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C ASE S TUDY - I Home Automation & Security System.

: 1/60-1/100,000 sec. PAL: 1/50-1/100,000 sec. 7 C ONCEPTS USED IN SYSTEM Sensors Physical parameter to electrical signal Actuators Performs action Microcontroller Decision making communication module Transmit / receive control signal GSM, Bluetooth, wi-fi etc. 8 C OMPANIES PROVIDING HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS IN MARKET 9 S OME REFERENCE LINKS http://www.aakashenterprise.com/products.html http://www/

1 Komunikasi, Jaringan, & Pengamanannya Williams, B.K, Stacy C. Sawyer (2007). Using Information Technology: A Practical Introduction to Computers & Communications.

second Used by Verizon and Sprint –GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications Transmission rates of 9.6 kilobits per second Used by Cingular and T-Mobile, as well as Western Europe, Middle East and Asia US GSM and European GSM use different/Wi-Fi (802.11) type networks Personal Area Networks –Range 30 – 32 feet –Use Bluetooth, Ultra wideband, and wireless USB Home Automation networks –Range 100 – 250 feet –Use Insteon, Zigbee, and Z-Wave standards 6-36 Wireless Communications Media Short-range Wireless Wi/

PRESENTS WIRELESS HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM. Established in 2001 Bangalore based product realization company Provides end-to-end solutions in the embedded.

in the embedded domain Nucleus, a completely wireless Home Automation System (retro-fit model) Patented technology RECABLING / REWIRING AND CAT CABLESBREAKING OF WALLS AND OTHER INTERIORS Capacitive Switch Interface 3-WAY INTERFACE; 2-WAY LIVE UPDATE anywhere anytime Mobile Device Direct Touch Infrared Remote NUCLEUS MOBILE APPLICATION Works on: Smartphone Tablet Computer Uses: Wifi (at home) LAN 3G (on-the-go) Compatible with: Android/

CDMA NETWORK PLAN AND OPTIMIZE Land Use Databases Traffic Estimation Antenna Selection and Application Cell Planning Propagation Analysis Transmitter Power.

, high residential buildings. wide streets for medium suburban environment. industrial area and small homes for rural with dense forests and quasi no hills A (dB) = 46.3/data on delay spread, multipath issues –CDMA Spread-Spectrum Signals, or GSM Channel Sounders limited products available, very expensive, small quantities provide delay / too tedious to obtain statistically useful quantities by hand. There are many commercial data collection systems available to automate the collection process Most modern /

Latest Robotics Projects Using Microcontroller For Engineering Students.

 Solar Panel Tracking Robot http://www.elprocus.com/ Latest Robotics Projects using Microcontroller for Engineering Students Simple Robotics Projects for Beginners:  Mobile Controlled Robot using GSM  Edge Avoider Robot  Light Following Robot  A Simple Line/ projects & ideas would serve handy. http://www.elprocus.com/ Latest Robotics Projects using Microcontroller for Engineering Students  Arduino Based Home Automation  Wireless Power Transfer in 3D Space  Industrial Liquid Pump Controller with User /

2011 Users Conference Nashville, TN. Distribution Automation Product Line Overview.

Home Area Networking and Load Control Modules  Distribution Automation Sensus Distribution Automation  Distribution Automation (DA): Provides head end system and endpoints that enable a utility to remotely monitor, coordinate, and operate automation/–DNP 3.0/IEEE 1815 –Modbus  Radios: FlexNet, Cellular GSM, CDMA in development  Remote Firmware Update/Tunneling Capability  Three/ The software includes default profiles for each supported integration.  Use a standard USB cable to connect the RTM II and the/

© 2008 Eventure Events. All rights reserved. End-to-End Distribution Utility Automation and Customer E-service Project (India) Paul Kurchina & Kumud Goel.

Customer Care Centre – IVRS based Billing and Invoicing Automated Meter Reading Load Flow Analysis Technical Loss Assessment Energy / Connectivity Backhaul Application GUI & LA wireless wired GSM/GPRS and more… Internet Mobile Network Device Layer/ management for very large consumer base Assured message delivery using MQTT Technology Data Preprocessing for Reporting and Load Fore / more intelligence in energy management 24 Connectgaia.com – Home Metering 25 Connectgaia.com – Industrial Metering System sho /

Air Internet PSTN BTS BSC MSC IWF 2G Network (IS-95/GSM based) (already deployed) - PPP session termination (learn wireless-specific info. while establishing.

Internet PSTN BTS BSC MSC IWF 2G Network (IS-95/GSM based) (already deployed) - PPP session termination (learn/ GPRS/HSCSD/3G 8 8 Document Sharing GPRS/3G 9 Home Automation GPRS/3G 10 Electronic Agent GPRS/3G 11 Dynamic Authoring GPRS/3G 12 Virtual Home Environment 3G Packet loss objectives (Source: Artech publication, “/and Motorola SDU it takes 15ms). Moreover, one general purpose SDU used for all the services. Qos of different services that are using the SDU is not considered. One kind of SDU can not fit/

Home of unlimited opportunity. Turning Up the Heat: Un-Freezing Buyers.

opportunity. Turning Up the Heat: Un-Freezing Buyers Home of unlimited opportunity. *Prep for This Weeks Session* Speakers for automated slides (slides #13-34). Test run the automated pieces of the presentation before the meeting. Edit slide #/ available for upcoming Home Buyer Seminars. Your GSM and manager are working together to hold these seminars throughout the year. Has anyone tried any of these actions? Tell me how it worked for you. Use the Targeted Marketing Plan Home of unlimited opportunity./

Use it, Interconnect it, AutoMate IT™ ( Based on the FlexiMax 9000 Technology)

( Based on the FlexiMax 9000 Technology) Product Features Fully customizable home automation system Easy to use Plug and Play Interface Extends and expands to fit any installation Modularized/ sensors Tactile sensors (i.e reed switches) Motion sensors Keypads Remote Controls (infra-red) GSM controller Real time clock Data Actuators (Output Devices) Speakers/buzzers/sirens Automated light switch/dimmer Motors and actuators LCD displays Multimedia switchboxes System Example Automatic Light control System /

1 My Home RF ZigBee: Sales pitch. Executive summary This presentation is a sales pitch for My Home ZigBee offer We move on this presentation through the.

ZigBee ones available on the market because we use “manufacturer specific profile” For this reason, we cannot use the ZigBee logo in any documents or product. We can only write ZigBee TM Same cabling of the traditional mechanism Push & Learn configuration Wireless communication Very flexible installation No dedicated cabinet Easy Home Automation Radio products advantages My Home RF ZigBee offer: WD ranges 10 Reste duMonde/

C.D. Automation Pvt. Ltd. (CDAPL) Established in 1993, over a period of time the company has grown its distribution business parallelley.

Automatic Power Factor corrector unit. Perfectly designed for Outdoor application. C AD RMU AUTOMATION USING REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT Varity of the protocols : Modbus / TCP Modbus/ DNP // protocol converters : on board Ethernet Port for communication Optional backup communication media like GSM / GPRS / CDMA / Leased Line / VSAT possible inbuilt memory for the /CONTROL SYSTEM (C-BUS, WISER, KNX ETC.) LIGHTING CONTROL SOLUTION FOR HOME, HOTEL, OFFICE & OTHERS: Sophisticated system for better living style with /

Sales Presentation April 2001. Mission “ Providing Internet Processors and Protocol Stacks that uses the Internet infrastructure to enable universal device-to-

used to communicate: People to people People to devices Devices to devices Gov’t Research Gov’t Research Device Networking: The Next Wave Smart Home Internet Appliances Security Home Networks Smart Building Security HVAC Access Hotel/Apartment Internet Access Meter Reading HVAC, Security Telemetry Vending Meter Reading Factory Process Automation/ Ever-changing communication protocols: Modem, Ethernet, DSL, GSM, Home Phone Networking Alliance Internet Protocols Internet Protocols Various Combinations /

06/09/2005Masters Thesis Seminar - Jesse Kruus 1 Analyzing and Developing Base Load for WCDMA Base Station Automated Testing System Thesis written at.

question and methods The Thesis was done as a part of an automation project at Nokia Networks. The purpose of the Thesis was to improve/ MSC – Mobile Switching Center GMSC – Gateway MSC VLR – Visitor Location Register HLR – Home Location Register SGSN – Serving GPRS Support Node GGSN – Gateway GPRS Support Node Masters Thesis / are categorized also to hard handovers. ISHOs are made between WCDMA and GSM systems. These handovers can be used e.g. for coverage or load balancing reasons. Inter-system handovers (/

Field Server Development and Applications in Taiwan Ye-Nu Wan Agricultural Automation Center National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan.

consumption ▪ Wireless communication ▪ 802.11, Bluetooth, ZigBee or GSM ▪ Wireless sensor network (WSN) ▪ Distributed multi-channel remote/570 meter ▪Router/Bridge types ▪IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee) : home set, PC, game box, toy ▪2.4GHz, 868MHz (/ Distance control Poultry and livestock management applications 17 Agricultural automation platform and control center ▪ Front module: Web-I// issue: Agriculture information input Farmers and operators to use computers is difficult Farmer need information but computer, /

PIKA WARP the Appliance for Linux / Asterisk. Sep-15 Slide 2 Logistics Welcome! Questions – you may ask questions at any time using the Questions feature.

cost development platform that can be used to deploy telephony based applications using Linux and/or Asterisk in small office/home office (SOHO) and small/medium /who are keen to move to an embedded development environment “made easy” Automated processing tools eliminate the requirement for “hard core” embedded development skills / development and Beta completed - 100+ customers available NOW! BRI – late Q4 GSM – projected 2nd half 2009 Sep-15 Slide 48 Major Differentiators Customizable software development /

“Computers for Dummies” By: Chris Moyer Topic 3.3 – Computing System Fundamentals Use these arrows to navigate.

Hardware Multiprocessing This kind of multiprocessing is used very widely throughout the world today. It is the automated actions that occur to speed up the/), blades. Environment: (Size: About the same as a low end computer) (Convenience: Good) Homes, Businesses, and Government. Cost: $4000 or more. Users: Single / Multi- Processor: Intel/, and a transmitter/receiver which is usually CDMA or GSM. Newer transmitters/receivers that use WiMax/LTE (4G) are oriented towards multimedia experiences, incorporating/


we should synchronize data between home gateways. Figure 3 Smart-Home system self-learning flow chart Related work According to the use of the appliances, to /10,151. [4] ZHANG Ling, XU Yong-jin.Implementation of SmartHome Gateway Supporting GSM SMS. Instrumentation Technology,2011,2,42-44 References [5] Jose A. Iglesias, / Monekosso, Paolo Remagnino. Behavior Analysis for Assisted Living. Automation Science and Engineering, IEEE Transactions on. Oct. 2010 [7] Hak Soo Kim, Jin /

Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto Introdução à Medicina ASTHMA Is home monitoring more effective than usual care? Class 19 Coordinator: Dr.

use[MeSH Subheading])) AND AND (("self management"[TIAB] OR ("self care"[TIAB] OR “self care”[MeSH]) OR “self-monitoring”[TIAB]) AND ("peak-flow-meter"[TIAB] OR (spirometry[TIAB] OR spirometry[MeSH]) OR telemedicine[TIAB] OR "communication tecnhologies"[TIAB] OR ehealth[TIAB] OR “home automated/ session with a specialist at the clinic -PEF was to be determined three times per day -asthma monitoring by GSM and SMS -Events during study period, - Average symptom score, - spirometry, -PEF by time of day (L/

Remote File Search using SMS. Remote File search using SMS Contents Introduction Problem Definition Proposed Solution Block Diagram Hardware and Software.

Remote File search using SMS Problem Definition Files are scattered over multiple machines. In case if user forget to take the file in pen drive or email the file, user is left with no other option but calling home or respecting /Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 GSM Modem Driver Remote File search using SMS Features File search through SMS File emailing Getting File Info through SMS and Email Getting File location through SMS and Email Automated File searching Remote File search using SMS Benefits Get file /

Doc.: IEEE 802.11-98/54 Submission March 1999 Jim Lansford, IntelSlide 1 HomeRF: Bringing Wireless Connectivity Home Jim Lansford Wireless Systems Architect.

Jim Lansford, IntelSlide 7 Broad, cross industry support Communications Consumer Electronics Home Control/Home Automation Networking Peripherals Personal Computer Semiconductors/Components Software 70+ Member Companies doc.: / March 1999 Jim Lansford, IntelSlide 21 Voice: Robust clarity Service Slot used by nodes to Page Control Point Control Point Beacon B Contention period/market, optional for other devices and geographies Robust Similar concept to GSM A5 algorithm, but stronger doc.: IEEE 802.11-98/54 /

Basics of Printed Circuit Boards

difficult to meet the demanding requirements for the use of this equipment in aircrafts, the health sector and home emergency uses, thereby necessitating the development of smaller and /the 1980s, all these tools were gathered together under the umbrella of electronic design automation (EDA). Today’s electronic products are required to be increasingly small, fast, / triggered by Motorola’s announcement that the company is using such boards in its GSM mobile phone. Two types of components have been considered/

Automated Validation of Internet Security Protocols and Applications Shared cost RTD (FET open) project IST-2001-39252 C O R P O R A T E T E C H N O L.

able to model and to verify See AVISPA (Automated Verification of Internet Security Protocols and Applications). FET /Communications Security Context: Standardisation Committees Layers 802.11 GSM OMA IEEE IP UDP TCP HTTP Envelope (MIME/ encrypt with known key (Black-box perfect crypto) Split / form messages Use public information Generate fresh data Assume: perfect cryptography channel: data + Control msgs/ prove to another one (say both in a home environment) that one will respect the policies installed in/

Wireless PC Cards By Henry A Vasquez. Outline  The Wireless PC Card is the perfect solution for homes and small businesses that want to connect to wireless.

the laptops in your home or office. Seamlessly connect to existing LANs at work, in class, or at home to retrieve data files/Ericsson GC89 PC Card (T- Mobile)  Features Include:  Quad Band GSM - 850, 900, 1800, 1900  Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME,/PC5740 Card works anywhere Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess networks are available.  Using BroadbandAccess the PC5740 operates with typical download speeds of 400-700/into the PC card slot followed by a few automated steps for activation of card.  Once this /

F.L. Lewis, Assoc. Director for Research Moncrief-O’Donnell Endowed Chair Head, Controls, Sensors, MEMS Group Automation & Robotics Research Institute.

and Control Chapters Organized and invited by Professor Sam Ge, NUS Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI) The University of Texas at/Fi 802.11 2.4GHz BlueTooth Cellular Network, - CDMA, GSM) Printer Wireland (Ethernet WLAN, Optical) Animal Monitoring Vehicle / 2.5G Systems 3G Systems Other Short-range Technologies  Home RF  Bluetooth  IrDA  IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN/ Web UWB Precise time of flight measurement is possible. Use UWB for all three:  Communications  Node Relative positioning/

Telecoms software professional services multi-client briefing: moving to a more sustainable ICT industry using professional services Presenter: Glen Ragoonanan.

services as part of a software or hardware deployment Installation Configuration Customisation Lifecycle management GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE IP VPN, Ethernet xDSL, cable DWDM, GPON, FTTx/, phased transformation projects in the long-term programme. 1  replacing home-grown or customised systems with COTS solutions to reduce go-to-market/competing over-the-top and Internet players that use cloud architecture. More than 90% of over-the-top and Internet players use automated ordering, billing and self-care, and /

ECE-777 System Level Design and Automation Specification languages

System Level Design and Automation Specification languages Cristinel Ababei / Many standards (e.g. the GSM and MPEG-standards) are published as C programs Standards have to be translated if special hardware description languages have to be used The functionalities of systems are provided by/Stuart Swan, System Design with SystemC, Kluwer Academic Publishers, May 2002. http://www.systemc.org/home http://www.systemc-ams.org http://www.engr.colostate.edu/~sudeep/teaching/ppt/lec03_sysc_tutorial.ppt http://www-/

1 Confidential and proprietary material for authorized Verizon personnel only. Use, disclosure or distribution of this material is not permitted to any.

10000 100000 1000000 10000000 1990199520002005201020152020 Year Peak Data Rate, kbps IS-136, GSM, IS-95 GPRS 1xEVDO HSDPA HSPA+ LTE, WiMAX LTE Advanced LTE /only. Use, disclosure or distribution of this material is not permitted to any unauthorized persons or third parties except by written agreement. The AccuSom Home Sleep/information security area including a grouping of tools, technologies and data Eleven security automation domains described in NIST SP 800-137 Focus is on Information Security Continuous/

Wearable Tech Sample Report Specialized Spectacle Wearable Payment

Fuelband Beacon & Livelys Smart Bracelet Has LEDs & Vibrating Indicators Ring by Logbar Inc. Boasts Gesture Control and Home Automation The GEAK Ring Unlocks Phones with a Light Touch Fashion Score: Popularity DEMOGRAPHICS 39 Ideas + 392 Related Examples/Hoodie From BetaBrand is for Sound Professionals The Snaptrax Baseball Cap Connects With Your Smartphone Via Bluetooth Asher Levine Used Bluetooth-Enabled Chips to Track Garments Tech Score: Popularity DEMOGRAPHICS 26 Ideas + 261 Related Examples 8.2 /

Asterisk PBX. What is Asterisk ? A Full-featured open source (GPL) PBX for  Home users  Small to Medium Business  Enterprise  VoIP Service Providers.

A Full-featured open source (GPL) PBX for  Home users  Small to Medium Business  Enterprise  /Connect Asterisk to an existing phone switch, and simply use it for its features Call center/ Contact Center Automated Call Distribution Remote Agent Calling Call Monitoring / Recording /asterisk/modules -> contains loadable modules for applications,codecs,formats and channels /var/lib/asterisk/sounds -> sound files gsm… /var/lib/asterisk/moh -> music on hold files Cont… /var/lib/asterisk -> AstDB Database //

Best practices and technologies being initiated for Disaster Preparedness in Madhya Pradesh D.P.Gupta Secretary (Home) and Coordinator MP State Disaster.

Preparedness in Madhya Pradesh D.P.Gupta Secretary (Home) and Coordinator MP State Disaster Management Authority (MPSDMA/in rural areas. This system uses services of over 1000 dedicated response vehicle enabled with GPS, GIS Maps, Computer Aided Dispatch, Wireless Radio, CUG and GSM Mobile Connectivity. On an average/and integration via social media i.e. Facebook, twitter and Telephone, SMS and Emails, Automated alerts through SMS and Email. Two way interaction with citizen corner and on-boarding of NGOs/

1 Cooperation over Internet, using rich presence Sune Jakobsson, Research manager, Telenor R&D 10 January 2007.

list /IM services Safety and Security Alarm Tourist attractions Search engines Hospital 5 Telespor GPS GSM/GPRS 418 MHz- transceiver 6 Trådløse Trondheim 7 “Event trigger” WLAN /17 ProffNett control availability with profiles according to work situation Double call Used for example on home office VoiceMail Hunting Sequential chain VoiceMail Voicemail if no answer Standard profile/automation? What not to combine? How much detail to use? How much history to use? How to control sharing (reselling)? 20 Thank you!

Voice Over IP Using SIP Interop Las Vegas May 2005 Jan Trumbo.

home-workers and remote offices. Single infrastructure for data and voice. Effectiveness tools. Service operation can be outsourced in a Centrex-like manner (MCI Advantage). Like with web/email, single server may host multiple domains. iLabs Voice Over IP Using/ user’s whereabouts at a Location Server (like GSM HLR) SIP Proxy Server  relays call signaling,/Message Waiting Indicator (implies voicemail)  DTMF (touch tones to drive automated menu systems)  Call transfer, attended (you initiate transfer, talk /

1 This talk contains many animations. To view it properly, put PowerPoint in slide show mode (F5) and use the space bar to move to the next slide.

Modem300 bps (via acoustic couplers) Wireless- Price$80,000 16 MY HOME PC IN 2003 ItemDescription2003/1973 CPUPentium 4 Clock3 GHz 3,000x faster RAM1/TVs, stereos (HomeNets) Everything talks to everything by wireless –Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax, GSM, UMTS Mark Weiser 78 RFID TAGS Radio Frequency IDentification tags Very cheap (10 cents/Can contain 1024 unique bits 79 RFID APPLICATIONS Killer App: use in stores –Antitheft measure –Bar code replacement/automated checkout –Transportation payment (e.g., EZ-pass for /

Senior Inspect. Who are we? What do we do? How do we do it? What have we done? How much does it cost? How can we cooperate in the project?

on supporting the elderly clients in their home environments with the assistance of their family/Automated control of the system operability GSM mobile device Automated detection and alarm activation GSM localization GPS localization Activity measuring Medical periphery Monitoring centre 24/7 History recording Voice communication Automated control of the system operability GSM mobile device Automated/use of medical treatment tools (extension, proper clients) Launching the distribution strategies with the use/

Training Agenda Features Review Hardware Overview Peripherals

Disarming function it can be used to turn HA units on and off. To do so press on/off button and HA number. HA On HA Off Hardware Overview Prime - Hardware Layout Main Board PSTN dialer module Home Automation module GSM module Backup Battery Pack / Additional Keypads and Keyfobs EL-2620 Wireless Keypad Controls 16 home automation devices and enables one-touch full/part/ perimeter arm/disarm of system EL-2622 Wireless Smart key Reader Easy to use smart key reader for arming and disarming the system EL-2621/

The peace of mind this system offers you is priceless infinite infinite security Systems beyond expectations Copyright Infinite Security Systems 2007.

know when someone has left or has entered your premises. Call for service button, a system so simple a child can use it. Special GSM Module Copyright Infinite Security Systems 2007 Optional lifestyle add-on’s for your system including X10 home automation features Professional security systems with lifestyle design and features Other system optional add-on’s include Gas detection devices – Break Glass/

Embedded Systems Projects Ideas. Introduction Embedded Systems Projects Ideas What Is Embedded System?  An embedded system.

www.edgefxkits.com/ Embedded Systems Projects Ideas  Railway Track Security by GSM With User Programmable Number Features.  Real Time Clock Based LED Street Light Automation Using RTC and I2C Protocol.  Reducing Electric Bill for Industries & /www.edgefxkits.com/ Embedded Systems Projects Ideas  Wireless Electronic Notice Board by GSM With User Programmable Number Features.  Wireless Home Appliance like Fan Speed Control using RF Communication.  Wireless Power Driven Car or Train.  Wireless Rash/

Wireless Controllers. Building block for remote control & alarming Functions Local control Measurement SMS alarming Remote control via SMS Data transmission.

passed and tested using a terminal on the PC. The same ASCII commands are valid for controlling and configuring the unit via SMS. Battery backup for RTC & pulse counters Wireless Controllers SCOM-100, GSM/GPRS controller /GSM Controller Wireless ControllersApplication: Home automation Home automation Garden irrigation Heating ON/OFF remote control Security alarm monitoring Time schedule controls (SCOM-100) Access a garage door with a toll free phone call (ARC-10) Devices:SCOM-100 GSM Controller ARC-10 GSM/

Wireless/Cellular Technologies

Institut für Telematik Mobilkommunikation SS 1998 Mobile station Terminal for the use of GSM services A mobile station (MS) comprises several functional groups MT (Mobile Terminal): offers common functions used by all services the MS offers corresponds to the network termination / battery life and very low complexity Potential applications are sensors, interactive toys, smart badges, remote controls, and home automation Data rates of 20-250 kbit/s, latency down to 15 ms Master-Slave or Peer-to-Peer operation/

Mobile Communication and Mobile Computing

GSM – radio phones transmit at 1 to 2W, fixed car phones up to 8W DECT – system architecture HDB PA PT FT Local Networks VDB PA PT D1 FT Global Networks Local Networks FT.. Fixed Radio Termination PT.. Portable Radio Termination PA... Portable Terminations HDB.. Home Data Base VDB.. Visitor Data Base DECT - Multiplex Used Data Used/ in interactive form, however low conflict probability Conflict processing (CODA) extensive automation as objective purpose, however isn’t possibly for: Update/Update-conflict: /

Overview of ETSIs Technical Groups - The ETSI Approach David Boswarthick Technical Officer TC M2M © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved.

TC CLOUD Responsible for producing test specifications and standards to integrate the use of telecommunications infrastructures in networked computing, including both Grid computing and Cloud/specifications Maintenance of the base standard Application of DECT to smart metering, home automation, domotics and machine to machine Evolution of DECT: DECT Advanced 9/networks SCOPE of the Group TC PLT TC RT Past Achievements GSM-R (GSM-Railways) has been selected in Europe as telecommunication technology for /


applications you are used to on your desktop from web browsing to chat over the mobile network. For home appliances. For home appliances. SERVICE ACCESS A mobile phone or terminal that supports GPRS (existing GSM phones do NOT /Access Remote LAN Access Remote LAN Access File Transfer File Transfer File Transfer File Transfer Home Automation Home Automation Home Automation Home Automation Whatever the application, the Internet will become the primary communications interface. Previously, application /

Aastra – the Communication Company

Hotel Software MicroBX Hotel HS3 IP-SYMCON Home Automation LCN, EIB, Wago MODBUS Others under evaluation… Cashier Terminals with X.31 – Protocol X.31 enables the access to X.25-Network via ISDN X.31 is used for cashier terminals / POS point / be available on Extranet Easy and menu based access to system features like enquiry, conference, call back,… GSM Phonebook FMC client uses GSM phonebook for name dialling (DTMF dialling after connection) International numbers like +4132… Internal numbers dialled in this/

1 NINJA: A Service Architecture for Internet-Scale Systems Randy H. Katz UMC Distinguished Professor and Chair, EECS Department University of California,

–soft-state –basestations –localization –local mobility support Bases: –highly available –persistent state –databases –computing –agents –“home” base per user –“global” mobility support 18 NINJA Active Infrastructure Units: Client Devices Sensors & Actuators Active Routers/ device –Automated discovery and useAutomated UI generation –Composite behaviors –Local scope, no authentication (yet) Phones as well as PalmPilots –Speech-enabled control 34 Experimental Testbed Network Infrastructure GSM BTS Millennium/

The power of your most trusted IT admin everywhere, all the time Local Management Platform January 2013.

intensively) Fail-safes making changes | Do more, automate more, more often without worry Flexible automation | Through the same CLI access technicians use – robust change processes and run book automations, no limitations Extends role-based management | Access and/ Management Trouble Ticketing & RBA Uplogix Local Manager Out-of-band: v.92, GSM/3G, LEO Satellite, Ethernet Call Home SSHv2 IP Filtering Service Level Verification Uplogix Control Center Network Operations Center Dashboard Fault Management/

ICEBERG: From POTS to PANS Anthony D. Joseph Randy H. Katz B. R. Badrinath UC Berkeley BMRC MIG Seminar September 16, 1998

for each device –Automated discovery and useAutomated UI generation –Composite behaviors Phones as well as PDAs –Speech-enabled control Potentially Any Network Service (PANS) 2-way Paging WIP GSM/CDMA PSTN IP Iceberg/management –Call admission and handoff Mobility management interworking –Mobile IP uses home agent / foreign agent –GSM uses Home Location Register / Visiting Location Register –Handoff between Mobile IP and GSM networks –Scalability, security of Mobile IP? Generalized redirection agents –/

Latest ECE Projects Ideas In Various Electronics Technologies.

Control System. http://www.elprocus.com/ Latest ECE Projects Ideas In Various Electronics Technologies NETWORKING:  Wireless Home Automation System Using Telephone Line With WAP  Wireless Heart Beat Monitoring System With WAP http://www.elprocus.com/ Latest / Monitoring Of Electric Drive Systems  Remote Control Of Electrical Appliances Using GSM Networks  Design And Development Of Embedded Intelligent Public Transport Vehicular Terminal Using GPRS. http://www.elprocus.com/ Latest ECE Projects Ideas In /

Computer Engineering Department Research Profile Dr. Sadiq M. Sait Computer Engineering Department King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Dr. Sadiq.

information and manipulation of map Communication with infrastructure networks (PSTN or GSM/GPRS) using email/SMS/voice Possible extensions: service/product advertisements, shortest path / and Reliable XML-based Network Management can prove useful in areas such as: Automated and remote provisioning techniques Remote and reliable operations such/ system. Designing and Implementing a Safety & Health Check System for Home Environment n Motivation Preventing children accidents. Keep a record of children /

1 ICEBERG MiniRetreat August 11-12 1998 Berkeley City Club Randy H. Katz Anthony D. Joseph Computer Science Division University of California Berkeley,

useAutomated UI generation –Composite behaviors –Local scope, no authentication (yet) Phones as well as PalmPilots –Speech-enabled control 24 OfficePSTN (Teaching): 510-642-8778 OfficePSTN (Chair): 510-642-0253 DeskIP: dreadnaught.cs.berkeley.edu:555 LaptopIP: polo.cs.berkeley.edu:555 PCS: 510-388-8778 Cellular: 510-409-6040 E-mail: randy@cs.berkeley.edu Home/ models -- GSM-based infrastructure -- GSM media access & link layer GSM Infrastructure Elements -- Data over PBMS GSM Network -- GSM Base Station /

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