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Oracle and SQL Server Under One Roof Joe Yong Chief Architect Scalability Experts Inc.

Server  Better/worse comparisons  Make you a SQL Server expert Pre-requisites  Experience as an Oracle DBA, Architect or Developer DBA  Open mind Oracle DBA vs. SQL Server/ Case study Summary Mainframe, Mini, etc… SUN, HP, Digital, etc… *NIX / Windows Server Oracle Database Flat-/Server Publishers No Oracle side software install necessary v8+ Oracle on any OS supported Improvements for Oracle and DB2 subscribers SQL Server Distributor Subscribers Data Movement & Interoperability Linked Servers/

Microsoft And Partners Driving Global Integration Solutions With BizTalk Server 2004 Ted Kummert Vice President Microsoft Corporation Business Process.

know Tools for:  Deployment  Management  Monitoring Components of the BPM Solution Infrastructure/HostConnectivity Mainframe, AS400 Process Definition Business Activity Monitoring Management Monitoring Business Process Orchestration System, People, Process Business /) SQL Server 2005 Support Visual Studio 2005/.NET 2.0 Virtual Server 2005 Windows Server System Integration Host Integration Server 2006 Investments TI WIP dotNET Web Services TI HIP Persistent Connections DB2 design tools for VS 2005 Auto/

企業資源規劃簡介 楊 明 賢 聯合經管系 91年10月.

10月 參考資料 『企業資源規劃導論』,國立中央大學管理學院ERP中心著,旗標出版社,91年8月。 『ERP vs. 傳統MIS』,張緯良,資訊與電腦,2001年10月,p6-9。 TradeMatrix/BI BI軟體傳統上視為決策支援工具 從大量的交易資料中提供簡易的分析。 BI軟體傳統上視為決策支援工具 與線上分析處理(Online Analytical Processing;OLAP )是共通的決策支援工具 與早期的大型主機為基礎的(Mainframe-Based)決策支援系統(Decision Support System;DSS)有關, OLAP程式允許使用者存取資料倉儲中的資料。 2017/4/17 EERP--/或 RS/6000 現今的ERP軟體,支援主從式 (Client/Server) 架構; 作業系統方面 Unix、VMS、OS/400等作業系統之外, Microsoft Windows的作業平臺; 資料庫方面 大型的資料庫軟體如DB2、Informix、Oracle、Sybase等, 小型資料庫如Microsoft SQL Server、Access等 2017/4/17 ERP的導入 /

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Ctrl+F Search ISPF Command Line Find RAA Hyperlinked references – synchronized with editor YYNY Color-coded "Modified" vs. "Referenced" results YNNY Use of Regular Expressions in Search YYNY Automated Impact AnalysisNNNY Multi-window views (Analysis /development  DB2 applications require you to either reference DB2 objects defined in a local UDB database – or -  You can use DB2 Connect – another IBM product to connect your UDB server with a mainframe DB2 database  A free copy of DB2 Connect comes/

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to the mainframe, there was an 80% improvement in the average response time for bad transactions which require 3 or more seconds. (Mainframe: 9.3978 seconds vs. OpenFrame: /MainFrame DB Server WAS UDB DB2 COBOL Batch Java Batch DB2 Connect DB2 Connect UNIX AP Server DB2 Connect COBOL Online OpenFrame UNIX AP Server DB2 Connect COBOL Batch OpenFrame WEB Server Presen -tation Java Online Presentation UNIX WAS Java Batch DB2 Connect DB2 Connect WEB Server Presen -tation Java Online Presentation z/OS MainFrame/

Linux on System z – A Strategic View

security services setup with the Tivoli Identity Manager together with Tivoli Access manager. Leverage the mainframe data serving strengths Running applications on the same physical server, close to the data managed by DB2 on z/OS, provides security and manageability advantages. In addition, Linux as an open / not shown) I/O Drawer #1 I/O Drawer #4 FICON LX & ESCON FQC 4 x I/O Drawers z10 BC SCM Vs z10 EC MCM Comparison z10 BC SCMs z10 EC MCM MCM 96mm x 96mm in size 5 PU chips per MCM Quad core chips with/

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Internet Web Server e-mail Server Security Server Web Server email Server Firewall Intranet Application server DB2 Connect z/VM-a Backup server tapez9xxz/OS-a Application server DB2 Connect z/VM-b Backup server z9xx DB2 CICS Tape mgt z/OS-b DB2 CICS /15 20 25 30 35 Installed Base (M Units) Cost of I/T Support vs. Servers Current average systems utilization*: Intel server utilization – 6% Unix server utilization – 15% Mainframe utilization – 85% Dev/QA utilization – 2% From 1995 to 2006: People expense/

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Storage) 9 Terms and Concepts – Hardware The IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) Model 800 Capacity up to 56 Terabytes (thats 5,600 / work to the mainframe operating system. 17 Traditional "Online" …vs… "Batch" Applications Mainframe Description Network/PC/DB2 Mainframe Description Network/PC Equivalent ======== ==================================================== ===================== DB2IBMs flagship relational DBMS. Has close to 100% market share Oracle, SQLServer, etc. on the mainframe /

Introducing Linux for System z. 00 - zTCO Academy 2008 Introduction - v1.7.ppt 2 What is Linux? A fully-networked 32/64-bit UNIX-like operating system.

processing server Customer profile Triggers e-mail/txt msgs Links to other trading Servers 5%, 15% Oracle Data base 7%, 20% Application server Manages trade transactions Links to mainframe 9%,20% Mainframe server Daytime load factor 72% IMS and DB2 3 rd party app Two domains per server /this situation was Solaris is approximately 3-4 times the 3-year cost of zLinux. Planned IT expense of $1.5 million vs $7.4 million…potential savings 79% 00 - zTCO Academy 2008 Introduction - v1.7.ppt 29 Savings driven by:  /

SWG Competitive Project Office Introduction to IBM’s z/OS The Operating System for System z.

IMS, DB2 Client Browser Web Service Requestor zAAP WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, the Java Transaction Manager DB2 EJB Container EJBs Web Container JSP Servlet s WAS z/OS 31 zCPO zClass Introduction to z/OS A Mainframe Runs/ Routing  Planned Outages ƒn, n+1 support ƒNon-disruptive rolling change management ƒRedundancy to address risk tolerance (e.g. 2 vs. 3 elements) ƒDynamic workload balancing  Processes to support PS availability (e.g. change, problem, systems management)  Thorough testing//

Howard Fosdick (630)-279-4286 (C) 2004 FCI Worlds Largest Databases.

Way smaller than Unix systems Way bigger than just 3 years ago Oracle vs SQL Server (like market share battle for Windows DBMSs) Also use SANs (Storage Area Networks) No IBM DB2 UDB No Teradata © 2003 Winter Corp. Worlds Largest DSS Systems -- By Peak Workload © 2003 Winter Corp. Where did IBM Mainframes Go ? Big Silicon Big Iron + Hello Linux ! + Good for -- + Consolidation platform + Legacy/

High Performance Enterprise Data Propagation Russell Donovan.

UNIX Server MVS Host DB2 Extract DB2 Extract DB2 Gateway Oracle Loader Oracle Loader Total Time 30 min. Bulk Data Movement DB2 to Oracle Parallel Unload/load & Piping DB2 Oracle File TCP/IP UNIX Server MVS Host DB2 Extract DB2 Extract DB2 Gateway /to move data at channel speeds vs network speeds  Moves the work of extracting DB2 MVS data from MVS to Unix Advantages  Moves data 10 to 100 times faster than network solutions  Completely eliminates mainframe processing  Completely eliminates network traffic /

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Requirements Develop Test Access RDz Client - installation/configuration RDz Server - installation/configuration Developer transition experience Developer Workflow Functionality Coverage/DB2/SQL development (leads to additional MIPS reduction)  Additional considerations include how to automate/manage RDz base install rollout and maintenance:  Packaged Install  Silent install vs/Repository Manager (CARMA) (used for the framework for other mainframe SCM and Endevor) Distributed Client (Windows) RDz CARMA GUI/

Copyright 2002, Robert H (Bob) Johnson Linux and OS/390 USS: Where, When, Why? NCACMG Reston, VA February 13, 2002.

Pick Linux -3 # Key middleware deployment ^ WebSphere Application Server - Advanced Edition # Java connectors to - DB2, IMS, CICS, MQSeries ^ DB2 UDB, workstation DB2, not Sysplex capable, IBM DB2 connect??? ^ MYSAP.com: application on UNIX; DB2 on z/OS; HiperSockets ^ Tivoli ^ If you want /Bob) Johnson Downsizing is now TO the mainframe: # 1/20 th of the floor space, # 1/25 th of the energy # Best price for a volume-Linux Server # Highest average resource utilization 70% vs 15% (13%) # 100x Mean time/

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be filtered  By target system  By intended use of descriptor  Basic vs. All options  Optionally, the EGL Build Parts Editor then uses that database / Shield programmer from mundane tasks and specific platform complexities  Conversions to EBCDIC on calls to mainframe systems  Conversational State Management (Java and in COBOL)  TUI UI programming specifics (5250//Group | Rational software 62 RBD/EGL Integration with IMS WAS server EGL Generated Services DB2 z/OS Non-EGL Client EGL JSF J2C Config AIX//

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Time Clustering) tables Index Random Order Load - STATISTICS USE PROFILE vs STATISTICS YES DB2 Text Search Index 55 Click to edit Master title style Copyright 2014/ had over 6000 employees and had sold over 1 billion USD in mainframe equipment. Gene left Amdahl in 1979 and went on to found and/ Moores law still applies 2x number transistors every 18 months  Similar improvements in Memory  Larger SMP servers (up to 128 CPUs) Largest pSeries SMP capable of ~13TB raw data  Larger drive storage capacities/

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TCP/IP Location of the DB2 Server on z/OS (obtain from your DBA or Systems Programmer) Host: The IP Address of the z/OS mainframe for your DB2 system Port: The port number for DB2 on your z/OS mainframe Do NOT check: Retrieve / ISPF Editor (default selection) Other LPEX editor preferences: Tabs COBOL number and column preferences Colors - ISPF style editor colors vs. white background Find Text - most guys prefer Incremental find dialog as a default Additional Parser Associations Column line indicator BMS or/

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Slide 4 IBM and Swiss Re: A Mainframe Success Story One of the earliest buyers of the IBM 650 (1955) Adoption of DB2 when product was in first beta release (/both the z/OS world and J2EE Slide 13 Lessons Learnt I  Address codepage considerations (EBCDIC vs. Unicode) very early  Address Java Sort versus DFSort very early  Define approaches for shared-services/© 2008 IBM Corporation 71 Data Grid near-cache GEE PJM CPU DG Server CPU DG Server CPU Frame Database CPU Data Grid near-cache GEE CPU Data Grid near-/

11 Connecting with Ingres: Understanding the Ingres Architecture Bruce Lunsford Architect, Ingres Connectivity 1.

VS 2003 1.1 is database specific Ingres 2006 r2 =>.Net 2.0 / VS 2005 2.0 is database independent Tighter integration with VS Written in C# Modelled after Ingres JDBC driver: No Ingres client required Accesses Ingres Data Access Server/support Relational and non-relational gateways Mainframe based Makes mainframe DBMS’s look like Ingres to the applications Separate EDBC /Enterprise Access Ingres Distributed Option (STAR) Oracl e MS SQL IBM DB2 UDB … EDBC Server for z/OS … Ingres 44 © 2005 Ingres Corporation (Ingres)./

Linux and OS/390 USS: Where, When, Why? NYCMG New York, NY September 14, 2001.

Pick Linux -3 # Key middleware deployment ^ WebSphere Application Server - Advanced Edition # Java connectors to - DB2, IMS, CICS, MQSeries ^ DB2 UDB, workstation DB2, not Sysplex capable, IBM DB2 connect??? ^ MYSAP.com: application on UNIX; DB2 on z/OS; HiperSockets ^ Tivoli ^ If you want /) vs 2002 (?) for USS 56 WIN/NT Replacement # Run NT applications on Linux # WinStar programs run under Linux and almost emulate Windows environments? 57 1001 Monitoring UNIX on the Mainframe # UNIX on the mainframe will/

Legacy technologies in corporate environments – Alberto R. Schiesari – jan/2008 Legacy technologies in corporate environments.

.html 1.2 Mainframe suppliers : mainframes X servers X supercomputers Legacy technologies in corporate environments – Alberto R. Schiesari – jan/2008 1. Mainframe Concept By the/2008 1. Mainframe Concept 32 IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. DCNESAMP. AUTHOR. IMA GATOR. INSTALLATION. UF-NERDC, GAINESVILLE, FL. *REMARKS. * IBM VS COBOL II/6 months programme with: Mainframe concepts Programming logic JCL and utilities Cobol PL/I CICS DB2 TSO / Roscoe  Training suppliers 3. Mainframe Legacy Systems 49 Legacy /

ISEL-DEETC-SSTI - Lara Santos Database Backup and Recovery 1 Database Backup and Recovery (based on C. Mullins, Database administration) ISEL-DEETC-SSTI.

Additionally, recovery duration depends on the architecture of the DBMS. For example, mainframe DB2 keeps track of log range information and reads only the required log files for/though, because it is still required to roll back transactions and for SQL Server to determine how to recover databases when it is restarted. Enable checkpoint / thereof? Does your backup strategy support the type of recovery required (recover-to-current vs. point- in-time)? If you have cold backups, how was the database shut /

Managing TCO with SOA: Platform Makes the Difference!

education program  Why IBM? IBM showed that IBM CICS® Transaction Server and the mainframe combine to form a modern, robust platform that makes application programming easier/Performed TCO and consolidation assessment on IBM portfolio Analysis considers today’s environment vs. “to be” environment; savings is net after hardware and migration / list of IBM trademarks, see www.ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtml AIX, CICS, CICSPlex, DB2, DB2 Universal Database, i5/OS, IBM, the IBM logo, IMS, iSeries, Lotus, MQSeries,/

Windows DNA: The Microsoft Application Platform for the Enterprise

faster, 1/3 the cost 3x tpmC per CPU vs. Oracle8i Best SAP performance – any platform Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) SQL Server 7.0 data engine Full function and fully compatible with SQL Server 7.0 – same code - without the admin tools/Integration Server Version upgrade to SNA Server Bi-directional network, data, and applications interoperability with mainframes, AS/400, UNIX, and others. Bridge legacy data into XML Requires no new code on the host Available by mid 2000 OS/390, OS/400, UNIX VSAM, DB2, Oracle/

Introduction to Rational Developer for System z For ISPF Developers

Projects Note – all local files reside on your PC or on a network server Drive:Workspace  The RDz "Workbench" – Workspace and Project Organization You will /resources. And projects within a workspace can be organized by: Batch application .. vs.. Online applications Lines of business/departmental applications: Accounts Payable, Inventory, Claims, /creating, testing and deploying DB2 Stored Procedures Copy files from one LPAR to another Edit/Compile/Unit Test if the mainframe is offline Syntax error /

Integration and Interoperability Michael Platt Architect Microsoft UK Day 1 Track 1 Session 3.

Synchronization Services (MSDSS) Synchronization of AD and NDS, eDirectory Tactical, NDS specific IDM solution Interoperability with Mainframes TCP/IP vs SNA Customer Upgrading to New z900 Mainframes IBM Retiring SNA FEP TN3270 Distributed Link Service IP-DLC Link Service Based on IBM APPN HPR/IP /DB2 (MVS) V5 through 8, DB2 (OS400) V4 through V5R2 Oracle Oracle 8i R2, R3 (8.1.6, 8.1.7) Oracle 9i R1, R2 (9.0.1, 9.2) Oracle 10g R1 (10.1) Sybase Sybase Adaptive Server 11.5 and 11.9 Sybase Adaptive Server /

June 2002 Capacity Planning for the Newer Workloads Linwood Merritt Capital One Services, Inc.

June 2002 Mainframe-Class Unix Types: Mainframe USS or Linux, Future UNIX vendor offerings Candidate applications –Web server –Vendor-ported/ Different access patterns (e.g., doctor’s office vs. call center) Service level measurement - harder to /mainframe Wk1 Application 24x7 operation First Parallel Sysplex exploitation Initial muck exploitation with 250 Users (Potential acquisition) New DB2 functionality exploitation Full Data Sharing exploitation (IMS, CICS, DB2) Full subsystem redundancy (IMS, CICS, DB2/

IBM eServer © 2004 IBM Corporation IBM Systems and Technology Group zSeries z900 and z990 Update 2004 Bob Neidig 914-642-4593.

–Available on z890 and z990 servers with z/OS 1.6  Operating Systems and Middleware enhancements –z/OS 1.6, z/VM 5.1, VSE enhancements –DB2 V8, WebSphere V5.1, WBISF V5.1 Recent Proof Points IBM eServer © 2004 IBM Corporation Mainframe Charter: Delivering new on demand / $120 $140 $160 $180 $200 1996’97’98’992000’01’02’03’04’05’06’07’08 Source: IDC Cost of People vs. Spending on New Systems zSeries Delivers Unique Value to the On Demand Business  The value of your IT goes beyond TCA –Intelligent workload /

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mainframe inspired RAS features – Hot Add support / Concurrent Maintenance – Alternate Process Recovery – Operating Systems Availability Leadership Hypervisor Virt I/O Server / Power Systems rPerf / KW rPerf / KBTU Power 780/770 vs Power 570/32 © 2010 IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems rPerf /Management Environment, WebSphere, xSeries, z/OS, zSeries, AIX 5L, Chiphopper, Chipkill, Cloudscape, DB2 Universal Database, DS4000, DS6000, DS8000, EnergyScale, Enterprise Workload Manager, General Purpose File System/

MQ Series Cross Platform Dominant Messaging sw – 70% of market Messaging API same on all platforms Guaranteed one-time delivery Two-Phase Commit Wide EAI.

most cases, it will take care of translating the data when the source and destination use different character sets (EBCDIC on MVS vs. ASCII on NT or Unix). All the applications have to do is know the name of the Queue and agree on the /results on a queue (screen-scraping without the 3270). Problem…Solution… VB app needs data from DB2, SQL Server and IMS VB client app puts messages on queues on NT and mainframe systems, triggering programs which populate reply queues on an NT system, which the VB app will/

Prepared by Dept. of Information Technology & Telecommunications, August 29, 2015 DoITT Service Offerings Applications, Infrastructure and Capabilities.

replication Prepared by Dept. of Information Technology & Telecommunications, August 29, 2015 New Data Center - Mainframe Servers –T-REX Technology –IBM 2084-304 w/48GB –IBM 2084-303 w/40GB –Total MIPS:/SQL access to ADABAS ADABAS data replication to other environments –DB2 Install/Customize DB2 environments Provide technical assistance Prepared by Dept. of Information Technology/ IBM currently supports COBOL LE (LANGUAGE ENVIRONMENT) for z/OS. VS/COBOL is not supported and will cease to function in the near/

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in minutes vs. weeks  Test multi-platform applications that produce and consume Cobol Copybooks / data files and interact with MQ, Web Services, DB2 and other/ Web Services CICS Mainframe App CICS Mainframe App EXEC calls to distributed Virtual CICS Mainframe Programs Virtual CICS Mainframe Programs CICS Mainframe App DPL calls /, people have been running around installing hardware, setting up application servers, database servers, installing application software, configuring all of that. Not only this/

ONGARD Modernization ONGARD Modernization Project Certification Request Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department State Land Office Taxation and.

QMF cleanup efforts. Update ONGARD mainframe production, QA and test environment tables to harden delete functionality. Assist with the recreation of DB2 trigger tables used for ONGARD replication process to server environment. Assist with SQL Server database backup planning and setup./ gap analysis of program code to to-be model; executive working sessions for developing next steps (BPR vs BPI) based on process modeling results; process improvement plan based on BPR or BPI recommendation; Recommendation on /

Gartner EA Conference / December 7 th, 2006 Authored by Mike Walker Financial Services Architecture Strategist

The growth of.NET-based vendor solutions.” 1. Tower Group - April 2006 – “.NET vs. J2EE: Does the Future of Service-Oriented Architecture Hang on Myth and Misconception?” 2. AITE/DB2 Mainframe DB2 for z/OSMainframe DB2 for z/OS Midrange DB2/400Midrange DB2/400 DB2 Universal Database for open platforms (AIX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows)DB2 Universal Database for open platforms (AIX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows) Host Files -Mainframe zSeries VSAM datasets -Midrange iSeries AS/400 physical files BizTalk Server/

1 Database Tuning Principles, Experiments and Troubleshooting Techniques Dennis Shasha Philippe Bonnet

number of cores available at HW/VM level Partitioning vs. Over-provisioning Provisioning for monitoring, back-up, expensive stored procedures/UDF @ Dennis Shasha and Philippe Bonnet, 2013 Priorities Mainframe OS have allowed to configure thread priority as well/(c - 1), a, b); See: Oracle 11g indexes DBMS Implementation DB2 10 –B+-tree (hash index only for db2 for z/OS) –Non-cluster vs. cluster –Key compression –Indexes on expression SQL Server 2012 –B+-tree (spatial indexes built on top of B+-trees) –/

Storr Consulting May 2004 Web-Enablement

* Internet VM 10 Gb/sec or 1GB/sec** OS/390 DB2 CICS IMS MQ Server TSM DB2 / UDB CICS Connect IMS Conne c t Apache Linux Firewall/in Naturals Shared Nucleus JAVA / Weblogic ORACLE MQSeries Client OPEN Framework Mainframe / Server Started Tasks MQSeries Server MQSPCHIN & MQSPMSTR - Master Task & Channel Initiator TP Monitor /Storr -- info@storrconsulting.com Dieter W. Storr -- info@storrconsulting.com EntireX vs. MQSeries A prospective Customer‘s Evaluation (February 2001) MQSeries EntireX Function calls/

Top Five Ways Swiss Mobiliar Improved Business Value with Oracle Database In-Memory Paolo Kreth Head of Data Management Thomas Baumann Head of IT Performance.

Windows and z/OS  5000 Notebooks, 1800 iPhones, 300 iPads  DBMS: Oracle, DB2, IMS, MS SQL Server, Neo4j  Standard-SW (ArcGIS, SAP, BO, Siebel, COR Life etc.)  Many/ Very high compression rate Architecture 2014 IDAA (IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator) Value Delivery DB2 zOS (“Mainframe“) IBM Netezza SQL Query (to DB2) Result Set Automatic query re-routing of search- / RICO 42 Both slides combined: Speed Up Oracle 12c In-Memory vs. Oracle 11g Parallel DegreeQuery 1Query 2Query 3Query 4Query 5All 1384.0446./

Choosing the Right Integration Technology for Exposing and Consuming Services (“When to Use What”) Ofer Ashkenazi Sr. Technical Product Manager Connected.

requirements by asset type Support for existing legacy systems Purchased solutions vs. home-grown solutions Heterogeneous and distributed data stores External trading partners/mainframe and AS/400 infrastructure Application and data integration with mainframe and midrange assets To.NET As Services Bridging between MSMQ and MQSeries Key features Transaction integration with CICS, IMS & DB2 BizTalk Adapters Legacy Asset Integration Host Integration Server Host Integration Server.NET Clients z/OS, OS/400… DB2/

High KBC Jan Tielemans. Agenda  Back in time  How the HA KBC looked like in 2006  Pro - Cons  Discuss the different steps(projects)

Workload redirected in less then 10 minutes  No interface/communication with WAS Servers  Switch is a Mainframe ONLY operation  Technical maintenance for M2 starts now on 13:00h vs 22:00h  Cloned IMS and MQ subsystems  Exploit TCP/IP sysplex/ logic  Get IMSID – If substr(IMSID,3,1) eq ‘P’ then …..  Identified application which could suffer from DB2 Datasharing  Identified serial transaction  How to serialize trx’s in a parallel environment ?  Communication – presentations for different departments/

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Server Why Migrate to or adopt SQL Server –Strength of SQL server –Range of products that make up SQL server –Integration –Scalability and Performance –TCO –Security –Availability Growth & Shares Non-mainframe DB ($5.4B) Growth & Shares 2004 Oracle 43% SQL Server 26% IBM 20% Other 11% Oracle 42% 2003 SQL Server/-class hardware Most common on servers with 8 or more processors 32-Bit vs. 64-Bit Memory and CPU/1.29 $/tpm – SQL2000 3,4,5,8,10 ($1.4 $/tpm) – DB2 (UDB) 6,7 (1.61 and 1.68 $/tpm) – 10g NON RACnumber /

Joint Studies / Marist College Enterprise Computing Research Lab Undergraduate Projects Howard Baker, Andrew Evans, Chris Cordisco, Junaid Kapadia June.

computation. This server would query a second server on the zEnterprise running the database on zLinux. The Database used here was DB2, since MongoDB would not run reliably on the mainframe. Joint Studies / MongoDB to DB2 In converting this database to DB2, new functions//product/team) Current defect state graphs (release/product/team) Project Managers: Open vs. closed defects over time (release/product/team) Test end criteria report Defect rate over time of release (release/product) Testers: /

© 2008 IBM Corporation IMS Trends and Direction Larry Lange Program Director, Business Development IMS Development IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory June 2008.

IMS IMS Update © 2008 IBM Corporation 2  Virtualization  Progressive renovation vs. rip and replace  SOA  Java  SQL  XML  Web 2/ resiliency  More cost-efficient run-time environment Workload, Performance, Cost Efficiency Mainframe Servers Unix Servers Windows/Linux z/OS IMS IMS Update © 2008 IBM Corporation 6 Interesting Facts/ info (search on IMS)  Information center - enables search across IMS, DB2 and Tools documentation  Migration, skills transfer, customized offerings at ibmdds@us.ibm/

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 Passed as values across network  Converted to pointers on mainframe as needed  Data converted on Client side before sending to mainframe  All are treated as in/out parameters (sent both ways/this does not happen by default!) So can be different ones for debugging vs deployment if you have different build descriptors IBM Software Group © 2007 IBM/ 34 EGL V6 – SOA Integration with Enterprise Servers WAS server EGL Generated Web Service code Call Programx DB2 z/OS Client WAS web Services J2C Config AIX/

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C++ Compiler less time to complete z/OS maintenance tasks when using RDz vs. ISPF Up to 5 © 2010 IBM Corporation Smarter Systems for a /NEW! Smart Analytics Optimizer NEW! SPSS Predictive Analytics for System z BETA! DB2 10 BETA! InfoSphere ™ MDM Server 9 for z/OS BETA! Cognos ® 8 BI for z/OS PLUS/activity monitoring with user-friendly and customizable dashboards now including events native to the mainframe platform –Improves business performance with real-time insights  Fast integration and simplified /

1 Mastering SOA Challenges more cost-effectively Bodo Bergmann Senior Software Engineer Ingres Corp.

“Entity aggregation” SLAs Failover OLTP vs. BI/Reporting Understanding business requirements Experienced/ cost-effective Challenge Legacy & Mainframe integration Mainframe information needed throughout the enterprise Include/Servers JSP, PHP, Perl, Python… OpenROAD 4GL Server OpenROAD Server Pooler Oracle SQL Server Enterprise Access DB2 UDB RDB EDBC IMS VSAM DB2 IDMS, Datacom DCOM OpenROAD 4GL Server OpenROAD 4GL Server 4GL Linux / Unix / VMS Microsoft Windows Wireless Mobile Phone WML HTTP OpenROAD Server/

® IBM Software Group © 2006 IBM Corporation JSF/EGL Advanced Topics Jon Sayles, EGL Application Developer:

(relative to GUI apps)  Small # of fields per/screen – consistent with mainframe high-transaction systems  Small amount of data sent/received  Same stateless model as /–Tree controls  Complex user-event model  Large amount of data  Stateful … vs … Stateless model – often transaction management becomes an issue  Often requirement to realize /DBMS performance - but could lead to worse Server Performance  Multiple cursors - would be better server performance But if DB2 is remote, what’s the penalty for/

New Jersey Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Modernization Project BASELINE DESCRIPTION: SUMMARY REPORT January 2003.

The UI organization aligns to a number of visions … Example 1 – Centralized vs. local provision Remote call centers provide an opportunity to consolidate access to services/ 90 staff total, 22 FTEs focused on UI support UISM skills IBM mainframe, DB2 and Oracle databases Windows Conversant administration 15 staff No overall IT strategy; / to sign into individual applications Separate sign-on credentials for mainframe and server based applications No overall framework for administrating user security and /

IS 483 Information Systems Management James Nowotarski 17 April 2003.

minutes Quiz25 minutes Assignments 2,315 minutes Today’s agenda Centralized vs. Decentralized organizational models Unresponsive No BU ownership Doesn’t meet every/AT&T, Sprint, WorldCom Public Internet Middleware WebSphere, CICS TS Apache J2EE DB2, Oracle, SQL Server Linux, Unix, Windows, z/OS Claims, Payroll, CRM, ERP Component/ Web Server Application Firewall App Server DB Server Legacy Mainframe Comparison of n-tier relative to 3-tier Advantages Better load balancing on different servers More scalable/

June 13 – 15, 2010 Project Cloud 9 a z-Powered Learning Environment by Michael Lavacca, Sean Goldsmith, Deyaa Abuelsaad, and Sean Dunn MARIST/IBM Joint.

June 13 – 15, 2010 Our Goal The enablement of the Sakai application on IBM’s WebSphere Application Server and DB2 software, and the System Z Mainframe. June 13 – 15, 2010 3 Sakai is an “adaptable, interoperable, reliable, scalable, and flexible /A graph comparing the two configurations is shown below. June 13 – 15, 2010 16 WAS/DB2 Mainframe Original Config vs. New Config June 13 – 15, 2010 17 WAS/DB2 Mainframe vs. WAS/DB2 Blade June 13 – 15, 2010 S OLUTION The final product and present & future directions/

E-Commerce Architectures and Technologies Rob Oshana Southern Methodist University.

-to-Consumer Traditional vs Direct Selling Chain Manufacturer/the leading network architecture for mainframe-based telecommunications networks. Logical Flow/Server/Commerce Server Web Clients HTTP TCP/IP Web/Commerce Servers Commerce Server S/W Web Server S/W Web Server Software NT SERVER SERVICE PACK 3 OPTION PACK/IIS FRONT PAGE SITE SERVER SITE SERVER COMMERCE Back End Servers Web ClientsWeb/Commerce ServersBack End Back End Systems SQL DB2 Oracle ERP –PeopleSoft –SAP Clustered Servers Web/Commerce Servers/

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