Ppt on comprehensive abortion care

Contraception, Sterilization and Abortion

data suggest that there is an important failure of the interaction between health care providers and women to provide protection against unintended pregnancy. Elective Abortions 26.5% Henshaw: Fam Plann Perspect 1998;30:24-29. Incidence /Sterilization The single most significant disadvantage of sterilization is regret for having undergone the procedure. For this reason, comprehensive patient counseling is an extremely important part of the decision-making process. Reversal is possible with some sterilization/

National Background and Context

comprehensive regulations establishing minimum health and safety standards for abortion clinics. Among the areas regulated are clinic administration, staffing, patient medical evaluations, and post-operative care. Only physicians licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina may perform abortions. North Carolina prohibits public funding of abortion/. North Carolina does not require that infants who survive an abortion be given appropriate medical care. North Carolina has a "Baby Moses" law, establishing a/


policies and service delivery guidelines that promote safe, high quality services Ensuring greater access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, including high quality care for abortion complications and safe services for legal termination of pregnancy Refraining from prosecuting women who have had abortions unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 13 ) Safe and legal abortion services Women must know of and have access to safe, high quality/

RMNCH+A … a continuum of care approach Dr. Manisha Malhotra, Deputy Commissioner Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India Conference on.

Birth (ESB) through ASHAs Ensuring access to Pregnancy Testing Kits (PTK-"Nischay Kits") and strengthening comprehensive abortion care services. Maintaining quality sterilization services. Focus on spacing methods, particularly PPIUCD at high case load /Birth (ESB) through ASHAs Ensuring access to Pregnancy Testing Kits (PTK-"Nischay Kits") and strengthening comprehensive abortion care services. Maintaining quality sterilization services. R eproductive Health M aternal Health N ewborn Health C hild /

Comprehensive Migraine Care Duren Michael Ready, MD FAHS ADAAPM Director, Headache Clinic Baylor Scott & White central division

Comprehensive Migraine Care Duren Michael Ready, MD FAHS ADAAPM Director, Headache Clinic Baylor Scott & White central division DMReady@tamhsc.edu Disclosures Family Physician /is not enough to know that something “failed” – You must know why it failed Headache Class Written material Web based resources Nurse instruction Pathophysiology Self care Abortive & Rescue care 31 “How can you have your pudding when you don’t eat your meat?” All difficulties are easy when they are known William Shakespeare The man/

Developing an African network on medical abortion, Glenburn Lodge, South Africa, 11 -13 March 2009 Making products available for medical abortion and strategies.

the requirements of the national guidelines. In the initial phase this will be undertaken in selected healthcare facilities. Development of a training curriculum for the provision of comprehensive abortion care, in particular of MVA and medical abortion and including values clarification. Development of IEC materials for professionals and users. Development of an advocacy strategy for CAC. Implementation of operations research to allow planning for/

Management & Leadership role of Pharmacists in HIV & MCH care – towards achieving Millenium Development Goals 4, 5 & 6. Dr. Jaydeep Tank MD, DNB, DGO,

begin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS Policy – ahead of its time United Nations Comprehensive Approach - 2003 Universal Access of Prevention, Treatment and Care – G 8 at Gleneagles July 2005 Abuja Call to Action 2005 The Declaration of /screening Prevention of unwanted pregnancy Condom use Hormonal contraception or IUD Termination of unwanted pregnancy Do women with HIV seek abortion? Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital Study period 1993 to 2003 Number of patients tested: 116031 Number of patients HIV /

Health Care Reform: What Women Gain & Lose Terri Thorfinnson, J.D. Office of Women’s Health California Department’s of Public Health and Health Care Services.

the following items and services: ambulatory patient services; emergency services; hospitalization; maternity and newborn care; mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment; prescription drugs; /, Qualified Health Plans Missing benefits Abortion Comprehensive family planning Fertility services Tax credit for breast pumps for working moms (recent IRS ruling) Annual wellness visit Eating disorders Abortion Restricted Medicaid restrictions: –Hyde Amendment/

Life Issues Formation Program. What is the consistent ethic of life? Theologian Kenneth Overberg, SJ explains it this way: A comprehensive ethical system.

it this way: A comprehensive ethical system that links together many different issues by focusing attention on the basic value of life It rules out contradictory moral positions on issues involving human life – we cannot be against abortion but in favor of/a consistent ethic of life. For the spectrum of life issues cuts across the issues of genetics, abortion, capital punishment, modern warfare and the care of the terminally ill.” Cardinal Bernardin “We [US Bishops] have also opposed the death penalty /

Dr. José David Ortiz Mariscal Mexico New approaches in the holistic treatment of women with rejected pregnancy & incomplete abortion.

prevention of high reproductive and obstetric risk factors, promotion of family planning, responsible sexuality and prevention and comprehensive management of sexual violence against women. DECLARATIONS: New approaches for Care Of women being treated for:  Unplanned pregnancy  Legal termination of pregnancy  Post abortion period HUMAN PREGNANCY AND ABORTION DOES NOT EXIST WHAT REALLY EXIST IS PREGNANT WOMEN!!!! SO WE HAVE TO CENTER OUR APROACHES ON/

Panel:“Medical abortion pills: how and where do women get them.” Midwife Ana Labandera Monteblanco Director Iniciativas Sanitarias - Uruguay Risk and Harm.

prescribe? Professionals as guarantors of sexual and reproductive rights HOW AND WHERE CONCLUSIONS AND PERSPECTIVES Since 2004, Uruguay has been a country that, in spite of a restrictive abortion law, provides comprehensive health care services to women with unwanted pregnancies Maternal mortality has declined in recent years in hospital and throughout the country Patients visit the Service in earlier stages of pregnancy 10/

Elisa Slattery Center for Reproductive Rights In Harms Way: The Impact of Kenyas Restrictive Abortion Law.

credible enforcement agency Lack of trained providers and equipment –Only doctors are comprehensively trained, of which there are approximately 5,000 in Kenya, with most located in urban centers –Very few health care providers (less than 300) are trained in providing second trimester abortions barriers toquality post-abortion care Fear of arrest/social condemnation and of cost Structural Delays: Lack of trained providers, supplies, equipment/


physicians. Through our expansive grassroots network we work to destigmatize abortion and persuade medical schools and residency programs to include comprehensive abortion and family planning education as part of the reproductive health services curriculum. E NSURING THAT PHYSICIANS ARE PREPARED TO MEET THE FULL REPRODUCTIVE NEEDS OF THEIR PATIENTS IS JUST GOOD MEDICAL CARE. History of MSFC MSFC was founded in 1993 by Jody/


to a very strong opposition from the church and the government, it failed and the discipline was excluded from the school curricula. Efforts to improve the abortion situation MVA implementation in 2002: trainings of providers in comprehensive abortion care, elaboration and approval of MVA guideline Mifepristone approval in 2004, trainings of providers in MA, introductory clinical studies Decision to adopt WHO Strategic Approach to/

FIGO Initiative on Unsafe Abortion Regional meetings, 2011 Concept Foundation: Making Medabon® Available Helena von Hertzen MD Senior Advisor.

the requirements of the national guidelines. In the initial phase this will be undertaken in selected healthcare facilities. Development of a training curriculum for the provision of comprehensive abortion care, in particular of MVA and medical abortion and including values clarification. Development of IEC materials for professionals and users. Development of an advocacy strategy for CAC. Implementation of operations research to allow planning for/

Horatio Robinson Storer, M.D. and the Physicians’ Crusade Against Abortion Frederick N. Dyer, Ph.D. Research Solutions, Inc. Columbus, Georgia.

woman with any, the slightest, pelvic symptoms,—and this is what perhaps no other living man can say,—without a careful digital examination; and while in a small proportion of cases we have found so healthful a local condition that we/ that the Association “offer a premium for the best short and comprehensive tract calculated for circulation among females, and designed to enlighten them upon the criminality and physical evils of forced abortion.” The Association agreed, Storer’s essay won the prize, and /

1 Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. Liberty Center for Child Protection drjudithreisman.com Comprehensive Sex Ed & Abstinence Ed. A History: How a “Sex.

(exhibitionism) Sodomy (abnormal perversion) Seduction (breach of promise) Seduction (alienation of affection) Abortion (murder) Child sex (rape, statutory rape) Pornography (all obscene) Sex Cult as / 1979 SIECUS Promotes Incest In 1991, SIECUS launched its “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality… to influence legislation dealing with sexuality issues.” 91 “Sexuality education/fire arm suicide No child sexual homicide data No child foster care, school sexual assault data. 4.5 report sexual misconduct “/

Documenting Individualized and Measurable Patient Care Data HealthCare ConsultLink Diane Datz, RN, MA 888-258-1894.

and acceptance of these services.” 418.54(b) “…must complete the comprehensive assessment within five calendar days after the election of hospice care…” 418.54(c) “Content of the comprehensive assessment…must identify the physical, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual needs / and reflective listening you learn that she is sad over an abortion she had at age 17. She has never shared this story with anyone. Problem: sadness over abortion at age 17 as evidenced by withdrawn behavior and tearful episodes./

The Affordable Care Act: Opportunities for Care and for Single Payer Ellen R. Shaffer PhD MPH EQUAL Health Network 415-922-6204

incentives to practice in underserved areas & for primary care Financial incentives to practice in underserved areas & for primary care February 2011 EQUAL 31 Comprehensive Benefits Medical and surgical Mental health, substance abuse Dental/ 68 February 2011 EQUAL 6969 Significant Limits Reproductive Health – Retreat from current law –Contraception (Preventive?) –Abortion care (Hi-risk pools, Exchanges) Immigrants ’ inclusion: Undocumented cannot purchase thru Exchange Affordability State options for /

The Architecture of Health Reform: Building Access to Reproductive Health Susan Berke Fogel JD LA County Coalition for Women and Health Care Reform September.

Comprehensive analysis of health care reform law; ongoing updates Visit our website at: www.healthlaw.orgwww.healthlaw.org Two Roads at Once State and Federal Cutbacks Anti-Reform Litigation De-funding the ACA State Exchanges ACA Implementation Family Planning Expansions Goals and Ideals * “everyone” excludes undocumented immigrants; coverage excludes abortion/ Disparities and Pregnancy 12 Unintended pregnancyAbortion % of all abortions Prenatal care in 1 st trimester African American69% of pregnancies30%73/

Decentering “Choice”: Moving from Abortion Rights to Reproductive Justice and a Multiracial Framework Beverly Yuen Thompson, Ph.D. Texas Woman’s University,

Reproductive Justice Historical Narrative Reproductive Justice Loretta Ross of Sistersong Reproductive Justice: Umbrella issues HIV/AIDS Culturally/linguistically sensitive health care Family court prioritize keeping families together Right to legal abortion Comprehensive sex education Increase inmates’ time and access to children Prison health care Family leave from work Less environmental hazards End sex trafficking Repeal the Hyde Amendment Freedom from violence Financial ability to/

December 17, 2008.  Leading international health organization › improve the quality of health care in poor communities › Women and reproductive health.

December 17, 2008  Leading international health organization › improve the quality of health care in poor communities › Women and reproductive health  Deliverable › Policy brief  Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) in Ethiopia  Meet with EngenderHealth  Group conference calls  Draft initial international guidelines report  Midterm summary report  Conduct interviews  Submit draft brief  Incorporate client feedback  Submit final policy brief  Leading /

Affordable Care Act Red group Luke, Trevor, Noah, Sarah.

Care Exchange: Free market of health insurance companies under federal regulation *FPL: Federal Poverty Level *ACA: Affordable Care/? *Insurance Company Profit? *Abortion Controversy (Coverage) Tax changes /like Luke skaw work cited "Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions." Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions. IRS, 11 Jan/https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/abortion/the-abortion-pill http://www.mnbudgetproject.org/-care-act/minimum-essential-coverage-10-essential- benefits http://pregnancylansing.com/abortion//

 Ebers Papyrus  Bible  Non Surgical  Obama’s Executive Order › Banned federal funding for abortion.

industry, Rock for Life brings together bands who stand for the truth that abortion is killing  NARAL- National organization advocating for and providing comprehensive information on reproductive rights in the U.S  National Right to Life- Talks/Roe_v._Wade  http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/HealthCare/health-care-obama-sign-executive-order-abortion- today/story?id=10187434 http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/HealthCare/health-care-obama-sign-executive-order-abortion- today/story?id=10187434  http://www.abortionno.org/

Abortion Stigma in rural communities in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape, South Africa Authors: Munatswa, E, Nduna, M, Ndlovu, L, (University.

://doi.org/10.2307/3583304 2.Brookeman-Amissah, E. 2012. Saving women’s lives in Africa through access to comprehensive abortion care. The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, 17. 241-244. 3.Dickson-Tetteh, K., and H. Rees. 1999. Efforts to reduce abortion-related mortality in South Africa. In Safe motherhood initiatives: Critical issues, ed. M. Berer and T. Ravindran, 191–7/

Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress

, unmet need for contraception and unintended pregnancy rates Changes in the legal status of abortion More comprehensive look at abortion and women’s lives Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress provides new data and analysis, including the companion/traditional method. Source: Singh et al., Adding It Up: The Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care, New York: The Alan Guttmacher Institute and United Nations Population Fund, 2003. Unintended pregnancies in developing countries,/

Caring for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents.  Objectives  Provide patients with accurate and nonjudgmental information about teen parenting  Counsel.

Decide? 6% of teens aged 15-19 become pregnant. Of this group, outcomes are:  Births (59.8%)  Abortion (25.6%)  Miscarriage (14.5%) Kost K, et al; Guttmacher Institute. 2010  Birth Rates, Females Aged 15/  Depression screening/ treatment  Contraceptive counseling  STI screening/treatment  Nutrition counseling  Child services  Well-baby careComprehensive pediatric care  Immunizations  Developmental assessments Teen-tot clinics provide a range of health services, including but not limited to: /

Care of the Childbearing Family

Practice Standards of Nursing Care National Nursing Organizations Healthcare Agency Policies and Procedures Ethical Issues in Maternal-Newborn Nursing Ethics versus Laws Common ethical issues Maternal-Fetal Conflict Abortion Intrauterine Fetal Surgery Reproductive /screening Nurses Role in Infertility Evaluation and Family Planning Role of the nurse Common Infertility Testing Comprehensive history and physical examination Sperm Count Basal body temperature chart Hormone evaluation Nurses Role in Infertility/

Purdue Students for Life By abortion the Mother does not learn to love, but kills her own child to solve her problems. And, by abortion, that father is.

to contraception, health information and preventive services to help reduce unintended pregnancies, by increasing funding for family planning and comprehensive sex education that teaches both abstinence and safe sex methods. The Act will also end insurance discrimination against contraception/woman will choose to have "induced labor" or "live- birth abortion" before the fetus is full-term. Christ Hospitals policy was to give only comfort care to the newborns after birth until they died. No evaluations were /

Making Health Care Reform Work for Us in New York State: From National Legislation to Statewide Implementation New York Association on Independent Living.

 People cannot be required to spend more than 9.5% of income on premiums  Subsidies cannot be used for abortion coverage riders Annual sliding scale out-of-pocket limits (for deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance) for low- and moderate/eligibility based on age, family composition, pregnancy, etc. Standardized, comprehensive benefits Community Choice Option, 1915 (i) option, and Balancing Incentive No out-of-pocket costs for preventive care 23 Medicaid: State Requirements Expansions possible as soon as 2011, /

C LINICAL T ECHNICAL B USINESS Overview of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) ACA Impact on SBHCs Emerging Health Care Delivery Models.

2010, President Obama signed comprehensive health reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), into law The ACA includes provisions to expand coverage, control health care costs, and improve the health care delivery system Continuous Improvement is/changes related to health insurance Tax changes related to financing health reform Benefit Design Essential benefits package Abortion coverage Continuous Improvement is a Quality Movement C LINICAL T ECHNICAL B USINESS Health Insurance Exchanges /

FIAPAC Seminar October 27-28, 2005, Moscow Post-abortion contraception: Methods’ choice Irina Savelieva, M. D., Ph.D., Research Center Ob. & Gyn., Moscow,

procedure (female and male) Post-abortion contraception: counseling  Health-care providers and counselors have a responsibility to ensure that contraceptive services are available and offered to women who have abortions (WHO, 1997)  Providing family/ FP methods to choose from  Clients make their own decisions Post-abortion contraception: Decision making about a method  Each woman needs comprehensive information on her chosen contraceptive method, including: Effectiveness Advantages and disadvantages How/

1 Role of family planning in reducing unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions: synthesis of global and Kenya specific evidence Violet I. Murunga and.

taboos (Chrichton et al 2011) Postabortion care is inadequate Legal restrictions on abortion Abortion in Kenya is still operating under the previous guidelines; act of parliament still pending Post abortion care (PAC) PAC is inadequate - nurses/is rolling out a comprehensive sexuality education in the curriculum persists 16 Recommendations cont’d Expand PAC services. – The government recently launched standards & guidelines for reducing morbidity and mortality from unsafe abortion in Kenya emphasizing /

Starting Medication Abortion Services in a FQHC Residency Clinic: You Can Do It! Lealah Pollock, MD, MS Isabel Lee, MD UCSF Family and Community Medicine.

Enhance patient-centered abortion care Reduce barriers to services Train and model for residents how medication abortion can be integrated into primary care Model for patients that abortion care is a part of comprehensive women’s health care and a common part/ of service Residency director Chair of OB/Gyn Department Director of hospital’s abortion clinic  Start internal: frame around patient access, patient centered care, resident education  Move external: take advantage of leadership’s relationships and /

Antepartal Nursing Care

information about woman Comprehensive psychosocial assessment Comprehensive OB History Acronym TPAL T - term births, twins or more count as one 38 weeks P - birth from 20 - 37 weeks A - spontaneous or therapeutic abortion L - living /direction Medications Tobacco - IUGR Alcohol – Fetal Alcohol syndrome Caffeine – limit intake Street drugs – ch. 14 Dental care > important, poor dental hygiene associated with preterm labor Concerns About Sexual Activity Safety for fetus Contraindications PROM “Premature /

Safe Abortion Advocacy: an ongoing challenge Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion CLACAI MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice.

, without enhancing the obstetric use, following conservative approaches.  Governments are not taking care of women’s rights and health, they don’t provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive services, including abortion care. If the State is not buying misoprostol for public use then the industry is/ The MARIA Fund is an advocacy tool that makes visible the need of all women to have access to safe abortion  We work from Mexico City broadening the city’s law to all women in the country  Since 2011 with/

Debate: How much medical supervision do women need to use medical abortion? Galina Maistruk, MD Coordinator, East European Alliance for Reproductive Choice.

incomplete abortion Referrals to other health care providers and health care facilities are not needed  Ob/Gyns may timely determine and manage complications.  Saves time to receive help in the same hospital  Reduces possible blaming of women Needed skills and equipment are available for other methods to terminate the pregnancy Opportunities for the future: Strategic Assessment in the countries Development and implementation of comprehensive care/

Abortion Clinic and STD Testing in NYC. ABORTION CLINICS IN NYC  Having an abortion is an extremely personal and difficult decision. When looking for.

looking for safe, compassionate, affordable clinics in NYC for reproductive health care; the caring professionals at Parkmed NYC are here for you. Our experienced, board certified OB/GYN physicians offer confidential abortion services that women count on. Our services are not limited, unlike other abortion clinics in New York City, we include comprehensive reproductive healthcare which women need and depend on throughout their lives. From/

Effective HIV & SRH Responses among Most at Risk Populations in Papua New Guinea Module 3: The Comprehensive Package of Programmes and Services for sex.

neonatal and maternal morbidity & mortality  Plan for the provision of comprehensive reproductive health services, integrated into Primary Health Care as the situation permits. Comprehensive Package of Services In Disaster & Conflict Response SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY Participants/violence/9789241548595/en/http://www.who.int/reproductivehealth/publications/violence/9789241548595/en/ WHO. (2012). Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems—Second edition. Available at: http://www.who.int//

Karen Malec, Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer,

Breast Cancer (i.e. that abortion leaves the breasts with more places for cancers to start) Catholic Medical Association Breast Cancer Prevention Institute Polycarp Research Institute MaterCare International Breast Care Center EAMC Ethics & Medics American Association/of breast cancer for women whose abortions took place after first full term pregnancy. Brind J, Chinchilli V, Severs W, Summy-Long J. Induced abortion as an independent risk factor for breast cancer: a comprehensive review and meta-analysis. J/

Abortion and Women’s Mental Health: Knowledge to Practice Priscilla K. Coleman, Ph.D. Bowling Green State University.

appropriate control groups  More comprehensive measures of mental health, with several studies employing actual diagnostic codes assigned by trained professionals  Significantly lower attrition rates in longitudinal studies Handouts on the Abortion-and Mental Health Literature  Bibliography/of abortion on women and their families. WeCareExperts.com (under construction) WECARE The primary objective is to foster a new era of rigorous empirical work and to develop effective means of informing health care /


gender or appearance, in one of the members of the couple. – Abortion attempt during pregnancy. – Significant financial distress. – Disinterest in attending medical check-ups or in following care instructions received. – Underage mother or over 35. – Fertility disorders in/ infection derived from the manipulation of these elements. Ask parents about instructions given, to check for comprehension. Use comprehensible language with all parents and relatives; if need be, use didactic elements and aids to foster/

Physical Examination and History Taking: Comprehensive Assessment of the Adult Practicum of Health Science Technology 2009 - 2010.

carefully as possible Subjective Data What the patient tells you What the patient tells you The history, from Chief Complaint through Review of Systems The history, from Chief Complaint through Review of Systems Objective Data What you detect through observation and obtaining medical history What you detect through observation and obtaining medical history All physical examination findings All physical examination findings Comprehensive/

Medical Abortion in Ethiopia: Policy and Practice Africa Regional Meeting on Medical Abortion Johannesburg, South Africa March 11-13rd,2009.

units of Medabon imported by DKT with pre-registration permit (2008) What has been done so far? 42 lead trainers trained Integrated MA in all Comprehensive Abortion Care training, since August /09 3,000 women received MA services in 102 (42 public + 20 MSIE clinics+40 private) facilities in 3 months /) Conduct targeted community/ women education on MA Continue monitoring and supervision of services Advocacy for the implementation of abortion care to the limits of the law with the leadership of MOH THANK YOU

08_XXX_MM1 Survey on The Role of Primary Health Care Providers in Sexual and Reproductive Health Pisa 30-31 August 2010 Laura Guarenti Reproductive Health.

of the basic knowledge, skills and attitude needed to provide high quality SRH care III. Lack, at the international level, of a comprehensive SRH competencies list, instrumental while improving the service, to reach MDG 5B 08_XXX_MM6/  Service provision in 7 technical areas 08_XXX_MM9 Seven Technical Areas Ante-natal; Childbirth; Newborn; Family planning and infertility; Abortion, STI-RTI (including HIV and VCT), as well as Screening for sexual violence and cancers Sexual health education and counselling/

UN Agenda 21 “ Agenda 21 is a carefully disguised attempt to hijack the worthy cause of environmentalism in the pursuit of political objectives. ” Author,

the capital necessary for economic growth, promote innovation, improve access to health care and education, (stimulus program?? The only way they will improve education/by law to exercise reproductive responsibility" -- in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.  A transnational "Planetary Regime" should assume control of the global/ Local Agenda 21. So we will call our process something else, such as Comprehensive planning, growth management, or smart growth. ” 1998 J. Gary Lawrence, a/

Confidentiality in Adolescent Health Care: Research, Ethics, Law, and Policy Abigail English, JD Director Center for Adolescent Health & the Law Treuman.

Cost  Texas study of projected costs due to loss of confidentiality in publicly funded clinics  Increased pregnancies, births, abortions, and untreated STDs  Projected annual increased costs > $43 million Center for Adolescent Health & the Law Ethical Principles/ riders Center for Adolescent Health & the Law Future Policy Implications  All adolescents should have access to comprehensive health care  Confidentiality, and the ability to give independent consent, can be important elements of that access  /

Slide 1 Copyright © 2014 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc. CHAPTER 25 REPRODUCTIVE, INTERSEX SURGERY, FEMALE GENITAL SYSTEM, AND MATERNITY CARE.

6 Colposcopy enables physician to view an endocervical polyp From Baggish MS: Colposcopy of the Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva: A Comprehensive Textbook, Philadelphia, 2003, Mosby. Slide 21 Copyright © 2014 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc. Cervix Uteri (57452/ test –Type of delivery Vaginal delivery C section Delivery after C section –Abortion Slide 38 Copyright © 2014 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc. Maternity Care and Delivery Notes Many notes are “must reading” There are codes describing a/


case of a mentally challenged victim, abnormality of the fetus, incest 90% were not aware that apart from Doctors, trained midwives could also legally carry out Comprehensive abortion care PUBLIC HEALTH DEPT. GHANA POLICE SERVICE9 SUMMARY OF SURVEY FINDINGS low level of knowledge about the conditions under which abortion could be done legally Most of the respondents had been affected by or had encountered/

Improving Access to Safe Abortion Guidance on Making High-Quality Services Accessible Based on Safe Abortion: Technical and Policy Guidance for Health.

Systems, World Health Organization, 2003 Prepared by Ipas and Family Care International (FCI) to promote greater understanding of the challenge of unsafe abortion and measures to make abortion services safe and accessible to the full extent of the law/by MDG 5 Millennium Development Goals MDG 5 (continued) Unsafe abortion can be reduced through comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education, high quality contraceptive services, and safe abortion services The MDGs were approved by U.N. member states /

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