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Chilworth Technology 1 Dust Explosion Hazard Assessment and Control An Overview Vahid Ebadat, Ph.D. Chilworth Technology, Inc. 250 Plainsboro Road, Building.

system with remotely located dust collector Control of the Spread of Combustible Dust Atmospheres 14 Chilworth Technology 15 Management of Dust Cloud Explosion Hazards  Control of the spread of combustible dust atmospheres:  Proper plant design /capacitive spark Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE), (ASTM E 2019) 16 Chilworth Technology MIE and the Effect of Dust Cloud Concentration 17 Chilworth Technology 18 Factors Affecting Minimum Ignition Energy Some Influencing FactorsEffect Increasing Particle Size /

1 ITC561 Cloud Computing Topic 2: Cloud Technology NOTICE: Slides are extracted from Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture by Thomas Erl;

1 ITC561 Cloud Computing Topic 2: Cloud Technology NOTICE: Slides are extracted from Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture by Thomas Erl; Ricardo Puttini; Zaigham Mahmood and other resources. © PRENTICE HALL At the end of this topic you should be able to: Analyse the role of Broadband networks and Internet architectures, along with their attendant technologies, in accessing Cloud computing; Identify, describe and compare the technologies used in Data Centres/

CS5412: THE CLOUD VALUE PROPOSITION Ken Birman 1 Lecture XXII Cornell CS5412 Cloud Computing (Spring 2015)

probably just in its infancy if these issues can be solved  Standards can really help: like SuperCloud but now industry wide. OpenStack.org Cornell CS5412 Cloud Computing (Spring 2015) 44  A standards organization for cloud technology  Key insight: if everything is standard, we can trust the cloud more easily because risks are reduced The last word 45  Joni Mitchell summed it up best:  The/

Cloud Operating System Unit 11 Sever Technology II M. C. Chiang Department of Computer Science and Engineering National Sun Yat-sen University Kaohsiung,

to build and maintain applications.  Based on the global distributed infrastructure.  Be scalable.  Low cost.  Coupled with numerous Google existing applications. (Gmail, Google Docs, etc.) 9/12/2015 Cloud Operating System - Uint 11: Server Technology 2 U11-6 GAE - Features  Dynamic web serving.  Persistent storage with queries, sorting and transactions.  Scaling and load balancing automatically.  Local development environment.  Task queue.  Scheduled task/

C. Yang, Q. Huang, G. Zhi, Z. Li, C. Xu, Y. Jiang, J. Li, 2013. Chapter 17 Cloud computing research for geosciences, In Spatial Cloud Computing: a practical.

Press: pp. 295-308. Technology Advancements: Cloud Evaluation and Selection Cloud criteria are the foundation for measuring, evaluating and selecting cloud services. Return On Investment (ROI) is a significant determining factor in cloud selection from cloud consumers’ perspective. The third-party/ Li, C. Xu, K. Liu, CRC Press: pp. 295-308. Technology Advancements 1.Cloud Evaluation and Selection 2.Cloud Service Resource Management 3.Data Backup and Synchronization 4.Interoperability 5.New Visualization and/

© 2010 Quest Software, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED A Pulse on Virtualization & Cloud Computing Prepared for Quest Software by Norwich University, School of.

desktop infrastructure” (19.2%). 43 Government Only Question: Telework Policies PoliciesTotal (%) Federal Gov. (%) State/ Local (%) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 19.220.715.7 Cloud computing Regional telecommuting centers Mobile technologies 13.414.411.0 IT/network infrastructure upgrades None of these 13.213.811.8 Don’t know 14.49/

National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Technology Laboratory 1 USG Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap Next Steps NIST Mission: To promote.

– Translate Requirements & Identify Gaps priorities risks obstacles Vendors map services Strategic Program (continue phase 1 activities and…) Tactical Program USG Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap USG Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap... leverage Priority Action Plans (PAPs) selected for self-tasking by Cloud Stakeholder Community Assess & Track: USG CC High Priority Requirements met by Priority Action Plans (self-tasked by NIST and other CC stakeholders) Rqmt 1: International/

1 Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory (CLARREO) Technology Investments.

at LaRC complete12/11 Beamsplitter performance testing complete05/11 April / 2008 Detector Beamsplitter Blackbody System diagram highlighting technologies addressed by CORSAIR 10 Far Infrared Spectroscopy of the Troposphere (FIRST) Description This task developed and field/ its atmosphere and is strongly modulated by water vapor (the main greenhouse gas) and cirrus clouds. The technology developed and demonstrated for FIRST resulted in an instrument that combines radiation budget sensing with temperature and/

Carnegie Mellon University ©2006 - 2009 Robert T. Monroe 70-451 Management Information Systems Cloud Computing II Evaluating Business Opportunities 70-451.

Analysis: Complements and Network Effects CC complementsNeed network effects? Carnegie Mellon University ©2006 - 2009 Robert T. Monroe 70-451 Management Information Systems Cloud Computing Discussion Questions What conclusions can we draw from this analysis regarding whether cloud computing is a technology that businesses who use IT need to investigate further? What changes might a traditional IT organization within a business need to make/

Comparative Positioning of Korean Network Companies Moving to Converging Cloud Services Ki Youn Kim and Yong Ik Yoon 2 1 Department of Information Consulting,

personal medium, business providers need to offer services specialized for each customer context. Recently, the services that combine content with high consumption rates and such MCC technologies are gaining in particular. In a converging clouding environment, companies or general users will be able to access several hundred or even thousand computers according to required tasks. Core functionalities of MCC service are as/

Foundation – Module 1 ELO-020Identify the benefits of consuming cloud services; ELO-030Identify the benefits or characteristics of a service that distinguishes.

advancements in information technology; a look into commercial industry’s success in taking advantage of the advances; some basic vocabulary; what a cloud “looks like;” and the benefits and risks to the DoD when using cloud technologies to store /into multiple virtual instances of a resource; e.g. compute, storage, network. Virtualization is the primary enabling technology behind cloud computing. Open application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate, manage, and control the virtual devices. Tenets of /

Helping Agencies Move to the Cloud March 19, 2013 Mr. Stanley Kaczmarczyk Acting Director Strategic Solutions and Security Services, General Services Administration.

Service Customer Accounts & Research PBS OCSIT OGP OSBU Regions Staff Regions Staff Office of Strategic Programs Center for GWAC Programs Center for Strategic Solutions and Security Services Technology Optimization Division (Cloud Computing Services PMO) Technology Optimization Division (Cloud Computing Services PMO) Security Services Division HSPD-12 - USAccess Strategic Solutions Division (SmartBUY Program) Program Offerings 7 GSA FAS ITS Center for Strategic Solutions and Security/

Dell OpenStack Powered Cloud Solution and Case Sharing Henry Xu Cloud Solution Architect DELL Next Generation Computing Aug 2012.

Value IT Spend Flexibility and Performance Resource Limitations “I have budget constraints for traditional IT use cases and view cloud technology as an outsource mechanism” “I need the ability to keep ahead of security threats quickly. ” “My / expertise in Data Center Solutions is the foundation for a great partnership.” Ben Cherian, General Manager of Emerging Technologies, DreamHost Dell Cloud Solutions Elastic, vastly scalable and designed to handle massive data loads Rely on Dell’s tested, validated, and/

CA Technologies: Bringing the Cloud to Earth Vol. 2 by Marco Iansiti and Kerry Herman Ali Utku Yazgan INF 534 – Software Engineering and Development of.

, 3,500 sales support personnel and 5,600 development engineers.  55% of company revenues was domestic, 45% was international.  Company name changed again. CA Technologies’ Reaction and Move to the Cloud Acquisitions CA TechnologiesCloud Computing: Ready for the Cloud?  "The Internet has been transforming from people using browsers to read and access Websites, to a web of “call-able” services—compute, data, business APIs/

Foundation – Module 1 ELO 1.1Identify the advancements in technology that enabled the rise of cloud computing (marketing concept). ELO 1.2Identify the.

policies and processes we will first provide: a brief history of and advancements in information technology; a look into commercial industry’s success in taking advantage of the advances; some basic vocabulary; what a cloud “looks like;” and the benefits and risks to the DoD when using cloud technologies to store and process DoD data. CBFS NETWORK Page - 4CLE - Module 1 - Foundation (a) Topic/

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California What is Cloud Computing.

Amazon!! 4 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California To Cloud or Not to Cloud ? Cloud Compute versus Buying Hardware Honest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): data center/constant throughput National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California Assessment of high-performance hybrid cloud data storage & movement for handling Big Data Q: Can object storage /

Use of Cloud Computing in Indian Railways. Cloud Computing Basics : In very simple terms, the cloud is (was) the next stage in the evolution of the Internet.

demand. Traditional Infrastructure could not cater to resource requirements of all business units asking for resources, result: – Bottlenecks hurting performance and productivity. Traditionally followed(for any organization staying away from Cloud Technology) solution: – “Deploy more servers”. Resultant overhead : – Cost of equipment – Power – Cooling – Management(AMC) Dramatically underutilized resources due to inability of effectively matching resources with workloads. “We were able to meet/

NIST Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap Working Group (CCSRWG) April 21, 2011 National Institute of Standards and Technology U.S. Department of Commerce.

Development CCSRWG and Standards Roadmap US Department of Commerce 3 Accelerate the federal government’s adoption of cloud computing security, interoperability and portabilityStrategy to build a USG Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap which focuses on the highest priority USG cloud computing security, interoperability and portability requirements. Overview: NIST Cloud Computing Program US Department of Commerce 4 Lead efforts to develop standards and guidelines in close consultation/

1 Data Technologies – ESIPAP 2016 Data Technologies Alberto Pace CERN Data and Storage Services Group.

speed  In real life... A mix of the two is implemented  And many file systems do this What about cloud storage ? 148 Data Technologies – ESIPAP 2016 Authz: more complications  Support for “groups” of users and “roles”  Allows ACLs can be / 13 19 23 54 Hash Keys Servers containing values 6363 81 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_hash_table 163 Data Technologies – ESIPAP 2016 Cloud storage in practice  The DHT implements storage elements called buckets  The programming interfaces to (API) the /

HUGMN March 16, 2016 Cloud Security and Performance.

rights reserved. Reproduction of this document or any portion thereof without prior written consent is prohibited. Cloud Technology Reference Model 33 © 2015 The Hackett Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this document/ and angry as to why the service is not responding. Shared Technology Issues - Cloud service providers deliver their services scalably by sharing infrastructure, platforms or applications. Cloud technology divides the “as a Service” offering without substantially changing the off/

Alessandro De Salvo IFAE 2011 Perugia, 28-04-2011 New data processing technologies at LHC: from Grid to Cloud Computing.

ot easy! A. De Salvo – – IFAE 2011 – 28-04-2011 A. De Salvo – New data processing technologies at LHC: from Grid to Cloud Computing and beyond – IFAE 2011 – 28-04-2011 World LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) > 140 computing centers 35 /?) Performance implications A. De Salvo – – IFAE 2011 – 28-04-2011 A. De Salvo – New data processing technologies at LHC: from Grid to Cloud Computing and beyond – IFAE 2011 – 28-04-2011 Workload Management: CMS WMCore/WMAgent Essentially a reworking of ProdAgent architecture /

Chapter 5: Cloud Computing Security Dr. E.B.Fernandez.

tactics between policies and patterns? Be precise and concise, no long essays. Clouds Clouds combine two old ideas which are now feasible with current technology: Utility computing—an infrastructure provides a set of resources to be shared by /log management platforms. VISIBILITY means monitoring user activity and developer API access across cloud applications and provider platforms. Cloud-based Web Application Firewall This technology is unique due to the fact that it is platform agnostic and does not/

Zensar Technologies Service Cloud Fixed Scope Offerings www.zensar.com | © Zensar Technologies 2015.

(Build Proof of concept and DEMOs) Rich industry and CX package implementation experience Cloud implementation experience Proven Cloud Tools, Accelerators and Methodology 30 Oracle Cloud Customer Portfolio Sales Cloud Fusion Apps Administratio n HCM Cloud Support ERP & HCM Cloud Cloud Financials Sales Cloud Planning & Budgeting Cloud Sales Cloud Next Step… www.zensar.com | © Zensar Technologies 201531 To start your journey towards realizing your CRM vision, please contact us at: Web: www/

Fixed Scope Offering for Implementation of Oracle Financials Cloud.

a certified key partner and Fusion capability building is one of its top corporate priorities and part of Organization strategic objectives to expand its services offering around cloud and related technologies.  We have large pool of certified Fusion Financial professionals with strong domain knowledge,implementation skills and years of delivery experience across the Globe.  With strong domain knowledge, application expertise and /

Fixed Scope Offering for Implementation of Oracle Fusion HCM on Cloud.

Goal Management Performance Management Talent Review & Succession Planning 14 Weeks Platinum Fusion Global HR Fusion Global Payroll 15 Weeks In Scope Modules www.zensar.com | © Zensar Technologies 201515 Licensed Subscription ServiceModule NameBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum Fusion HCM Base Cloud ServiceOracle Fusion Global Human Resources Oracle Fusion Network at Work Oracle Fusion Workforce Directory Management Oracle Fusion Profile Management Oracle Fusion Absence Management Fusion Transactional Business/

Cloud Industry Trends & Customer Usage Models Billy Cox Director, Cloud SW Strategy 2012 August 10.

/filter attributes for scheduler service http://communities.intel.com/community/openportit/blog/2012/07/18/chipping-in-to-the-open-source-cloud 26 Closing Cloud adoption is happening. Rapidly. Cloud technology is on fast evolution path: hw and sw. Infrastructure is evolving quickly in cloud environments. Open source continues to be a strong influencer. Customers have a voice for their requirements. If 5 years ago/

Cloud Enablement – Concepts, Techniques and Core Strategy.

gain a little more insight into The Cloud, its technology and its future: 1.Cloud Computing – Wikipedia article on cloud technology, history and architecture http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing 2.Gartner Technology Research – Overview and assessment by Gartner on the future of Cloud Computing http://www.gartner.com/technology/topics/cloud-computing.jsp 3.Forbes Cloud Review – Assessment by Forbes on how Cloud Computing will increase in the coming years/

© 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / Confidential 1 The Many Faces of PaaS Platform as a Service Decisions Mike Kavis 10/08/2013.

of PaaS PaaS in 2013 Conclusion Agenda © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / Confidential 4 Cloud Service Models © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / Confidential 5 The Cloud Stack © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / Confidential 6 Infrastructure as a Service © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / Confidential 7 Platform as a Service © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / Confidential 8 Software as a Service © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / Confidential 9 ProsCons Speed to MarketLess/

Exceptional Security, High Elasticity and Efficiency Huawei Video Cloud Node (VCN)

single domain Network-wide multicast Windows users Preferentially promote VCN30X0 for N+0 clusters and require actual cases and inspection certificates. The N+0 cloud cluster provides high reliability, low cost solutions. Preferentially promote Huawei’s proprietary SafeVideo technologies and require actual cases and inspection certificates. Promote VCN30X0 embedded video quality diagnoses and require actual cases and inspection certificates. VCN30X0 enables real/

CLOUD COMPUTING Allahabad presented by Anushree Malviya mca 5 sem

the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a services over the internet Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure in the "cloud" that supports them. Cloud computing represents a major change in how we store information and run applications. Instead of hosting apps and data on an individual desktop computer, everything is hosted/


a stable long term investment. The objective is raising the value of the group for the benefit of shareholders as a stable long term investment. CORPORATE GOVERNACE WHAT IS SECURED CLOUD TECHNOLOGY Cloud Computing takes your business entire computing infrastructure - virtual, giving any size company access to a world-class, powerhouse infrastructure and slashing or eliminating most of the IT expenses/

Delivering IaaS for the Greek Academic and Research Community

Bring vendor into datacenter? Hypervisor lock-in Is a turn-key solution suitable for a public cloud? Building public clouds is an ongoing process Manageable by GRNET’s operation Integrated into the rest of the infrastructure Scaling/’s not already available Do it yourself! FIXME: tenets, decisions, principles? Jigsaw puzzle Synnefo Google Ganeti backend custom cloud management software to power okeanos Google Ganeti backend VM cluster management: physical nodes, VMs, migrations OpenStack APIs: Compute /

Objectives For This Lesson TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Standard 3. The student will identify and describe the importance of technology and the relationships.

period a day for 8 days to do research and presentations. This is a multidisciplinary lesson that incorporates science and technology education. I think all the students will want to do their project over the same cloud. To determine which student gets which cloud, I will have them draw it out of a bag. This will eliminate any conflicts over who gets what/

Value Chain Assignment

strategy Dell could efficiently leverage its resources and capital as well as focus more on their core technology Box.net has mature technology in cloud computing which could save Dell’s time developing the similar one. Dell offer direct access to /, portable PC, low-priced PC for personal/home users and corporate PC and super servers (cloud computing) for business users. This trend is driven by: Technology improvement PC makers’ pursuit of differentiation in the front-end (marketing/service) of value chain /

Protecting Your IP in the Cloud Violet A. French 416 777 5437 LEXPERT Cloud Computing Conference 2013 November 28, 2013.

beyond commentaries as to how the courts or the legislatures will deal with some of these unique legal issues presented by Cloud computing. Unique new patents for cloud services are on the rise, they include: Apples Cloud-based Media Playback Technology Patent – cloud-syncing technology allows users to pause music or video on one device and then continue playing it on another. Application has been filed/

HPC USER FORUM Cloud PANEL September 2010 Seattle, WA.

broader platform flexibility SGI ProPack driven acceleration Application expertise as a Service - Christian Tanasescu Q3. Technology Issues or x86 everyone?…. Cloud is Beowulf 2.0 By any metric, Cluster HPC solutions have been a success and the / room for very expensive, very custom supercomputing solutions. - Ryan Waite Q3. Technology Issues or x86 everyone?…. Clouds arent a technology, they are a business model Commercial clouds are luring people to try to run HPC on a commodity web infrastructure. Works/

Exploring the opportunities and pitfalls of new and emerging technologies in Australian local government Future of Local Government Summit Rydges, Melbourne.

could increase the systemic (not technical) risk to LG Vendor predation and/or individual stakeholders opinions are no substitute to good, well informed commercial decision making on new technologies. Adopting Cloud without knowing your exit or transition-out strategy at the start Inappropriate pre-purchase due diligence leading to real problems Lack of visibility of total cost of ownership Legal and /

Red Bull Racing Introduction - Matthew Parker, Sales Director ‘Stormy Weather’ Perils of the Cloud – Paul Court, Technical Director Simplifying Application.

enable you to affordably have access to, and use of, the same world-class information technology as any FTSE / Fortune company. Some of the Types of Cloud Stormy Weather Private cloud vs. Public cloud Public Cloud (Contended) – Cloud services that have contended resources (processing and storage open to all) Public Cloud (Shared) – Cloud services that are publicly accessible with shared resources (processing and storage divided into reserved chunks/

1/16 Distributed Systems Architecture Research Group Universidad Complutense de Madrid An Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud Technologies to Support.

Dynamic cluster partitioning Support for heterogeneous workloads On-demand provision of VMs An Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud Technologies to Support Grid Computing 6/14 SGE Frontend New virtualization layer between the service and the infrastructure/Separation of Resource Provisioning from Job Management Virtualization of a Computing Cluster An Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud Technologies to Support Grid Computing 7/14 Integration of a Virtualized Cluster within a Grid Cluster Frontend (/

Does the Cloud Signify a New Kind of Wide Mind? KNEW Workshop in Kazimierz, Poland in association with sintelnet.eu Robert Clowes IFL, New University of.

be seen as a central part of the current material realization of ubiquitous computing (Weiser, 1991) whereby computer processing technology has come to be an ever- present part of our lives. The distinctive form this cloud technology takes is a bunch of highly personalised data- services and associated applications which we can access and which track us through a variety of devices including/

Entire Contents Copyrighted Confidential Property of EVO Partners, LP dba ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services © 2010 ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services.

Overview August 14, 2012 Welcome and Introduction Presenter: Mitch Sowards General Introductions Our Topic: ‘Cloud Computing Overview’ Heads Up! This presentation has two general “sections”. A section on the technology that makes “cloud computing” possible. A section demonstrating some of the types of cloud computing. So, if you are not much interested in the “nuts and bolts”, rest assured that the real world stuff/

Copyright © 2013 World Wide Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Next-Generation Data Center Business Transformation Enabled by Cloud Jason Guibert Mike.

, 4 or 5 as your response. As-a-Service: Revolution or Evolution? AGILITY is the #1 driver of cloud, not cost EVERYTHING-AS-A-SERVICE NEXT-GENERATION TECHNOLOGY Speed of New Technology Challenges even the most prepared IT organizations Business Transformation is Enabled by Cloud Cloud is just a delivery model, People and process are the real challenge PEOPLE AND PROCESS Is Shadow IT an/

NIST Guidelines for Security and Privacy for Public Cloud

outsourcing parts of the organizational computing environment to an outside party via a public cloud. As with any outsourcing of information technology services, concerns exist about the implications for computer security and privacy. The main issue/as the abstract unit of deployment for IaaS clouds and are loosely coupled with the cloud storage architecture. Cloud providers may also use other computing abstractions in lieu of virtual machine technology to provision services for other service models. Attack/

1 TONGJI UNIVERSITY Institute for Hydrogen Energy Technologies Study on the Harm Effect of Liquid Hydrogen Release by Consequence Modeling Institute for.

41 38 56791011 Release diameter (mm) 16 TONGJI UNIVERSITY Institute for Hydrogen Energy Technologies 3. Results and discussions Cold cloud Fire ball Flash fire Vapor cloud explosion Physical explosion Liquid hydrogen 70MPa hydrogen storage 45 40 35 30 25 20 / 70MPa storage in case of catastrophic rupture 17 TONGJI UNIVERSITY Institute for Hydrogen Energy Technologies 3. Results and discussions Cold cloudJet fireFlash fire Vapor cloud explosion Liquid hydrogen 70MPa storage 60 40 50 30 20 10 0 Harm effect /

Government Transparency: Cross-cutting Business Use Cases for Cloud Computing Dr. Richard L. Klobuchar, SAIC August 17, 2011.

5.Stand-up contract vehicles for commodity services 6.Develop a strategy for shared services “Cloud First” Strategy – Begins immediately with three (3) parts: Use commercial cloud technologies where feasible Launch private government clouds Utilize regional clouds with state and local governments – Default to cloud-based solutions 3.1 Publish cloud strategy Federal CIO will publish a strategy to accelerate the safe and secure adoption NIST will/

Outline Recent Innovations in Technology, Business, Market, and New Polymaths Internet Innovations and Trend Innovations of Financial Technology

want it. Courtesy of http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=222001302&pgno=2 2011 Strategic Technologies Predictions (Gartner’s 2010) Cloud Computing Mobile Applications and Media Tablets Social Communications and Collaboration Video Next Generation Analytics Social Analytics /Computers http://stephenslighthouse.com/2010/11/03/gartner%E2%80%99s-top-10-strategic-technologies-for-2011/ Cloud Computing Cloud computing services exist along a spectrum from open public to closed private. The next three years/

© 2011 IBM Corporation Channel Opportunities to Build Your Own Cloud Solutions Amy Anderson IBM Cloud Partner November 7, 2011.

Capabilities provided to consumers for using a provider’s applications running on a cloud infrastructure Our partner business models map to the client buying patterns SOLUTION PROVIDER Cloud services SOLUTION PROVIDER Cloud Builder SOLUTION PROVIDER Cloud Builder ISV Cloud Infrastructure Provider Cloud Application Provider Cloud Technology Provider © 2011 IBM Corporation Channel Opportunities to Build your own Cloud Solutions 6 Within each client buying pattern we have defined 22 projects/

Security in Cloud Computing: Issues and Opportunities for Businesses and Governments Toni Draganov Stojanovski University for Information Science and Technology.

US$58.6B in 2009 US$68B in 2010 Will reach US$148B by 2014 Source Frank Gens, Robert P Mahowald and Richard L Villars, IDC Cloud Computing 2010. 13 Right strategy? Right time? Mature technologies approach a feasible level for developing products and service In periods of economic challenges, businesses look to cut costs and open up possibilities to gain competitive/

1 Cloud Barrier Findings Highlights of 2013 FCC TAC Workgroup.

◦ Government-sponsored entities that foster and facilitate industry input  Presidential advisory panels such as National Security Telecommunications Advisory Council (NSTAC), with recent reports on Cloud Security, FirstNet, and Secure Gov’t Communications  National Institute for Standards & Technology (NIST), currently leading industry collaboration efforts for standards and incentives ensuring network access and security 25  Existing best practices can be supported, enhanced by FCC/

© CGI GROUP INC. All rights reserved _experience the commitment TM The Cloud Imperative NASC Annual Conference ALDONA VALICENTI VICE PRESIDENT GOVERNMENT.

(ACQCONIMPACT) Areas of Focus for State and Local Governments ‒ Procurement Vehicles ‒ Pricing/Business Models ‒ Key Contractual Terms ‒ Funding Streams 9 Technology Issues Impacting Adoption of Cloud Solutions 10 Technology Impact WSG – Service Orchestration Leveraged NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture Physical Resource Layer (Hardware, Facility) ‒ Focus on issues related to base hardware/software platform and servers ‒ Standards versus propriety ‒ Commodity versus state of the art/

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