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Selling and Teaching Foresight Development Tips and Tools for Foresight Educators World Future Society July 2008  Washington, DC John Smart, President,

self-accountability, community) declining in the U.S.? Why? Is this a problem, or is this OK as long as our “machines” pick up the slack? Are they? 8.How can we, or do we want to, restore the American educational “Social Contract” of the mid-20th century, which tried to give all citizens an affordable and challenging education/ contractors) employs 13% of U.S. society from formal and informal taxes. – 10 trillion ann. goods and/ Devo Theory in Politics: Innovation vs. Sustainability (Both are Fundamental!) /

Twice/Multi-Exceptional Students Teacher Update WKU, Bowling Green August 28, 2010 Leah M. Ellis Gifted & Talented Educational Consultant

recommendations: Teachers, parents, peers, self, psychologists, community members Student Inventory to include interests, strengths, learning styles, values, etc. Awards & Achievements Behavioral Checklists of specific characteristics of GT students with disabilities 3 Main Categories (Baum, 1990) Formally identified GT, but not identified as having a disability (Giftedness masks the disability) - Goes unnoticed for possible special education. - May be considered an underachiever, lazy, or unmotivated/

Labeling ???? Labels help us to know a child’s educational needs, but too often labels become a substitute for getting to know the individual child’s strengths,

Nurture view of intelligence: emphasizes the influence of the environment. Nature vs. Nurture I. Q. Correlations* ► Foster parent-child.20 ►/ ideas to new situations Functional limitations: Poor communication Poor self care Poor/immature social skills Underdeveloped motor skills Levels by/ students to move from high school into further education or training, employment, or community involvement. More/ Their expertise, high level of vocabulary, and formal speech patterns make them seem like little professors./

M. C. Escher “Night and Day” Education as a Complex Adaptive System: Contingencies and Continuity in Educational History John R. Shoup, Ph.D. And Susan.

your defining values that provide the equilibrium to the system Recursive patterns – 80/20 rule, anticipate/forecast vs. react. Self-Organized Criticality Bak (1996) illustrates self-organized criticality through the metaphor of a sand pile. Artwork by Elaine Wiesenfeld (from Bak, 1996, p/, was born out of this above-mentioned parental negligence. It was at this point in our nations educational history that formal schooling as we know it became more desirable. –The Law of 1647 required that towns of fifty /

Assessing Professional and Personal Development in Contemporary Graduate Education Graham D. Rowles, Monica M. Underwood, John F. Watkins and Heidi H.

principles within formal student assessment processesGraduate programs are codifying these principles within formal student assessment processes Our Sector of Education is /Health CareSocial and Community Contexts of Health Care Self-Care, Self-Awareness, & Personal GrowthSelf-Care, Self-Awareness, & Personal Growth Moral Reasoning and / “our stories” vs Traditional medicine - “just the facts” –Locus of control: Curriculum-Driven vs Learner-Defined Content –Purpose: accountability vs wonder Course Level /

New Work, New Education: The Twain Must Meet Tom Peters 07.11.01.

A Different Kind of Teacher, John Taylor Gatto “We underrate our brains and our intelligence. Formal education has become such a complicated, self-conscious, and over-regulated activity that learning is widely regarded as something difficult that the brain /get to know kids as individuals. Scientific discovery processes and the teaching of science are utterly at odds. [Exploration vs. spoon-feeding.] “Reform”3M: Losing The War Against Bismarck all Over Again! Education3M Our toughest “learning achievement”—/

Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Exploring Lifespan Development Chapter 1 History, Theory, and Research Strategies This multimedia.

© 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Piaget’s Stages Sensorimotor Sensorimotor Preoperational Preoperational Concrete operational Concrete operational Formal operational Formal operational Sports & Recreation Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights/behavior all participants have equal chance to display behavior Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Self-Reports Clinical Interview flexible, conversational style flexible, conversational style probes for /

Sociology of Education Achievement or Ascription?.

of poverty). Mobility 1.A national mobility study done in 1973 showed that having a low SES predicts 8.1 years of education whereas a high SES predicts 16.1 years. 2.More education =higher income, higher status.. Functionalists vs. Marxists on Education 1. Functionalist aspire to the culture of poverty argument. Oscar Lewis, John Porter, Davis and Moore, Talcot Parsons….`Blame the victims/

Introduction to School-based English Language Curriculum and Gifted Education C. & M.A. Chui Chak Lam Memorial School.

materials are needed School-based English Curriculum C. & M.A. Chui Chak Lam Memorial School School-based English Curriculum Formal Curriculum:  Reading  Writing  Listening  Speaking Informal Curriculum:  Internal regular activities  External learning explorations Strategies:  Collaborative learning  Gifted education  Assessment for learning  Extensive learning and self- learning  E-learning  Professional development C. & M.A. Chui Chak Lam Memorial School Reading School-based English Curriculum/

Masterclass in Clinical Education An innovative teaching / learning / teamwork tool for faculty, resident and student development Natascha Lautenschläger,

. Med Teach 2007 Benefits of Peer XXX Teacher development (current and future) Enhanced learning Improved cognitive skills Self confidence, self reflection Promotive interaction Both teacher and Learner practice Immediate feedback Teaching “should be monitored and maintained by those /Student Life Revisited 3.Continuum of past education and current. 4.Balance between apprenticing and formal teaching Clinical skills not taught as well as expected Depends on years: 1-2 vs 3-4 5.Evaluation that assess progress /

Examining Learner-Content Interaction Importance and Efficacy in Online, Self- Directed Electronic Professional Development in Science for Elementary Educators.

science spending as little as 1.5 hrs/wk Ma (1999)Comparison of US vs. China methods and classrooms Elementary math teachers less formal schooling then US, but deeper knowledge of content and PCK, team lesson analysis / upon students existing knowledge and prior experiences through social discourse Elicit existing attitudes, experiences, and self-efficacy towards science education and understandings regarding the nature of science Professional Development should address the following 105 Pedagogical Content /

Last Week… The Question was: “Who does what”

vs organic designs and structural contingency factors 1-1 1 This Week’s Objectives Look at actual organizational structures (traditional vs contemporary/© 2009 Pearson Education Canada 5 Contemporary Organizational Designs Team Structures The entire organization is made up of work groups or self-managed teams of/Langton, Management, Ninth Canadian Edition Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education Canada Organizational Communication Formal Communication Communication that follows the official chain of command or/

Faculty Development Workshop Adult Learning PCC Community Education Center.

formal settings Equips individuals with skills and competencies for completing their "self- education" beyond learning in a formal setting Acknowledges the contribution of all available educational influences, including formal and informal. PCC Community Education Center Faculty Development Workshop Adult Learners Educational/studentsand construction of knowledge PCC Community Education Center Faculty Development Workshop Adult Learners Teaching vs. Learning Teaching CultureLearning Culture AtomisticHolistic/

Unit 8 Five Traits of the Educated Man. Preview Warm-up Word Study Detailed Study of Text I Practices & Homework.

education? And what role does education play in your personal growth? Home upbringing + formal schooling Home upbringing + formal schooling 2. What criteria do you use to judge whether a man is well-educated/ ” “ 有组织,无纪律 ” 。《天下无贼》 * Academic discipline 学术历练 * Self-disciplined * Well-disciplined Words and Phrases in Use Slovenliness /vs. character Persist vs. insist Discipline vs. training Vulgar vs. low Superficial vs. shallow Induce vs. persuade Visionary vs. whimsical Zealous vs. enthusiastic Competent vs/

Running a Server? How Does It Score on the Server Administration Self-Assessment Scorecard? IT Security: A Call to Action for the Education Community 3:20-4:30,

Score on the Server Administration Self-Assessment Scorecard? IT Security: A Call to Action for the Education Community 3:20-4:30,/harder or easier to scale. Contrast two architectures: -- monolithic multiprocessor system ("traditional big iron") vs. -- a stack of building block servers behind a load balancer Which is more expensive? /It is important to realize that the server self-assessment scorecard is not meant to be a replacement for a formal and thorough professional risk analysis. This brief scorecard/

Chapter 2 Substantive Equality pp. 113-239 Formal equality useful only to the extent that women and men are similarly situated. What about when they are.

to be more lenient on gender than race? – Public opinion: should it matter? – Strategy: Promote “Diversity” vs. “preferences” Notwithstanding Title VII, formal equality …. Work force still remains sex-segregated. – Women are 90% of nurses, secretaries, administrative assistants, child-care/his own illness Oral arguments re impact of self-care would give employer incentive to discriminate against women. C. Recognizing Sex-Linked Average Differences 1.Education a.Sex-Segregated Schools Women started entering /

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Depression Jess P. Shatkin, MD, MPH Vice Chair for Education NYU Child Study Center New York University School.

formalized only after resolution of the Oedipal Conflict, which occurred by late adolescence Psychoanalysis held that the superego was formalized/Self-Control: deficits in self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and self-reinforcement Self-Control: deficits in self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and self/ diagnoses and symptoms; diagnoses dropped by 11% vs. an 8% increase in diagnoses among those /or medication or both Psycho-education of patient, family, and teachers is critical Psycho-education of patient, family, /

PROGRAM ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP COURSE OUTLINE Session 1. INTRODUCTION OF ALL IN MBA CLASS !!! Self Entrepreneurship story !!! Nature and development of Entrepreneurship.

father slightly dependent Middle Class background Highly educated Hierarchy as basic relationship OWNER VS PROFESSIONAL MANAGER SESSION 3 OWNER MANAGER SOURCE/skills applied on an impersonal basis event shaping decision making,formal relationship, difference between planning and doing,technical qualifications only /person with technical competence, initiative, good judgment intelligence leadership qualities, self confidence,energy,attitude,creativeness,fairness, honesty, tactfulness and emotional stability /

The Basics Convergence Divergence Communication Ecology Person or Group Perception Culture Emerges from self-organization Stimuli categories dimensions.

our bodies experience different spatial situations? If we enter a formal Japanese restaurant, with flat tables, rice-paper walls, /Management & Development Community & International Mediation Foreign Study & Multicultural Education Intercultural Models & Skills To be effective in intercultural intervention we / in solving problems in a rapidly changing global ecology through self-organization & swarm intelligence – Enhancing “ exploration” vs “ exploitation” on “ solution landscapes” The “knowledge paradox/

Higher Education and Training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2020 Khaled Saleh Al-Sultan Rector, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Vision.

by workplace Provided by formal Universities or colleges (GOTVT, RCJY, Ministry of Health, etc.) Other Formal Institutions Institute of Public /Self-reflection Group Leadership Handling disagreements Conceptualization skills Lecturing vs. Problem-Based Learning Curriculum Reform Classrooms Beyond Classrooms Beyond Campus Cyber- Space Key-Learning Areas (KLAs) Broadened learning experiences From Classrooms … to Cyberspaces … Campus or Education Business? “The biggest danger is that higher education/

FACULTY OF EDUCATION & SOCIAL WORK Foundations of social research Introduction to theories of knowledge and foundations of social research 8 August 2013.

Thesis aims Rural school Etc Rural area Statistics vs. data mining StatisticsData mining Data samples* Purposeful/formal logic -Inductive – from observation to generalisation 3.Research – empirical science -Systematic, controlled, inductive-deductive -Theoretical -Empirical -Public, critical, self-reflective and self/Eds.). (2010). Methodological choice and design: scholarship, policy and practice in social and educational research. Dordrecht: Springer. ›Neuman, W. L. (2006). Social research methods: /

Parenting Coordinators and Parent Educators for Divorce Steve Nisenbaum, Ph.D.,J.D. Crown Point Office Center 76 Summer Street, Suite 35 Fitchburg, MA.

friendly simplicity, convenience, and understanding of process Voluntariness and self-determination Parental engagement and control of outcome Degree of formality Procedural and evidentiary aspects Confidentiality and degree of public /Education Programs 44 States now have some forms of Parent Education programs Regional or Statewide, Voluntary, recommended, or mandated Statutory or by Court rule General vs. specialized curriculum (e.g., domestic violence, substance abuse, language/culture) General vs/

3/2003 Rev 1 IV.3.1 – slide 1 of 65 Session IV.3.1 IAEA Post Graduate Educational Course Radiation Protection and Safe Use of Radiation Sources Part IVPrinciples.

interfaces, supported by the definition and documentation of duties  the formal responsibility for plant safety lies with the operating organizations and the/ 65 StateJurisdiction FederalJurisdiction CurrentlyFederal but Actively Seeking State Jurisdiction Federal vs State Jurisdiction over Radioactive Materials 3/2003 Rev 1 IV/ and competence, conferred by training and instruction of personnel and by their self- education.  Commitment, requiring demonstration at senior management level of the high priority/

1 A Review on Teaching and Learning Activities and Quality Assurance Isabella Wai-Yin Poon Department of Statistics Associate Dean (Education), Faculty.

learning process  Academic honesty  Internationalization  Academic advising  Promoting science education 6 …An Overview Science Major items in Science Faculty’s Strategic Meeting /Learning  Programme reviews Programme self-evaluation every year Six-year cycle formal Programme Review  Reporting cycle Year 1: Programme self-evaluation Year 3: full /person development rather than mere preparation for a particular profession Experience vs innovative  Previous 4-year curriculum experience provides only a /

Cyberbullying: Parents & Educators View. 2 Conducted by Cross-Tab Marketing Services Conducted online between September 21st and October 4 th, 2010 505.

vs. 7%). 36% of parents don’t know if their child’s school has a formal policy. Among parents of kids who attend schools that do not have a formal policy, 49% believe this reason is because cyberbullying is “not a significant problem” or “not a high priority.” Just over half of educators/State or Local Advocacy or Prevention Group 6% Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 5% Self taught4% Other4% 26 Educators consider training very useful Reasons training hasn’t been available School authorities did not offer/

8 Chapter Foundations of Individual Behavior Copyright ©2011 Pearson Education.

own fate. (internal vs. external) Machiavellianism (“Mach”) – A measure of the degree to which people are pragmatic, maintain emotional distance, and believe that ends justify means – High Machs are manipulative, win more often, and persuade more than they are persuaded. E.g.: salespersons that should have bargaining skills Copyright ©2011 Pearson Education 8-28 Personality and Work Behavior (cont.) Self-Esteem (SE) – An/

Consumer Behavior. Customer vs. Consumer Behavior Customer behavior:Customer behavior: a broad term that covers both individual consumers who buy goods.

Vs. domestic Buyer Behavior Customer Satisfaction Vs./ can be related to occupation, education, & community participation where a/Formal----------------- Informal 12.Orthodox----------------- Liberal 13.Complex----------------- Simple 14.Colorless----------------- Colorful 15.Modest----------------- Vain Measurement Scales for Self-Concepts, Person Concepts, and Product Concepts The Relationship between Self-Concept and Brand Image Influence Product Brand Image Consumer Self-concept Relationshi p Between self/

Part Five: Process Management Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 10-1.

to become more of a training and coaching/development role vs. a super salesman” Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 10-16 A New/have a strong emotional component. They have to have high levels of self- awareness, maturity and self-control. … emotional intelligence is important in the making of a / Person who acts as a teacher or trustworthy advisor  Formal or informal relationship Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 10-23 Organizing and /

© 2013 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Chapter 8 ADOLESCENCE.

How does performance on this task test formal operations? © 2013 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. What determines/Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Emotional and Self-Development Adolescent self—conceptions become complex Composed of:  Actual self—true self conception  Possible self—what you could become -Ideal self—would like to be -Feared self—would like to avoid becoming  False self—what is shown to others LO 8.14 Changes in Self-Concept and Self-Esteem © 2013 by Pearson Education/

Competences, Capabilities & Capitals: their relationship to graduate employability Michael Tomlinson University of Southampton Southampton Education School.

, 2013; ONS, 2012) Labour market barriers…formal and perceptual –Role of ‘subjective’ factors (i.e. self-perceived employability, career orientations) Distinction between employment and ‘employability’ Challenges for higher education HE as driver for economic growth (within a/ enhanced Emphasis also on agency, not just structure –Family and socio-economic background vs. affordances of higher education experience Graduates’ relationship to job market is subjectively mediated –Impacts on level of engagement/

What Color Is Your Worldview? Understanding Your Self and Others Dr. Rodney H. Clarken Northern Michigan University Presented at the Upper Peninsula Reading.

Myth, Truth Force, we Mythological and concrete operational thinking, industry vs. inferiority, conventional approval of others and law and order morality, /28 Systemic-Integrative, Respect Self, Meld, Flex Flow, me Post formal operational thinking, universal ethical morality, autonomous integrated self, world centric Differences integrated/ Rodney H. Clarken Director of Field Experiences and Professor, School of Education, Northern Michigan University, 1401 Presque Isle Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855/

Enhancing Cultural Learning for Global and Local Engagement May 2012

self-awareness of own culture, assumptions, stereotypes, biases Source: Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Cultural Competence Education for Medical Students https://www.aamc.org/download/54338/data/culturalcomped.pdf II. Cultural Competency Across different professional perspectives Medical Education and Practice TACCT Content Domains (continued) Domain II: Key Aspects of Cultural Competence A. Epidemiology of population health B. Patient/family-centered vs/precedes any formal conversations.  /

Philips vs. Matsushita Assignment

education, housing, improvement of workers conditions locally. Expensive local labor Matsushita Geographic location: immersed in Asian market Skilled, relatively low cost resources Porter’s Diamond for Philips vs/ is the National Organizations. These postwar organizations were highly self-sufficient and extremely adept at responding to country-specific market/from the National Organizations, the National Organizations often undercut the formal role of research and development that was the responsibility of /

Preparing for the Administrative Review

documentation of regularly scheduled activities, including educational or enrichment activities (e.g., mentoring or tutoring programs) Point of service counts Menu and production record documentation Snack program on site self review documentation found on the Child Nutrition/$150,000; however, the SFAs purchasing threshold determines what form the procurement process must take, i.e. formal vs. informal procurements. Competition must be free and open to allow an and all vendors to participate in the /

How do nurses engage in online learning? shalni gulati city university (department of continuing education)

Output Complete the required tasks including: Essays Projects Participation in online discussions Popular Online Pedagogy in Formal Higher Education This linear learning sequence assumes the same input-output model for knowledge construction. It assumes /-way communication Trust and Confidence in others Confidence in topic Time delayed communication: flexibility vs. feeling lost Similarities & Differences Self direction in learning Preference to initiate and direct one’s social and individual learning Helps/

Assessment Chapter 16.

symbol) Interpreting Assessment Data Ask CPS questions 8-9 to test student comprehension Formal vs. Informal Assessment When assessment is performed in an informal manner, the student /an excellent supplement to the FITNESSGRAM A comprehensive health-related fitness education program Includes program materials and an instructional videotape on test / K-college age to maintain a drug-free lifestyle fostering self-respect and self-esteem through physical fitness Assessing Physical Fitness YFP test battery/

Recognition of Non-Formal and Informal Learning in some OECD Countries: Theory and Evidence Recognition of Non-Formal and Informal Learning in some OECD.

Self Learning. Literacy Level and Educational Attainment Patrick Werquin, REACTION Conference on APEL, Ghent, 13 September 2007 Among AdultsLow LiteracyHigh Literacy Low educational attainment High educational / => Recognition (social)* -Social recognition not specific to RNFIL, same in the formal learning system: it’s about recognition of a qualification -And the issue is /A lot of countries have one -Standards for validating -Education vs. Labour market -Ownerships of the standards -Occupations standards /

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم JOHALI_MoHE2nd2015 CHS385

, share the same norms, etc.) which is built and maintained by wealthier people. Formal education is also the kind of education that "counts the most," but it also costs the most and has the most prerequisites/self-directed Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences Adults are goal oriented Adults are relevancy oriented Adults are practical Adult learners like to be respected Johali 1995 Plus Research Gate - LinkedIn Results http://tomwhitby.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/pedagogy-vs/

14 Chemical Kinetics.

line; y = ln[A] and b = ln[A]0; and a plot of ln[A] vs. t for a first-order reaction gives a straight line with a slope of –k and an /nucleus; when these neutrons collide with and induce fission in other neighboring nuclei, a self-sustaining series of nuclear fission reactions known as a nuclear chain reaction can result Each/form compounds in positive oxidation states (+1, +3, +5, and +7), derived by the formal loss of ns and np electrons Reactions and Compounds of the Halogens • Fluorine is the most /

Organization and Administration

the public served. Defining Organizations Four different types of formal organizations have been identified by asking “Who benefits?” mutual/Table 3-6. © 1981. Reproduced by permission of Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Primary Leadership Theories/ as well as heads; establishing connected relationships; self-discipline Characteristics and Skills of America’s Best /are unique as well. Dragnet vs CSI; Starsky and Hutch vs 24; & Three’s Company vs The Simpsons An entire generation grew/

#PGES4Me July 21, 2014 The official launch of the

growth and achievement, and professional growth needs identified through self-assessment and reflection. Self-reflection improves principal practice through ongoing, careful consideration of the impact of leadership practice on student growth and achievement. Kentucky Department of Education Professional Growth and Effectiveness System Site-Visits Completed by supervisor of principal at least twice each year Formal site visits are not required for assistant principals Site/


wgbh/evolution/educators/teachstuds/svideos.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdddbYILel0 Amazing artifice Multimedia Explaining some of the basics of the scientific theory of evolution Oct 11, 2012 NOW Lets Test Them: Evolution vs. Creationism/ attainable. Behavioral contracting: Agreeing to a formal process that specifies goals and rewards so that individuals and groups will receive feedback, guidance, and praise for progress. Self-monitoring: Feedback from self-monitoring, such as keeping a journal, can/

Keeping Formal Education Relevant EDCI 570 Group Presentation.

Formal education slow to the socio- economic changes Historical & Educational Context Future: Redefining Education - Lifelong Learning ●Social and Economic Goals ●Changes in society → changes in education Changing the role of the teacher ●Student - centered learning ●Teacher’s role becoming more multifaceted ●Formal education vs. informal education in the classroom Historical & Educational Context American Education/ (higher education/LMS’s) Time-to- Adoption:Two to Three Years ●Quantified Self (fitbits,/

Developed & Presented by Edward J. Caropreso, PhD Watson School of Education University of North Carolina Wilmington 910.962.7830 Director.

on most/all to reach the general goal (from Airasian, 2001) Educational Goals  UT Examples of Goals vs Objectives UT  More Examples of Goals vs Objectives More  Airasian’s 3-Level Model Airasian’s 3-Level Model/ on final evaluation of student  Observation Strategies  Using explicit formal tools  Informal observations  Questioning Strategies Questioning Strategies  Taba Tables Taba Tables  Self & Peer Assessment Strategies Self & Peer Assessment Strategies  Alternative assessments  Used to provide /

PIA 2501 HRD: Training and Education for Development.

Self-actualization Ego- highest level Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow The Full Hierarchy HRD Focus: Training vs. Education Education: Pre-Service  Basic Education  Higher Education Training: In-Service Higher Education: The Great Faith Leap Training vs. Education Pedagogy- Childhood Learning Andragogy- Adult Centered Learning as Training Knowledge vs/or Dependence Expatriate mentality and tendency to outside of the formal chain of command Human Resource Development Background Issues Negative /

Juvenile Law Security Services. Copyright © Texas Education Agency, 2011. All rights reserved. Images and other multimedia content used with permission.

court 10 Copyright © Texas Education Agency, 2011. All rights reserved. Images and other multimedia content used with permission. Juvenile vs. Adult Cases (continued) Trial Differences (continued) – At a formal juvenile hearing, witnesses are heard/© Texas Education Agency, 2011. All rights reserved. Images and other multimedia content used with permission. Juvenile vs. Adult Cases (continued) Juvenile Specific Rights – Due-process rights such as the right to trial – Right against self-incrimination –/

Skills Challenges Experienced by Students in the use of Educational Technology / e-learning Some Perspectives on Skills Requirements, Needs Analysis and.

available are viewers for document formats? Free formats (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) vs. commercial formats (such as Microsoft). Advanced document upload - display preferences, /learning styles and "Social Constructivism" emphasising the importance of social encounters. Self-regulated study, distance learning, incidental use of e- learning or other/ formal prerequisites within official bodies (Objectives 1 and 2) and a selected Higher Education provider (Objective 3). To assist in categorising educational technology/

Psychological Theory and Educational Reform: a Finnish perspective using PISA and L2L results, with some Russia/Fin comparisons using PISA data Jarkko.

5307) = 15,7 11,6 % If rounded, in Russia the regional differences are 4 times larger (3 vs 12) than in Finland StratumLevel Adygeya-,288 Bashkortostan-,138 Dagestan-,455 Karelia,174 Komi,169 Marij El-,357 Sakha (/% of the max points Deductive reasoning Varia=vocational education, 6th form 2001, 2004, 2006 (long. data, ‘backward’ grouping Formal operational reasoning Varia=vocational education, 6th form 2001, 2004, 2006 (long. data, ‘backward’ grouping Thinking self-concept Gender (girls, boys) 2001, 2004, /


results in the formal education system students manifest considerably higher competence level quality of work is considerably higher as opposed to the conventional training the VS share of 30% in the interactive training education has demonstrated remarkable results/ the foundation is in the following elements: capability and disposition; skills and knowledge; control and self- control; motivation; mental training; environment influence and relaxation (resting). SMH Conclusions 1. Research on a relevant/

Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Longman.

Declaration Of Independence Translation We Hold These Truths to Be Self- Evident… Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Longman The Origins of the / to the rights of the people Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Longman Federalist vs. Anti Federalist Arguments Readings – We The People, The Citizen/7 To Learning Objectives Copyright © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Longman Changing the Constitution The Formal Amending Process (cont.) Ratification – An amendment/

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