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Talya Collins, Corrine Conneely, and Jodie Costas TORRES STRAIT ISLANDS HISTORY AND CULTURE Aboriginal histories and cultures. Australian Curriculum.edu.au.

their culture Lack of recognition of July 1 being Torres Strait Islanders National Day Culture taking second place to Governmental Departmental rules (eg Traditional Adoptions) Break up of family groups Changing roles of men Changing roles of women (Dudgeon, Garvey/ and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ identity, history and culture and that these factors are included across all learning areas. This will help learners develop their understanding and knowledge of Australia “by engaging with the world’s oldest/

Madeleine Ellis Commonwealth Of. Background Information Population: 23 million people (2012) Language: English Capital: Canberra.

dollar (AUD) Climate Summer: December-February Autumn: March-May Winter: June-August Spring: September-November Weather: 3 Day Forecast DayWeather Description Temperature High Temperature Low Symbol Monday (April 14 th ) Isolated showers 21°C (Feels like /://www.australia.com/about/key-facts/weather.aspx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia#History http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia http://www.geonames.org/AU/largest-cities-in-australia.html http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/australia/new-south/

Sound Barriers Oral history, copyright, and the OHRRG experience at the State Library of Western Australia Adrian Bowen Team Leader: Liaison, Acquisition.

: Liaison, Acquisition & Description Disclaimer I A N A L T I N L A Oral History Records Rescue Group project Steering group representatives from: Friends of Battye Library Oral History Association of Australia (WA Branch) Professional Historians Association (WA) Royal Western Australian Historical Society Western Australian Genealogical Society History Council of Western Australia Private donors Supported by LotteryWest Aims: 7,500 hours digitised 200 voices online Outcomes: 11/

. Chapter Ten Lessons from capital market history Copyright  2011 McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd PPTs to accompany Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 5e,

and divide by the number of periods (e.g. years, months, days, etc.). The risk premium is the excess return required from an investment in a risky asset over a risk-free investment. Lesson from history: Risky assets, on average, earn a risk premium (i.e. there is a reward for bearing risk). Copyright  2011 McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd PPTs to accompany Fundamentals/

WorlD War I and Aboriginal INVOLVEMENT. Learning Sequence Goals This learning sequence will be lead through history and will focus on causes and consequences.

day and where the troops primarily fought (Turkey(Gallipoli) (Oxford, 2013, p. 62,63.) The year six curriculum moves from colonial Australia to the development of Australia as a nation, particularly after 1900. Students explore the factors that led to Federation and experiences of/ will grade the enquirys afterwards to make sure they have understood how to conduct a history enquiry as well as their understanding of Aboriginal contribution and rights during the war. WALTs and WILFs WALT: Look at Aboriginal /

Australia The land down under. Equal in size to continental United States. Equal in size to continental United States. Driest continent next to Antarctica.

1788 Great Brittan began moving criminals to Port Jackson (Sidney) In 1788 Great Brittan began moving criminals to Port Jackson (Sidney) The history of Oz Modern day Australia federated in 1901 Modern day Australia federated in 1901 Consists today of six states Consists today of six states Constitution similar to British Parliament with financial system similar to ours Constitution similar to British Parliament with financial system similar to/

Australia Revising what we have learnt. History Discovery 1780 First Settlement 1788 Captain James Cook.

Australia Revising what we have learnt History Discovery 1780 First Settlement 1788 Captain James Cook History AboriginesBoomerang Aboriginal Art General Information Language – English Population 22.500.000 Land Area /When did British arrive at Australia? What’s capital of Australia? Who are the Aborígenes? When is the Independence Day? What is the Sorry Day? Why most of the big cities are on the coast? What’s Alice Springs? What are the characteristics of animals of Australia? What’s the relationship /

©2012 National Heart Foundation of Australia Management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) This presentation reflects the recommendations in the National.

DP, Aroney CN, Aylward PE, et al. 2011 addendum to the National Heart Foundation of Australia/Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand guidelines for the management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) 2006. Heart Lung Circ 2011; 20(8):487–502. ©2012 National Heart Foundation of Australia Bleeding risk age > 75 years female history of bleeding history of stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA) creatinine clearance rate < 60 mL/min diabetes/

EXAM 2- June 2013 OUTLINE PAPER 1929-2000 There will 3 questions on the paper with 4 parts and then one extended question (essay) from a choice of two.

Australia was safe from a Japanese invasion while the sea route from Australia to America was also protected. The role played by the US 1st Marine Division and its commander, Vandegrift, have gone down in Marine Corps history.Vandegrift Island hopping There were a number of/the war and those who did not. Lieutenant William Calley who led the attack was sentenced to life but served 3 days of the sentence. An Anti War protest movement gained support – Martin Luther King Muhammed Ali and Jane Fonda spoke out. /

Australia’s Golden History Michelle Bolstad Sara MacLeod Ayesha Finlay.

day Life in Australia: The gold rushes, Hodder and Stroughton Pty Limited, Lane Cove, NSW. Kid Siber (2007). Gold. Retrieved 12 th Oct 07, http://www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/gold.htmhttp://www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/gold.htm National Museum of Australia /1994). Gold, Allen and Unwin Pty Ltd, St Leonards, NSW. Price, B.J. (1972). The Australian Gold Rushes: New Days in History, Reed Education, Terry Hills, Sydney. Victoria Cultural Collaboration (2007). Gold. Retrieved 10th Oct 07, http://www.sbs.com.au/gold/

Language Planning and Policy in Australia and Queensland: Past, Present and Future Cristina Poyatos Matas and Shannon Mason Griffith Institute of Educational.

and implementation Today’s plenary 1. An overview of language planning and policy 2. PAST What we can learn from over 50 years of policy history in Australia and Queensland 3. PRESENT ‘Global Schools’ policy Languages/ Canberra. Commonwealth of Australia. (1991). The Australian Language and literacy policy. Companion volume to the Policy information paper. Canberra: Author. Crawford, J. (1999). Teacher Response to Policy and Practice in the Teaching of LOTE.PhD Thesis, Griffith University. Day, C. (/

Splash Screen. Chapter Menu Introduction Section 1: Section 1: Australia and New Zealand Section 2: Section 2: Oceania Visual Summary.

from Great Britain. Section 1 History and Government (cont.) Government type: Patterns of European Settlement –a dominion A.A B.B C.C D.D Section 1 What famous sailor claimed Australia for Great Britain? A.John Smith B.John Cook C.Ponce de Leon D.Christopher Columbus Section 1 Indigenous cultures and European traditions shaped the present-day cultures of Australia and New Zealand. Culture/

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY DECEMBER 01/12/1959. Wally Lewis. Famous Australian & Queensland Rugby League player is born. 01/12/1987. World Health Organisation.

born. 01/12/1987. World Health Organisation declares the 1 st. Aids day. 02/12/1804. Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned Emperor of France THIS MONTH IN HISTORY DECEMBER 02/12/1972. Gough Whitlam becomes the 1 st. Labor Prime Minister of Australia in 23 years. 02/12/1976. Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba. 03/12/1854. The Eureka Stockade takes place in Victoria in which/

Chapter 16 Australia Geography & History. Geography Location and Size Geographic Regions Climate Major Cities.

of New South Wales; Australias largest and oldst city.  Melbourne: the capital city of Victoria; Australias second largest city  Brisbane: the capital of Queenland; Australias third largest city Major Cities History Early History Discovery and Exploration European Settlement Colonization The Road Toward Federation Australia in the 20th Century Early History 1.The Aborigines were the first inhabitants of/ date now celebrated as Australia day. Here, Phillip established Britain’s first permanent colony. New colonies:/


the present day Lakes and river systems of Australia as well as underground water systems.  The Great Artesian Basin, an underground water basin, lies in almost the same spot as the ancient inland seas of 65 million years ago. REFERENCES CONTENT: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/search.html?s=&authornamef=richard+gray+for+mailonline http://theconversation.com/ancient-aboriginal-stories-preserve-history-of-a-rise/

NHMRC = Politics, Not Science Australians - Victims of Tragic Fluoridation Experiments Geoff

.5 mg/day” (My note: About 1/20 th Lethal dose). “..may be significant from the point of view of production of fluorosis”. “Therefore the Committee recommends that further research be undertaken to collect information under conditions of high fluid turnover” A survey of suppression of public health information by Australian governments Boshra Yazahmeidi and C. D’Arcy J. Holman School of Population Health, The University of Western Australia Background/

Whole School Curriculum The sequence of the enquiry questions may vary, within a year group and teachers may also add/change topics to capitalise on opportunities.

: ‘ Magic Grandad’ – History of The Great Fire of London & Fire Fighting, ‘Frances the Fire Fly’ Celebration of Learning: Performing the ‘Fire/of Australia. Find out about Australian wildlife and how these animals are adapted to the hot/tropical climate BLOCKED WORK - electricity Resources: Maps of Australia/Sidney, globes Photographs of landscape/aerial photographs Non-fiction books about Australia/tell us about a trip to Oz. WOW Factor: Australian Day – introduction to the topic. Take an imaginary flight to/

Supply of Goods and Services

for death, disablement or unemployment caused directly or indirectly as a result of illness or unemployment which exists at or commences within 28 days of the commencement of this insurance. After some time Mr. W’s arthritis flared up and/, style or model or have had a particular history or a particular previous use. A manufacturer of microwave ovens advertised that its ovens were approved by Standards Association of Australia. This was false. Sharp Corp of Australia Pty Ltd v. Hartnell (1975) ATPR 40-003/

AusVELS Teaching depth studies Years 7 – 18 A few ideas

peoples of Australia and incorporates historical collections and exhibitions. To improve audience understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture, this National Museum of Australia gallery presents stories, objects and images that explore the culture and experiences of Australias first /limbs were formed like those of a man. He was hairy and his beard was long and pointed. Around the chest he was very rough and shaggy. The castellan placed him under guard, day and night, and would/


going to be, its going to be very, very difficult. The wedding celebration went over several days... on the evening of the third day my grandmother said, Lets go, lets just leave, you cant go on forever like this. / Both are presently part of the global world capitalist market economy, with a history of being economic, political and cultural satellites; Mongolia of the Soviet Union, Australia of Britain and the US. Both countries have some history of improving womens rights. Australia was the second country /

History-1 u The Aborigines were the only inhabitants of Australia until the Dutch began exploring parts of the continent in the 1620s. u In 1770,

History-1 u The Aborigines were the only inhabitants of Australia until the Dutch began exploring parts of the continent in the 1620s. u In 1770, Captain James Cook took formal possession for Britain.  Starting in 1788, the British founded penal colonies, mainly in the areas of the present- day Sydney, Hobart, and Brisbane.  As a result, many of the early settlers were either prisoners or soldiers. Australian/

The Whitlam Dismissal  What have been some important political developments in post-war Australian history?  How have significant individuals and groups.

and the Senate was held on May 18, 1974. Both Snedden and Whitlam campaigned hard. Both believed they would win.  The election proved to be one of the closest in Australia’s history. It took ten days for the results to become clear. Whitlam became the first Labor Prime Minister to be re-elected—but a majority in the Senate still eluded him. In/

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Program Northwestern University Ranked No. 1 by the Chronicle of Higher Education Where to apply?

days Age t’ 1 Replace history integrals by rate equations for internal variables (partial strains) (a concept pioneered by Biot) Concrete creep and shrinkage models compared in new ACI Guide 209.2R-08 ( 2008): ——————————————————————————————————————— 1) B3 (Bažant & Baweja 1995, 2000; update of/ 97.5 m Australia, 1960 Gladesville Arch 300 m Australia, 1962 Captain Cook Bridge 76.2 m Australia, 1966 Art Gallery Bridge Australia, 1961 Macquarie Bridge Australia 1969 Victoria Bridge Australia, 1966 Želivka /

Menu. 1.What is this? 2. History: a) Arrival of the First FleetArrival of the First Fleet b) The first fifty years: 1788 to 1838The first fifty years:

this? 2. History: a) Arrival of the First FleetArrival of the First Fleet b) The first fifty years: 1788 to 1838The first fifty years: 1788 to 1838 c) The centenary celebration: 1839 to 1888The centenary celebration: 1839 to 1888 d) SesquicentenarySesquicentenary e) Bicentennial yearBicentennial year 3. Contemporary celebrations. Contemporary celebrations Australia Day (previously known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, and ANA Day) is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually/

Focus Area 5A4 Australia in Its Regional and Global Contexts

. Social justice and equity issues in Australia and other countries Today individuals have greater knowledge of how aid money is spent. They have the opportunity to lobby governments and organisations to change or be accountable for their actions. The Make Poverty History campaign was launched on the British TV show The Vicar Of Dibley on New Year’s Day 2005. The campaign uses a variety/

A New Zealand Cretan war connection A micro-study of Greek female immigrants to NZ in the 60s Evangelia Papoutsaki (Communication Studies) Athina Tsoulis.

migrate for the second time to Australia With the support of the Greek Community in Auckland & funding from the Australian Sesquicentennial Gift Trust for Awards in Oral History/NZ Ministry of Culture and Heritage Local newspaper story Greek immigrants: Some of the 44 Greek girl migrants /us a newspaper which had an item about migrating.” Anastasia Despotaki “People worked from sunrise to sunset every day. That’s what we knew.” Spirithoula Vlondaki “ Yes and we thought eh, hello, there must be a better life than/

The Performing Arts in Australia. What is this lecture about? The performing arts in Australia The performing arts in Australia An overview of the range,

this sector An outline of the structure and some of the ideas that underpin and drive this sector An outline of the structure and some of the ideas that underpin and drive this sector Provide some appreciation of the great deal of activity that there is in this sector Australia British Playwright David Hare said that: “if you want to understand the social history of the country, you cannot/

VCE Sociology Unit 3 Area of Study 2 Australian Cultural Communities

What do the official Australia Day ads suggest about Australian national culture? Now consider the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples towards January 26 1788 as Day of Mourning (1938), Invasion Day (1988) and Survival Day For background information refer to the articles ‘Tough year ahead will test what it means to be Australian’, ‘A better future starts with knowledge about indigenous history’ and ‘Look to/

The Sunshine Vitamin in the 21st Century - Bone Benefits and Beyond?

skin (esp. veiled) 93% Mothers of infants with rickets (particularly dark skinned and veiled women - foetal vitamin D only from mother) 80% Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency on Cloudless Day by Month of Year in Australia SE Queensland Geelong, Vic Tasmania In Australia, season is more important than latitude in/d) + Calcium Citrate (1000 mg/d) vs Calcium for 1 year Inclusion criteria: Women aged 70-90 years; a history of falling in the past 12 months and a serum 25(OH)D <60 nmol/L. Prince R et al. Arch Int/


days before the program begins. Cannot be used as credit towards program costs. Pay first, then AC reimburses you. 2011-2012 Programs With Open Seats Winter Term in Vietnam: ACT NOW!!!! LC with Business, Psychology & English Dec. on campus, Jan. in Vietnam Contact: Dr. Ann Ericson (Business) Berlin Spring-Summer Program: ACT NOW!!! Spring LC with History/, 5:30pm, Evald Hall 17-18 Winter Internships: Australia 3 Credit Course on campus in December + 9 credits of Internships in Jan/Feb. Includes PH + G suffix/

ALCTS/PCC Workshop: Basic Subject Cataloging Using LCSH

objectivity The big lie : the Pentagon plane crash that never happened / Thierry Meyssan. Dawn; the herald of a new and better day. The silent subject : reflections on the unborn in American culture / edited by Brad Stetson. Intro: /Australia $x Cultural policy East Asia $x Social life and customs Nevada $x Geography ***ANIMATED SLIDE: CLICK TO BRING IN EACH BULLET 1st bullet: To represent unique concepts in relation to a geographic name, such as historical events and significant periods in the history of/

Smoking and Tobacco Part 1 © 2010 University of Sydney Health Risks Epidemiology Pharmacology of nicotine dependence.

free cars Graphic pack warnings (Some) point-of-sale initiatives Tobacco Control in Australia: Major events and tobacco sales Major events in tobacco control/ diagnosis in the last month. 2 –60% report a past or current history (ever history) of a mental health diagnosis sometime in their lifetime. 1 –the most common mental/Reexaminations at 5 to 10 year intervals –Mean follow-up of 15.5 years Three groups –Continued smokers of >15 cigs/day –Reducers of >50% –Quitters Reducers vs. continuing smokers Quitters –CV/

Australia & Sri Lanka Presented By Viraj Sashankan.

Page Compare & Contrast - Currency Australia - ($) dollars. Sri Lanka - (Rs or LKR) Rupees. The English Pound was used in Australia and Sri Lanka in their early colonial days Sri Lanka converted to the Rupee 1869 and Australia changed to the Australian dollar in /refer to my weebly page. Contents Page Contents Page The Connection Colonisation Both countries share a history of being colonised by the British Government: Australia was colonised by Britain in 1788. 1815 to 1948 Sri Lanka was under British rule./

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Do not remove this notice.

Australia Post outlet within South Australia to submit your Criminal History application Fee Charged : $42.40 payable on application submission Australia Post will submit your application to Department of Families and Communities (DFC) for screening DFC will notify UniSA of your Criminal History Screening clearance You will receive a written notification of your Criminal History/ class. Mention that enrolments won’t show until following day on MyUniSA. Mention override processes, describe the three major/

Common Eye Conditions - and the role of the pharmacist

history of glaucoma are four times more likely to be at risk and should get tested What is refractive error? Refractive error is a focusing disorder of the eye Most common cause of vision impairment in Australia Over the age of 40 years, 22 per cent of/outcome ‘Red eye’ Acute anterior uveitis N 8 days Severe permanent vision loss; pain Conjunctivitis 7 days Moderate permanent vision loss Bacterial keratitis 2 days Severe pain Herpes zoster ophthalmicus 3 days Mild permanent vision loss, severe pain, delay in/

Victoria Alarna Parascos. Sources of Information Visiting local travel agents and gathering there information Using Victorias state tourism website, which.

for tourist as local competitors have the chance to show off their fresh produce. Festivals, nightlife, Fashion Capital of Australia- Melbourne food and Wine Festivals, Crown Casino, Melbourne Fashion Week takes place every year for designers to show / to the alpine grasses. http://www.about- australia.com/facts/victoria/history/ Victoria’s Public Holidays New Years Day- Monday 3 January *in addition to Saturday 1 January Australia Day- Wednesday 26 January Labour Day- Monday 14 March Good Friday- Friday 22/

1 AusVELS History F – 10 Pat Hincks 27 August 2013.

that exist to the present day. History, as a discipline, has its own methods and procedures which make it different from other ways of understanding human experience. The study of history is based on evidence derived from remains of the past. It is /Education Officer) Primary and Secondary Resources: Login> Members only> Resources 31 History Teachers’ Association of Australia: http://www.historyteacher.org.au/ http://www.historyteacher.org.au/ Scootle: www.scootle.edu.auwww.scootle.edu.au/

Australia Lisa Blair. Resource Unit on Australia 2 nd Grade This Unit on Australia is created to be used over a 5 day period. This unit will help students.

join a sports day. AUSTRALIAS ABORIGINES Takes viewers to a remote corner of northern Australia to discover what may possibly be the last generation of a fascinating culture that has endured for more than 40,000 years. Teacher References THE ART OF CURRENCY: Money Around the World Poster displays bills from 24 countries with quick facts for each note. Country currencies: Australia, ANCIENT WORLD HISTORY ACTIVITY SAMPLER performing/

Cities of the World – Avignon, France. Matthew Ku 9F.

, easiest solution was to ship them all the way to Australia to get rid of them. From that historic day when the first fleet landed, Melbourne has been constantly growing and expanding – to be seen as one of the most easily accessible hubs of multiculturalism in the entire Australian history of this controversial topic. From the steaming bowls of Pho in Springvale, a pizza on Lygon St., or/

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. AUSTRALIA Smallest continent Smallest continent Largest island Largest island Original inhabitants-Oboriginal people lived.

the Southern Cross which is a prominent feature of sky National anthem-revised version of Advance Australia Fair National anthem-revised version of Advance Australia Fair Motto-Advance Australia Motto-Advance Australia National day –January 26 (date of European settlement) National day –January 26 (date of European settlement) AUSTRALIA One of oldest land masses One of oldest land masses Flattest of continents Flattest of continents After Anartica lowest precipitation After Anartica lowest precipitation/

Schools around the World From Australia to South Korea Выполнили: Корсаков Артём 10 - 1 Корсаков Артём 10 - 1 Воробьев Максим 10 - 1 Стадухин Олег 10 -1.

report about coral reefs. Brazil  Brazil, also found in the southern hemisphere, shares the same summer months as Australia. The school day in Brazil runs from 7 a.m. to noon, and students typically go home at noon to share lunch /with their family. Lunch is the most important meal of the day. Most schools require students to wear a uniform.  Math, geography, history, science, Portuguese, which is the national language of Brazil, and physical education are the main subjects studied by students/

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY APRIL APRIL 1 ST. April Fools Day is celebrated in many countries. 01/04/1578. William Harvey. English Physician who 1 st. described.

critic is born. 02/04/1872. Samuel Morse. The inventor of the Telegraph dies. THIS MONTH IN HISTORY APRIL 02/04/1911. The Australian Bureau of Statistics conducts Australia’s 1 st. Census. 02/04/1917. The U.S.A/day Belgium to begin the French Revolutionary War. 28/04/1945. Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini & his mistress are executed by members of the Italian Resistance movement at the end of W.W.2. THIS MONTH IN HISTORY APRIL 29/04/1770. Captain James Cook arrives at & names Botany Bay in Australia/

Take off with history! Welcome to April 1! Historical brains engaged…commence ignition! World History : American History : Word of the day : Bonus Corner.

. I died in 2014. I could sing and dance. My last name sounds like a place to worship. Take off with history! Welcome to April 24! Historical brains engaged…commence ignition! World History : American History : Word of the day : Bonus Corner : 1915: New Zealand and Australia hoped to open up the Dardanelle Straits in Turkey, but were defeated soundly - 300,000 lives were lost! It was/

Chapter 31 Australia Sydney Opera House Country Profile Population: 22,506,617 Gov’t: Parliamentary Democracy Capital: Canberra Time Difference: +15.

, Mandarin Aussie Slang Hello = G’day Goodbye = Hooroo Great! = Bonza Gum = Chewie Bathroom = Dunny or Leu Friend = Mate Good for you = G’donya McDonald’s = Maccas History and Culture Aborigines – Australia’s indigenous (first people) Came from/v=wbNeIn3vVKM Australia History & Culture Shaped as a British Colony, Australia still has one of the world’s oldest continuing cultures. Aborigines  lived nomadic lifestyle – Hunted with spears, nets, and boomerangs. Didgeridoo Australia History and Culture /

Module 9 Unit 3 Australia Using language. Listening Page 67 Discuss with a partner what is happening in each of the photographs below.

a competition of three different races--- a swim, a foot race and a paddling race in a canoe or on surf board. Listening text Carol (C) and Ross (R) both go to university in England. They meet up after lectures one day and decide/ ____________________________________ Listening text June is giving a talk about Australian flags and what they tell people about about the history and culture of Australia. Good afternoon, everyone. My hobby is collecting flags from all over the world. I love flags for /

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY AUGUST 01/08. The birthday of all horses. 01/08/30BC Mark Antony. Roman Politician & General dies. 01/08/30BC Octavian(Later known.

/08/1945. Indonesia becomes Independent. THIS MONTH IN HISTORY AUGUST AUGUST 18 th. Vietnam Veterans day 19/08/1871. Orville Wright. Pioneer aviator is born. 20/08/1858. Charles Darwin publishes his theory of evolution. 20/08/1968. Soviet Troops invade Czechoslovakia. THIS MONTH IN HISTORY AUGUST 21/08/1770. Captain James Cook formally claims Eastern Australia for Great Britain calling it New South Wales/

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY DECEMBER 01/12/1959. Wally Lewis. Famous Australian & Queensland Rugby League player is born. 01/12/1987. World Health Organisation.

born. 01/12/1987. World Health Organisation declares the 1 st. Aids day. 02/12/1804. Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned Emperor of France THIS MONTH IN HISTORY DECEMBER 02/12/1972. Gough Whitlam becomes the 1 st. Labor Prime Minister of Australia in 23 years. 02/12/1976. Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba. 03/12/1854. The Eureka Stockade takes place in Victoria in which/

ACL 2009 Australian Literature The Construction of Aboriginality.

the Aboriginal oral tradition became, in many of its manifestations, an oppositional cultural form – a form of cultural practice which opposes and tries to undercut more dominant forms. In ‘Aboriginal Literature’ (1988) in the Penguin New Literary History of Australia, Stephen Muecke points out that: Aboriginal ‘/ couldnt read or write Trumby was dependable He never took to beer The boss admired him so much One day made him overseer It never went to Trumbys head He didnt boast or skite Trumby was a good boy /

Vaccine Safety Update and introduction to Monash Immunisation Jim Buttery Infectious Diseases, MCH Monash Immunisation, MMC Director of Research, MCH SAEFVIC,

seizures following influenza vaccine in Australian children in 2010 Self controlled case series analysis Interval post flu vaccine to febrile seizure Days post flu vaccine n=38 had febrile seizure within 48 hours 47% aged 12 to 23 months SCCS analysis CSL/ (21/1/11) – Ongoing fevers Progressive increase in left axillary LNs – Non-tender Returned to Australia at end of Jan 2011 SS 10 months old History Born in Melbourne Only child Immunised per schedule No known TB / chronic cough contacts ID Clinic Feb 2012/

Draw and find two important things about the Eureka flag. Which European explorers came to Australia before the First Fleet? Choose one and find out when,

of the gold rush write a recount of a typical day on the gold field. What struggles did you face? What was it like? Describe and illustrate (or make) a traditional tools/ and or clothing that the Aboriginal people used. Early Australia/the important historical moments in Australias history, including Australia’s famous explorers, British settlement, Aboriginal people and the gold rush. You need to complete at least four of the tasks. You must include a reference page listing of where you got your information/

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