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CyberSafety Unraveled

place October, 2006. “Children should be reminded not to engage in online discussions of a sexual nature with anyone, especially adults or people they don’t know. Kids and parents should know the warning signs of a potential predator including excessive praise, questions about what they’re wearing or what they’re doing or questions designed to determine whether their parents are nearby including where/

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

and desire for orgasm. It’s a Process Addiction. The Process Addictions Gambling Internet / Video Gaming / history - how does that feel? What do you do once you find out some information, but /and trauma work begins in earnest Group work is more effective than individual Healing maladaptive attachment is the slow work of long- term therapy, living honestly and 12-step involvement (2-3 years minimum). This is where Psychodynamic, Analytic, Jungian, Somatic and other forms of therapy are most effective Discuss/

Survive and Thrive in Your First Five

soon as possible. Nan’s evaluation story, handbook discussion, calling a sub story, Seeking Balance Divide into groups of four. Open up The Teaching Life and begin balancing the life you’ve signed up for/ teacher list to a game piece they correspond with. Make a Plan Let’s create a year plan for your first year of teaching... for you and for your e-portfolio,/notes Say ‘no’ (diplomatically) You know, I would really love to do that, but I have this pile of essays I need to get back to the kids. It’s so great /

Promoting Literacy in Elementary Classes When Students Don’t Speak English Allison Cummings Deborah Sams Sevier County Schools ELAP Program.

Sentence Scramble Game expand vocabulary and content by card games Plants use sunlight, water, and air for photosynthesis. air for photosynthesis and Plants sunlight, use water, Question and Answer Session Discussion Question and Answer Session Make and take! Enjoy teaching your English language learners! Deborah Sams ESL Teacher Sevier County Schools Sevierville, Tennessee Deborahsams@sevier.org Doctoral Student IUP Comp/TESOL program Indiana University of Pennsylvania Allison Cummings Kindergarten / ELAP/

Hold me like a friend Kiss me like a friend Say well never end Searching for the colors of the rainbow Melody never say goodbye Ill be near you Some.

to his appearance( )and personal traits( ) like this : Is he tall /…? Does he have curly hair /…? Is he serious /…? A game show What does He Jiong/discuss: They both have two big eyes… Who has the quickest eyesight? What do they both like doing? They both like … go skateboarding play volleyball talk with friends read newspaper We both like doing … exercise Lets discuss/ What do you think of their articles? VS and because and though Im more outgoing and funnier than him. We both like sports. I dont really/

Strategic competition and collusion Oligopolists need to ensure that they all restrict output – collusion is sustained AND (in the same way as monopolists)

game with this payoff structure is a Prisoners Dilemma The players do not have to be prisoners SMALL GROUP WORK Discussion questions on the Prisoners Dilemma Why does the group think so much attention has been given to the prisoners dilemma in (i) economics and /price competition and restrict output. But what is the likely outcome (the Nash Equilibrium) of this strategic game? Alphas Strategy Betas Strategy Compete on price: high output Dont compete on price: low Output The Prisoners Dilemma and oligopoly /


Where you explain how a specific aspect of performance was investigated through gathering and analysing information. You will do this by observing your performance and then gathering data and collating the results of these observations. STAGE 4 : EVALUATE Where you reflect on your planning, effectiveness and benefits of your programme of work completed and discuss your future development needs. You will do this by re-observing and then evaluating your performance. STAGE 2/

What do I know about Fair Play? Auto avaluation test.

the aim of winning and respecting the game or sport rules. c) Playing with sportivity, more than having respect for the rules. 0 points a) Incorrect. In sport competitions its better to win and to do your /dont like to be unrespected. We must always value the effort of our opponent and we must think that if he hadnt come we couldnt have won and we couldnt have played. Look to the correct answerNext question c) It is not incorrect to discuss respectfully with the referee about the uncertain pieces of play of/

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. After a discussion the players vote on who they want to kill and then that player reveals their identity. The game is over when all the murderers are dead or all of the detectives. Another/doing other actions and the rest of the group will follow. (The sillier the action the better but you can do simple things like stomp feet, clap hands, etc.) When the guesser finds the leader, the leader turns into the guesser and the game begins again. Spoons Deck of cards Set out spoons in the middle of the group/


Groups Suppliers/Vendors Professional Associations Social Clubs Community Organizations Personal Religious Affiliations PROCESS & TOOLS a)Conduct a self assessment – What do you want to do? Prepare inventory of skills, strengths and /and/or telephone call. Dont send resume with approach letter!!! -Ask for referrals – it keeps the chain going… PROCESS & TOOLS cont. f) Set up informational interview + Get information-not a job + Plan meeting-set agenda + Summarize your background & experience + Discuss/

Promote Yourself Using Social Media LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

of your time promoting other people, or help them out. Answer Questions online, many places you can do this including the places we will discuss today. Great way to share your experience. The Golden Rule Like I said… Try these ideas Be quick to listen but slow to speak.  Take time to listen and/FB Ads. We also have Groups… Why? New groups allow for online chat. Tighter control of your content and a group can be private. So sharing is safer between the group. New changes to groups allow you to more easily /

SCH3U D. Quantities in Chemical Reactions -Stoichiometry Concept Presentation- Adele Strazar.

, Observe, Explain) Demo: React KMnO4 with NaHSO3 Students draw PEOE charts on group whiteboard. Class discussion of how one of the reactants is completely used up and the other is in excess. Review rules for balancing equations. Focus lesson lecture. Students take notes. Think-pair-share for a group discussion. Explain what stoichiometry is and importance Discuss stoichiometry in manufacturing, medicine, geologists (test for CaCO3), space (CO2 scrubbers), air/

How to survive a recession

and social care recruiter supplies nurses, pharmacists and specialist medical staff to the NHS and other health care organizations doing well during a recession - health care sector naturally resistant to recession – people still get ill in a downturn. Restaurant Group. This type of /will continue to come to the club. In six months, maybe theyll have a job and will resume their membership. Or maybe theyll decide they dont want to participate. Either way, weve kept that client for six more months”. Creative /

A Course on Software Test Automation Design

has passed is less powerful than running new tests Old tests do not address new features Maintainability is a core issue because our /discussions of newsworthy bugs. comp.dcom.modems Lots and lots and lots of discussion of modems. misc.industry.quality Various discussions of quality control paradigms and experiences. alt.comp.virus This covers viruses, explaining things at end-user and more technical levels. The group often has very-up-to-date stuff. And like most alt-based groups, it seems to have a lot of/

The use of computer and video games in education John Kirriemuir Professor Angela McFarlane.

group discussion and decision making often took a more prominent and vocal role. Receiving immediate, positive feedback from the game increased confidence within the individual and the group." (Philip Sinclair, ex-teacher, York) 4. The computer games most frequently discovered to be used in a classroom setting were Rollercoaster Tycoon, The Sims and SimCity. 5. Unsurprisingly, there was no regional or national co-ordinated program of computer game take-up and usage/

FIRST LEGO League 2012 Senior Solutions

etc.—you will have to show how you shared your plan with a relevant group Presenting the Project Present Your Solution at a Tournament (Qualifier!) To be eligible/do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors. We know our coaches and mentors dont have all the answers; we learn together. We honor the spirit of/ Mind… The Game is not the most important part of the competition You need to model gracious professionalism and proper response to adversity – what you say and do has a ripple/

Architectures and Algorithms for Internet-Scale (P2P) Data Management Joe Hellerstein Intel Research & UC Berkeley.

of managed nodes provide DHT service –Perhaps serve many applications –A p2p incubator? Well discuss this at the end of/group-theoretic structure So…? Two questions: –How did this happen? –Why should you care? How Hairy met Cayley What do you want in a structured network? –Uniformity of routing logic –Efficiency/load-balance of routing and/of the game in Internet systems A Note on Soft State A hybrid persistence scheme –Persistence via storage & retry Joint responsibility of publisher and/ if I dont use DHTs?/


been laid. If a player cannot match a domino they must say “Pass” and allow the player on their left to continue the game. The game continues in this way until one player has played all their dominoes. Any /of the piece of paper. Read your role carefully, and then make a list of the main views and concerns of your character. Try to remember these. Elect a chairperson for each group. The chairperson starts the discussion with everybody introducing themselves to the group (name, who they work for, etc) and/


ask Amina questions about her holiday. Ask the rest of the class to guess what he is doing after the lesson that makes him in such a /discussing homework. Recalling what was done in the previous lesson. Telling each other about plans for the evening or after school. Reflecting on what was easy/hard interesting/not interesting during the lesson. 5 minute activities or games to begin or end a lesson. 7 Peer teaching work in pairs. Half the group will be ‘teachers’ and deliver the beginning and end stages of/

GCSE Catering Yr 11 – Revision Questions

group (i) White fish (ii) Oily fish (iii) Shell fish (6) (b) Name two nutrients found in oily fish. (2) (c) When checking a delivery of fresh fish what quality points need to be considered? (3) (d) White fish can sometimes lack flavour and colour. Discuss how a chef could produce interesting and/set up own businesses. Restaurants offer wide range of foods, tastes. Some food prepared according to ethic beliefs (Jews, Muslims and Sikhs don’t do pork, Hindus don’t do beef, Jewish meat must be kosher, Islamic /

GD is a simulation of what one can expect in a meeting at the workplace. During the meeting, everyone has his or her say. Members present their views forcefully.

) If you get a chance to begin first, start with saying, “May I Start” with the permission of the interviewer and the group. h) Be brief and analytical Do’s and Dont’s DO’s i) During the discussion always address the group members and not the interviewer making eye contacts with the all group members. j) It’s better to speak for a short while in the beginning (1 to 1/

VBRA - Elite League Referee Survey July 2012 Following is the results of the data collected Red circles have been placed around results that are of concern.

of concern as we begin to meet to discuss the outcomes Distribution & Responses 218 emails sent to league officials 98 responses 66 VJBL; 72 Big V; 29 SEABL Approx. no of games/week 1 to 3 games: 25 4 to 6 games: 26 7 to 9 games: 13 ≥ 10 games/Don’t mind multiple games on same night 131015923 Fell valued member of group 2726954 Referee coach regularly/game for 2 years, yet doing well in Big V - Referee coaches need to have a set of competencies as it is only their perception on how an official does a game and/

Anti-Aging Skincare Presentation

table (sponsoring) If you are going to do facials, have them get started as they arrive/And other physicians/professionals recommend Arbonne to their patients and many of them are Arbonne consultants themselves! We also have modeling and talent agents that recommend Arbonne to their clients. That speaks volumes about Arbonne’s products…don’t you agree?! ANY QUESTIONS? Don’t forget our game! Before we discuss Arbonne’s Flagship line and/select a free product from a select group. And, you are eligible for a 38%/

The Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Sex and Porn Addiction

sex and desire for orgasm. It’s a Process Addiction. The Process Addictions Gambling Internet Gaming Workaholism /and Tech Online sexual content, chats and interaction has forced us to reassess sexuality in our culture. For example, today what do you consider to be… Infidelity? Access Affordability Anonymity What has changed in our experience of/discussion. Sexual Sobriety Contract List of Behaviors I Want to Stop A B C D E F List of Behaviors I Want to Add A B C D E F 12-step Groups for Sexual Addicts and/

Presenter: Adrienne Schutte

stakeholder feedback No defined measurement for communications effort Uncertain levels of awareness, understanding and commitment across key stakeholders Internal stakeholders do not fully understand the vision and mission of the xxxx Group The xxxx Group does not have a distinct brand in the minds of stakeholders. Some stakeholders are unclear about full scope of xxx activities Various xxx communication vehicles do not reflect a common xxx brand to audiences Xxx/

Unit 3 healthy life.

have HIV/ AIDS? What can we do to help them? (Discuss in groups of four) How should we act towards people who have HIV/AIDS How should we act towards people who have HIV/AIDS? What can we do to help them? Don’t look down upon them. Show love and care to them. Help them fight fear, shame and injustice(unfair). Activity Suppose the Students’ Union/

Markets in Uncertainty: Risk, Gambling, and Information Aggregation

games summary Online market games can contain a great deal of information reflecting interactions among millions of people Naturally attract well-informed and well-motivated players Game players tend to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic Internet polls - skewed demographic Polls typically ask questions of the form “What do you want?” Games ask questions of the form “What do you think will happen?” AAAI’04 July 2004 MP1-156 Market games discussion/ EF and E~F, and then add them to get the group probability for/

Are the Natives Restless? Meeting the needs of the 21 st century student Heartland Community College, Jan 08 Dr. Eli Collins-Brown.

There is no significant difference between students who take courses and students who do not. ! Faculty Concerns Low student attendance in class (50% by mid- semester) Low student attendance in class (50% by mid- semester) Students dont complete reading assignments Students dont complete reading assignments Energy level in class discussions is low Energy level in class discussions is low Students focus on grades rather than on/

Publishing Strategies (and Tactics): (Some) Rules of the Game Nicolai Foss IVS-CBS & NHH.

able to find -- of concentrated writing every day. Compose first, do the nitty-gritty later. Consider working on multiple projects simultaneously. Rule No. 3: Present, circulate, and discuss your stuff! Present as much as possible and as often as possible –3.1. Dont be embarrassed to / substantive comments –4.1. Most seniors are busy!! –4.2. Dont ever play games –4.3. Remember the standard disclaimer Rule no. 5: Revise, revise, revise, revise and then revise again 1. Never be too impatient. You may have an/

AAA Automated Testing… For AAA Games Francesco Carucci Technical Director.

to code implementation. In our research, we ran a set of structured experiments with 24 professional pair programmers. One group developed code using TDD while the other a waterfall-like approach. Both groups developed a small Java program. We found that the TDD / tool –Its too risky to NOT do automated testing on a AAA game –Be among the first to gain the competitive advantage and improve the Industry A Slice of a bigger Pie Automated tests (even test-driven) dont solve all problems –Chatting up a girl/

I learned that theres a state called Victoria and he has six blue tongued lizards! Internet Pen Pal Programs and Students Written Language Development.

the study Analysis Teacher and Student Interviews Aspects Warranting Further Discussion Communication Cultural Learning Authentic Audience Problem Solving Motivation/Engagement Language Arts Curriculum Communication From Falicia on March 16 Dear Ale, I have brown hair. And I have brown eyes. Do you have early relese? If you dont this is what it means you get to get out of school early. Ale, dont feel bad. I might/

Native American Multiculturalism

usually only discuss the last 500 years. Do’s and Don’ts Avoid inappropriate terminology Do not call American Indians “redskins.” No American Indian had or has red skin, in spite of the fact that the name for our state literally is translated as “red people” and that our state’s name was given by a Choctaw. Do not use the singular when referring to a group of people/

Www.theccfl.ca A division of FINANCIAL LITERACY. www.theccfl.ca A division of Introduction-Facilitator CONTACT INFO:

please! As a large group, share answers and creative ideas www.theccfl.ca A division of Dos and Donts: Smart Debt Strategies Do take steps towards improvement Dont feel you are alone – get help Do focus on spending less, saving more Dont let others make you feel bad Do focus on what you can do to improve Do pay attention to your spending habits Do keep a money journal Do spend 10 minutes per day/

US Department of State STCU – Science and Technology Center in Ukraine

and analysis must be based on accurate, researched and analyzed information. The dollar amount you give for the total market has to be believable and realistic, supported by verifiable data and facts. Competition A significant portion of the Marketing Plan is a serious discussion/American or Japanese scientist, and you have not been in the business game long enough yet. Success for you cannot be measured by the standards of a German scientist. Once the agreement is signed stop comparing. DO the best job that/

Improving Student Motivation through Interactive Lectures and Seminars

Envoys Debating topic and arriving at team view Preparing answer for plenary (use flip-chart / OHT) Project team with division of labour Pyramid Bring together small groups which do preliminary work Fishbowl ‘Fish’ discuss issue, others observe and note Envoys Individuals change groups to inject new /two teams Object to get as many balls from one end to the other in 30 seconds Game 3: Reflections Easy to set up and fun to play Can demonstrate Can bring alive a potentially dry subject area Flexible: can be /

Www.economicsnetwork.ac.uk John Sloman Improving Student Motivation through Interactive Lectures and Seminars.

–The money earned can be returned to students (but dont tell them this at the start). –A discussion can then take place about the issues raised www.economicsnetwork.ac.uk Game 5: Reflections Simple and flexible –Simple equipment: a pile of pound coins and a sheet for recording results –Can be played in a seminar group Can demonstrate –Sunk costs and marginal costs –Risk attitudes –Collusive bidding –Concepts/

The Campus Greening Committee Presents: Keeping Vermont Green - A guide to living sustainably on campus, and in your community.

mat, and utensils to reduce your waste, and save yourself and the school money. -Dont have reusable stuff to use? Look for the Environmental Law Societys fall fundraiser to buy wrap-up mats and reusable utensils. Food: Off Campus - How do you join/a meeting with any of the Building and Grounds staff. She is also helpful for discussing how new projects may impact the buildings and systems on campus, as well as, updates to existing greening measures such as our recycling and composting programs. lcampbell@/

Printing LISA 98 (c) 1997-1998 Patrick Powell Managing Network Printers and Print Spoolers Patrick Powell Astart.

ftp site for details Printing LISA 98 (c) 1997-1998 Patrick Powell http://www.astart.com210 Where Do I Get Help? 1. If it is a commercial system, try your vendors support group 2. comp.peripherals.printers news group has a large number of discussions about printers and spoolers 3. lprng@iona.ie mail list for LPRng related issues Send mail to lprng-request@iona.ie/


? Kevin played the best game of his life. He was glad that his parents had been there to see it. Kevin played the best game of him life, so he /and quickly left the room. Punctuate the following sentences correctly. BE CAREFUL! perhaps not all of the sentences are compound. You will need to decide. 7. The group met to discuss/ DEPENDENT CLAUSES DO NOT express a complete thought.] 4) Sales of compact discs of gospel, rock, and rap have grown in the last decade, but sales of country, pop, and classical CDs have/

Mubararak Al Kabeer Edu. Area ELT Supervision 2011 / 2012

of the most memorable experiences of your life? B) Discussing - “Discussing” is similar to brainstorming, but you do it with a partner or group. - Assign one person to write down the ideas. - Write down everything that group members say related to the topic; don’t worry about sorting out “good” and/ 3 minutes creating an outline based on the following topic: What are the advantages and disadvantages of game parks? G) Charting Sometimes you will want to organize your ideas for writing in a chart/


: Establishment Clause limits what government can do (it keeps the government from imposing its religious beliefs on students) Free Expression Clause provides for all citizens, including students, to be able to express their own religious beliefs Within the approved district curriculum, there may be objective discussions of religion within the classroom. Teachers and staff must assure neutrality and fair representation of all views when such approved/

14 Oligopoly: Firms in Less Competitive Markets Chapter Outline and

discusses how Intel produced the Ultrabook to respond to consumer demand. Economics in Your Life Why Can’t You Find a Cheap PlayStation 3? You and your roommates have just moved into a great apartment and decide to treat yourselves to a PlayStation 3 320GB game/: Test your understanding by doing related problems 2.16, 2.17, and 2.18 at the end of this chapter. MyEconLab Cartels: The Case of OPEC Cartel A group of firms that collude by agreeing to restrict output to increase prices and profits. Figure 14.4 /

What do you do with your community IT centre? Community IT and its role in social inclusion Biographical narratives from the IT hub on a large estate with.

insecure labour market People may therefore see themselves in the mirror of policy as problems to be solved for and by others, rather than agents of their own world Voices ShonaThe other thing I was going to say, I suppose, is that Im here but I dont know how much thats got to do with the IT Hub or even the learning champions. 2008-07/

Bullying in Schools What It Is and What Works 2010/11

and building TEAM spirit. Provide activities to build empathy - games that pair up boy’s energy levels with listening and sharing. Use more kinesthetic, hands-on methods of engaging boys Boys respond to rules when they are clear, consistent and/- NMHA 2002 www.whitehouse.gov/itgetsbetter Skills and Strategies - Practice Scenarios Divide into groups (teacher, counselor, aide, administrator mix) Each group is responsible for one scenario Discussion - What would YOU do? What action is necessary on the school-/

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” -Heywood Hale Broun

the game Historical features on a sport or rivalry Wrap-ups of the season Discussion of rule changes Untangle confusing events that occurred during a game Update readers on scoring records and individual statistics New team standings, awards earned because of performance in game Sports /– player who has spent four years practicing but never gets in the game, you might find people who both love their sport and understand it more than the stars do, you will find more humanity Look beyond the crowds – Title IX/

Building a Portfolio of K-12 Outreach Nancy Moyers and Ashley Augustine.

and expectations Set DEADLINES! Frequent meetings Team Meetings Plan points of discussion Review last mtg notes Make mtg notes accessible to members Virtual mtgs (groupme, google hangouts, skype) Teacher Contact First thing you do Direct communication Get past the office Stick with what works Do Your Research Special Program Gifted, IB, etc. Clubs of/Plan B Roadblocks happen Dont stop for too long Keep presenting Use a game or activity to fill the time Collect Feedback Ask teachers and students Quiz/Survey /

Surviving Through Song – Words of Wisdom for TEFL Teachers Neil McMahon Anglo Conference Montevideo, 19/8/12.

the game tomorrow. I want to have pasta for dinner tonight. Its My Party – Lesley Gore Discuss with your partner what results will/would happen if these conditions dont / didnt/do you need to be shown Tell me why I dont like Mondays... I want to shoot the whole day down I dont like Mondays – Boomtown Rats Webquest presentations Find out as much as you can about your topic and then prepare a three minute presentation for the rest of the class Group A - Bob Geldof Group B – The Boomtown Rats Group C – I dont/

2013 Salthawk Team Meeting. Why are we here? To become part of the Salthawk Team! To figure out our role on the team Educate ourselves on what athletes.

Part of the Salthawk Team! All Sports Booster Club Membership $20 membership fee Committee Membership Fundraising Efforts Financial Support Parent Groups – /we do Avoid you or are embarrassed after a game You suffer with losses and celebrate more with wins than they do /and space – Dont analyze their performance – Be proud of them regardless of playing time or how the game ended Parent-Coach Relationship Communication from the Coach 1.Philosophy 2.Expectations for the team and your child 3.Practice and game/


: Establishment Clause limits what government can do (it keeps the government from imposing its religious beliefs on students) Free Expression Clause provides for all citizens, including students, to be able to express their own religious beliefs Within the approved district curriculum, there may be objective discussions of religion within the classroom. Teachers and staff must assure neutrality and fair representation of all views when such approved/

A Peer-Led Guide To Success. Promotional Products Work! Week is all about building–and preserving– your business. Peer-Led Panel Paul Bellantone, CAE,

Jessica Hiner – The Magnet Group Murray Siegel, CAS – /of interest Preso Tips: Color, Logo Dos & Donts, Branding Preso Tips: Color, Logo Dos & Donts/of Customize presentation based on organizations area ofinterest Preso Tips: discuss advertising and branding as it relates Preso Tips: discuss advertising and branding as it relates to business performance, effectiveness and efficiency and the bottom line ROI Engagement activities: Q&A, pick your pocket game, Engagement activities: Q&A, pick your pocket game/

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