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and speed of the airplane. Power system provide and distribute the electric power needed for computers, to control the engines, keep the cabin lights on, A/ textbook Introductory Circuit Analysis (12th Edition) by Robert L. Boylestad Publisher: Prentice Hall; # ISBN-10: 0137146663 # ISBN-13: 978-0137146666 Assignment and reporting policy: Grading: HWs (7 – 8)/score sheets or any other documents. The grades will be posted on the class WEB page (Notes section) without using the student names. Instead, a/

What is Community ImpACT? We encourage all local employees to get involved in the program and contribute to its success. Schneider Electric’s community.

sign-ups required Wear comfortable clothing 10 spots available due to space limitations *Must attend 10 classes within 6 months EPN Emerging Employee Engagement Program Who we are An organization that seeks to improve employee engagement. We aspire to enhance the social, professional, and community outreach opportunities available to emerging professionals at Schneider Electric and increase opportunity for communication between emerging professionals and senior leadership/

Day 8 : 8/26/11 Topic: Safety & Static Electricity Objective: I will understand the terms positive, negative and neutral. Starter: How could a car repair.

a car repair shop use static electricity to aid in painting a car? Pick up textbooks Go to math office & check out books Put book in locker as needed Return to room 10 minutes max All other classes going on- BE QUIET!!!! Lab Safety/ Read through Safety guidelines Highlight important information Complete Safety Quiz Sign Safety Contract and hand in. Practice Fire & Tornado drill Review procedures for Fire drill 1.Fire /

Magnetism Physics.

demonstrating electric currents in front of a class of students When electric current was passed in a wire near a magnetic compass, the compass needle moved Electricity and Magnetism are related! Comparing E&M Magnets exert forces on one another Similar to electric charges:/It has flip- flopped throughout geologic time Studies of deep-sea sediments indicate that the field was virtually switched off for 10,000 to 20,000 years just over 1 million years ago The magnetic poles of Earth, however, do not coincide/

PHY132 Introduction to Physics II Class 12 – Outline:

of charge q, but it weakens with distance as 1/r. This expression for V assumes that we have chosen V = 0 to be at r = . QuickCheck 28.10 What is the ratio VB/VA of the electric potentials at the two points? 9. 3. 1/3. 1/9. / the potential at the surface V0 is known, then the potential at r  R is: Class 12 Preclass Quiz – Student Comments… “What is the difference between R and r in the equation for the electric potential of a charged sphere?” Harlow answer: R is a constant: the radius of the sphere/

Powered Industrial Trucks - Operator Training 1910.178 (l) 1915.120 (a) 1917.1 (a)(2)(xiv) 1918.1 (b)(10) 1926.602 (d)

10) 1926.602 (d) 2 Powered Industrial Truck - Definition n A mobile, power-propelled truck used to carry, push, pull, lift, stack or tier materials. [American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) definition] n Excluded are vehicles used for earth moving and over- the-road hauling. n Commonly known as forklifts, pallet trucks, rider trucks, forktrucks, or lifttrucks. n Can be powered through electric/32 Class II - Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks 33 Class II - Narrow Aisle Trucks 34 Class III - Electric /

Physics 213 (welcome!) Instructor: Chris Coffin Wngr 283

About This Course Read the web site. Start with the Announcements and go from there. The HW sets are not handed in for points, but the HW is NOT optional. Strong suggestion: Stay caught up with the reading and HW schedule shown on the Course/can be transferred from one object to another, but only when the objects touch. 3/30/15 Oregon State University PH 213, Class #1 Discovering Electricity: Experiment 10 Charge a plastic rod, then run your finger along it. After you’ve done so, the rod no longer picks up /

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months the spent fuel is removed from the reactor. –Kept in underwater storage for 5-10 years. –Transferred to “Dry Casks” and stored on site. 29 Westinghouse Non-Proprietary Class 3© 2013 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All Rights Reserved. Storage Pool and Dry Cask 30 Westinghouse Non-Proprietary Class 3© 2013 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All Rights Reserved. Spent Fuel Total amount of spent fuel generated/

Professor C.V. Hollot Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 12 September 2013 Senior Design Project – SDP14 PDR Recipe.

MDR Draft Report due November 2013 SMTUWTHFS 1234567 Last day of classes 891011121314 MDR Report due 15161718192021 22232425262728 293031 December 2013 5 ECE/right away Concussion Detection in High School Football What is the problem? 10 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering How significant is the problem?  1.6 / 13th 2011 Design Alternatives 19 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  ShockBox Impakt Protective Commercial use for football/hockey Secured with high adhesive bonding /

Note on Posted Slides These are the slides that I intended to show in class on Thu. Mar. 20, 2014. They contain important ideas and questions from your.

is natural light caused by charged particles accelerating in the Earth’s magnetic field. Before class on Tuesday Please read Chapter 25, or at least watch the 10-minute pre-class video for class 19. Something to think about: Electric current can create a magnetic field. Can a moving magnet create an electric field? Image from http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/story/chapter04.htmlhttp://www.energyquest.ca/

ECE 201 Electrical Networks I Instructor: Professor (not Dr.) Richard Farmer.

Objectives Students are conversant with the major sub- disciplines in Electrical Engineering, including problems they address and technologies they implement./and the final will be open book, open notes. Lab You must be registered for one section of ECE 201L. Labs will be held on their regularly scheduled time. /In Class Participation I will not take attendance. 1st in-class assignment: send me an email message with your name and email address- put ECE 201 somewhere in the message. Grades Homework 10% /

Direct and Indirect Control

10. Disadvantages of direct control 11. Practical task 3 Electrically-actuated DCV - Solenoid valves Forms of energies used to operate electro-pneumatic control system are: Electrical energy. Compressed air energy Electrically actuated (DCVs) are switched with the aid of an electric coil that is called a solenoid. The electric/Power supply Switches Class work (1) 3. Draw a pneumatic and an electric circuit to control/ The controlling circuit should contain relays for the indirect control Solution to Practical/

Types and properties of electricity Unit-1 Class- X.

basic unit of charge is e= 1.6 X 10 -19 Coulomb. Coulomb is the unit of electric charge. Related important terms Electric current – a movement or flow of electrically charged particles is known as electric current. Current can consist of any moving charged /a second is called the "frequency“. Frequency was originally measured in "cycles per second" (CPS). The unit of measurement for Frequency is called "Hertz," in honor of the German Scientist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894). In India the frequency of/

PHY132 Introduction to Physics II Class 11 – Outline:

It can be negative, and has an arbitrary zero point. Elastic potential energy (ch.10) is energy stored in a spring. It is always positive or zero, and / decreasing potential energy. Electric Potential Energy in a Uniform Field The figure shows the energy diagram for a positively charged particle in a uniform electric field. The potential/an increasing speed. 25 Before Class 12 on Wednesday (my last class…) Please finish reading Knight Ch. 28 Please do the short pre-class quiz on MasteringPhysics by tomorrow /

 Magnets can be created one of two ways: Naturally found in the Earth. They are called lodestones. It is permanently magnetized. Using electricity to.

Like electrical charges: Two similar poles will repel. Two different poles will attract.  Electricity and magnetism started off as two different studies in the early 1800s.  Then, while teaching a physics class, Hans/ the direction of the magnetic force we use the right-hand rule. (This is for positive charges!) Point your fingers in the direction of velocity. Curl your fingers towards / Electric  They can all be set equal to: F = ma  An electron (m= 9.11 x 10 -31 kg) moves at a speed of 6.0 x 10 /

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik Prof. Dr.-Ing., FIEEE, FCAE University Research Chair ELG 4913F ELG 4913F Electrical Engineering Design Project II www.mcrlab.uottawa.ca.

of students will pursue the design, implementation and validation of a significant electrical engineering system to meet specific needs. The work carried out during the/ system prototype demonstration, written documentation and presentations in class. Work is guided by a professor, but is performed for a customer entity, who must be satisfied with/the team Important Dates Final Design and Validation Report (20%): (deadline: Dec. 10, 4:00 PM) This will be a comprehensive formal report detailing the background /

Northeastern University, Fall 2005 CSG242: Computational Photography Ramesh Raskar Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs Northeastern University Oct 19th,

Proposals DueNov 2 nd Project Proposals Due Nov 9 th Class ? Likely on 10 thNov 9 th Class ? Likely on 10 th Nov 16 th Class ?Nov 16 th Class ? Nov 23 rd -> Likely on Nov 22 ndNov /for the masses –Tools for the artists Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs Raskar, Tan, Feris, Yu, Turk MultiFlash NPR Camera Depth Edge Camera Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs Raskar, Tan, Feris, Yu, Turk MultiFlash NPR Camera Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs Raskar, Tan, Feris, Yu, Turk MultiFlash NPR Camera Mitsubishi Electric/

11 September 2015Electricity Merit Badge Class 3 - 2010 Jamboree1 Electricity Merit Badge Class 3 – Electric Power We Use Alternating Current (AC) Safety.

15964 – 14840 = 1124 kilowatts-hours used At $0.10 per kilowatt = $112.40 Reduce the kilowatt-hours used and you reduce the cost 11 September 2015Electricity Merit Badge Class 3 - 2010 Jamboree27 Reducing the Power You Use How/ power companies make most of the electricity √ Transformers step up and step down voltage for efficiency √ Electricity can burn and cause fires if not handled properly √ Circuit breakers and fuses prevent fire 11 September 2015Electricity Merit Badge Class 3 - 2010 Jamboree32 What We /

Electrical Engineering department Umm Al-Qura University Dr. Basim J. Zafar.

: A1 – A2. Team B: B1 – B2. Team C: C1 – C2. Team D: D1 – D2. Team E: E1 – E2. Slide 10 Class homepage Section 01 Electricity If electrons were pushed, they produce a current Slide 13 Battery Source of pushing electrons Home Work Look for types of batteries in Wikipedia!! Home Work Slide 14 Volt Volt is the unit Electromotive Force Alexander Volta (first battery/

Physics II: Electricity & Magnetism Introduction.

.webassign.net  Username: lastnamefirstinitial (roes)  Institution: cedarcliff.pa  Password: ccphysics  15%: Laboratories / Lab Reports  10%: Journal  35%: Tests & Projects  10%: Quizzes  30%: *Homework / Class Work  *http://www.webassign.net  Username: lastnamefirstinitial (roes)  Institution: cedarcliff.pa  Password: ccphysics  15%: Laboratories / Lab Reports  10%: Journal Summary  In regards to Electricity & Magnetism, write down:  3 things you already knew from today  2 things that you/

1 Resolution Enhancement Compression- Synthetic Aperture Focusing Student: Hans Bethe Advisor: Dr. Jose R. Sanchez Bradley University Department of Electrical.

noise ratio (SNR) of output 10 Image Construction System Pre- amplifier/ Inc. IPC8 Class: AA61B806FI IPC8 Class: AA61B806FI USPC Class: 600454 USPC Class: 600454 Class name: Ultrasonic doppler effect blood flow studies Class name: Ultrasonic /Thomenius Original Assignee: General Electric Company Original Assignee: General Electric CompanyGeneral Electric CompanyGeneral Electric Company Current U.S/A61B 800 39 Patents 5/ System and method for adaptive beamformer apodization Inventor: Hong Wang Inventor: Hong/

Chapter 10: Writing Class Definitions Visual Basic.NET Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design.

From Problem Analysis to Program Design37 Example 10-18: Class Definition for Circle with Shared Attribute and Method (/Electricity Billing Redesign of Electricity Billing Programming Example at end of Chapter 9 –Includes class named ElectricBill to represent electricity bills Visual Basic.NET Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design39 Programming Example: Electricity Billing (continued) Invokes Client methods to: –Compute: Electricity charge Sales tax –Display: Electricity consumed Electricity/

1 ECE 156 Computer Network Architecture Professor Krish Chakrabarty Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Fall 2006.

Department of Electrical and Computer /interesting, at least) 3 Course information  introductory (first) course in computer networking  who is this course for?  undergrads, MS students  prerequisites:  Digital systems, algorithms, operating systems, programming skills  course materials:/  the Internets directory service: DNS  socket programming PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT 1 10 Course Overview: Part 3: Transport Layer (6 classes, text Ch. 3)  Transport-layer services and principles  Multiplexing and/

Day 59 End of Topic 7! Starting Topic 8.. What’s Due and When: HW Turn In: Next Class, ◦ HW: Titled Day 54, Day 57, Day 59. ◦ So the HW is due Formal.

) Miniquiz: Next class Today: Last Day of Topic 7/First of Topic 8 1 st bit of time: Finishing lab/confirming with partners Goal One: To begin to understand a new physics idea that deals with Charges. 1 st : Lab Talk For about 10 minutes, with partners /metal wire is connected between two battery leads. In an hour, 3 coulumbs flowed. If the wire is 75 ohms, A) How much electric potential is there on the wire? Example Three: A metal wire is connected between two battery leads. In an hour, 3 coulumbs flowed. /

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Class 3© 2012 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All Rights Reserved. Alarm Presentation System 8 Westinghouse Proprietary Class 3© 2012 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All Rights Reserved. Computerized Procedures System 9 Westinghouse Proprietary Class 3© 2012 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All Rights Reserved. Graphics Display 10 Westinghouse Proprietary Class 3© 2012 Westinghouse Electric/ Proprietary Class 3© 2012 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All Rights Reserved. Preparation for Integrated /

Welcome to Physics 202 Today’s Topics  The Physics 202 Team  Course Formality and Overview  Ch. 21.1-21.5: Electric Charge, Coulombs Law Text: Giancoli,

Formality and Overview  Ch. 21.1-21.5: Electric Charge, Coulombs Law Text: Giancoli, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 4th ed., Volume II. Physics 202/8:50 am (w/ Physics 208)  Labs: mandatory! Each missing lab = - 0.5 grade pt. 10 labs total. grading: weekly lab quizzes, 2 lab reports  Discussion Sections: 2/week. grading: discussion quizzes (5/if you don’t understand things -in lecture ask!! …also consult outside class: in discussion section and office hours. 4.Problem solving develops and tests your/

Scientific Advancements and the Second Industrial Revolution Modern World History 10 2009-2010 Androstic.

10 2009-2010 Androstic Objectives: 79. Identify the accomplishments of Louis Pasteur and Charles Darwin in the 19 th century. 80. Compare the accomplishments of the Industrial Revolution with the Second Industrial Revolution. 81. Explain how the invention of electricity/ enterprise Laissez faire Social Darwinism Class system Socialism Government control of industry No class system “Each according to their/ force better conditions and treatment by owners fought for better pay and hours, safer conditions, and /

Navigate Power Electricity and Natural Gas. COMPANY OVERVIEW Navigate Power is a leading energy and natural gas consulting firm with offices in Chicago,

System: Security, Savings, Service delivering first class service, and maximized savings. We understand choosing and electricity or natural gas supplier can be confusing and time consuming. We’re here for you. Navigate Power is comprised of experienced /Power Noble Americas Nordic Energy Vanguard Energy FAST FACTS Typical electricity supply savings is between 10% and 40%, depending on your current plan Typical electricity supply savings is between 10% and 40%, depending on your current plan Delivery service/

PHY132 Introduction to Physics II Class 12 – Outline: Electric Potential of: – Parallel Plate Capacitor – Point Charge – Many Charges.

the ratio V B /V A of the electric potentials at the two points? QuickCheck 28.10 A.9. B.3. C.1/3. D.1/9. E.Undefined without knowing the charge. Slide 28-89 The Electric Potential of a Point Charge Slide 28-94 Quick/ called a linear electric quadrupole. The positive charges are located at y = ± s. Find an expression for the electric potential on the y-axis at a distance y >> s. Slide 28-104 The Electric Potential of an Electric Dipole The Electric Potential of a Human Heart  Electrical activity within the/

What is Ferroelectric? Ferroelectrics are materials which possess a “spontaneous” electric polarization P s which can be reversed by applying a suitable.

, m3, 432, 43m, m3m m3, m3m23, 43mNone Point Groups for Seven Crystal Systems Note that: underlined numbers represent inversion symmetry Structural Symmetry/ Classes (all crystalline materials are electrostrictive) 11 Classes Centro-Symmetric 21 Classes Non-Centrosymmetric 1 Class Non-Piezoelectric 20 Classes Piezoelectric 10 Classes Unique Polar Axis (Pyroelectric) 10 Classes NO/the absolute temperature II.A small change of electric field dE i produces a change of electric displacement dD i dD i =  ij /

School of Electrical Systems Engineering ABD RAHIM 2008.

4rpm b) Is:18.88L-33.6A c)0.833lagging d) Pconv:11585W,Pout:10.485W e)Tind:62.8Nm, Tload:56.9Nm f) n:83.7% School of Electrical Systems Engineering ABD RAHIM 2008 Per-phase equivalent circuit …. INDUCTION MOTORS (Rashid) In /in injection molding machines. as encountered in injection molding machines. School of Electrical Systems Engineering ABD RAHIM 2008 INDUCTION MOTORS Characteristics for NEMA designs…. Class C (IEC Class H) has higher starting torque than class A and B at LRT = 200% of FLT. This motor is/

Electric Forces and Fields. IB PHYSICS – Fields 2.

Electricity experiments. Today we know that:  Electric forces hold atoms and molecules together.  Electrical impulses control our thinking, feeling, muscles, and metabolic processes.  Electronics determine much of our current technology. Electric Charges Evidence for electric charges is everywhere. (static electricity/. And lesser known ones … 1. Come to class with the knowledge of the day before. 2. If/k · k = 9 x 10 9 N m 2 /C 2 Charles Coulomb 1736-1806 Electric charge is quantized. The fundamental /

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Workforce Aging Infrastructure Emerging Competitors The Problem in California: Current Rate Design 13.7¢ 20.5¢ Residential Class Average New costs are disproportionately borne by customers in tiers 3 & 4 Customers in tiers 1 & 2/10 Because of Californias current net metering policy, rooftop solar customers receive a subsidy that is largely paid for by all the other customers who do not have solar. - Jesse Burst, Chairman Smart Cities Council Disruptive Technologies Credit: Utility Dive, State of the Electric/

Electricity Part 1: Atomic Structure Review Part 2: Electrostatic Charge.

protons, electrons Electrical force based on electric charge interactions Like charges repel, unlike charges attract Electricity involves transfer of electrons electron – negatively charged subatomic particle, word based on Greek work for amber Review of Atomic Structure atoms – electrically neutral Atoms /charge of -1.6 x 10 -19 C p+ has a charge of +1.6 x 10 -19 C fundamental charges - charges on objects are multiples of these charges Measuring electric charge Size of electrical force depends on amount of /

Electricity and Circuits Project Physics. Engineering Process Identify the Need Research the Need Develop Possible Design Determine which Design will.

for project decoration  Students might choose to bring more sophisticated materials to complete the project such as: Wood, LED lights, Small electric switches, Electrical/Electrical design must be clear, must be label and clean.  Phase 3 – Daily grade  On time  Quality 9 weeks Exam  Project Presentation  At least one motor with separate switch, wires not showing- 10/25 points  Lab report and class presentation: Intro, materials and questions, structural and electrical blue prints, results, conclusion (/

Distributed Energy Resources & Utility Business Models Moving toward Value in Utility Compensation Workshop CPUC IDER Proceeding 14-10-013 Charles Goldman,

IDER Proceeding 14-10-013 Charles Goldman/ and Oversight. Paul De Martini & Lorenzo Kristov (CAISO) 4. Distribution System Pricing for DERs. Ryan Hledik & Jim Lazar (RAP) 5. Future of Resource Planning. E3/ of Law/Utility of the Future Center Jay Morrison, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Allen Mosher, American Public Power Association Sonny Popowsky, Former/-participant bill impacts, apply various rate designs at the customer class level (e.g., residential and non- residential), and quantify/

MIT 3.071 Amorphous Materials 10: Electrical and Transport Properties Juejun (JJ) Hu 1.

10: Electrical and Transport Properties Juejun (JJ) Hu hujuejun@mit.edu 1 After-class reading list Fundamentals of Inorganic Glasses  Ch. 14, Ch. 16 Introduction to Glass Science and Technology  Ch. 8 3.024 band gap, band diagram, engineering conductivity 2 Basics of electrical conduction Electrical conductivity Einstein relation  : electrical/ distance: Average spacing between adjacent sites: d Electric field E = 0 (1-D) (3-D) (1-D) (3-D) Ion hopping frequency: For correlated hops: + + 6 A tale of/

"An Introduction to Sustainable Energy Systems" (ENGR-1559 / GSVS-2050) TRUTH IN EDUCATION WARNING: This is NOT a typical engineering & science class And.

taught For a long time I specialized in what is called "Opto-electronics" Which involves conversion of light to electricity And of electricity back into light At Bell Labs, I researched this for / energy sources (e.g. coal & oil) a) 0%b) 1%c) 5%d) 10%e) 15%f) 25% Fast forward, to perhaps ten years ago: Ive now read literally //Im-frozen-time-What-like-live-TVs-Victorian-Farm-electricity- running-water-outside-loo-5c.html All of this is why a short class history was necessary: I had to point out academias/

Electrical Hazards Intended to be used with Safety BASICs handbook – starting on page 14.

to 6mA to be the safe upper limit for children and adults (hence the reason a 5-milliamp-rated GFCI circuit). Note: GFCIs do not protect against a line-to-neutral or a line-to-line shock. Electric Shock 3 - 10 - Muscle contractions and pain mA Affect on / > Indicates Meter Pegged Available Fault Current 22.6 KA Symmetrical Available Fault Current @ 480V, 3 Phase Test No. 1 601A. Class L Current Limiting Fuse 30A RK-1 Current Limiting Fuse Next is Test 1. This is the same test circuit. However, the /

OFFICE SAFETY Legislation Statute obligations employers, employees & others consultation classes of persons reporting & recording Common Law duties of.

others consultation classes of persons reporting/height & distance of equipment periods of sitting & standing Breaks & Exercises 5-10 minutes per hour suggested Electrical Safety What is Electrical Equipment? Injuries Types Testing & Tagging Frequency Contractors Reporting Faults how? to / What is Housekeeping? cleanliness, tidiness, maintenance taking care of your work area good housekeeping calls for constant care Benefits of Good Housekeeping safer, easier, better, more fun Advantages of Good Housekeeping/

Ch 17: Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy

save lives. Electrocardiogram (EKG) records potential changes of a person’s heart. Concept Recap Electric potential is the ability for there to be potential energy. Potential and Potential Energy are scalars (add or subtract them) Capacitors store energy by separating charge. Practice Electric Potential and Capacitors (Tuesday @ start of class) Ch 17: 11, 15, 16, 21, 24, 37, 39 {can skip one} I’d/

Water Class #4 OB: continued practice with table G, water math problems, and some vocabulary, then Part 2 of the Water Lab.

Class /with water molecules. This is an UNTRUE version, since like dissolves like only. It shows, for teaching purposes, that the polar water molecules would be less energetically stressed if they were together./of solution What happens when you put 140 g KI into 100 mL water at 10°C? Only 135 g fits, so five grams falls to the bottom of /are. Solid salt would be because IF you put it into water it would then conduct electricity. Liquid sodium chloride (crazy hot – melted!) would also have loose ions, so it /

Chapter 4: The electromagnetic Interaction Did you read chapter 4 before coming to class? A.Yes B.No.

Interaction Did you read chapter 4 before coming to class? A.Yes B.No A book is at rest/ with the rod on the jar? Lightning The static charge in air typically breaks down at around 10,000 volts per centimeter Is lightning the same stuff stored in a Leyden jar? Objects attracted to /mass as the atoms  The negative parts all have the same mass, and behave the same for all substances. Static electricity discharge conclusion Human hands Rabbit Fur Glass Nylon Wool Fur Silk Paper Steel Wood Amber Hard rubber/

PHY132 Introduction to Physics II Class 10 – Outline:

Class 10 – Outline: Finishing off chapter 26 Electric Field of: Continuous Charge Distribution Rings, Planes and Spheres Parallel Plate Capacitor Volkswagon Factory Tour: Ionized paint droplets are transferred in an electrostatic field to the body, and adheres to the metal in an even coat. Motion of a Charged Particle in an Electric Field Motion of a Dipole in an Electric/ /0 for the magnitude of the field inside a parallel-plate capacitor. Uniform Electric Fields The figure shows an electric field that /

Note on Posted Slides These are the slides that I intended to show in class on Mon. Mar. 25, 2013. They contain important ideas and questions from your.

down the coil.. The Induced Magnetic Field  As we know, changing the magnetic field induces a circular electric field.  Symmetrically, changing the electric field induces a circular magnetic field!  The induced magnetic field was first suggested as a possibility by James/ page at the point P. Field Induction CHECK YOUR NEIGHBOR P Before class on Wednesday Please read Chapter 26, or at least watch the 10-minute pre-class video for class 20. Something to think about: Photons must travel at exactly the speed/

Chapter 10.3 Announcements: - Remember: Homework 9.2 is due Thursday, April 1, in class Homework 10.3: due Tuesday, April 6, in class (Jillian Bjerke)

Announcements: - Remember: Homework 9.2 is due Thursday, April 1, in class Homework 10.3: due Tuesday, April 6, in class (Jillian Bjerke) Exercises: 30, 32, 33, 38, 40, 42 Problems: 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, / 1  Ohm’s Law V = I·R Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (1745 – 1827) was an Italian physicist known especially for the development of the first electric cell in 1800. André-Marie Ampère (1775 –1836) was a French physicist and mathematician who is generally regarded as one of the /


WHO WAS PRESIDENT WHEN ELECTRICITY WAS INSTALLED IN THE WHITE HOUSE? BENJAMIN HARRISON  What is the canonical value of resistance for a human gripping two tips of a multi- meter?  500 k  I’m a resistor; you’re a resistor! Hooray, we’re all resistors! 2013 Circuit class resistance (gripping tips / water, then… "I figured if I had the stamina to run four marathons, I could take the brunt a good-humored 10,000 volt shock. Not quite. "The obstacle, the last of a few dozen, was 50 yards from the finish line. /

1 Northeast Public Power Association Electric Utility Basics Electric Rates and Cost of Service Studies.

to operate a company in a technically reliable and financially stable manner on an annual basis.” 7 Annual Revenue Requirements For an Electric Utility Component Cost Customer Billing $100,000 Power Supply $15,000,000 Oper. & Maint. $6,000,000 /Service Study A Cost of Service Study is performed by an electric utility to ensure that each customer class pays their fair and equitable share of the electric utility’s revenue requirements. 10 Cost of Service Study Identify the components of the Annual Revenue/

PHY132 Introduction to Physics II Class 8 – Outline: Ch. 25, sections 25.1-25.4 Developing a Charge Model Electric Charge Insulators and Conductors Coulombs.

plastic rod. B. See if the sock repels a positively charged glass rod. C. Either A or B would work. In Class Discussion Question A sock has just come out of the dryer. You hypothesize that the sock might have a positive charge. To test/the distance between them. In equation form: k = 9×10 9 Nm 2 /C 2 Unit of charge is coulomb, C Similar to Newton’s law of gravitation for masses Underlies the bonding forces between molecules Electrical forces may be either attractive or repulsive. Gravitational forces are /

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Electrical Markets Division © 3M 2009. All Rights Reserved. 10 3M Electrical Markets Division © 3M 2009. All Rights Reserved. 11 3M Electrical Markets Division © 3M 2009. All Rights Reserved. 12 3M Electrical Markets Division © 3M 2009. All Rights Reserved. Safety Vests 94625-80030 Class 2 Construction Safety Vest The Class/HiViz yellow safety vest with 1 in reflective stripes is ideal for recreational or light duty use. Design includes adjustable straps for one- size fits most sizing, a cell phone pocket /

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