Ppt on computer hardware and networking

Wireless Sensor Networks Craig Ulmer. Background: Sensor Networks n Array of Sensor Probes (10-1000) n Collect In-Situ Data about Environment n Wireless.

Node Hardware Embedded Processor Transceiver Memory Sensors Battery Limited Lifetime 8-bit, 10 MHz Slow Computations 1Kbps - 1Mbps, 3-100 Meters, Lossy Transmissions 128KB-1MB Limited Storage 66% of Total Cost Requires Supervision Networking /: Time and Position n Temporal Synchronization –Hierarchical Schemes n Position Estimation –Digital Ranging –Offline Triangulation d1d1 d2d2 d3d3  Sensor Network Initialization Deploy Wake/Diagnosis Organize into ClustersRoute SensorSim n Sensor Network Simulator –How/

제 7 장 Ping 프로그램.

결정하기 위해 사용 호스트까지 얼마나 멀리 떨어져 측정 measures the round-trip time to the host Figure 7.1 Format of ICMP message for echo request and echo reply 2. Ping Program 16 7 15 8 31 Type(0 or 8) identifier Optional data Sequence number Code(0) checksum 8 byte Figure /trip time 계산 (86 * 8.22 * 2) = 1.433 ms Dialup SLIP Links 환경 조건 주의 사항 모뎀을 가지고 연결 hardware처럼 계산이 정확하지 않음 V.32 modulation ( 9600 bit/sec ) V.42 error control V.42bis 데이터 압축 hardware처럼 계산이 정확하지 않음 주의 사항 RTT는 10 ms의 배수 RTT는 서서히 감소(280 ~ 300 ms) RTT의 최소 : 260 ms /

Reconfigurable Network Topologies at Rack Scale

at rack scale Conclusion Reconfigurable network topology Packet switching over circuit switching Benefits: Flexibility, performance, low cost Low cost: all components available today Perspectives: exploring rack-scale design How to deliver performance without overprovisioning? Building proof-of-concept rack hardware [Pelican, OSDI 2014] Rethinking hardware and software at rack scale Flexible network stacks Tighter integration with storage, compute 10 XFabric: Reconfigurable network topologies at rack scale

Lost in Space or Positioning in Sensor Networks Michael O’Dell Regina O’Dell Mirjam Wattenhofer Roger Wattenhofer.

computing power –Basic RSS measurements Short range –Few meters –(RADAR: building – several dekameters) RealWSN 2005Positioning in Sensor Networks13 Part II: Practice RealWSN 2005Positioning in Sensor Networks14 Hardware Description ESB –scatterweb.com –32kHz CPU –2kB RAM –Sensors and/Minima: –Good approximation –Storage: save factor 100 per round RealWSN 2005Positioning in Sensor Networks21 Experiment 3 – “Network” … Results Error –Almost 30 units for same distance –Exp. 1: “nicer” curve Longer range /

Instructor: WSU-COE, Robert Kakos. Welcome - BE1010 Introductory course for the practical use of computers in an engineering or scientific setting. Fundamental.

Kakos Welcome - BE1010 Introductory course for the practical use of computers in an engineering or scientific setting. Fundamental computers & Networks Communications Web Site Design & Development Application & Utility Use /attendance, lab, etc…) We teach to think, research, and discover. Search Engines University Web Sites Review old BE1010 Sites Computer Information Sites Techniques of finding information Information at your Fingers Computers Hardware Monitor Keyboard CPU Peripherals (NIC, Sound, TV, Mass /

Professor Yashar Ganjali Department of Computer Science University of Toronto

of Toronto – Fall 2014 Custom Hardware OS Network OS Feature How Can We Do This? CSC 458/CSC 2209 – Computer Networks16University of Toronto – Fall 2014 Feature Network OS 1. Open interface to packet forwarding 3. Consistent, up-to-date global network view 2. At least one Network OS probably many. Open- and closed-source Software Defined Network (SDN) CSC 458/CSC 2209 – Computer Networks17University of Toronto – Fall 2014 Packet/

Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Computer Security Chapter 10.

or Quarantines Viruses Creates Rescue/Recovery Disk Chapter10 14/44 Internet & Network Attacks Prevention Firewall Security System Consists of Hardware and / or Software Monitors Communication Ports Informs You of Attempted Intrusion Chapter10 15/44 Internet & Network Attacks Prevention Intrusion Detection Software Analyzes Network Traffic Assesses System Vulnerabilities Identifies Intrusions & Suspicious Behavior Honeypot Vulnerable Computer Set Up to Entice Intruder to Break into it Chapter10 16/44/

Technology Hardware Internet & WWW. Outline  Hardware  System Unit  CPU  Memory  Ports  Internet  Internet services  WWW  Types of Sites  E-Commerce.

2 3 Hardware The System Unit 4 Motherboard 5 the main circuit board of the system unit CPU  Central Processing Unit  “the Processor”  The brain of the computer  /Output Devices Memory  Cache  ROM o Boot up instructions 10 Ports and Connectors  Know the Ports that you will need:  Types  Quantity/etc 12 Internet vs. WWW Internet  Internet  an international ____________ of _______________  Packet switching network  Internet Backbone 13 Internet Services  World Wide Web (www)  E-mail, mailing /

Introduction to MS Office Computer Essentials PowerPoint.

yes, perform the task –Numeric Keypad for entering numbers (NumLock light must be on) –Arrow/Cursor Movement Keys – for moving sideways and up & down –Special Function Keys – Insert – types over previously entered text, Delete – removes text to the right of cursor/ USB drives n USB & Firewire ports for additional peripherals with fast transfer Sharing Computers n LAN - Local Area Network –allows hardware, software, & data to be shared between users in different locations within an organization n Ethernet/NIC/

NETWORKING. OBJECTIVES Identify network topologies Identify hardware components of a network.

network topologies Identify hardware components of a network WHAT IS A NETWORK? Productive way to utilize a group of computers Two or more computers linked together –Share resources –Security –Communication NETWORK COMPONENTS Cables Adapter Cards Servers Workstations Printers Modems NETWORK TOPOLOGIES MESH BUS RING STAR NETWORK TOPOLOGIES Mesh Network A pure mesh network has point-to-point links (a direct connection between two devices) between every node in the network. NETWORK TOPOLOGIES Bus Network/

NETWORK STANDARDS.  Standards allows the combination of products from different manufacturers to work together.  Standards are defined based on either.

issues in a certain pattern, represents information.  Hardware oriented & deals with all aspects of establishing & maintaining a physical link between communicating computers.  Also defines how cables are connected to Network Interface Card (NIC) (ex, how many pins in/network addresses for computers)  Disadvantage: IPX is broadcast based protocol and NOT part of TCP/IP which is the prime protocol for internet! So IPX cannot be used for Internet traffic  APPLICATION PRESENTATION SESSION TRANSPORT NETWORK/

T. Basaglia, Group Meeting, 08.02.2005 Connecting Portable Computers to the CERN Network Why register? Who is concerned? What should be registered? How.

contact person –Data about the machine: the hardware address T. Basaglia, Group Meeting, 08.02.2005 Connecting Portable Computers to the CERN Network What is the hardware address? –also called MAC Address, Machine Address, Network Interface Card Address. A unique identifier assigned to the Network Card inside any network-ready machine. The HA consists of 12 characters (numbers 0-9 and letters A- F) arranged as 6 pairs/

Some Computer Science Issues in Ubiquitous Computing Communications of the ACM 1993 Mark Weiser Presenter: Junghoon Kim

sufficiently realistic simulation ›Cuts people from real world - Design Approach - Hardware Issues - Network Protocols - Interaction Substrates - Applications - Privacy of Location - Computational Methods Ubiquitous Issues Design Approach New artifact Used in everyday life Types ›/PC ›Programs must query the PC, and proceed through whatever security measures the user has chosen to install Computational Methods Cache sharing problem Classical distributed computing problem Processing power > Link speed ›/

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) HPC In a Production Environment Nicholas P. Cardo NERSC Center Division, LBNL November 19,

production system –Cable length limitations required existing hardware to be relocated –Integration with minimal disruption of service System Configuration 380 Compute Nodes 20 GPFS Nodes 8 Service Nodes 6 Login Nodes 2 Network/Admin Nodes 44.7 TB SSA Disk ~33/ problem detected. Original nodes appeared to performed slower than nodes added into the system. Hardware swapped between original nodes and new nodes, no improvement. Accounting showed occurrence of specific commands significantly higher on original /

Mapping IP Addresses to Hardware Addresses Chapter 5.

hear the request, but only B replies with its hardware address –When A receives the reply, it plugs the hardware address in and sends the packet to B Why not just broadcast the message? ARP Cache Recently acquired IP to hardware address bindings are stored in a cache on each computer. Why? Thus, when two computers on a network communicate: –ARP request –ARP reply –repeated transfer of/

Mark Irvine Cloud Computing. Introduction Audience Purpose.

Compute & Networking Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Route 53 (Varia & Mathew, 2014) (Amazon EC2 Logo, 2014) (Route 53, 2014) Database RDS DynamoDB Redshift (Varia & Mathew, 2014) Storage Simple Storage Service (S3) Glacier (Amazon S3 Pricing) (Varia & Mathew, 2014) Analytics Elastic MapReduce (EMR) Kinesis Data Pipeline (Varia & Mathew, 2014) Application Services Simple Email Service (SES) CloudSearch Elastic Transcoder (Varia & Mathew, 2014) Deployment & Management Identity and Access/

VIII Encuentro Grupos Investigación Sep 2010 Grupo oneGrid Cluster Computing Grid Computing Cloud Computing Vicerrectoría de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación.

by a low speed local/wide area network (Internet): ACROSS MULTIPLE ADMINISTRATION DOMAINS Introduction 4 th (new) Option: Cloud Computing 4 th (new) Option: Cloud Computing Software as a Service (SaaS) + Hardware as a Service (IaaS) = Platform /Investigación (SGI) Information system to manage research groups, projects and products Requirements:. No budget for hardware. Service Orientation. Scalability Solution:. Cloud Computing (PaaS) Amazon EC, Google App Engine Bimler Cephalometric Analysis A/

Cloud Computing Service Architectures V. Arun College of Computer Science University of Massachusetts Amherst 1.

?), -Federal compliance friendly -Customizable hardware and hardware sharing -Example: OpenStack, an open source platform for virtualized clouds 3 U NIVERSITY OF M ASSACHUSETTS A MHERST School of Computer Science U NIVERSITY OF M ASSACHUSETTS A MHERST School of Computer Science Virtualization: key to cloud boom/s ask some questions: How much does an hour of computing on a commodity core cost today? How much does transferring 1GB of data over a wide-area network cost today? How much does 1GB of storage for a /

Framework Examples: Part 1 Douglas C. Schmidt Professor of Computer Science Institute for Software.

dependent component assemblies e.g., different bundled apps, CDMA vs. GSM & different hardware, OS, & network/bus configurations, etc. Applying SCV to Android SCV can also be applied recursively / Schmidt d.schmidt@vanderbilt.edu www.dre.vanderbilt.edu/~schmidt Professor of Computer Science Institute for Software Integrated Systems Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee, USA / Streams Framework The ACE Streams framework implements the Pipes and Filters pattern Each processing step is encapsulated in a /

Where to go from here What do you want to do ● Hardware repair ● Programming ● Web design ● System administration ● Networks.

you go for training Cork ● CIT ● UCC ● CCOC ● FAS ● PFH ● And Many more just google “computer training cork” What courses can you do in Hardware repair ● CompTIA A+ ● CompTIA A+ Essentials ● CompTIA A+ Practical Application ● www/distro) ● Linux ● Windows – MCSE, MCITP: Consumer Support Technician (CST) ● Storage ● Networking What courses can you do in Networking ● Cisco ● CCNA ● CCNP ● Network+ Where can you do courses in Networking ● CIT ● PFH ● FAS ● UCC Careers ● Irish times ● Monster ● Verkom ● linux/

Virtualization - an introduction Gordon Ross Computing Service.

Computing Service What is virtualization ? “The simulation of the software and/or hardware upon which other software runs.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtualisation 3 Why virtualization ? Obsolete hardware/software Consolidation/Efficiency Easier Management Availability Online Hardware Upgrade Test/Dev/Proof-of-Concept 3 4 Why not virtualize ? Cost Hardware/, Virtual PC, XP Mode) 8 9 VM Migration 10 VM Migration - Requirements Network Shared Storage iSCSI, NFS, FC or not ! CPU Compatibility AMD/Intel, AMD/

+ Computer Concepts Chapter 1. + 2 / 27 Overview Explain Computer Literacy Define Hardware & Software Identify Computer Components Differentiate Various.

that is Organized, Meaningful, and Useful Produces & Stores Results + 6 / 27 What Is A Computer? Information Processing Cycle Input — Accepts Data Processing — Manipulate Data Output — Produce Results Storage — Store Results Communication — Send Results to Others + 7 / 27 What Is A Computer? Hardware & Software Hardware Electronic & Mechanical Equipment Software Instructions that Tell Hardware How to do Tasks + 8 / 27 Hardware Common Hardware Components + 9 / 27 Hardware System Unit Box-like/

Architettura Hardware e Software In Space Sistem R.S.A. Cosmos.

Architettura Hardware e Software In Space Sistem R.S.A. Cosmos Struttura dellHardware Supervision Multimédia Cluster ISS /Moteur Spectacle Moteur de Spectacle –Managment of Timing Disptcher Dispatcher –Managment of Network WinDriverNT WinDriverWinNT LinDriverLinux –Managment of other software and of computers Sky Explorer –Real-Time astronomical simulation ViPlayer HD –Player video WinDriverDMX –Managment of Light (DMX Network) WinDriver Mixart –Managment of sound (control audio board) Vconsole Builder /

Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Introduction to Computers Chapter 1.

, & Satellites Modem Converts Digital Signals to Analog & Vice Versa Chapter1 13/23 Hardware Networks Connected Computers / Devices Share Resources Hardware Software Data & Information Save Time & Money Internet Millions of Computers Linked Worldwide Chapter1 14/23 Software AKA Program Series of Instructions Tells Computer What to Do Chapter1 15/23 Software Systems Software Controls Operations & Hardware Operating System Utility Programs Application Software Performs Specific Tasks for Users Word/

Life Raft If your life depended on your knowing your computer vocabulary, would you survive?

Drive Monitor Survival Meter 5 % What is the storage place for programs and data in your computer? Answer the question to get the Life Preserver Hardware CPU Network Monitor Software Port Server Motherboard Flash Drive USB RAM Hard Drive Peripheral Survival /What do you call a small memory stick that plugs into a computer port and functions as a portable hard drive? Answer the question to get the Paddle Hardware CPU Network Monitor Software Port Server Motherboard Peripheral USB RAM Flash Drive Hard Drive/

LANs made simple. 2 network devices connected to share resources.

requests resources Server shares resources Who will act as the ?? SERVER ?? Peers are “the same”Basic Security With basic Hardware Designed to request only Internet Games Printer Applications Files One peer requests resources Another peer is configured to share resources  Peer to Peer networks are cheaper – yay!  Easier to manage – yay!  Quicker to set up – yay! SO…  All these advantages, are become/

Professor Yashar Ganjali Department of Computer Science University of Toronto

Computers vs. Networks How difficult is it to create/modify a computer application? How difficult is it to create/modify a network feature? What is the difference? What are the tools available for each? CSC2229 -- Software-Defined Networking3University of Toronto – Fall 2014 Computer Application Computer Application OS OS abstracts hardware/ OpenFlow Rules – Cont’d Exploit the flow table in switches, routers, and chipsets CSC2229 -- Software-Defined Networking42University of Toronto – Fall 2014 Rule (exact/

© 2002 JW Ryder CS 428 Computer Networks 1 Ethernet Properties 10Mbps/100Mbps broadcast bus technology –Bus: all stations share single channel –Broadcast:

stations share single channel –Broadcast: all transceivers receive every transmission Transceiver passes all packets from bus to host adapter Host adapter chooses some and filters others © 2002 JW Ryder CS 428 Computer Networks 2 Ethernet Properties Best-effort delivery: hardware provides no information to the sender about whether packet was actually delivered Destination machine powered down, packets will be lost TCP/IP protocols accommodate/

Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Enterprise Computing Chapter 12.

-mail Web Interactions Instant Messaging Sessions Chapter12 16/38 Information Technology Information Architecture Technology Strategy for Enterprise Hardware & Software Maintenance Build / Buy / Replace Systems Web Site Management Chapter12 17/38 Information Technology/Methodologies Cloud Computing Services / Storage Provided over Internet AKA “Cloud" Large Groups of Networked Servers Use Low-cost Consumer PC Technology Grid Computing Combine Many Servers and / or PCs Act as One Large Computer Harness Unused/

Unit 6- Operating Systems.  Identify the purpose of an OS  Identify different operating systems  Describe computer user interaction with multiple operating.

coding/ changes by the user  More for servers/programming of devices  Runs on a central server ◦ Controls access ◦ Manage network resources ◦ Monitor network ◦ Maintains security  Windows Server 2008, Novell Netware  Blackberry, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile  OS used in appliances or /programs used by the OS to talk to hardware devices? ◦ Driver  Which OS’s use a GUI and can multitask? ◦ Windows, MAC  Which OS is open source? ◦ Linux  T or F. A computer can not run application software without an OS/

Computer Network 實踐資管 Wang-Jiunn Cheng 2004 PART IV-2 Local Area Networks (LANs) Frame.

–Sender’s address in source –Recipient’s address in destination –Type of data in frame type –Cyclic redundancy check in CRC Computer Network 實踐資管 Wang-Jiunn Cheng 2004 Example Ethernet Types Computer Network 實踐資管 Wang-Jiunn Cheng 2004 When Network Hardware Does Not Include Types Sending and receiving computers must agree –To only send one type of data –To put type information in first few octets of payload Most systems/

BRASS SCORE: Eylon Caspi, Randy Huang, Yury Markovskiy, Joe Yeh, John Wawrzynek BRASS Research Group University of California, Berkeley Stream Computations.

 To decide where + when processes run, memory is stored  Hardware support  Common network interface for all cores, supports stalling, queueing (e.g. OCP)  Stream buffer memory  Task swap capability for sequenced cores  Controller for core sequencing, DMA, and online parts of scheduler (e.g. microprocessor) Scheduler BRASS 11/21/02Eylon Caspi — SOC 200213 SCORE Compute Model  Program =data flow graph of stream-connected threads/

CIS 235: Networks Fall, 2007 Western State College Welcome to CIS 235 Computer Networks Fall, 2007 Prof Peterson.

! Expect to see them again on the chapter tests. CIS 235: Networks Fall, 2007 Western State College Networking Devices What hardware do we deal with in this class? What did we see at Taylor yesterday? CIS 235: Networks Fall, 2007 Western State College Networking “Gizmos” Transport: wires, wireless, fiber (these all have a range and a speed) Security: firewalls, encryption devices Message forwarding: routers / switches (these/

Computer Game Development Dr. Scott Schaefer. Course Information Instructor: Dr. Schaefer Office:HRBB 527B Office Hours: by appointment Website:

Computer Game Development /(5/12) Building a Team Games are made up of lots of areas of CS Graphics, networking, AI, physics, etc… Consider building a diverse team Come up with a name I’d/ went right what went wrong what changes if any you made to your original design and why what you would have done had you more time Oral presentation demonstrating final game / will make up part of your participation grade The Evolution of Game Hardware Atari 2600 - 1977 1.18MHz 6507 128 bytes RAM 4KB ROM Atari 5200 - /

Presentation at May 17, 2004 Mihai Budiu Carnegie Mellon University Spatial Computation Computing without General-Purpose Processors.

global signals Automatic compilationDesign productivity, no ISA Spatial computation strengths 57 Backup Slides Reconfigurable hardware Critical paths Software pipelining Control logic More on PipeRench ASH vs... ASH weaknesses Exceptions Research methodology Normalized area Why C? Splitting memory More performance Recursive calls Nanotech and architecture 58 Reconfigurable Hardware Universal gates and/or storage elements Interconnection network Programmable switches 59 Switch controlled by a 1-bit/

Multithreading in Java Nelson Padua-Perez Chau-Wen Tseng Department of Computer Science University of Maryland, College Park.

process may execute a different program Communicate via operating system, files, network May contain multiple threads Perform Multiple Tasks Using… 2. Thread Definition/Multithreading 2. Better utilize hardware resources When a thread is delayed, compute other threads Given extra hardware, compute threads in parallel Reduce overall/public static void yield() } Creating Threads in Java 1. Thread class Extend Thread class and override the run method Example public class MyT extends Thread { public void run() { /

Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1150 – Introduction to Computer Information Systems Information Technology, the Internet, and You Chapter 1.

Specialized Focused on Specific Occupations Mobile Designed for Smartphones, Tablets Chapter1 12/19 Hardware Computer Types Supercomputer Most Powerful Mainframe Accommodates Thousands of Users Servers Networked Environments Chapter1 13/19 Hardware Computer Types Microcomputers Most Widely Used Desktop Notebook Tablet Handheld Chapter1 14/19 Hardware Platform Comparison Chapter1 15/19 Hardware Microcomputer Hardware System Unit Processor Memory Input/Output Keyboard / Mouse Monitor / Printer Chapter1 16/19/

Introduction to Networks Networking Concepts IST-200 VWCC 1.

Networking? Connecting computers to form a Local Area Network ( LAN ) 1 Device Sharing Sharing of: Hardware Software Information 1 A Simple Network 1 Local & Wide Area Networks Early networks were custom built Connecting a dozen computers Only 1 or 2 peripherals Early Ethernet 30 users total span of 601 feet 1 Local Area Network/ Supply application services and data Provide processing services Microsoft SQL Server runs on Windows NT Server 1 Communication Servers Access beyond networks local scope Inbound /

2005 ©Erik F. Dirkx Limits of Parallel/Distributed Computing Prof.dr.ir. Erik DIRKX Vrije Universiteit Brussel

(e.g. shark) accuracy ++ (e.g. eagle) ++ @ price of general purposeness => Genetics (Hardware?) 2005 ©Erik F. Dirkx Generic (Multi)processor Processors/Memory Interconnect (1) Front-end Processors/Memory Interconnect (/ dynamically tunable machine granularity to adapt to dynamically varying demands on R and C from application(s) Structured ?! [ad hoc] / Unstructured ??/ for a PhD topic 1990 : “A Parallel Simulation Testbed for Computer Networks” : solved 0.1, posed 10 questions … 1992 : IBM T.J. Watson /

NIMIA 2001- 9 October 2001, Crema, Italy - Vincenzo Piuri, University of Milan, Italy NEURAL NETWORKS FOR SENSORS AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS Part II Vincenzo.

NEURAL NETWORKS (2) When they are NOT useful or suited ? to compute linear functions to compute non-linear functions which can be satisfactorily linearized with respect to envisioned application when there are known and efficient /networks to exploit the best features of each paradigm SOFT COMPUTING ALGORITHM SOFT COMPUTING ALGORITHM NIMIA 2001- 9 October 2001, Crema, Italy - Vincenzo Piuri, University of Milan, Italy IMPLEMENTATION Analog hardware Digital dedicated hardware Digital configurable hardware /

Composable Middleware Services for High Confidence Networked Embedded Systems NSF ITR Kickoff Meeting, 12/04/03 Dr. Douglas Schmidt, Dr. Andy Gokhale,

Networks NES Application RTOS+ Hardware Diffusing Algorithm Spanning Tree Leader Election Adjacency DistributedDistributed ResetReset Applications determine the type of middleware services required Physical characteristics of the system determine dynamics, accuracy, security, & required fault behavior of services Services are built in layers with rich interdependence Algorithms used in services depend on the distributed computation model Complexity & computational/ programming language and Separate hand-/

Platforms & Hardware Computer Games: Digital Games Design F1R2 11 © 2012 West Lothian CollegeAugust 2012/Review date August 2015Platforms & hardware.

Geocaching) Large user base – but seen as “non-gamers” Hardware evolving quickly Graphics & audio less detailed Control systems sometimes limited Networked games more rare Hardware evolving quickly PC CPU: varied (med - v.high power)/and emulators + - PC Med – v. high quality graphics Excellent sound Ubiquitous, but seen as “older person’s choice” Huge storage DirectX API useful Easily upgradeable software Excellent connectivity Range of games unmatched Expensive hardware upgrade cycle Viruses Extra hardware/

Title page! By: Chris Macon. What is a computer network? a network is a group of connected computers that interact with each other. More specifically,

LAN - WLAN WAN MAN SAN CAN PAN DAN Network type description LAN - Local Area Network WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network WAN - Wide Area Network MAN - Metropolitan Area Network SAN - Storage Area Network, System Area Network, Server Area Network, or sometimes Small Hardware for successful networking. refers to devices facilitating the use of a computer. Typically, this includes gateways, routways, network bridges, switches, hubs, and repeaters. Risk of computer networking Viruses are a major risk while/

Microsoft E-Science 2008 Data Storage Model for Environmental Monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks Jayant Gupchup †, R.

Networks Jayant Gupchup †, R ă zvan Mus ă loiu-E †, Marcus Chang ζ, Alex Szalay ±, Katalin Szlavecz *, Andreas Terzis † Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University † Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University ± Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University * Department of Computer/  Soil Moisture  Box Temp  Box Humidity  Light  Multiple hardware Replacement Dynamics Boxes Known Locations Microsoft E-Science 2008 http://www.lifeunderyourfeet.org//

Chapter 9 Networking & Distributed Security. csci5233 computer security & integrity (Chap. 9) 2 Outline Overview of Networking Threats Wiretapping, impersonation,

distributed authentication, traffic control Email privacy: PEM, PGP Firewalls Multilevel networks csci5233 computer security & integrity (Chap. 9) 3 Networking and Security Network threats arise at different points based on different technologies. So the / topology, software, hardware, …) Reliability Anything else? csci5233 computer security & integrity (Chap. 9) 10 Threats in Networks Unique security issues in networking Shared asset Complexity (interconnections, software, hardware, media) Unknown /

ETHERNET. Network Architecture Covers issue like how data will flow between the computers on the network. Involves with: Logical design Physical design.

to NICBNC T connector Trunk segments & repeaters5 segments can be joined using 4 repeaters Computers per segment30 computers per segment by specification Segment that can have computers 3 of the 5 segments can be populated Max total network length925 meters (3035 feet) Thinnet 5-4-3 rule 5 segments, 4 repeaters and 3 populated segments. 10Base5 Ethernet Also known as thicknet & has distance limit of/

Chapter 19 Binding Protocol Addresses (ARP) A frame transmitted across a physical network must contain the hardware address of the destination. Before.

the requested information (physical address). Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) used to resolve IP address to hardware address. ARP request message – broadcasted to all computers on the local network – contains an IP address and request the corresponding hardware address – each computer receives this request and examines the IP address. ARP reply message – The computer mentioned in the ARP request sends a reply containing both the IP address sent in/

Introduction to Computing Muhammad Saeed. Topics Course Description Overview of Areas Contact Information.

Different Disciplines of Computer Science Hardware Related Input Processing Processor Memory Output Firmware Embedded Systems BIOS Software Related System Level & Utility Programs Operating System Compilers Antivirus Application Level MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Games Hybrid/Management Level Database Management System Network Management System Disciplines of Computer Science Programming Languages & Compiler Operating System Database System Software Engineering Network and Communications Artificial/

C++ Network Programming Mastering Complexity with ACE & Patterns Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt

(3, worker); LM_DEBUG severity (only) logged in service thread LM_DEBUG severity (and all others) not logged in worker threads Note how severities are “inherited” when/network associations for many clients simultaneously Todays powerful OS support for multithreading helps networked applications to: Leverage hardware advances, such as symmetric multiprocessing that enables true execution parallelism Increase performance by overlapping computation & communication Improve response time for GUIs & network/

Network  A _____ of computers that can _________ w/ each other  Examples of hardware  ______________ & communication lines  Internet  Hardware.

networks  Created in the ______’s by DARPA  World Wide Web  Developed to make sharing ____________ easier  Basic component of a web page  File  Kinds files:  ________________  Web Browser  Special _________ that __________ or Interprets files to display web pages on your computer  Sends information using Internet’s hardware/info about _________ _________  Use a personal site to:  Share _________ w/ family and friends  Share your __________  Display a portfolio or __________  Elements of Web /

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