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Tourism Organizing Plan SAT Progress Implementing Plan International Marketing Campaigns Domestic Marketing Campaigns Future 2010 Campaigns Content Current Tourism Trends Institutional Coordination Background In 2004 SA won the bid to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup In 2005/06 SA Tourism in partnership with DEAT developed the 2010 Tourism/Additional 259k arrivals Core Markets Kenya Nigeria Botswana USA UK Australia India France Germany Netherlands Tactical Markets Tanzania Ghana Lesotho Swaziland Singapore /

1 Maharashtra GATEWAY TO INDIA For updated information, please visit www.ibef.org AUGUST 2012.

in India. In order to reduce congestion in Mumbai International Airport, an additional airport has been proposed at Navi Mumbai. GATEWAY TO INDIA For updated information, please visit www.ibef.org INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Maharashtra International Airport Domestic Airport AAI: Airport Authority of India/in the state. Read more Objective AUGUST 2012 Tourism Policy 2006 To promote tourism and develop hospitality infrastructure with private sector participation in the state. Read more Objective 54 GATEWAY TO INDIA/

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN INDIA. HOSPITALITYINDUSTRYHOSPITALITYINDUSTRY Hotel Industry Travel and Tourism Industry Hotels Restaurants Star Rated Hotels.

seed-funding a non-luxury hotel chain in India. private equity firm Warburg Pincus has picked up around 27 % stake in Delhi-based mid-price hotel chain, Lemon tree, for $60.2 million Starwoods, hilton, intercontinental have significant growth plans for India THE ENGINE OF GROWTH TOURISM According to a research released by world travel & tourism Council, India’s travel & tourism is expected to generate Us$ 275.5/

Briefing to the Portfolio Committee on Tourism 2014/15 Quarterly Report – Quarter 3 Performance Report 7 August 2015 Department of Tourism www.tourism.gov.za.

of South Africas position within the AU was not developed. 38 PROGRAMME 4 DOMESTIC TOURISM MANAGEMENT 39 Strategic Objective: To implement tourism growth and development strategies in order to increase tourism’s contribution to inclusive economic growth. Key Performance Indicator TargetQuarterly Targets Actual Performance 1.Number of national tourism programmes activated from the approved Domestic Tourism Growth Strategy’s action plan (Four National Programmes). Four programmes. 1. National/

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tenth of the cost in the west/ other countries. “FIRST WORLD TREATMENT’ AT THIRD WORLD PRICE”. MEDIESE TOURISM SERVICES PVT. LTD Website-http://www.mediese.co Email-info@mediese.co WHO ARE THE MEDICAL TOURIST?  DOMESTIC MEDICAL TOURIST Patients within/ Procure the best cost estimate  Facilitate visa process  Book flight  Arrange for accommodation  Make all necessary booking TOURISM IN INDIA India is one of the most visited countries of the world and on top of all travelers wish list. Its vastness and /

Tourism Mega Trends in Asia Pacific

Volunteer tourism is another emerging trend Development of integrated resorts in the region is gathering pace Trend 2: Chasing Chinese Tourists Continuous economic growth in China has generated tremendous volumes of domestic, inbound and outbound tourism activities. In /the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) are also coordinating their joint effort in tourism infrastructure development India works with Sri Lanka to boost tourism in South Asia Middle East equally call for join promotion of the Arabian /

INVESTING IN INDIA October 2007. FDI Policy Framework Foreign Direct Investment.

from Central Sales Tax (CST). Exemption from Service Tax Incentives and facilities for the units in SEZ Duty free import/domestic procurement of goods for development, operation and maintenance of SEZ units 100% Income Tax exemption/ double taxation avoidance agreement and a work programme for cooperation in healthcare, education, media, tourism, customs, e-commerce, intellectual property, and science and technology. Portfolio Investment Investing in India Main features of the policy on investment by FII are/

Problems and Issues Facing India

’s top five industrial countries, millions of Indians live in poverty. Globalization and India Thomas Freidman has asserted that globalization has made the world “flat” as evidenced by the growing service sector within India. This also implies that India is “flat.” Reality on the ground may differ. DRIVERS OF GROWTH India East and S.E. Asia Domestic Exports Services Manufacturing Consumption Investment High tech, capital Low/

Globalisation of Tourism: Drivers and Outcomes

creating new markets and new sources of competition. Newly emerging economies, particularly China and India, are driving this growth in trade. Economic Drivers Easier access to foreign capital and increased FDI provides the foundation /of the world). This occurs in tourism when the domestic market is neglected. To avoid overdependence on the international tourism market and related problems, countries can explore tapping the potential of domestic tourism domestic tourism can effectively absorb the excessive /

Travel Industry: USD 36 bn, 7.5% expected CAGR over next 10 years Source: India 2012 WTTC, IBEF ► Travel Industry* is playing an increasingly.

, IBEF ► Travel Industry* is playing an increasingly important role in India’s economy : ► 1.9% is the direct contribution of total Travel industry to India’s GDP ► 5% contribution to total employment ► 3.8% of total exports was from Inbound tourism (~USD 14.5 bn ) ► 5.1% of total investment was in Travel(~USD 23 bn) ► Domestic Travel to be the primary growth driver: ~82% of/

Investment Climate and Business Opportunities in Jordan

Oman, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Ireland Syria, Yemen, India, Indonesia, South Africa 2003-2005 Jordan, Portugal, Bahrain, Belgium, Botswana, Brunei Dominican Republic, Estonia, /investors. Infrastructure Projects in: Waste Water and Sanitation Energy Transport Municipal Services Education and Health Tourism Water Recycling and /‘ready meals’ will be targeted to the international and domestic market. Investment will be needed for premises, infrastructure, processing/

1 The nature of Globalization, Business and IT Technology and globalization go hand-in-hand. Globalization unleashes technology, which in turn drives firms.

conversation with Jaithirth Rao in India “We can predict our/Domestic savings of $2.5trillion Domestic savings of $2.5trillion Setting the pace in the global economy, expected Setting the pace in the global economy, expected No. 2 Economic Power in the World No. 2 Economic Power in the World China ranked number 2 in world purchasing power. China ranked number 2 in/in South America Industries in South America Car Manufacturing Car Manufacturing Tourism Tourism Coffee Coffee Drugs Drugs 71 The Arab Economies in/

DANIEL G. CORPUZ Undersecretary Philippine Department of Tourism Progress Report on Philippine Tourism Development.

and implement human resources upgrading program  Facilitate investments in Tourism Enterprise Zones and Strategic Destination Areas (BOI, PEZA and TIEZA) Plans and Programs, 2011  Marketing and Promotions  Develop a New Philippine Tourism Brand  Focus on above the line marketing Advertising New Media – social networking and Internet Trade and consumer promotions  Maximize growth in new markets – e.g. China, India, Russia and Middle East  Enhance domestic tourism promotion

MASSMUS Guidelines for Assessing MUS in Irrigation Systems Daniel Renault Senior Officer Land and Water Division FAO MUS Network Meeting 22-23 November.

reported Irrigation Flood control Drainage Domestic Environment Industry Recreational.... India Karnataka: domestic uses India Karnataka: animals and laundry Urban uses of irrigation water Urban parks in Taiyuan city Urban wetlands in Taiyuan city Indicator value Management /use Quality dimension Energy dimension Partitioning of non process–use: ex. evaporation from same water body vs tourism, environment, fisheries, flood protection. Function/service with no consumption (e.g drainage, flood protection) /

Gastronomy and Tourism Peng Yankun (Sophia) Supervised by Prof. Nopasit Chakitak (PhD) The 2 nd Presentation (Oct.17, 2011) College of Arts, Media, and.

experience acquired in distribution channel management on the domestic market. 18. An investigation of multicultural training practices in the restaurant industry: the training cycle approach Changuk Lee, ( Department of Park, Recreation and Tourism, Clemson University/and study the determinants (demographics and psychographics) impacting consumers food choice towards fast food in India Design/methodology/approach: Literature reviews and exploratory Research Limitation: Data obtained from the convenience/

CIVIL AVATION BUREAU OF JAPAN Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism From Domestic to Cross Border ATFM Cross-Border ATFM Workshop Cross-Border.

forecast by further promotion of inbound tourism and the growth of LCC. Actual Upper case Middle Lower Traffic growth in Japan 5 Civil Aviation Bureau Japan Cross-Border ATFM Workshop / 3 rd - 4 th September 2015 New Delhi, India  Location and Traffic Flow  1 FIR, 1 ATMC, 4 ACCs, Average Flight counts per day ( IFR only ) Total Domestic flight International flight Over flight 4/

Globalisation of Tourism: Drivers and Outcomes 1.

creating new markets and new sources of competition. Newly emerging economies, particularly China and India, are driving this growth in trade. 8 Economic Drivers Easier access to foreign capital and increased FDI provides the /of the world). This occurs in tourism when the domestic market is neglected.  To avoid overdependence on the international tourism market and related problems, countries can explore tapping the potential of domestic tourismdomestic tourism can effectively absorb the excessive/


group is a well known company in the field of Real Estate and tourism, the group is successfully delivering his services in Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Jaipur, Mathura,Vrindavan, Kosikala (Shanidham), Chhata and now in PAN INDIA The group is engaged in such a diversified activities as land development, construction, domestic & international holiday packages. We know how to transform your heart desire in to your dream holiday. We have/

Domestic Tourism Growth Strategy implementation 18 March 2014

.2 million high yield arrivals Efforts to market in new and emerging markets in Asia and India have begun to bear fruit with China surpassing France in arrivals in 2012 with over 133 000 visitors With this /and inequality. ...IGR implications Familiarisation with the domestic tourism strategy Development of domestic tourism plans and campaigns linked to Provincial and District approaches Roll out of such domestic tourism plans and campaigns in partnership with District and Provincial sector Departments /

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seminars. Diversify the business and be involved in MICE within the country. S ervices | G eneral S ervice Domestic Holidays package International Holidays package Hotel Booking Air Ticketing Visa Passport Forex MICE S ervices | S pecialised S ervice Leisure Tourism Adventure Tourism Eco Tourism Wellness Tourism Spiritual Tourism Why Paramount Tourism? | Trustworthy and committed partner Find the perfect holiday destination in India and enjoy some relaxing time off from your/


throughout the circuit route Driven by infrastructure development FDI can play a major role in inducting capital, technology, managerial skills and marketing POSITIVE ROLE OF FDIIN TOURISM DEVELOPMENT POSITIVE ROLE OF FDI IN TOURISM DEVELOPMENT Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Augments investible resources Improves technological standards Improves efficiency of the domestic industry Increases competitiveness Introduces ‘latest’ technology Improves allocative efficiency Introduces higher level of technical/

1 Manipur JEWEL OF INDIA For updated information, please visit www.ibef.org AUGUST 2012.

India by 2016. JEWEL OF INDIA For updated information, please visit www.ibef.org INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Physical Infrastructure – Airports and Railways Manipur Domestic Airport Imphal AUGUST 2012 18 Physical Infrastructure – Power JEWEL OF INDIA /Loktak lake, the biggest fresh water lake in the Northeast. Manipur Key Industries – Tourism AUGUST 2012 34 JEWEL OF INDIA Contents  Manipur – An Introduction  Infrastructure Status  Business Opportunities  Doing Business in Manipur  State Acts & Policies For /

UKTI Aerospace Sector - India 4th Monthly report - August 07

is the growth in not only national tourism in India but international tourism. India is now being seen as /a new destination for lots of western holidaymakers. Goa is now seen as the Costa Del Sol of India. These factors have lead to large growth in the number of tourist/ The Indian Civil Aviation Industry leisure/ pleasure flights. With the boom in business and industry there has been a significant growth in business travel, domestically/

Tourism vis-à-vis Bio-Diversity, Climate Change & Social Impacts

to the country annually. The number of domestic tourists in 2008 stand at 740 million. Generated about 100 billion US$ in 2008 and it is expected to increase to 275.5 billion US$ by 2018 at 9.4% annual growth rate. 17.9 million foreign tourists visited India in 2010. World Trade and Tourist Council predicts India to be tourism hot spot by 2018 having the highest/


Renegotiate Air Service Agreements with Key Growth Market Countries Reduce Air International Air Operations Cost in the Philippines Simplify border formalities/procedures for key growth markets NP-1 NP-3 NP-5/Wellness tourism Nature-based tourism Sun & Beach Cultural tourism Shopping, Leisure & Entertainment Health and Wellness tourism MICE Educational Tourism Key growth markets Domestic Market Japan South Korea USA China Strategic markets Australia Singapore Malaysia Canada Opportunity markets India Hong/

Prof. Fani Bhusan Das. ONLY IDEAS & WORDS HAVE CHANGED HUMAN CIVILIZATION Presently ideas in all the faculties and Management techniques developed by.

 Decentralization of economic activities relating to time - space relationship  Establishing equilibrium between development of natural, domesticated and fabricated environment  Adoption of effective means of human population control.  Conservation of basic resources and/ Development Institutions in South Asia, 1998, published by Excel Books, India (3) “Reconnecting Man with Nature – Role of Tourism,” published by Nova Science Publications, New York, USA in the book The Development of Tourism: Economic, /

SIRE Development Fund Preliminary Fund Presentation September 2008 A South India Real Estate Opportunity This is a proposed fund and details are subject.

10 to 15% p.a. over next few years Long term secular uptrends in both business and leisure domestic demand – In business, owing to rapid indigenous corporate growth – In leisure, owing to favourable demographics and changing consumer preferences, supported by emerging budget / rooms) – Predominant lack of 2 to 4 star hotels, in both the business and tourism sectors There are only an estimated 110,000 hotel rooms in total across all categories in India – China has 10 times more rooms and the United States /

1 ITC Limited One of India’s Most Admired Companies.

becoming more active Domestic illegal volumes still very strong. Along with smuggled contraband, has emerged as substantive segment  Regulatory & Taxation Pictorial Graphic warnings in place w.e.f. June 09. VAT hikes in Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan & Pondicherry- threatening the concept of the ‘Indian Common Market’  Cost table increasing with increase in leaf costs 23 Hotels & Tourism 24 Hotels & Tourism industry  Foreign arrivals into India: 5 million appx/

SOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM: 2011/12 ANNUAL REPORT Presentation by Thulani Nzima CEO, SA Tourism 16 October 2012.

by Thulani Nzima CEO, SA Tourism 16 October 2012 2 Copyright © 2012 SA Tourism. Not to be reproduced without permission Contents 1. Global Trends in Tourism 2. Current SAT Portfolio Markets 3. 2011/12 Performance Overview 4. Foreign vs Tourist Arrivals 5. Tourism Spend 6. Arrivals, Regional Distribution and Accommodation 7. Domestic Performance 8. Brand Performance 9. Audit Performance Source: Global tourism data for Jan to Jan/


-4 EXPORT PROMOTION IN INDIA In the initial years after attaining independence, India’s trade policy and programmers were primarily oriented towards regulating imports, having regard to the nascent state of the domestic industry. Indian supply/ key industrial sectors like telecom, hydrocarbons, tourism, drugs and pharmaceuticals etc. DISCUSS Recent Foreign Investment Policy © Copyright PCTI Group 2009 | | Inflow of FDI in India YearDirect InvestmentPortfolio investment Total 1991-921294133 1992-93315244559/

Investment opportunities in Assam Government of Assam 25/03/2014 Shri. Rajesh Prasad, IAS Commissioner of Industries & Commerce, Assam.

Assam Proximity to SAARC & ASEAN Countries Gateway to the North Eastern India Corridor to South East Asia Nearest to the Fastest Growing Economies of /in the coming years  Domestic tourism is expected to increase by 20% p.a.  Corresponding investment in Tourism and related activities  Opportunity  Tourism Infrastructure - Hotels,Resorts, Amusement, River Cruises, Developing Airstrips in remote areas  Joint Tourism Circuit Development – Heritage circuits, wildlife tourism, Eco-tourism, Cultural Tourism/

Institutional Determinants of Tourism in Bangladesh Mamta B Chowdhury School of Business, Building ED.G. 123, Parramatta Campus, University of Western.

factors associated with domestic institutional and political factors for this decline. Other reasons for are cited as inadequate infrastructure and other tourism related facilities, including accommodation, entertainment and transportation, trained workers, widespread marketing of the tourist attractions. Top Tourist Source Markets to Bangladesh in 1999 and 2011 RankTop tourist source market 1999Top tourist source market 2011 1 India USA 2UK Japan 3USAUnited Kingdom 4JapanCanada/

ABOUT US SRI SATHYA SAI TOURISTS (R) or more known as SST was established in 1968 by LATE SRI. NARAYANA BHATTA, B.A., L.L.B. (HON) a leading advocate.

Manager Accommodation MANJUNATH Executive Accounts Executive Operations Site In charge Supervisor Services Supply of A/c and/A/c Cars & Coaches for tourists. Booking of Air Ticketing - Domestic & International. Organize Conducted Tours with Guides and Tourist Information. Organize /Tourism, Government of India Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka We have special category of permit for all India operations of vehicles - All India Permit. Department of Tourism Government of India Department of Tourism/

Medical Tourism Karen L McClean MD FRCPC University of Saskatchewan Or, for the politically correct….. Cross Border Health Care.

government support of industry Insurance company promotion of medical tourism Why do countries promote medical tourism? Money! Boost tourism revenues Generate foreign exchange Increase gross domestic product Improve medical services Upgrade services / resources available/ holistic care The context of medical tourism in India Great divide between facilities focusing on medical tourism and those providing health care to the average Indian The potential for health tourism to translate into benefits for the /


. Banking and insurance, real estate, trade, tourism and communications were driving the progress in the sector. Delhi’s GSDP CAGR 16.6% US$ billion Source: CMIE For updated information, please visit www.ibef.org DELHI – AN INTRODUCTION Delhi Economic Snapshot – NSDP 2012 AUGUST 2012 THE HEART OF INDIA Economic Snapshot – NSDP At current prices, the Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) of Delhi was about/


, Sports, and Eco-tourism Indian corporates turning out to be multinationals Strong scientific and technological manpower pool Sound foundations laid in terms of excellence in education through IIMs, IITs, Engineering and Technology Institutions, etc. Global Business Leaders -On India JOHN CHAMBERS, CISCO JACK WELCH, GE “India is a developed country as far as intellectual capital is concerned” “We are expanding our presence in India to take advantage/

A MarketSearch Study South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism International Tourism and Vacation Brand Image Study June 2007 MarketSearch.

Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. The study was designed to act as a complement to the Domestic Leisure Tourism and Vacation Brand and Image Study conducted for SCPRT in 2004. We examined three markets in this study: Toronto, London, and Frankfurt/who visited US in past 2 years, N=1304) 84 *This includes South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as well as Pacific Island nations. Q30 Ethnicity Visited US in Past 2 Years (n = 1304) Have Not Visited US in Past 2 Years /

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tourism and financial services Move to knowledge-based economies Monetary and structural support for knowledge economy sectors (healthcare, information technology, media, telecommunications etc.) Set up of specialized infrastructure: Dubai’s Knowledge City, Jordan’s Education initiative, and over 400 SEZs in India/ windfall between 2002 and 2008 Low public debt at 13.5% of GDP Strong and growing domestic market accounting for a large portion of GDP Saudi has initiated a significant reform campaign to attract/

(A Govt. of India Enterprise)

The passenger traffic has crossed 169 million mark and has achieved 169.03 million (46.62 million International and 122.41 million Domestic) during 2013-14. During the year the total freight traffic has increased to 2,279.12 thousand tonnes from 2,190./Healthcare 08 1,833 Ports 61 81,038 Railways 04 1,570 Roads 405 176,425 Tourism 50 4,486 Urban Dev 152 29,475 Factors Contributing to Success of PPP Model in India Political Will & Bureaucratic support Demonstration effect of Gujarat – GID Act 1999 Setting up /

Tourism in India A service sector growth industry.

90 and 100 million passengers (59 million domestic & 35 million international passengers) Air travel and India Tourist destinations North East – States such as Sikkim, Assam and Nagaland have emerged as major players. The major focus in 2005 was to develop tourism infrastructure in the region. New States – Uttaranchal attracted 14 million tourists and in 2004 witnessed a growth of 40% in 2005. Major focus on marketing to/

IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. May 2008 A Presentation By Madhya Pradesh – Destination Unveiled Possibilities of development of tourism.

foreign exchange for the country and also one of the sectors, which employs the largest number of manpower. India has significant potential for becoming a major global tourist destination. Tourism in India – Figures 0.8% share of world market Tourists (2006) 4.6 million (International) 382 million (domestic) Employment Direct - 10.7 million Indirect – 24.4 million Export earnings ~ US $ 9.6 bn 2006 Contribution/

Services Negotiations at the WTO: 2 nd May, 2006 New Delhi Presentation by Dr. Krishna Gupta, Director Deptt of Commerce Government of India.

way in WPGR.  India would like subsidies to continue in certain important sectors: ICRIER study to be submitted soon. Business Services Communication Construction Distribution Education Environmental Services Health Related Services Financial Services Tourism / Procurement - Subsidies - Domestic Regulations Specific calendar for each aspect, but indicative in nature Mandated Negotiations under GATS Part III: Run up to Hong Kong India’s interests in Market Access  Commitments in categories de-linked from /

Briefing to the Select Committee by South African Tourism on the Strategic 2015/16 to 2019/2020 Plan and Annual Performance Plan 2015/16 27 May 2015.

promotion Bid Presentations SA Tourism’s strategy is to : – invest only in selected markets/ decision centres to deliver volume and value. Page 25 -34: Strategic Plan Slide no. 25 Slide no. 26 © South African Tourism 2013 Leisure Tourism Market Portfolio - 01/04/2014 – 30/03/2017 AfricaAMERICASASIA & AUSTRALASIAEUROPE & the UK CORE MARKETSAngola Domestic Kenya Mozambique Nigeria Tanzania Brazil USA Australia China India France Germany Netherlands UK/

South African Tourism – Destination marketing Sep.08, 2009 Roshene Singh.

base on which the tourism growth is built Country Manager Portfolio Manager StakeholderManager GlobalChannelManager Responsibility AFRICAAMERICAS & the UKASIA & AUSTRALASIAEUROPE CORE MARKETSBotswana Domestic Kenya Nigeria USA UK Australia India France Germany Netherlands INVESTMENT/ value BUT, the market is still emerging … Domestic Tourism Market Executive Summary (1/2) The Domestic Market is important - and will become more so in future Domestic Tourism Market Executive Summary (2/2) There is opportunity/

GRAND CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES TARRYTOWN MEETINGS JULY 25, 2011 Reproductive Tourism & Trafficking Shree Mulay.

hospitals. This estimate has been revised upwards Medical Tourism Industry in India As wait times increased for medical services in the west, NRIs sought treatment in India and claimed money from the NHS in England, who in turn offered it to other patients because of low/ to one or two embryos to avoid the morbidity and mortality of multiple pregnancies. Cost to Domestic Healthcare Premature infants have to be kept in a neo-natal intensive care units (NICU) for a long time; these facilities are stretched /

MAHARASHTRA MAHARASHTRA ADVANTAGE PLUS. MAHARASHTRA  Prominent state in India, with history from ancient times.  Boundaries: West -Arabian Sea, North.

Domestic Product (State Income) : Rs. 13,65,149 Cr. ($228.3 Bilion) [Increase 14.2%]  Per Capita Income: Rs. 1,17,091/-  Share:- Agriculture: 11.3% Industry: 29.7% Service: 59.3%  Revenue: Rs. 1,80,320 Cr. | Tax Revenue: Rs. 138,853 Cr Non Tax Revenue: Rs. 41,467 Cr.  Highest State GDP in India/, natural and mining resources and extraordinary geography and history. Konkan offers opportunities in variety of segments from tourism, Agro and allied to manufacturing and IT. With close connectivity to Mumbai,/

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of the foreign exchange earnings of India. The compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of domestic tourism to all states/UT’s has increased 13.08% and Foreign tourist visit 8.76% from 1991 to 2013. [Source – www.tourism.gov.in]www.tourism.gov.in We have approx 40 Tourism boards across India promoting National & international Tourist destinations. Popular tourisms in India are - Adventure Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Ecotourism, Rural Tourism, Pilgrimage Tourism, MICE Tourism- MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences/

Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes.  Temporary, short-term movement of people to destination outside their resident places.

to destination outside their resident places. Tourism industry can be mainly classified into three forms, namely,  DOMESTIC TOURISM  INBOUND TOURISM  OUTBOUND TOURISM  Wealthy people have always travelled to different parts of the world.  Leisure travel was associated with the Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom.  Cox & Kings was the first official travel company to be formed in 1758.  India as a tourism destination is the toast of the world/


leisure Destinations Disadvantages: After a while leads to monopoly, Disability to compete as a local investor, Discourage domestic tourism, Company and country benefits may not fit with it, Profit is transferred outside as the form of leakages 2. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY: TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATION The rise of the new technologies, like the information technology, internet and biotechnology had huge impacts on global/

Madhya Pradesh: Means Business

bn** (Registered & Unregistered) Gross state domestic product (GSDP) USD 23,983.63 Mn** Average growth rate 5.5% per annum Advantage MP Madhya Pradesh has one of the upcoming industrial base in India The State is centrally located Investor friendly / of tourism such as religious (Bhojpur), eco/ adventure (Panchmari), heritage (Sanchi, Khajuraho) tourism etc. Over 100 agricultural farms with an area of over 20,000 acres is available on lease to investor Third largest producer of cement in India* Favourable/

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