 China & Indian population – Below 25 years as % of total GDP (trillion) /Indian Equities and Equity Related Securities of companies that are likely to benefit either directly or indirectly from consumption led demand: 65%-90% (2) Chinese Equities and Equity Related Securities of companies that are likely to benefit either directly or indirectly from consumption led demand: 0%-35%; Money market/


scandals and crises within stock exchanges and movements in stock prices owing to factors in the economy. While the Indian equity market has made enormous progress in the decade of the 1990s -- with the introduction of electronic trading, novation / margins and positions, Clearing Corporation and Settlement Guarantee Fund mechanism for trade settlement – all these have made Indian capital market now arguably world class, in terms of transparency, efficiency and safety. Antiquated and abused badla system or /

Fundamentals of Capital Market. What is a share / stock? A type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part.

eligible to be registered as Foreign Institutional investors in India Indian Economy and Capital Market at a Glance FIIs can invest on behalf of their clients through sub-accounts For normal FIIs, limit for investment in equity is at least 70 per cent while the rest could/ be invested in debt up to a maximum limit of 30 per cent Indian Economy and Capital Market at a Glance FIIs could also be dedicated debt/

Effective Incubation Ecosystems for Creating Telecom Entrepreneurs Prof Rekha Jain Executive Chair IIMA Idea Telecom Centre of Excellence (IITCOE) Indian.

plan competitions and innovators Provide active training and mentoring support Provide office & tech infrastructure, grant/debt/equity funding Active handholding in converting technologies into viable businesses Board, Committees Technology Institutes, CDOT Mentor Edge,/ innovation and entrepreneurship  Effective solutions that bring significant benefits to the BOP 26 Indian Innovation Landscape Contd..  Market information: Poor  Capital intensive testing: No access to expensive test facilities  Research/

India Business Opportunities Market Access for Italian Companies Surinder K. Suri, President Global Economic Management & Associates

FDI up to 51 percent in priority capital and intermediary goods sectors. Non resident Indians and overseas corporate bodies allowed 100 percent equity in key areas V. Italian Companies Sectors in which Italian companies could expand into /property rights. Company law Legal system: Common Law. Independent Judiciary. Protection of intellectual property rights. Company law VII. Markets and Penetration The diversity of India is unique in terms of geography, religions, culture, languages and attitudes and income/

PEG Stocks had provide tips of Equity Market since Last 5 Years. As a part of Equity Market all of you know that Share Market’s another name is RISK Market.

PEG Stocks had provide tips of Equity Market since Last 5 Years. As a part of Equity Market all of you know that Share Market’s another name is RISK Market. But we are constantly trying to keep away from that risk as well as give you/ MESSENGER, according to your convenience... This site is purely created to provide technical & financial information to the people to earn from Indian stock market Once u know which stocks are being heavily promoted you can buy them ahead of the big profit and wait to cash in./

Indian and Northern Affaires indiennes Affairs Canada et du Nord Canada Brock Dumville Manager, Sectoral Strategies Directorate Lands and Economic Development.

contributions for businesses:  planning; support; start-ups and acquisitions; expansion; marketing Individual Aboriginal businesses may receive up to $99,999 and community-owned businesses up to $1M in funding assistance Provides $18M supporting 550 small businesses (equity financing) on average annually 61% of ABD projects are off-reserve and 39% on-reserve Indian and Northern Affaires indiennes Affairs Canada et du Nord Canada/

Www.ibef.org Indian Semiconductor Sector December 2007 Source: IBEF Semiconductor Report.

is expected to register growth at a CAGR of approximately 30 percent, 24 percent and 27 percent, respectively Indian Semiconductor Design Market Revenue Break-up (USD billion) 2005 2015E www.ibef.org 11 VLSI DESIGN COMPANIES IN INDIA Foreign /Incentives Offered in Semiconductor Sector www.ibef.org 26 DISCLAIMER This presentation has been prepared jointly by the India Brand Equity Foundation (“IBEF”) and Evalueserve.com Pvt. Ltd., EVALUESERVE (Authors). All rights reserved. All copyright in this/

Embarking Joint Ventures – an Indian perspective CS Makarand Lele Chairman – WIRC Partner – MRM Associates CS Makarand Lele Chairman.

Low cost of production Outsourcing hub Transparency Compliances Reasonability Entry to Indian market Availability of Skilled resources Low cost of production Outsourcing hub Transparency Compliances Reasonability Types of Ventures In Existing Entities – Acquisition of stake – Change of ownership of holding company – Technology collaboration In New Entity – Acquiring demerged entity – New JV company equity participation – Loan funding – Technology collaboration – Tendering/ quoting for BOT/ PPP/

Presentation on Indian Debt Market. Overview of Financial Markets.

a secondary market transaction. Equity markets, also called stock markets, specialize in the buying and selling of equity securities (stocks) of companies. As in the debt markets, the equity markets have a primary and secondary market. The primary market is where /options. These instruments are bought and sold in the market by investors needing to hedge risk exposure. The Structure of Indian Debt Market Market Participants In the Debt Market- 1.Central Governments, raising money through bond issuances,/

Taking Action to Achieve Health Equity: Implications of the Affordable Care Act for Communities of Color Brian D. Smedley, Ph.D. Joint Center for Political.

Equity: Implications of the Affordable Care Act for Communities of Color Brian D. Smedley, Ph.D. Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies www.jointcenter.org/hpi Examples of Racial/Ethnic Health Inequalities Many racial and ethnic minority groups – particularly American Indians/scourges of joblessness and obesity in underserved communities by helping supermarket operators open new stores, new farmers markets take root, and corner store owners buy the refrigeration units they need to carry fresh food. /

1 Page Morgan Stanley Investment Management Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund March 2010 Current Equity Market and Post Budget Scenario.

of high food & commodity prices Valuations no-longer cheap, significant risks remain as the recent rally has taken valuations back above their long term averages Correction in global equity markets, particularly USA and China Indian Equity Markets: Current Scenario Improvement in sentiments and risk-appetite globally Better than expected economic data supporting the view of global recovery in 2010 and faster growth in India Enthusiasm/

Quest for Outstanding Investments India dedicated, long only, equity advisory with mission to preserve the purchasing power of capital while also providing.

Managed by the CIO Since Inception 4 Inception on April 15, 2008 before the financial crisis related crash in the Indian market * Not Annualized ** CIO Portfolio, CNX Midcap and Nifty returns are weighted by capital flow/timing as mentioned in the/with much attractive valuations (or fundamentals) has appeared on the horizon  Reducing exposure in the stock/sector or changing equity allocation Quest for Outstanding Investments Qualities We Look For In A Company Our PE Edge enables us to effectively identify /

1 INDIAN FARMERS FERTILISER COOPERATIVE LTD. Preserving Cooperative Identity in an Era of Competition - IFFCO’s Case U.S. Awasthi Managing Director IFFCO.

members and Rs. 4.44 billion (US$ 97.6 million) as equity. Markets it’s products through Cooperatives In accordance with the National Cooperative Policy, the Govt.’s equity in IFFCO reduced from 70% to 20%, by increasing the share of/Measure in Rajasthan. Information Kiosks for Farmers. 15 Corporate Governance IFFCO’s VISION is to retain dominant position in Indian fertilizer sector, improving its position further by achieving sustainable and viable growth through excellence in all its activities and gearing/

Www.ibef.org Indian Economy Opportunities Unlimited Indian Economy Opportunities Unlimited.

India will be among the three largest economies in the world.” Why India?—Quote Unquote Travyn Rhall ACNielsen “The Indian market has two core advantages—an increasing presence of multinationals and an upswing in IT exports.” Dr.C.K.Prahlad, Management/ businesses in the world.” www.ibef.org 17 DISCLAIMER This presentation has been prepared jointly by the India Brand Equity Foundation (“IBEF”) and Evalueserve.com Pvt. Ltd., EVALUESERVE (“Authors”). All rights reserved. All copyright in this presentation/

INDIAN CAPITAL MARKET Market of Long-Term Funds. Market of Long-Term Funds. Issue of primary securities in the primary market Issue of primary securities.

low but exchange risk is more. External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) Indian corporates are allowed to raise foreign loans for financing infrastructure projects. Indian corporates are allowed to raise foreign loans for financing infrastructure projects. /from max. 50 members. Secondary Market Secondary market is an equity trading venue in which already existing/pre-issued securities are traded among investors. Secondary market could be either auction or dealer market. Consists of recognized stock exchanges /


Firms McKinsey & Co BCG Bain & Co AT Kearney Arthur D Little Diamond Consulting Private Equity Firms Audax Group Sabre Capital Investment Banks Barclays Capital Citigroup Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs HSBC JP / of the dynamics of Indian telecom industry with a focus on reliance infocomm Telecommunications Sector: TestimonialsAlumniDiversityInternational ExposureRecruitment DetailsIIM BangalorePGP Program 24 Holistic Development BackHomeFront MaSh (Marketing Club) Marketing Workshops and Games Student Media/

Multinational companies And its impact on the Indian economy Presented by : Dr. Parul Agarwal.

this year and Indias largest IPO ever.  Infosys has 25,634 employees including 600 from 33 nationalities other than Indian. It has 30 marketing offices across the world and 26 global software development centres in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Japan/PT Indo Bharat Rayon, Indonesia — all of whom belong to the Aditya Birla Group — will invest in this project as equity holders. The Aditya Birla Group today announced an investment of US$ 350 million in Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (Laos) for /


the Arbitration Clause and ask the Court to refer parties to Arbitration. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE INDIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM Money Market –A developed and regulated market for Shares Commodities Derivatives With the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as the Apex/ by a New Entity. DEBENTURES Debentures are a debt instrument. Can be issued with an option to convert into Shares – Equity / Preference. They should be secured by mortgage of any immovable property of the Company. The interest rate is to be /

PRIME A Corporate Profile. M&A / ADVISORY CLIENTS ( Sample List) Asian Paints : Market Leader in Paints Business India Group : Leading Publishing House.

Knoll Pharma : MNC Pharmaceutical Company Lyka Labs : Domestic Pharmaceutical Formulations Company S B &T International : Indian Jewellery Export House S Kumars Nationwide : Textile Major Shyam Telecom : Leading Telecom Player INVESTOR RELATIONSHIPS – /UNIQUE FACETS (I) Small, extremely focused team Highly flexible business thrust; constantly reacting to market stimuli and needs –Private Equity –Private Placements –Changing/Emerging Investment Trends –Evolving legal framework/Guidelines on Takeovers / Buy/

INSURANCE AND BANKING FDI and Indian Government policy related to Insurance 5/25/20151.

.4 billion 5/25/201513 The SWOT Analysis Of Indian Economy For Insurance Sector The present increase in FDI would benefit Indian economy There are vast opportunities in Indian market both for domestic and foreign players The insurance sector /the regulatory side, there are outstanding issues concerning solvency regulations, further liberalizing of investment rules, caps on foreign equity shareholdings5 as well as the enforcement of price tariffs in the non-life insurance sector  The proliferation of /

1 Equity Instruments: Part I Discounted Cash Flow Valuation B40.3331 Aswath Damodaran.

premium you should use. (What types of valuations require market neutrality?) Average Implied Equity Risk premium: The average implied equity risk premium between 1960-2003 in the United States is about 4%. You are assuming that the market is correct on average but not necessarily at a point in time. 47 Implied Premium for the Indian Market: June 15, 2004 Level of the Index (S&P/

WHERE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Phil Ruthven AM, Chairman Market Trends & The Future of Agriculture Market Trends & The Future of Agriculture Water Services Committee.

Markets Source: IBISWorld Other EU 18.7% 3.4% USA UK 53.5% Other Nations 8.4 % Asia Pacific 69.5% 1901 2010 Other Countries 12.8% Other EU 4.3 % Merchandise Exports $A 201 billion Indian S-C 0.8% Asia Pacific 10.7% UK 3.6 % NAFTA 5.7 % Indian / industry had assets of $425 billion in 2013 to produce just $68 billion revenue and earn a trading profit of 3% on net assets (equity). One fifth of the national all- industries SME average, and well below WBP of 20-25% ROSF! Most farmers are in the property business/

DOE OFFICE OF INDIAN ENERGY Step 3: Project Refinement Iterations 1.

, revenue-generating facility on Tribal land that sells power to one or more utilities A commercial project is dependent upon market forces. The project needs to be competitive with wholesale rates, or non-Tribal projects and/or provide a clear differentiator/: Most complicated of all three tax-equity structures Not possible for PTC-based project (e.g., wind) Limited upside for tax-equity investor 28 March 8, 2013 IRS Private Letter Ruling – 111532-11 An Indian Tribal government is not considered a “/

DOE OFFICE OF INDIAN ENERGY Step 2: Project Options 1.

state, local entities, regulating bodies (public utilities commission), Bureau of Indian Affairs, DOE, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, etc. Key Success Component/($) and partners with third-party capital to leverage tax equity ($$) 3.Non-Tribe capital: Developer equity, tax equity, bank debt. Tribe participates in other ways. Potential /Interconnection Agreement (< 10 kW) 45 http://xcelenergy.com/staticfiles/xe/Marketing/Files/NM-Small-Program-%20Interconnection-Agreement.pdf Project Risk – Facility/

For information on applying this template onto existing presentations, refer to the notes on slide 2 of this presentation. The Input area of the Beam can.

(COO) P R Sankaranarayanan (Executive Director) Mr. Bobby has been responsible for the entire operations of Hedge Equities ever since its inception. He has proved his versatility by showcasing excellent Man-Management and Marketing Activities and is well versed in all aspects of Indian Financial Markets. In the last 15 years, he has worked with all the major players in the financial service sector/

Indian Textile Industry October 2006. © IMaCS 2006 Printed 17-Aug-15 Page 2 www.imacs.in Contents Market Overview Government regulations & policy Business.

 Invest in setting up retail chains (single brand)  Enter into marketing joint ventures with Indian companies  Brand licensing to Indian players  With Indian consumers increasingly getting exposure to international fashion trends, potential exists for export of/in ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited Disclaimer  This presentation has been prepared jointly by the India Brand Equity Foundation (“IBEF”) and ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited, IMaCS (“Authors”)  All rights reserved. All /

Acquisition of Additional Equity Stake in Multi Screen Media Presentation to the Group Executive Committee October 12 th, 2011.

Bravia TVs and Sony Ericsson phones supported premium pricing for these products and cross- marketing for MSM –Availability of exclusive ringtones from Indian Idol on Sony Ericsson phones provided a unique offering Sole ownership will increase the /cash flow includes $68MM WSG litigation deposit with the Indian High Court Independent Equity Valuation SPE engaged a 3 rd party (Deloitte & Touche) to value MSM using discounted cash flow and market approaches SPE’s purchase price is supported by the valuation/

Non- Resident Indian [NRI] means a ‘person resident outside India’ who is a citizen of India by virtue of constitution of INDIA. ‘Person of Indian Origin’

remitted over $47 billion back home in 2007 What is the process for NRI to invest in Indian Capital Markets? Open a bank account with a designated bank branch, which is approved by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). Apply/ payments for trades done through SGSSL NRI service desk for Personalized assistance to NRI / PIO clients Dedicated Offline Equity Dealing desk Online Equity Trading Platforms Depository Services NRI Investment Advisory desk 24 x 7 Online Services Portfolio Investment Services IPO & Mutual /

Infotech September 2006 www.imacs.in. INFOTECH www.imacs.in Market Overview Government regulations & policy Advantage India and business opportunities.

outgrow Technology Product Services in 2006 and would contribute to nearly of 24% of Indian IT Services market Excerpts from India Top 10 ICT Market Predictions 2006 Advantage India and business opportunities INFOTECH www.imacs.in Tata Consultancy Services/, Government of India and the Confederation of Indian Industry. The Foundation’s primary objective is to build positive economic perceptions of India globally India Brand Equity Foundation c/o Confederation of Indian Industry 249-F Sector 18, Udyog Vihar /

Public Policies, Incentives and Partnerships for Development of Health Products Dr K. Satyanarayana Intellectual Property Rights Unit Indian Council of.

spending 1975-1999: 1,393 new chemical entities marketed 68·7% registered products presented little or no therapeutic gain 1% International Conference on Equity and Access to Medicines: Role of innovations and / regulatory approvals Some major schemes for drug development in India - Push ◙ Technology Development Board (DST) ◙ The New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (CSIR) ◙ Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Research Program - DST ◙ Technology Development and Innovation Program – DSIR ◙ Technology/

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