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Rock Drill Lubrication

Equipment for drilling? What is the proper way to blow out the air line? How do you regulate the flow of lubricant? What is the proper way to fill the lubricator? Is the machine getting enough lubricant? Rock drill oil vs. rock drill grease? Applications Rock drills. Air tuggers in manways or shaft stations. Pneumatic ventilation fans. Pneumatic cylinders for vent doors. Pneumatic cylinders/

Sturdy Engineering Tools Lubricants Dispensing Systems & Accessories Sturdy Engineering Tools Presenting Lubricants Dispensing Systems.

ISO 9001-2008 certified Manufacturer and Exporter of Engineering Tools Such as Machine Tools, Hands Tools, Lubrication Tools, LED Lighting Equipment, Air Control Equipment & Related Components Sturdy Engineering Tools is an Indian based/ manufacturer Exporter of Engineering Tools www.sturdy-tools.com Our Products Range Lubricants Dispensing Systems & Accessories Includes Drum Oil & Handling Equipment Grease Fittings Grease Gun Equipments Grease Guns Oil Cans & Equipments www.sturdy-tools.com Drum Oil & /

RIL LUBRICANTS YOUR LUBRICANT SPECIALISTS. R.I.L. Lubricants blends its products in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited blending facility which compliments all.

technical department also offers technical service and advice on all our products. R.I.L. Lubricants is driven by international standards relevant to health and safety and the environment. Our products are designed to/ Handgel General Purpose Cleaner Floor Powder Water Based Degreaser Solvent Based Degreaser GREASES General Purpose Lithium Grease Moly Grease Winch Grease Rope Dressing Grease Rod Mix Grease Copper Paste White Petrolatum SOLVENTS Paraffin White Spirits Acetone CORROSION PREVENTIVES Valvoline Tectyl/

TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc “The Right Choice”. Who is TOTAL? Exploration –Proven Reserves 11.1 Billion Barrels in 30 countries –Exploration in 42 Countries.

testing, Environmental topics Human Resources: 480 researchers and technicians. Cooperation with third party consultants, business associations and universities TOTAL Lubricants USA, INC Subsidiary of TOTAL Lubricants –Geographical Responsibility – USA History of TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. –Albany Grease Company (Cooks) – 1868 –Keystone Lubricants – 1884 –Pennwalt Corporation – Philadelphia, PA Owned Cooks and Keystone –Elf Aquitaine Purchased Pennwalt – 1988 –TotalFinaElf – 1999 TotalFina purchased Elf/


manual transmissions and differentials on rear drive cars. Heavy viscosity 90W. Looks like motor oil but smells real bad! Chassis Grease Conventional type of petroleum grease. Grease steering and suspension parts. Other Types of Grease Lithium grease or white lube. Used on mis. parts. Other Lubricants WD-40 is a light oil with graphite. Liquid wrench is a penetrating oil for dry and rusted bolts. Non/

Chassis Lubrication. Why: Broken Ball Joint, probably caused by lack of regular lubrication.

of mineral oils and additives for high temperatures resistance, adhesion, chemical stability and protection against rust and corrosion. What: Grease fittings have a one- way spring-loaded check valve that allows grease in but not out. Also known as zerk fittings. When: Chassis lubrication is something that should be done during an oil change service or safety inspection. Important: not all vehicles have/

Sales Meeting June 2006 Vogel Single Line Progressive Lubrication Systems Presented by: Ricardo Gomez.

bar Dosage:0,05 - 2,5 cm³ Number of Lube Points: 1-300 Length of Main Line: max. 150 Meter Lubricants:Oil: 20-1000 mm²/s (cSt) Grease NLGI 000/00/1/2 Progressive System Layout for NLG1-2 System -Instead of the whole system only zones, controlled areas by/Max. Air Pressure:6 bis 10 bar Refill Nipple P3 P2 P1 Pressurized Air Piston Pump PPU5 pneumatically operated For Oil and Grease up to NLGI-Kl.2 Lubricant Amount:0,1 bis 0,5 cm³/Hub Max. Operating Pressure:160 bar Operating Pressure for Pump:4,5 bis 10 bar /

1 Bearings & Lubrication Roger Bortignon. 2 Friction Friction is… the resistance opposing any effort to roll or slide one object over another the resistance.

surfaces, camshaft, connecting rod and valve train can be used in combination with splash systemcan be used in combination with splash system 25 Oil Filtration 3) Full Flow System 26 Lubrication - Grease grease is oil that has a thickener added to increase its viscositygrease is oil that has a thickener added to increase its viscosity  lithium is often the thickener rust and corrosion/

Global Wind Power Lubricating Grease Market Research Report and Forecast to 2016-2020 Phone No.: +1 (214) 884-6817 id:

and vast research experience. They offer some penetrating insights into the complex world of Global Wind Power Lubricating Grease Industry. Their sweeping overview, comprehensive analyses, precise definitions, clear classifications, and expert opinions on applications/put up on Orbis Research, which is the handiwork of thoroughbred professionals, this report, ‘Global Wind Power Lubricating Grease Market’, also ends with a SWOT analysis, and analyses on investment feasibility and returns, not to mention /

Introduction to Mako-Lube Lubricants Limited. Agenda Company Profile Product Range Food-Tek Indu-Tek Ultra-Tek Xtreme-Tek Competitor Comparison Marketing.

-lube.com Food-Tek NSF Registered  Bearing Grease  Chain Lubricants  Oils  Aerosols  Cleaners and Degreasers Indu-Tek Premium Specification  Bearing Grease  Chain Lubricants  Oils  Service lubricants  Aerosols  Cleaners and Degreasers Ultra-Tek Ultra Performance Application PFPE lubricantsGrease  Oils  Dispersions  Assembly Aids Xtreme-Tek Extreme Specification Lubricants  Temporary Lubricants  Water activated lubricants  Specific extreme applications  Coatings Competitor Comparison We/

Jeff Guzzetti Lubrication and End Play Inspection Lubrication and End Play Inspection.

Gain access to the tail Remove access panels Gain access to the tail Remove access panels Lubrication: The Procedure Apply grease to acme nut fitting with grease gun until grease exits out top of acme nut FAIRING ACCESS PANELS GREASE GUN Lubrication: The Procedure Brush application of “light coat of grease” onto jackscrew threads Operate jackscrew “through full range of travel” Brush application of “light coat of/

At TopDuck, we make “life saving products”

the surface for a longer period. It also has a zero ionic charge so it doesn’t attract or retain sand, dust and dirt which can prevent good lubrication. Superzilla as a Cleaner Removes greases, oils, tar, and soot on outside furniture Removes surface rust Removes pine sap, permanent marker, crayon, carbon, exhaust stains, hairspray, and ink Removes label adhesives Removes epoxy/

Bearings, Seals and Greases Chapter 53 Page 762. Bearings Bearings.

. Wheel bearings need to be cleaned and re-greased every 50-thousand miles. It is good practice to do one side at a time to prevent mixing up any components. Wheel bearings are lubricated with grease, which also protects the metal from corrosion and /helps conduct heat. Wheel bearings need to be cleaned and re-greased every 50-thousand miles. It is good practice to do one /

Global Grease Lubrication Units Market 2016 Industry Trend and Forecast 2021 Phone No.: +1 (214) 884-6817 id:

domain knowledge and vast research experience. They offer some penetrating insights into the complex world of Global Grease Lubrication Units Industry. Their sweeping overview, comprehensive analyses, precise definitions, clear classifications, and expert opinions on /report we put up on Orbis Research, which is the handiwork of thoroughbred professionals, this report, ‘Global Grease Lubrication Units Market’, also ends with a SWOT analysis, and analyses on investment feasibility and returns, not to mention/

Mosil Lubricants Private Limited

basis while the family members look after new opportunities in Product and Market Developments. The company was started in 1971 by Dr. C K Mavani to offer Specialty Lubricants to HAL , Koraput against Russion Greases for MIG aircrafts.. The present operaitons are managed by 3rd generation (to which I belong) The entire operations are managed by profesionals who manage the day to/

Revision of EU ecolabel Criteria for Lubricants Main modifications Hildo Krop, IVAM UvA BV, Amsterdam Rens Hartkamp, SMK, Dutch CB, The Hague.

0.01% Addition of seawater tests Dealing with issues during the 1st period Introduction of a LuSC-list/letter of compliance Modification of grease criteria Reducing possible addition infinite small amounts of unassessed substances New types of lubricants Dealing with issues currently debated CO2 emission reduction and Manufactured NanoMaterials Topics for the next revision Availability of data from REACH Stating impurities on/

ISHAN grease tube lubricator introduction Prepared by : Allen Shan.

Prepared by : Allen Shan Manual Grease Tube Lubricator YGL-T04 Resistance Grease lubricator New YGT-S04 Piston Grease Lubricator Feature and Dimension Feature –Convenient and clean refilling (cooperate with ISHAN #0 grease cartridge) –Compact in installation –Easy to set up Max. Output Pressure Mpa (kgf/cm²) Output Volume Output Bore Tube Size Tube / is done Packaging (1) YGL-T04/ S04 Inner Box (15.5cm x 12.5cm x 37cm) Packaging (2) ISHAN #0 grease cartridge Inner Box (5.5cm x 5.5cm x 24cm) MSDS of ISHAN #0/

Smart Lubrication™ 3 rd International Conference Lubricants Russia - 2007 Moscow 29nov07© 2007 Dow Corning, All rights reserved Solid Lubricants as Problem.

alloys- ultra pure for turbine applications Assembly Pastes –Prevention of fretting corrosion –Damage free disassembly, e.g. bearing from shaft –Low coefficient of friction –Corrosion protection Lubricating Pastes –Generally considered “Grease-Pastes” –Long term lubrication –Good adhesion –Corrosion protection –Temperature resistance Smart Lubrication™ 3 rd International Conference Lubricants Russia - 2007 Moscow 29nov07© 2007 Dow Corning, All rights reserved Product Form: Anti-friction Coating Solid/

Food Grade Lubricants Sales & Applications

Pepsi with a testimonial from one of their Canadian locations. Beverage Applications & Processes cont’d Can Seamer Lubrication (FMC & ANGELUS) Seamer Grease – Nevastane HT/AW is recommended by Angelus and is suitable for most applications. However, I recommend/: FOOD SAFETY, HIGH LOADS, DUST, CORROSION, TEMPERATURES Rollers & Bearings GREASE IN CONTACT WITH FEED Worm Wheel or Gear Box Gear Oil Feed Mill Feed Industry Major Component Lubrication Air Lines – Nevastane AW 22 or 32 Air Compressors – Nevastane SL/

Dr. Tassilo Habereder; Eric Nehls

for HX-1 Additives Suitable additives can be selected. New or modified formulations have to be registered Registration of lubricant is simplified when only using NSF-listed additives. The maximum treat rate is noted. The trade name of/.5 – 0.7 % Corrosion inhibitors/Metal Deactivators Liquid Imidazoline Derivative Liquid N-oleyl sarcosine Di-Sodium Sebacate (for greases) 2.0 % Liquid tolutriazole derivative 0.1 % Extreme Pressure / Antiwear Additives Liquid Amine phoshate Various Triphenyl Phophorothionates /

Lubricants & Gun Care Products  Introduced in 1983  Sold & In-Use Nationally, and in Canada  Well Recognized Brand.  Distributed through Local Dealers,

this protectant on and with the chain of rust inhibitors that the Rusty Duck protectant gun lubricant has I am completely convinced that my gun has never been cleaner and will continue to/Green”  100% Biodegradable  Non-Flammable  Removes decals, adhesives, aerosol paints, acrylic, latex, alkyd, traffic paint, lacquer, varnish, tar, rubber marks, oil, grease.  Safe on glass, steel, aluminum, chrome, all metals. “The Green Team” Indoor Graffiti / Gunk Remover  “Green”  100% Biodegradable  Non-Flammable/

Driveshaft Assemblies

retarder. Explain how an electric retarder operates. A Typical Truck Driveshaft Slip Joint Universal Joint A Stand Pipe Ensures constant lubrication and prevents dry startup. Bearing Cup with Needle Bearings Carrier Bearing Shop Talk When replacing a hanger bearing, make sure / 10 percent operating time on poor road surfaces are classified as off-highway in terms of preventive maintenance. Warning If grease is only seen to exit from three of the four trunnion seals, the bearing is not properly lubed and will/

“A life saving product”. Goals for Gunzilla Must contain no hazardous materials. One formula to clean, lubricate and protect. Designed to reduce weapon.

employees and our troops to hazardous chemicals. Directions for using Gunzilla For best results we recommend using only Gunzilla for cleaning, lubricating and protecting a weapon. Gunzilla will remove oils, greases and cleaning products used in prior cleanings. It will clean, lubricate and protect in all temperatures but it cleans faster in temperatures above 65 degrees. Applying: Gunzilla can be applied with a/

MEL 417 Lubrication Minor I Date: Tuesday, 08/02/2011 Time: 4 – 5 pm. Venue: Bl. V, 419.

, toothpaste Deformation and flow behavior varies Bingham plastics Do not flow unless shear stress exceeds a minimum value Behave like Newtonian fluids beyond this value E.g. lubricating greases, pastes, waxy crude oo Shear stress  Shear rate Bingham plastics (contd.) Below a shear stress value (shown  o ) it behaves like an elastic solid (deformation is finite and disappears /

MOLY BLACK GOLD 10 Times the Lubricity of Oil.

.35 microns and the particles will remain suspended in liquids, such as oil, grease, glycal water and alcohol. HYDRODYNAMIC LUBRICATION MOLY BLACK GOLD HYDRODYNAMIC LUBRICATION Hydrodynamic lubrication exists when all the microscopic hills and valleys of the engine parts being lubricated are separated by a layer of film or fluid (oil or grease). The ideal situation is no metal-to-metal contact and therefore no engine/

Luis Bastardo-Zambrano Lubricants Russia – 2007 12007-11-29 Use of Super Heavy Naphthenics in Lubricant Formulations Luis Bastardo-Zambrano, PhD Nynas.

42007-11-29 Bright Stocks  High viscosity base oils refined from paraffinic crude  Mainly use is:  Marine oils  Monograde motor oils  Gear oils  Greases  Other products  Possible substitutions:  PIB (Polyisobutene)  PAO (Polyalphaolefins)  Heavy Naphthenics Luis Bastardo-Zambrano Lubricants Russia – 2007 52007-11-29 Super Heavy Naphthenic Oil  The Super Heavy Naphthenic Oil used in this work (Naphthenic 4000) is a product with/

1 Air Disc Brake Maintenance Lubricate the Caliper Calipers manufactured be fore 1991 have one grease fitting and a relief valve. There are two versions.

are two versions of this caliper. They differ in the location of the grease fitting. 2 Air Disc Brake Maintenance Lubricate the Caliper Calipers manufactured after 1991 have two grease fittings. One is in the caliper body. One is in the caliper cap. 3 Air Disc Brake Maintenance Lubricate the Caliper Lubricate every 6 months or 2 to four times during the life of the/

Roadranger Lubricants April 2010. 2 Agenda ●Who is Roadranger ●Roadranger Lubricants ●Roadranger in the Market ●Packaging and Distribution ●Extended Drain.

of strategically chosen websites through e-media banners, news articles and press releases.  Examples of websites/publications include: Lubes n Greases Truckinginfo.com FleetMaintanance.com MARKETING CAMPAIGNS  Each year Roadranger and Cognis develop integrated marketing campaigns designed to promote Roadranger branded lubricants.  Promotional materials and tools such as the Fuel Savings Calculator can be found on Roadranger.com. Click on the graphic/

Chang Am L&S Co. LTD., 1 환경친화적 윤활제의 개발 및 동향 Developments & Trends of Environmental Friendly Lubricants 조원오 *, 김영운 **, 정근우 ** *

Replacement –Low Phosphorus Engine Oils –Alternate Fuels such as Methanol, LNG, etc New Product Opportunities –Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils, Grease, etc Chang Am L&S Co. LTD., http://www.changam.co.kr 5 Environmental Protection Trends Increasing Lube Component /Labelling 일본 Eco Mark 독일 Blue Angel 미국 Green Seal 한국 Chang Am L&S Co. LTD., http://www.changam.co.kr 7 Biodegradable Lubricants Chang Am L&S Co. LTD., http://www.changam.co.kr 8 Degree of Biodegradation Functional Group –Ester Oils : –Hydrocarbon (HC)/

FAG Bearings Korea Corp. 1 Synthesis and Characteristics of the Optimum Urea Base Grease for Rolling Bearing Sang-Keun Kim R&D Center, FAG Bearings Korea.

- Micrographs & SEM - FT- IR, TG/DSC & TAN( ㎎ KOH/g ) - Test of oxidation induction time - Synthesis of the optimum greases - Evaluation of bearing endurance test FAG Bearings Korea Corp. 4 Thickener + Base oilAdditives + 2 ~ 5% Composition of Grease - Heat resistance - Water washout - Mechanical stability - Lubrication - Heat resistance - Low temperature performance - Oxidation stability - EP - Oxidation stability - Rust preventive 10 ~ 25 %70 ~ 95% FAG Bearings Korea/

Classification: Internal Status: Draft Lubricants and Services for Passenger Car Workshops.

boxes. Those fitted with Limited Slip (LS) requires special oils. 9 Modern ATF lubrication Drivers for Automatic Transmission Fluid development – Optimized frictional characteristics – Optimum performance at all conditions/Grease: – Wheel Bearing Grease Spray – Rust, Moist and Chain 17 A wide range of Work Shop Services – WEB based oil recommendations – Oil analysis – Waste oil handling – Automatic bulk deliveries – Training – Telemarketing – Working Clothes – Financing of equipment 18 Conclusion Lubricants/

Global Capric Acid Market for Artificial Fruit Flavors and Perfumes, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Syntheses (Lubricants, Greases, Rubber, Dyes, Plastics, etc.) 2014 - 2020

Segment Analysis  Artificial fruit flavors and perfumes sales@marketresearchstore.com Global Capric Acid Market  Pharmaceuticals  Chemical syntheses (Lubricants, greases, rubber, dyes, plastics, etc.) Global Capric Acid Market: Regional Segment Analysis  North America  Europe  Asia/1 Global Capric Acid Market for Pharmaceuticals, 2014 – 2020 (Tons) (USD Million) 5.4 Chemical syntheses (Lubricants, greases, rubber, dyes, plastics, etc.) 5.4.1 Global Capric Acid Market for Chemical Synthesis, 2014 – 2020/

Bill Spitzer & Associates

during stimulation process SYSTEM UPGRADE EXPECTATIONS Increase reservoir capacity Picking the right lubricant Use of 00-000 very light bodied grease Delivering the right lubricant, in smaller shots, more frequently by counting strokes Minimize the / operator involvement Minimizes human touches, minimizes contamination, minimizes system issues and maximizes uptime Reliable delivery of lubricant Maximizes packing life and stimulation equipment uptime Extend system life from months to years Smaller lube shots,/

This manual includes model numbers MR-75, 240 and 450. *All working components are the same *There are two options for grease application, top of rail.

numbers MR-75, 240 and 450. *All working components are the same *There are two options for grease application, top of rail greasing or left right both. *All lubricators have a one year warranty RBL INC. 56 Plymouth Avenue North Minneapolis MN 55411 Phone 612-339-9395 Fax/Graco pump needs to be cleaned and may need seal kit. Grease can be thinned using hydraulic oil. Tank may need to be cleaned to remove all contaminants. 2 – Lubricator slowing to eventual stopLubricator battery may be going bad or there /

TECSIA LUBRICANTS An Introduction For Distributors www.tecsialube.com.

com Our Products Royco www.tecsialube.com Brands Products Country of Origin Industry focus Compressor lubricants Food grade lubricants Industrial lubricants USA, Europe Food processing Industrial Aviation Military Royco Synthetic lubricants USA Military Industrial Heat Transfer Fluids USA Compressor lubricants Food grade lubricants Gear and bearing lubricants Anti-seize Specialty Greases Food Processing Industrial USA, Europe Cold storage Food processing Commercial Refrigeration System Petrochemical Process/

PREMIUM GREASE AND OIL RANGE. Established 1995 Objective - Supply quality lubricant products Distribution - Primarily via distributor network Exciting.

: Oils - Engine - Transmission - Gear - Hydraulic - Specialty Farm Specialty - Log End Sealer - Asphalt / Mining Release Agents - Bio-degradable Lubricants Packs sizes: 1000, 205, 20, 5, 1 Litre & 500ml New Industrial ‘Consumer’ Range Trade & Consumer ‘Easy Sell’ lubricants Launch November 2009 Excellent ‘block display’ potential New Grease Product Range Easy to understand Names /Uses Assists trade & consumer product selection Save time, increase customer satisfaction New/

"Shear Sensation Plus" All- Purpose Grease

. Eliminates guesswork and misapplication – all-purpose versatility saves you time and money! USE FOR Omega 85 is quality engineered to lubricate virtually any type of equipment. You can safely and confidently use Omega 85 for almost any type of grease lubrication for reliable and longlasting results. Use Omega 85 for: All Types of Bearings • All Types of Machinery and Factory Equipment • All Types/

Omega 71 Universal Non-Melt Grease. Omega 71 Positively will not run or drip at any temperature! Stays on longer – eliminates need for frequent lubrication.

any temperature! Stays on longer – eliminates need for frequent lubrication. Contains Omegas unique "Megalite" supplements to protect metal surfaces. OUTSTANDING PROPERTIES Omega 71 is the universal non-melt grease that: Forms its own seal to keep out damaging water / choice for high- temperature applications. But Omega 71 is much more than just a temperature-resistant lubricant, it provides exceptional lubricity that retards wear and prolongs the service life of vital equipment. Use Omega 71 in: Kiln Car/

Lubrication Of Plain Bearings. Plain Bearings are the oldest Types of Bearings Roman building crane with pulley block and human power drive. (500 B.C.)

5 bar. If higher pressure is used it is called forced-oil lubrication. Interval Lubrication Lubrication in determined time intervals with oil or grease For-life Lubrication (maintenance free) l sintered bearings (oil-impregnated) l lubricant depot (lubricant grooves/lubricant pockets) Self Lubrication Plain bearing materials based on thermo-plastics with additives like MoS 2 OKS Speciality Lubricants for Plain Bearings with: primary requirements highest temperatures deepest temperatures low or/

CodeDataPlate.com1. 2 3 What is Maintenance maintenance: a process of routine examination, lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment of parts, components,

a hazard in case of fire in the hoistway. Where sliding-type safeties are used it is important that guide-rail lubricants, or pre-lubricated or impregnated guide-shoe gibs where used, be of a type recommended by the manufacturer of the elevator which will not/ignition. 1000.2d Tops of Cars. The tops of cars should be kept clean and free from oil or grease and shall not be used for storing lubricants. Material not required for the operation of the elevator shall not be stored or carried on top of elevator /

Clean and Green: Developments in Environmentally-Friendly Lubricants Dr. Alan C. Eachus Villa Park, Illinois USA 12 th Annual Green.

cause leaks) Defoamers/Antifoams (prevent entrained air) Detergents/Dispersants (prevent sludge in motor oils) Thickeners (in greases) 5 Descriptive Terminology Environmentally- Acceptable Aware Benign Compatible Friendly Preferable Responsible Safe Sensitive Suitable Biogenic Lubricants Bio-based Lubricants Bio-lubricants Renewable Lubricants “Green” Lubricants 6 Degrees of Biodegradability Ready Biodegradability (OECD 301 series) (an arbitrary classification, assumes eventual biodegradation after passing/

Advanced Lubrication + Fuel Solutions

equipment efficiency and lowers power consumption. Diesel Mate Plus delivers peak performance SPECIALTY FUEL ADDITIVES SPECIALTY LUBRICATION Products + Solutions Increased savings through fuel quality assurance Products + Solutions Energy savings through lubrication GREASES Premalube Superior mechanical stability and anti-frictional properties reduces average power consumption The NCH Lubrication Fuel Quality Assurance Program delivers increased fuel efficiency of up to 10%* Diesel Mate Plus delivers/

Baking Oven Chain Lubrication. Bakeries produce thousands of loaves, buns, pitas, pies per day. HOT Issues High Temperatures Clean Conditions Washdown.

Lubrication Bakeries produce thousands of loaves, buns, pitas, pies per day. HOT Issues High Temperatures Clean Conditions Washdown – Sanitation 24/7 Production Green Environment Mixing Issues Sanitation Heavy Bearing Load Food-Tek Multi-Lube Food Grade Grease 3H Mixing – Ingredients are combined Proofing Issues Sanitation High Humidity Warm Temperature Expensive Chain Repairs Food-Tek Multi- Lube Synfood EP Grease/ on the remaining graphite to provide lubrication during production periods. Mako-Lube only/

W89-A-0501 ZPU 08 / 14 / 24 1 High Pressure Pump for Grease Type ZPU 08 / 14 / 24.

/ 24 W89-A-0501 ZPU 08 / 14 / 24 2 Technical Data NOTE: For motors with 60 Hz the speed and thus the lubricant output will be increased by 20%. In the case of ”hard” greases and low temperatures the actual lubricant output may be below the theoretically calculated one. W89-A-0501 ZPU 08 / 14 / 24 3 Identification Code W89-A-0501 ZPU/

Lubricating oils Lubricating oil fractions extracted from crude oil are a widely varying mixture of straight and branched chain paraffinic, napthenic aromatic.

chemical attack of alloy bearings and metal surfaces. Antiwear improvers-protects rubbing surfaces operating with this film boundary lubrication. Detergent-tend to neutralise the deposits before formation under high temperature and pressure conditions, or as a/Indicates poor air filtration, possible fuel derivative Sulphur(S)- May indicate the presence of clay based (bentonite) greases Sodium(Na)- With Mg indicates the presence of sea water contamination, possible coolant system and fuel derivative Vanadium(/

 Croda 2007 PRIOLUBE, PERFAD, HYPERMER, EMKAROX AND EMKARATE are trademarks of Croda High Performance Biodegradable Ester Lubricants from Sustainable.

raw materials that shall be: –=> 50% for hydraulic oils –=> 45% for greases –=> 70% for chain saw oils, concrete release agents and other total loss lubricants –=> 50% for two-stroke oils Additive targets are difficult achieve –Biodegradability, bio-/ the European Eco-label will take place in 2008 –Many of the European Eco-labels will continue in parallel Lubricant Overview Biodegradability tends to decrease with increasing chain length, branching, aromaticity and saturation, and will be influenced by the/

VOSOLUB PROJECT New formulations of sunflower-based bio- lubricants with high oleic acid content XAVIER PAGES-XATART-PARES, ITERG ‘S Technical Manager.

VOSOLUB results at the European scale through a dissemination plan relying on an information campaign promoting the use of bio- lubricants 14 LUBMAT – 6/8th June 2012 – BILBAO – X. PAGES - ITERG VOSOLUB PROJECT : OBJECTIVES The formulations/and sucess story 2 new formulations (hydraulic fluids and grease) of sunflower based bio lubricants are already eco-labelled Ibiolab project has been done to reach the necessary specifications to obtain European ecolabel for lubricants LUBMAT – 6/8th June 2012 – BILBAO – /


side for difficult to remove pipe blemishes, and a smooth side for hidden contamination.industrial cleaning wipes EZ Wipes’ concentrated cleaning liquid allows for easy removal of cutting fluid lubricants, oils, inks, heavy grease, and some adhesives. The application of EZ Wipes extends beyond traditional pipe preparation as they have practical uses on machine parts, tools, bench top areas, toolboxes, vinyl surfaces/

Manufacture grease makes simple

S Fiber formation, cooling Grease Manufacturing Saponification stage Fiber formation, cooling Is There a Better Method ? Foam Data extracted from “A Comparison of Grease Manufacturing Methods”, K. R. Masters, Stratco. Presented at the European Lubricating Grease Institute AGM, 1992,/ Dropping point ASTM D2265 >285° C ASTM D218 P0 P60 P1000 297 288 Soap content 13% Lithium-Complex Grease Property Comparison Grease C Grease D Base LiOH-H2O New Product Soap content (% Wt) 10.7% 10.4% ASTM D128: neutralization #/

THE BASICS OF FATS, OILS, AND GREASE (FOG) By: Thea Parslow, Senior Environmental Specialist City of Orlando City of Orlando Environmental Control Section.

treat the water. Non-polar FOG Mainly petroleum Mainly petroleum  Includes but not limited to crude oil, motor oil, lubricating oils, gasoline, diesel fuels  Doesn’t coagulate in sanitary sewer systems  However, very harmful to the environment and /Manifest!!!! Thanks To the Following: Summary In Conclusion In Conclusion  The containment and treatment of Fats, Oils, and Greases within the sanitary sewer systems of Florida should be a major focus for today’s environmental push to minimize degradation, /

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