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 When the Vichy’s government was formed, some of the French were willing to accept their rule. The ones that opposed the Vichy rule escaped from France.

remains one of the most famous speeches in French history.  From London, de Gaulle formed and led the Free French movement.  The French Resistance is a general term used for the French Nationals that fought the military occupation of France by Nazi Germany. The Vichy government of France was installed by Hitler during World War II.  The Free French movement took place in France and Great Britain. They were fighting/

Lesson 3: A Challenge From France Chapter 5: The Spanish Explore Texas.

30 people left at Fort St. Louis. Late 1688/Early 1689: Karankawa Indians attack and destroy the fort. All adults were killed; five children were taken captive. French Troubles France’s claim to Louisiana was made possible by La Salle’s exploration of the Mississippi. French Troubles Spain and France Feud Results of French exploration in Texas: –Renewed Spanish interest in the region. –Spanish Missions –Spanish settlement

France Mrs. Young. Colonies France was colonized by the Greeks and the Romans and Germans. Later, they established colonies in Polynesia, the Indian Ocean,

Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 13 Jan 2014. Web. 14 Jan 2014. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FranceFrench Style: Fashion Lessons in Honor of Bastille Day”. HuffPost Style. HuffingtonPost.com, Inc. 14 July 2013. Web. 14 Jan 2014. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/14/french-style- fashion- “Semi-Presidential System”. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 28 Dec 2012. Web. 14/

Battle of Dunkirk May 27 to June 4, 1940 Also known as the Dunkirk Evacuation and Operation Dynamo The Battle of Dunkirk was located just north of France.

to June 4, 1940 Also known as the Dunkirk Evacuation and Operation Dynamo The Battle of Dunkirk was located just north of France in a place called Dunkerque. And across the English Channel. Angie Thurston Mod 7/8 No actual fighting occurred, Dunkirk was / had passed northward, then launched the real invasion south. As a result, the British and French armies were cut off, with the whole German army lying between them and France. The British were left trying to make their way back to the coast as best they /

Par: Mlle Holland 2/14/2011. The French werent always French! Starting as Neanderthals, these original inhabitants were colonized by the Celtic Gauls,

French influence is everywhere!! DimancheLundiMardiMercrediJeudiVendrediSamedi 6/20 Fly to Paris 6/21 Arrive in Paris 6/22 Paris 6/23 Paris 6/24 Paris Train to Montpellier 6/25 Montpellier 6/26 Montpellier 6/27 Fly to SA The 2 cities we will visit are: Paris, Montpellier The dates of our trip are: June 20-27, 2011 We will fly Air France/Mouches (9e), and Notre Dame (Free!) Activities Cost: 20 euros! ($27) Hotel: My Hotel in France – Montmartre - Two star Hotel, close to the Sacre Coeur. - $69 / night. Total /

French Revolution. Strengthening the Crown Cardinal Richelieu- advisor to French monarch –Goal: strengthen the monarchy Louis XIV: inherited throne at.

executive power Austrians and Prussians invade France to restore absolute monarchy –Marie Antionette was sister of Austrian Emperor –Unsuccessful French Revolution Continued unrest= another new Constitution –Declares France a republic –Established the National Convention/domestic reforms –Napoleonic Codes (1804)- implemented some Enlightenment ideas and equality for men Begins to build a French empire in Europe –Conquers Austria, Prussia, Spain, Portugal, and parts of Italy –1804- crowns himself emperor /

Sample Maps and Food Images Maps: China, Japan, Taiwan, India, England, France, Germany, Italy, North America (the other maps:

, Big hot dog, Namen, Sashimi, Miso soup, Cake, French Pudding 珍珠奶茶. 肉包與茶 German breadSushi Hamburger and French FriesBlack teaPort wine Italian noodlesCurryDumplingMoon cakeRice tamaleSaladBeefsteakBeef noodlesBig hot dog NamenSashimiMiso soupCakeFrench Pudding 珍珠奶茶 China Japan  Taiwan  India  England  France  Germany  Italy  North America Meat dumplings and tea / usually with chili, wrapped usually in corn husks, and steamed. Salad Beefsteak Beef noodles Big hot dog Sashimi Namen Miso soup Cake/

The French Revolution May 2015 Background Remember France…  We spoke of French Absolutism  We looked at Kings’ Henry IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV 

were found  Storming the Bastille becomes a symbol for the people of France – represents the years of abuse by the monarchy  Today, July 14 th is seen as French Independence Day The Bastille Summer 1789 The Great Fear Peasants attacked those above/ his family return to Paris, many of them wearing the Tricolor – Blue – White – Red, a symbol of the Revolution. Changes in France:  Catholic Church placed under civil control – Civil Constitution of the Clergy – They clergy became elected & paid by the state. /

ENERGY LAW - FRANCE - November, 28th 2005 French Energy Prepared by: Theresa Jordan Natalia Kalitynska Sabrina Woodward Laetitia Youssouffa.

companies Explicit charge to consumers Explicit charge to consumers ENERGY LAW - FRANCE - November, 28th 2005 Competition Competitors Competitors –CNR –SNET Unbundling Unbundling ENERGY LAW - FRANCE - November, 28th 2005 GDF Privatization Gaz De France French Gas ENERGY LAW - FRANCE - November, 28th 2005 GDF Changed to SA status Changed to SA status IPO in June 2005 IPO in June 2005 Grid operators must offer open access Grid operators must/

History of French language Prepared by : Nour YoussefClass:751.

YoussefClass:751 History of French language History of French Have you ever learned how to speak French ? Do you know any thing about French ? Now we will learn the history of French, Long time ago Thousands of years French derived from Ancient Roman French Alphabet  There are 30 alphabet letters in French language and they are: France location  France is a European Country because it is in Europe and its next to/

The French & Indian War 1754 to 1763. French & British Territories Do you see a possibility for problems between the British and the French?

without much help from Britain. Britain declared war on France in 1756. France won most of the early battles. Later years When William Pitt took over as British Prime Minister, Britain began to win the war. Important People & Events The Albany Plan of Union Ben Franklin’s plan to unite the colonies against the French. His plan was rejected; the colonies did not want/

The Ohio River Valley – Territory west of the Appalachian Mountains that both France and England saw as key to controlling North America  New France

by Native warriors.  Scalping – practiced by Native Americans with the idea of taking a “trophy” of one killed in battle.  How did the French keep Americans out of the Ohio River Valley?  They constructed forts full of soldiers. Why was George Washington sent into/and take Quebec. Once Quebec fell, France would lose the war. What was the French strategy for winning the war?  To weaken the British invasion of Canada by forcing the Colonial troops to go home. The French paid their Native Allies to attack /

Colonial Conflicts Chapter 6. Edict of Nantes Peace and Stability 1608 Quebec & St. Lawrence River Huron (French) vs. Iroquois (British)

Louisbourg – HUGE Victory Battle of QuebecGeneral Wolf#1 France loses Spain Gains Spain Exchange Outcomes of the French Indian 7 Years War 1.Colonial Army – /confidence, experience, & leadership 2.The British Army is human to 3.British arrogance towards colonial soldiers 4.British: How can colonists not support cause?? 5.Colonial disunity – profit, distance, religion, ethnicity, government, disputes & what is in it for me 6.Colonial unity – campfires 7.NO FRANCE/

Current News Review By Elizabeth Edington.  Both articles state a Canadian women- daughter of Toronto police officer- was visiting France for vacation.

vacation.  Left the pub with 4 police officers.  Found running out of the France Police station reporting rape.  Minimum help given Toronto Star  Canadian Women  4 French Police Officers  French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve  Galway Irish Pub employee  Doctor Hamilton Spectator  Canadian Women  4 French Police Officers  French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve  Bernard Petit, director of the Paris police service  Anonymous Source  Both the Toronto/

George Washington Challenges and Solutions. Economic Problems War Debt –Owed to foreign countries Netherlands France Spain –Owed to merchants and citizens.

. 1794) –Image –Won’t let rebels weaken authority of fed. Gov’t. French Revolution 1789 Caused by financial crisis Inspired by American Revolution –French demand Liberty Equality –Overthrow King Louis XVI French Revolution - cont European monarchs in fear France declares war –Britain –Holland –Spain Who, if anyone, should the U.S. support? –French helped us –Just finished war with Britain Washington –Neutral –“Friendly and impartial” –Congress/

Research & Development ICASSP2006 - Analysis of Model Adaptation on Non-Native Speech for Multiple Accent Speech Recognition D. Jouvet & K. Bartkova France.

on subsets of foreign accents  Conclusion Research & Development Multilingual Units for Modeling Pronunciation Variants – ICASSP2006 - Multiple Foreign Accent Speech Corpus  83 French words and expressions collected over telephone Cluster Language groupTest set Originating countries (24 in total) French 94 speakers France, Belgium, Switzerland, … EsEnDe Spanish35 speakers Spain English96 speakers USA, UK, Ireland, … German113 speakers Germany, Austria Other Italian56 speakers Italy Portuguese17 speakers/

Vichy France 1940 – 1944 (Fascism France) By: Carmen Mei.

France 1940 – 1944 (Fascism France) By: Carmen Mei What is “Vichy France”? English name: also known as Vichy Regime or French Regime French name: L’État Français Régime de Vichy French government from 1940 to 1944 during the Nazi occupation of France in World War II The Franco-German armistice divided France into two zones: a)Vichy France b)Occupied France Flags France Vichy France Where did “Vichy” come from? Vichy France/

Authentication of the French Digital Journal officiel IFLA World Library and Information Congress August 2014, Lyon, France Didier FRANÇOIS Deputy Director.

recognized certificates of IGC/A (the root certificate of the French administration) For our website www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr we put in place a redundant distribution architecture on the Internet (4 web servers) Authentication of the French Digital Journal officiel Didier FRANÇOIS, Deputy Director of the DILA, France IFLA Congress, 2014, Lyon, France On a technical front On a functional front Special arrangement/

What influences French cooking? Miss Perez. France Look at the countries that border with France. Why might this be important?

at the countries that border with France. Why might this be important? History Diversity in French Cooking Old France & “Haute Cooking” Changes in the 20th Century Provincial Cuisine & Nouvelle Cuisine Southern France Southwest France Central France Eastern France Western France Decoding a French Menu Le menu/la formule La Carte Une dégustation Decoding a French Menu The typical French menu in order un apéritif un amuse-bouche/amuse-gueule une entrée/

FRANCE in the 18 th Century. LOUIS XIV Modern state: sovereign leader controls administration of justice and power L’etat, c’est moi Divine right (Bishop.

FRANCE in the 18 th Century LOUIS XIV Modern state: sovereign leader controls administration of justice and power L’etat, c’est moi Divine right (Bishop Bossuet) Absolutism intendants Controlled army; war became act of state civil administration (first war ministers) COLBERT Mercantilism Five Great Farms: free trade, reduced internal tariffs Commercial Code: quality French goods French East India Company THE WARS OF LOUIS XIV/

Causes of French Revolution Absolute monarchy Corrupt leadership Unfair land distribution Unfair tax code Rigid Social Class Structure Privileges of The.

what is known as “scorched-earth policy”- they burned everything as they retreated, leaving no food or shelter for the advancing French Army See page 491 Downfall of Napoleon Napoleon defeated in Russia  Russia, Britain, Austria and Prussia form alliance  defeat France at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig Napoleon abdicates (gives up) throne and is exiled to Elba Louis XVIII becomes/

Trouble on the Frontier Chapter 5 Section 1. Competing Empires By the mid 1700’s, France and Britain controlled North American lands. Native Americans.

no longer defend the rest of its North American territory. Montreal (another French city) fell in 1760 1763- Britain and France signed the Treaty of Paris Treaty of Paris France lost almost all North American possessions France ceded French Canada to Great Britain Great Britain gained all French territory east of the Mississippi (except New Orleans) Britain received Spanish Florida New Orleans, along will all land west/

The Invasion of France Source: /2WWfranceI.htm.

Maginot Line.  The ultimate objective was to reach the Channel coast and to force the French government to surrender. The Invasion of France  Hitler approved the Manstein Plan in February, 1940, but it was not activated until May.  the Luftwaffe bombed Dutch and /back 338,226 people back to Britain.  Of these 140,000 were members of the French Army. All heavy equipment was abandoned and left in France.  The French Army tried to hold the line but were outnumbered and the troops were forced to withdraw /

9/17 Focus: 9/17 Focus: – An extreme government changed French society and tried through harsh means to eliminate its critics within France Do Now: Do.

: – Explain why other European monarchs might have been concerned with events in France during the revolution. Many European rulers and nobles feared the revolution would spread to their countries – Threatened military intervention to protect French monarchy Austria and Prussia warned against harming the king French declare war on Austria, Prussia, and Great Britain French constitution created a limited monarchy Legislative Assembly made laws Assembly split/

Chapter 14 Sec. 2: France. France Former settlers- Gauls, Romans, Franks, and Vikings Most speak French and are Roman Catholic France and U.S. have always.

dairy) Issues Government has enormous control over economy Government owns most companies High taxes Immigrant come from: West Africa, French Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) Have ties to former colonies in Africa, South America, and Caribbean Corsica part of France (1768) Physical France Eiffel Tower built in 1887: celebrate 100 years since French Revolution French Rivera: Mediterranean Coast Louve Museum Napoleon’s Tomb: body was moved to Paris

The French and Indian War. Before The War (Mid 1700’s) Power struggles between European countries became worldwide struggles for empires. Britain: 13.

made to colonists for military service and supplies. Louisburg is captured: Most important fort in French Canada. Fort Duquesne is captured & renamed Fort Pitt (will (become Pittsburgh) Fall of New France (1759) 1759: Pitt sends General James Wolf to capture Quebec a.The capital of New France. b.Without Quebec, the French could not supply other forts up the St. Lawrence River. c.Plan: Climb/

American Revolution... How does it impact France?.

.S. after 1778. U.S. Constitution established in 1783. Bill of Rights. Write this down Causes of French Revolution  Absolutism  The Enlightenment  Social Inequality Write this down The French Revolution Unlike the American Revolution, the French Revolution was fought to eliminate social inequality. The social structure of France before 1789 contributed to the Revolution. Write this down The French Revolution The Three Estates (social structure) 1st/

A French Explorer.  Jacques Cartier is from France and before the French King sent him to his dramatic journey his occupation was a sailor and navigator.

his adventures journey on 1534 and came back from his journey on 1542.  Jacques Cartier discovered the new found land on 1534 and named it “ New France”.  In present day Canada  Since Jacques Cartier is from France, the French claimed the land. He also found a water way and named it Saint [ St.] Lawrence. While he was adventuring he came upon two difficulties. First/

Ch. 4 Sec. 2 France Under Louis XIV. France’s troubles 1560’s - 1590’s Religious wars between Catholics and Huguenots (French Protestants) Huguenot inherits.

and Huguenots (French Protestants) Huguenot inherits the throne Henry IV Fought against Catholic opposition (4 years) Converted to Catholicism Issued the Edict of Nantes Granted religious toleration Order Restored Henry IV repairs France, reduces the influence/ instead of being a threat Protected their prestige Exempt from paying taxes Mercantilist policies made France the wealthiest state in Europe France’s royal decline War and extravagance drained the nation’s finances and damages domestic relations /

Causes of the French Revolution By: Kaitlyn Isaac, Lauren Pinkston and Stephanie Wismer.

they couldn’t) their punishments were often severe. These punishments included being tortured and sometimes even killed. Seizing power… The hatred of Frances monarchy grew, the French third class united in purpose against King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Due to Frances bankruptcy people were able to seize the power they wanted to have as they rebelled against their government. more inequality. The government/

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION CRISIS OF THE FRENCH MONARCHY Louis XV 1715-1774 & Louis XVI (1774-1792) DEBT TAXES Peasants shoulder tax burden but have the least.


Budget Cycle in French Research Development and Innovation Policies Nicole Hernandez Madrid, July 2008.

Budget Cycle in French Research Development and Innovation Policies Nicole Hernandez Madrid, July 2008 FRANCE, MESR, NH, July 2008 2 Table of contents French RDI system RDI funding and expenses RDI funding and expenses Evaluation of publicly funded RDI Budget process Budget process Conclusion FRANCE, MESR, NH, July 2008 3 Table of contents French RDI system RDI funding and expenses RDI funding and expenses Evaluation of publicly/

French Dining Jean-Paul, Christophe, Chloé Théo. Dining Order 1.Hors Doeuvres : Or appetizer Theyre usually served first, sometimes with a small cocktail.

, and beetroots. Charcuterie (cold meats) are eaten. Champagne is produce in this region. Eastern France Located next to Germany, Eastern France takes heavy influence from its neighbor and has some of Germanys most commonly known foods. Eastern French people eat: Potatoes, cabbages and beetroots Cold meats Baked sweets Jams Mustard Snails Cheese South France In the South they prefer to eat: duck fish soup olives lots/

Le Tour de France Learning Objectives: Know about a world-famous French sporting event: Le Tour de France Know the details for this years race so that.

years race so that you can follow it in the media Find out about towns and places visited by the race Know some key French words connected with the world of cycling Le Tour de France Video Clips pour lambiance! Le Tour de France parcours - map (flash interactive map of the route and towns) Tour de France video 1 - 3D view of the route Le/

FRENCH OFFICES IN THE LEVANT POSTAL RATES 1.5.1837 – 31.7.1849 Robert ABENSUR Collectors Club of New York September 2014.

g WEIGHT SCALE from 1.8.1849 per 7.5 g For packet rate + French, Sardinian and Greek internal tariffs FRANCE Prepayment optional Unpaid and prepaid letters: same rate French Offices in the Levant to: Entry mark to France or in transit through France Marseilles Paris Marseilles packet rate without internal rate France packet rate + French internal rates from Marseilles Corsica /Algeria packet rate + one décime kmdécimeskmd/

France. Geography Location Located in Western Europe Borders the Bay of Biscay and English Channel Between Belgium and Spain, southeast of the United.

, Niaux Cave and Les Trois Frères. Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet are among the most famous painters from France. They were part of the impressionist art movement in Europe Important Facts about Culture The French national flag was made during the French Revolution. It is a tricolor flag with vertical bands of blue, white, and red. The flag was made famous by/

The French Revolution (1789 – 1815)

planned to make his new home. Napoleon’s Bio His Military Success and Rise Rank – He achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the French Army at age 22 in 1791. Battle of Toulon (1793) – French rebels, the English, and Spanish prepared for an invasion of France in an effort to remove the C.O.P.S. Napoleon’s Part – He led the charge of the/

The French Search for Security: An Elusive Goal between WWI & II

$33 billion Germany was supposed to pay (final payment made in 2010!!!!) Meant to cripple Germany for the foreseeable future Occupation of the Ruhr Main center of German industry Move intended to allow France to dominate the Germany economy and…. Keep it weak by enforcing payments Germany, England, France Locarno, Switzerland - 1925 Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy agree to existing boundaries between Germany and/

French quiz.

Golf Handball 9. Where was the first McDonalds built in France? Paris Marseille Strasbourg Nice 10. Who makes the perfume ‘J’adore’? Chanel Dior Lancôme LOréal 11. ‘La Loire, La Seine and la Garonne’ are all French….. mountains rivers lakes monuments 12. What is “Mont Blanc’? A famous French yoghurt France’s highest mountain France’s longest river A village where all the houses/

French quiz.

Handball 9. Where was the first McDonalds built in France? Paris Marseille Strasbourg Nice 10. Who makes the perfume ‘J’adore’? Chanel Dior Lancôme LOréal 11 11. ‘La Loire, La Seine and la Garonne’ are all French….. mountains rivers lakes monuments 12. What is “Mont Blanc’? A famous French yoghurt France’s highest mountain France’s longest river A village where all the houses/

The French and Indian War Britain’s Victory in the French and Indian War Forced France to give up its North American Colonies.

their colony by building forts along all major rivers  The French population in North America was 80,000 compared to the English population in the Millions  Jesuits and fur traders worked with Native Americans to survive in the Colonies Arms Race  England and France begin to compete for furs, and alliances in the colonies  France Allied with the Huron and Algonquin tribes while the British Allied with/

Shape of the Day French Revolution Video Social hierarchy of France Vocabulary.

Shape of the Day French Revolution Video Social hierarchy of France Vocabulary Land in France Land belonged to wealthy families and Catholic church FARMING Dairy, corn, sugar beats, wheat, rye, oats, buckwheat, wine French Revolution Bloody Revolution! Overthrow the monarch! Establish rights for ordinary citizens What sparked the French Revolution? Class separation Feudal system: privileged nobles and illiterate serfs Restrictions on business class “Bourgeoise” Large debt and/

HIST2086 Bismarck: The Iron Chancellor War with France 1870-1 Lecture 13 26 October 2010.

(1) Grand-duchy of Luxemburg: Person union with Holland + Prussian garrison s. 1839 Napoleon III’s wish to acquire Luxemburg as price for his mediation in 1866 → Strong need to raise his own prestige in France Strong anti-French German public mood Bismarck’s fear of uncontrolled German ‘peoples’ war’ → Conference at London … Luxemburg Crisis (2) Conference at London, 1867: Luxemburg declared neutral + 5/

Tu connaîs la Chanson? - French Songs

are ringing Ding Ding Dong, Ding Ding Dong. The song is popularly believed to be French in origin, and even in the English-speaking world, it is frequently sung in French (though typically with a somewhat anglicised pronunciation). Music and lyrics to Frère Jacques Frè/ bonheur qui prend sa place 幸福於是降臨 Des ennuis, des chagrins seffacent 沒有煩惱,沒有焦慮 Heureux, heureux a en mourir 極樂,極樂至死 If you have heard Franc Sinatra’s MyWay And now, the end is near; And so I face the final curtain. My friend, Ill say it clear/

American Soldiers English Soldiers. War France The French and Indian War 1689 - 1763 England England and France Compete for North America.

of New England, Acadia, & Ohio River Valley ii.Europe - War of Jenkins’ Ear (vs. Spain)/ War of the Austrian Succession (v. France) iii.Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748 – temporary peace d.French & Indian War (1756 - 1763) i.A contest between France and Britain for possession of North America. ii.Europe - Seven Years’ War iii.Britain, Prussia, and Hanover fought against an alliance/

France and the Habsburg Empire. France foreign policy problems  1860- lost to Italy  1861-1867- supported Austria who lost to Mexico  1870- lost Franco-Prussian.

.  Emile Zola- “J’accuse” Dreyfus Affair repercussions  Violent anti-semitism was embraced by many French.  Radicals, republicans, and socialists formed an informal alliance.  Political, racial, religious divisions continued into the 1940’s. Problems in the Habsburg Empire  Hungary  Croats and Slovaks felt ostracized by society.  No foreign support  France and Italy military failures Francis Joseph  Became dual monarch of Austria- Hungary October Diploma/

Regions of France Poster project objective: to create a poster of a region of France to use as a visual aid in teaching others about this region. required.

info: 1.Region name (French and English) 2.Map of France, highlighting your region 3.List of names of the “départements” in your region 4.Geography of the region 5. 2 Famous monuments, world heritage sites, or castles in the region (include labeled photos) 6. 3 principle cities in your region or beautiful villages (include labeled photos) France Voyage http://www.france-pub.com/list_regions.html/

Quiz. 1. What is the capital of France? a.Lyon b.Paris c.Marseille.

b)The President’s birthday c)The start of the Tour de France 17. Which animal is found in French forests? a.Panther b.Bear c.Monkey 18. Which of these words used in English comes from French? a.Fiasco b.Paella c.Rendezvous 19. Which Disney film was set in France? a.Cinderella b.The Little Mermaid c.Ratatouille 20. What is ‘La Joconde’? a.A/

The Ancien Regime of Pre- Revolution France Libertyville HS.

HS The Ancien Regime The aristocratic social / political system est. in France from 1500 to late 1700s Characteristics –Divine right of kings –Aristocratic privilege Born to status (not /of income) to First, Second estates & State Work!!! (Farms, factories) Serve the First, Second Estates and the State –Benefits: ??? Factors contributing to French Revolution Economic factors –Massive military spending Wars of Religion, 1562-1598 30 Years War, 1618-1648 Wars of Louis XIV, 1667-1697 War of Spanish Succession/

Thumbs Up=True Thumbs Down=False Pre-Assessment French Revolution & Napoleon.

Thumbs Up=True Thumbs Down=False Pre-Assessment French Revolution & Napoleon The French Revolution Begins 1) The Estates-General was made up of representatives from each Estate. 2) The National Assembly voted to rename/Execution of a King 1) King Louis XVI was convicted of treason and was beheaded. 2) The National Convention wanted France to be led by a king. 3) France’s army was the largest in European history. 4) The Reign of Terror happened during the American Revolution. 5) About 3,000 people were killed/

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