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An Overview of Emerging Alternative Energy Technologies and its Impact on the Demand for Engineers and Consultants Stafford Cuffe, Ph.D. Member: AMA, IEEE,

& Reinvestment Act of 2009 (stimulus funding) $50 billion for energy programs $32 billion to modernize the US power grid $20 billion tax cut for alternative energy projects $18.5 energy efficiency and renewable energy $11 billion for smart electricity grid (manage variability of very high levels of wind and solar power generation) $6.3 billion in state energy agency efficiencies $4.5 billion to make Federal Buildings more/

Chapter 13 Renewable Energy and Conservation

breaks Other Indirect Solar Energy Ocean waves Produced by winds Has potential to turn a turbine- and create electricity Ocean Temperature Gradients Use difference in temperature of surface and deep water to create electricity Other Renewable Energy Sources Geothermal Energy Energy from the Earth’s interior for either space heating or generation of electricity From Hydrothermal Reservoirs (left) Created by volcanoes Reservoirs used directly for heat or to generate electricity Geothermal Energy From hot, dry/

Solar Energy/ Energy Saving Getting the best out of FITs / RHI Save Money? and the Planet? Is it as simple as that? - what are the catches? 1 Reach Within.

central heating boiler. Gain from solar energy is much higher. More solar energy can be gained if boiler operation is delayed. Boiler ON/OFF times should be adjusted between summer and winter for optimum performance 35 Getting the most out of Solar Thermal: The Future The Government will maintain the Feed-In-Tariffs to support investment in emerging small-scale generation technologies in electricity, saving £40M by improving/

1 Recipient of James Watt Gold Medal Aylsham and District Wildlife Society November 28th 2011 The Triple Challenges of Climate Change, Energy Security.

for the future? Energy Generation Solar thermal - providing hot water - most suitable for domestic installations, hotels – generally lees suitable for other businesses Solar PV – providing electricity - suitable for all sizes of installation Example 2 panel ( 2.6 sqm ) in Norwich – generates 826kWh/year (average over 7 years). The more hot water you use the more solar heat you get! Renewable Heat Incentive available from 2012 Area required for/

Energy Storage Due Diligence WEDNESDAY, January 26, 2011 The Role of Energy Storage in PV Projects PRODUCED BY EUCI January 31, 2011.

Due Diligence WEDNESDAY, January 26, 2011 Energy Storage in PV Projects Monday, January 31, 2011 Electric Energy Storage (EES) and Solar PV Energy Solar PV has an advantage over wind in that its generation profile is closer to peak loads. Solar PV can be combined with electric energy storage (EES) in island grid or micro-grid systems (e.g., Hawaii, Alaska, isolated grids). Energy generated from solar PV could be stored for use after/

Solar energy.

steam. The steam, in turn, is converted into mechanical energy in a turbine and into electricity from a conventional generator coupled to the turbine.   Solar thermal power generation works essentially the same as generation from fossil fuels except that instead of using steam produced from the combustion of fossil fuels, the steam is produced by the heat collected from sunlight. Solar thermal technologies use concentrator systems due to the high temperatures/

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surface (J/m2); annual average incident power on a horizontal surface (W/m2); annual energy received by a horizontal surface (W/m2) Technology 1. Solar-thermal systems include heat storage and indirect production of electricity . 2. Photovoltaic systems for direct electricity generation Solar-thermal systems used heat accumulated from solar radiation for production of electricity using conventional thermal cycle and for production of heat water for domestic use and/

P1a Energy & Energy Resources

a turbine and electrical generator; coal, oil and gas, are burned and uranium/plutonium fissions to heat the water. Energy from renewable energy sources can be used to drive turbines directly. Renewable energy sources are wind, the rise and fall of water due to waves and tides, and the falling of water in hydroelectric schemes. Electricity can be produced directly from the Suns radiation using solar cells. S Compare/

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solar energy!) Air drying indoors in winter (common practice in most European countries) - as evaporation of water cools the surrounding air, the heat for drying the clothes comes from the building space-heating system, but the air is also humidified Dishwashers An energy-intensive way of washing dishes compared to water-efficient washing by hand Air-drying option minimizes electricity use Televisions and related equipment Energy/


regard to energy efficiency. To draw lessons from the case studies provided. Module 15 Introduction In general, power reform options were not primarily designed to promote EE. The main objective of reforms was to increase electricity generation capacity and / of the peak load, efficient water heating technologies such as solar water could be used. Module 15 Impact of Independent Power Producers on EE (1) Increasing electricity generation capacity through private investment was one of the main drivers of/

Electrical energy of the elements.

energy pressure and energy kinetic water energy into mechanical energy. Electrical energy from fire Distribution of solar globe, taking into account the impact of Earths atmosphere Electrical energy from fire can be produced using solar energy. Solar Power - a branch of industry, dealing with the use of solar energy is already counted as renewable energy sources. Solar radiation For the solar/ electric generators (with 100m ³ of biogas can produce approximately 540-600 kWh of electricity), as an energy /

SOLAR POWER The energy demand will be doubled in the next 30 years Insecurity in energy supplies International tensions A major threat is more urgent to.

the security of the transmission network supply though a modular and decentralized power generation concept. Photovoltaics are best known as a method for generating electric power by using solar cells to convert energy from the sun into electricity. The photovoltaic effect refers to photons of light knocking electrons into a higher state of energy to create electricity. The term photovoltaic denotes the unbiased operating mode of a photodiode in/

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heat energy we get from the sun can also be used to produce electricity. It can also be used to heat water for our homes. Solar collectors harvest the suns heat energy and use it to heat a liquid such as water, oil, or molten salt. The hot liquid can be stored for later use or used immediately to make steam to power an electric turbine/generator/

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discouraging solar heating is low energy prices. Solar-Thermal Electricity: Power Towers General idea is to collect the light from many reflectors spread over a large area at one central point to achieve high temperature. Example is the 10-MW solar power plant in Barstow, CA. 1900 heliostats, each 20 ft by 20 ft a central 295 ft tower An energy storage system allows it to generate 7/

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Generations John Hargrove Energy Efficiency Program Manager 22 Program History 2003 – Nevada State legislation encourages NV Energy customers to install solar photovoltaic systems 2003 – Nevada State legislation encourages NV Energy customers to install solar photovoltaic systems 2004 – Solar Generations program launched 2004 – Solar Generations program launched 2007 – Solar program made permanent, nearly doubling size from/ 42 How Far Can They Go? 43 Battery Electric (BEV) 73 to 100 mile range per charge/

1 Solar Energy Industry Forecast: Perspectives on U.S. Solar Market Trajectory May 27, 2008 United States Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies.

of system costs Silicon ‘normalization’ Solar system value drivers Solar market forecast Additional resources Agenda 11 The President’s Solar America Initiative (SAI) drives Federal work. Achieve grid parity for solar electricity from photovoltaics across all market sectors by 2015. 12 In the next years of the SAI, the DOE’s Solar Program will focus on achieving price-parity and scale for solar electricity generation from both PV and CSP PV/

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-sized star that radiates energy from nuclear fusion reactions in its core. Only a small fraction of the sun’s energy reaches the Earth. You use direct solar energy every day. When the sun shines on a window and heats a room, the room is being heated by solar power. Solar energy can also be used indirectly to generate electricity in solar cells. Five elements of Passive Solar Design The following five/

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technology. Highest solar energy conversion efficiency from Infinilec’s generator Highest solar energy conversion efficiency from Infinilec’s generator © Infinilec Pty Limited 2008 Action! Funding Private investors Private investors Institutional investors Institutional investors NSW State assistance NSW State assistance Federal government grants Federal government grants © Infinilec Pty Limited 2008 Conclusion Solar hot spot Solar hot spot Existing electricity grid Existing electricity grid Suitable land/

CONTENTS 1.Technology Paradigms a.Old Paradigm example b.Old Energy Paradigm, Model, Costs and Status c.New Paradigm example d.New Energy Paradigm 2.Key.

power for buildings (AKA Co-generation) – Ubiquitous solar, wind and micro hydro electric generators – Ubiquitous storage instead of spinning capacity for renewable capacity factors Technology and Enterprise liberty applied to energy – SmartGrid is a roadmap for the graceful introduction and implementation of the 21 st Century energy architecture and energy business model. Small businesses can now enter the retail energy space. – Decreases energy dollar exports from a residence, business, town/

The Feasibility of Alternative Enterprises in Agriculture Farming Wind & Solar Energy Prepared by: Rod L. Sharp Norm Dalsted Steve Koontz.

on- farm energy costs Additional Business Opportunities Amendment 37 –Colorado utilities are required to obtain electricity from renewable resources 3 percent by 2007 10 percent by 2015 4 percent of the mandated energy must be from solar History of Wind/ energy to electricity (PV cells – 10-15%) Giant dish-shaped mirrors Stirling Engine System Costs Dish Generators Costly - $250,000 each Larger Power Plants –Estimated cost of electricity - <$.10/kWh So Why Isn’t Everyone Investing in Wind or Solar Energy?/

Solar Arizona: A solar energy tour of Arizona The vision of a solar Arizona – a place where significant amounts of clean energy are generated from the.

Energy Office to displace diesel generators. The system at the Graywolf Lanfill made immediate economic sense for operators. Click here for larger image Return to previous slide Solar Arizona This pole mounted photovoltaic system powers a light at a trail entrance in the Tonto National Forest. Utility grid power was several miles from the site and line extension had to be underground, meaning that solar electricity/

Creating A Cleaner Energy Future For the Commonwealth Solar Incentive Programs in Massachusetts Mike Judge Associate Manager, RPS Programs Renewable and.

Commonwealth MA RPS Class I Program Established in 1997, first year of compliance in 2003 Eligible technologies include solar PV, solar thermal electric, wind, ocean thermal, wave or tidal energy, fuel cells, landfill methane gas, small hydro, low- emission biomass, marine or hydrokinetic energy, and geothermal electric Generation Units from New England and adjacent control areas (i.e. New York, Quebec, and New Brunswick) may qualify Minimum Standard/

Renewable Energy Alternatives

tide in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia Thermal Energy From the Ocean Lesson 18.2 Hydropower and Ocean Power Thermal Energy From the Ocean The ocean absorbs solar energy and stores it as heat. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) converts heat energy in the ocean to electricity. Warm ocean water is used to boil liquids with very low boiling points, generating vapors that can spin turbines. OTEC technology is/

EEC Energy Savings Strategy for the Town of Eliot and EEC FY 15 Budget Review January 2014 Eliot Energy Commission Ben Brickett Charlie Case Ed Henningsen.

Police Opportunity to Further Reduce Electricity, Heating Oil and Vehicle Fuel by 2020 including: - Completion of Energy Reduction Projects from Audits (EEC Target - Elec down 31%, Heat Oil down 25%) - More Efficient Town Vehicles (EEC Target down 24%) and Conversion of Street Lights to LEDs (down 90%) - Proposed Phase 2 Landfill Solar Can Generate 100 % of 2020 EEC Target Municipal Electricity Usage Recommend Close Cooperation Between/


a solution… Why? Market conditions are prime for such a solution… Competitiveness: Power generated from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is much closer to competitiveness with conventional electricity generation than many policy-makers and commentators have realized, according to a new working paper on the subject, released by research company Bloomberg New Energy Finance . Recent reductions in PV prices are likely to be sustainable. While overcapacity has/

KS4 Physics Renewable Energy.

deep below the Earth’s surface. hydroelectric energy – The gravitational potential energy of falling water, which is used to generate electricity. solar energyEnergy from the Sun, which is converted into thermal or electrical energy. tidal energyEnergy from the rise and fall of the tides, which can be used to generate electricity. wave energyEnergy from the up and down motion of waves, which can be used to generate electricity. wind energyEnergy from the movement of air, which is transferred/

Renewable Energy Pre-Feasibility Analysis at Apache Powder Superfund Site Andria Benner Environmental Scientist / Remedial Project Manager U.S. Environmental.

axis PV panels aligned to be south facing. Evaluating Solar System Size Hypothetical Daily Electricity Generation 5 MW PV Array 3 MW PV Array Summary of Site Opportunities Potential Benefits of SolarPotential Limitations for SolarSolar could help reduce peak electricity demand from grid  CSP could generate on-site steam  Solar could help hedge against conventional energy price volatility  Opportunity to generate and sell RECs (additional income)  Public relations benefits by/

10.20.2009 Webinar: PV Financial Analysis Matt Heling Program Manager Solar & Customer Generation Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Garen Grigoryan Business Analyst.

Generation Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Garen Grigoryan Business Analyst Solar & Customer Generation Pacific Gas & Electric Co. PG&E Webinar: PV Financial Analysis2 Webinar Goal Review concepts and resources needed to understand and/or perform an analysis of PV system cost-effectiveness. PG&E Webinar: PV Financial Analysis3 Agenda PV system costs PV systems benefits (financial) Methods of financial analysis PG&E Webinar: PV Financial Analysis4 Energy/

Solar Energy ….and it’s many uses.

solar cells, the electricity needs of the entire United States could be met. The sunlight falling on a typical house can provide from 1/3 to 1/2 of the heating needs of that house. Today solar energy accounts for only 1% of the total renewable energy/systems—have very little impact on the environment, making them one of the cleanest power-generating technologies available . Solar power produces no air pollution. Solar power produces no greenhouse gases, so it does not contribute to global warming. Production/

Solar Power & Energy Independence

’s Intermittency http://www.iea-pvps.org/pv/index.htm http://www1.eere.energy.gov/solar/pv_important.html Net-Metering Peak generation from PV occurs during the day Net-metering allows users to “bank” electricity they generate, and credit it against the electricity they use Most states won’t pay users if they generate more electricity than they use, but they can “zero-out” their accounts As of 2007/

Solar Energy Florida Electric Cooperatives Association 2014 Finance & Accounting Conference Glenn Spurlock September 17, 2014.

September 17, 2014 In 1 hour, the Earth receives more solar energy than it takes to power the world for 1 year. 0.22% - The portion of US electricity that is generated from solar power installations. Solar Energy 2 3 Solar Thermal Water Heating Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CST) Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technologies Solar Photovoltaic What do we mean by “Solar Energy”? 4 Solar thermal systems are a way to satisfy heating needs by/

Question How does solar power generation affect the environment compared to other means of power generation? Will a solar beater work with the same power.

receive less sunlight than others, depending on the climate and seasons. The greatest solar resources are located in the Southwestern states, where sufficient solar energy falls on an area of 100 miles by 100 miles to provide all of the nations electricity requirements.2 Environmental Impacts Air Emissions Emissions associated with generating electricity from solar technologies are negligible because no fuels are combusted.(2) Water Resource Use Photovoltaic/

Lecture 5: Renewable Portfolio Standards Energy Law and Policy Fall 2013.

“competitive” services such as generation supply). An electric services company (competitive supplier) must also provide a portion of its Ohio retail electricity supply from “alternative energy resources.”. What Qualifies as Renewable Energy? Defined by the “Plain language” of statute. But: PUCO sets up regulations, and has considerable discretion in how to interpret the Statute. “Renewable energy resource” means solar photovoltaic or solar thermal energy, wind energy, power produced by a hydroelectric/

Solar Panels & Fire Fighting. Solar Panels Life on planet Earth is fully dependent on the incredible energy of the Sun. As humans have intellectually.

., hose streams) make it difficult to maintain coverage. Electrical Shock Considerations The number of photovoltaic panels in the solar power system provides an indication of the magnitude of the electrical energy being generated. A smaller system such as on a residential occupancy might include only a few modules; however, the electricity generated is still appreciable and can be lethal. Electrical Shock Considerations In contrast, large systems that are/

Fun Facts About Solar It takes about 8 minutes for energy from the sun to reach Earth Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth – 173,000.

to temperature? Essential Questions (pt 2) What is active solar energy and how can it be used? What is passive solar energy and how can it be used? How do solar cells work? Essential Questions (pt 3) How is electricity generated from solar energy transformed for use in the home? What are the socio- environmental impacts of using solar energy? How much energy is emitted by our Sun? The sun produces about 3/

VCE Environmental Science

term photovoltaic refers to energy collected by solar panels (exclusively). In contrast solar energy is the collective name for all energy derived from the sun. Photovoltaic Solar panels are made of multiple layers of semi-conductive material. Photons (packets of light) hit the semi-conductive material. Electrons move freely through this material in one direction. Moving electrons are a current (electricity). As the current generated in a PV cell/

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Inc. © 2010 Pearson Education Canada “New” renewable contributions are small but growing quickly Globally, we obtain only 0.5% of our energy from new renewable energy sources In Canada, only about 6% of electricity generation comes from renewable sources other than large hydro Most in Canada comes from wind, followed by small hydro (run-of-river) installations and biomass Wind power has grown by 50% each year/

Concentrating Collectors

levelized energy costs of about 12-15¢/kWh, and the potential for cost reduction are expected to ultimately lead to costs as low as 5¢/kWh [6]. 8. Conclusions Concentrating solar power technology for electricity generation is ready for the market. Various types of single and dual-purpose plants have been analysed and tested in the field. In addition, experience has been gained from the/

Solar Power It’s coming of age Interesting factoid: Solar consumes less land per MW of electricity than either coal or hydro dams.

from National Renewable Energy Lab—Thermal Storage And the California ISO website shows demand and renewable output.Media Lab—ThermalCalifornia ISO Solar One “Power Tower” in Barstow California 1981 the original Power Tower. Rebuilt as “Solar Two” but dead in 1999. Generated/ to steam and use flash (direct) or heat exchanger/binary systems to drive steam turbine and generate electricity. October/November 2014 “Stimulation” tests.Stimulation Enhanced Geothermal System Utilizing Hot, Dry Bedrock Binary System /

PEC Solar Energy Technology (MEC-2) UET-Taxila Overview of High Temperature Solar Power Production Prof. Dr. A. R. El-Ghalban Department of Mechanical.

) UET-Taxila Electric power generation  Using concentrating systems solar power plants produce electric power by converting the suns energy into high-temperature heat.  The heat is then channeled through a conventional generator.  The plants consist of two parts: One that collects solar energy and converts it to heat, and Another that converts heat energy to electricity. PEC Solar Energy Technology (MEC-2) UET-Taxila  Concentrating solar power systems can be sized from (10 kilowatts/

Environmental Science

and developing nations. I can describe how hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, and geothermal heat pumps work. Renewable Energy Renewable energy: energy from sources that are constantly being formed Types of renewable energy: Solar energy (3 Ways) Wind energy Kinetic energy of moving water (3 Ways) Earth’s heat Solar Energy can be used 3 ways: Solar Heating Solar Heating  Electricity Solar EnergyElectricity Solar Hot Water 1890: solar water heaters used in sunny states like California, Arizona/

An Introduction to Sustainable Energy Systems: www.virlab.virginia.edu/Energy_class/Energy_class.htm Solar Energy Today I will start out by addressing.

out of bond, creating free electron + hole More general way of creating boundary charge-separating electric field: ABOVE: ONE MATERIAL but divided it in TWO DIFFERENTLY BEHAVING REGIONS Made two regions /from reservoir Hot salt reservoir Salt to H 2 O/Oil heat exchanger Boiling H 2 O/Oil loop to generator But why add in another layer of complexity? Because with enough molten salt (heated in the middle of the day) That molten salt can be used to boil water/oil all night Producing around the clock solar energy/

Friday, January 20 th 2012 Team P12472 : Solar Stirling Generator https://edge.rit.edu/content/P12472/public/Home.

Mirror (Will, Bryan, Mike) Mounting structure Mirror attachment place Engine and generator attachment place Base Many Small Mirrors Power Small Electronics Output electrical power to USB Store electrical power Condition electrical power Generate electrical power Convert solar energy to thermal energy Convert thermal energy to mechanical energy Protect SystemCorrosion resistantWeather proofing Convert solar energy to thermal energy Collect solar energy Focus sunlight on an object Place the hot side of a/

Building Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Experience in South Korea.

(Ewing, etc) Recently, Environmental Energy development makes planning field to energy producer through developing solar, bio, wind energy South Korea ’ s Renewable Energy Policy Change ‘ The Second Renewable Energy Plan for the Technology Development, Usage, and Dissemination ’ 2003.12 - 10 years Plan(2003~2012) - Year 2002, the proportion of renewable energy in consumption is only 1.4%, Year 2011, 5%(the proportion of electric generation is 7%) - Year 2002/

Developing Renewable Energy in the Arab Countries Dr. Eng. Walid Al-Deghaili Energy Section Chief – SDPD/ESCWA Lebanon Sustainability Week 1-3 June 2011.

Main Applications of RE 4- Advantages of Developing RE USE 5- Renewable Energy / Hydropower for Electricity Production 6- Renewable Energy / Wind Energy for Electricity Production 7- Renewable Energy / Solar Energy for Electricity Production 8- Renewable Energy / Biomass for Heat and Electricity production 9- Barriers / Constraints facing the Adoption of RE for Electricity Production 10- Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy - Expected Future Cost - 11- The Status of Cooperation in Arab Countries 12/

Energy and the Environment Renewable Resources and Alternative Energy.

split molecules of water (H2O). The Challenge of Hydrogen Fuel Hydrogen takes a lot of energy to produce. If this energy comes from burning fossil fuels, generating hydrogen would be expensive and polluting. One alternative is to use electricity from solar cells or wind power to split water molecules to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen could then be stored in pressurized tanks and transported in gas pipelines. Or hydrogen/

1 Commercial Solar Dale A. Gulden. 2 Road Map The following is a Solar Road Map that will guide you through some of the questions that arise when considering.

for conventional water heating, helping the building to realize a 55 percent reduction in energy use. 10 US Department of Energy High Performance Building initiative Solar Electric, or Photovoltaic (PV) systems, generate electricity from the sun and represent the vanguard of renewable and pollution-free energy. 11 Commercial Photovoltaic Introduction If you occupy an energy efficient commercial space and want to make the jump to the forefront of environmental/

1 Sustainable integration of solar energy in the Mediterranean Roberto VIGOTTI Chair Renewable Committee at IEA and OME.

Study on Very Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Generation (VLS-PV) System PV Potential Map World primary energy supply in 2004 453 EJ PV energy supply from 6 deserts 1 513 EJ Sonora = 6.0 Negev = 1.4 Sahara = 315 Thar = 13 PV potential world map (10 3 ×TWh) Gobi = 67 Sandy =18 Solar Electricity Generation market evolution 1. Autonomous systems (Solar Home Systems) 2. Rooftop/BIPV systems (for/

California Solar Initiative Introduction Workshop The slides for today’s presentation can be downloaded/printed at www.pge.com/solareducation.

meet customer load, PG&E purchases wholesale electric energy and capacity from generators and suppliers. If you are interested in Request for Offers (RFOs), power purchase agreements or Qualifying Facilities (QFs), please visit www.pge.com/b2b/energysupply/wholesaleelectricsuppliersolici tation/ http://www.pge.com/b2b/energysupply/qualifyingfacilities/ BONUS: What are the four solar programs under the Senate Bill 1 (SB1)? 142 Resources The slides for/

Fall 2008 Thomas Weisel Partners Alternative Energy Jeff Osborne 212 271-3577 Sector Weighting: Market Weight.

($90bn) still several years away from being a reality. Fuel Cell Producers: Ballard Power Systems -FuelCell Energy -Hydrogenics -Plug Power Energy Storage Battery/storage technology has remained relatively stagnant over the last 20 years. The lack of a reliable and economical high-energy density energy storage device has limited somewhat the potential of renewable energies such as wind and solar which generate electricity only during certain periods of the/

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