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Green School’s Programme 2010/2011 Tubber N.S.. Our Green School Committee Our Green School Committee was formed in October 2009 and is made up of Ann.

and health- Comenius Project  Toothbrush Demo-Science  Lovely Water video-world of water  Aquatics-Water Safety Water Conservation Posters Curriculum Work-Senior Room Something Fishy – Learning about Fish & Fishing Bradán (A Salmon tells her story) Water Based Experiments / Surface Tension / Salt Water / Fresh Water Environmental Awareness / Science in the Environment The Geology of the Burren and its impact on sourcing water The Titanic – visited/

Reclaiming green places since 1959 © The Conservation Volunteers 2012 Training Recruiting and inducting Volunteers.

Conservation Volunteers 2012 Training Recruitment A process of showing people they can do something they already want to do. A process of attracting just enough of the right volunteers Reclaiming green places since 1959 © The Conservation Volunteers 2012 Training Three methods of recruitment Warm body Distribute brochures or posters/ them as individuals contributing to TCV’s aims. TCV will provide a safe working environment for all people involved, and have appropriate insurance cover. TCV will seek to train/

Sustainable tourism development in Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs): A legal perspective presented at Conservation Science in Mozambique National.

for biodiversity conservation, economic development, poverty alleviation and regional integration. Tourism identified as key driver of the objectives of TFCA However tourism may result in pressure on domestic resources, the environment, a preservation of culture. Therefore/ poster presentations are always welcome. Thematic areas: 1. TFCAS as complex socio-ecological systems: drivers for TBNRM 2. Agriculture and animal production activities within TFCAs 3. Animal and Human Health in the management of /

Environment Curriculum Development Pack Accreditation, resources, session ideas & evaluation.

centre www.naturegrid.org.uk www.naturegrid.org.uk KENT TRUST FOR NATURE CONSERVATION NATIONAL SCHEMES See ‘Environmental Work Links’ Environmental Work Links WEBSITEDESCRIPTION http://www.//or recycle? Ask each group/pair to design a brochure and/or poster to publicise their ‘Big Green Day Out’ (a template for a / reliance and confidence Knowledge of the environment, their place in it and how they relate to it Identification of plants and animals through development of tracking and foraging skills Self/


environments, and have permeable skin that can easily absorb toxic chemicals. These traits make frogs especially susceptible to environmental disturbances, and thus frogs are considered accurate indicators of environmental stress: the health of frogs is thought to be indicative of the health of/ the species. In the form of an A3 poster. Include the following to your proposal: A short description of the aspects of your conservation program, including a list of the resources required, including artificial /

Environmental Education - Sutapa Datta. Education Education is an independent field of study or discipline which is concerned with the process of an all.

-a-vis improvement of quality of life; Practices ways of bringing about qualitative improvement in the environment by assuming leadership role; Respects customs and traditions related to local conservation practices and accepts indigenous eco-friendly technologies; Develops skills to undertake and participate in investigative studies on various environmental issues; and Non-Formal EE Adult Education : Adults may influence other members using information packs, posters, slides generated/

Genome Annotation of Protein Function using Structural Data: Catalytic Residue Information Janet Thornton European Bioinformatics Institute ISMB/ECCB 2004.

Loop closed Structures of open form Structures of closed form ° Distribution of RMSDs of hits to aldolase template (based on PDB 1ald) ° Distribution of RMSDs of hits to fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase template (based on PDB 1eyi) Poster Number I76 / Ia/II … … … … Rank by conservation and proximity to proteins two largest clefts 1hsk Reverse templates 1hsk 123 456 879 … 3-residue templates Template structure – 1mbb Comparison of template environments Identical residues in neighbourhood: Target structure – 1hsk/

Chapter 10 Life Span Development. Life Span Poster Project 1. Gather pictures from your childhood 1 from infancy (0-1)1 from infancy (0-1) 1 from early.

pencils, and poster board. Developmental Psychology  The study of how people change/of adapting to the environment.  In his view, children are intrinsically motivated to explore and understand things.  Progress through 4 basic stages of cognitive development. Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development  Sensory-Motor Stage (birth to 2 years) Object permanence Object permanence Object permanence Object permanence  Preoperational Stage (2-7 years) Egocentric; Conservation errors Egocentric; Conservation/

OVERVIEW Analysis of Protein Complexes from Rhodopseudomonas palustris by Mass Spectrometry Gregory B. Hurst, Dale A. Pelletier, Robert L. Hettich, Keiji.

of protein complexes. Component proteins of several complexes have been affinity-isolated and characterized by MS. The bacterial species Rhodopseudomonas palustris [1]  occurs widely in the environment  survives in a variety of/1).  Choice of target proteins guided by proteomics measurements (poster ThPT 382, VerBerkmoes et al.) Multiple protein components of several complexes have /RPA0176 DUF156, RPA1661 elongation factor Tu, RPA3252 conserved hypothetical protein, RPA2050 peroxiredoxin-like protein, /

City of Cape Town Cape Town: Setting a path towards sustainability Presentation to Botswana delegation: 11 June 2012.

) Air pollution Noise pollution Special open places Litter and waste Emphasis on Poverty Improve local environments and open spaces through community partnerships, emphasizing vulnerable sectors of society Biodiversity Conservation of Cape Flats Flora 261 sites of important biodiversity Outcomes-based education poster and Teacher’s Guide Exhibition and pamphlet production Set of 4 posters Core Sites map IMEP Implementation / Metrowide strategy: Coastal Zone Management Coastal Zone definition State/

Wolverine Tower An Introduction to Planet Blue. Agenda Welcome and Introductions U-M’s Commitment to Energy Conservation Environmental and Energy Initiative.

conservation measuresTo investigate energy conservation measures To satisfy building occupant comfortTo satisfy building occupant comfort Planet Blue Outreach Thermostats Labels Light Switch Labels Motion Sensing Power-strips Recycling/OSEH Containers Posters and Signage Website Presentations & Training 21 Planet Blue Posters/ occupancy use. Train occupants in use of overrides. Monitor and evaluate environment and energy conservation efforts for identifying areas of deficiency and success. Planet Blue Team /

INNOVATIONS AND BEST PRACTICES. Environment Consciousness Does the Institute conduct a Green Audit of its campus and facilities?  The college has no.

e solution which will make the administrative system paperless and promote environment conservation  Computerization of the Admission process;  Automation of Office administration  Introduction of Intercom facility;  Starting of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme;  Higher education enrolment is promoted/print special posters for every competition and the sponsors. Special flexes and banners of YuvClique are also prepared to be put up in various places on the day of the fest. Posters showing//

Energy SOL 3.11 Students will investigate and understand different sources of energy. Bill Nye Energy Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btLU2lb3- xs.

preserve How can we conserve energy? Name: _________________________________________Date: ___________________________ Use your notebook to answer these questions. You must highlight your proof for each question. 1.What is the main source of energy on this earth? _____________________________________ 2.What 2 ways does the sun help this planet? ________________________ ________________________________ 3.What two ways is solar energy good for the environment? _____________________ _____________________ 4.Name/

Remember - “you and I can decide the future”

. India has a long tradition of mangrove Forest Management. The concern of the Government of India for the conservation of forests and wildlife was clearly demonstrated by a 1976 amendment to the Indian Constitution, which states that it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife. On the basis of the National Mangrove Committees recommendation/

 Schedule of Events  Exhibits & Posters 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. Location: MAC Building Gym Oral Presentations & Performances 12:00 – 2:15 p.m. Location:

is a fantastic facility providing great care and foods that are FDA approved. The goal of iiii  POSTERS  this project is to point out the hard facts of nutrition research and to increase awareness about health in our society. Abigail Blinn (Bernadette /40 Saving the Red List 12:40 – 12:55 p.m. I will present an overview of conservation groups and their efforts to protect endangered species and the environment, as well as how individuals can contribute to this cause. Ariana Giasomo (Lauraine Hawkins) #41 /

The reasons for analyzing human wildlife conflict in the Doro !Nawas Conservancy: To better understand the extent, characteristics and details of Human-Wildlife.

change has taken place. This is what MCA-Namibia and the CDSS consortium, together with the Conservancies and Ministry of Environment are aiming to achieve. Long Term Trends Table 4: Number livestock lost per incident reported per domestic/8 (right): Distribution of HWC per category and species of wildlife Poster prepared by Jessica K. Brown & CJ Brown. The information for this poster came from CJ Brown (October 2011). An analysis of Human Wildlife Conflict in the Doro !Nawas Conservancy for the period 2007/

Unit 4: Ecology. Essential Questions What is ecology? What factors affect population sizes and growth rates? How do humans exploit the environment and.

growth rates? How do humans exploit the environment and how does this effect various ecosystems? How can humans positively effect the environment? What are some current conservation efforts, and where are conservation efforts heading? Day 1: Ecology and / What do the following words mean? Biotic Abiotic Community Ecosystem Population Complete your biome poster Complete the ecosystems at school activity Complete Biomes of the world flow chart Day 2: Factors affecting population size & Human population growth /

Marine litter and sea turtles: results of MEDASSET’s activities in the Adriatic and Ionian region Presentation prepared for the "Conference on Sub-Regional.

for loggerhead sea turtles according to the results of our collaborative research project “Monitoring and Conservation of Important Sea Turtle Feeding Grounds in the Patok Area of Albania in 2008-2010”. [2] [2/ of marine litter via campaign material. Using the sea turtle as a flagship species, MEDASSET has campaigned about the effects of litter in the marine environment since/ a poster to raise awareness about the lethal effect of plastic litter and esp. plastic bags on sea turtles. On the 2 nd day of its /

Chapter 1 Our Changing Environment. IMPORTANT DATES IMPORTANT DATES Chapter 1 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS By next class: Study for Common Test Read p 4 (2002.

energy conservation, improved indoor air quality, water conservation, and recycled/reused building materials. Encompasses environmental considerations such as energy conservation, improved indoor air quality, water conservation, /is based on… What are the effects of our actions on the environment? What are the effects of our actions on the environment? Resources are limited – can we live/making a WANTED POSTER for one of the following topics: Endocrine Disrupters Endocrine Disrupters Declining Commercial Fisheries/

1890 to 1917 “Progressives were reformers who attempted to solve problems caused by industry, growth of cities and laissez faire.”

people that U.S. Government is in charge and not the industrialists. CONSERVATION Preserve natural resources and the environment Discussion Question  Which area of reform needed to be addressed first during the Progressive Era? Muckrakers were journalists and photographers/’s political party 3.3 of your candidates platforms (his beliefs / ideas) 4.An original campaign slogan On the back of your poster or on an attached paper: 1.Explain the 3 platforms you included on the poster 2.Identify 3 reasons your candidate/

Marketing of Cultural Heritage Art Marketing Radka Johnová

customers. Industrial revolution - mass production - mass communication - printed press and posters. 20th century - radio broadcasting, TV transmission - mass communication by mass /Offer a friendly and comfortable setting Maintain a clean environment Watch over the visitor Undertake extensive research Be informed / cost of  loans  shipping  conservation  exhibit costs  costs of technical assistance  sharing of curatorial expertise  ensure the care of objects Museum Without Walls No building of its own/

Answer these questions on your paper (1) What is Biodiversity? (2) What are the 3 ways it is measured? (3) Which environment has higher biodiversity, a.

.5.5 Biodiversity 1) What is Biodiversity? The amount of life forms living in an area at one time 2) What are the 3 ways it is measured? Richness, eveness, and genetic diversity 3) Which environment has higher biodiversity, a coral reef (like in Finding /work on 1 to 9 on p169 5) Biodiversity Rubric -Address 1 or more of the factors that reduce biodiversity -Heading on the back, -Must be drawn and colored -Can be a conservation poster, -helpful to use rhymes -Most have a bold message, -most have a diagram/

Day 59 Sensationalism- a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership.

of the media affect the general public? 3.How does the media in this role affect Congress/President Conservative spin- Conservative spin is the counter to the liberal bias. There are media outlets that use a conservative/environment. Clean Air Act of 1970- The law that charged the Department of Transportation with the responsibility to reduce automobile emissions Water Pollution Control Act of/that? Term posters Civil Rights Act of 1964 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Equal /

Marketing of Cultural Heritage Art Marketing Radka Johnová

customers. Industrial revolution - mass production - mass communication - printed press and posters. 20th century - radio broadcasting, TV transmission - mass communication by mass /Offer a friendly and comfortable setting Maintain a clean environment Watch over the visitor Undertake extensive research Be informed / cost of  loans  shipping  conservation  exhibit costs  costs of technical assistance  sharing of curatorial expertise  ensure the care of objects Museum Without Walls No building of its own/

Technology in Primary Schools (TiPS) Inc. KDC Built Environment Water Challenge 2008.

take at least 10 minutes. 5% of people surveyed leave the tap on when washing their teeth. Banksia Road PS – Class 3C The solution … The solution … WHAT WE PLAN TO DO Teach water Conservation To ES1, S1 & S3 Poster above every classroom sink Top 10 tips / netball court Vegetable Garden COL A Students artwork on the water tanks has been created to look good and suit the surrounding environment. Santa Sabina College The issue… The issue… identifying all the areas in the school where water is used… We were /

Evolution A look at the theory of evolution and Natural Selection.

that made them better suited to the environment  They had an advantage  Darwin took detailed observations of the organisms he saw  Came up/ bird flu, etc.)  Many work in outreach and conservation  Many work for USGS, Hawai‘i Endangered Bird Conservation, Audubon Society, Humane Society and universities Bibliography  www./http://imagesource.allposters.com:80/images/pic/PTGPOD/515727~Sunlight-Coming-Through- Redwoods-CA-Posters.jpg, Access Date: Dec. 5, 2006  http://www.destination360.com/europe/france/

IUCN 2016 World Conservation Congress

s first global environmental organization. Headquartered in Switzerland Today the largest professional global conservation network A leading authority on the environment and sustainable development More than 1,200 member organizations including 200+ government 900+/Sheet – Jeju 2012 150 Posters 130 Knowledge cafés 100 Exhibition booths 7 Thematic pavilions Over 600 events 150 Workshops 5 World Leaders Dialogues 50 Conservation Campus Exploring the depths of conservation, showcasing results and innovation /

1 DEVELOPING TEACHERS’ LEADERSHIP IN A MINORITY COMMUNITY A Case Study Ben-Hur Yehuda, The Davidson Institute of Science Education Oren Miri, The National.

They come from a relatively conservative society where womens absence from home for long periods of time or distant traveling is not/Working with microscopes Measuring various variables in outdoor environments Measuring various variables in outdoor environments Reading and analyzing graphs Reading and analyzing / included students ’ presentations of activities, a poster session and a professional lecture. The conference included students ’ presentations of activities, a poster session and a professional /

Bio-economics of Climate Change Payments for Carbon Sequestration in Michigan This poster shows how strategies to mitigate global warming can also help.

Land Resource Project, MSU (Office for Campus Sustainability), Natural Resource Conservation Service, United Nations Environment Program, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, University of Michigan (SNRE), USDA (National Agricultural Statistical Service), US Environment Protection Agency, and USDA (Forest Service). Potential Income for Michigan Landowners from Carbon Sequestration *Calculations based on conservative sequestration estimate of 6 ton CO2 / acre for post-1990 timberland. CCX estimates/


. DEPARTMENTS PUBLIC RELATION DEPARTMENT HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE DEPARTMENT EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AND CONSERVATION AGENCIES GROUPS/AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS Points to Remember DESIGNING A POSTER Use eye catching presentation. Use persuasive language - catchy slogans - /by : Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India Question for Practice The Directorate of Education, Delhi State is organizing an Essay Contest for all the students of the state. Prepare a suitable poster, which can /

WISER Social Sciences, 25 th February 2008: Conservative Party Archive Modern Political Papers Section, Dept of Special Collections & Western Manuscripts.

the environment, 1946-1964 Contents of the Conservative Party Archive: 4 Sample subject-based files from Conservative Central Office & the Conservative Research/of the Conservative Party Archive: 5 Library of Published & Printed Material: Library of Published & Printed Material: printed Party literature printed Party literature Manifestos Manifestos press releases press releases speech transcripts speech transcripts Election posters: Conservative, Labour and Liberal, c1886-2007 Election posters: Conservative/

Art Integration Ideas Map of Canada project with plasticine

inventions Safety brochures Weather vane sculptures Tornado pop bottles Art conservation Milk carton planter Animal tracks casting Models (cells, solar system, mitosis, DNA, food chain, motor, lever) Medical illustrations Cycle diagrams Dioramas of ecosystems Title pages, posters Science fair displays Flower, leaf, vegetable prints Papier mache volcano Lab/scientific drawings Sculpture of reproduction stages Environment posters Microscope drawings Sun dials Freezing point sculptures Learning aboriginal/

Art Integration Ideas Map of Canada project with plasticine sculptures of points of interest, Grade 4, Jessie Hamilton P.S., Lively Totem pole (in progress),

fair displays Flower, leaf, vegetable prints Papier mache volcano Lab/scientific drawings Sculpture of reproduction stages Environment posters Microscope drawings Sun dials Light spectrum Photography (optics) Architectural and engineering designs Crystals Science murals Nature collages MobilesClaymation Re-create historical inventions Safety brochures Weather vane sculptures Tornado pop bottles Art conservation Visual Arts in Social Studies: Maps (2D and 3D) Cycle / habitat dioramas Models (historical/

Unit 2 Matter Chem 1. Be Seated CHEMISTRY Agenda 10/4 1.Panther Drill 4 2.Notes (Properties and States of Matter) 3.PD Redux, If I knew then what I.

of state from a solid directly into a gas. Deposition is the change of state from a gas directly into a solid. Example More energy in the system Less energy in the system State Changes and the Environment/Explain the law of conservation of mass. 4.Compare the molecule structure of the all 4 states of matter. 5.List and explain 5 of the 6 physical changes of matter. Elements/- Project You will be assigned your choice of a poster project of an atom or creating a 3-D Bohr model of an atom. It is your choice the /

Clean Air Acts of 1955, ‘63, ‘67, ‘70, ‘77, ‘90 This was a national law instituted in the US, however many other countries followed suite soon after The.

peoples to exert common efforts for the preservation and improvement of the human environment, for the benefit of all the people and for their posterity” “Man is both creature and molder of his environment, which gives him physical sustenance and affords him the opportunity/ selected rivers or sections thereof in their free-flowing condition to protect the water quality of such rivers and to fulfill other vital national conservation purposes.” (Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, October 2, 1968) http://www.rivers.gov/


criticism and improvement in the design and construction of new structures. iv.To conserve the character of buildings and historic facilities as national assets Maintenance and conservation of monuments contd. 4.3.Ethics of conservation Conservation involves making interventions at various scales and levels of intensity which are determined by the physical conditions, causes of deteroriation and anticipated future environment of the cultural property under consideration. Whatever intervention is proposed/

POSTER TEMPLATES BY: www.POSTERPRESENTATIONS.com The Courses Outcome and Disclaimer Background Courses’ Activities and Qualitative Teacher Data Initial.

of the mousetrap car design challenge designed and built mouse trap powered cars Initial design, assembly, and testing of cars Formal instruction on conservation of/. Final posters of TED 594 demonstrated effective application of the engineering and design process into their individual STEM content and grade levels. Posters also demonstrated/topic among different science Magnetism for Nature of Science Optics as a physical science topic that would interest Living Environment instructors. TED 594 (2013) : /

Institute for Collaborative Research in Education, Assessment, and Teaching Environments for STEM NGSS Unit Development Bundling NGSS PEs: A 10-Step Process.

2 – 3) Institute for Collaborative Research in Education, Assessment, and Teaching Environments for STEM The Development of Modeling Practice NGSS Practices – I Can Poster http://missionliteracy.com/uploads/3/1/5/8/31582 34/scienceposter-8practices.pdf/of the mass of an object must be qualitatively accounted for in any change of motion due to the application of a force. Newton’s 2nd law (F=ma) and the conservation of momentum can be used to predict changes in the motion of macroscopic objects. PS2.B Types of/

THE FIRST WORLD WAR 1914-1918. CAUSES OF THE WAR Historians have traditionally cited four long-term causes of the First World War  NATIONALISM – a devotion.

aside from the fear of bombardment, soldiers also had to contend with the mud, flooding and disease associated with living in such a harsh environment. German Soldiers FIRST BATTLE OF THE SOMME  During the First Battle of the Somme - which / To deal with disputes between management and labor, President Wilson set up the National War Labor Board in 1918 Poster encouraging production VICTORY GARDENS  To conserve food, Wilson set up the Food Administration (FA)  The FA declared one day a week “meatless” /

Energy Efficiency ( Examples of Best Practice ). National Archives buildings: - General Register House - West Register House - Thomas Thomson House Each.

aware by drip feeding them with a series of posters and energy conservation reports via the intranet make them more aware by drip feeding them with a series of posters and energy conservation reports via the intranet Encourage them to switch /the biggest environmental problem we face today. Climate change is destroying the environment as increased water temperatures kill off coral reefs. Climate change is destroying the environment as increased water temperatures kill off coral reefs. Rising seas threaten /

PGR Forum Work package 6: Product exploitation and dissemination Progress report Presented by Shelagh Kell PGR Forum Workshop 2: Threat and conservation.

- EVK2-2001-00192 Fifth Framework Programme for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development www.pgrforum.org First International Conference on Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use CWR conservation and use: an overview Prioritising CWR and establishing inventories CWR threat assessment Genetic erosion and genetic pollution of CWR In situ management and monitoring for CWR Ex situ conservation of CWR CWR information management CWR as gene donors for/


POSTER LAYOUT THE LIFE OF T HE PARTIES THE LIFE OF T HE PARTIES RepublicanDemocrat LEFT VS. RIGHT DEMOCRATS »Left Wing  Liberal  Government help for social issues  Strict regulation to protect the environment REPUBLICANS »Right Wing  Conservative  Support less government control  Support private business  GOP-Grand Old Party LEFT VS. RIGHT Platforms - what they stand for DEMOCRATS Education: better trained & paid teachers, oppose vouchers, public school/

Earth’s Water Cycle The Earth is made up of systems. The total amount of water on Earth remains constant. Amount of water leaving = Amount of water entering.

is made up of systems. The total amount of water on Earth remains constant. Amount of water leaving = Amount of water entering Water does not disappear but must be conserved. Scientists study the influence of the water cycle on Earth’s environment. Big Ideas Unit/ campaign to inform citizens of the facts and to persuade them to conserve water. Product: You will create a poster that grabs peoples’ attention, opens their eyes to the facts, and provides them with water conservation ideas. Criteria for success/

Professional skills part one 2008-2009 By Dr. Aziza Rajab Dr. Hashim Fida Assistant professor Assistant professor Head of Nursing dep. Family & community.

others, maximize connection with other, serves as monitor of communication process) Environment: the surrounding in which communication occurs Environment: the surrounding in which communication occurs Context: /our already-held attitudes (conservative talk radio) We attend to messages that are in accord with our already-held attitudes (conservative talk radio) And avoid/ your poster and are fully prepared to present it to the class answer the following questions: When you have completed your poster and are/

The City of Escondido and North County Water Agencies present… BE WATER SMART.

storm drains when people wash out their paint brushes in the street. What are the Benefits of Clean Water? Plants will live and produce beautiful flowers. The environment will look clean and beautiful. People will be able to enjoy the beaches, rivers and lakes/garbage in its place, helps win the pollution race. Ideas for entering the Water Poster Contest! BE WATER SMART Show how you can conserve water. Show the causes and effects of water pollution.. Show how water is used today. Show how water has been used/

Maps and Images for McKay 8e A History of Western Society Chapter 28 The Age of Anxiety Cover Slide Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

for years at a time. This poster-- Smokeless Chimneys and Anxious Mothers!--was used in the Conservative Partys election campaign of 1931, when unemployment rose to a new record high. (Conservative Research Department/The Bridgeman Art Library /of the larger problem. One of three talented brothers born in Russia and trained as artists in New York, Isaac Soyer worked in the tradition of American realism and concentrated on people and the influence of their environment. (Collection of Whitney Museum of/


‘DOWN TO EARTH’ a Science and Environment fortnightly. –It is also involved in publication of material in the form of books, posters, video films and also conducts workshops and seminars on biodiversity related issues. CPR Environmental Education Centre, Madras –CPR EEC was set up in 1988. –Conducts variety of programs to spread environmental awareness and creates an interest in conservation among the general public. –It focusses/

TREE SPECIES DIVERSITY IN PART OF WESTERN GHATS FORESTS IN INDIA V.K.Srivastava1, M.Niphadkar2, Neeti3, M.Kukreja4 1 = Land Resources Group, NRSA, HYDERABAD.

. Conserving the World’s Biological Diversity, IUCN, Gland. Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOE & F), 1998. Implementation of article -6 of the convention on Biological Diversity in India – National Report, Ministry of Environment &/of WesternGhats (Maharashtra) and Andaman & Nicobar Islands of India for opting suitable conservation strategies and educational needs. http://www.bgci.org/educationcongress/Proceedings/Posters/rao%20PSN%20-%20RP.pdfhttp://www.bgci.org/educationcongress/Proceedings/Posters/

GREEN POSTER CHALLENGE Going Green to Earn Some Green Fueled by: Alaska Career Information System.

“ Green jobs are jobs in the primary industries of a green economy that promote environmental protection and energy independence.” [Green collar jobs are] “well-paid, career-track jobs that contribute directly to preserving or enhancing environmental quality.” Green jobs must either be in industries that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources, or must be jobs in/

Quotes for Poster Charts

You will find that some of the quotes are inspirational and some are instructional. Creating and hanging poster charts in the workplace and in your group session environment is a good way to create awareness of and reinforce human values / on water conservation and management. UN-HABITAT, Human Values in Water Education, 2003 Four essential conditions for evoking human values in adult learning: Create an environment that models and exemplifies human values Create an environment for experiential learning/

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