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Repositioning Family Planning in West Africa Repositionnement de la Planification Familiale en Afrique de l’Ouest Sponsored by: U.S. Agency for International.

, FP into HIV/AIDS programs; Finally Governments should strive to align their programs with their MDG plans and ensure that by 2015 all primary health-care and family planning facilities are able to provide, directly or through referral, the widest achievable range of: Safe and effective family planning and contraceptive methods; Essential obstetric care; Prevention and management of reproductive tract infections, including sexually transmitted diseases and/

CDP Coding and Billing Family Planning Program January 25, 2012.

Condom 13 Foam/Spermicide/Gel 24 Pregnant or seeking pregnancy 10 Withdrawal 05 Female sterilization Primary Method Patient is Using Added Abstinence Rely on female method Vasectomy Sterile, Non Surgical Pregnancy Test & ECP Visits It is recommended to enter a V25 code to cover family planning counseling or method provided Assure level of visit is equal to amount of service provided as required in PHPR/

Family Planning to Reduce Fertility Rates. Family Planning / Birth Control Family Planning is about choice It is tied closely to: –Infant mortality –Maternal.

Two opposing principles from the outset: –Achieve “optimal” population size –Choose methods of family planning according to “cultural values” Shift away from national administration/oversight to a regional one Barriers to Family Planning in the Philippines Marriage –Pre-marriage counseling for family planning required for marriage license Many locals delegated authority to Parish priests Barriers to Family Planning in the Philippines Health care –Few MDs write prescriptions; law stipulates/

Family Planning In Jordan. Background  An estimated 222 million women in developing countries would like to delay or stop childbearing but not using.

a government hospital.  More than half of women who use a modern method obtain the method from a private sector source, mainly pharmacies (15%), the Jordan Association of Family Planning and Protection (JAFPP) (11%), UNRWA clinics (10%), or private doctors (7%). Supply Pattern in Jordan  The source of family planning methods varies according to the method being used. For example, two fifths (39%) of condom users and 35/

Teaching Palliative Care to Family Medicine Residents: A narrative and developmental approach Lucille Marchand MD, BSN, FAAHPM Medical Director of University.

dying – sensitive delivery of bad news – listening, and being present – encouraging questions – articulating choices with discussion of risk, benefit, burden Family conferences are key in palliative care for assessment, and developing an effective plan of care SPIKES method for breaking bad news and family conferences  Setting- Appropriate and without interruption, have plenty of seating, involve patient if possible.  Perception- What do you know/understand/

Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey 2011 Family Planning and Fertility Preferences.

next birth OR to limit childbearing altogether BUT are not using contraception 25% of currently married women have an unmet need for family planning 16% for spacing 9% for limiting Knowledge and use Source of methods Fertility preferences and need for family planning Future use Photo courtesy of Pav Govindasamy Future Use of Contraception Percent distribution of currently married women age 15-49 who are/

FAMILY PLANNING-1 1. FAMILY PLANNING WHO defines family planning as : “A way of thinking and living that is adopted voluntarily upon the basis of knowledge,

community. It refers to “the percentage of eligible couples effectively protected against child birth by one or other approved methods of family planning, viz. sterilization, IUD, condom or oral pills”. 9 CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS “Preventive methods to help women avoid unwanted pregnancies”. They include all “temporary” and “permanent” methods. There can never be an ideal contraceptive – that is safe, effective, acceptable, inexpensive, reversible, simple to administer, and/

Family PACT Program Report FY09-10: Overview of Contraceptive Services and Practical Applications for Practice Improvement February 8, 2012 Family PACT.

2 – Very effective if used perfectly, user dependent Injections, OCs, Patch, Ring Tier 3 – Less effective, user dependent, subject to higher failure rates Barriers, EC 12 Provision of Family Planning Methods by Tier: Female Family PACT Clients Served, FY 2009-10 13 14 15 Profile of IUC Clients Receiving an IUC, FY 2005-06 to FY 2009-10 Over 5 years, among women provided/

Marriage & Family Counseling: Chinese Context

OUTLINE Understanding the effects of transference and counter-transference in marital counseling Strategic counseling methods for couples and family members in pastoral ministry Limitations of pastoral counseling and the ethical and legal /-or-unsocialized The most dangerous group if smart & charismatic Have serial marriage, as rapists & serial killers Passive 被動 (Not Planned) 外遇 Neediness: Push-Pull effect 婚外情(戀) Pull Effects (External factors) 外面拖力量 Post-modernism in the 21st century Sex culture in post/

Processes and Practices for Postsecondary Transition Planning

student assessment, but context for interpreting the data is different Select assessment methods, settings and tools to answer specific questions about individual students Good data is dependent on having at least a direction to begin – set by the student’s future planning statement that represent meaningful and “meaty” discussions with families Still want to look at all the typical existing sources for data/

RH STRATEGIC PLAN Dr P. K. Aboagye. Rationale Ghanas revised population policy was first developed in the early 1990s Ghanas revised population policy.

, and the majority are adherent to a full program of vaccination, leading to immunization status. Situation Analysis knowledge of modern family planning methods is very widespread knowledge of modern family planning methods is very widespread A large unmet need for family planning services. A large unmet need for family planning services. slowing of the pace of decline in the total fertility rate slowing of the pace of decline in the/

Presented at the KNUST Annual Scientific Conference 26TH AUGUST 2010

individuals of all ages to achieve their reproductive goals and improve their general reproductive health. Family Planning is now seen as a human right –basic to human dignity. People and Governments around the world understand this. Eligibility All individuals and couples including adolescents are eligible for family planning services.   Family planning methods available in Ghana Short term Condoms (male and female) Spermicides Oral Contraceptive pills (Combined & Mini/


population and resources. Factors to consider when choosing a contraceptive method Ones lifestyle Age Number of Children Health status Relationships Safer sex plan. Effectiveness FAMILY PLANNING METHODS Family Planning Methods Currently Available in Ghana Short Term Methods: Condoms Spermicides Oral contraceptive pills Injectables /Injections Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) Natural Family Planning Methods Long Term Methods: Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) -Copper T (CuT 380A) -Levonorgestrel Intrauterine/

Intrauterine Contraception; A Method That Will Prevail! IUC/EMB/PCB

(N=301) Despite the low use of IUC among US women, those who use IUC are highly satisfied with the method. Almost all—99%—say they are “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with IUC use (Forrest JD). References: Population Reference Bureau. Family Planning Worldwide 2002 Data Sheet. 2002. The Gallup Organization. A survey of female ob-gyns on health issues and concerns. Conducted/


their families  Parents will report a better understanding of post-secondary educational opportunities The methods of evaluating outcomes include:  Intake assessments  Pre- and post evaluations  Staff evaluation forms of participant progress  Data collected from Marion County courts  School/educational data for students enrolled in public school systems 25 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Special thanks to the following for contributing to the development of the plan:  Forest/

Making a Success of Succession Planning using the Critical Path Method David W. Baker Farm Transition Specialist 1-877-232-1999 Photos.

of an activity on the critical path will delay the completion of the whole plan. The time allowed for future sequential activities will need to be shortened. Critical Path Method Chart Weeks 12345678910101 1212 1313 1414 1515 1616 1717 1818 Sequential ------------------------Parallel ----- --------------------- The Critical Path Keys to Success Strong family relationships, trust and honor Excellent communication skills Recognizing individual differences and being able/

Estate Planning and Small Business/Farm Succession and Transfer Eaton County Date: Sept 2, 9, 16, 2004 Roger A. Betz District Extension Farm Management.

Asset Ownership What Kinds of Assets are there? Personal Property Machinery Feed and Market Livestock Breeding Livestock Real Estate Buildings Land Methods for Transferring Property? Sale – income to seller and expense to buyer Gift – no income to seller but also no expense/ 6. Use Special Use Valuation 7. Don’t worry about it Extension Bulletins Wills, Probate & Estate Planning E-2120 Record of Important Family Papers E-451 Federal Estate and Gift Taxes Ag Econ Staff 97-50 Michigan Estate Tax E-1348s Which/

+ Family Planning Quality Improvement and Health IT

the number and spacing of their children, including access to a broad range of acceptable and effective family planning methods and services Within HHS, OPA sits within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for HealthOffice of the/ Pursue feasibility of data exchange & transition to encounter-level data Work within SDOs Standardize & document family planning services Promote family planning integration in healthcare FPAR2.0@hhs.gov Assess EHR Use and ChallengesPromote Quality FP Care Develop Structured FP/

Delivering Family Planning at the Community Level through Muslim, Christian & Voodoo Networks Experience from Burkina Faso and Benin Bernard K. Balibuno.

Background Benin Population: 8.4 million (60% rural) –Religions - Traditional 35%, Christian 35,4%, Muslim 20%, Other 1,9 –Estimated unmet need for family planning – 27% (mostly related to birth spacing) –Modern contraceptive prevalence - 7% –12% using natural or traditional methods Burkina Faso Population: 14 million (youth - 49% under 15 years of age) –Rapid population growth (2.7% per year) –The infant mortality/

FAMILY PLANNING PROGRAM FAMILY PLANNING DIVISION Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India.

participation through intensive promotion of NSV 3. Promotion of IUDs as a short & long term spacing method 4. Promotion of Emergency Contraceptive Pills 5. Increasing basket of choices 15 Promotional Interventions in Family Planning (GOI) 1. Ensuring quality care in FP services 2. Revised compensation scheme 3. Family planning insurance scheme 4. Promoting Public Private Partnerships 5. Promoting contraception through increased advocacy 16 Temporary (Spacing/

Family Planning in Peru Miranda Velikoff. Total Fertility Rates.

Performed by the Ministry of Health of Peru from 1993 to 2000 Ligations Year Comparison of Contraceptive Methods Catholic Church Response Accused Fujimori of a sterilization agenda against the indigenous population Cardinal Augusto Vargas expressed /. Montgomery: Maxwell Airforce Base, 1970. Print. Ewig, Christina. "Hijacking Global Feminism: Feminists, the Catholic Church, and the Family Planning Debacle in Peru." Feminist Studies 32.3 (2006): 632-59. Academic Search Premier. Web. 11 Mar. 2011. Getgen, /

Responsible Parenthood and All- Natural Family Planning Program Responsible Parenthood and All- Natural Family Planning Program.

and symptoms of the menstrual cycle. So that Lovemaking can be timed In order to achieve or postpone pregnancy. NO DIDO: D – rugs, I – njection, D – evice, O – peration NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE Responsible Parenthood and All-Natural Family Planning Program Responsible Parenthood and All-Natural Family Planning Program BILLINGS OVULATION METHOD SYMPTO-THERMAL METHOD LACTATIONAL AMENORRHEA METHOD LACTATIONAL AMENORRHEA METHOD STANDARD DAYS METHOD TWODAY METHOD

Health and Family Planning Wait to have a child until after girl is aged 17. Mother and child will be more likely to live past 1st year of baby’s life!

the condom! Contain small amounts of natural substances which stop egg production. Hormonal (Chemical) Methods WAIT! PLAN! SPACE! Health and Family Planning 2 When the man feels closed to ejaculating, he should withdraw from the woman and / damage! NOT AS EFFECTIVE as condoms Spermicides & Diaphragms Withdrawal OTHER METHODS WAIT! PLAN! SPACE! Family planning works best when you both work TOGETHER! Health and Family Planning Sterilization 1. Vasectomy Permanent contraception for men. Through a small incision/

BCC MESSAGES Family Planning Sexual Reproductive Health Social Protection Neonatal Care Health & Hygiene PHM Health Messages.

Flip Chart on FP & RH For MARVI Worker FAMILY PLANNING POSTERS MARVI PROJECT Family Planning Method Message for Mother Family Planning Method Message for couple FAMILY PLANNING POSTERS-MARVI Family Planning inter spousal consultation Family Planning message for husband FAMILY PLANNING POSTERS-MARVI Family Planning message for Para Development community Family Planning Method-Mumkin Family Planning Methods Brochure Family Planning Method-Mumkin SEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH SRH-MUMKIN PROJECT Sexual disease/

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pregnancies is the use of effective family planning methods. This chart shows the relative typical effectiveness of various family planning methods – typical effectiveness refers to how effective the different methods are at preventing pregnancy during actual//2010/9789241563888_eng.pdf Female and Male Sterilization Contraceptive sterilization is the most widely used method of family planning Clients should be advised that sterilization should be considered permanent Male-vasectomy: Cutting/occluding/

Advancing the Integration of Family Planning and HIV Services from a Systems Perspective December 9, 2014.

 Low staffing levels at the health facilities especially HIV settings  Periodic stock out of family planning commodities especially injectables  Family planning registers do not capture clients receiving services as couples Hindrances to FP/HIV integration  Capacity of health workers to offer long term family planning methods – training/infrastructure  Services not arranged to offer family services  Condoms known to be dispensed at various points and not captured / service uptake/

Community Health Nursing Chapter 23 Assessment of Families.

in family sleep pattern ? Family care plan: 7.FAMILY SEXUALITY- REPRODUCTION PATTERN :  Sexual relationships :  Family planning :  Sex education of children : Family care plan: 8.FAMILY VALUE AND BELIEF PATTERN ?  Ethnic background ________. Influence on health behavior.  Religious affiliation ________. Degree of family involvement ________.  Influences on health behavior :  Familys definition of health :  Health beliefs and attitudes :  Folk medicine :  Use of non-traditional healing methods/

S.M.A.R.T. Treatment Planning Utilising the ASI

, not specific for Jan or Dan A level of care is not an objective (Programme-Driven) Intervention Statement The “Old Method”: (Programme-Driven) Intervention Statement “Will see a counsellor once a week and attend group on Monday nights for 12 weeks/Which domains should be addressed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and why? Writing goal statements Use ASI Treatment Plan Handouts Alcohol/Drug Domain Medical Domain Family/Social Write at least 1 goal statement for each domain Write in complete sentences Check-in discussion Will/

Treatment Planning M.A.T.R.S.: Utilizing the ASI to Make Required Data Collection Useful.

health management Functional impairments Legal issues Safety & Security 83 3 Love & Belonging Social & interpersonal skills Need for affiliation Family relationships Love & Belonging Needs 84 4 Self-Esteem Achievement and mastery Independence/status Prestige Self-Esteem 85 5 Self-/took in response to client condition R esponse – How client responded to action T reatment Plan – How it relates to plan C.H.A.R.T. Method of Documentation Roget & Johnson, 1995 123 Write a Documentation (Progress) Note Case Note /

Growing Health Families Pregnancy Timing and Spacing Lessons from Developing Countries for Your Corner of the World Sara Davis, MPH Lisa Firth, MB, MPH.

and Child Health (MCDMCH) resources for community workers. They use the WHO flipchart, A Guide to Family Planning for Community Health Workers and Their Clients. Zambia Family Planning Pilot Zambia Family Planning Pilot Training Practicing a Session for Male Youth Zambia Family Planning Pilot Training The Major Meets the Method Should we discuss methods? (Later in this session) Next Steps for Zambia Train TSA officers, soldiers and community volunteers to/

Chapter 17 The Family. Learning Goals We will be able to explain how the family is the primary environment for the ethical and moral formation of the.

asses their physical, financial and psychological resources in order to ensure that each of their children has the opportunity to grow in a loving, stable home environment. All family planning methods are based on a set of values. The Church believes that natural methods express the indivisible link between loving union and the procreative potential of intercourse in the context of married love.All/

ESTATE PLANNING FOR 2013 BEYOND THE OBVIOUS Alan S. Gassman, Esq. Christopher J. Denicolo, Esq. Kenneth.

is as follows: I authorize my surviving spouse, _________, to appoint a board-certified estate planning lawyer, or a CPA who has done work for my family for at least 10 years, to serve as Special Administrator of this Last Will and Testament / appropriately drafted, funded, and administered to achieve the above results. 64 Copyright © 2013 Gassman Law Associates, P.A. COMPARISON OF METHODS TO PURCHASE HOMES FOR THE CHILDREN $250,000 Exemption on Sale of Home $50,000 Homestead Exemption and 3% Per Year Cap /

Presents: Social Workers’ Family Values: Results of a Survey Kenneth R. Wedel Ph.D., Coordinator & Annie Smith, Knee Scholar NASW- Oklahoma Chapter 36.

human relationships Purposeful efforts to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well-being of families. Survey on Family Values : Methods Participants and Sampling Procedure Research Survey Design Acquired a list of current 1,243 /to birth control devices or drugs (restricted access) = + Results: 33. Family planning is preferred vs. Family planning is not preferred Number of respondents Family planning is preferred ---- Family planning is not preferred Mean= 1.9 Results: 31. Sex education should be /

Adolescent HIV Care and Treatment Module 11: Family Planning and PMTCT Services for Adolescents 1.

available to adolescent clients? 18 19 Contraceptive Options for ALHIV See Table 11.1: Summary of contraceptive options for ALHIV and Appendix 11C: Survey of Family Planning Methods for Adolescents. Good options for ALHIV: Male and female condoms Combined oral contraceptive pills (COCs) and progestin-only oral contraceptive pills (POPs) — pills taken daily Injectables — “shot” given every 2–/

Don’t Take it on Faith – Evidence for the Standard Days Method as a Tool for Repositioning Family Planning Victoria Jennings, Ph.D. Director, Institute.

woman:  Track her cycle days  Know when she is fertile  Monitor her cycle length How can this method help reposition family planning? Repositioning focuses on: Offering family planning at the community level Offering family planning through non-traditional channels Expanding social marketing Including men Improving contraceptive security Strengthening and implementing family planning policies Expanding contraceptive prevalence The SDM can be offered equally well by clinical and community providers Women/

Family Planning Program Update – AR/CCSG Revisions PH Nurses Update August 16, 2012.

of the AR” 17 Protocol for Deferred Exams Deleted duplication of information within matrix – “Complete family planning minimum requirements matrix except for physical exam” Use the CDC U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use to screen for contraindications to a specific method based on patient and family medical history and risk factors. The CDC U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria language is added to/

1 Page 1 of 79 Farm Estate Planning Strategies. 2 Page 2 of 79 The Need for Estate Planning One of the challenges of Planning is to make people aware.

Resources Involved? 1.One of the most common methods of paying Estate Taxes is Insurance – We sell insurance. 2.One of the risk factors for farms is Long Term Care – We sell LTC. 3.Investments are a key element in planning – We advise investors. 4 Page 4 of 79 Three Levels of Planning 1.Family Plan 2.Elimination of Tax 3.Management of Asset Cost/

Disability Rights Wisconsin 1c An Introduction to Consumer Rights in the Family Care & IRIS Programs Fourth Annual Statewide Self-Determination Conference.

, goal, or problem? 2. Does it relate to member’s assessment, service plan, and desired outcome? 3. How could the need be met? Disability Rights Wisconsin 39 The RAD Method 4. Are there policy guidelines to guide the choice of option? 5. Which option does the member (and/or family) prefer? 6. Which option is most effective and cost- effective in meeting desired/


policies 2003 – 2010 Resources – FAM Project Brief Interested in more information about SDM as a modern method of family planning? Read The Standard Days Method®: A Modern Family Planning Method.The Standard Days Method®: A Modern Family Planning Method “SDM sounds just the same as the rhythm method.” How is the SDM different from the Rhythm Method?  SDM uses a fixed formula for the fertile phase  SDM clients use the same fertile window/

The Eight (8) Steps of the Scientific Method Step Right Up!

it’s time for a rest stop. Use this wraparound to match the first four steps of the scientific method with their definitions. Good luck from the royal family! hypothesis follow your plan to conduct your investigation experiment what do you want to know? question plan your investigation procedure your prediction; what you think will happen Back of Frame 8 2441133224411332 Frame 9 After/


which he performs his actions. – It also identifies possible visual and fine motor difficulties. Performance: this sub-scale measures planning and reasoning. It places the child before a (problem) situation which he must solve with some degree of coordination between /as recognition of their learning process in the care of their baby. EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS WITH THE FAMILIES (5) Sample talk 1: The Kangaroo Mother Method Objectives of the talk To present the main concepts of the KMC, its components, benefits /

Instructor: Siti Nor Binti Yaacob Department of Human Development and Family Studies Faculty of Human Ecology Universiti Putra Malaysia Contact #: 012-284-1844.

Age Education Self-efficacy Parental Characteristics Age Education Self-efficacy Family Contexts # of children Family income Parental Marital Q Quality Family Contexts # of children Family income Parental Marital Q Quality Child Characteristics Age Sex Aspiration /inquiry Employs both qualitative and quantitative data analysis Both statistical and narrative reports. Mixed methods What is Research Design? A plan, structure and strategy of investigation to obtain answers to research questions or problems It/

© 2006 Population Reference Bureau Rising Family Planning Use, Developing Countries Married Women 15 to 49 Using Any Method Percent Source: Population.

2005.. Married or In-Union Women of Reproductive Age Using Family Planning, 1999 © 2006 Population Reference Bureau Family Planning Methods, Developed Countries Source: United Nations Population Division, World Contraceptive Use 2005.. Married or In-Union Women of Reproductive Age Using Family Planning, 1996 © 2006 Population Reference Bureau Family Planning Methods, Developing Countries Married or In-Union Women of Reproductive Age Using Family Planning, 1999 Note: Total exceeds 100 due to rounding. Source/

Part four: Application of Physical Geography — Method 、 principles and scheme Chapter 14 Evaluation and zoning of the Earth ’ s Surface Environment Chapter.

DistrictCombinations of Primary physiognomy Local climateSmall valleyVarious type unit The Relationship Between Individual Unit and Grade Generally, family, genus and specie can be used as units of land type by virtue of biologic classification. For/of controlling environment. Linear layout model traits: It is one of simplest and broadest mathematics planning method , and also one of an optimum method used earliest. applying: It only solves problems that target function and constraint conditions all take/

Definitions of Research  Good defines research as a “cheerful, critical, disciplined inquiry, varying in technique and method according to the nature.

arise. WHAT IS A GOOD RESEARCHER? QUALITIES HONESTYReport all information gathered Open to CriticismImprovement of methods & analysis SKEPTICISMSearch for truth in the research process CREATIVEMethodologies for gathering information RESOURCEFULExplore sources of information/ TO PROCESS THE GATHERED DATA CONCEPTUAL DEFINITION Effect of family planning program refers to the impact of family planning on targeted MCRAs. OPERATIONAL DEFINITION Effect of family planning program is based on the change in number of/

Al Neelain University –Faculty of Medicine Department of Community Medicine Semester 7 Primary Health Care Course Family Planning Dr.Abeer Abuzeid Atta.

from meeting an ovum) – Disrupting the menstrual cycle, including preventing the release of ova from the ovaries (ovulation) Other methods Withdrawal (coitus interruptus) Breast feeding (Lactational Amenorrhea Method) Natural family planning methods (Fertility Awareness Methods) including the Safe period Breast feeding (Lactational Amenorrhea Method) The lactational amenorrhea method (LAM) requires 3 conditions. All 3 must be met: 1. The mother’s monthly bleeding has not returned 2. The/

PROMOTING MATERNAL WELLNESS IN THE FAMILY & COMMUNITY Nursing 202 Elizabeth Hartman, RNC, MSN, CLC Catherine Marin, MSN ©, RN, WHNP Instructors,

which a person was born Cultural Values : Preferred ways of acting based on traditions Transcultural nursing: Nursing care that is guided by cultural aspects and respects individual differences Family Planning Chapter 5 Choosing a Method of Contraception Decision may be made individually or as a couple Should be made voluntarily with full knowledge of advantages, disadvantages, effectiveness, side effects, contraindications & long-term effects/

法律英语教案 An Unwritten Constitution  I. Suggested Teaching Plan  Objectives  Students will be able to:  1. understand the main idea (the function of each.

reading (highlights of the text )  4th period after-reading activities Teaching methods  Students read, the teacher asks questions and give detailed explanation by using /governs contracts assigning the rights to payment in security interest agreements. Copyright Teaching Plan: objectives Students will be able to:  1. understand what makes / all classes and ranks seem equal Legal terms to remember  Civil law family Civil law family  Code :法典  Statutes Statutes  Common law system Common law system /

Impact of Suicide on Youth and Families The Ones We Miss.

to animals, fire setting 20 NEW Partnership for Children and Families University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Impact of Suicide on Youth and Families: The Ones We Miss Revised: August 2014 May be reproduced with permission from original source for training purposes. Children in Care (ages 9-11) High suicidality (ideation, plans and attempts) (26%) Methods – cutting/stabbing & choking/hanging Higher risk included: – Physically*, sexually/

2 - 1 How To Estimate The Insurance Need  Introduction  Principal planning areas  Income replacement and family needs analysis  Business insurance.

understand, but limited  Individuals needs vary widely  Age of insured or dependents not taken into account Chapter 2 Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning 2 - 3 How To Estimate The Insurance Need  Income replacement and family needs analysis  Multiples of salary method  Hybrid method combining rules of thumb approach with elements of income replacement and needs analysis Chapter 2 Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance/

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