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CHAPTER 3 SECTION 3 Using Newton’s Laws. WHAT FORCES ARE EXERTED ON A ROCKET?  From what we learned in the last few lessons, what type of forces do you.

momentum of the gas expelled from the bottom of the rocket is conserved by the opposite momentum of the rocket  The total momentum of the rocket and fuel is zero (because they are equal in size and opposite in direction)  By controlling how much gas is ejected the rocket’s momentum can be controlled So, what forces really are exerted on a rocket? HOMEWORK  Work on the 3.3 Worksheet/

Lecture 23: MOI & Torque. Kinetic energy of Rotation K = sum of ½ m v 2 for all parts of the body  Moment of inertia I  K = ½ I ω 2.

–i – j direction, so i-j or SE so f) Angular Momentum of Rigid Body about fixed axis L = sum over angular momenta of parts Use l = r p = m r v = m r (r ω)  L = I ω Dynamics Transliteration Mass  Moment of inertia Force  Torque Momentum  Angular Momentum Newton II Momentum Conservation  Angular Momentum Conservation Angular Momentum Conservation Angular momentum is conserved if no external net torque is present Demos: turntable + weights, turntable and/

Newtonian Mechanics – Momentum, Energy, Collisions Gernot Laicher For ACCESS Class 2011.

In general there are an infinite number of possible solutions (combinations of the final velocities u 1 and u 2 that fulfill the conservation of momentum requirement). Which of those solutions really happens depends on the exact nature of the collision. Excel Program – Using/) Is there Mechanical Energy Conservation in Totally Inelastic Collisions? Excel Program – Using a Solver Name the Excel worksheet tab for the previously created elastic collision Elastic Collision. Make a copy of this tab and rename it/

Momentum, Impulse, Collisions Newton’s Laws

-January). You will NOT receive a completion stamp for them.) Reminders WebQuest worksheets due tomorrow in class WebAssigns are due tomorrow before 1st period Task 3 power point (remember, rubric is online in the WebQuest instructions!) is due tomorrow by 11:59 PM! Quiz covers Newton’s laws, Momentum, Impulse, and Conservation of Momentum (including collisions). Question 1 If a 55.0 kg woman is/


such a large momentum? It has a small mass, but it has a very large velocity Law of Conservation of Momentum The total momentum of objects in an interaction does not change, unless outside forces act on the object The quantity of the momentum is the same /your homework for tonight: State Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and give an example of each. Use Chapter 10 of your textbook or the Internet as your reference Bellwork: 11/6/07 *Write on BLUE Worksheet!* I like physical science laws because they treat /

A Review of Some Newtonian Mechanics Gernot Laicher REFUGES Summer Bridge Course 2014.

general there are an infinite number of possible solutions (combinations of the final velocities u 1 and u 2 that fulfill the conservation of momentum requirement). Which of those solutions really happens depends on the exact nature of the collision. Excel Program –/velocity) Is there Mechanical Energy Conservation in Totally Inelastic Collisions? Excel Program – Using a Solver Name the Excel worksheet tab for the previously created elastic collision “Elastic Collision”. Make a copy of this tab and rename it/

Motion - Chapter 8.1 Speed Velocity Momentum Speed Distance traveled divided by the time during which motion occurred Constant speed means that an object.

momentum Momentum Example Find the momentum of a 75 kg speed skater moving forward at 16 m/s. Momentum Example Mass = 75 kilograms Velocity = 16 m/s forward Momentum = (75 kg)(16m/s) Momentum= 1200 kg m/s forward Conservation of Momentum The total amount of momentum in a system is conserved/Gravity #3-5 worksheets. Do Now: Write the letter formula/equation and units for 1. Velocity 2. Speed 3. Momentum 4. Acceleration Force The cause of acceleration or the change in an object’s velocity SI unit of force is a/

Introductions: Who are we? Name Institution What do you hope to get out of this workshop?

of this workshop? Motivation Discuss in groups of/on curve Conservation of Energy Sliding puckSkate loopBungee jump Conservation of Momentum Hawk /on curve Conservation of Energy Sliding puckSkate loopBungee jump Conservation of Momentum Hawk and/ curve Conservation of Energy Sliding puckSkate loopBungee jump Conservation of Momentum Hawk / while practicing the task. 3 types of computer coaches 1st: Computer coaches the student/model of instruction that is accessible within the framework of the typical classroom. 3 /

Chapter 6 Momentum. Linear Momentum Momentum = p Momentum = mass x velocity p = mv Units are kilogram-meters per second (kg·m/s)

human body during collisions On a trampoline, jumpers are protected from injury because the rubber reduces the force of the collision by allowing it to take place over a longer period of time. Egg Impulse Demo Conservation of Momentum When two or more objects collide, the total momentum of the two objects together remains the same. M 1 v 1i + m 2 v 2i = m 1 v/ = ½ m 1 v 1f 2 + ½ m 2 v 2f 2 v is positive if the object moves to the right and negative if moves to the left. Assignment Chapter 6 Worksheet

Note Taking Worksheet Forces

it was discovered, the existence of the planet Neptune was predicted based on gravitational forces and Newton’s laws. Section 3 The third law of motion. C. Momentum—related to how much force is needed to change an object’s motion; momentum equal mass times velocity. Section 3 The third law of motion. D. Law of conservation of momentummomentum can be transferred between objects; momentum is not lost or gained/

Motion p.272 -273 in red text #13.1 worksheet accelerated Speed activity.

Motion p.272 -273 in red text #13.1 worksheet accelerated Speed activity MOTION motion change in your position compared to a frame of reference. – as a train moves past a platform, people on the platform see those on the train / cars – If the forces both act on the same object the object will not move (net force = 0) MOMENTUM Momentum - describes how mass and velocity are affected by each other. units are kgm/s No velocity? no momentum! Conservation of momentum- The loss of momentum in one object is the gain/

The worksheet for the simulation is in the student’s booklets.

worksheet for the simulation is in the student’s booklets. Quantum and Nuclear Physics (B) Mr. Klapholz Shaker Heights High School http://www.wellsphere.com/wellpage/mri-lupus-vasculitis-image-brain Summary of the Photoelectric effect: Light makes electrons shoot off of/biw=1280&bih=647 A variation of our photoelectric equation: Conservation of energy gave us: Energy in / / n Now add in the deBroglie idea: = h/p p = h / The momentum of the electron depends on which energy level the electron is in. p n = h / n/

Energy Chapter 11 p.285 - 301. 11.1 – Forms of energy Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Heat energy (movement of molecules) ▫It is the sum.

, if the collision is inelastic, SOLVE USING MOMENTUM. ▫If energy is not conserved, there will be less energy after the collision than before. If the collision is elastic, you may use kinetic energy to solve. Practice P.300 #19-21 11.2 Section review #24-28 Assignment Complete the second section of your Work, Power, and Energy worksheet ▫(Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy; #1/

Last Day of Ch. 8 Before Test! Fen 27 & 28. HW Due11 questions – turn them in! Tonight’s HW Test on Ch. 8 is next class. Use the study guide! 2 review.

1.Yes 2.No 3.Sometimes Countdown 10 Does an object with momentum always have energy? 1.Yes 2.No Countdown 10 Does an object with energy always have momentum? 1.Yes 2.No Countdown 10 If a mouse and an elephant /worksheet, etc. Today’s exit requires you to take back your old exit slips… We are going to check, BUT…. The answers are NOT in order – think of this like a WORD BANK! Check, correct, and get the help you need A = D B C The object started with grav. PE. The total energy was conserved. However, some of/

Worksheet A thermodynamic system undergoes a three-step process. An adiabatic expansion takes it from state 1 to state 2; heat is added at constant pressure.

was running backwards. Why? The process violates: 1. The Law of Conservation of Energy 2. The Law of Conservation of Momentum 3. The Second Law of Thermodynamics 4. All of the above Entropy: time’s arrow In the process of smashing the glass of milk, both energy and momentum are conserved. However, the entropy is increased The direction of time is the direction of increasing entropy. Reversible and irreversible processes In an irreversible process, the/

Warm-Up: December 11, 2015  A 1.75 kg rock is thrown north at a speed of 3.00 m/s. A ball of clay is thrown south at a speed of 2.00 m/s. The rock gets.

.00 m/s. The rock gets stuck in the clay and they move south together at a speed of 1.25 m/s. What is the mass of the clay? Calculator Quiz Answers Momentum and Impulse Worksheet Conservation of Momentum worksheet Questions about Momentum? Work and Power Section 10.1 Work Work and Dot Product Example 1  A rope is pulling a box horizontally across a horizontal floor. If/

Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 – Energy, Work, Energy Conservation, and Simple Machines.

bow? 1. What speed would a fly with a mass of.55 g need in order to have the same kinetic energy as a 1200 kg car traveling at 20 m/s? 29,542 m/s 41.3 m/s 10.1 Energy and Work Worksheet 1 #3 a) 1800 J b) -1200 J 1/ car slows to 1.4 m/s to the right. Was the collision elastic? 11.2 Conservation of Energy A B In which case is both momentum and kinetic energy conserved? 11.2 Conservation of Energy Two brothers, Jason and Jeff, of equal masses jump from a house 3-m high. If Jason jumps on the ground and Jeff/

NEMS Training One Day Course Instructors: Rocky Dunlap and Fei Liu NOAA Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences University of Colorado,

mapped conservatively, states bilinearly, higher order also available) More information about the mediator: http://cog-esgf.esrl.noaa.gov/projects/couplednems/mediator_design http://cog-esgf.esrl.noaa.gov/projects/couplednems/mediator_design Worksheet of planned /masks; determine OCN/ICE fractions Merge OCN+ICE fields to ATM (e.g., surface temp, heat & momentum fluxes) Copy FieldBundles to States for export from Mediator FBforATM  NState_AtmExp FBforICE  NState_IceExp Mediator Run Phases /

Forces Def – an action exerted on an object to change the object’s state of motion (resting or moving) Units: Newtons (N) Net force – total force on an.

Newton’s laws worksheet Whiteboard questions Energy notes Quiz Wednesday – newton’s laws WHITEBOARD QUESTIONS Need a whiteboard, marker, paper towel, and calculator. Who was the scientist who gave us the Laws of Motion? Which law /Momentum To catch a ball you use a force to stop the ball You change the ball’s momentum If you increase the time to catch the ball you reduce the force Momentum and Collisions The total amount of momentum is an isolated system in conserved m1v1 = m2v2 During a collision, momentum/

What is a challenge you are bringing to this Summit? What do you hope to get from and contribute to this community of leaders? Find a partner…4 minutes.

–Where –Who –How DO NOT share your own experience Collect details of the journey: –Status quo, barriers, action, surprises, discoveries Spend time/local innovations Build positive energy & momentumBuild positive energy & momentum Solve problems by discovering what worksSolve problems by discovering what/Maybe Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless Ecocycle Worksheet Sample AC: ______. 4. Renewal Mobilization “Sowing” 1. Birth Exploitation “Growing” 2. Maturity Conservation “Harvesting” 3. Creative Destruction “/

1 Honors Physics Chapter 11 Energy and Its Conservation.

and Its Conservation 2 Chapter 11 Turn in Chapter 10 homework, worksheet, and Lab Report Take Quiz 11 Lecture Q&A 3 NGSS HS-PS3-1. Create a computational model to calculate the change in the energy of one component in a system when the change in energy of the /of mass 40 kg, pushes off the top of a hill with an initial speed of 4.0 m/s. Neglecting friction, how fast will she be moving after dropping 10 m in elevation? a) 7.3 m/s b) 49 m/s c) 15 m/s d) 196 m/s 25 Collision Momentum is conservedConserved/

1 Using simplified equations of state to model steady-state Plinian eruptions How are Flow Conditions in Volcanic Conduits Estimated? How can variations.

estimated as a function of depth in conduits? Prepared to offend unwary volcanology students Chuck Connor – University of South Florida, Tampa Supporting Quantitative Issues Equilibrium and disequilibrium Henry’s Law Core Quantitative Issue Conservation of mass and momentum 2 Slides 3-9 / of exsolved volatiles, R is the gas constant expressed in terms of mass (462 J kg -1 °K -1 ), T is temperature (°K) and P is pressure (Pa). Return to Slide 4 19 Excel Worksheet Containing Problem Data This excel worksheet /

ENERGY. Starter Directions: Classify the following measurements as Force, momentum, Velocity, acceleration. 1. m/s squared 2. Newton 3. kg·m/s squared.

band STORED MECHANICAL ENERGY: Do you remember the LAW OF CONSERVATION OF MASS AND ENERGY? ENERGY TRANSFORMATIONS Law of Conservation of ENERGY: (same for mass) Mass/ NRG ____________ Mass/ NRG ______________ Mass/ Energy can only __________ Can’t be made Can’t be destroyed Change form!!! ENERGY TRANSFORMATIONS Energy Transfer worksheet Read and answer the questions on the worksheet entitles energy transformations Very often during the energy transformation/

The magnitude of the force Two equal charges Q are placed a certain distance apart. They exert equal-and-opposite forces F on one another. Now one of the.

III, the two fields point in opposite directions. Now think about the magnitude of the fields. Worksheet: where is the field zero? In region I, the two fields point/have the same speed Interacting point charges In this case, we can apply impulse – momentum ideas. The negative charge keeps getting closer to the central positive charge, so the force/ the proton remains at rest the whole time. Let’s start with the conservation of energy equation. Which terms can we cross out immediately? Escape speed Which terms/

Newton’s Laws Chapter 5 Physics 521. Introduction Our understanding of force and motion has progressed with time. Sir Isaac Newton published his laws.

not Newtons, instead they are. A single object with constant velocity and mass also has constant momentum, we say momentum is conserved. Do Model Problem on Page 197 Do Practice Problems # 29 on Page 197 Impulse Impulse ( ) is the product of a force and the time over which the force acts. ▫ A vector quantity with the same/-4, & 5 Read about “Impulse and Auto Safety” on Pages 203-205. Chapter 5 Review Pages 206-209 #s 34, 37 - 46 Force Worksheet Problems – Red Book Assignment Chapter 5 Review Dynamics Test 2

Roller Coasters: Measures of Effort & Motion; Conservation Laws.

doing the work Energy is Conserved! 20 The total energy (in all forms) in a “closed” system remains constant This is one of nature’s “conservation laws” Conservation applies to: Energy (includes mass via E = mc 2 ) Momentum Angular Momentum Electric Charge Conservation laws are fundamental in physics/Position of car= height (m) GPE=mghKE=1/2mv 2 GPE+KE= total energy How fast is the car going? Top (30 m) Bottom (0 m) Halfway down 7.5 m p71 Energy “rules”! List 3 rules that you used to complete the worksheet /

Facilities Information Management System Data Validation Update for FY15 U.S. Department of Energy Argonne National Laboratory Annual FIMS Comprehensive.

by FIMS standard report #069. Copy the data to the worksheet labelled FIMS below the existing data. FIMS Standard Report for/Early Termination/ Cancellation HA – PBC – Homeless Assistance PF – PBC – Port FacilitiesWC – PBC – Wildlife Conservation HE – PBC – Health or Educational Use PR – PBC – Public Parks and Recreational Area XP – /momentum that will yield status improvement (decline) Rating of Progress (continued) Red – indication that red status will not improve or yellow status will decline  Lack of/

Bellwork 1. Define AU 2. What do we call the 3 Laws of Planetary Motion?

Visual Concepts online Ch3Sec4 Planetary Motion worksheet Create a Chart In your note book create a KWL chart and write what you know about how stars are formed. Also summarize what you know about the life cycle of a star? Next fill in / arms to spin. This is conservation of angular momentum. Pulsars are formed with a certain amount of angular momentum. As gravity causes them to shrink (and thus have a smaller radius) they must spin faster in order to conserve angular momentum. http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov//

The Litigation Side of Forensic Accounting Copyrighted 2001 D

help cover up Ms. Stewart’s improper stock trading. Blue ballpoint ink used is different from ink elsewhere on the trading worksheet. Prosecutors used forensic ink analysis in Rite Aid case to show that certain documents were backdated (ink used to sign letter / Powell. That, though, could change in an instant. One false move now could turn the momentum of the entire trial. It was a time to be conservative in the literal sense- conserve what you’ve already got. Don’t let the other side score.” Source: J.T. /

UNIT 5 (end of mechanics ) Universal Gravitation, Energy, Orbits, & SHM Did not teach SHM 2012-13 to HP.

. Mass on right holds it in place. Mass on left stretches spring 5 worksheets A block is moving undergoing SHM having amplitude A 0. At instant block passes thru equilibrium, putty of mass M is dropped vertically onto block and it sticks. Find new amplitude and/= Get expression for speed at x=0 To find new amplitude It’s a collision where x-component of momentum is conserved where new speed is… mv o + 0 = (m + M)v K is not conserved due to inelastic collision E = ½ (M+m) v 2 = Energy in system is now ω /

Mae A. Davenport Department of Forest Resources Center for Changing Landscapes University of Minnesota Watershed Planning Workshop Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

collective problems and improve or maintain the well-being of that community” (Chaskin et al. 2001, pg. 7) 8 What is a community? 9 Activity: CC Worksheet 10 Programmatic Capacity Organizational Capacity Relational Capacity Individual capacity/and capacity-building 22 Mae Davenport mdaven@umn.edu 612-624-2721 23 THANK YOU! 24 Minnesota Study Watersheds Creating Conservation Momentum for Water Resource Protection (adapted from Davenport & Seekamp 2013) Individual Capacity Belief & behavior change (e.g., clean/

9th Physical Science Week of Nov 9 th – Nov 13 th.

Momentum: A Crash Lesson  Review Chapter 6 for Assessment Tomorrow  Isaac Newton Worksheet  Assessment – Chapter 6  Introduce Chapter 7: Work and Energy LEARNING TARGETS I can describe how forces cause changes in motion. I can demonstrate and describe Newton’s First Law. I can explain the meaning of/can explain what happens when objects collide in terms of Newtons third law. I can apply the law of conservation of momentum when describing the motion of colliding objects. Next Quiz / Test : Thursday /

3.2 Conservation of Energy pp. 70 - 72 Mr. Richter.

5 minutes. Conservation of Energy  The total amount of energy in a system does not change.  The Law of Conservation of Energy:  Like momentum, this is only true in the absence of outside forces, like friction. Conservation of Energy  When/Describe the changes of potential and kinetic energy in an object as it changes height.  Solve problems with conservation of energy.  Understand the difference between conservation of energy in physics and “conserving” energy in real life. Homework  Worksheet #2, 3,/

Warm up 6/8 Which three elements make up most of the mass of most biological molecules? Coming events: 6/8 Cell parts notes/ activities 6/11 Worktime cell.

of these physics concepts are and describe a specific example of that concept in action:  Potential energy (stored in chemicals)  Gravitational potential energy  Kinetic Energy  Energy conversions  Conservation of/of Energy Work time to plan/ alter vehicle. Previous lesson: Vehicle practice runs or Video Physical Science Warm up 3/5 How do you calculate momentum/ due today In-Class writing assignment due today Acceleration worksheet due at the beginning of class Wed. Study Hints for Quiz Motion Speed –/

Chapter 39 The Stalemated Seventies, 1968–1980. I. Sources of Stagnation What indicators showed the great economic growth of the US was over by the 1970s?

of welfare programs that conservative /of self-discipline and self- government to rest of world Watergate weakened publics faith in government Economic problems further deepened disillusionment p913 Worksheet: due tomorrow Audio Video summarizing the fall of/momentum: – Won legislative and judicial victories – Provoked rethinking of gender roles (see Makers of America) – Thousands marched in Womens Stride for Equality on fiftieth anniversary of woman suffrage in 1970 – In 1972 Congress passed Title IX of/

What are some characteristics of photons?

has energy E and linear momentum p: Scattered Photon has energy E : Total energy and momentum must be conserved. The Compton Effect The photon gives part of its energy to one of the electrons, in the form of KE Total energy and momentum must be conserved. Loss in photon energy / the Kinetic Energy of the electron. 108 eV Competition for Quiz Extra Credit Group Quiz Review I’m going to check one paper per group. Competition for Quiz Extra Credit First Three groups to finish the worksheet with every problem /

Unit 3 Chapter 15 Day 1 OBJECTIVE : Describe the relationship between work and energy. Give examples of the major forms of energy and explain how each.

Today: Roller Coaster Energy Worksheet Roller Coaster Physics Online Coasters (if available) Homework: Study Guide Fill-ins and Problems Unit 3 Chapter 15 Day 7 OBJECTIVE : Demonstrate knowledge of Chapter 15 – Energy forms, conversions and conservation Do Now: Word Wise /slide down the hill, the potential energy of the sled decreases and its kinetic energy increases. Energy Skate park Energy in a Roller Coaster Physics Unit 3 Test Formula List Force - 2 nd Law F = m * a Momentum p = m * v Average Speed /

The Effects of a Model-Based Physics Program with a Physics First Approach Ling L. Liang, Ph. D. La Salle University

(2cr.) Electric & magnetic fields Elective 3-4 (2 cr.) Oscillations, mechanical & electromagnetic waves; properties of light; relativity Elective 3-5 (2cr.) Conservation of momentum; wave-particle dualism; atomic theory & nuclear energy Elective 3-2 (2cr.) Electromagnetic induction; alternating current; sensors Elective 3-3 (2cr.) Molecular motion; state of matter & change of phases; thermodynamics; Physics 2 (2 cr., 36 hrs) Physics 1 (2 cr., 36 hrs) Motion/

Newton’s Laws of Motion 8 th Grade Jennifer C. Brown.

of the force is not always the same. Newton’s 3 rd Law of Motion: action - reaction Jennifer C. Brown  Momentum (P) is the mass of an object times its velocity. Newton’s 3 rd Law of Motion: action - reaction Jennifer C. Brown  The law of conservation of momentum/3 laws of motion.  Homework: Worksheet on applying Newton’s 3 Laws & Notebook Test Next Week (after Break)  Do Now:  1) What is Newton’s First Law of Motion?  2) What is Newton’s Second Law of Motion?  3) What is Newton’s Third Law of Motion? /

Test Friday Bell Work Take one of each sheet off of the front table. Complete the “Bell Work” sheet and have your HW out to grade.

WS to summarize what you showed me with Play-Doh. Physics Crossword Word Bank Mass (x2) Momentum Physics Galileo Terminal Fluid Net Projectile Reaction Weight Second Conservation Third Decrease Gravity Acceleration Rolling Unbalanced Sliding Balanced Free Force Inertia Resistance Surfaces Q&A Set-Up/ the chapter in this manner? For tomorrow Google Docs are a great way to have a “group” worksheet that all of you can edit. Be prepared for your presentation; if you need to email your powerpoint to yourself, /

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versa. 4. The rotor is also massless. No account is taken of angular momentum imparted to either the rotor or the air flow behind the rotor, i.e., no account is taken of any wake effect. Application of conservation of mass (continuity equation) Applying conservation of mass to this control volume, the mass flow rate (the mass of fluid flowing per unit time) is given by: where v1 is/

February 11, 2003Lynn Cominsky - Cosmology A3501 Professor Lynn Cominsky Department of Physics and Astronomy Offices: Darwin 329A and NASA EPO (707) 664-2655.

- Cosmology A35010 Formation of the Solar System Activity  Examine the figures and tables that are provided in the handout  Answer the questions on the worksheet  Feel free to /of interstellar cloud separates Central region of this fragment collapses to form solar nebula, with thin disk of solids and thicker disk of gas surrounding it Disk of gas rotates and fragments around dust nuclei– each fragment spins faster as it collapses (to conserve angular momentum) Accretion and collisions build up the mass of/

Unit 5: Elastic Collisions In elastic collisions, two objects collide and return to their original shapes with no loss of total kinetic energy. ◦ After.

In elastic collisions, two objects collide and return to their original shapes with no loss of total kinetic energy. ◦ After the collision, the two objects move separately. ◦ Total momentum and total kinetic energy are conserved. Unit 5: Elastic Collisions Example: A 0.015 kg marble moving to the right / the collision and that both marbles are moving on a frictionless surface. What is the velocity of the 0.030 kg marble after the collision? (0.090 m/s to the right) Unit 5: Elastic Collisions Homework/

The Role of Business Case Analysis in Software Engineering Lecture #1

and Assimilation ASLOC = Adapted SLOC ESLOC = Equivalent new SLOC Copyright RCI, 2005 The Impact of Reuse Conservative estimate of savings is $10 million/year Copyright RCI, 2005 Reuse Cost/Benefit Worksheet Non-Recurring Costs Domain engineering - done on IR&D Reusable assets - project funded Infrastructure /the system is tedious Need help in licensing – buyer, legal and staff support Must keep the momentum moving Copyright RCI, 2005 Case Study - Final Thoughts Process improvement is a good investment To /

Integrating Lab and Lecture Breaking Down the Barrier Between Concepts and Practice Joseph J. Biernacki Department of Chemical Engineering QEP Workshop.

ConversionsUsing Matrixes Measuring Flowrate Mass Conservation: Single Component SystemsSurface IntegrationEfflux /Do × Use Lab Manual or Worksheets × Provide Detailed Procedures of Any Sort × Require Elaborate Reports/of Error Data Collection Data Collection Viscosity Viscosity CHE 3020 Thermo II (3) CHE 3020 Thermo II (3) CHE 3110 Trans Sci I (4) CHE 3110 Trans Sci I (4) CHE 3120 Trans Sci II (3) CHE 3120 Trans Sci II (3) CHE 3220 Lab II (2) CHE 3220 Lab II (2) Heat and Momentum Transfer Heat and Momentum/

Course Expectations On-time Prepared Have all equipment Respect for classmates 100% course attendance 100% participation Proof of prerequisites.

for improvement Show parents the back of the worksheet Share comments and progress on worksheet Don’t be intimidated Developing Healthy Relationships with Parents Make the parent part of the team Know parents by name /of Swimming Buoyancy Resistance Propulsion Laminar Flow Conservation of momentum Buoyancy Archimedes’ Principle – a body in water is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of water it displaces Factors affecting buoyancy:  Body type  Lung capacity  Body position  Centre of mass/centre of/

The K to 12 Program An understanding of the development PROCESS of the K to 12 curriculum is important for decision-making of actors on the ground. The.

of a sole proprietorship Journalizing of transactions, posting to the ledger and preparation of a trial balance Preparation of adjusting entries, worksheet preparation and completing the cycle. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION As of 02/17/14 Special ManCom Meeting on SHS Preparations. For DEPED USE ONLY As of/ of linear fitting data Motions in 2-dimension and 3-dimensions Newton’s Laws of Motion and Applications Work Energy and Energy Conservation Center of Mass, Momentum, Impulse and Collusions Integration of Data/

Developing New Behavior Week 9. Non Contingent Reinforcement Potency (e.g. amount/quality) of “R+” Include Extinction Vary “Reinforcement”

Single Opportunity – Measurement of all steps in correct sequence – Quick to conduct – More conservative – Tells little information Multiple-Opportunity – Measurement of each link Stimulus Discrimination and Stimulus Generalization 3 Types of Stimuli Discriminative Stimulus: Reinforcement/of a stimulus as a result of another behavior that was reinforced in the presences of that stimulus√ Do not confuse with stimulus generalization e.g. Behavioral Momentum: Compliance high p e.g. Computer vs. worksheet/

Overarching System and NEMS Cecelia DeLuca NOAA Environmental Software Infrastructure and Interoperability (NESII) NOAA ESRL/University of Colorado NGGPS.

fluxes are mapped bilinearly, states conservatively, higher order also available) More information about the mediator: http://cog-esgf.esrl.noaa.gov/projects/couplednems/mediator_design http://cog-esgf.esrl.noaa.gov/projects/couplednems/mediator_design Worksheet of planned coupling fields across all / information more fields will be included here GSM to MOM5 surface pressure merged momentum flux mean net longwave banded shortwave radiation precipitation sensible heat flux MOM5 to GSM SST ATM GSM OCN /

NOAA Environmental Modeling System Cecelia DeLuca NOAA Environmental Software Infrastructure and Interoperability (NESII) NOAA ESRL/University of Colorado.

are mapped bilinearly, states conservatively, higher order also available) More information about the mediator: http://cog-esgf.esrl.noaa.gov/projects/couplednems/mediator_design http://cog-esgf.esrl.noaa.gov/projects/couplednems/mediator_design Worksheet of planned coupling fields across all/masking information heat fluxes and stresses missing GSM to MOM5 surface pressure merged momentum flux mean net longwave banded shortwave radiation precipitation sensible heat flux MOM5 to GSM SST ATM GSM OCN/

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