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ILC 2013 Agenda Item V on Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs. Background notes in preparation of the ILC 2013 Discussion on Agenda item.

national task forces dedicated to green job promotion In Malaysia, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) and Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) facilitate inter-ministerial coordination on employment issues and green growth through Joint Secretariat of the Working Group on Green Jobs. In the Philippines, an ad hoc Working Group for a Green Jobs Task Force. In India a multi-stakeholder Task Force on Green Jobs/

Excel Books Human Resource Management (2nd Edition) Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya Copyright © 2006, Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya Trade Unions and Labour Unit:21.

in India are: i. The Bombay Mill Hands’ Association, formed in 1890 for the purpose of urging the Government of improvements in factory law. However, it soon became defunct after the passing of the 1891 Act. ii. The Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants of India and Burma formed in 1897 by Anglo-Indians and domiciled Europeans employed in/Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya Trade Unions and Labour Unit:21 Block: Eight Employee Relations 21-8 Cont…. Interrelation Between Unemployment and Balance of Payment Deficit /

Social protection in the context of sustainable development, its interdependencies and relevance for Asia GTZ working group meeting EPA and PSD in the.

-level Stabilize aggregate domestic demand in times of crisis when external demand contracts due to reduced economic activity. Income transfers through social security have a powerful effect on the income inequality and poverty At micro-level Short term impact Long term impact - Stabilize income of individuals who are affected by unemployment or under- employment and hence help to avoid hardship and social instability; - Enable local market/

Unemployment Submitted To: Prof. Pooja Arora Submitted By: Umesh Kumar Puneet Mokta FA1.

worker is searching for, or transitioning from one job to another. Frictional Unemployment When labour market in unable to provide jobs for everyone. Reasons:- population overgrowth and mismatch between expectation of employers and skills of unemployed Structural When more people are engaged in work than actually required e.g. agriculture sector Disguised Reasons… Employment & unemployment scenario in India Category1993-19941999-20002004-2005 Total labour Force382.0406.0469.9 Total Employment374.0397/

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all the regions Asia – women feature in education and employment in most countries in Asia, but still face discrimination in workplace particularly in Japan and Korea. In China, there is a social stigma about placing parents in assisted living facilities or using professional help. Sexual harassment in India Africa – family network strong and supportive, but women are culturally disadvantaged particularly in access to education and employment Middle East – In many countries women have increasing access to/

7 Government Actions in Markets CHECKPOINTS 2. 7 Government Actions in Markets CHECKPOINTS 2.

workers coming from most south asian countries. If the wage paid to indian workers is above the equilibrium wage, the quantity of unskilled indians employed would decrease. Most indians would be unemployed and sent back to india. They would then compete to work in india and be worse off. Practice Problem 1 CHECKPOINT 7.3 The figure shows the market for tomatoes. What are the equilibrium price/

1 The Saudi Economy: An Economic Overview The Saudi Economy: An Economic Overview Contents  Objective  Population and Labor Force  National Economy.

in the Kingdom in 1998 Is 3,148 Factories Employing About 292 Thousand Employees With Total Capital Investment of $70 Billion. Distribution of Total Capital Investment In Industrial/ Ways111 l Total 341 116 Risk and Uncertainty l India Is A Member, Among The 151 Member Countries, In The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA/ -6-4 -33-3-25 External Debt (Billion Current $US) 9494010714 124 Unemployment and Inflation l Unemployment Rate NA. l Labor Force Amounts NA — by Occupation:  Agriculture67%  /

International Labour Standards, Voluntary Initiatives & Social Dialogue in India C S Venkata Ratnam, IMI, India & Anil Verma, University of Toronto Canada.

. on rolls of employment exchanges: 40 mn. Plus n Educated unemployment increasing n Incidence of poverty poor among employed than unemployed! India and International Trade n India’s share in FDI very low n India’s share in international trade declined from 1.5% at the time of independence to 0.67% in 2000 n 300 Japanese investment in India against 3000 in Singapore n Major exports: textiles, gems and jewellery and software n Exports: volumes/

1 Employment in the Global Knowledge Society Garry Jacobs General Assembly of the World Academy of Art & Science Zagreb, Croatia, November 2005.

of Aging on Employment Significant labor and skill shortages will develop in OECD countries Working age population is declining in OECD countries -- 8% in EU25 by 2030 – could result in labor shortage of 70-150 M in EU15. Labor shortages/in India 7 M new job seekers annually No significant rise in unemployment Only 8% of jobs in formal sector Little information on where & how jobs are created in informal sector Process of job creation poorly understood Strategy to create 10 M jobs per year Indian Employment/

Chapter 14 Structural Adjustment: Agriculture, Trade, and the Labor Market © Pierre-Richard Agénor The World Bank.

absorbs a large share of formal wage employment in some countries. Share of informal sector employment in total urban employment is sizable, exceeding 60% in India and Kenya. In many countries in Latin America, the informal sector grew in importance during the 1980s and early 1990s, accounting for more than 50% of total employment in 1992 (see Agénor, 1996). Disguised unemployment Underemployed workers in the informal and rural sectors Published unemployment only captures the formal sector. 25/

By Rizwanul Islam 28 February, 2010 Conference Room, BIDS

high growth of both output and employment The relationship between employment and output growth is not invariant Empirical evidence points to a decline in the employment intensity of growth in many developing countries Growth in ESEA has been more employment intensive than in South Asia In some countries (e.g., China and India), high output growth associated with low and declining employment intensity Concluding Observations (contd.) In a dynamic economy, employment and labour productivity can grow together/

+ The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Tackling Poverty in India.

72; China: 73; South Africa: 78. Human Development Index (UNDP): India is 134th out of 179 countries. Brazil 84th, China 101st, South Africa 123rd. 65% of rural houses in India has no toilet. About 2/3 of the population is dependant on agriculture/ rural households sought but did not get employment and the unemployment allowances are rarely paid. This percentage is higher in poorer states, where the demand for work is higher. Perhaps the greatest problem is delayed payments (in some cases up to 2-3 months)./

Vocational Education and Training in India

fresh engineering grads recruited by domestic IT providers are unemployable. Of roughly 509 million workers currently employed in India, only 12% are skilled. Need to focus on the skills for the informal sector The largest share of new jobs in India is supposed to come from the unorganized sector that employs up to 93% of the national workforce and produces 60% of GDP. Informal sector has very low/

The issue of contract and agency labour (CAL) was established as a key priority for the ICEM at the ICEM’s World Congress in 2003 At the 2007 ICEM World.

employment is preferable to both parties”, and that it “will not use hired-in personnel, part-time and temporary employment to undermine wages and working conditions”. At the same time, the parties to the agreement “acknowledge that hired-in, part-time and temporary workers are occasionally necessary”. The ITGLWF (International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation) has reported at least two cases, one in Peru and one in India/ services to CAL workers (unemployment help, education, insurance, /

Sociology CHAPTER 18-WORK AND THE ECONOMY Prof.Dr. Halit Hami ÖZ Kafkas Üniversitesi/Kafkas University Kars, Turkey

flow of goods and capital across the northern and southern U.S. borders, it also increased unemployment in Mexico, spurring greater amounts of illegal immigration motivated by a search for work. Download for free at http://cnx.org/content/col11407/latest/.51 What Is Globalization? There are several forces driving globalization, including the global economy and multinational corporations that control assets, sales, production, and employment (United Nations/

Topic 1: Global Impact of the 2008 Financial Crisis (FC): Comparing Canada and the Third World Countries (One county or the Developing World in general,

dismissed Then, hired younger workers with flexible, lower paid short-term contracts, apprenticeships, and for outsourcing. Impact of the 2008 Financial Crisis (FC): DW I.Economy and Finance II.Employment and Economic security III.Human Development and Poverty Human Development in DW: Families : In Indonesia: If with jobs, give up meat or fish. Women now unemployed - only food twice a day instead of three times - eat less at/

Presentation on Global Employment Trends 2003/2004 Dorothea Schmidt – Economist, Employment Trends Team Employment Strategy Department International Labour.

%) Others: high incidence of working poverty (40 %) and informal economy employment (90% in India); strong dependency on agriculture (70% of employment in India) Employment outlook Expected GDP growth for 2004: 5.8% (after 5.1% in 2003) Expected unemployment rate for 2004: slight increase to 5% GDP growth rate needed to halve working poverty and unemployment: over 6%, not impossible Important issue for policy-makers and social partners: - low level of education - high/

Principles of Macroeconomics ECON203, Lecture 8: Jobs (employment) and Unemployment Instructor: Turki Abalala.

fractionally unemployed. Unemployment and Full Employment ECON203 - 2nd Semester 2014 6 2.Structural Unemployment: It is the unemployment that arises when changes in technology or international competition change the skills needed to perform jobs or change the location of jobs. For example, telephone switching is now done by computer rather than by operators. Also, call centers have been relocated to India. Structural unemployment usually last longer than frictional unemployment because/

Labor Issues in China and India Sanjay Kotte China & Globalization – Professor Rong.

competitive, hence creating more jobs US tech employment is growing – 17% more tech workers in US today than in 1999; will increase by 30% over the next decade The large transfer of jobs didn’t occur India – Issues to Address Burgeoning population and its pressure on lack of infrastructure and social services Prevailing poverty Corruption Unemployment India – Recommendations Privatize infrastructure development and redirect government funding Encourage private investment Use/

Small Enterprise Management. The objective of the course is to analyse and develop an understanding of the overall Management process in a small scale.

and unemployment. These industries contribute amply to other socio-economic aspects, such as reduction in income inequalities, dispersed development of industries and linkage with other sectors of the economy. In fact promotion of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and rural industrialization has been considered by the Government of India as a powerful instrument for realizing the twin objectives of ‘accelerated industrial growth and creating additional productive employment potential in rural and/

Implications of India’s Land Policy: Poverty of Land or Land of Poverty - An Empirical Study Anjan Kumar Jena Suresh Kumar Sukumarapillai New Delhi, India.

.058.3 Rural + Urban Male43.625.930.5 Female 62.8 20.017.2 Person48.924.326.8 Source: Government of India (2013), National Sample Survey Office, Key indicators of Employment and Unemployment in India 2013. 3. Unemployment Situation in Agriculture (Contd..) Table-3: Sectoral Distribution of Employment YearsAgricultureIndustryServicesConstruction 1999-0059.911.923.74.5 2004-0558.512.623.45.5 2009-1053.211.825.49.6 2011-1248/


comprehensive crisis took firm root in rural India, resulting in peasant suicides, starvation deaths, impoverishment, and hunger. RURAL CRISIS Growing unemployment and underemployment Falling purchasing power Declining per capita availability of foodgrains Reduced farm incomes and real wage growth Indebtedness and land alienation, esp. for small and marginal farmers. Deceleration in agricultural growth, productivity per worker and rural non-agricultural employment growth Slackening pace of poverty reduction/

Why EU ‘trade’ means a war on workers Linda Kaucher Presentation for Institute for Employment Rights conference ‘Developments in European Employment Law’

usually taken as ‘unskilled’ (though free movement of services - bring in own skilled labour) EU Mode 4 stipulation: ‘skilled’ or ‘highly skilled’ (n.b. UK grad unemployment) 18 Global employment situation Unemployment - a global crisis Wide open for labour exploitation - legalised means / Question EU free movement: UK govt can resist EU rules Call TUC to account re the EU/India FTA and beyond Challenge politicians to take this up 23 Why act? 3 interlinked global trajectories Global corporate takeover /

Faces of Indian Women “One of the most enduring cliches about India is that it is the country of contradictions. Like all cliches, this one too has a grain.

female teachers: 29 percent at the primary level and 22 percent at the university level (1993) Gender bias in curriculum Gender bias in curriculum Indian Women in Modern Times Employment Difficult to get an overall picture of employment among women in India Difficult to get an overall picture of employment among women in India Most women work in the informal sector Most women work in the informal sector Women accounted for only 23/

The External Environment and Insurance Tectonic Shifts, Global Transformation Insurance Information Institute April 4, 2014 Robert P. Hartwig, Ph.D., CPCU,

unemployment as low as 6.0% by Q4 of this year. Jobless figures have been revised slightly downwards for 2014/15 Monthly Change in Private Employment January 2007 through February 2014 (Thousands, Seasonally Adjusted) Private Employers Added 8.64 million Jobs Since Jan. 2010 After Having Shed 5.01 Million Jobs in 2009 and 3.76 Million in 2008 (State and/ Floods Canada, 19–24 June Floods Europe, 30 May–19 June Heat wave India, April–June Typhoon Fitow China, Japan, 5–9 October Earthquake (series) Pakistan/

March 15 th, 2010 Getting Employers on Board The Road Forward Dr. Mohamed Nagib Abou-Zeid.

Dr. Mohamed Nagib Abou-Zeid Outline u Employment in Egypt u Skills and Employability u Quality Assurance & Employers u Employers’ Survey u Motivating the Employers (%) Percent Employment (Workforce = 24 Millions) Egyptian Workforce Official Unemployment 2008 = 2.3 Millions Unemployment Per Education Level SME China 59% United States of America 50% Malaysia 32% Thailand 86% Japan 72% Philippines 57% Malaysia 45% China 60% Italy 35% India 34% South Korea 33% Work Places/

Topic 2: Women and Globalized Labour: Comparing Canada and DW (India and Mexico)

are poor Absolute (human) poverty (% Women: India: > 50% *; Mexico (27 mil.) 28% Surplus extraction from most women (low or no wages) unpaid work at home, in agriculture and in unofficial sector Issue: chronic poverty – want basic needs Feminization of poverty *http://www.infochangeindia.org/analysis150.jsp Canada What is ‘Feminization of labour’? Women’s high labour force participation and employment rates There are now twice as/

 Study of scarcity and choice.  People, firms, and governments make choices because of scarcity.

. 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1 5 Chocolate (in tons) Textiles (in thousands of yards) Nepal India A B C D E Joint ( trade) McGraw-Hill/Irwin ©/EMPLOYMENT  Total number of people working for pay UNEMPLOYMENT  Total number of people looking for work that are not currently employed LABOR FORCE Sum of employment and unemployment.  Percentage of labor force that is unemployed # UnemployedUnemployment Rate Labor Force Increases during recession Decreases during a recovery  Total production of all goods and services in/

The IMMEDIATE Solution Team The Problem Solvers Country INDIA.

.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-10-19/news/34584281_1_workmonitor-survey-randstad-india-cent-of-survey-respondents Few links that prove what I’m stating :: In a recent survey, 48% of employers from different countries of the world have reported that they are/problem of Pseudo-Unemployment starts. So, we are having a situation where employers are not able to find the right people and the people are not able to find the employers. Hence, the problem of unemployment shouldn’t be looked at in isolation, the /


the national economy, accrues no health, retirement, or unemployment benefits. Displaced homemakers find it difficult to get employment after divorce, because they lack vocational skills and experience, and also because of their age. but “a marginal group” running a high risk of social exclusion. Divorced housewives seeking to enter or re-enter the labor market in a part-time job but facing demand side constraints/

1 Globalization Contemporary Problems in Economics ECON 3438W – Steve Cunningham.

In this environment, how do you identify the “losers” from trade? Workers are being replaced with more highly skilled workers, not cheaper workers. (Many workers complain about globalization because they do not want to compete.) 36 Shadow (8) Denmark Plan—Flexicurity Employers hire and fire at will. About 25% of the workforce is unemployed/ in India is not about getting cheaper workers. Apple left Bangalore last year when rising labor costs result in labor savings failing to materialize. 48 IBM and /

Jan 2013.

. The moderate labor market recovery continues in its fourth year. Suffering of the unemployed stays high Income inequality on the rise/in 2013 with flights for South India and the company would also look at setting up some ancillary businesses in the country. Fraud job syndicates target Reliance, Tata groups Two of the countrys biggest business conglomerates -- Cyrus Mistry-led Tatas and Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Group -- have become the target of fake job syndicates making fraudulent employment/

EU-India FTA: Overview and Concerns Shefali Sharma 22 November 2008.

India ’ s Total Workforce of 457 million people in the Informal “ unorganized ” Economy (NCEUS) In 2005, 836 million people or 77% of the country ’ s population earning less than 20 rupees/day (~30 euro cents/day) Current Demographics… 42% of working age population “ usually ” employed (according to last survey 04-05) Around 35 million people remain under or unemployed Link with Liberalisation … Jobless Growth and Joblessness/

 The down turn that appears to have began in the USA in September,2008 have some negative effect on Indian economy.  The most immediate effect of this.

 60% of India’s workforce is self-employed  Nearly 30% are casual workforce (e.i. they work only when they are able to get jobs and remain unpaid for the rest of the day)  More than 90% labour force is employed in the “unorganized sector”, (e.i. sectors which don’t provide with the social security and other benefits of employment in the “organized sector”)  Unemployment increases susceptibility to/

The Global Economy Labor Markets. What’s happening? Friday at 8:30am, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released employment numbers for February: –The.

, collective bargaining negotiations, and the right to strike in both the public and private sectors. The constitution also sets overtime rates, provides a monthly minimum wage and regulates working hours. It lists a variety of labour entitlements, including the following: maternity leave, annual leave, workers’ compensation, social services, medical assistance and unemployment benefits. What’s going on here? Who wins? Who loses? 54 Italy “Employment, Italian style/

2.00 Understand operations, economics, and professional development. 2.01 Maintain work flow to enhance productivity (Organize and prioritize work ).

. Seasonal work, casual employment and subemployment are patterns of work which lead to people being employed only for short periods at a time. Exclusion from the labour market takes many forms: some people can opt for early retirement, further education or domestic responsibility, and others cannot. If poor people are unemployed more, it is not just because they are more marginal in the labour market; it/

Genesis of Hero Mindmine  Talent shortage in new emerging businesses  Opportunity for India and companies in India in the global service sector  The.

BPO BPO countries Country specialisation by niche BPO India Large Multinational Corporations  EDS EDS  Accenture Accenture/and run learning centres Other Interventions Help create and establish Service Mindset Create a wealth of employable manpower for the growing service industry Challenge to our growth Unemployment? OR Un-employability? Workforce readiness Un-employability Unemployment The biggest impediment in growth cycle is lack of skilled and trained people Is the current talent pool employable/

9/4/2015 Lesson learnt from the Slum up-gradation under JnNURM Scheme Empirical evidences in Surat city of Western India Arjun Patel, Centre for Social.

of casual workers used to stand in search of employment. She told that in those days she was unable to manage two meals in a day. Their children were crying because of hunger and it was unbearable situation to her as she belongs to the Brahmin caste which considered as one of the most reputed caste in India having highest social rank and was not supposed to do/

Welcome to California! A Subsidiary of U.S., Inc. Presentation to Candidates for the Position of Entrepreneur Director of Recruiting and Placement Contra.

Down Employment:Up Down Unemployment:Down Up Unemployment:Down Up Income:Up Down Income:Up Down Corp. Profits:Up Down Corp. Profits:Up Down California Needs Entrepreneurs! Digital Safari Institute GreenBizz Project California Needs Entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurs solve problems Entrepreneurs solve problems – “Find a Need and Fill It!” Entrepreneurs create: Entrepreneurs create: – New Products and Services – New Jobs – Economic Vitality for the Community – Personal Wealth Digital/

Observations on Recent Productivity Developments in the US, EU, and China Robert J. Gordon, Northwestern University, NBER, and CEPR Keynote Lecture Seventh.

in policies and institutions Understanding these issues will help us understand the effects of changes in policies and institutions Main Contribution is to the Policy Debate For 20 years, Europe had low employment and hours, high unemployment For 20 years, Europe had low employment and hours, high unemployment Post-1995 Turnaround: Slower growth productivity and/ as the Martian Observer 10 days in India 2005, 3 days in Beijing 2008 10 days in India 2005, 3 days in Beijing 2008 Sources of differential TFP /

Macroeconomics-1 Overview of Macroeconomics and National Income.

in determining the growth in its real wages and living standards Rapid economic growth requires free markets, high rates of saving and investment, low trade barriers and honest government. Rapid economic growth requires free markets, high rates of saving and investment, low trade barriers and honest government. Objectives of Macroeconomics Employment High level of employment with low involuntary unemployment/national working in India is part of Indian GDP but not Indian GNP, because it is earned in India. It/

Monetary Policy Report October 2012. Figure 1.1. GDP in different regions Annual percentage change Sources: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Eurostat, National.

Russia, India and China. Figure 3.15. GDP in Denmark and Norway Quarterly changes in per cent calculated in annualised terms, seasonally- adjusted data Sources: Statistics Denmark and Statistics Norway Figure 3.16. Housing construction in the/Employment, labour force and unemployment Thousands and per cent of the labour force, aged 15-74, seasonally-adjusted data Source: Statistics SwedenNote. Three-month moving averages. Figure 3.27. Hiring plans and number of employed in the business sector Net figures and/

INDIA HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2011 TOWARDS SOCIAL INCLUSION To the Members of Parliament 26 th April 2012 Institute of Applied Manpower Research Planning.

electricity for domestic use 58 Structure of the Presentation  Conceptual Framework  Human Development Index  Employment, Asset Ownership, and Poverty  The Right to Food and Nutrition  Health and Demography  Education: Achievements and Challenges  Supporting Human Development: Housing, Electricity, Telephone, and Roads  Vulnerable Groups 59 Disabled  Magnitude  Official estimates of disability in India is around 2 percent  Estimates using more inclusive definitions suggest a higher incidence of/

What Makes an Area an ICT City By Dr. T.H. CHOWDARY Director: Center for Telecom Management and Studies Chairman: Pragna Bharati (intellect India ) Former:

unemployable in industries, increasingly becoming automated/mechanized Diploma/Tradesmen to Engineers ratio Developed India 5.0 1.0 THC_CTMSS319_Oct 200613 India is Graduating Every Year All varieties : 30 lakhs (3.5l in AP) Engineers : 4,50,000 (80 to 100,000) MBAs : 80,000 (15,000) MCAs : 80,000 (12,000) Employability in/; friendly seductive A local body ( Municipal Corporation) which is caring, responsive and not greedy; providing civic services promptly Friendly, service-oriented utilities : telephone, /


Number of Days at Work and Unemployment – During the Year of Workers in Poor and Non-Poor Households by Broad Activity-Status in Rural Areas: All-India, 1999-2000 II. GROWTH-EMPLOYMENT INTER-FACE Focus on Employment Quality:. Focus on Employment Quality: F EMPLOYMENT-ELASTICITY & GROWTH IN LABOUR PRODUCTIVITY F PRODUCTIVITY-GROWTH: BASIS FOR SUSTAINABLE RISE IN REAL WAGES IN A MARKET ECONOMY F LOW RATHER THAN HIGH EMPLOYMENT ELASTICITY IN INDIVIDUAL SECTORS REQUIRED. F/

1. Unit IV.Economic Policy Making (Measuring and Managing the Economy) Key Understandings: 1.Government actions affect economic activity. What is unseen.

India has a much higher GDP yet the poverty rate is much higher in India/employed and unemployed workers together. To find the unemployment rate the BLS divides the unemployed by the labor force and multiples the number by 100. number unemployed Unemployment rate = ______________________________ X 100 number in labor force 22 In June of 2013 there were 155, 835,000 in the U.S. labor force. 144,058,000 were employed and 11,777,0000 people who were unemployed. What was the unemployment rate in United States in/

United States Academic Decathlon ® Super Quiz™ Relay Practice Test 1 30 Questions Art, Music, Economics, Literature, Social Science, and Science 2015-2016.

.observation of holidays *Literature* In Nectar in a Sieve, the lack of knowledge Lilia has about India leads her father to be concerned for her American a.education b.friends c.appearance d.accent e.observation of holidays *Literature* The natural rate of unemployment is composed of _____. a.structural and frictional unemployment b.structural and cyclical unemployment c.frictional and cyclical unemployment d.structural unemployment e.frictional unemployment *Economics* The natural/

2 Youth unemployment rate Percentage of the labour force aged 15/16-24, Q4 2007 1 -Q2 2014 2 Countries shown by ascending order of the youth unemployment.

, Short-term Indicators of the labour Market; Census data for China and National Sample Survey for India. Many youth are unemployed or inactive and not involved in education 3 Incidence of temporary employment, 2013 As a percent of all employees in each group a *: Selected urban areas only. a)Youth aged 15-24 and adults aged 25 and over. Source: OECD estimates. Job quality is often poor for youth/

About India…. Population (2010) Total : 1210 million Rural: 833 million & Urban: 377 million Male: 623.7 million & Female: 586.5 million ◦ Sex-ratio:

Development Index: 0.58 (0.89 Sweden/0.94 Norway)-estimates for 2013 Employment & Unemployment (2009-10) Labour force Participation Rate Total: 40% (Male: 55.7%/in pre-independence India) was given a formal recognition- Constitution of India mandated special treatment to those sections-considered to be untouchables and excluded from mainstream development The special treatment came in the form of their classification as Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes-affirmative actions in public service employment and/

Credit RISK MANAGEMENT in Banks (Basel Norms) Ramesh Subramanian M.com., C.A.I.I.B.,F.C.S.,LL.M.,ACMA.,CIMA Adv.Dip.MA (UK) June 11, 2016.

debate Broad Data USA, Euro Zone,Japan,China Indian Economy Banks in India An ideal and a most preferred economy Macro Economics An ideal and a most preferred economy is one where: a.the unemployment rate is less than 4% of the workforce, b.core inflation /potential output” — its maximum gross domestic product (GDP) — and compare it with actual GDP. This is a top-down approach. How much would the economy produce if it were at “full employmentand all firms sold everything they could make? To arrive at that/

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