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International Association of Snowmobile Administrators Groomer Operator Training Resource Guide Chapter 5: Maintaining Grooming Equipment.

Maintenance Routine Shop Inspection and Maintenance Routine Shop Inspection and Maintenance Off-Season Storage Procedures Off-Season Storage Procedures Always refer to the Owner’s Manual, as well as follow these general /good preventative maintenance program include: a) measurement, fueling, tinkering, and replacement b) monitoring, greasing, tuning, and overhauls c) inspection, lubrication, adjustment, and repair d) surveillance, servicing, alignment, and rebuild International Association of Snowmobile/

ISRI Operations Forum January 2007 Scott Newell President The Shredder Company, LLC Problem Solving For Shredders.

bearing -check for a cracked or broken bearing housing. housing. -check the grease or oil level and cleanliness -check the grease or oil level and cleanliness of lubricant. of lubricant. -look to see if the bearing mounting plates -look to see if/ machinery should have electrical equipment that can be locked out during maintenance procedures. 11.All machinery should have electrical equipment that can be locked out during maintenance procedures. 12.All personnel at the shredder should be wearing hard hats, /

Motors | Automation | Energy | Coatings Basic Electric Motor Maintenance Ed Robinson Regional Service Manger

lubrication Too much lubrication Incompatibility of greases Contamination of lubrication Internal Winding Temperatures Motors | Automation | Energy | Coatings Bearing Lubrication Re-lubrication Intervals Believe it or not, too much lubrication in a ball bearing can have the same result as not enough lubrication/. Motors | Automation | Energy | Coatings Preventative Electrical Maintenance Checking the initial wiring procedures, before starting the motor the first time. Motors | Automation | Energy | Coatings/

C H A P T E R 22 Snow Throwers Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only.© Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Safely operate and service snow-throwing.

Deere & Co.) Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only.© Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Skid Shoe Adjustment Procedure 1.Park snow thrower on hard, smooth surface 2.Stop engine and remove key 3.Remove wire from plug/ Co., Inc. Snow Thrower Lubrication Periodic lubrication will extend useful life Some parts require the application of oil, while others require greaseLubricate external parts with medium weight oil –Use a grease gun to apply grease to grease (zerk) fittingsgrease (zerk) fittings/


Most common pol Grease Artillery Automotive (GAA) A thick viscous substance used to lubricate metal on metal contact Primary grease used externally on equipment pivot points pol Grease Point - Lubes pivot point pol Grease zerk fitting pol 35 lb Grease Tube pol Antifreeze /Deliberate This is the complete application of the five-step process: Used for planning an operation or evaluating procedures Most effective when conducted in a group Levels of ORM In-Depth Deliberate process with a more thorough /


in the job. A specific sequence of steps to follow to complete the work safely. Permits required. Emergency procedures. Safe work procedures are generally prepared for jobs that: Are critical (high risk jobs where accidents have or could result in severe/. Never assume a cylinder’s content by its color. Cylinders shall be stored where they cannot become contaminated with grease lubricants. Use proper cradles for moving cylinders. Never slide a cylinder. Cylinders may be moved short distances by rolling them/

Fokker 50 Continuation Training Revision cycle: 2 years Author: M.Dekker Continued Airworthiness Department SAMCO Fokker 50 Continuation Training April.

operators have requested Fokker Services’ approval for the use of alternative sealants in case the sealant required in a procedure is not available. Specifications and Materials – Alternative Sealants for Sealants Specified in the Consumable Material List (CML/Mobilgrease 33, manufactured by ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants, can be used on the Fokker 50 and the Fokker 60. Mobilgrease 33 is a high-performance general purpose grease, which provides excellent lubrication performance over a wide temperature range /

MAINTENANCE Rotomite 6000CE Serial #16080 ASHBROOK May 2012.

impeller installation instructions. 3.Ensure to use anti-seize on the bearing frame shaft. HYDRAULIC OIL SAMPLE INTERVAL AND PROCEDURE TARGET CLEANLINESS Minimum cleanliness code rating of ISO 16/14/12 or numerically lower for particle sizes of 2, 5/ by the owner prior to start up of the pump. Any of the following greases may be used: -Amoco Rycon No. 3 -Chevron SRI -Lubrication Engineers Alamplex 1275 Oil Recommendations Crisafulli submersible hydraulic pumps are designed to operate with premium/

SMS and QMS For Airplane Maintenance JULY 28, 2010 Gerardo Hueto.

unlubricated condition Torque tube fractured by low cycle fatigue Lubrication: The Procedure Gain access to the tail Remove access panels Gain access to the tail Remove access panels Lubrication: The Procedure Apply grease to acme nut fitting with grease gun until grease exits out top of acme nut FAIRING ACCESS PANELS GREASE GUN Lubrication: The Procedure Brush application of “light coat of grease” onto jackscrew threads Operate jackscrew “through full range/

Ben Thomas PhD Student Bournemouth University Supervisors: Mark Hadfield – Bournemouth University Steve Austen – RNLI Finite.

with regards to marine sliding friction, slipway and marine railway applications and modelling. Objectives: To identify appropriate test procedures for modelling slipway wear To develop a model for the wear of slipway linings To develop a model for /the slipway and the unpredictable intervals between lifeboat launches the lubricant grease can be washed away, dry out or become contaminated with wind blown sand e.t.c. resulting in unpredictable lubrication regimes at launch. Currently this is apparent only as/

Front Steer Axle Technical Training

the axle loaded. This assures that grease enters the lower thrust bearing. Apply lubricant until new lubricant comes from the thrust bearing seal and the upper shim pack. Lubrication Procedure Tie rods Make sure the tires touch the ground. Apply the lubricant through grease fittings on assembly. Apply the lubricant unit new lubricant comes from the boot. Axle loaded. Grease Lubricated Wheel Bearings Remove the old lubricant from all parts. Discard seals/

CHAPTER 12 Steering Linkage and Service

of steering system components. Perform an under-the-vehicle inspection of the steering system components. List the service procedures for under-thevehicle steering system service. Explain how to replace steering linkage parts. KEY TERMS Articulation test Ball /fitting was developed by Oscar U. Zerk, an employee of the Alemite Corporation, a manufacturer of pressure lubrication equipment. A zerk or grease fitting is also known as an Alemite fitting. STEERING LINKAGE As the steering wheel is rotated, the /

We keep the presses rolling OBU - Oscillating Bearing Unit Units for inking- and dampening rollers (oscillating rollers)

"oilfree press"  no oil-leakages  less oilpipes are needed  no need of central grease lubrication system We keep the presses rolling  complete unit, ready to mount  easy integration in mounting procedure  time consuming mounting at the press producer is not longer necessary  no risk of contamination during mounting  longtime grease lubrication  one article code, i.e. less numbers of single positions  easier handling, disposition, management/

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over whole life of unit, therefore - constant lubricant output rate completely self-regulating Copyright Delta Industrial Sales P/L 2004 Page 15 INSTALLATION simply screw in the starter cap A very simple procedure! tighten firmly with a screw driver screw into bearing/develop a maximum operating pressure of 10 Bar (150psi) In practice it’s output pressure is approximately in equilibrium with grease-way resistance Extension lines can be used - up to 2M, 8mm ID Copyright Delta Industrial Sales P/L 2004 Page/


Prepare and fill out a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). Assembling Equipment for a Gearbox inspection Toothbrush PT-650 Tooth Marking Grease (for no-load contact patterns) DYKEM layout lacquer (for loaded contact patterns) 6” medium mill bastard file (for/replace the filter element and then drain, flush and refill the reservoir with new lubricant. Continue to monitor lubricant properties during operation and repeat the maintenance procedure if necessary. If cracks are found or the damage is severe enough to /

Chapter 4 Preventive Maintenance Program. Objectives (1 of 2) Explain the characteristics and benefits of a well-planned preventive maintenance program.

well-planned preventive maintenance program. List and describe the steps of the pre-trip inspection procedure. Describe the criteria for deadlining or out-of- service (OOS) tagging a vehicle. Implement/Lubricants (5 of 8) Chassis lubricants –See Table 4-5 on page 101 of the textbook. Lubricants (6 of 8) On-board chassis lubricating system –Manual systems –Automatic chassis lube systems (ACLS) Lubricants (7 of 8) Properties of greases –See Table 4-6 on page 102 of the textbook. Lubricants (8 of 8) Trailer lubrication/

CHAPTER 16 Drive Axle Shaft and CV Joint Service.

wheel-drive vehicles were widely used in Europe and Japan long before they became popular in North America. The standard repair procedure used in these countries is the replacement of the entire drive assembly if there is a CV joint failure. Replacement boot /QUIZ 4.The last step after installing a replacement CV boot is to ________. a. “Burp the boot” b. Lubricate the CV joint with chassis grease c. Mark the location of the boot on the drive axle shaft d. Separate the CV joint before installation Automotive/

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ASTM D - 2509) lbs 55 VKA welding load (DIN 51 350T. 4)N3000 VKA (DIN 51 350 T. 5 procedure D) 1h/300Nmm0,5 Solid foreign substances (DIN 51 813)< 25 µmg< 10 Ash (Oxid) %1,3 Application /protection water resistance best lubrication properties long grease intervals INLAND WATER TRANSPORTATION MARINE Requirements: best EP properties water resistance suitable for central lubrication systems for long regreasing intervals HARBOUR EQUIPMENT MARINE Grease lubrication with lubricator Hydraulic cylinder Lock gate /

Part I Wastewater Engineering 1 Wastewater Engineering: An Overview

, and in the engineering management of environmental quality. (1) the constituents found in wastewater, (2) sampling and analytical procedures, (3) physical characteristics, (4) inorganic nonmetallic constituents, (5) metallic constituents, (6) aggregate organic constituents, (7/ sample with trichlorotrifluoroethane Other extractable substances include mineral oils. such as kerosene and lubricating and road oils. Oil and grease are quite similar chemically; they are compounds (esters) of alcohol or glycerol(/


2.Frequent failure of Screen Bearings & Oil Seal Contamination of Lubricants Automation of Lubrication System Heavy Load in dry Circuit. Feed rate to be reduced Improper fixing procedure Use of proper equipments like jacks etc. for fixing the bearing/much more than the cost of a NEW SCREEN. O IL OR G REASE ? Particulars Oil Lubricated Screen Grease Lubricated Screen Frequency of lubrication/ Filling Daily BasisShift Basis Frequency of Bearing Damage HighModerate Frequency of Seal damage HighVery Low Due to/

Design of Bearings. Introduction A bearing is a machine element which support another moving machine element (known as journal). It permits a relative.

the heat generated by friction. It also protects the bearing against corrosion. All lubricants are classified into the following three groups : 1. Liquid: Minerals oil & Synthetic oil 2. Semi-liquid : Grease (heavy viscosity), use where high pressure and low velocity exist. 3. Solid:/ bearing. On the other hand, if l / d is greater than 1, then the bearing is known as long bearing. 10. Design Procedure 1. Determine the bearing length by choosing a ratio of l / d from DHB ( page 315, table 15.11). where l = /

For decades Soltex has been supplying many different industries products: the electrical, telecommunications, plastics, personal care, adhesive and sealants.

coatings 46-52 25-60,000 8.1-8.3 Sulfonate New Products Under Development: 1. Biodegradable Rail Curve Lubricant 2. Grease base (No.1 and 2 grease available) 3. Food Grade Overbased Calcium Sulfonate (available) 4. Magnesium Carboxylate Polybutylenes: Soltex Polybutene products are range/ test methods, from acid number to wax content, plus hard to find specialty procedures. Soltex Services: - Bulk handling / trans - loading - packaging drums and totes - warehousing - heating of tank trucks / iso-containers

Chapter 27 Wheels and Tires.

in dual and tandem mountings. List the major components of both grease- and oil-lubricated wheel hubs. Perform bearing and seal service on grease-lubricated front and rear wheel hubs. Perform bearing and seal service on oil-lubricated front and rear wheel hubs. Perform front and rear bearing adjustment. Describe TMC wheel-end procedure. Outline the procedure for installing pre-set bearing wheels. Cast Spoke Wheels Spoke/

1 CBT 4 - Safety Equipment - Maintenance & Records & Safety Record Folder.

Safety Records Folder (Ref HSC/SER01/98 REV 00); êHSC Quality & Fleet Manuals Volume 1, 2 & 3; êHSC Operational Procedures & Contingency Plans Manual (OPCP); êSOLAS 2001 Edition; êOCIMF Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (2nd Edition 2000); êCDI Ship Inspection Report / be regularly inspected and operated - a good routine must be established to ensure none are omitted; êThey must be greased/lubricated, rubber seals inspected & replaced as necessary; êAll dogs, clips, operating handles, wires, etc are to be well/

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for door and trunk locks  Dry stick (wax) lubricant  desirable on door latches and strikers  will not stain clothes © Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Lubricants  Chassis grease  good all-around body lubricant  Silicone lubricant  suited for rubber door weather stripping and windows /to reduce the amount of materials being sent to landfills  Laws have been passed that require specific procedures when handling and discarding potentially harmful materials © Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Auto Shop Wastes  /

Automotive Drive Axles Constant Velocity (CV) Types.

parts. zThe boots are fastened by clamps at either end. zAll CV joints must be lubricated. zCV joint grease differs from standard wheel bearing or chassis grease. They cannot be interchanged! CV-Joint zConstant velocity joints are called as such because they are/vehicle is empty and the gas tank is full zUse inclinometer to measure U-joint angles zFollow the service manual procedures zCompare front and rear angles zThe difference between the two angles is the operating angle Measuring Operating Angle The /

Module I: Introduction to Automotive Shop and Personal Safety Unit II: Safety Lesson 1: Protecting Yourself and Others in the Shop.

going a short distance. Disconnect the battery as appropriate. This eliminates hazards from shorts that could occur during repair procedures. CAUTION: The vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed for disconnecting batteries. Some onboard vehicle computer systems can be/ (from heat or light rays), fire, and explosions Do not allow oil or grease to come in contact with oxygen under pressure. NOTE: No lubrication of the apparatus is necessary. Do not use oxygen as a substitute for compressed /

THS Automotive Technology Safety Lesson 1: Protecting Yourself and Others in the Shop Protecting Yourself and Others in the Shop.

, digestive-type carburetor cleaner, and vehicle battery acid Lubricants — Rust-penetrating oil, silicone lubricant, liquid graphite, motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, gear lube, hydraulic fluids, various greases, and specialty additives (e.g., oil treatment and/ contain asbestos fibers that can become airborne as dust during brake service. Follow the latest federal procedures when working with asbestos. CAUTION: Asbestos is a cancer-causing substance. Do not breathe asbestos /

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capacitors Transfer circuits Capture the transfer between UPS and bypass Procedures Detail PM procedures Capture before and after readings Calibration/maintenance Capture details / and seals Reduce vibration Decrease current draw Bearings Accessible grease fittings Grease as required Infrared thermal scanning Motor problems Alignment issues For/can detect wear in these systems Mechanical applications Bearings Lack of lubrication Pumps Motors Gear/gearboxes Fans Compressors For additional information visit /

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tend to last longer because they are protected from disturbance, moisture, dust, and grease. Crack & Crevice Applications Some crack & crevice applications are designed to flush pests /of defect or wear. Check oil and water levels in gas powered engines Lubricate fittings as needed Set bypass and other valves properly, check that no / that has been contaminated with a concentrated pesticide may require a separate decontamination procedure. In such a case, check with the manufacturer of your respirator. Store/

Agricultural Mechanics CD Selecting and Maintaining Electric Motors and Controls Lesson A4-8.

to the precise details of explanations or descriptions. CCSS.ELA Literacy. RST.9‐10.3Follow precisely a complex multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks, attending to special cases or exceptions defined in the/are important: Wipe the outside free of all dirt and grease. Check the bearings for lubrication and add fresh oil or grease as required. Cover the shaft extension with a coating of grease to prevent rusting. Wrap the motor with heavy paper to/

3.4.5 Student Book © 2004 Propane Education & Research CouncilPage 1 3.4.5 Maintaining Bulk Plant Pumps, Strainers and Bypass Systems Knowing how to maintain.

with the company’s written operating and maintenance procedures. Before starting any bulk plant or industrial installation mainten- ance procedure, be sure to review your company’s maintenance procedures and equipment manufacturer’s instructions. LubricationVane and gear-type pump bearings should be lubricated every three (3) months with a light Number 2 Lithium-base type of grease. Apply grease slowly with a hand gun to the/

General Exam Training (DEP Modules) Drinking Water Plant Operator Certification Training.

clockwise). Follow confined space procedures. Perform good housekeeping procedures. Common Ways to Minimize Hazards 105 Objectives Discuss pump performance issues Discuss shaft adjustment Discuss mechanical seals Discuss lubrication of equipment Typical Maintenance Procedures 106 Maintenance on a / paper and textiles. Class B Includes flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, oils, paints and greases. Class C Are electric fires from wiring and electrical equipment or class A or B fires adjacent to/

Chapter 7 Preventative Maintenance and Basic Services.

fluid usage can cause severe damage. Manual Transmission Fluid Many types of lubricants used. Always refer to the service information for proper checking procedures and fluid recommendations. Power Steering Fluid Check fluid level. Determine proper /rod ends, and u-joints. Greases Produced from oil and thickening agents or can be synthetic. Categorized by a National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) number. Refer to manufacturers service information for correct grease applications. Hybrid Vehicle (HEV) /

RAMPS © Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Predictability, Scalability Presented by Joe Soroka Presented by Joe Soroka For additional information.

for checking, adjusting or troubleshooting Service points provide means for lubricating, filling, draining, charging and similar functions Test and Service / years Transfer circuits – Capture the transfer between UPS and bypass Procedures – Detail PM procedures – Capture before and after readings Calibration/maintenance – Capture details / seals ─ Reduce vibration ─ Decrease current draw Bearings ─ Accessible grease fittings ─ Grease as required Infrared thermal scanning ─ Motor problems ─ Alignment issues /

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Provide a model of temperature change inside cheesecakes Pinpoint when the internal temperature is ideal for lubricating properties of butter and grease COMSOL Multiphysics Modeling Software Input material properties at different layersPerforms numerical analysis using built in heat/reason the cheesecake sticks to the pan is an adhesion resulting from the pan materials and cheesecake ingredients. Procedure Ran 2 small cheesecakes through pizza oven Placed upside down on depanning surface Hit bottom of pan at/


because of these unique forces the pallet stones receive special lubrication. Regardless of what grease is used, epilame should be applied to the pallet stones and the watch should be run with no additional lubrication for 15 minutes. The epilame creates a film on the/ First, Check that horn shake is even and minimal on both sides. The horn shake can be observed by the following procedure: move the balance wheel until the escape wheel tooth falls onto the locking plane of the next jewel. Continue to rotate /

OPERATION OF A PORTABLE VACUUM SYSTEM Written by Dr. Richard Potts Modified by Ruth Dusenbery, Dawn Wisniewski, and Pranjal Patel University of Michigan-Dearborn.

glass joint so that it can be disassembled and readily cleaned. to PUMP WORKINGSYSTEM Grease the Joints The joint should be lubricated with Silicone High Vacuum Grease. The grease should be lightly and evenly applied. The entire ground glass area of the joint /Distillation of high-boiling liquids under reduced pressure. Drying solids in a vacuum. Sublimation of a solid under vacuum for purification. Procedure for Starting the System 1. Attach a clean, dry trap tube. 2. Place the Dewar around trap. 3. Close/

CHAPTER 5 Tire and Wheel Service

“E” (Wheel and Tire Diagnosis and Repair). Discuss proper tire mounting procedures. Describe recommended tire rotation methods. Discuss how to properly balance a tire. Describe tire repair procedures. Explain wheel and tire safety precautions. KEY TERMS Dynamic balance Lateral runout /and take dial indicator readings on the inside of the wheel rim. The Greased Wheel Causes a Vibration Shortly after an oil change and a chassis lubrication, a customer complained of a vibration at highway speed. The tires were /

Suspension Systems  Frames  Two types (ladder and unibody)  Ladder Separate body/frame Body bolted to frame Separated by body mounts with rubber insulators.

Lubrication of Suspension Parts Lubrication of Suspension Parts  Grease fitting provided when required  Use of Teflon ® and special greases  Do not grease rubber Will destroy rubber  Some of latest bushings contain own lubricant These do not require lubrication /binding in upper strut  Excessive play in upper strut bearing Pre-Alignment Inspection  Inspect ball joints  Follow proper procedures to unload joints and check for axial and radial play  Inspect control arms for:  Damaged (cracked) or /

Copyright © 2017 by Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved Automotive Brake Systems, 7e James D. Halderman Automotive Brake Systems CHAPTER Wheel.

D. Halderman OBJECTIVES Explain the different types of antifriction bearings, bearing greases, and seals. Explain the diagnosis of defective wheel bearings. Discuss rear drive axle classifications and the procedure to replace rear axle bearings and seals. State the reasons for /race holding the rollers is pressed into the rear axle housing.  The axle bearing is usually lubricated by the rear-end lubricant and a grease seal is located on the outside of the bearing. Copyright © 2017 by Pearson Education, Inc./

Rev 2008-03-20 SCM Welcome to the Bearing Selection Guide v.3.0 The ultimate calculation tool.

3.0 3 Running the Timken Bearing Selection Guide To run the Timken Bearing Selection Guide, follow one of these procedures: Double-click on the icon installed on the Windows desktop. From the Windows Start menu, select Programs / The/ bearings is expected to run before experiencing a certain amount of damage. Lubricant Mode Select whether the bearings use OIL LUBRICATION or GREASE LUBRICATION. Lubricant Selection Choose a lubricant name from the drop-down box. Note: Bearing loads and life predictions/

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Molybdenum Disulfide (like Graphite) o Silver Plated Steel (Higher Temps.) Materials and Tools Used ●Bolt Material: Passivated Steel ●Lubricants: o Mobilgrease 33 (Standard Grease) o Cor-Ban 027L (Corrosion Inhibiting, nontoxic, non drying, wide temperature range) o Never Seez (Corrosion Inhibiting, does/ Molybdenum Disulfide nut onto the end of the bolt with a wrench until the tension reading increases slightly Procedure 7.Zero out the torque wrench and use it to slowly turn the nut clockwise 8.Stop when /

V-Belt Drive Application Rick Stewart

on Investment to the Organization (ROI). Safety First! Always turn off and lock out power source. Observe all other safety procedures. Wear required protective gear or equipment, based on site requirements. Loss of production hours. Critical System – Unscheduled downtime / Unlike the V Unit, The GoldPlex-SPL-EM Model Allows for Fresh Lubricant to Be Added when Unit Grease Bladder Has Been Depleted. Using Divider Blocks, One SPL-EM Lubricator Can Be Installed to Service up to 8 Ball or Roller Bearings. /

Modern Automotive Technology PowerPoint for by Russell Krick

-model ball joints are sealed units that do not require lubrication Ball Joint Lubrication Replace lube plugs with grease fittings Ball Joint Lubrication Grease the ball joints and other fittings regularly Only install enough grease to fill the boot Checking Ball Joint Wear Two methods /bushings If the arm moves in relation to its shaft, the bushings are worn and must be replaced Bushing Removal Procedures vary, refer to a service manual The stabilizer bar and strut rod must be unbolted from the control arm /

Automotive Fuel and Emissions Control Systems, 2/e By James D. Halderman and Jim Linder © 2009 Pearson Higher Education, Inc. Pearson Prentice Hall -

2.Explain the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger. 3.Describe how the boost levels are controlled. 4.Discuss maintenance procedures for turbochargers and superchargers. Automotive Fuel and Emissions Control Systems, 2/e By James D. Halderman and Jim Linder ©/ 07458 CHAPTER QUIZ 4.How are most superchargers lubricated? a)By engine oil under pressure through lines from the engine b)By an internal oil reservoir c)By greased bearings d)No lubrication is needed because the incoming air cools the /

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grease may cause premature failure of the joint Old boots should never be reused © 2015 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. May not be scanned, copied, duplicated, or posted to a publicly accessible website, in whole or in part. CV Joint Service Tips Always follow manufacturer’s service procedures/ or posted to a publicly accessible website, in whole or in part. Limited-Slip Additive Proper lubricant on limited-slip differentials is very important to prevent damage to clutches © 2015 Cengage Learning. All/

Carrier Air Wing ELEVEN EAWS Common Core Tutorial Created by: NCC(AW) M. J. WILSON Command Career Counselor.

used/excess material in approved, labeled containers pending shore disposal Comply with ship/station procedures PMS disposal methods shall be followed Containerize spent greases or spilled greases in an approved container, original can, or doubled plastic bags. Seal, label/Discuss the disposal limitations for fuels Comply with ship and station procedures PMS disposal methods shall be followed Containerize spent or spilled oils/lubricants in approved containers for proper shore disposal Used/excess oily solid/

Maintenance Management Fleet Health is secret of our Strength

all the activities of Sch-I, the following works are taken up in Sch-II Complete washing through MWP Lubricating all grease points Cleaning of Breathers Air Cleaner maintenance Battery Maintenance Tyres rotation Steering & Brake test Sch-III & IV Maintenance/ blend with HSD (Q1x10/90) Transfer calculated qty (Q2) of Biodiesel from Storage tank by gravity using Flowmeter F1 Procedure for subsequent replenishments Ignore the quantity of B10 blend existing in the storage tank on fresh receipt of HSD oil Know /

Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator — Lesson 3 Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 2 nd Edition Chapter 3 — Introduction to Apparatus Inspection.

.Charge an apparatus battery. 21.Perform daily and weekly apparatus inspections. 22.Lubricate chassis components. Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator 3–6 Maintenance and Repair Maintenance —/when applying shampoo. Try to wash mud, dirt, insects, soot, tar, grease, and road salts off the vehicle before they have a chance to dry./or mechanical buffer Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator 3–22 Apparatus Inspection Procedures Follow a systematic procedure based on departmental SOPs, NFPA ® standards, and manufacturer’s/

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