Ppt on importance of water in our life

Michigan Natural Resources. What are natural resources? What are some examples of what we would use natural resources for. Positive and negative changes.

would water be an important natural resource of Michigan? What would happen if we were to give our water away? Underground Resources What type of natural resources could we find underground? Natural resources are like gifts from nature. Minerals What are minerals Examples of minerals found in Michigan Copper Iron ore Salt Natural Resources. Cont. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula-Region The eastern part of the Upper Peninsula is generally/

Education Phase 3 Hydration. Our body is nearly two-thirds water, so drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated is very important. Water is essential for.

Education Phase 3 Hydration Our body is nearly two-thirds water, so drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated is very important. Water is essential for life and it is very important to get the right amount of fluid to be healthy. The importance of water Water in the diet Water is the major component of body fluid and has many functions in the body: it acts as a lubricant for joints and eyes; it is the/

WATER POLLUTION http://science.pppst.com/pollution.html.

are too polluted for aquatic life to survive Harmful to Human and Animals Virtually all types of water pollution are harmful to the health of humans and animals. Water pollution may not damage our health immediately but can be harmful after long term exposure. Different forms of pollutants affect the health of animals in different ways. Our Society needs a better understanding of how we get clean water for all human needs/

Education Phase 4 Hydration. Our body is nearly two-thirds water, so drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated is very important. Water is essential for.

Education Phase 4 Hydration Our body is nearly two-thirds water, so drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated is very important. Water is essential for life and it is very important to get the right amount of fluid to be healthy. The importance of water Water in the diet Water is the major component of body fluid and has many functions in the body: it acts as a lubricant for joints and eyes; it is the/

Our Environment Conservation Presentation by : Alexandra (8F), Ambika (7F) and Nithusa (7F)

consumption or reused items you have already purchased. The majority of Canadian cities have comprehensive recycling programs. 1. Reduce To understand how you can reduce your waste, it is important to know what you are throwing away. 2. Reuse When/ our solid waste, to avoid pollution of air and water systems, and the increase of the global warming.  In other words, we have to work together and use various methods to preserve our quality of life.  As our city is growing continuously, it is a big problem of /



A Romantic Dinner 1 A person ’ s birthday is a very ___ in his or her life in his or her life 2 The movie Titanic is very ___. 3 When you go traveling,

birthday is a very ___ in his or her life in his or her life 2 The movie Titanic is very ___. 3 When you go traveling, it is important to make hotel ___. important to make hotel ___. A/A Romantic Dinner 19 Tony asked the waiter to fill his ___ glass with water. ___ glass with water. 20 My mother ___ on our eating at home. home. 21 Let ’ s go to the language ___/m. Please meet me there. 10:45p.m. Please meet me there. 42 There is something ___ of glass, but I can ’ t tell what is it. but I can ’ t tell what is/

Career Flow: Constructing Careers in the New Economy Presented by: Dr. Norm Amundson & Dr. Roberta Neault

Flow” This involves participating in activities that: Completely capture our attention Reflect our values and call upon our strengths Allow us to feel as though we can express who we are Engage us in appropriately challenging tasks 6 / Flow - Whitewater Communicate Connect with resources Complete most important/doable tasks first Use Stress management Time management Self-care activities Maintain a sense of perspective 14 Career Flow - Stagnant Water Be Aware Proactive Intentional Bold! Use Self-awareness //

Chapter 6 The Earth. Our Earth is a very special place.

Our Earth is a very special place. Seeds Of Life Thank you liquid water! Not too hot, not too cold! Composition of the Earth’s primitive atmosphere First atmosphere (4.4-4.6 billion years ago): hydrogen and helium Second atmosphere (4.4-4.0 billion years ago): water/Oxygen was important for producing ozone since ozone is O 3 The ozone formed before early life could move from the oceans onto dry land The ozone protects the surface from hazardous UV radiation from the Sun Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’) Our Ozone /

EFFECTS OF HUMAN ACTIVITY ON WATER. TAKE A COPY OF THE HANDOUT “WATER CYCLE DIAGRAM” Discussion: 1)What is meant by a cycle? 2)Is there a beginning.

porosity and permeability. Why are aquifers and ground water important to life on Earth? Aquifers and groundwater are important for life on Earth because they supply our drinking water and help with agricultural use with animals and for crop irrigation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nSVvFGP-hc Ground water pollution - How can human activity contribute to the pollution of ground water? Improper animal waste running off into streams on/

How much of our planet is H 2 O? BIOL 3240 Plant and Animal Ecology – Life in Water.

? BIOL 3240 Plant and Animal Ecology – Life in Water What factor(s) influence terrestrial biome distribution? What factor(s) influence the distribution of aquatic biomes? How much new water is formed every day? Where does all our water come from? BIOL 3240 Plant and Animal Ecology – Life in Water What is unique about water? BIOL 3240 Plant and Animal Ecology – Life in Water What are the most important variables for predicting aquatic community health, abundance/

Broadening of the Shipdonk channel By Ine Decuypere, Josefien De Munck, Ann-Sophie Monserez, Charlotte Slabbinck, Dagmar Thielen, Olivia Vaes, Anneleen.

and Consequences  Catering and tourism sector will go down  Increased risk of flooding and floods  In dry and warm summers there will be not enough water to fill the wide channel  Conclusion: The unique atmosphere and the historic/More jobs Worsen already struggling economy Improves quality of life, both for locals and visitors Negative ecological side effects (for example, quality of ground water) Innovating for our economy Not needed for import/export infrastructure Backed by thorough research Costs /

Timeline 500 C.E 645C.E 618c.e Omar Ibn Khattab converted to Islam after reading Surah Ta-Ha. 624c.e Battle of Badr. 624c.e Omar’s daughter was married.

VS. PRESENT  Many inventions Al-Jazari has created still affect our modern day world.  Make life easier INVENTIONS  Pump for the car.  The elephant clock.  Wudu machine  Water wheel  Advanced model of Saqiya  Animal powered water device  Hydro-powered pump  The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices How it changed during time ABBAS IBN FIRNAS Inventions  Water Clock Al-Maqata  Glass  Artificial Weather Simulation  Hang Glider  Lenses/

Each tree works as an eco-system where birds, insects and other life forms live. Cutting a tree, we destroy the surrounding beings. where birds, insects.

the traffic noise. Trees are city lungs. Via photosynthesis, they contribute to CO2 absorption from atmosphere and release of O2. Tree toots retain rain water, Preventing draught and floods. Trees protect soil against erosion. Trees support soil particles with their roots. THE IMPORTANCE OF TREES IN OUR LIFE. POSTER GALLERY Guided by their Art teacher, gymnasium students participated to a beautiful poster gallery with their messages for/

wz lsh chss jch Water PollutionRubbishDesertification DeforestationAir pollution Starvation.

too to chance 4. The most __________ challenge ahead of us is to find a way to_________ the water on our planet. 5. If we want to have enough water in the future, we must learn to _____ better ____ ____ our water we must stop _________ our water. we must learn to ______ ______ in our daily life. important protect take care of polluting save water Pre-talking coal  Situation: A meeting is being/

Who Needs Water Lisa Starnes.  Content Area: Science   Grade Level: Kindergarten   Activity Summary: Read the power point about living and non- living.

False All living things require water. All living things require water to survive. Good Job!! Correct! Water is such an important part of any living thing’s life. It is very important to make sure that you drink plenty of water each day to stay healthy because your body requires a lot of water. It is also important to water flowers and trees because they need water just like you!  In this lesson, you learned/

The Life of the Cell Chapter 3. Types of Movements 1. Diffusion and passive transport 2. Active Transport 3. Phagocytosis & Exocytosis 4. Osmosis.

is : the movement of WATER from a region of HIGHER WATER concentration to region of LOWER WATER concentration across a semi-permeable membrane. Now: A real life example of how osmosis is important to the human red blood cells. It is helpful to understand the term of “osmolarity”. Osmolarity (FYI) Osmolarity is the measure of solute concentration, defined as the number of osmoles(Osm) of solute per liter(L) of solution (osmol/L or/

UNIT TWO: END OF LIFE ISSUES. Alvin H. Moss, M.D. The Need for More Physician Communication with Patients/ Families Facing the End of Life. West Virginia.

of Life. West Virginia Medical Journal July/August 2001 Vol. 97, No. 4 What Patients and Families Want  Recognition of Importance of the Patient as a Person  Discussions of Important Decisions before they Occur Robert Bruckman’s Approach in/Prepared; Be Ready to Be Silent  Acknowledge Emotion  Expression, touch, offer water, tissue Planning and Follow-Up  Assure care will continue  Safety and Support  Begin to Discuss Plan Psychosocial/our own. If we are not effective, we should refer. We must be careful/

1 © 2013 Regenerative Lifestyles Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations Visual Aids for Regina & John W.

oppositely charged essential potassium which ignites the primary life force of our cells. This attraction pulsates, which in turn shapes the cell’s water into highly organized multi-layers. These multi- layers are imprinted with memory which conducts vital long-range communications. Radioactive Cesium easily displaces the cell’s all- important potassium. Once inserted, radioactive cesium ejects lethal amounts of hydrogen peroxide while destroying vital cell communications/

Myths: Salmon and the Sea Limiting factors are all in fresh water, hence marine survival does not vary The ocean has unlimited capacity to support salmon.

and intensity are both important Drifter trackstemperatureChlorophyll Strong upwelling=/in 1990s upwelling food webs in our coastal ocean Cool water, weak stratification subarctic high nutrients, a productive “subarctic” food-chain with abundant forage fish and few warm water predators Warm stratified ocean, few subtropical nutrients, low productivity “subtropical” food web, a lack of forage fish and abundant predators What controls survival? Hypotheses and mechanisms Critical period during early ocean life/

Our Sun, Our Life, Our Past, Our Future! Our Sun is the number one most important thing in our solar system!!

Our Sun, Our Life, Our Past, Our Future! Our Sun is the number one most important thing in our solar system!! What is the sun? A large hot ball of gases that gives off its own light and other electromagnetic waves. It is the star at the center of our solar system. Did you know that at the sun’s core, or center, nuclear fusion makes enormous amounts of/’s light, heat, and energy to warm their homes, swimming pools, and/or water. Even now cars are running by solar energy. Helping Plants to Grow The sun helps/

Understanding the personal life cycle. The personal life cycle Throughout this progression, incomes will change significantly Childhood (0-12) Adolescence.

those things people need to survive – ie: water and heating) and Wants (the things that make life more enjoyable) also change a circumstances change. At all stages of the personal life cycle, incomes are likely to be limited. They/ in the personal life cycle Important events (‘milestones’) in the personal life cycle will affect our finances. Leaving school Gaining employment Promotion Unemployment Retirement How the government affects stages of the personal life cycle There are many points in people/

Welcome to Mrs. Williamson’s First Grade Class. Get To Know Mrs. Williamson Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary & Psychology from Pace University Master’s.

in CBSD Classroom Connections “This Week in Room 109” Newsletter will be sent regularly keeping you up to day with the happens in our room Information about learning activities & important dates Homework Folders Please keep homework books in Take Home folders Check & return folders everyday Wednesday Folders Contains important/in something that you are proud of and share it with the class Pick a classroom spirit day in/XtraMath.org Science Weather Collecting & Examining Life Solid, Liquid, Gas Social Studies /

1.What is the atmosphere? 2.What is the composition of the atmosphere? 3. Why is Earth’s atmosphere important? 4.How does the Earth’s atmosphere exist?

of the warm ocean current off our coast? 3.The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of a ___________ boundary. 4.Name 3 examples of mass wasting. 1) What is the atmosphere? A very thin layer of/Water Vapor Other Gases 2) What is the composition of atmosphere? 3) Why is the Earth’s atmosphere important? Gives us oxygen and other gases Traps Sun’s energy and keeps Earth warm enough for water/ pull held gases and early life forms began to make oxygen./of mostly carbon dioxide and heat is /

When you have to abandon ship !!. Our Boat “Folly”, Albin 32+2 Single Engine, Cummins Diesel.

bag accessible Consider deductible level in insurance Photocopy credit and other important cards and boat documents. Boat Owner Liability Personal Injury Property Damage Pollution Salvage Fire Prevention For gasoline, run blower continuously Install fire suppression system Watch for loose or corroded electrical connections Flood Prevention Provide “high water” alarm Test float switches and bilge pumps regularly Monitor condition of water hoses, through- hull fittings – replace/

1 Our Land, Our Water, Our life Apmere anwerne kenhe, kwatkye anwerne kenhe, utnenge anwerne kenhe Facilitating an understanding of community water supplies.

Training 2 Being ‘Waterwise’ in Central Australia 3 Water on remote communities Essential for a healthy life Complex to manage Range of service providers Younger generations may lack ‘waterwise’ knowledge 4 Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) 5 Water in Santa Teresa Swimming pool Irrigated oval Gardens Water shortages 6 Working with water WeekYear 3/4 Ltyentye Apurte Example Unit of Work 1 + 2 Why water is important to me? E.g. health/

JORNADA DE EDUCACIÓN AMBIENTAL 2015 Without water, life could not exist.

salt water that is present in oceans and seas. The other 1% is fresh water and is found in lakes and atmosphere humidity. Fresh water is the only available for meeting the needs of people, plants and animals. Unfortunately, a third of our fresh water is available for us to use. The rest is frozen solid in glaciers, in the snow or in the polar ice caps. It is important to protect our water supplies/

Water for life Made by: Salwa Mahmoud. Sandoub prep school for boys.

. Practice What is a flood? When there is a lot of rain and water covers the land. A flood is a problem of water. A drought is also a problem of water. Practice.Students ask and answer questions in pairs How do you save water? 1-by using a little water. 2-repairing old taps. teeth. 3-turning off taps while brushing Consolidation Ss write a paragraph about the importance of. water in our life

Sport Sport in Our Life. Sport plays a very important role in our life.

Sport Sport in Our Life Sport plays a very important role in our life. All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sport and sport games. Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit, more organized and better disciplined. It unites people of different classes and nationalities. PARCOUR skateboarding tennis football rugby windsurfing ping-pong skysurfing white water rafting scuba-diving Decide between “do”, “go” or “play”. 1._________basketball/

Maintenance:  Environmental problems.  Dos and Don’ts.  Ecology of man.  My opinion.

.  Dos and Don’ts.  Ecology of man.  My opinion. Nowadays people understand how important it is to solve the environmental problems that endanger people’s lives. The most serious environmental problems are: pollution in its many forms (water pollution, air pollution, nuclear pollution); noise from cars, buses, planes, etc.; destruction of wildlife and the beauty of the countryside; the growth of population.  Develop international cooperation to solve/

Let’s saveenergy What How Why Who Sample 1 Let’s save energy Can you imagine what our life will be like if we run out of such energy as water, electricity?

saveenergy What How Why Who Sample 1 Let’s save energy Can you imagine what our life will be like if we run out of such energy as water, electricity? So it’s not only necessary but also important to save limited (有限的) energy. Actually, we can do some small things in our daily life to save energy. For example, we’d better not turn on air-conditioners if/

Environmental Technology By: Jimmy and Peter.. Environmental Technology Earth is our home and we must know how to protect it. These slides will show you.

our world. Thats why there is the recycling cycle. First, you throw your trash in a bin. Second, they pick it up and make materials out of the trash. Recycling helps the earth and the people on it. Water Power! There are already ways to use water/ water flow. In each dam there are big holes that let the water flow inside the dam. Natural resources are an important way to get energy from the environment. For example, fossil fuels help us make gasoline for vehicles. Wild Life is the most important thing in the/

Chapter 6 The Earth. Our Earth is a very special place.

it be like to live in Pangaea? Do you think we can learn to get along? How would it affect: politics/government travel/vacationing animal migration population country boundaries import/export Composition of the Earths primitive atmosphere First atmosphere (4.4-4.6 billion years ago): hydrogen and helium Second atmosphere (4.4-4.0 billion years ago): water vapor, ammonia, and methane Third/


and lakes also collects rain water in and around the area. It also recharges the Underground Water. How to conserve rain water The concept is simple Collect Store Use Slogans on importance of water Save water save life Some other slogans Save water and save the life on the earth Water is life! save water, save life!! Save water secure the future! Conserve water, our lifes on the brink! Todays rain water is tomorrows life saver! Save water it will save you/

Conserve Water, Preserve Life !. THE WATER THAT WENT DOWN THE DRAIN.

, there are so many ways If we think its important, so much water can be saved Its really high time that we lived our lives On a conscious level, with our conscience alive For be sure of one thing – that someone, somewhere Needs that water we waste, while we dont care. Lessons of Water Conservations in the Sunnah What is extravagance in the use of water? Prophet (saw ) discouraged us from wasting/

Small steps 4 life Program

from the Small Steps 4 Life Program: eat breakfast, drink more water and snack on fruit. Research shows that a lot of young people tend to eat unhealthy foods more than healthy foods and do not eat in sensible portions. This is an issue as eating problems could lead to severe illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia. It is important to have a balanced diet/

Cycles In Nature Objectives: Define the term “Cyclical”

in the atmosphere Carbon Cycle Carbon Dioxide is known as a green house gas. ThE Water Cycle The continuous movement of water from the earths surface into the atmosphere and back Evaporation, condensation and precipitation make up the water cycle Evaporation/Transpiration Liquid water/ runoff. The Nitrogen cycle Nitrogen is also an important element in life. Proteins, DNA and many other structures in the body need nitrogen. Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the air (78%) However, nitrogen gas cannot /

R&D Grand Challenges for Qatar A Time of Opportunity – A Time for Innovation President of Research and Development.

Innovations  Collaborative R&D agreements  Creation and growth of businesses based on R&D technologies developed in Qatar  Venture capital relationships  Aggressive outreach  ?? new companies  $?? million investment  $?? million in revenues  ??? new jobs QSTP Since 2009: We Are Building a World Leading Innovation Ecosystem to Address R&D Grand Challenges We have important problems to solve – Energy, Water, Food, Environment, Health We have a vision, strategy/

Unit 6 Reading. Free talk 1. Do you think teeth are very important to your health? 2. Do you have strong and healthy teeth? 3. How do you usually take.

of ajorecay Discussion Health is important to us. We should keep good living habits to keep our life healthy. Think about these questions below: 1. What is a healthy life? 2. To live a healthy life/and drink lots of water every day./our stress, so that we can have a good attitude towards life. To enjoy our beautiful life, we must keep healthy. 想保持健康,我们一定要有健康的习惯。有规律 地做一些运动也很重要,比如说跑步或者打羽毛球。 保持好的情绪对心理健康很重要。我们应该释放 压力,这样我们才能对生活有一个好的态度。为了 享受美好生活,我们必须保持健康 Homework 1. Read the text after class. 2. Do the exercises in/

HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON People, Places, and Change HOLT 1 Earth’s Resources Section 1: Soil and Forests Section 2: Water and Air Section 3: Minerals.

Objectives: Why is water an important resource? Why is water an important resource? What threatens our supplies of freshwater, and how can we protect these supplies? What threatens our supplies of freshwater, and how/Water Life cannot exist without water. Life cannot exist without water. Section 2 Water and Air HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON People, Places, and Change HOLT 8 Our freshwater supply is threatened by: Pollution Pollution Lack of closed sewer systems in some countries Lack of closed sewer systems in/

GEOG 122 Midterm (Essay part): Review Questions. 1. Geology: Describe and explain the origin, building materials and life cycle of the Hawaiian Islands.

. 52-53): Describe (4) Trade wind inversion (p. 53): Importance (2 pts) 3. Water: Compare and contrast the fresh water availability of the windward side and leeward side of the Island of O‘ahu. What is the source of fresh water? How is the fresh water stored in nature? How much is available? What is the implication of the current fresh water availability for our future development? (1) Source (p. 59): Orographic rainfall/

Click to listen Early atmosphere ~4.5 billion years ago Mostly Hydrogen and Helium Escaped into space Outgassing of water vapor and CO2 created a secondary.

Click to listen It is important to realize that water vapor is invisible. The clouds you see in this photo are compose of liquid water droplets formed as water vapor condenses into liquid. When we breathe out our breath contains lots of water vapor. This water vapor can becomes visible water drops if we breath onto a cool piece of glass. By far invisible water vapor is the most important atmospheric greenhouse gas. Click/

INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL OCEANOGRAPHY (GEOL 1033) “Few people stand at the edge of the sea without feeling awed by its size and power, and without wondering.

–Uses chemical techniques to solve oceanographic problems 4 Major Traditional Subdivisions of Oceanography 4. Biological Oceanography: –Applies principles of biology –Studies: Diversity of marine life Abundance of marine life Ecology of marine life –Uses biological techniques to solve oceanographic problems Two Other Important Aspects of Oceanography 5. 6. Two Other Important Aspects of Oceanography 5. Ocean Engineering: –Many kinds of engineers are needed –Develop ocean technology to deal with practical/

NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable.

the support of Roger Taylor of NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory Innovation for Our Energy FutureEnergy (Heat, Electricity & Fuel) Environment (Air & Water) Agriculture(Food) HumanNeeds National Renewable Energy Laboratory Innovation for Our Energy Future So Why is Energy Important? Other than our way of life depends on it, it’s not really…. National Renewable Energy Laboratory Innovation for Our Energy Future And to reach a high standard of living in other areas/

1 Water Services Training Group 17 th Annual Conference Creating a new Irish Water Industry INEC, Killarney, 5 th September 2013.

 Call Centre  Advertising  Events  PR / Media  Stakeholder Engagement  Metering! 7 Brand We value water as a precious natural resource on which the quality of life depends. Through responsible stewardship, efficient management and strong partnerships, Ireland has a world-class water infrastructure that ensures secure and sustainable water services, essential for our health, our communities, the economy and the environment. Values - by which we will live and are/

1 Towards a Science of Cities Colin Harrison IBM Distinguished Engineer Emeritus

of Research & Development, March 2009 Life on an Instrumented Planet The world’s resources are finite –Energy – cost, GHG emissions –Water – “no cost”, Tragedy of the Commons –Space – roads take 20% of space Technology is cheap and available –Billions of/ and cyber-security attacks highlight the complexity and fragility of our global society, its businesses and infrastructure Thailand: Flooding / disasters (Source: EM-DAT) Types of threats most important for operational risk management planning (% respondents/

Prewriting Discuss with your neighbor, and write down ideas why water is important in your life. Toilet, plumbing, swimming pools, water parks, showers,

wake and brush my teeth, wash my face, and just get clean. If it doesn’t rain in my community it could be disastrous. In the world because of the lack of water people are dying. Water is important. Paragraph 3 Community In my community, water increases our quality of life. We are currently in the worst drought that this area has seen since the 1950s. Everything is very dry which has resulted/

1 California Water Plan Update 2013 Delta-Sierra Connections Sierra Water Work Group 2014 Summit June 12, 2014.

& ecosystems) Resilience -- more resilient, sustainably managed water systems & environment (supply, quality, flood protection & ecosystems) Governor’s Water Action Plan A Diverse Water Portfolio --- 10 Priority Actions 1. Make conservation a California way of life 2. Increase regional self-reliance and integrated water management across all levels of government 3. Achieve the co-equal goals for the Delta 4. Protect and restore important ecosystems 5. Manage and prepare for/

1 Ambition – Respect - Excellence Ardrossan Academy Dead Earth Subtopic – SPACE – LIFE ON OTHER WORLDS.

, decide whether or not it could support life, and explain my decision. OTHER WORLDS Our Solar system has a single star, eight planets and over 170 known moons. As far as we know, only the Earth has life of any kind. What is so special about / cold This puts Earth in the ‘Habitable Zone’ for the Sun WATER AND LIFE Liquid water is needed for many of the chemical reactions that support life It also provides a habitat for many living things The water cycle is vital to provide fresh water for living things OTHER/

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of and a to in /has look two more write go see number no way could people my than first water been call who oil now find long down day did get come made may part/take only little work know place year live me back give most very after thing our just name good sentence man think say great where help through much before line / along might close something seem next hard open example begin life always those both paper together got group often run important until children side feet car mile night walk white sea /

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