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Lydia Lassila Georgia McSweeney. History of the Winter Olympics & Freestyle skiing Australia have been competing in the winter Olympics from 1924, with.

Lydia Lassila Georgia McSweeney History of the Winter Olympics & Freestyle skiing Australia have been competing in the winter Olympics from 1924, with the exception of the winter games in Switzerland in 1948. Therefore Australia have been competing in the winter Olympics for 90 years. Australia was one of the first countries to compete in aerial skiing at the winter Olympics. Amazing fact: Lydia Lassila came back from a knee/

Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association 2016 Tim Kerin Memorial Awards Luncheon Southeast Athletic.

Affairs Committee Chair, NATA Reimbursement Advisory GroupChair, NATA Reimbursement Advisory Group First Chair, Board of Athletic Trainers in FloridaFirst Chair, Board of Athletic Trainers in Florida 1996 Olympics ACOG1996 Olympics ACOG USA Gymnastics Medical Staff since 1996USA Gymnastics Medical Staff since 1996 World University Games, ThailandWorld University Games, Thailand ATAF Hall of Fame (2004), NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award (2000), ATAF Recognition for Legislative efforts & success/

-Born: June 30, 1985 -22 Olympic medals -2008 Beijing games : 8 gold medals, held an Olympic record.

today. -Born: December 27, 1934 -She first practiced ballet, turned to gymnastics -Between 1956-1964: won 18 Olympic medals -Born: September 19, 1922 -one of the greatest runners of the 20 th century -the only person who won the 5,000 metres,/ 1957 -The first athlete in Olympic history to win eight medals in one Olympic games. -the first male gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of ten in an Olympic competition. -Born: February 10, 1950 -Won 7 gold medals at 1972 summer Olympics. -no other swimmer has ever/

.. The UK has a long history in the Olympic and Paralympic games. In summer 2012 the Paralympic games will be held at the same time as the Olympic Games.

, swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo… Wembledon : Tennis Greenwich Park : Equestrian North Greenwich Arena : Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Basketball Olympic stadium : Athletics Wembley Arena : Badminton - Gymnastics Hyde Park : Triathlon, marathon Olympic and Paralympic games in London 2012 will take place in different places like the Olympic Park through London, and the outside of London The most importants venues are : Others sports (soccer, archery…) are going to take place/

1 Sports and games (Sporty a hry) Olympic Games (Olympijské hry)

groups according to where they can be practised: Indoor sports - gymnastics, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, yoga, aerobics… 7 How can/of competitions. 16 The Olympic Games – History Since 1924 there are two parts of the games the winter part the summer part which alternate once every two years. 17 The Olympic Games - Symbols The Olympic Flag - Five rings on the white background The Olympic Flame The Olympic mascot The Olympic Motto - "Faster, Higher, Stronger” 18 The Summer Olympic Games The Summer Olympic/

Sports. Table of Contents New York Yankees Tennis Players Golfers Hockey Hall of Famers Footballers (Soccer Players) Olympics.

first American tennis player to earn over $100,000 in one year (1970). The author of Hard Road to Glory, a history of black athletes, Ashe announced in 1992 that tainted blood from a 1983 heart surgery had given /of ABC Sports remained on the air for hours, bringing American viewers up to date on the situation. Though the Olympics paused for 34 hours, the IOC ordered the games to continue and memorable performances were turned in by American swimmer Mark Spitz, who won seven gold medals, and Russian gymnast/

Olympics and International Events

Olympics and International Events History of the Olympic Games Political uses of the Olympics Political Nature of Olympic Bidding Commercialisation and the Olympics Women and the Olympics Deviance In Sport Paralympics History of the Olympic Games The Ancient Games The Stadium and the Games Involved Games Before the Modern Olympics The First Modern Olympic Games History of the Olympic Games The Ancient Games There were four major games:- The Olympia games, at Olympia in honour of the god Zeus The/

Famous women in Romania in Romania History has preserved the memory of those who History has preserved the memory of those who were involved in areas.

elements at "parallel", which were named after her and just a few gymnasts of the world have the courage to perform them. And also has given at Olympics Montreal, 1976, the memory of a fabulous computer errors, first "10" ever given to first "10" ever given to a gymnasts at the Olympics. Bibliography 1. www.wikipedia.org. www.wikipedia.org 2. Dicţionar biografic de istorie/

The theme: The history of the Olympic Games Olympic flag.

4. Do you know what city was chosen to be the place of the Olympics in the year 2014? 5. How many days are before the Olympic Games in Sochi? ECHO basketball, boxing, hockey, cycling, bob-sleigh, skating, football, gymnastics, figure-skating, handball, judo, skiing, rowing, curling, swimming, short/a s d kdo n ktm i nprp h lrowing sto c xzvk m l syxrdzbca s deij A Brief History of the Olympic Games The first Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece. The Games took place every four years for /

1 Society, Culture, and Sport. Sport Books Publisher2 Topics Covered: Brief history of sport in the USA Brief history of the Olympic Games Sport and American.

Gail Devers SUMMER XXI Montreal, 1976 Allegations of suspected drug use were at the forefront of media coverage First ever perfect score in gymnastics earned by Nadia Comaneci of Romania Edwin Moses, Greg Louganis Sport Books / advantage –Biomechanical advantage of shoes Again, these technological advances have little benefit for nonelite performance Sport Books Publisher72 Summary: History of sport in the U.S. Brief retrospective of the Olympic Games Reflection on some of the most significant American/

Games and leisure. volleyball basketball running gymnastics football badminton running cycling ice-skating.

Games and leisure volleyball basketball running gymnastics football badminton running cycling ice-skating / athlete who jumps over a tall bar with a help of a long pole Olympic gold medal – the prize for the best athlete of each event of the Olympic Games Winner – the person that does better than anyone / 5.Janet has ………………..(long) hair than Maya. 6.Basketball is a ………… (fast) game than football. 1.History is more difficult than Geography. 2.Russia is the biggest country in the world. 3.Molly is better at /

Mass Media & Sports Jack Watson SEP 271 Topical Outline  Roles of Mass Media  Sport Journalism  Media & Gender & Sport Inequities  Television’s Manipulation.

, slam dunks goals)  Builds dramatic tension  Keeps viewers “hanging on” Television’s Manipulation Aspect  Misleads Views about delayed & live telecasts  Olympic Gymnastics  Focuses on winning & sacrificing to win  Withholds or distorts reporting of events For the first time in Olympic or World Championship history, the USA womens team won the gold medal. Kerri Strug was the last competitor for the USA team, and punctuated the/

Unit 9 Gymnastics Lesson 34 A. Revision Fill in the blanks with the proper words. Sharon is very fond of gymnastics. One afternoon she was doing some.

, some ________ measures, etc. 2) Sum up the main idea of the text. gymnastics history training differences boy and girl safety F. Exercises 1) Use some of the new words of this lesson to complete the sentences. 1. To do a h_________,/ Greece that Olympic competitions started. (Para. 1) 2. There are also records of gymnastics being performed in China. (Para. 1) 3. As it prepares you for the types of movements required in gymnastics. (Para. 2) 4. In competitions women perform some of their exercises to/

Contents 1) What is sport; 2) History; 3) Olympic games; 4) Sport is different; 5) Health is the men`s greatest wealth; 6) Bad habits; 7) Extreme sport;

country: football, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, skiing, skating. Everybody may choose the sport не or she, is interested in. History Some historians thinks that sports first appeared as a repetition of typical movements of a workman or a solder performed to refine practical skills some tribes of native Americans played a game which was alike football, but it had a religious meaning. Olympic Games European traditions started/

What is Tumbling? Tumbling is a form of gymnastics which is performed without the assistance of props; you may also hear it referred to as floor gymnastics.

requires immense physical strength, flexibility, and stamina, and tumblers typically endure grueling training programs to condition themselves. Several forms of tumbling are considered Olympic sports, and these events are often quite popular with spectators. History Gymnastics and tumbling can be traced back over 2,000 years to ancient Greece. It was first implemented as a training program for other sports, and then evolved into/

London 2012 Olympic Games Artistic Gymnastics. Saturday July 28 –Tuesday August 7 2012 North Greenwich Arena.

to find the best team from each country and the best all round competitors. Gymnastic competitors battle for the gold on individual levels. Scores are given by a panel of judges into account of how difficult, quality, strength, flexibility, and balance. Each of these are key. The History of Artistic Gymnastics The term Artistic Gymnastics was first used in the 19 th Century. Between when it appeared at/

The Law/Justice Dichotomy Teaching Students to Make Persuasive Arguments through Embracing the Justice in the Law Lisa T. McElroy Dean of Legal Skills.

is to protect children...” u May choose to look to legislative history in a statutory claim. u Will employ rule parameters in a common law claim and argue that extension of the rule is/is not just. 16 Making Persuasive Arguments /http://www.olympic.org/uk/passion/humanity/monti_uk.asp. 18 Paul Hamm/International Federation of Gymnastics (“FIG”) v. Yang Tae-young Justice (Tae-young) l Olympic judges incorrectly scored Yang’s parallel bars routine out of a possible 9.9 instead of out of 10.0. A review of the /

Unit 9 When was he born ? 棠湖中学教师 王 英 Months of the year January------- Jan. February ------- Feb. March --------- Mar. April ------------ Apr. May -----------

Ronaldo Birthday---1976.9.22 A famous Brazilian football player Lu Yi A famous film star Birthday—1976.1.6 Liu Xiang July 13th 1981 Olympic Champion pairwork Liu Xuan 1979.3.12 gymnast /` ʤ imnst/ gymnast /` ʤ imnæst/ won a gold medal /gəuld/“ 金 ( 的 )” /`medl/ “ 奖牌 ” champion champion /` ʧ æ/ Competition in Poland. He won first prize in his group. He was also the first Chinese pianist in the 70-year history of the competition to win this prize. Read the article and say T or F ( ) 1. He was born in Chongqing/

The Olympics Laurel wreath This crowned the winners in ancient Greece Whole world International Event o.

were also added. I History of the Olympic Games. Marathon 40 km race named after Marathon, a place in Greece Olympic events Criteria for being an Olympic sport In order to be included on the Olympic programme, a summer sport /Judo Boxing Olympic team Events Football Basketball Beach volleyball Volleyball Sailing Kayaking Rowing Tennis Softball Table tennis Badminton Baseball Gymnastics Rhythmic gymnastics Trampoline Weight lifting Rifle shooting Archery Equestrian Hockey, Cycling, Relay Olympic Events /

It’s in the News! Teacher’s guide Next year (2012), as we all know, we will see thousands of people coming to our shores and visiting all those.

well as a little of the history of each one and other information including a short video clip of the sport in action. Ask the children to pick one of these and to make up a mathematical fact-file that includes this information.Olympic website ●The 26 / to get you started: Olga Korbut (gymnastics) Michael Phelps (swimming) Mark Spitz (swimming), Carl Lewis (athletics), Usain Bolt (athletics). ●You could ask the children to look at the symbols which indicate several of the 26 sports and to identify what these/

London Olympics-2012 Done by pupil Of 9 form Ishkhanyan Anjelika Teacher: V.P. Nesterenko Scho o l №14 Pyatigorsk 2013.

to this victory had a chance to overcome almost all the heroines of past Olympics. Aliya Mustafina won gold Olympic artistic gymnastics tournament in the exercise on the uneven bars with a score of 16,133 points. According to "Xinhua", diving has long been/from China with silver and bronze, all spoiled. Five-time Olympic champion Anastasia Davydova - bearer of the Russian team at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. For the first time in the history of Russian sport volleyball team became the/

Did you know pages 2-4 History Olympics pages 5-8 Beijing host of Olympics pages 9- 10 Profile on Olympics sports pages 11-13 Profile on Olympic athletes.

know pages 2-4 History Olympics pages 5-8 Beijing host of Olympics pages 9- 10 Profile on Olympics sports pages 11-13 Profile on Olympic athletes pages 14-16 Trinity and A-Young Did you know that Beijing is the capital city of china. Did you/ and sushi. China has 1/5 of the worlds population. Chinese tourists attractions are visiting the Hung-Shan –yellow mountain. China is the 4 th largest country. Chines people play allsorts of sports like Badminton, gymnastics, table tennis, golf martial arts, cricket/

МБОУ СОШ №3 им. А.С. Пушкина Творческий проект “Olympic Games in London” Работу выполнила: Волошина Виктория,7класс Руководитель: Каргина Людмила Петровна,

to the team in athletics, wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, and weightlifting. For the first time in its history, Russia had won Olympic gold medals in judo. Russian champions Aliya Mustafina is one of the most successful Russian gymnasts in history, with a total of four Olympic medals at a single games. Anastasia Davydova became the most successful synchronized swimmer in Olympic history, with a total of five gold medals. Olga Zabelinskaya became/

History of Physical Education and Sport. Introduction: Cultural Components of Civilization Like today, ancient societies valued Athletic ability Physical.

dancing Wrestling, games of chance, and ball games Rock tombs in Egypt: murals Track & field, swimming, wrestling, dancing, gymnastics, hockey and yoga-type exercises Significant influence on Greek and Roman medicine, science, and sports China Cultural history of China began about 1500/Court at Chichen Itza Relief showing ballplayer’s equipment ANCIENT GREECE Greek Sport Historical foundations Birth of Olympic Games (776 B.C.) Funeral Games honored the deceased and pleased the Gods Climate in Greece allowed for/

"Olympic Village" Citius, Altius, Fortius ( faster, higher, stronger ) « МБОУ «Корочанская СОШ им.Д.К.Кромского» г.Короча Белгородская область Учитель.

Ancient Olympic Games The ancient Olympic Games were celebrated in the summer every four years in the sanctuary of the god Zeus at Olympia. The history of the games dates from 776 B.C. The first day of the /, running) Volleyball Weightlifting Gymnastics : artistic, rhythmic, trampoline Martial Arts: judo, taekwondo Wrestling Greco-Roman Modern pentathlon (Trampoline, a form of gymnastics, was first contested at the Olympic Games in 2000.) The sport of modern pentathlon consists of pistol shooting, fencing, /

The Olympic Torch has arrived…. Its time to show the world what we’re made of… A spectacular evening celebration on Wednesday 27 th June 2012 will ensure.

Drill Hall, local company In Production Music will showcase local talent with a large scale dance and gymnastic show at the start and finish of the Evening Celebration – named One World. Working with the City Council and commissioned by Lincoln Drill Hall/of the caldron… Lincoln is one of the very few places that the Torch will be staying in overnight! To celebrate it’s stay with us, an Olympic caldron will be lit at the end of the Evening Celebration when the Torch arrives! Join us and be part of history/

1896 Athens No official poster was made for the 1896 Olympic Games, but the cover page of the official report is often used to refer to the Games of.

achievement in Helsinki belongs to Emil Zatopek of Czechoslovakia, who became the only person in Olympic history to win the 5,000, 10,000 and marathon at the same Olympics. Melbourne won the right to host the 1956 Olympics by one vote over Buenos Aires. Australian/ 45; athletics coach Amitzur Shapira, 32, marksmanship coach Kehat Schorr, 53, Fourteen-year-old gymnast Nadia Comaneci of Romania caused a sensation when, for her performance on the uneven bars, she was awarded the first-ever perfect score/

History of Dances Savanah Jones Computer Technology 11-4-12.

.[13] In 2012, gymnast Gabby Douglas performed the Dougie upon winning the U.S. Olympic trials [14] and 2012 Summer Olympics U.S. gymnastics team gold and vault silver- medalist McKayla Maroney taught Jenna Hager, daughter of former President of the United States George W/ religious offering by the Maharis who dedicated their lives in the services of God. It has the closest resemblance with sculptures of the Indian temples.[5] The history of Odissi dance has been traced to an early sculptures found in the /

To Indira Gandhi Institute Of Physical Education & Sports Sciences Welcome.

Ability. 7. History, Culture and Civilization. 8. Business Entrepreneurship. DC-I-3 Anatomy & Physiology DC-I-4 Game of Specialization: Any one of the following: 103 (i)Athletics 103 (ii)Basketball 103 (iii)Badminton 103 (iv)Cricket 103 (v) Football 103 (vi)Gymnastic 103 (vii)/for All MPE 1109 Physical Education for All MPE 1110 Study of Olympics MPE1111 Advance Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription When you enter in the Institute, you must be in possession of I- Card/Library Card & show it at the main /

Chapter 5 The Greek City-States. Why study Greece? “Birthplace of Western Civilization” Trial by Jury Greek Myths Democracy Tragedy and Comedy Theatre.

of humans IV. THE ANCIENT OLYMPICS THE ANCIENT OLYMPICS Early History 1st Olympic Games – 776 BC in Greece Olympia Athletic contests and other types of public spectacle Sport  training for being soldier “Truce of Zeus” Ancient remains from the Olympia site in Greece, where the Olympic Games first began. THE ANCIENT OLYMPICS/, reading, poetry, music, and gymnastics grammar, reading, poetry, music, and gymnastics –Sound mind (reading, writing, music) and sound body (gymnastics, boxing, discus) –Sophists – men/

Www.i-learner.com.hk. 1. In what time did Liu Xiang win gold in the 110m hurdles at the Athens Olympics? a.14.51 seconds b.13.22 seconds c.12.91 seconds.

2. Who did Zhang Yining beat in the final of the women ’ s singles table tennis at the Beijing Olympics? a.Wang Nan b.Guo Yue c.Deng Xiaofung d.Lin Ling Answer: a. Wang Nan 3. Zhang Yining made history at Beijing by successfully defending her women ’ s / d.Mark Spitz Answer: c. Michael Johnson held the record with a time of 19.32 seconds, set in Atlanta 1996. (NOT Michael JORDAN) 6. Which Chinese gymnast won the most gold medals at the 2008 Olympics? a.Yang Wei b.Chen Yibing c.Li Xiaoping d.Zou Kai Answer:/

Since 1920, women have more than double their share of the labor force.

. All rights reserved. All “Barbie®” images appear courtesy of Mattel, Inc. Business Executive Marine Corp Sergeant Olympic Swimmer “Barbie®” photographs © Mattel, Inc. 2012. All rights reserved. All “Barbie®” images appear courtesy of Mattel, Inc. Presidential Candidate Army Medic “Barbie®” photographs © Mattel, Inc. 2012. All rights reserved. All “Barbie®” images appear courtesy of Mattel, Inc. Olympic Gymnast Dentist Olympic Skier Presidential Candidate WNBA Player Soccer Player Airline Pilot/

Historical Studies in Physical Education and Sport

influenced the development of Rational Sport Individual Activities Included: Swimming Athletics Gymnastics Games Activities Included: Football Cricket Tennis The Rationalisation of Bathing and Swimming in Post – Industrial Communities The emergence of sport for the / the film ‘Chariots of Fire’ (1981). This follows the preparations and Olympic fortunes of two British athletes in the Paris Games of 1924 The Rationalisation of Games Association Football Following the formation of the Football Association /

Illinois 2015 Special Olympics Illinois Opportunities Denise Samulis Senior Director of Corporate Development & Partnerships C: 331.444.8186 E:

and inactivity they face. Special Olympics Illinois provides opportunities for more 21,955 traditional and 20,866 Young Athletes throughout the state. With the support of 40,000 volunteers and coaches. History & Structure Founder – Eunice Kennedy/DISTRICT AQUATICS MEETS: Various sites March-April DISTRICT GYMNASTICS MEETS: Various sites March-April SUMMER GAMES: Illinois State University, Normal June 12-14 Aquatics, Athletics, Bocce, Gymnastics, Power lifting, Soccer and Unified Bocce DISTRICT SOFTBALL/

The 2000 Olympics Games were held in Sydney, Australia from 15 September to 1 October 2000. Attended by 10,651 athletes (6582 men and 4,069 women)from.

Nature. This is seen as the worlds largest tribute to a national anthem in the history of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. - The Dream of the Deep Sea - The Arousal - The Nature - Tin Symphony It is said that this opening ceremony was/ Andreea Raducan became the first gymnast to lose a medal because of doping. * Eric Moussambani, swimmer Guinean competing in the 100m freestyle heats, swam alone test, due to the disqualification of his rivals for false start, setting a time of 1 minute 52.72 seconds./

Greece Chapter 3 Mechikoff & Estes, A History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education, Fourth Edition © 2006, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education, Fourth Edition © 2006, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Greek Influence Greeks developed much of/ideal education as harmony of mind (music) and body (gymnastics) Does harmonious imply equality? Classical Humanism Emphasized existence as humans—welfare of the individual is /competitive) Became associated with the process (agony) of preparing for competition of any kind Greek Sport Historical foundations  Birth of Olympic Games (776 B.C.)  Funeral Games /

The Revival of the Ancient Olympics. From Ancient to Modern 776 B.C. First Ancient Olympic Games 393 A.D. Last Ancient Olympic Games 1827 Greek Independence.

academic General public banned from competition Medal from the third Zappian Olympic Games in 1875 with the bust of king George I. Zappian Games of 1889 Organized by Phokianos again Heavily gymnastic Held in Gymnasium, not stadium The catalogue of exhibitors at the 4th Zappian Olympic Games. International Olympic Committee (IOC) The first Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was held in Paris on 18-23 June 1894/

Sport. Do or play? People do athletics, aerobics, gymnastics, extreme sports, winter sports, water sports and others. People play games like football,

play? People do athletics, aerobics, gymnastics, extreme sports, winter sports, water sports/ often GO CAMPING in the summer. I DO a lot of ROCK CLIMBING in Wales. SPORTS EVENTS  CHAMPIONSHIP  COMPETITION  GAME  TOURNAMENT  THE OLYMPICS  THE WORLD CUP SVĚTOVÝ POHÁR HRA SOUTĚŽ/history were held in Athens in 1896 the first games in modern history were held in Athens in 1896 the games are held every four years the games are held every four years Symbols: the Olympic flag and the Olympic fire. THE OLYMPICS/

PART ONE Historical Development of Physical Education

soon realize that a kind of gymnastic could provide the activity for a cure of their illnesses. The “Kung-Fu” was the earliest of exercises recorded in history. This has been met with much enthusiasm by the present generation in the Philippines after World War II. India The history of dance mentions Hindu dancing as the oldest of organized dancing. Some of the favorite pastime of the people were throwing/

The Floor Was Warped Women Athletes and MSU Athletics in the Title IX Era Javier Pescador, MSU History Department Portia Vescio, MSU Archives.

Javier Pescador, MSU History Department Portia Vescio, MSU Archives OVERVIEW NEW STATUS OF WOMEN IN SOCIETY NEW STATUS OF WOMEN IN SOCIETY/ CIRCUIT AVON INTERNATIONAL RUNNING CIRCUIT WOMEN ACCEPTED IN OLYMPIC GAMES MARATHON WOMEN ACCEPTED IN OLYMPIC GAMES MARATHON WOMEN’S RUNNING REVOLUTION WOMEN’S/of the athletics budget and 72% of the recruiting budget In 2002, men’s athletics received 67% of the athletics budget and 72% of the recruiting budget 2001 Gymnastics Protest CLASS ASSIGNMENT USING THE EXAMPLES OF/


and test your co-ordination to the limits. Superb prize available to the winning player. Olympic Gymnastics: Beth Tewddle, Natalia Yurchenko, Josef Stalder. Create you olympic gym routine in either floor, vault, beam or rythmic. With two outstanding male gymnasts delivering the session, boys and girls are welcome! Volleyball: Take on the challenge of Volleyball and use your physical skill and tactical awareness to become/

Olympics timeline Olympics History Olympia, Greece was home to the first recorded ancient Olympic Games in 776 B.C. The ancient Olympic Games were held.

Olympics timeline Olympics History Olympia, Greece was home to the first recorded ancient Olympic Games in 776 B.C. The ancient Olympic Games were held as a religious ceremony from 776 B.C. until A.D. 393, when they were banned due to religious reasons. Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French educator, proposed a revival of the ancient traditions in 1894. The first modern-day Olympic Games were/

OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON Выполнила: Илюшина Анна МКОУ СОШ 14, 7Б класс Учитель: Беловолова Татьяна Васильевна.

medals won Andrey Grechin, Sergey Fesikov, Daniel Izotov, Vladimir Morozov and Nikita Lobintsev, bypassed acting world champions of Australians. Performance opened the new page in the history of the Olympic sports of American Michael Phelps which surpassed the held-on nearly 50 years a record of the Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina in number of the Olympic awards - 18 became the main thing and the most expected event in competitions/

TEAM TRIVIA. Alright TEAMS! Try your hand at a little TEAM trivia. All of these questions are related to a TEAM of some kind. Make sure to consult your.

C. Backup dancers for Britney Spears 3. The New York Yankees have been one of the most successful sports franchises in history. Who is the current owner of this franchise? A. George Lucas B. George Steinbrenner C. George Bush 4. The/Gymnastics team earned this medal in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. A. Bronze B. Silver C. Gold 8. Teams such as Excel and Capital Edge would most likely be competing on which reality TV show. A. The Apprentice B. Big Brother C. The Amazing Race 9. The winning team of/

Greece Chapter 3 Mechikoff, R.A., A History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education, Fifth Edition © 2009, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education, Fifth Edition © 2009, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.  Greeks developed much of/of the body  Potentially damaging for view of physical education  Initially seems that he doesn’t support it (Phaedo)  Later supports ideal education as harmony of mind (music) and body (gymnastics)  Does harmonious imply equality?  Emphasized existence as humans—welfare of/agony) of preparing for competition of any kind  Historical foundations Birth of Olympic Games (/

History The inventor of basketball is Dr James Naismith The concept of Basketball was from Naismith’s school days Dr James Naismith was a PE instructor.

History The inventor of basketball is Dr James Naismith The concept of Basketball was from Naismith’s school days Dr James Naismith was a PE instructor at the YMCA Training School in 1891 The students at the school became tired of having gymnastics as their / Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Championships (17),including seven straight from 1960 to 1966. The game became an official Olympic event at the Summer Games in Berlin, Germany in 1936. Michael Jordon, who retired in January 1999, returned to the /

Unit 2 Sports Events. The Olympic Games Learning goals: To learn about the Olympic Games and some famous athletes; To figure out the significance of.

the gold medal for the first time in history 6) Zhang Ning was in her late thirties when she competed in the 2008 Olympic Games Athens gymnastics early Detailed reading The Ancient Olympic Games The 1 st Modern Olympic Games Differ- ences Simi- larities only ____were allowed/’s 110- metre hurdles the first Asian to win this race Zhang Ning Chinese 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medal, badminton won the gold medal at the age of 33 What qualities do you think these athletes have in common? They work very hard to /

Sport and the Olympic Games. Doing exercises, I want to make my body well-balanced. Sokrat.

Skiing What happened in …? 776 B.C.3941896 195219802008 2010 HISTORY According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 B. C. They /Olympic Games again. He told people about the importance of sports in uniting peoples of the world and serving the cause of peace, as in ancient times. The Olympic Motto FASTER HIGHER STRONGER The Olympic Flag Europe Africa America Asia Australia What kind of sport is this woman famous for? a. skiing b. gymnastics c. shooting What kind of/

Results of sport and physical culture development in Petrozavodsk in 2015. Plans for 2016. Aleksandr Bakanchuk Head of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth.

of Petrozavodsk Petrozavodsk City Administration continues to realize the “Development of sports and physical culture in Petrozavodsk in 2013- 2017”municipal program. Some figures: There are 7 children sport schools in Petrozavodsk. 3 of them have status of a “School of Olympic reserve”. Within the frameworks of/multi-purpose sport hall organizes classes for sport schools, the city competitions in football, floorball, gymnastics, etc. During the summer season a health camp to be held. The universal hall size/

Olympics A Glance at History. The Ancient Games Held in Ancient Greece until 4 th Century AD Held every four years near Mt. Olympus Held in honor or the.

History The Ancient Games Held in Ancient Greece until 4 th Century AD Held every four years near Mt. Olympus Held in honor or the god, Zeus Victors received olive leaf crowns Fun Facts Each Olympic game has a different medal design. Olympic flame represents purity and quest for perfection. Honor of hosting the games to a city, rather than a country. Olympic/gold medal in women’s gymnastics 1992 The Dream Team Wins Gold in Barcelona Final Event: The Marathon First run in the Olympics in Athens in 1896 /

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