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Business Etiquette How Savvy Are You? Beth Reutter Corporate Etiquette Consultant University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Dept. of Food Science & Human.

Etiquette Identify Benefits of Practicing Business Etiquette Test/Expand Your Etiquette Awareness Business Etiquette... Putting to work in business those social skills which provide us with the confidence to handle people and situations with tact, diplomacy and respect Why Be Etiquette/to those present, and if you are from outside the company, give that / or not to CC? BCC??? Never assume anything. 30 Most Important Email Etiquette Tips – http://www.emailreplies.com Have you answered your cell phone: /

Ep’s Etiquette for Everyone! Ellie Pribble Harrison ATC

texting. Do not talk during the presentation - your chatter is unwelcome, distracting and disrespectful. Banquette Etiquette Do not make ringing noises by /. Eye contact increases trust Eye contact shows confidence and good interpersonal skills. Eye contact shows respect for the person and business situation. Proper/ gifts with written correspondence. Correspondence Etiquette Write a follow-up letter/thank you note within 48 hours Correspondence Etiquette Email etiquette has some specific guidelines: Never/

Presented by Christina Corson.   Have you ever received an email or text that offended you?  Have you ever sent an email or text that accidentally.

Presented by Christina Corson   Have you ever received an email or text that offended you?  Have you ever sent an email or text that accidentally offended someone else?  Have you ever sent an email or text that accidently went to the wrong person? With this is mind, here are essential rules of email etiquette at work which I encourage you to put into practice. Later, we will/

Course Technology ▪ Delmar ▪ South-Western OUR FOCUS IS YOU! Course Technology ▪ Delmar ▪ South-Western Soft Skills: We Know Our Students Need Them, But.

are often crossed on the internet. Course Technology ▪ Delmar ▪ South-Western Soft Skills At Work Chapter 3: Written and Verbal Communication Skills (Video: Useful Software Skills) Students learn how to use their written and verbal skills to their advantage. Email etiquette, cell phone and text messaging, using Microsoft Office work tools and other topics are presented. Chapter 4: Team Dynamics & Generational Differences (Video: Team Dynamics) Focuses on/


PRESENTATION TO THE PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE 19 MAY 2006 PMG note: graphics not included please email info/SEPARATE INTERVIEWS CAN BE CONDUCTED, AND A DISABILITY FRIENDLY COUNTER. COUNTER STAFF IS MULTI-SKILLED OFFICE HAS IT’S OWN AUDITORIUM, CAFETERIA FOR STAFF, ENTERTAINMENT AREA (LAPA BRAAI AREA/ GIVEN ALBERTS A.SACNew Leave Policy New comer, client relation, customer care, BAS, Protocol and Etiquette, computer, Identity documents, Birth, Marriage and Death, Passports, Processing, Fingerprints G. Mabusela.Head/

CROSS-CULTURAL TRAINING FOR THE ISS PAYLOAD OPERATIONS TEAM Presented By: Glenn A. Ferraro Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL (256) 961-0233.

of culture shock. Demonstrate skills required for successful interaction with our International Partners. Demonstrate skills required for successful interaction with/ with clear agendas and punctuality is expected o Etiquette and titles are more important here than the US/said rather than how it is being said o Email can be a useful tool to work around accent/ fewer interpreters and no special equipment Allows participants absorb the presentation and listen in both languages if they desire Most effective/


ETIQUETTE PRESENTATION SKILLS PROFESSIONAL IMAGE INTRODUCTION A great presenter has two unique qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. This confidence comes from knowing what to say and being comfortable with communication skills. In this workshop, participants will master the skills that will make them better speakers and presenters/ component covers various aspects of workplace communication from telephone skills to email etiquette.  Through case studies and quizzes, participants will learn /

2012 Cookie Program.

NW Missouri Council. Council Planned Activities, $1.87: + Skill Building Activities like STEM, Art, Health & Leadership + /option! See pages 27 – 28 for quick instruction, Council will email detailed instructions and will post on our website www.girlscoutsksmo.org. /Etiquette Contract found on the Council website. Booth Sales: Tally Sheet Troops should start and end each shift with a Tally Sheet, also available on the website. This process will keep track of inventory, monies, and girls/volunteers present/

“The Impeccable Candidate” Presented by1 Monica D. Black, M.A.

Presented by1 Monica D. Black, M.A. Success in getting, keeping and advancing in a job is 85% people skills and 15% technical knowledge and skills Statistics from 3 separate research projects by Harvard, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Institute “Success requires that you are included. My goal is to provide you with etiquette/  Email & Follow-up  Clothing  Eye Contact  Handshake  Meal etiquette  Thank you YOU It isYOU when you are comfortable and impeccable with the following soft skills: /

Professionalism and Presenting Yourself in Social Media Carisa Champion-Lippmann Danielle Maholtz.

presentation Learn some techniques that will allow you to communicate effectively Learn some personal etiquette rules to follow Power Point Structure IntroductionContentConclusion Introduction ObjectivesMotivation Prerequisite knowledge Agenda Content Overview/Advanced Organizer Content matches stated learning objectives Skills/ and improve patient care and outcomes. Social Media/Electronic Information Emails and Texts Professional Communication Err on the side of formality. Read/Edit/Spell-check /

Role of Soft Skills in Professional Career May 02, 2013 Dr. Ram P Rustagi Dept of ISE PES Institute of Technology

Work Leadership Self Awareness and Development Networking (Relationship Management) Business Ethics Business Etiquette Business Protocol Time Management Customer Service Skills 18 19 Effective Communication Interaction at fast food counter –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0voPlW2 pSshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0voPlW2 pSs 20 Effective Communication Communicate your ideas effectively Email etiquettes –clarity between “To:” and “Cc:” and “Bcc:” –Text in Capital letters/

Business Etiquette Mr. Roeshink Finance & Business Technology 1.

are one step above you 10 General Guidelines for Dress & Presentation 1) Do not mix styles 2) If you are color /contact you: name, address, phone number, fax number, email, etc. 31 Recap of Key Concepts Section 3 When /Visitors With a little research and preparation, accompanied with some sensitivity skills training, you can make a lasting and favorable impression Wipe /This final section will focus on some miscellaneous topics concerning etiquette in the business environment 79 Holidays and Gift Giving Find/

The Protocol Professional LLC Proper Etiquette & Professional Protocol Presentation Informational Demo Erma I. Bennett - Manager & Sole Proprietor © Copyright.

and talents.  It is her desire to help others become skilled in the correct (proper) etiquette and protocol required, when receiving and hosting VIPs, notables and /you. I hope that you will find “beauty” in what has been presented, and go out into the world and make an impression upon those you /I. Bennett provides, visit website www.TheProtocol-Professional.com or email ErmaIBennett@TheProtocol_Professional.comwww.TheProtocol-Professional.comErmaIBennett@TheProtocol_Professional.com To receive an /

WELCOME This is Part One of a Three-Part Workshop known as “Bootcamp” Part IWho You Are and Resume Drafting Part IIProfessional Etiquette/Interview Skills.

Etiquette/Interview Skills Part IIIFinancial Aid for College and Beyond! Part I In our first segment, we will focus on two distinct areas: 1.Exploring Who You Are (what areas of job and academic exploration are right for you?) 2.Resume Writing (How can I present/ a space between each paragraph. Cover Letter Basics (Cont.) Use professional language and format, even if applying online or in email If using email, be sure to use the subject line (the easier you make it for manager to get back to you the better!)/


forever) > ADVANTAGE INTERNATIONAL: STRENGTHENING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS Chatter Etiquette Examples of Chatter that are valuable and some that/and collaborate on anything Reduce unwanted email blasts and “reply all” emails Examples of best practices > ADVANTAGE/ get quick feedback on the presentation from my colleagues on Chatter.” Collaborate on sales presentations & proposals > ADVANTAGE INTERNATIONAL:/ so she posed the question to her Chatter Support Skills group and was able to quickly collaborate with a/

Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication 1Chapter 2 -Copyright © 2014 Pearson.

Skills Mobile Phones In Social Settings 41Chapter 2 -Copyright © 2014 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall First Impressions First Impressions Personal Introductions Business Meals Business Meals Mobile Phones Mobile Phones Business Etiquette Online Behave professionally online Avoid personal attacks Stay focused on the original topic Don’t present/, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall Business Etiquette Online Never assume privacy Avoid “reply all” in email Don’t waste other people’s time /

Workplace Expectations: “Re-Tool, Re-Brand, Re-Launch!” Presented by: Michael Robinson, M.S. Director, Community Outreach & Hiring Human Resources Department.

the employment application, as well as the accuracy of other data presented throughout the hiring process and employment. Employers require new employees /To Include In Your Resume HeadingName, Address, Contact Phone Numbers, Email Address Key Accomplishments Key Contributions During Current and/or Past Employment Situations/Job Search 38 Proper Business Etiquette Part of the Business Communication Cycle Distinguish You From Others An Opportunity to Exhibit Communication Skills Community Resources to Help You/

ECE291 Lecture 0 All about ECE291. ECE 291 Lecture 0Page 2 of 45 Staff info – Me! Josh Potts Office phone: 244-8032 Office address: 242 Everitt Email:

8032 Office address: 242 Everitt Email: jpotts@uiuc.edu jpotts@uiuc.edu Office hours: whenever you see me and I don’t blow you off Sense of humor: present but very bad ECE 291/to interface with hardware devices in your computer You will develop excellent time management skills or you will die ECE 291 Lecture 0Page 7 of 45 Structure and evaluation/$85,000 worth of improvements in all ECE 291 Lecture 0Page 16 of 45 Lab etiquette 3 Clean up after yourselves Push your chair back under the table when you leave /

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION CHAPTER: 1. 2 COMMUNICATION SKILLS NEEDED IN BUSINESS Speaking well Writing well Displaying proper etiquette (manners) Listening.

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION CHAPTER: 1 2 COMMUNICATION SKILLS NEEDED IN BUSINESS Speaking well Writing well Displaying proper etiquette (manners) Listening attentively 3 Why Business Needs to Communicate /includes orders, instructions, and messages down the authority structure; of working information through the organization’s email or intranet; and of extremely directed messages, sales presentations, advertising, and publicity. These main channels should not just happen; they should be carefully thought/

Webinar Etiquette Thank you for joining us today. Please note the following. Use your telephone or computer for audio, not both. Keep your computer microphones/phone.

. 6 CEFR And Language Skills CEFR Indicates 7 Language skills 7 These skills fall easily under the four skills. Speaking Two Skills of Speaking Spoken Production -A speech -A presentation Spoken Interaction -A discussion -Group and Pair -Conversation 8 Writing Two Skills of Writing Writing Production -A paper -A paragraph Writing Interaction -A text -An SMS -An email or Chat 9 Listening Two skills of Listening Listening as an/

Everyone is Different: A Review of Types of Disabilities 1 ADA Trainer Network Module 2e Trainer’s Name Trainer’s Title Phone Email/Web Address.

Name Trainer’s Title Phone Email/Web Address Disclaimer Information, materials/ is a childhood disorder characterized by difficulty with certain skills such as reading or writing, and math computations./ capability Not the same as mental illness Not always present with other developmental disabilities! National Dissemination Center for Children/a broad array of disability-related issues, focusing on language and etiquette. www.sanantonio.gov/planning/disability_handbook/disability _handbook.asp 23 Mid-/

Skills for Real World Survival. Interpersonal Skills Organizational Skills Business- Management Skills Click button Skills for Real World Survival Communication.

emails; remember all emails remain in the system even if deleted –spell check email –always put who the email is from Communication Skills 44 Speaking Skills Are the most common way of communicating Should be organized to be clear and concise Speaking occasions might include: –school elections –class presentations/ a quick way to answer the message without keying in the email address of the sender 209 Netiquette Is “etiquette” or proper behavior in the electronic environment Violations include: –sending/

List of in-house Training List of Outbound activities

problem solving & decision making, Assertiveness tool by Marc Robert by for communication, presentation skills, Train the Trainer, CRM and other tools for Stress Management, Business etiquette, Attitude Building, etc. He also has excelled in handling Sales Executives & Managers/ Meet us @ “Aasheerwad”, Door No:6, Plot No 170, Jeevaga Chintamani St, Ganesh Nagar, Selaiyur, Chennai -600073. Email us @ prakash@bijatraining.com Visit us @ www.bijatraining.com Reach us @ +91 - 98840 25056 044 - 22272770 List of/

Time Management Tips College Study Skills Tips Social Media Etiquette Facebook Email Reminders Attend Tutoring Meet w/ Peer Mentor Student Evaluation.

Time Management Tips College Study Skills Tips Social Media Etiquette Facebook Email Reminders Attend Tutoring Meet w/ Peer Mentor Student Evaluation Learning How to Manage Your Time in College Can Be Critical for Your / the time into your calendar before its too late. Plan for the unexpected. Sure, you just might be able to pull off two papers and a presentation during mid-terms week. But what happens if you catch the flu the night youre supposed to be pulling the all- nighter? Expect the unexpected so/

Designing eLearning Environments Conducive to ePortfolio Identity Skill Development.

Rubric Do’s and Don’ts Do’s and Don’ts Read this First Read this First Rules and Etiquette Rules and Etiquette Academic Honesty / Plagiarism Academic Honesty / Plagiarism Course Information Quiz Course Information Quiz Basic Skills for Success Basic Skills for Success Sample Presentations Sample Presentations Community of Inquiry Social Presence Discussion boards Discussion boards Participation feedback Participation feedback Movie discussion board Movie discussion board/

Please Pass the Etiquette: Interacting with Employers

application of powerful social skills to transact accepted business practices with thoughtful consideration that sharpens and increases your competitive edge. -The Executive Protocol Group Without etiquette, you limit your potential, risk your image, jeopardize relationships that are fundamental to business success. Perception and Self Promotion Johari Window Common Knowledge Blind Spots Facade Potential Communicating With Employers Follow-up Email Phone/Voice Mail Cell/

Chapter 2 Copyright © 2014 Pearson Education, Inc.Chapter 2 - 1 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal.

Copyright © 2014 Pearson Education, Inc.Chapter 2 - 23 Improving Your Nonverbal Communication Skills Copyright © 2014 Pearson Education, Inc.Chapter 2 - 24 Copyright © 2014 Pearson Education/present opinions as facts Use good grammar and punctuation Use updated virus protection Ask permission before chatting Control language and emotions Copyright © 2014 Pearson Education, Inc.Chapter 2 - 32 Business Etiquette Online Avoid multitasking and IM Never assume you have privacy Avoid “reply all” in email/

Presented by. Air District “Spare the Air” “Spare the Air” Work to protect the environment Work to protect the environment Prepare future workers Prepare.

Presented by Air District “Spare the Air” “Spare the Air” Work to protect the environment Work to protect the environment Prepare future workers Prepare future workers “Committed to achieving clean air to protect the publics health and the environment” www.baaqmd.gov Interviewing Skills Why is it important? Interviewing Skills Improve your interviewing skills Improve your interviewing skills Understanding work place expectations and guidelines Understanding work/

Job Search Tools for International Students. Résumé/Cover Letter Rights/Responsibilities for Employers Job knowledge/skills Education Your Job and Internship.

telephone inquiries, thank you notes, etc.) Unless presented as part of a group activity, citing achieved goals, accomplishments and skills is viewed as boastful, self‐serving, and too/large font (14-20pt) Current/Permanent Address Professional Email LinkedIn or other online professional site Education Make sure headers stand out and/Let’s Practice! Interview Attire: What am I supposed to wear? Interview Etiquette During Be confident in marketing your abilities! Give examples of your experience /

INTERVIEW OVERVIEW Purpose Structure Etiquette Preparation

educational record Technical knowledge/ Skills End Opportunity to ask questions Closure – information on further communication Final handshake INTERVIEW ETIQUETTE “Interviews are most /with employees Personality & aptitude tests In-tray exercises/Written exercises Presentation skills In-depth interviews BEHAVIOURAL QUESTIONS “Employers don’t really care/.damngood.com/jobseekers/tips.html www.doctorjob.com Attend a practice interview! Email careers@tcd.ie or call (01) 8961721 Read “Careers Service Guide 2007/

PRESENTATION - 2011.  Training, Facilitation & Consultation organisation  Mission:  To inspire a million lives  To make a permanent difference to.

 And many Engineering & Pharma Colleges for Faculty Development and Student Programs Programs suggested considering present work scenarios are:  SENIOR MANAGEMENT & Heads of Departments  Strategy and New Value Opportunities/my goals I can Impress - a superior Me through a Personal Development  Etiquettes - Business and Social  Communication skills - To impress  I improve when I think, plan & act /Email: inspired.cfil@gmail.cominspired.cfil@gmail.com ajit.tawde@gmail.com Website:www.cfilindia.comwww./

Business Etiquette Parma City Schools ABLE/ESOL. Business Etiquette Basic manners – bring them into your work environment “thank you” “excuse me” 60%

Sustained Perception? Sustained Perceptions “The King” Or “The Traitor” Business Etiquette Dress Greeting Business Card/Resumes Business Communication (Phone Etiquette) Email/Social Media Dress Does Dress impact decision on interview? Yes- 93%/cards Vistaprint.com (you will just pay shipping) Describe your skills on the back Resumes Samples can be found online Submit /html Stacey Houston-Banks, “Business Etiquette” powerpoint, as presented 16 August 2010 at Cuyahoga County Public Library, Parma Heights Branch/

Today’s discussion 2/11/10 Research Paper 1 Presenting in front of an audience Email Etiquette Developing self awareness.

Paper 1 Presenting in front of an audience Email Etiquette Developing self awareness Key Dimensions of Self Awareness Self Awareness Setting Priorities and goals Managing Time Managing Stress Areas of self awareness Emotional intelligence Personal Values Learning style Orientation towards change Core self evaluation “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SETS APART GOOD LEADERS” 1 Emotional Intelligence What is Intelligence? Typically focused on  analytic reasoning  verbal skills  spatial/


Workplace Values Assessing Your Interests Assessing Your Occupational Personality Type Assessing Your Skills Investigating Career Options Informational Interviews Tips for Conducting Informational Interviews Job Search/PRESENTING YOUR BEST WORK CHAPTER 4: LEADERSHIP, ETHICS, AND RESPONSIBILITY CHAPTER 5: SHARING YOUR WORLD CHAPTER 6: MAKING HEALTHY CHOICES CHAPTER 7: PLANNING FOR YOUR CAREER CHAPTER 8: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Email Practices and Etiquette for College, Career, and Life Tips for Email Etiquette/

Computer Technology Semester Test Review Standard 1 - Basics Standard 2 – Word Processing Standard 2 - Spreadsheets Standard 2 - Presentations Standard.

email etiquette:  DON’T TYPE IN ALL CAPS  Use a Subject Line  KISS (Keep it short & simple) PowerPoint Review Layouts  Placement of text and objects on the slide  Layout Options:  Title Slide  Title and Content  Section Header  Two Content  Comparison  Title Only  Blank  Content with Caption  Picture with Caption Title Slide Layout  Use this layout to create the “cover page” of your presentation/practice are also required to develop into a skilled performer of ballet. Left Align Right Align /


presents Session 1: Intro to Corporate Blogging Blogs and social media Session 1: Intro to Corporate Blogging Table of Contents Introduction What is a blog? What makes it a blog? Why should we care? Benefits and challenges Case studies The primary social networking sites Corporate blogging etiquette/cost $240k, but it had a profitable ROI. Skills Infrastructure Staff What will it take? Preparation and planning/ top of things Google Alerts RSS feeds Email subscriptions Aggregators (popurls, Techmeme, twitter, /

Soft Skills & Leadership Trainer

SKILLS JOB/POST TECH SKILLS SOFT SKILLS General Workplace skill Communication skills (Written and Oral) Leadership and Teambuilding Skills Positive Attitude Interpersonal Skills Ethics Emotional Intelligence Motivation-self/others Creativity Problem solving and decision making skills HR- Skills Career Management skills Presentation skills Email Etiquettes Telephone Etiquettes Group Discussions Event management Interview skills Time management Negotiation skills/the firm Knowledge/ skills required for the /

Transition Planning Considerations: Email Communications PowerPoint Slides to be used in conjunction with the Facilitator’s Guide.

S., & Henderson, K. (2012). Transition planning considerations: Email communication – A PowerPoint presentation for professional development. Modules Addressing Special Education and Teacher Education / opportunities for students to build effective professional communication skills that are appropriate for postsecondary learning environments. Transition/email. Add these to the list started in this module. E-mail Tips Use the following tips to help students think ahead about post-secondary e- mail etiquette/

Power In Presence: Developing Your Personal Brand Presenter: Oliver C. Allen, Jr. 1 2014.

Presenter: Oliver C. Allen, Jr. 1 2014 Power In Presence: Developing Your Personal Brand Now Is the Time Now Is the Time 2 Agenda  Introduction  Define Power In Presence  Discuss Strategies for Self Marketing  Define Brand Vs. Branded  Sharpening Your Skills/Virtual Presence  Phone presence  The use and abuse of email Power In Presence: Developing Your Personal Brand Now Is the Time Now Is the Time 47 4-Understand Business Etiquette  Dangling conversations: Gossip, grapevine and jokes  Damage /

The process of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, reporting relationships, and creating a staffing management.

Sponsor PM Costumer Project team SMEs PM’s Skill Leadership Communications Organizing Negotiating Managing conflict Motivating Controlling/attractive work environment. These factors cause dissatisfaction if not present, but do not motivate workers to do more –Poor/Code of conduct Communication Working Together Meeting Etiquette Shared Responsibility Establishing Ground Rules Tools &/Communication (One way stream; no feedback is expected) – Email updates, Company memos etc Pull Communication (info is placed at/

Zachary Bromert February 26/27th

Bromert February 26/27th Nike Presentation Zachary Bromert February 26/27th Topics Company & Job Description Career Path Hard and Soft Skills Examples of Work The Good/ we also need to be profitable. Soft Skills: How you handle yourself in a professional manner is crucial. Be yourself but take your job seriously. Meeting etiquette, treat others as you would like to be/calls are always more impactful than a text or email. Put the Blackberry down. Be Prepared. Stay Focused. Have a nice work and life balance./

Mapping your Way to Success using LinkedIn and Twitter Presented by the Fuqua Career Management Center November 15, 2012.

your email address and contact information.  Explore and leverage “Applications” “Skills” and “Certifications” to give your profile more “meat.”  Link to appropriate website(s), other social media sites.  Share news with your network. Presentation, excerpts/focus.  What do you hope to accomplish & what can you contribute?  Get to know Twitter vocabulary and etiquette. Presentation, excerpts or in entirety, may not be distributed or reproduced for commercial or private use without written permission of /

INFORMATION PRESENTATION “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever.

The lessons are presented on an emotional level, and the children leave the class with a clear understanding of the life skill, the consequences of the choice they make, and also – most importantly – with a conscience. Lessons Include, but not limited to: Party Etiquette, Whining &/ BESIDES LESSONS ARE interactive, fun and are accompanied by Worksheets, Poems and/or Songs, Activities and Crafts. WEEKLY EMAILS are sent to parents informing them of the lesson of the week so that they may have all the tools /

CASE STUDY Student Affairs and Technology: Teaching for the Technological Revolution Presentation by: Eric Bross, Josie Hutchinson, Bradley Kane Northern.

, and speed of information Begin to standardize education of technology skills and knowledge in student affairs as similar with other standardizations / “The Core Rules of Netiquette” Learning Objectives: Define “netiquette” Identify etiquette using email, mailing lists, web sites, information services and list serves Describe why you/R)evolution: Making Web Sites Accessible and Useable for all Students.” Paper presented at annual conference for National Association Student Affairs Professionals, Boston, MA. /

Introductions November 17, 2014 Presenter: Aaron Robbins Wiseman CESP™ Certification Director.

which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented to an organization following extensive review by a third / or completed coursework Certification Evidence of competency Examines skill/knowledge based on benchmarks set Not based on /labor trend information Identifying patterns in job markets Disability etiquette Maintaining updated information on businesses type of jobs /email approximately one week prior to the exam day. If you do not receive a confirmation please call or email/

Career Boot Camp Presented by: Patty Dang M.S., Career Development Services Counselor How to use this self-directed PowerPoint: Since this workshop does.

Email Address  Job Objective  Summary of Qualifications (only highlight skills relevant to the position you’re applying for)  Education  Work/Volunteer Experience  Professional Involvement/Development (i.e. professional organizations, campus involvement, clubs or organizations, honors/awards, presentations/relevant work experience  Stand out - demonstrate Stand out - demonstrate  Communication skills  Maturity/business etiquette  Work ethic Employer Advice What is “ The Hidden Job Market?”“ The /

E-learning Study Skills: Caffeine for tired college survival courses Ryan Watkins George Washington University Author: E-learning Companion: A student’s.

school lectures or readings will have to updated for new online articles, podcasts, or streaming video presentations. The new classroom requires some new study skills. Activity Ideas Have student submit a group paper with MS Word’s Track Changes and Comments/ (even if your class meets on-campus). 4.Model the online behaviors you want from learners (e.g., etiquette, response time on emails, professional writing). 5.Use the resources of your college (tech support, librarians, colleagues, etc.). 45 Ten Tips/


and Development, Texas A&M University Objectives Increase knowledge of disability etiquette and develop interaction skills Recall tips to communicate effectively and interact in a respectful manner /harness or vest, show proof Must not be out of control or present a threat Emotional Support Animals Emotional support animals (ESAs) are recognized/ Other License Plates That Indicate Hearing Impaired Signs That Indicate Disability Find email / link Research and Education on Disability and Disaster redd.tamu.edu /

What Does This Mean And How Do We Deal With It?. 90 Minute Presentation Includes 5 minutes of small group discussion near the beginning Video clips Slides.

skills first Teaching our students HOW to learn Teaching our students to be CRITICAL THINKERS  Digital Access  Digital Commerce  Digital Communication  Digital Literacy  Digital Etiquette/Etiquette Definition: The standard of conduct expected by other digital technology users. .  Moderate Use of Technology  Balance in Lifestyle  Proper Communication – when to use email/ Wide Approach Iron Ridge Elementary Consider: Considering the information presented today, what action plan will you be putting into /

How to use email submitted by: Hakema Adwilah submitted to : Prof. Dr. Sabrikoc.

it.  If our learners are not familiar with email, it is not difficult to teach them to use it, and the technology is both ubiquitous and free. Communication skills Technical skills Basic email skills Communication skills It is a good idea to remind learners that/ to use in English to aviod this? Responding to email using the teachers first name, for example, and signing off in a friendly fashion, is important.  In terms of general email etiquette in email projects, it is worth reminding learners that it is/

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