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5. A Look at Japan. Geography Page 94 Dependent on imported raw materials, fossil fuels Positive trade balance Unrestricted flow of capital and financial.

of vacancies Share houses and common living 2020 Olympics Abenomics Weakening Yen Top Trends Pages 103-104 Beyond the Basics Names Initial Contact and Introductions Intermediaries Business Relationships Business Cards Meetings Demeanor Negotiations and Decisions Social Etiquette/, D.C., Texas, and Florida Median household income of $78,000 Philippine Diaspora Pages 145-146 Exports to: China, United States, Singapore, and Japan  Agricultural  Industrial  Mining Infrastructure impedes development outside/

5.01 PowerPoint Objective 5.01 – Understand appropriate business etiquette and business communication.

bribe. Japan It is polite to refuse a gift once or twice before accepting it. Compare Differences in Business Etiquette Around the World India Before getting down to business in India it is customary to have tea. Mexico Throwing documents on a table during a meeting is an insult. Effective & Appropriate Business Communication 5.01 PowerPoint Part II What is Communication? The exchange of information between/

 Greetings by handshaking are common in Canada, Peru and England.  Greetings with a bow are common in Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

 Greetings by handshaking are common in Canada, Peru and England.  Greetings with a bow are common in Korea, Japan and Indonesia.  Greetings with a kiss on the cheek are done in Brazil, France and Italy.  Greetings with/ pairs. . Gift-giving is a central part of Japanese business etiquette.. Bring a range of gifts for your trip so if you are presented with a gift you will be able to reciprocate.. The emphasis in Japanese business culture is on the act of gift-giving not the gift itself.. Expensive gifts/

Business Etiquette of Japan By: G. VanNada. Appearance Men wear typically wear dark suits with a white shirt and subdued tie. Men are not allowed to have.

Business Etiquette of Japan By: G. VanNada Appearance Men wear typically wear dark suits with a white shirt and subdued tie. Men are not allowed to have beards or shave their heads. Women will have short or tied back hair. Women must wear trousers, or a long type of skirt. Behavior You must not blow your nose in a public place. Do not grab your hosts/

Chapter Five – International Business Styles Gladys Hung.

East Asia and Japan. Reading – paragraph 7  ‘In a country like Japan, the notion of personal space which we value so simply has no meaning,’ he says. ‘With a population of 125 million condensed into a narrow strip of land, private /Zealanders with Australians, Belgians with French.sensitive Familiarise yourself with the basics of business and social etiquette. As a starting point, learning how to greet people is very important. etiquette Reading – paragraph 8 Tiptoeing through the minefield  Don’t Assume /

Doing Business Globally: Diversity and Global Etiquette Mary Lynn Realff, VP, Center for Leadership & Diversity Michael.

, Turkey C. Something is not important – Belgium, France D. Money - Japan What does this gesture mean? 34 Distance Behavior The right personal distance when conducting business shows respect and acceptance. –Too much distance gives the impression of dislike and discomfort. –Too little will make the person draw back. 35 Conclusions Rules of conduct and business etiquette exist in every culture and help us to know how/

Japanese Business Etiquette Brought to you by: Asia Business Club.

Japanese Business Etiquette Brought to you by: Asia Business Club Japan Name: Japan (Nihon) Area: 377,835 sq km, 145,882 sq miles Population: 127,000,000 Time Zone: 16 hours ahead of Phoenix Currency: Yen (¥) 1 U.S./ Girls = Prostitute; call security! ≠ References Rutledge, Bruce. Working in Japan. ASK, Co. Japan, 2001. Brannen, Christopher. Going to Japan on Business. Stone Bridge Press. CA, 2003. Engel, Dean. Passport Japan. Passport Series. World Trade Press. CA, 2003 Cultural Navigator. Thunderbird. /

Business Etiquettes Dr. Rajendra Barve Training for Essar Group.

all around Dark suits prefered Foreign business etiquette Japan Introduction from mutual contact like bank etc First meeting is supposed to get to know people and decisions are slow to make Bowing with eyes lowered is customary and depends on the seniority Respect is essential for age, rank, ideals and methodologies Preference to meet and deal with people of equivalent ranks and seniority Saying/

March 2007Jessi Rose e-Mail Statistics, Etiquette, and Irving ISD.

Britain: 35%  Brazil: 32%Japan: 27% March 2007Jessi Rose Etiquette Why is e-Mail etiquette important? Email is the most popular of all internet activities 88% of all Internet users use e-Mail (Dawn Rosenberg, “Your Guide to Career Planning”) From Samantha Miller, author of Do’s, Don’ts, and Disaster Tales of e-Mail Etiquette, “80% of employees say that for the majority of their business correspondence, e-Mail has/

International Real Estate for Local Markets. Overview Conducting business in global marketplace –Examine different cultures needs and expectations Modify.

Greater risk Global Investment Outlook Weakened U.S. dollar Rising importance of China Oil prices Moderate growth for U.S. and Europe Deceleration of growth in Japan Growth tapered off in 2005 Central banks are reducing or removing /Business Norms and Etiquette Use good manners Project positive attitudes Adjust to high or low context communication Observe basic multicultural norms and etiquette Behaviors to Avoid Hands in pockets First names Personal questions Asking about family Crossing legs Soles of /

A basic overview of Japanese Etiquette Amanda Burden (Yamanashi 2003-2006)

kocho / kyoto sensei – If you receive it at a table, leave it face up in front of you and after the meeting, store it Other teachers – Probably won’t give you business cards People in the community – Treat them like kocho / kyoto sensei Omiyage To your supervisor – / ctn’d Earnestness goes a long way Actions speak louder than words SMILE Resources Google “Japanese Etiquette” Big eyes and ears Books by Donald Richie (Temple University professor) Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan by Will Ferguson

International Trade. Chapter Details International Trade Interdependence of Nations Benefits of International Trade Government Involvement Balance of.

market Beneficial due to partners knowledge of domestic market Special Considerations Cultural Differences in language is main challenge Differences in language is main challenge Chevy Nova had poor sales in Latin America Social & business etiquette changes across the globe Social & business etiquette changes across the globe Crossing your legs is seen as rude in Japan Gifts are a normal business practice in Far East, but seen as/

Dimensions of Cultural Values Marketing Behaviour MKT20020 – Swinburne University.

-socialization- 3/the-symbolic-nature-of-culture-30/sanctions-197-9153/ Business, U. (2011). Marketing failure/japan-culture/a-look-at- gender-expectations-in-japanese-society Kwintessential.co.uk, (2015). Cross Cultural Dining Etiquette | articles | cultural services. Available at: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/cultural- services/articles/cross-cultural-dining-etiquette.htmlhttp://www.kwintessential.co.uk/cultural- services/articles/cross-cultural-dining-etiquette.html Lucas, A. (2014). The Importance of/

Unit One Face to face Study objectives The emphasis throughout is on encouraging you to consider and re-evaluate the social functions of English. In.

prejudiced, inefficient, nasty, unhelpful, rude Business Introduction Have you ever questioned your introduction skills?Have you ever questioned your introduction skills? If not, you should since making a proper introduction is a form of business etiquette and sets the tone for how others /facing down. What do people usually do when meeting? China, Britain Russia, France, Arab Some western countries Japan, Korea Maori in New Zealand shake hands kiss embrace/hug bow touch noses Step B Attention please: the /

Culture PROtocols. CULTURE DRAMA Body Language Gestures Proximity Facial expressions Emotional animation Degree of formality Posture.

exchange ritual CULTURE DRAMA BUSINESS GIFT-GIVING ETIQUETTE ETIQUETTE ISSUES Professional vs. personal gift? Status-appropriate Public or private opening? Open gifts in front of giver? For top eagle only or the company as a community? Invisible gift around others Culture-iconic? Honorary di splay location? Japan’s standard U.S.A. Gifts Etiquette Legal bribery (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) PAC group campaign financing Stadium luxury/

Culture encounters. AMERICA’S GLOBAL IMPACT 1.America’s main impact on the world has been its commercial culture: business, pop culture, entrepreneurial.

Japan (32) 9.Britain (33) 10.Italy ((34) 11.USA (41) 2. Asians feel HOW & WHY you do something is more important than what you do, because the interests of others (the community) come first. Since how you do things affects others around you, behavioral etiquette/quest for security and social justice promotes consensus decision-making among wide networks of cooperating alliances. 5. However, the German workplace is serious business, “low on compassion, high on performance. Error-free, competent performance is/

2-1. 2-2 BADM 633 – Wk 10 International Business Culture.

 Lunches  Tricks of the trade  Global Dress Codes  Keep it simple  Colours  Anticipate weather 2-10 ETIQUETTE  International Styles  US casual can be very confusing o Obama style o Entertainment and sports  France and Italy – style, style, style  India – no leather  Japan – conservative, but high quality (labels)  Cultural Quirks  Where is the number 13 unlucky?  How ‘bout #4?  Family owned businesses (nepotism)  Mumbai vs/

Entertaining Organising a conference. Entertaining is very important in the business world: It makes part of successful deals, of a positive attitude.

in different places: invitations to karaoke evenings in Japan or the yacht on the French Riviera are not to be refused Corporate hospitality in Britain is very expensive for ordinary people (grand prix racing...) but thanks to corporate sponsorship such socialising is possible While entertaining a business partner one must think of the etiquette: The etiquette is a behaviour which is socially acceptable It is/

Business Ethics of Japan Tyler, Tyler. Common Greetings It is very important to keep eye contact no matter what in Japan. When you bow, your showing a.

Business Ethics of Japan Tyler, Tyler Common Greetings It is very important to keep eye contact no matter what in Japan. When you bow, your showing a sign of respect, but don’t forget to keep your head up and keep eye contact. Dress Code Wearing “American” style suits is still uncommon. You dress for the occasion, wearing the normal kimonos. Etiquette/upon, it’s considered against tradition. Etiquettes Continued…. Taking notes during the speech is considered a sign of respect, it shows that your paying /

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are always many differences between cultures, so always research the dining culture habits before conducting business. Vocabulary - Adjectives What kind of food do you like? Make ADJECTIVES: China Japan Thailand India Turkey Italy France Germany Russia Sweden the UK I like Chinese food. I /Word Matching Match these words (1-6) to their meanings (a-f). Use a good dictionary to help you. etiquette a) change something to make it suitable for a new situation innovative b) the way a situation is developing or /

Etiquette for Globetrotters By: Joseph Naldo. On entering a country, Ask what is forbidden; On entering a village, Ask what are the customs; On entering.

is equivalent of giving someone “The Finger” Etiquette When in a foreign country, study the customs and the mannerisms Gestures that are innocent enough in North America have drastically different meanings in other cultures, and vice versa. Example: Japan Complimenting a /they are certain it is of high quality Etiquette in other Countries Hong Kong When doing business in Hong Kong, showing respect is paramount. You must show respect to gain respect. Trustworthiness is a point of pride therefore, it is common/

Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea A member of the United Nations, WTO, OECD and G-20 Major Economies A founding member of APEC and the East Asia Summit.

Seoul has become a major business hub. Although Seoul accounts for only 0.6% of South Korea’s land area, it generates 21% of the country’s GDP The/served first and start eating process –Refuse the first offer of second helpings –Finish everything on the plate Etiquette Body Language –Never touch, pat or backslap a Korean/world. -Though the presence of Facebook, iTunes, Twitter and YouTube, K-pop reached to a previously inaccessible audience via the Internet BoATVXQ (popular in Japan) Girl’s Generation KARA /

Japan. Japan’s Location Japan is made up of over 4000 small islands with four main ones: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu Surrounded by water: The.

is covered in tatami mats. At night time lots sleep on mats called futons. Business people wear suits. Grown ups wear robes made of colored silk! The robes are called kimonos. Today kimonos are only worn on special /, veggies, Tofu and grilled chicken. Food in Japan Japanese Food Tonkotsu Noodle Soup Yakitori Chicken Vegetable Tempura Sashimi Etiquette & Manners Chopsticks Japanese chopstick manners are amongst the most important rules of etiquette in Japan. They are taken quite seriously. For example, its/

PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW Mr. Benjamin A. Cabrido Jr. Professor, USJ-R College of Law.

of Paris of 1892, renouncing war as an instrument of national policy. Concordat – Agreement entered into by the Pope with the heads of foreign states. Exchange of notes (diplomatic notes) – Consisting in the sending and receiving of notes similar to the letters of offer and acceptance in business/ the basis of Philippine law alone, to the exclusion of all other laws, vice versa. However, if the issue of his real nationality is raised in a third state, as for instance Japan, the laws of Japan will be /

Unit 3 Whatever Happened to Manner Exercises  Text Comprehension Text Comprehension  Structural Analysis of the Text Structural Analysis of the Text.

somebody to handle the marketing end of the business. 我们需要有人来负责业务的推广。 接收方有什么问题吗? Examples: 我已经履行了我方的协议条件。 3) I have kept my end of the bargain. 2) Are there /of an individual, social etiquette is an important indication of one’s inner quality. From the perspective of a country or a nation, etiquette is a significant indication of a nation’s social outlook, moral standards, level of civilization, characteristics of culture and qualities of/1. People bow to. When you bow in Japan, you don’t. When you bow in /

Chinese influence on Postclassical Japan Chapter 13 (1 of 3)

were gaining power and Japan was becoming a feudal society as these bushi had manor-like estates that were similar to western Europe Samurai Warrior Code Battles were planned ahead of time, and warriors followed a strict code of honor and etiquette Seppuku = defeated / during daimyo rule, their status improved Women in merchant and artisan families had most freedom (ex: allowed to run businesses and join guilds) Not All Women Treated Well When daimyos replaced bushi, women’s status fell and they lost rights/

A Global Perspective or An International Faux Pas “It could cost you a business deal” HSMAI Austin Colleen A. Rickenbacher 14 September 2012.

involved Woman to man when rank is not a factor Higher to Lesser authority/rank Introductions Use formal titles! Business Card Etiquette Always have them Condition Presentation Emphasis on card Case or portfolio Storing them Translation Not flyers Let’s Go Global/? Quiz 6. Saudi Arabians don’t eat lobsters. True or False? Quiz 7. In Japan, tapping one’s finger repeatedly on the table signifies agreement and support of the speaker. True or False? Quiz 8. Before female executives travel to Brazil, they should/

THE NATURE OF MORALITY.  Is passing a personality or honesty test a justifiable pre-employment condition? How about drug tests?  How should business.

and wrong decisions. http://business.lovetoknow.com BUSINESS ETHICS MORAL STANDARDS  Concern behavior that is of serious consequence to human /of the reasons that support or justify them. MORALITY AND ETIQUETTEEtiquette refers to any special code of behavior or courtesy.  Rules of etiquette are generally non-moral in character. But violations of etiquette can have moral implications.  Scrupulous observance of rules of etiquette/ a morally neutral from of birth control in Japan. HAVING MORAL PRINCIPLES /

Click here to advance to the next slide.. Read to Learn Describe the effect of culture on doing business globally. Describe how corporate cultures differ.

local managers in other countries to help avoid etiquette problems. Graphic Organizer Giving a potential business partner a gift might be seen as a bribe. Giving a potential business partner a gift is seen as customary. In the United StatesIn Japan Corporate Culture A company’s corporate culture can be defined formally through a company code of ethics and the orientation process. corporate culture shared/

Negotiations 1 Definition - The process of communicating back and forth with another person or group with the explicit purpose of making a joint decision.

negotiators 9.Socialization- learn dining etiquette, greeting etiquette, gift giving etiquette 10.Business etiquette- how to greet business partner, how to exchange visiting cards, learn the degree of formality in different countries, addressing /may choose to fulfill private goals Collectivist - Like Japan, negotiators will try & act on behalf of the organization Selection of Negotiators Role of Individual Aspirants MonochronicPolychronic Value of Time Negotiations 9 Cross Cultural Management by Shobhana /

CULTURAL DIMENSIONS. Trompenaars and Hampden-Turners 7 Dimensions of Culture Hofstedes 5 Cultural Dimensions Hall’s 3 Cultural Dimensions.

the moment, but I’m sure we can always squeeze in a discussion of your problem. EXAMPLE OF HIGH VS LOW CONTEXT COLLISION When President George Bush went to Japan with Lee Iacocca and other American business magnates, and directly made explicit and direct demands on Japanese leaders, they violated Japanese etiquette. To the Japanese (who use high context language) it is considered rude and/

Doing Business in Thailand Representatives of CCTC: Charlotte Hawkins, Matthew Hill, Claire Hunter and Liam Hyland.

.org Exports and Imports Exports China 11.92% Japan 9.9% Malaysia 5.06% Hong Kong 5.39% USA 10.93% Information sourced from: www.atlas.media.mit.edu Imports Japan 21.13% Malaysia 6.47% USA 5.26/ context -Competitive -Task-orientated -Verbal communication Information sourced from: Hall and Hall (1990) Business Etiquette & Protocol and Common Business Interactions Liam Hyland Head of Communications First Impressions Rank and Reputation are significant factors Age is recognised as something that should /

Cultural Dimensions. Trompenaars and Hampden-Turners 7 Dimensions of Culture Hofstedes 5 Cultural Dimensions Hall’s 3 Cultural Dimensions.

the moment, but I’m sure we can always squeeze in a discussion of your problem. Example of High vs low context collision When President George Bush went to Japan with Lee Iacocca and other American business magnates, and directly made explicit and direct demands on Japanese leaders, they violated Japanese etiquette. To the Japanese (who use high context language) it is considered rude and/


offer new technologies and management in this sector. 87% of install capacity is owned by the government. India imports about 2 billion dollars worth power equipment annually. The main suppliers are USA, Japan, Germany and UK with US having the largest share/ for women to put out their hand before offering a handshake. English is the common language of business. Basic Etiquette at Meetings Dress: Remember - Be modest! Business wear is conservative for men and women. Men should wear a dark suit and tie. Women/

“Doing Business in Mexico: Business Opportunities and Cultural Challenges ” Michael J. Pisani, Ph.D. Associate Professor of International Business, Central.

3) Mexico (10.7%)Japan (6.7%)China (10.1%)Japan (3.3%) | $1.1 billion 4) Japan (8.8%)UK (4.4%)Japan (8.1%)Germany (3./of long history and traditions, reluctant to settle outside of Mexico Very patriotic, proud of the “American Way of Lilfe” Etiquette“Old World” formality, etiquette considered a measure of breeding and is an expression of/: Intercultural Press, Inc. Hall, Edward T. (1960), “The Silent Language of Overseas Business,” Harvard Business Review, 38(2), 87-96. Harris, Philip R., Robert T. Moran/

Oh! It’s just the flu The clinical impact of influenza in the tropics / subtropics.

1 human case, mild infection H5N1 - South Korea, Japan – death of chickens, no human case 2004 - H5N1 - human cases and death in Vietnam and Thailand. Recent cases of human infection caused by avian influenza viruses Spread from one /of Influenza spread at worksite  Travel to affected areas Infectious Control Measures 1. Respiratory etiquette 2. Handwashing 3. Avoid touching the eyes, nose, mouth 4. Stay home when sick, check w/ health provider when needed 5. Practice other good health habits Business/

Business Etiquette 1.The golden rules of good business manners.

Business Etiquette 1.The golden rules of good business manners Introduction Unwritten code of good business manners: Unwritten code of good business manners: Work effectively and profitably togetherWork effectively and profitably together Establish and sustain succesful long- term relationshipEstablish and sustain succesful long- term relationship Improve (companies’ and individuals’) development and promotion potentialImprove (companies’ and individuals’) development and promotion potential Good business /

International Business Part III BCS-BE-8: The student analyzes how international business impacts business.

hire local ______ in other countries to help avoid etiquette problems. Graphic Organizer Giving a potential business partner a gift might be seen as a ______. Giving a potential business partner a gift is seen as _________. In the United StatesIn Japan Corporate Culture A company’s corporate culture can be _____formally through a company _____ of ethics and the orientation process. corporate culture shared/

Objective 5.01 – Understand appropriate business etiquette “Your manners are always under examination, and by committees little suspected, awarding or.

least think of it.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson  Etiquette: The set of rules and practices that are established for ______________ in a ___________ _________or in professional life  Business Etiquette __________________ __________________/United States Gifts = ____________ Women Business Attire – Skirts are _________________  India Dinner – do ________ thank host Customary to have ________ before a business meeting  Japan Gifts = Sign of _____________ Women Business Attire – Skirts are __________________; pants/

Business Culture in Japan By Julie Berghman. Map of Japan

Business Culture in Japan By Julie Berghman Map of Japan http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/Japan/Map Japan’s landscape Japanese temples Bowing http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/indepth/exotic/lifestyle/bow.html Shaking hands http://blogs.reuters.com/world-wrap/2009/11/16/obama-bowing-to-convention/ Meishi: exchanging business/wikihow.com/Blow-Your-Nose-in-Japan Eating with chopsticks http://justhungry.com/your-guide-better-chopstick-etiquette-mostly-japanese Omiyage: gifts http://khoaanh.net/index/

Unit 7 Body Language I. Teaching contents: Body language: ownership gestures II. Teaching objectives By the end of this lesson, students should be able.

of thanks to the chairman customarily. 她照例向主席致感谢词。 11. etiquette: n. formal rules of correct and polite behavior in society or among members of a profession diplomatic (international) etiquette a breach of medical etiquette 违反医学界的职业道德 In golf it is against the etiquette of the game to talk. 在高尔夫球赛中,讲话只违反常规的。 customary etiquette/to refuse your invitation because of a prior engagement. 我因有约在先,所以只好谢绝你的邀请。 priority n. 优先权 ; 优先的事物 ; 居要位 Japan ’ s priority in the field of microelectronics 日本在微电子学领域中的领先地位 29. go /

Gift giving in Japan: Origins Origins in offerings made to deities (kami) Arises out of traditional feelings of giri and on. All gifts must therefore be.

giving Taraimawashi: the “gift room” Gift giving in Japan: etiquette Gifts are always wrapped (even if the gift is laundry soap). /of the Tokugawa era Sometimes competitive Gift giving in Japan: the dark side The thin line between gratitude and bribery Gifts to teachers The “Recruit scandal” Dinner Entertainment restaurant vs ryōtei 料亭 (ryootei) Formal business entertainment is usually done at ryōtei But, restaurants and bars (including izakaya) are popular sites for less formal gatherings Basic etiquette/

Chapter Four Global Market Research 4-1. Environmental Dimensions for Research Political RiskForms and levels of risk Physical Climate, topography, space,

, domestic and import competition Chapter Terms and Essay Terms Delphi method, leading markets, political risk, regression forecasts, country identification Essay Describe the process of country market selection, explaining the four stages of the screening process and the types of data relevant to each. Business Etiquette in Japan Video How has the history of Japan shaped its high value on order and proper behavior? How are the core values/

1 General Education Office BUSINESS ENGLISH LA.231/LA.331/LA.3501 Unit 1: Introductions.

on your trip, so you avoid losing the business from poor etiquette. 6 Cultural Etiquette Handshakes There are many rules for shaking hands, but only a few that are important in business dealings. While handshakes used to be considered something/ Greece British American Where are you from? A) Complete the chart of countries and nationalities. CountryNationality -an Brazil Brazilian Germany German Italy Russian -ese Japan Chinese -i Kuwait Omani CountryNationality -ish Poland Spanish Sweden Turkish Others /

Chapter 16: Culture and Diversity in Business Unit 5: Human Resources.

-Mandatory use of English in meetings -3,000 French workers quit Doing Business Abroad Think about marketing goods in other countries. What are some obstacles you might face? Business Etiquette Business etiquette: conduct that is considered socially acceptable in business; differs from country to country Example: In the USA receiving a gift from a potential business partner could be seen as a bribe. But in Japan it is customary/

Fundamentals of Sport Marketing Auxiliary Materials.

Japan and Asia With the endless debate over Japan’s high tariffs, complex system of distribution and sales, and governmental reluctance to encourage foreign business activity, sport marketers have not generally been successful. With the endless debate over Japan’s high tariffs, complex system of/ Business etiquette Business etiquette Specifics of International Sport Marketing The expansion of professional and amateur sports internationally has been well recognized in the sport- marketing arena. One of /

Welcome to Japan A short introduction before doing business.

doing business The country… Geography 4 larger islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku en Kyushu – 378 000 km² Some smaller islands too On Hokkaido (North) you find the native Japanese (Ainu) Most of the population lives on 11% of the surface. The rest: snowy mountains (incl. Mt Fuji), slopes, lakes, forest and plains Main cities TokioCapital. In fact a precinct. +/- 35 million people Yokohama2nd city of Japan/

1 Nonverbal Nonverbal. UNIT 2 NON-VERBAL AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION 2.1 Importance of non-verbal communication 2.2 Personal appearance 2.3 Facial.

employee Conducting yourself and business in an ethical manner Assuming responsibility Valuing diversity Manners and etiquette Making introductions and appropriate greetings Being able to initiate and maintain conversations Respecting and valuing the differences of others Knowing appropriate dining/said can carry more meaning than what is said Focuses on group development Japan and Saudi Arabia are examples Low-context culture Most of the information is contained explicitly in words What is said is more /

To be your best…. Think of situations that have been uncomfortable for you or for others  Was it awkward?  Was it stressful?  Were expectations unclear?

are willing to accept and still be able to maintain your integrity. On etiquette, of course… Tell him or her where to sit Offer him or her your/ Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgree Strongly Agree 01234 6. It is important for me to keep busy Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgree Strongly Agree 01234 7. I hardly ever expect things to go /Japan Brazil Russia All of them It is the best known gesture in America. In France it means zero, worthless. In Japan it means money, and in the other three it is a signal of/

1 Effective Japanese Business Practice Patricia Gercik Israel Business Conference December 12, 2010.

1 Effective Japanese Business Practice Patricia Gercik Israel Business Conference December 12, 2010 2 The Islands of Japan Dominant Culture Japanese notion of the company as family Japanese notion of Bushido as value Japanese notion of inside/outside 3 Inside-Outside Tatmae/Honne Hierarchy Family + Business Obligation Empathy Nationalism/Shinto Face Japan– Core Values 4 Vertical Structure 5 6 Japanese History Domination of Clans 7 1467-1568 Sengoku 1568-1601 Momoyama/

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