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Medical Devices - 100%  Defence - 49%  Insurance and pension funds - 49% Liberalized Foreign Direct Investment Regime India today is one of the most open economies of the world  100% FDI permitted in Telecom Sector  100% FDI permitted in Asset Reconstruction Companies  100% FDI in single-brand retail Make in India - impact on FDI (Oct - Jul) FDI inflows in India – top sectors (2014-15)  Delhi – Mumbai industrial corridor  Amritsar – Kolkata industrial corridor  Chennai – Bengaluru industrialcorridor/

1 FDI Confidence Index ® 2003 FDI Confidence Index ® The Global Business Policy Council Press Slides September 2003.

(US$ billions) Source: UNCTAD Advanced countries have experienced the sharpest drop in FDI inflows 4 FDI Confidence Index ® The Global Business Policy Council Share of Global FDI to Emerging/Transitioning Markets Share of Global FDI to Developed Countries % of Global FDI Flows Source: UNCTAD Industrialized vs. developing markets 5 China United States Mexico Poland Germany India United Kingdom Russia Brazil Spain France Italy Czech Republic Canada Japan Thailand Hungary South/

India : Retail Industry Overview 2011 India : Retail Industry Overview 2011 Shoppers Stop: An Overview Shoppers Stop: An Overview Store Formats Store.

face difficulties in an environment of economic slowdown.  With India continuing to be an attractive retail market, the Company expects many new entrants into the sector, thus increasing competition, also among existing rivals there is intense rivalry for new locations and quality real estate, therefore it sets up the foundations for increased intensity of competition among existing rivals.  With the clearance of FDI from the Government of India, Shopper/

PCD Impact Assessment on Food Security in Tanzania Assessing Linkages between OECD Policies and Tanzania’s Agro-Food Systems and Food Security Conditions.

and investment promotion facilities and strategies contributed increase in FDI inflow in last decade Mining & quarrying, manufacturing, wholesale & retail, accommodation share the largest share while agriculture sector attracted 4 percent of FDI stock Despite low FDI stock in agriculture sector, Land acquisition has been associated with agriculture FDI in the recent years for production of biofuel crops FDI inflow in Tanzania Weak regulatory enforcement in land ownership and resource poor small holder/

The Dynamics of Agri-food Supply Chains in Transition Countries : Implications for Government Policy and World Bank Operations Johan F.M. Swinnen ECSSD.

mostly foreign owned Major investments in confectionary, oilseeds, dairy, etc Major investments in confectionary, oilseeds, dairy, etc …. …. Most recently, major investments in food retail sector Most recently, major investments in food retail sector Swinnen -- WB seminar, Rome 05 “The Supermarket Revolution” Share of foreign retailers in top 50 retail in Czech and Slovak Swinnen -- WB seminar, Rome 05 2004 Top FDI Destinations of Global Retail Chains 1. Russia 2. India 3. China 4. Slovenia 5/

1 CRE: North America, Europe and East Asia * Some parts of this note are summary of the references for teaching purpose only. 1 Comparative Regional Economy.

. Investment 86  Investment is a crucial component of economic growth in Asia. While investment in China is higher than in any other state in the region, Russia, India, and Australia are also attracting increasing amounts of foreign investment. Japan, South Korea, and China are leading sources of FDI in developing Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia. - Asia is attracting nearly 25% of global FDI. Inflows are highest in China, Russia, and Asia’s newly industrialized/

07/07/06Essec, France India Today Prof. Atul Tandan Director, MICA.

homes which translates to 270 million viewers More than 1000 movies produced in a year Granted an Industry status 07/07/06Essec, France 33 Entertainment industry Requirement of at least 20000 screens in India as against 12548 currently 1500 new multiplexes screens expected to be set up in the next 2-3 years 100% FDI in the film industry permitted Industry raised $40 billion from capital market/

India-Sri Lanka Bilateral Free Trade Agreement: Sri Lankan Perspective and Implications Saman Kelegama Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka Presentation.

to break into Indias market through SL Employment creation was also limited – according to the BOI, though 5900 jobs were created as a result of Indian investment, this includes 1500 employees in the Indian Oil Company retail outlets This entailed re-hiring staff from the Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation- owned outlets, rather than creation of new jobs The dominance of services suggests that the impact of the FTA (which/

Turkey in 2008 and beyond: A perennial balancing act Looking for a bounce Arnab Das +44 (0)20 7475 3875 Head of EM.

but this was less of an issue in 2007 given that 50% of the deficit was funded by FDI. This proportion could fall to 30% or lower this year increasing the vulnerability of the lira to any deterioration in the global risk environment. ►Turkey, in particular, has strong economic linkages with the Eurozone which is also a source of FDI and will therefore likely be impacted by the coming slowdown/

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Evaluation Impact (1=low; 5=high) Rank in terms of importance Political Unrest in The Middle East . FDI restrictions in developing economies. Threat 3 4 Economic The devaluation of the Euro. The rising Asian middle class. Opportunity 5 1 Social Consumers more conscience of health and environment. Change in Asian middle class diet. 2 Technological The use of social networking to increase loyalty Industry Analysis Food Retail The global food retail industry/

Competition Policy and Transnational Investment: Issues and Developments in Asia and the Pacific Marc Proksch, UNESCAP.

e.g. large retailer) Role of TNC as supplier or customer is enhanced through backward and forward linkages Role of TNC as supplier/of Korea: until crisis no effective pro-FDI and competition regime despite 1980 competition law; Even now, chaebols continue to dominate India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka: competition regime/laws in place but their effective implementation/enforcement is often lacking; India is slowly liberalizing FDI and enacted new competition law in 2002; Sri Lanka has liberal investment regime India/

Current Developments in the Indian Economy with special reference to selected issues in Public Finance Prof. CHARAN WADHVA

to revive growth and to improve its electoral prospects. These include, among others: (i) Acceptance of reduction of Fiscal deficit proposed by Kelkar committee (Diesel price hike ); (ii) Deferment of GARR up to March 2015; (iii) Liberalization of FDI in multi-brand retail; and (iv) Road shows in selected countries to attract FDI on liberal terms; (iv) A pro-investment and pro-growth Budget formulated for 2013-14. Recognizing/

Investment Climate and Business Opportunities in Jordan

in the Inward FDI Performance Index. The World Investment Report 2008 Front Runners Above Potential Below Potential Under Performers   UK, USA, Oman, Bahrain, Ireland, China, France Syria, Tunisia, Egypt Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, Germany, Israel, Qatar, Italy Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen, India/ their families. What would be critical is the combination of well-planned retailing (along the lines of outlet malls in the US) and suitably-priced accommodations that would be appropriate for /

Geography of International Trade Jinan University Department of International Economics and Trade Students of Year 2001 Autumn, 2004.

, encouraged by the West to open borders to trade and to export; FDI and export rose quickly. Green Revolution High-yielding varieties of wheat and rice introduced in 1966 as part of Indian agricultural policy; Up to early 1990s, India became the world’s 4 th largest wheat producer and 3 rd largest exporter of rice (after US and Thailand). Commercial Crops Tea continues to be/

India Inc In Downturn. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs.

to safer bank deposits Impact on India “Global Currency Hedging using Financial Time Series”, Sohar Universty ; Shweta Source: “Global Financial Crisis and its impact on Indian Economy “, Institute of International Trade Correlation of FII and Stock Markets Shock Absorbers Source: “Global Financial Crisis and its impact on Indian Economy “, Institute of International Trade Foreign Investment “Macroeconomic Variables leading to increase in FDI flows”, Rachna “Role of FDI investment in boosting up GDP/

EU and the BRIC economies Brazil, Russia, India and China.

and fuel and mining products EU = Brazil’s most important trading partner and biggest source of inward FDI EU’s stocks of FDI in Brazil bigger than those in India and China Stocks of Brazilian FDI in the EU almost 4 times greater than those of Chinese stocks in the EU Formal EU–Brazil relations 2007 launch of Strategic Partnership between the two and annual summits EU–Brazil aviation agreement near? More comprehensive/

Trade and Investment Environment in India S K Verma, Deputy Director General, India Taipei Association, Taipei.

test marketing.  i. FDI upto 100% permitted for e-commerce activities subject to the condition that such companies would divest 26% of their equity in favour of the Indian public in 5 years, if these companies are listed in other parts of the world. Such companies would engage only in business to business (B2B) e-commerce and not in retail trading. January 9, 2004 S K Verma, India Taipei Association : b78ita/

A CGE Analysis Of Myanmar’s Import Liberalization And Economic Development Shwe Zin KO Higher Degree by Research Student Edith Cowan University, Western.

retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles -Wholesale and retail/FDI in supply chain, and –To ensure to include proper environmental management rules and regulations in its industrial development. References Abe, M., & Dutta, M. K. (2014). A New Policy Framework for Myanmar’s SME No. 142, 1- 53. Ashok Parikh. (2007). Trade liberalisation: Impact on growth and trade in developing countreis. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. Central Bank of/rate policy in India. In G. Ranis, /

ESA International Economics, 2 Lecture 14 Giorgia Giovannetti Professor of Economics, University of Firenze

affiliate sales to local market (% of GDP); foreign affiliates sales back to the US (% of GDP); FD; FDI*Schooling; FDI*FD; FDI*Openness Rabiei and Masoudi (2012) 1980–2009Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey Malaysia, and Pakistan GDP; FDI; GDI; HK; investment in ICT; degree of economic openness. Adapted from Forte & Moura (2013) Positive impact of FDI on growth Adapted from Forte & Moura (2013) Negative impact of FDI on growth Borensztein et al. (1998/

Multinational companies And its impact on the Indian economy Presented by : Dr. Parul Agarwal.

the largest investing country in India, accounting for about 21% of all FDI approved from 1991 to April 2004, amounting to a total of over $16.5 bn.  India’s share in Total FDI from US is 0.24%.  India is the third most favoured destination for foreign investors. Contd…  FDI as a percentage of GDP increased from 0.05% in 1990 to 0.90% in 2001.  India’s FDI share in developing world was only/

F IN G YAAN S ESSION 1: IBD 1 Investment Banking Shashank More F IN G YAAN S ESSION 1 and present.

 How much impact does fuel prices make on the industry? F IN G YAAN S ESSION 1: IBD Others: Oil and Gas: – Imperial Energy Corp Plc-ONGC – Reliance petroleum Ltd-Reliance Industries Ltd Pharma: Ranbaxy-Daiichi Sankyo, Piramal Abott (Why is pharma the source of many acquisitions?) Auto and auto ancillary: JLR-Tata Motors Infrastructure and Engineering sector Retail (Recent FDI controversies in Retail. Should the 74/

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s Toilet Turnaround.” September 24, 2013. 147 Software Reshoring India to Bridgewater, NJ 15 jobs Reasons: Communications Total cost/of advanced materials innovation and manufacturing” Expected to have a “positive regional economic impact of ~$50 million” Might be just expansion Source: Area Development. “NOHMs Technologies Inc. Locates Nanoscale Battery Manufacturing Facility in/Reasons: Eco-consciousness Quality, control Inventory savings for retailers Technology Best practices FAILED EDITED this is the new/

UKTI Aerospace Sector - India 4th Monthly report - August 07

in Bangalore in 1985 no one imagined where it would lead and the huge impact the IT sector would have on the Indian economy. The fledging IT sector flourished in the late 90s and grew exponentially when the fears of the millennium bug hit the global IT industry. India/This may increase further. Currently a foreign airline cannot invest directly in an Indian airline, it can only be one of the foreign airline promoters 49% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limits on Air Cargo, Helicopters, MRO and Sea-planes to /

Indian Economy. Growth and Development of the Economic Firmament.

of India, i.e. :rice, responded to the impact of the high-yielding varieties much later. Progress in major commercial crops, viz : oilseeds, cotton & jute is very slow  Spectacular rise in food grains production has taken place since the 1960’s in Punjab,Haryana, western U.P. & in some selected districts of/.04 Total FDI inflows1,31,38532,290 Sector wise Inflows of FDI : Rank sectorAmount of FDI approved % of total FDI approv ed Amount of FDI inflows % of total FDI inflows Inflows as % of approvals 1./

chapter 2 The External and Internal Environment McGraw-Hill/Irwin Principles of Management © 2008 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

in the industry Economies of scale – cost reduction associated with large output Brand loyalty – the preference of consumers for the products of established companies 2 - 10 Wal-Mart in India? Government policy does not allow foreign retailers to setup shops in India/one of the major means by which companies operate internationally FDI is highly concentrated among a relatively few countries. -Three-fourths of FDI flows are among the high-income countries in Europe, Japan, and North America. -Of the FDI flows/

Overview of the latest trends in FDI & focus on Balkan countries Hugues de Cibon OCO Global, Paris Belgrade – March 2015.

Europe  Middle East –diversification from Oil & Gas, Retail and Construction?  Africa –natural resources, but increasingly HR/skills Key trends – geography (destination) 13 FDI – Destination World Regions – nb of projects Greenfield, Expansion & Colocation projects Source: © fDi Intelligence, from the Financial Times Ltd 2014– OCO Global (2014) 14 FDI – Destination World Regions nb of jobs 15  A large majority of projects in activities related to intangible services –a continuous increase/

Economic Liberalization in India Past Achievements and Future Challenges 6 August 2011 © Confederation of Indian Industry.

, high subsidy and rising interest rates are casting doubts Challenges Investment Climate: FDI in sectors such as retail, insurance, defence, etc needs to be expanded drastically Rapid clearance of large projects Financial Sector Reforms: Liberalize financing guidelines Facilitate increased access to international debt markets Encourage development of the corporate debt market Agriculture Sector Reforms: Allow FDI in food retailing to integrate distorted supply chain Encouragement to PPP model/

China :Economic Development and FDI Angang Hu Tsinghua University Jan.19 2003.

service is 16.8%,knowledge is less than 2% Impacts of WTO on Chinese Economy Entry to WTO: reduce tariffs,lower trade barrier for imports, open domestic market Increase FDI,Increase competition,more diversified economy, integration into world economy / in 1980 to $US 285 billion in 2002. Likewise, exports increased from $US 27 billion in 1980 to $US 300 billion in 2002. China is Second Country of Net FDI in the World Ratio of Net FDI to GDP Ratio of FDI to Capital Investment(%) Ratio of Country ’ s FDI to/

The Challenge Grow at 10% for 3 decades Ease of doing business Making India a part of the global supply chain Young India – skilling the nation and creating.

Construction - 100% Medical Devices - 100% Defence - 49% Insurance and pension funds - 49% Liberalized Foreign Direct Investment Regime India today is one of the most open economies of the world 100% FDI permitted in Telecom Sector 100% FDI permitted in Asset Reconstruction Companies 100% FDI in single-brand retail 100% FDI in Pharmaceuticals sector Make in India - impact on FDI (Oct - Apr) FDI inflows in India – top sectors (2014-15) Engagement figures Over 12500 investor queries addressed through the Make/

Mr. Jean-Louis EKRA President African Export – Import Bank A Speech delivered at the Annual New Face of Africa Dinner Organized by DLA Piper UK November.

and FDIs: Migrant remittances now exceed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows and covers the merchandise imports bill of many countries in Africa. Remittances, since 2000 has approximated more than 120% of FDI and between 70 to 100% of merchandise imports of many / to focus on those programmes and facilities that most impact on the subject matter of today. (42)  AN AGENDA FOR AFREXIMBANK a.Promotion of Value-Added Exports Afreximbank has in place an Export Development Programme (EDP) dedicated, among/

0 Published by Investor Relations Unit – Republic of Indonesia Contact: Wiwit Widyastuti K. (International Department - Bank Indonesia, Phone: +6221 2981.

taken into account of market need in regard to market development and portfolio management. Issues Retail Bond for instrument/in 2015 and strengthen further in 2016…” …as public spending gathers pace, confidence recovers and the expansionary impact of the depreciation of the rupiah takes hold. Inflation is now moderating, in large part because of the fall in/s Strategic Planning 2015-2019 **) Achievements January-September 2015 towards 2015 target FDI by Sectors (Millions USD) 17 18 Java is Still the Main /

Valuation of HCC For Acquisition by Gammon Group # 6 Ritu Mehlawat (034) Sabyasachi Panda (039) Saumya Prakash (045) Stambhit Saha (055) Nishant Kumar.

Will remain unchanged Will remain unchanged Capex revival –increased Capex revival –increasedspending Retail/Commercial Fragmented Fragmented Presence of large players increasing Presence of large players increasing Large companies will gain share with expansion of retail space projects Large companies will gain share with expansion of retail space projects Source: Morgan Stanley Research Projected Infrastructure Spending in India SECTORCAGR(FY09-FY05) Electricity, Gas and Water Supply 13% - Electricity/

High Commission of India London

Implementation Risks ahead Issues Indications Project Implementation Infrastructure unable to catch up with growth Delays in legal processes Locking up of investments in incomplete projects Adverse impact on investor confidence India Risks ahead Issues Indications Corruption Public uprisings Paralysis in decision making Several Indian corporates have commented in the last few years that the prospects for investment in India are not sufficiently attractive. Some major business houses has invested/

Doing Business in India - Tax and Regulatory Update Business opportunities and developments February 18, 2015 Ed Weaver International Tax Manager Grant.

Indian company; any distribution of profits liable for DDT Pros / Cons separate legal entity; is treated like an Indian company for all legal and practical purposes; no restrictions on activity to be undertaken so long the same is allowed under FDI policy Investing in India - Wholly Owned Subsidiary US Corporation (Parent Co) 22 Indian LLP Regulatory Requirements foreign Investment (FDI) in LLP is now allowed but/

Science, Technology, Innovation and IP in India – new directions and prospects Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series Number 660 June 2013 Christine.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) by MNEs Licensing by domestic firms in LDCs Trade Related IPRs – impact of TRIPS agreement: Did TRIPS enhance rate of FDI into LDCs? - Hassan et al. (2009) give cautious ‘Yes’. Does a rise in FDI lead to more technology/Compared with FDI of US$2-3bn in the late 1990s it appears India has begun to shake off its reputation for shunning FDI Recent policy changes on foreign ownership will help: in 2012 Indian government relaxed ownership restrictions in retailing, commodity /

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the KYC requirement may invest in equity shares listed on the recognized stock exchange and in equity shares offered to public in India. Newsletter – February 2012 TM CORPORATE AND OTHER LAWS IndexIndex FDI in Single Brand Retail Trading The much awaited move by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India (GOI) has permitted upto 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Single Brand Product Retail Trading under approval route vide/

Benefits of FTAs to SAARC Countries with Special Reference to Sri Lanka’s Experience Prof. Lakshman R. Watawala.

duty in 3 yrs) Impact on FDI Indian industries which took take advantage of high duty in India will gradually lose advantage as seen in the Vanaspathi/in the closure of this industry Opportunities – Coal power plant in Trincomalee Industrial and IT parks Education - Teaching of English, BPO & IT industry. Fabric Industry for Garments Impact on FDI Sri Lankan investors have invested and looking at opportunities in the Hotel and Tourism sector Industrial Park for Garments and Fabric, Garment factories, Retail/

1 Structuring of Outbound Investments By T.P. Ostwal Sharad Jain International Fiscal Association-WIRC Residential Refresher Course:8 th -11 th April,2006.

..P. Ostwal And Sharad Jain3 Economic growth: Inbound investment FDI Portfolio Outbound investment Exploring foreign markets Indian Multinational Enterprises ‘IMNEs’ Medium and Small enterprises Liberalized exchange control regulations Impact of Globalization of Indian Economy… 11 th April,2006 ©T..P. Ostwal And Sharad Jain4 Moving up in value chain Inorganic growth, expansion and diversification Mitigation of geographical risk Global reach Foreign regulatory requirements Overseas listing Dynamic/

Benefits and pitfalls of Africa’s engagement with emerging economies Nichodemus Rudaheranwa

Impact of China and India on African trade China and India are large countries and one has to take into account their indirect trade effects, which include: –Their impact in/FDI and Foreign Aid While globally small (US$ 900 million versus US$ 15 billion in 2004), FDI from China to Africa has substantially increased in the last decade; The FDI is mainly from parastatals that have access to low- cost capital; Much of FDI/ in Cameroon, 5,000 in Lesotho, 50,000 in Nigeria. –Local retailers too are said to/

Intl mkting/cu/171100 International Marketing Trend in the 21st Century: A Local Perspective of the Global Shipping Industry by Dr Stephen Ho Vice-Chairman,

Impacts: gradual elimination of all import tariff and non-tariff barriersgradual elimination of all import tariff and non-tariff barriers transparency of the import / export trade systemtransparency of the import / export trade system open up of domestic market to US and Euro MNEs:open up of domestic market to US and Euro MNEs: - Banking - Insurance - Telecommunication - Manufacturing and Heavy Industries - Retailing & Consumer Goods - Others Results: more FDI to Chinamore FDI/

Presented by Gabor Czeyda-Pommersheim (I24021) due to 3 rd of December 2009 1.

service sectors ( 服務業 ). 28  Access to WTO means commitments to dramatically lower the barriers, most dramatic in opening service sectors  The share of investment of manufacturing has increased, Chinese comparative advantage remained strong (while India is getting strong in services)  Three service sectors for large proportion of FDI (in 2001-2002 for developing countries)  Wholesale and retail trade (7.4%)  Transport and telecommunications (8.0%)  Finance (11.5%)  By contrast/

Foreign Investment in MENA: Features and Recent Developments Mark Neal.

FDI Inflows (in millions of current USD) -19% +13% 200 000 100 000 0 India LAC China 2000 China +86% +68% LAC India MENA LAC China 2008 50 000 25 000 0 MENA 2008 2009 2010* Source: 2008 and 2009 are from UNCTAD 2010; the 2010 projections are from Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation 2010 The impact of/ Kuwait Retail United Arab Emirates Construction Saudi Arabia Construction United Arab Emirates Construction United Arab Emirates Construction France Manufacturing India Manufacturing United/


, are the key growth drivers. Allowing FDI into multi brand retail will open entry of major MNC retail brands in India. Demand projection across top 7 cities – 7million sq. feet in 2013 to 10 million sq. feet in 2014. H.G. JOSHI & CO./completion of a number of common activities or provision of common amenities. Construction or development activities form a significant proportion of the project activity. H.G. JOSHI & CO. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS H.G. JOSHI & CO. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS IMPACT OF EXECUTION OF /

Internationalization of the Firm A26E Summer

” approach. Thomas P. Collier FRANCHISING Definition Types Impact of globalization What is Franchising? A form of business in which the creator (franchisor) of a business idea, method, product or service obtains distribution through affiliated dealers in foreign markets (the franchisees) Granting the franchisees the right to do business in a prescribed and standardized manner over a certain period of time, in a specified place Giving the franchisees exclusive access/

5/8/2009 INTERNAL 1 Brazil’s economic perspectives in crisis times Dr. Rolf-Dieter Acker BASF S.A., São Paulo, Brazil Deutsch-Brasilianische Gesellschaft.

growth Even the crisis at the end of 2008 was not impacting the private consumption significantly 05/2001 05/2009 Indexed Retail Sales Figures (2003=100) June08-June09 5/8/2009 INTERNAL 19 Brazilian consumers are increasingly shopping in supermarkets 5/8/2009 INTERNAL 20 Successful social programs increased private consumption impacting the consumer behavior Example: Shift of wealth in Brazil (% of urban households) 2002 2007 5/8/

Some Warm-Up Questions? How many teach business classes? –International Business. Why is learning about India relevant to you? What do you know about India?

Reserves; $158billion FDI Flows 2004: $5 Billion (1991:$98 Million) Stock Market Capitalization: $553 Billion (17th) 274% increase 2000-05 Exports: $89 Billion Economy Fueled by: India Global IT services, Growth in Financial Services, Tourism Sector, Construction and Manufacturing. Future Growth Fueled by: Services, international trade, aviation, retail, commercial real estate, ITes, telcom, insurance, financial services, hotels. Impact of Economy on Demand Growth in Middle Class –Discretionary/


attract Security Transaction Tax at applicable rates 22 INDIAN TAX REGIME… TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS: Treaty Considerations  USA (taxable in India as per domestic laws and tricky issues)  Cyprus (tax-exempt in India)  Singapore (tax-exempt in India subject to LOB conditions)  Netherlands (tax-exempt in India subject to certain conditions)  Mauritius (tax-exempt in India)  UAE (tax-exempt in India but tricky issues) 23 Royalty income Payable by Government Payable by resident/

Khon Kaen University International College Business in the Greater Mekong Sub-region Course number 050 451 - Second semester 2013 Wednesdays at 9:00 in.

in doing business in India? ‘Hello Vietnam’ LE QUANG NHAT / AP Le Quang Nhat/AP Intel Corporation Invests in Vietnam "Companies in China have been looking for an alternative," said IDC. "Labor costs are rising in China. The cost of doing business in China/and shipping tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of identical, high-quality shirts, blouses or trousers to a global retailer within several weeks of receiving an order. All of the very large-scale garment factories are in Asia. Africa /

Improving firm productivity: Policy and business factors Jagadeesh Sivadasan University of Michigan BRAC-IGC-IIG Conference on Entrepreneurship and Development:

reforms Motivation for reforms  Reforms triggered by BOP crisis, in turn caused by – Collapse of Soviet Union (India’s key trade partner) – First Gulf war (which impacted inward remittances)  But also motivated by realization by mid-/” or “misallocation”?  E.g. Retail sector in India productivity was just 6% of US (McKinsey report, 1997). Among other important factors, two key policy factors : – restrictions on FDI (still not fully opened delaying Walmart retail entry) – restrictions on big stores due/

Addressing key challenges 1©2015 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited. US-India.

. debit cards in India as compared to 331 Mn. credit cards and 3.2 Bn. debit cards in China The financial services industry and the e-commerce industry should work in cohesion with policy makers to create greater and more enabling environment for growth Insufficient usage of plastic money Although 100% FDI is allowed under automatic route for business to business online trading, FDI in online business to/

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