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not anywhere else href=“nextpage.htm”Next Page HTML: Attributes (where) attribute start tag  Mark Dixon Page 13 Questions: HTML attributes Consider the following HTML: Next Page a)Give an example of an attribute b)Is the following an attribute? c)How many attributes are there in: href="next.htm" No (start tag) 2 Mark Dixon Page 14 HTML Tags: Reference Lots of info available on-line, e/

4 HTML Basics Section 4.1 Format HTML tags Identify HTML guidelines Section 4.2 Organize Web site files and folder Use a text editor Use HTML tags and.

browser. For example, extra spaces between elements in an HTML document will not necessarily display in a Web browser. 4.1 HTML Coding HTML Guidelines and Standards pp. 98-101 Section 4.1 HTML Coding HTML Guidelines and Standards You can see the HTML commands used/ Section Assessment 4 HTML Basics Identify The attributes src, alt, align, border, width, and height are all commonly used with which type of tag? A. Ordered list B. Image C. Nested D. Anchor B. Image Chapter Review 4 HTML Basics Analyze Why should/

HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) ByNaveen. Introduction HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the standard markup language Its used to create the web.

hexadecimal number value six characters long Attributes of Link Tags Some important attributes of the link tag Used to link text with other documents  HREF  NAME (bookmarks inside the/ do anything Forms become powerful when connected to a server application A single HTML page can have multiple forms Form Tags & Attributes tag is used to add elements to the form –NAME = “controlname” –/can choose the list items.. Example First name: Last name: Example Simple sample table Heading1 Heading2 Cell 1 Cell 2/

Introduction to HTML Year 8. What is HTML O Hyper Text Mark-up Language O The language that all the elements of a web page are written in. O It describes.

(a start and an end tag) Content HTML Elements O A HTML element is everything between the start tag and the end tag including the tags themselves: Content O An element content is everything between the start tag and the end tag: Content O Its important to always remember to have an end tag for each element. Simple HTML structure example Example Web page example This is an example web page What does this/

Web Technologies Lecture 2 HTML and CSS. HTML Hyper Text Markup Language – Describes web documents – Made up of nested HTML markup tagsTags are the.

text rather than providing specific instructions, i.e., decouple the structure from the rendering of the document HTML’s tag HTML 4 SGML application Three flavors – Strict Deprecated elements are forbidden – Transitional Deprecated elements are allowed – Frameset For/style sheet Property + value – Example: color:red – Selectors Declare which part of the HTML the style sheet applies to – Elements, classes, pseudo-classes, ids – Example: p.myclass { color:red } Colors all p with the class myclass in the /

Basic HTML Programming Technology Education Ellsworth Community Middle School Communication Systems.

Tag Structure RED ALERT! ElementAttributeValue Opening Element Tag Content Closing Element Tag Tag Structure RED ALERT! HTML Tag Every page has this tag. This Tag tells the browser that the file being loaded is a HTML document. HEAD Tag This tag defines the head of your page, to include the “title” tag TITLE tag The “title” tag/ use a picture as a hypertext link by typing: which results in an apple picture with a blue box around it to show it as a link. Inserting a background picture Background pictures should be small/

Basic Web Page Design. Text book: HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, Sixth Edition written by Elizabeth Castro. Software: Adobe® Dreamweaver®

document and adding your own text and pictures. Save the word file as web page format ; file extension.htm or html (as for example index.htm or index.html). An additional folder is generated with the same name as the web page file (as for example index_ files) To transfer the files you need FTP. Open FTP (file transfer protocol). On the server site open/

Q.Nand1 HTML Creating an HTML Document Lesson 2. Q.Nand2 Overview Creating an HTML Document: –HTML syntax –Creating Basic Tags –Displaying Your HTML Files.

start to put it in HTML coding Q.Nand4 HTML syntax The HTML syntax is the rules that govern the construction of intelligible HTML documents. Document Content Example: Johnny Brown Notes: Tags are not case sensitive, so/Ordered List: Definition List: …. ….. Q.Nand18 Dictionary HTML syntax Header Tags Paragraph Tags List Tags Ordered list Unordered list Definition list Character Tags. Q.Nand19 P. Carey, 2001. New Perspectives Creating Web Pages with HTML – Comprehensive, 2 nd Ed, Course Technology of Thomson/

Web Technologies HTML Dr. Mohammad Ahmad S15. Technologies Overview List of Technologies Client Side Technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript XHTML,

register and join Dcetech.... Turns into this… Some HTML Tags example START TAG END TAG,,...,,... (optional) (none; "empty" tag) http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ Basic Structure of HTML document Example of basic tag positioning Title bar text Look, Im a paragraph!/) –A "programmers-only" language What JavaScript is –Extension to HTML (support depends on browser) –An accessible, object-based scripting language What JavaScript is for –Interactivity with the user: * input (user provides data to application) * /

1 Programming the Web: HTML Basics Computing Capilano College.

on a Web page with a variety of tags. Each tag may have a set of attributes that modify the appearance or layout of the visual element contained by the tag. 6 HTML Tags Container Tags some text For example: some bold text some heading Empty Element Tags For example Comment Tag Use them document complicated layouts! 7 HTML tags Case insensitive Unrecognised tags are simply ignored by browser!! Container tags must be nested!! 8/

Mission HTML The Search for the Personal Web Page.

basic language of the Internet is HTML. What does HTML look like? Title goes here Body goes here HTML is cool! Notice that every TAG comes in a pair! TAGs in Pairs????? With HTML, you tell the computer what to do. You give the computer commands by typing in what you want the computer to do. Those commands are called TAG s. For example… When you type You are/

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from the menu The Structure of a HTML Document HTML documents consists of text and HTML tags. Example of tags are , and HTML tags can be written using small or capital letters so and are the same tag Please always use tags with lower case letters as newer versions of HTML require this The Structure of a HTML Document HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets like HTML tags normally come in pairs like and The/


you forget the end tag.  HTML elements with no content are called empty elements.  is an empty element without a closing tag (the tag defines a line break).  HTML Tip: Use Lowercase TagsHTML tags are not case sensitive: means the same as. Many web sites use uppercase HTML tags.  The tag creates a horizontal line in an HTML page.The hr element can be used to separate content:  Example This is a paragraph/

Strategies LLC Taxonomy February 18, 2008Copyright 2008 Taxonomy Strategies LLC. All rights reserved. Tagging, User Interfaces, Taxonomies and the Semantic.

The business of organized information Recent & current projects: http://www.taxonomystrategies.com/html/clients.htm http://www.taxonomystrategies.com/html/clients.htm GovernmentCommercial Not-for-Profit 4 Taxonomy Strategies LLC The business of /organized information What is social tagging? v End user tagging v Easy, intuitive tagging interfaces v Almost instantaneous feedback  Enables people to tag & re-tag content  … in response to seeing their tags in context with other tags. v Emergent categories /

MIS 425 Lecture 1 – HTML Basics and Web Page Design Instructor: Martin Neuhard

brackets like HTML tags normally come in pairs like and The first tag in a pair is the start tag, the second tag is the end tag The end tag is written like the start tag, with a forward slash before the tag name Adding an Image Images are important to website, look and feel is important (form) Images should be high resolution, small in size (KBs) Image Example Example MIS 425/

Overview  Recap  HTML. Recap  What is cloud computing?  What are application service providers (ASPs)?  Describe major functions of operating systems.

.0 2000 – Present – HTML Version 5.0 Tags TagsHTML formatting Example: Text in an H1 style Delimited by angled brackets: Not case sensitive:,, and are equivalents Styles must be switched off by an end tag Space, tabs, and new lines are ignored by the browser Tags If a browser doesn’t understand a tag it will usually ignore it. Tags working with any browsers Tags working with any hardware platform Most/

Another example using headings Suppose we want to write a web document which has two main sections Suppose the first section has two subsections And suppose.

these tags: – Each of these tags carries a meaning –It introduces a particular kind of structure into a document HTML tags must be used only for this purpose They must never be abused to achieve a desired appearance –For example, the tag must / pages The tags, called presentational tags, should never be used. They include – These tags remain in modern HTML, only to admit legacy web pages Style sheets should be used instead of presentational tags Tags with an ambiguous status There are a few tags which some/

1 IT 130 Internet and the WWW Introduction to HTML.

should also be uploaded to students. 5 Naming in HTML Files: should begin with a letter should not contain spaces should indicate the contents or purpose of the page 6 HTML Tags Usually English words (example: "blockquote") or abbreviations ("p" for paragraph) Are distinguished from the regular text because they are placed inside small angle brackets (example: or ) Tags dictate: How the page will be formatted ( begins/

XHTML. XHTML is one of the many XML-based languages that have been defined XHTML is, essentially, a “cleaned-up” version of HTML 4, reformulated using.

versus HTML (contd.) –a non-empty element must have start and closing tags, for example, every tag must have a corresponding tag and every tag must have a corresponding tag (a well-formedness requirement) –the start tag for an empty element must have a final /, for example (a/Bertie Ahern This is displayed by MISE 5.5 as shown on the next slide Notice how the start tags of elements with element content, and tags have a - before them –if we click on this -, MSIE will hide the children Default Rendering /

Basic HTML. HTML Background November 1990, first created by Tim Berners Lee, the father/inventor of WWW Knighted by Queen Victoria in 2004 Hypertext is.

This is a text (bold) This is a text (italic) This is a text with font = Arial, size = 3, color = Red Please set me to bold, italic, font = Arial, size = 3, color = Red This is a preformatted text [Activity 02] HTML attributes Attributes are properties of tags. For example – –The tag is and the properties are: Face Color Size – Image Activity 04 – Activity 05 – image/

Introducing HTML Skills: none IT concepts: markup, HTML tag, presentation vs content, HTTP protocol, historical context This work is licensed under a Creative.

Internet skills –Application development –Content creation HTML – hypertext markup language Hypertext Markup HTML tags control presentation, not content TagEffect … large heading … smaller heading … paragraph … bold text … italicized text … underlined text Examples of HTML tags Note that each of these has a /is shown here, along with the first picture posted on the Web and a screen shot from an early version of his Web browser. A few questions We introduced several HTML tags in this presentation. Without/

Intro to HTML Workshop. Welcome This slideshow presentation is designed to introduce you to the basics of HTML. It is the first of three HTML workshops.

the start tag to the end tag: Start tag | Element content | End tag Here are some examples of HTML elements: This is a paragraph This is a link HTML Attributes HTML elements can have attributes. Attributes provide additional information about the element. Attributes are always specified in the start tag. They come in name/value pairs that look like this: name="value" HTML Attributes Example: HTML links are defined with the tag. The link/

Web Page Development Identify elements of a Web Page Start Notepad

HTMl tags MY PAGE ….. Entering Initial HTML Tags initial tags insertion point It is good form to be consistent when you type tags, adhering to a standard practice Entering Initial HTML Tags all Web page content will be placed here ending BODY and HTML tags/what code makes what color. See color code examples Background Colors Adding Background Color Locate the 6-/ Also... place them all together inside the same command along with any background commands. Something like this: < BODY BGCOLOR="######" TEXT/

Another example using headings Suppose we want to write a web document which has two main sections Suppose the first section has two subsections And suppose.

the description of the person who is its mayor HTML allows us to specify documents which are graphs: The tool which HTML provides for building graph-like documents is called an anchor/tags The start anchor tag,, is a structured tag –that is, it has sub-parts The sub-parts of a tag are called attributes The start anchor tag,, can have several attributes –for now, we will look at only one attribute, the HREF attribute Anchor tags (contd.) A start anchor tag with a HREF attribute looks like this Some examples/

HTML syntax By Ana Drinceanu. Definition: Syntax refers to the spelling and grammar of a programming language. Computers are inflexible machines that.

begin. Non-void elements have an end tag to indicate where they end. Starting tags consist of a “ ” character. Ending tags consist of a “ ” character. A doctype (sometimes capitalized as “DOCTYPE”) is a special instruction which, for legacy reasons that have to do with processing models in browsers, is a required part of any document in the HTML syntax. Example: The element is a container for/

Introduction to Web Site Development Steven Emory Department of Computer Science California State University, Los Angeles Lecture 2: More HTML.

elements may be declared minus their end tags For example, void elements with no content such as BR Use instead of Some elements may be declared with self-closing tags For example, void elements with no content such as BR Use instead of or Quick Recap 2 An HTML page always begins with a DOCTYPE header (it is not an HTML element or tag) Required for legacy reasons (XHTML) Next up/

Phil Campbell (LSBU) Session 2 Other Common Tags IMG Finding images Tables Anchor Tags Web layouts Tables Exercise Summary of attributes.

Exercise Summary of attributes Phil Campbell (LSBU) Review Start / End tags HTML, TITLE, HEAD, BODY, B, I, U, FONT, BR, P, OL, UL, LI Attributes Phil Campbell (LSBU) The image tag First image example Here is an image Here is a picture All Done Phil Campbell / the image with respect to the surrounding text Provides a pop-up when the mouse is over the image Size of the image "bottom" "left" "middle" "right" "top" Phil Campbell (LSBU) Finding the image Current location Cat01.gif other HTML files images Phil/

HTML in Brief ASP.NET. HTML Hypertext Markup Language Markup languages contain instructions and data in the same file … – Unlike procedural languages,

underline style Underlining is often associated with hyperlinks and may confuse users This is a deprecated tag Format: Text Example: Displays text in an underline style The align Attribute An attribute used with several tags to control horizontal alignment – Format: Text (justify means even left and right margins) – Example: This Title Is Centered Adding Comments Text that displays in the HTML editor, but not in the browser/

Chapter 14 Introduction to HTML

another element’s content.) Example: header and body elements are nested inside title element is nested inside End Tag Placement in Nested Tags Similar to how parentheses are paired in a mathematical equation More about tags How to use the HTML tags: , , - , , , , , , , and tags for tables Paragraph: Example: This is the first/ row 1, column 2 row 2, column 1 row 2, column 2 row 3, column 1 row 3, column 2 Example: A table with a border row 1, column 1 row 1, column 2 row 2, column 1 row 2, column 2 row 3, /

CSCI 1101 Intro to Computers 7.3 Learning HTML. HTML Coding - Frame sets 2 What are Frames? Frames allow independent navigation and content to two (or.

content in the bottom frame, without changing anything in the top. HTML Coding - Frame sets 9 Basics of Frame Design Defining the bottom row Frame example This Frame tag defines the bottom of the browser window, which will be the "large/.htm file. HTML Coding - Frame sets 14 Visiting Link #1 HTML Coding - Frame sets 15 Defining a frameset with columns instead of rows. Frame example - Columns HTML Coding - Frame sets 16 The substantive changes are highlighted. Frame example - Columns HTML Coding - Frame/

Designing Web Pages Getting to know HTML... What is HTML? Hyper Text Markup Language HTML is the major language of the Internet’s World Wide Web. Web.

something within these you are making it known as a tag. Tags define what is within them. For example: the tags are saying to start and stop bold text. The tag with the slash (/) is known as the closing tag. This text is bold Most HTML Tags work in pairs. (Does that make these dynamic duos ‘tag teams’?). Document Structure... HTML documents have 2 parts = the head and the body. The/

HTML 5 - First Look A Part of eTeam Knowledge Base By: Shehzad Ali 22-Sep-11.

the HTML specifications have been maintained, with input from commercial software vendors, by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). January 1997, HTML 3./draft still HTML5 = Markup + CSS + JavaScript API How it looks like HTML 4 HTML Hello World HTML 5 HTML Hello World New Tags article, aside, audio, bdo, canvas, command, datalist, details, embed,/either the W3C HTML5 or the WHATWG HTML specification. The W3C publishes specifications for these separately. Few examples of such technologies are: Geolocation, Web/

Structured Data 1.HTML 2.XML 3.XHTML 4.JSON 5.XMLSchema.

previous namespace is broken :-( binding RDF XML example Archibald Leach cf2342293... Katharine Hepburn XHTML In between HTML and XML –It is valid HTML and valid XML MUST be well-formed. Fixed set of tags –Makes use of HTML non-presentational tags. –Defers presentational concerns completely to Cascading Style/2003 ISBN: 0-00-715853 visit the website at here XHTML with some CSS Here’s what it looks like in a browser with a bit of CSS in the head of the HTML page: The important thing to take away here is that /

Julien Thibault  HTML is the basic building-blocks of webpages  It is not a language!! (despite its name)  Structure text/media.

transport and store data  No predefined tags like in HTML  Define the tags for your own requirements: schema definition Tove Jani Reminder Dont forget me this weekend!  XSLT  eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations  Used to transform XML into HTML, before it is displayed by a browser  Mix of HTML and XSL functions used to reach particular XML nodes and transform them  Example: ▪ http://www.w3schools.com/xml/

HTML Overview Part 2 – Paragraphs, Headings, and Lines 1.

paired.  The element is an empty HTML element. It has no end tag.  When you add a line break, extra space is NOT added to the document.  When you add a line break, you are working within the same paragraph formatting. 4 HTML Line Break Example This is a para graph with line breaks Headings (p 47) Use HTML headings for headings only. Dont use headings/

HTML HTML stands for "Hyper Text Mark-up Language“. Technically, HTML is not a programming language, but rather a markup language. Used to create web pages.

only two things: a simple- text editor and a web browser. E.g Your Firefox browser & Your Notepad text editor HTML Document Structure:  An HTML document starts and ends with and tags.  Inside these two tags, the document is split into two sections: i) The... elements ii)The... elements A Simple Example: Our First HTML Page Welcome to the world of Web pages that we create using/

1 (X)HTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) W3Schools XHTML tutorial, HTML tutorialXHTML tutorialHTML tutorial.

Examples Read more about The History of HTMLThe History of HTML 8 A HTML Page Hello World Wide Web! Basic HTML Syntax (X)HTML contains text, separated by tags Tags come in pairs: an opening tag and a closing tag Tags can have attributes, which have values 9 A HTML Page Hello World Wide Web! Basic HTML Syntax (cont) A HTML page is surrounded by the html tag/processes the form parameters HTML with Form Widgets (assignments to form parameters) 34 Forms (cont) Each widget is associated with a parameter (which is/

HTML BasicstMyn1 HTML Basics Different types of HTML Editors. The bulk of the software packages can be broken up into two main categories: text-based HTML.

example, if you use as an opening tag to signify where to start making text bold, you have to use a closing tag to signify where to stop making text bold. To do so, you use the same tag with a forward slash placed before it:. An HTML element is everything from the start tag (opening tag) to the end tag (closing tag). Following are some of the most basic HTML tags: HTML/

Objectives: 1. Create a Skeleton HTML 2. View a Skeleton File Through a Server and Browser 3. Learn HTML Body Tags for the Display of Text and Graphics.

object  Image Maps l Image to be displayed l Area within map where a click will activate a link l Example: l  HTML Tags l The tag is optional l When the start tag is used, it is advisable to finish the page with the end tag. l Contains the header and body  Headings l There are 6 levels of headings to l H1 is most important/

Introduction to HTML. HTML Hyper-Text Markup Language: the foundation of the World-Wide Web Design goals:  Platform independence: pages can be viewed.

first program written by:###### Date: ###### HTML Basics Comment tags: begin with : Which HTML version  Html 4.0 transitional with English tag always follows the tag  Indicate the page is written in html. tag follows the tag  Form a container for the head of the page and Rules about Tags Rule 1. Tag name is not case sensitive Rule 2. Tags as containers. For example, and  For some tags, a closing tag is optional: paragraph. Implies closing of/

1 Introduction to HTML Joshua S. Simon Collective Technologies.

defines a paragraph  BR tag creates a line break  HR tag creates a horizontal line  PRE container defines preserved text  CODE container defines code examples 20 Ordinary paragraphs  Can align with ALIGN={LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT} /quotation mark  nnn ; generates ASCII character nnn  List is online at http://www.w3.org/ pub/WWW/MarkUp/html-spec/ html-spec_13.html 53 Hypertext references  Static documents are nice  Hypertext-linked documents are better  A container provides hypertext anchors 54 Hypertext/

Html Basic Codes Week Two. Start Your Text Editor Windows use Notepad’ Macintosh use Simple Text

use Simple Text First HTML tags The first tag you type in an HTML document is a tag which identifies the language you are using. This tag consists of the letters HTML surrounded by angle brackets. Document Header Below and nested inside the tag. The is a/. default is center. Color Noshade makes the line dark For example, Blank Space (ampersan) This is a non-breaking space tag. Heading tags... through... This tag controls the size of text. Font tag The tag can control the size, color, and face of your text./

Introduction to HTML 1 Basharat Mahmood, Department of Computer Science, CIIT, Islamabad, Pakistan.

6 Basharat Mahmood, Department of Computer Science, CIIT, Islamabad, Pakistan. 1. Introduction to HTMLHTML Tags: Tags are instruction that are directly embedded into the text of the document Is a signal to a browser to do something before just throwing text on the screen Begin with open angle bracket – For example Paired Tags : Singular Tags: 7 Basharat Mahmood, Department of Computer Science, CIIT, Islamabad, Pakistan. 1. Introduction/

Just Enough HTML How to Create Basic HTML Documents.

It will show up on your page like: Text to make smaller Font Size and Color We replace “color” with a color name or hexadecimal color value Examples: Hello It will show up on your page like: Hello Hello It will show up on your page like: /Hello For more colors and hexadecimal codes: http://www.pageresource.com/html/hexcodes.htm Font Size and Color You can also use size and color declarations inside the same tag/

1 What is HTML? Standardized codes Web pages SGML Descriptive markup Tags.

". These codes are called container tags because the formatting described by the tags affects only the text contained between the tags. For example, and are the starting and ending tags used to indicate an area as bold. Therefore, the following markup will yield a sentence with the word "hello" in bold. Only the word hello will be bold. 7 What is HTML? HTML tags are used to define heading/

HTML Authoring. Design  A good website starts its life in the design stage Layout, Color, Sound, Content, Functionality and Maintainability aspects are.

your content The 5 w’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why Good Design v s Bad Design  Examples of good web design: http://www.geom.unimelb.edu.au/ http://www.theage.com.au/ http://www.virgintravelstore.com http/tag Web page - index.html Style Sheet – styles.css Advanced HTML  Image Maps Advanced HTML  Layers Javascript  A programming language for adding functionality and features to web pages.  Javascript is embedded into HTML E.g.. Rollover buttons Java  Object oriented programming language  Designed with/

HTML Structure & syntax. Introduction This presentation introduces the following: Doctype declaration HTML Tags, Elements and Attributes Sections of a.

markup language is a set of markup tags The tags describe document content HTML documents contain HTML tags and plain text HTML documents are also called web pages What are html tags? An HTML tag begins with a character. Between these characters is the actual tag name, such as body or head. is an example of a correct tag. Tags should appear in pairs, with an opening tag and a closing tag. The only difference between the opening/

HTML Basics Let’s Make a Web Page. What is HTML? HTML is a language for describing web pages. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language HTML is not a.

HTML element ends with an end tag / closing tag The element content is everything between the start and the end tag Some HTML elements have empty content Empty elements are closed in the start tag Most HTML elements can have attributes Examples of Elements This is my first paragraph This is my first paragraph Dont Forget the End Tag This is a paragraph Formatting Examples Let’s look at some examples of html tags.examples/

Ali Alshowaish. What is HTML? HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language Specifically created to make World Wide Web pages Web authoring software language.

need to learn rules, called syntax Elements to define the structure of the document Examples of elements are: head, body, p, ul HTML Syntax When you insert these elements in your HTML file you surround them with (greater than) symbols. Examples:,, and. These are no longer elements; they are now called tags. Tags are Predefined. Open Notepad and Type in the following text: Title of page This/

HTML Basics. HTML Introduction Stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML files are plain text files with mark ups. Some characteristics of HTML: –No.

with mark ups. Some characteristics of HTML: –No variables. –No commands. –Robust. –A way to format documents. Tags Tags are used to mark up a HTML document. HTML tags have the following syntax: – Many tags have a ‘begin’ tag and an ‘end’ tag –Marks up the text between the tags. The syntax is: – … –e.g. … … Tag Attributes Some tags have attributes to describe or modify what it is doing. The syntax is: – … Some examples/

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