Ppt on history of science and technology

GCSE Options. The World is Changing The Options process is a way of preparing students for: -A rapidly changing world… -A highly competitive world… -A.

Science (Core + Additional) PE (non exam) Three Possible Pathways -Year 8 students will be placed on one of two pathways. The pathway for your child will be based on a combination of expected progress from KS2 SATs scores and/ Computer Science Options Subjects Technology Art (Art & Design) Photography (Art & Design) Construction Textiles (Fashion) Product Design Graphic Products Food (Catering) Creative & Performing Arts Music* Music Technology Drama Dance Performing Arts Humanities History Geography /

 find the time to learn to use the tools and understand the technology.

 find the time to learn to use the tools and understand the technology  An online weather forecast  Access monthly calendars  Challenge students with online mathematics problems  Offer online SAT practice  Make history real  Utilize online work sheets  Incorporate online news sources into discussions of current events  Daily events: science daily, map machine  Overall I thought this site had some good information that can be useful in/

A Wheelchair History of Disability in Canada By Dorothy-J. Smith International Summit on Accessibility 2014 July 13, 2014 Can We Tell Disability History.

material artifact helps trace the Interconnections between -Medical -Social -Technology http://omeka.dhcworks.ca/exhibits/show/wheelchairhistorycanada A Wheelchair History of Disability in Canada Disability Histories / D-J. Smith July 13, 2014 6 Thank you Canada Science and Technology Museum Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History Cumberland Heritage Village Museum West Hants Historical Society New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame Callow Wheelchair Bus Foundation Carleton Centre for Public/

Vodcasting for Mastery Learning Jeff Noll – HS Science Instructional Coach Deb Wolf –Chemistry Roosevelt High School.

Jeff Noll – HS Science Instructional Coach Deb Wolf –Chemistry Roosevelt High School Objectives Describe the technology used to create educational vodcasts. Identify the applications for educational vodcasting. Evaluate the use of vodcasting for mastery learning. History (disclaimer) AP Chem Woodland Park, CO Implementation – Successes and struggles What Do We Already Know? iPods YouTube Screen capture What Is Vodcasting? Conjunction Your voice and your screen Easy-hardish/

Options 2016. GCSE Religious Education GCSE English [2] GCSE Mathematics GCSE Science [2] Physical Education All pupils will continue to study Options.

don’t always need GCSE PE To study ‘A’ Level History you don’t always need GCSE History …but To study ‘A’ Level Spanish you need GCSE Spanish Engineering Apprenticeship [Training 2000] Minimum of 4 GCSEs at Grade C or above including English, Mathematics and Science. Technology is desirable. Options 2016 Plumbing [Blackburn College] Minimum of four GCSE passes at Grade C or above, to include English/

EKC 2016 EUROPE-KOREA CONFERENCE ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2016 한  유럽과학기술학술대회 2016 www.EKC 2016.org Date: 27-30 July 2016 (Wednesday-Saturday) Place:

History PROGRAMMES Plenary lectures Science and Technology sessions with Mentor-Mentee network Basic and natural science Biomedical science Energy and Environment Material science Ocean science and engineering Aerospace Nano Technology Miscellaneous (architecture, human & social science, science/2 pages) Allow distribution of sponsor’s brochure at registration Sponsor logo at the EKC 2016 website and the VeKNI website Automatic registration as a VeKNI sponsor for 2 years and support additional request (/

Wednesday 22 nd January 2014 Options Information Presentation For Parents of Year 8 Pupils At 6:30pm.

Teacher An overview of our options Compulsory Subjects appear on the next slide. Courses at Salendine Nook CORE SUBJECTS ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY, MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION ICT PSHCE (Personal, Health, Social & Citizenship Education) PHYSICAL EDUCATION ENRICHMENT (Year 9) Graphic Products Resistant Materials Electronic Products Food Technology Textiles Engineering French German Spanish Geography History Drama Art Music Dual Science Separate Sciences Core Physics/


Rating – 4 (50-59%) At least 4 subjects from designated list Accounting Geography History Consumer Studies Information Technology Languages Life Sciences Mathematics Mathematical Literacy Music Physical Sciences Visual Arts These are the MINIMUM requirements and will be supplemented by entrance tests at universities and colleges FURTHER EDUCTION AND TRAINING PHASE THEN NOW HG and SG 6 Subjects NO HG or SG 7 Subjects SUBJECT TERMINOLOGY CHANGES English 1/

Foothill Technology High School 2011 - 2012 Welcome Freshmen Dragons!! We are excited that you are here!!

recommended Foothill Technology High School SCIENCE: 20 credits REQUIRED 10 credits of a LIFE science (Biology) 10 credits of a PHYSICAL science (Chemistry, Physics) 3 to 4 years of science are Strongly recommended At FTHS all 11 th grade students will be enrolled in a science class Foothill Technology High School Social Studies: 35 credits REQUIRED 5 credits of Geography (Gr.9) 10 credits of World History (Gr.10) 10 credits of US History (Gr/

Foothill Technology High School 2008-2009 Welcome Freshmen Dragons!! We are excited that you are here!!

Foothill Technology High School SCIENCE: 20 credits REQUIRED  10 credits of a LIFE science (Biology, Physiology)  10 credits of a PHYSICAL science (Chemistry, Physics)  3 to 4 years of science are Strongly recommended  At FTHS all 11 th grade students will be enrolled in a science class Foothill Technology High School Social Studies: 35 credits REQUIRED  5 credits of Geography (Gr.9)  10 credits of World History (Gr.10)  10 credits of US History (Gr/

Media Technology VITAL – 030318 Umeå Dr. Peter Parnes.

of CDT  Long history of working with real-time IP- based communication  mStar – Marratech AB  Changed into formal research area 2002  First PhD 1999, second 2002  (Computer Science – “Datalogi”) Current Research  Human Communication  Always best connected (ABC)  Mobile wearable systems (Borderland)  Context-Aware systems (Alipes) Human Communication  How can human communication via electronic means be enhanced?  Then: Technology/ Combination of (remotely) stored and real-time media  Directed reruns /

2015-2016 school year. What do you need to GRADUATE? You Must Have: 4 credits of English 4 credits of Mathematics 4 credits of Social Studies 3 credits.

of 2 levels of a foreign language (recommend 3 levels). 28 Credits Total Promotion Standards 9th to 10th: 6 Credits (one must be English I or Communication Skills 10th to 11th: 13 Credits (one English, one Math) 11th to 12th: 20 Credits (2 Math) Required Classes English Science History Math **All courses have Honors or AP availability Elective Choices HEALTH AND/… HEALTH SCIENCES HEALTH SCIENCE I (beginning in 10 th ) HEALTH SCIENCE II NURSING FUNDAMENTALS (12 TH Grade Only) AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY INTRO TO/

What is Technology??? What is Technology???. Is a saw an example of technology?

What is Technology??? What is Technology??? Is a saw an example of technology? What does science have to do with technology? Does technology ever affect science? Technology A way of changing the natural world to meet human needs or solve problems Science A study of the natural world in order to understand it www.phschool.com cgp-6032 Engineer Someone who is trained to use both technology and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems Civil/

College, Department, University Committees College of Social and Behavioral Sciences FY 2013-2014.

African Studies Mario Giraldo Geography Jane Bayes Political Science Wendy Wang Sociology Jeffrey Auerbach History Gary Katz Psychology Zeynep Toker Urban Studies /Technology Committee Soheil Boroushaki, Geography Council of Chairs Herman DeBose, Sociology Educational Equity Committee Amy Denissen, Sociology Boris Ricks, Political Science Educational Policies Committee Larry Becker, Political Science Janet Oh, Psychology Educational Resources Committee Jerald Schutte, Sociology Ward Thomas, Urban Studies and/

EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES KALA ATKINS. Grade levels K- 5 th and Special Education Educational games and apps White board compatible Math activities (number.

Student Friendly Game Mode Logic games Word games Math History Science HTTP://WWW.EDUPUP.COM/ Grade level K-8 th and Special Education Games/Lessons Student friendly Resources for teachers and Parents Activities and worksheets Lesson plans History Arts and Music Math Science Money Social Studies Government HTTP://KIDS.USA.GOV/ Grade level K-5 th and Special Education Student and Teacher friendly Smart board lessons White board lessons Small/

 North Hills Preparatory. Debbi Hargrove Director of Counseling M-Z Stephanie Wilson Academic Counselor A-L

3 Years of the SAME language starting in 9 th grade Spanish III Spanish III Honors Spanish IV IB Spanish I French III French III Honors French IV IB French I  Journalism:  Journalism  Adv. Journalism: Yearbook I  Audio/Video Production I  Technology o /  Test Dates: o English (2 day test): April 3 rd and 4 th o The following subjects will be given within the May 6 th -17 th assessment window Geometry, Algebra II World History Chemistry o More details will be provided once the days have be decided/

 26,500+ students  Dual Mission (community college & regional university)  Open Enrollment (60% of students in developmental math)

community college & regional university)  Open Enrollment (60% of students in developmental math)  100+ majors, 6 faculty, 1 administrative specialist  4 degree programs:  Geology BS  Geology BA  Earth Science Teaching BS  Applied Environmental Geoscience BS  Possible emphasis/, and AEG degrees  Divided into Basic Skills (3) & Geoscience Skills (6)  Mapped to Specific Courses in a Curriculum Grid  Problem-solving skills  Communication skills  Technology skills  Earth Materials  Earth History /

Unit 1. Microscope History 1111 3333 2222 4444 5555 1111 3333 2222 4444 5555 1111 3333 2222 4444 5555 1111 3333 2222 4444 5555 1111 3333 2222 4444 5555.

4444 5555 Microscope Parts Math in Science Science and Technology Grab Bag Question: Who was the first one to build a compound microscope? Check Your Answer Microscope History for 1 Answer: Zacharias Janssen (& Hans) Back to the Game Board Microscope History for 1 Question: When Robert Hooke/2 Check Your Answer Answer: 30cm³ Back to the Game Board Grab Bag for 2 Question: What is the standard magnification of the ocular lens? Grab Bag for 3 Check Your Answer Answer: 10X Back to the Game Board Grab Bag for 3 /

The Phenomena of Biotechnology Mr. Schanbacher Biotechnology Chapter 1.

surplus Problems: Rely on fertilizers and irrigation Plant improvements based on selection have leveled off Not accepted in all places (Africa) OVERPOPULATION!!! History of Biotech Current Uses of Biotechnology Plant Biotechnology Animal Science Cloning Genetic Sequencing Medicine Insulin Gene Therapy (Stem Cells) The Environment Bioremediation Essential Questions What is biotechnology? How does biological technology differ from technology derived from physical science? What is a genetically manipulated/

Concept-based teaching  Developed from  Erickson, H. L. (2002). Concept- based curriculum and instruction. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

 Processes Organization Explanation Measurement Match up of Concepts in Social Studies (pp 17)  Culture  Time, Continuity, & Change  People, Places, Environments  Individual Development & Identity  Individuals, Groups, & Institutions  Power, Authority, & Governance  Production, Distribution, & Consumption  Science, Technology & Society  Global Connections  Civic Ideals & Practices  Integrated Social Studies  History  Geography  Psychology, Anthropology  Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology/

Khan Academy A Virtual Learning Environment (free) Maths, Science, Economics, IT and, some American Arts History.

Khan Academy A Virtual Learning Environment (free) Maths, Science, Economics, IT and, some American Arts History What does it have? Questions to answer Hints Videos Recommended topics/ Findings Boys generally more into Khan Academy than girls. To be expected with Maths/Technology? Active encouragement in an idea increased student uptake Encouragement reduced the differences between boys and girls 800573489444398386359349338332 BBGGBGGBBG 7A2 Top 10.5 Boys, 5 Girls 903414356150125104585547 BBBBBBBBGG 7B1 Top /

Home Information technology Science 7max www.facebook.com www.addictinggames.com Hi I’m Lamben8tor25 I’m one of pdalbens IT Class !Websites!

I.C.T part of my wikispaces page on this page there is hyperlinks to some PowerPoint animations Enjoy! Lamben8tors Sticky Lamben8tors Egypt Home Science Information technology Science 7max Gday at the moment for Science we’re learning about ingenious rock which are formed from Volcanoes Home 7Max Information technology Science 7max In the max we Have Maths and English in the first two sessions and history and geography in the/

A Brief History of the Graduate Student Association.

A Brief History of the Graduate Student Association Distant Past Founded in October 1951 Formed to bring grad students from multiple disciplines together Many social events in the first few years GSA Over the Years 58 Different Presidents Through Today – Joseph Coates served as first president from 1951- 1952 Composition of membership changed – Numbers of Grad Council, Faculty Senate, Vice Presidents, and Assembly members varied Past/

The SSDT way or the highway

highway (sqlproj) Craig Ottley-Thistlethwaite Data Platform Lead Data Science Database Technologies This is what the highway can look like Agenda SQL Server Data Tools History Check/Default Constraints DAC Framework Declarative Schema Deployment Inside / object will have some properties that describe it’s state and the relationships to other objects in the model Use strongly typed classes to find the properties/relationships of an object using TsqlModel.GetObjects private static void ReadTheModel(TSqlModel/

Carshalton Boys Sports College Year 9 Pathways. Ways of measuring success/progress 5A*-C overall 5A*-C with English Maths Value Added score English Baccalaureate.

CBSC Wide variety of subjects Different types of course to suit different learners Flexible (stage not age) Work Related Learning Outstanding progress Core Subjects English Maths Science PE & Enrichment Religious/History ICT Food Technology Geography Graphics Media Studies Photography Physical Ed. Psychology Product Design Religious Studies Spanish More information…. Website – Information – Curriculum More information…. Tutor Heads of Department Mr Sims Sue Barker Lorraine Dunton Miss Gaylor Directions and/

Grade 11 Registration GRADE 11 MATH Select 1 Math Course. GRADE 11 ENGLISH Select 1 English Course. GRADE 11 SCIENCE Select 1 Science Course. Chemistry.

email address without ncmcs.net) and your password with mcs in /of class reading In-depth writing assignments Additional independent projects Greater number of essay/short answer test questions Advanced Digital Media Agriscience Applications American History II American History II Honors Anatomy Honors Animal Science I Animal Science I Honors Animal Science II Honors Animal Science/Vis II (Honors) Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish IV Honors Technology Engineering & Design Theater Arts (Proficient) Honors – Level 3/

College, Department, University Committees College of Social and Behavioral Sciences FY 2014-2015.

Committees Academic Grievance/Grade Appeals Board Rachel Giraudo, Anthropology Academic Technology Committee Soheil Boroushaki, Geography Council of Chairs Richard Horowitz, History Educational Equity Committee Debra Malmberg, Psychology Boris Ricks, Political Science Educational Policies Committee Larry Becker, Political Science Janet Oh, Psychology Educational Resources Committee Jerald Schutte, Sociology Ward Thomas, Urban Studies and Planning Extended Learning Theresa White, Pan African Studies, General/

Technology and Society

Technology and Society Unit 4 – Science vs. Technology Technology and Society Historical Most technology has had very little scientific input Greece/Rome “Through the bulk of human history, technology has flourished in societies where science has remained undeveloped.” (Thomas Kuhn) Technology and society SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY Knowledge for its own sake Motives are pure, not influenced by politics, economy, etc. More freedom…can abandon one idea for another More respectable? A means to an end Work /

GMU and TJHSST GMU and TJHSST Coalition 2003-2004 Coalition 2003-2004.

Virginia offering a comprehensive college preparatory program emphasizing the sciences, mathematics, and technology. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Examples of Past & Present Partnerships TJHSSTGMU Pat Gabriel & Dr. Bob Sachs Pat Gabriel & Dr. Bob Sachs Advanced Math Classes Dr. David Kobrin & Dr. Kelly Schrum U.S. History Teacher Training Dr. David Kobrin & Dr. Kelly Schrum U.S. History Teacher Training Don Okazaki & Scott Martin Don Okazaki & Scott/

Biochips Joseph Cullen BME 281. History 1980- Walter Gilbert discovered DNA sequencing 1983- Kary Mullis worked to detect DNA through lab tests 1986-

a computer, which uses equations to determine the likeliness of the sickness Benefits Quicker Diagnosis Concerns Identity implants Future Be able to find the exact diagnosis through just using Biochip technology Ability to diagnose and treat more people in third world countries Low cost tests Sources "Biochips : Article : Nature Biotechnology." Nature Publishing Group : Science Journals, Jobs, and Information. Web. 09 Oct. 2011.. "Biochips Can Detect/

CPSC 481 Computer Science & Computer Engineering Update September 2009 David McMahon ‘69 Associate Director.

Computer Engineering - CPSC Slightly Less Companies and Job Postings 10 Graduation Outcomes Computer Engineering - CPSC 11 Salary Information Computer Engineering - CPSC 12 Graduation Plans Computer Engineering - CPSC Employer AMD Applied Research Laboratories ARL Avanade Capsher Technology Chevron Cisco Systems Dell Deloitte ExxonMobil Labatt/ Engineer Founder Operator Design Engineer Product Engineer Project Engineer 18 Bachelor of Science Starting Salary History 19 2008 – 2009 Hiring Bonus Data 25%60%50%

UNL Computer Science & Engineering Cluster Computing David R. Swanson Beowulf and Bombs.

& Engineering Distributed Cell Algorithm Divide system into cells and distribute Calculate within cells Potential range determines communication UNL Computer Science & Engineering Ozone Detonation Detonation proceeds left to right Density: low (blue), medium (white), high (red) UNL Computer Science & Engineering Summary Simulations link Mathematical Theory to Natural Phenomena Beowulf technology is cost-effective HPC UNL Computer Science & Engineering Acknowledgements NSF/EPSCoR UN Foundation NRC/NRL/

Using unitedstreaming to Support Your Curriculum Presented by Amy Wheatley 5 th grade Teacher, Thomas Claggett Elementary School Powering Up With Technology.

in History Events in History What about Interactive Media? Quizzes Quizzes Writing Prompt Builder Writing Prompt Builder Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Assignment Builder Assignment Builder Many videos have Teacher’s Guides with worksheets or questions Many videos have Teacher’s Guides with worksheets or questions How can I use this with MY curriculum? Included in Social Studies and Science curricula Included in Social Studies and Science/

Robotics by: Bayader Aloliwi - 432000217 Lujain Alkhalifa - 432007843 Yara Alnghimshi - 432008375 Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University College of.

- 432000217 Lujain Alkhalifa - 432007843 Yara Alnghimshi - 432008375 Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University College of Computer Science and Information CS101 O u tlines Definition History How Do Robots Work? Advantages. Disadvantages. Robots Applications World Famous Robots Conclusion References Definition Device works automatically. Reprogrammable, multifunctional. Variety of tasks. Artificial Intelligence. ‘What is a Robot?’ History (1-2) known after the twenties (last century) Greeks first began idea/



Powell Library Open Tuesday, Wednsday, and Alternating Mondays Library Staff: Library Staff: Mrs. GRU, Teacher Librarian Mrs. GRU, Teacher Librarian.

100-199 Philosophy 200-299 Religion 300-399 Social Science 400-499 Languages 500-599 Sciences 600-699 Technology 700-799 Arts 800-899 Literature 900-999 History 000-999 Reference 000 ’ s Generalities Computers Internet Encyclopedias Almanacs UFO ’ s Cryptids 100 ’ s Philosophy & Psychology Self-Help and Inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul books 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens Don ’ t Sweat the Small/

Welcome to 4 th Grade TAG Curriculum Night. Tonight’s Agenda  Parking Lot/Questions  Math  English Language Arts  Science/Social Studies/Curriculum.

curriculum for 1 st time this year  http://origoslate.com http://origoslate.com  Example of a typical lesson  Lesson, Step-In, Journal Pages (Tinkering)  Workshop  Extension opportunities  Investigations / Group  Wordly Wise  Independent Reading Science  District Science Kits  Magnetism and Electricity  The Human Body  The Solar System – Planets and Moons Social Studies  Focus is on Washington State History  Westward Expansion Technology  Computer Lab and Tablets  Classroom Website  Calendar /

Program of Studies Orientation for 8 th Grade Students Moorestown High School Class of 2013.

.5 credits Maximum: 40 credits Graduation Requirements Class of 2013 Careers—2.5 crs. Computers—2.5 crs. English—20 crs. Math—15 crs. Physical Ed./Health—every year=16 Crs. Science—15 crs. US History—10 crs. World History—5 crs. World Language—10 crs. Visual/Performing Arts - 5 crs. Business & Information Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences and/or Industrial Technology – 5 crs. Your High School Record Transcript/

WHY YOU DON’T ALWAYS WANT TO RANK #1 IN GOOGLE. Who am I ? Born at 1990 B.Sc in Mathematics & Computer Science Google Partners Certified in Analytics.

Science Google Partners Certified in Analytics and Adwords Co-Founder & CTO of algomizer (TASE: ALMO) 29-01-20142/15 Innovation Give & Takes for Today 3/15 1 myth braking = lots of money saved! 29-01-2014 Buying media = paying to appear in front of /the marginal addition is still worth it! 29-01-2014 algo-History 2012  Aviv & I founded “ADOSTER” 2013  Went Public  Named “algomizer”  Recruited Noam Band as CEO 2014  Purchased “Promodity” Technology 29-01-201414/15 Keep in Touch! hila@algomizer.com /

Manchester Computing Supercomputing, Visualization & e-Science Michael Daw 18 May 2004 Cross Research Council ICT Conference Access Grid The Future of.

of Access Grid  History of Access Grid  SC Global  “Access Grid 2”  Future developments  Current UK situation Supercomputing, Visualization & e-Science3 Typical Views of Access Grid ETF Management MeetingSeminar SC Global WorkshopPerformance Arte-Social Science Supercomputing/& e-Science13 Reports for Specific Funding Recommendations  Subjects: –Collaborative technologies R&D effort –Mbone tools –Booking system for Access Grid and related research –VRVS – Access Grid interoperability –H.323 – Access/

The Sweet Smell of… Wesley Shrum

History, Sociology, & STS American Institutes of Physics Study Results on Process & Performance Sociology of Science Exchange of Information for Recognition Individualistic Model Measurement—counts, assessments, reputation AIP Study 1989 HEP 53 multi-institutional collaborations High energy physics, space science, geophysics, CMC, materials science/ autonomy in the analysis of shared data Cost Overruns when / Understanding collaborations –Technology –Bureaucracy What kinds of interaction work? /

Let’s Review Latin America Geography Ancient History Middle History Modern History Vocab/People to Know.

science, medicine Incas = lived in Peru, in the Andes, built Machu Picchu, advances in math, science, medicine, had blood rituals & human sacrifices Spanish conquistadors wipe out these tribes Middle History 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue = Spanish conquer from Florida to Peru Hernan Cortez destroys the Aztecs & their chief Montezuma w/ disease, guns & technology/drug trafficking, economic crisis, military threats of revolt Vocab/People to Know Dollar Diplomacy, NAFTA Christianity, corruption, crazy military dictatorships/

Battlefield High School Center for Information Technology.

Science A AP US History AP European History AP US Government AP Studio Art 2-D Design AP Studio Art Drawing INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CAREER OPTIONS Network Systems Programming & Database Management Interactive Media Network Systems (Cisco) Information Technology Foundations iT Essentials I, II Network Design and Engineering I/II Network Design and/ Sponsors Application Packet Application Student Information Release Program Requirements Contract Statement of Interest 1 st Semester Report Card (2.4 GPA) 2 /

Welcome!!! World History I, World History II, U.S History 9th, 10th and 11th Grade.

are today as a parent. Bringing history alive! Themes in World History I/II Religious and Ethical Systems Power and Authority Science and Technology Power and Identity Essential Questions: How do societies form their identities? How do societies form an identity in opposition to their society? How does the interaction of ideas and societies influence and alter a societies identity? Bringing history alive! Themes in U.S History Post Civil War Race & Power/

Subjects. At high school, we always have to choose between optional subjects. Here we go… By: Lucia, Leticia and Raquel.

divided in three parts Part I -Latin -World History -Greek I Part II -Latin -History of the world -Greek I Part III -Economy -World History -Mathematics Optatives -French -Information and communication Technology -Music -Image and communication -Economy -Mathematics Optatives It is the same as in part I Optatives -French -Information and communication Technology -Music -Image and communication -Latin -Greek -Psychology Natural Science: It’s divided in three parts Part I -Mathematics/

>Works with the university community – Turns scholarly communications in Internet accessible resources and services – Preserves and provides access to.

Electronic Journals http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals for faculty at Virginia Tech and elsewhere including MIT Press http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals >20 active titles – Technology education (6), design communication, antiquities, adolescent literature (2), hospitality research; MIT: computer science, neurology, engineering >3 future titles – Pesticide Safety; Science, Technology and Human Values; Computer Science (OAS) >News: Spectrum, WDBJ7, LeMonde http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/NewsOnline Electronic/

Big Human History: Synthesizing Evolutionary Ideas From the Social Sciences Thomas Burr Illinois State University International Big History Association.

sciences 2.Requires addressing human “nature” (also teach culture) 3.Approach: institutional political economy, applied at… 4.Multiple levels of analysis (global-comparative) I.Big History: for social sciences, ~100K y.a. is big – still, relevant today Big Human History/ 4.Ideas: arts, ideologies, technologies 5.Demographics: mortality/fertility, migration, urbanization 6.Gender/kinship: marriage, residence, lineality 7.Environment: resource degradation, pollution Big Human History, IBHA 201610 III.Book D./

Chapter 16 Toward a New Worldview I. Major Breakthroughs of the Scientific Revolution ( ) -w hat revolutionary discoveries were made.

varies inversely with volume C. Empire & Natural History Scholars catalogued forms of life in northern Europe, Asia, & the Americas in encyclopedias of natural history Much of the new knowledge in encyclopedias are from scientific expeditions sponsored by European gov. Collecting natural history specimens leads to the creation of many public musuems, including the British Museum in London. D. Science & Technology Advent of modern science leads to an international scientific community linked/

VoiceXML: A Field Evaluation By: Kristy Bradnum Supervisor: Peter Clayton Presented in partial fulfilment of the CS Honours Project.

A Field Evaluation ------------ Kristy Bradnum – Computer Science Honours 2004 Overview of Speech Technology Conversion between spoken word and binary Output Previously: pre-recorded prompts Today: speech synthesis (TTS) Input Previously: DTMF (pressing keys on the phone) Today: speech recognition (ASR) Background >> Overview of Speech Technology ------------ VoiceXML: A Field Evaluation ------------ Kristy Bradnum – Computer Science Honours 2004 History of VoiceXML AT&T Bells PhoneWeb project Lucents Phone/

Sophie Panagi Trainer / Product Specialist ISI January 2001 Principles of citation searching.

out how many times an author has been cited Analyse the impact of published research Follow the history of a concept as it evolves Identify seminal research papers Applications Academic Press American Institute of Physics Royal Society of Chemistry Blackwell Science Elsevier Science Direct Karger Kluwer Academic Publishers Springer-Verlag SIAM Over 1,700 journals and over 1,000,000 full text links Demonstration Journal Citation Reports® on/

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