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PowerPoint by: Ray A. DeCormier, Ph.D. Central Ct. State U. Chapter 15: Marketing Performance Measurement.

Customer ExperienceLeverage Customer ServiceRationalize Operations Mass Customization Relationship Marketing Personalized, Proactive Service First Time Right Migrate to Appropriate Channels Streamline Processes, Business, and Brands InnovationCustomer ManagementOperational Excellence Customer Perspective Create Distinctive Customer Value by Enhancing the Customer Relationship From Commodity to Solution Trusted Partner Personalized Customer Service Seamless Access ImageRelationshipServiceFunctionality/

PERSPECTIVE management consulting (PMC) PERSPECTIVE IT GTM Overview of our Go To Market Services for Technology Companies ©

; this is based on mutual intellectual exchange and not on any vendor-client relationship What is our Value Proposition? Cross Industry Client Experience PERSPECTIVE management consulting PERSPECTIVE Solutions for the Chief Marketing Officer Powering Your Brand for the Web 3.0 Age  History: By today, if you are not on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), then you are facing history! That’s it/


, iPhone, Blackberry, Android & more We offer white-label sports solutions that are customized to enhance your marketing and branding efforts We work with clients like you to achieve your marketing and branding goals and to gain fast ROI CountriesClients & Partners U.K Australia/ ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS THROUGH SPORTS Call us now and let us show you how our sports solutions can achieve your marketing and business goals Fantasy4All is a brand by Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd., a MSC status company Tel: +603 9222 4989 Fax:/

Tom Peters’ Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age RBC Capital Markets/09May2005.

Experiences Solutions Services Goods Raw Materials Six Market Profiles 1. Adventures for Sale 2. The Market for Togetherness, Friendship and Love 3. The Market for Care 4. The Who-Am-I Market 5. The Market for Peace of Mind 6. The Market for / Kevin Roberts, Lovemarks *Mystery *Magic *Sensuality *Enchantment *Intimacy *Exploration Source: Kevin Roberts (e.g. Apple/iMac/ “Yum.”) Top 10 “Tattoo Brands”* Harley.… 18.9% Disney.... 14.8 Coke …. 7.7 Google.... 6.6 Pepsi.... 6.1 Rolex …. 5.6 Nike …. 4.6 /

September 2016 Please contact your Shopper Marketing Manager for questions.

Marketing is the Connective Tissue that Enables the Strategic Alignment between Brand and Customer BRAND Marketing Sales Category Customer Sigrid Garavito SMM & INtegrated Team SHOPPER MARKETING INSIGHTS Best-in-Class Shopper Marketing Principles 8 Insight-Based Brand Equity Building Innovative & Integrated Activation Customer & Brand/discuss opportunity with VP o SMM will provide written final feedback with detailed aligned solution (if necessary) Only after SM written approval has been provided, can sales /

Success stories. Campaign objective Broadcaster BSkyB was looking to publicise the launch of its brand new Sky Sports F1™ channel, dedicated to airing.

to convert to sales in a short timeframe.” Belinda Worrell, Senior Marketing Manager, British Sky Broadcasting Campaign objective Independent foster care agency was using intelligent doordrop for the first time to raise awareness of its brand and the need for more foster carers, especially those that could look after siblings. Fostering Solutions raises web traffic by 250% thanks to Classic doordrop Client:The/

NYC SBS Mentorship Program Marketing Your Company For Business Growth Presented by Lisa Skriloff, President Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. Multicultural.com.

and infusing cultural insights for total market solutions” in today’s new pluricultural demographic context. As a visionary partner to American corporations, she has achieved a transformational career on an unprecedented scale in successful cross-cultural brand- building through advertising and marketing communications proven to engage new, untapped markets and move new consumers to embrace Fortune 500 brands. She has pioneered brands in the U.S. Hispanic/

Module 5 : Healthy Food - Marketing for Impact. Overview This module examines how your marketing can win more market share based on a marketing message.

is a huge opportunity for innovative healthy food marketing using valuable content to build your brand and your customer base. Who are you educating? Ideal customers? Potential target markets and market segments? Centres of Influence, e.g food media, food bloggers If using email marketing, how good is your database ? More later Who are you educating? Your Solutions (products and services)? Your Knowledge? Your Insights into/

Social customer service solution helps T-Mobile Austria improve online customer engagement © Analysys Mason Limited 2016 CASE STUDY analysysmason.com SOCIAL.

and inform customers Automate workload distribution process Report on team performance Following its review of the available social media solutions in the market, including multiple pilots, the CSP selected Brand Embassy’s solution for its simplicity, usability and feature set, including automation and machine learning capabilities. Solution approach Source: Analysys Mason Customer engagement Industry monitoring Publish information Internal reporting Workload automation T-Mobile Austria objectives/

Eyeblaster Advertising Campaign Manager. Eyeblaster Overview Global Leader in Digital Marketing Solutions  Eyeblaster is a global provider of digital.

expert in providing tech-enabled services to a non- technical industry  Reaching 150 employees worldwide – 50 dedicated to product research and development  Leading in international markets – 16 offices in 13 countries Eyeblaster Overview Global Leader in Digital Marketing Solutions  A pioneer in proving the branding value of online advertising  Platform serves billions of ad impressions per month  More than 20,000 campaigns for premium/

1 2010. Market Probe. All Rights Reserved. Customer Advocacy: The Next Generation of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Research Programs.

program with business outcomes  Senior staff on projects  Client partnership ANALYTIC SOLUTIONS  Proprietary solutions  Simulators, What-if Analysis  Focus on action planning TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS  E-Suite of reports  Software applications  Report Automation DEMANDS OF CLIENT ENGAGEMENT Market Probe’s Key Differentiators 47 Market Probe’s SHARE + Program 48 Branded customer feedback system Designed by Market Probe Based on our new Advocacy Framework Because we keep the focus/

Session Overview In today’s competitive environment, Brand Ambassadors have become critical to building premium beverage brands for both large and.

the seasonal sailing community with little development beyond this base. The Challenge: Strengthen consumer and trade endorsement in base markets while expanding reach to new accounts and markets. The Solution: Developed a permanent team of 5 dedicated Mount Gay Ambassadors to drive year-round brand building: 10,000+ account calls per year 600+ new distribution placements per year 1,000+ drink menu features per/

This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s).

Water Rocks Stations coordinated Spring Water Rocks sampling and misting station tent events at concerts and beaches in their markets. Street teams and personalities gave away branded t-shirts, sunglass holders, and branded water bottle holders with lanyards. Radio Works for Water Solution: Spring Water Rocks On-air promotional announcements alerted listeners where the Misting Stations were located each day. Listeners could log on/

1 The solution for Marketing safe brand designing & flexible marketing.

1 The solution for Marketing safe brand designing & flexible marketing 2 MarketingOne Why MarketingOne? Challenge to save images and marketing expressions centrally Challenge to structure means and tools for optimal on brand communication Challenge to reduce printing costs while producing printings within guidelines and for branches using a variety of suppliers Challenge to provide professional support for your local branches, dealers, establishments /

Product Labeling … a Tool for Managing Supply Chain Visibility Paul Chamandy Prepared For: AAFA Knock It Off! Brands & the Counterfeiting Quandary November.

can be a determining factor Over-Production by a Vendor Validating Authenticity of the Product Authentic Gray Market Counterfeit ? ? Copy of Design & Packaging Information and Brand Management Division Brand Protection Solutions dont have to be expensive or disruptive to the business process. Avery Dennison typically collaborates with the brand to develop a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting program. We are constantly evaluating new security technologies to deliver/

Introduction to Services Marketing

differentiation and competitive advantage. It is: a core part of the product the service firm the brand Frontline also drives customer loyalty, with employees playing key role in anticipating customer needs, customizing service /Functional Imperatives (recap from Chapter 1) Customers Marketing Imperative Human Resources Operations Defining Three Functional Imperatives Marketing Imperative Target “right” customers and build relationships Offer solutions that meet their needs Define quality package with /

Travel & Tourism Industry Business Drivers. Travel & Tourism Industry Optimise Capacity Utilisation Reduce Costs Key Business Drivers Grow Market Share.

Tourism Bodies Interactive TV Internet Travel Grow Market Share Map Telco Capabilities Leverage Brand Smartcards Pre-Paid Cards WAP Wholesaler/Reseller PackagingBill Pay Colocation Private Network Service Bundling Call Centre Managed Services Packaging Grow Market Share Map Telco Capabilities Alliances Smartcards Global POPs Web Hosting Scalable Infrastructure IP VPNs Packaged Solutions Call Centre ISP Services Data Storage Grow Market Share Map Telco Capabilities Distribution Channels/

Judiciously Offered Retail research, Solutions & Services.

” PROCESS FLOW FROM BUSINESS ‘IDEA’ TO ‘RESULT’ Market Research Services Advisory Services Allied Services Retail Business solutions We are available at all stages from Ideation to Results/Marketing Brand promotion & PR Players need to build brands and industry networking through good PR and we have relevant connects to provide the same. We are associated with media houses, PR agencies and brand marketers who can help you achieve your business promotion goals Digital Marketing The digital marketing/

Philips: Organizing Around Customer and Market Transforming an Hi-tech company into a Health and Wellbeing organization Philips - GSSI June 2011.

over EUR 25.4 billion in 2010 (USD 33.8 billion) 33% of sales generated in emerging markets Globally recognized brand (world top 50) Our brand value doubled to $8.7bln since 2004 119,000 employees Sales and service outlets in over 100 countries/ face (see previous slide) have enormous implications. While efforts are being made, they have mainly been isolated and insular “solutions” that have failed to acknowledge the enormity and nature of the challenge. Under the theme Livable Cities, parties are beginning /

1 Leading Latino Transmedia Marketing Solutions Provider in the US March 2013.

carriers Mobile and online directories COVERAGE National Regional DMA Market Hyper-local Radio Branded Customized Splash pages Brand Activation Pages 300k EVC Platinum Subscribers 15M EVC Extended Segmented Email Audience 6M EVC Extended Segmented SMS Audience 63 accounts 58,000 followers Platinum Social Media Vertical Content Sites 18 Our Premium Content Leading Latino Transmedia Marketing Solutions Provider in the US Top US Latino Partner TV/

11 OBFUTURE Group 20141007 OBFUTURE International Group (B2N platform) Total China Import Solution.

1,300,000,000 population & 10 trillion USD import amount, Not just buy your products, but your brand’ history / story / brand image Most Chinese consumers will: Brand image is important? B2B 10 Brand Image solution (B2B) – Online Brand Pages B2B Your official brand’s page for China market (in Chinese) Display : 1) Basic information 2) Selling points 3) Story and history 4) How to tell fake copy 5/

Company Presentation We Are AVA AVA Solutions AVA Method AVA Approach Who Work With Us Content s.

with the results we can present. We Are AVA AVA Solutions Marketing Consultancy AVA Marketing Solutions binds together a comprehensive range of complete marketing services, both traditional and online. These services include strategic marketing consultancy, outsourced marketing provision, brand positioning and development, project and campaign management; marketing communications output and digital services such as website reviews, e-marketing and e-commerce, social media incorporation and search engine/

Success stories. Campaign objective Broadcaster BSkyB was looking to publicise the launch of its brand new Sky Sports F1™ channel, dedicated to airing.

to convert to sales in a short timeframe.” Belinda Worrell, Senior Marketing Manager, British Sky Broadcasting Campaign objective Independent foster care agency was using intelligent doordrop for the first time to raise awareness of its brand and the need for more foster carers, especially those that could look after siblings. Fostering Solutions raises web traffic by 250% thanks to Classic doordrop Client:The/

Agenda Background & methodology Sponsorship details Impact on key brand metrics Shifts in brand positioning & perceptions Insights from the behavioural.

% Offer good value for money +40% British Gas Q: To what extent do you feel the following statements describe each company? A: British Gas, Positively Source: comScore Marketing Solutions Exposure to the sponsorship increased agreement with brand statements Used by professionals +31% Its affordable +29% Its stylish +54% Has a wide range of products +29% Is salon quality +42% Is innovative +64% Is/

FreeNest Brand Basic Material for testing course.

be followed in all FreeNest’s print and electronic communications, marketing and informing. Documentation defines logo guidelines, typography and the use of colors. Test Automation We take branding seriously, The FreeNest Brand is our pride and joy. It is the message we / Plan In Testlink Project Team Work 8 Usablility testing: Read a selected Usability Report Analyze current state of solution Write report about changes what you can find according report Team Work 9 Create performance tester image and plan/

Chapter 1 Marketing in the Twenty-first Century Marketing Management

markets Government markets Manufacturer Resources Resource markets Money Taxes Taxes, goods Services, money Government markets Services Manufacturer markets Consumer markets Intermediary Goods, services Money The Four Ps The Four Cs Marketing Mix Product Place Promotion Price Conven- ience Customer Solution/Sales Promotion? Growing retailer power Declining brand loyalty Increased promotional sensitivity Brand proliferation Fragmentation of consumer market Short-term focus Increased managerial accountability /

Assetlink ConfidentialMarketing Operations Management – The Science of Marketing Marketing Operations Management The Science of Marketing.

cares: Everyone! (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, VP of Sales, VP of Customer Support, …) Solutions: MRM + Marketing Functions-specific Solutions + Brand Mgmt + Marketing Analytics + Integration with ERP, CRM & SCM Marketing Operations Management – The Science of Marketing Assetlink Confidential 5 Opportunity for Improvements Faster Time to Market Approvals cycle reduced from 14 weeks to 2 weeks -Bristol-Myers Squibb Reduction of Packaging Process cycle time From 16 weeks to/

Getting to “Yes” Building a Successful “Brand” to help pass a millage… Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative.

Logistical support for supplies of potassium iodate Assistance in packaging with “Hand and Pot” logo and brand name Training in marketing 21 Iodized Salt-Pakistan  Objectives: –Consumer Demand creation for iodized salt “Hand and Pot/strategy? Advertising  Attention  Interest  Decision  Action  Reinforcement AIDA + R AIDA  Attention-get patron’s attention with information, solutions, products or services,  Interest-build interest with a link to their needs  Decision-suggest the “how-to” of a search,/

Assetlink Background Mission: Enable Global 2000 companies to

Asset Management (DAM) + Workflow Management + Procurement How EFFECTIVE is my marketing? Who cares: VP of Marketing / Chief Marketing Officer Solutions: Strategy + Planning + Budget Mgmt + Procurement + Workflow + DAM What is the BUSINESS IMPACT of marketing? Who cares: Everyone! (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, VP of Sales, VP of Customer Support, …) Solutions: MRM + Marketing Functions-specific Solutions + Brand Mgmt + Marketing Analytics + Integration with ERP, CRM & SCM Opportunity for Improvements Faster/


CONTENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING USER EXPERIENCE WEB DEVELOPMENT ANALYTICS AND INSIGHT Analysis and insight for truly informed marketing strategy INSIGHT & ANALYTICS A true understanding of online behaviour defines our strategies 1 Technology and /sale RETAIL/FASHION : LIPSY BRIEF / Higher online revenues / More targeted traffic / Increase online brand awareness as major online fashion player SOLUTION / Social media research and linguistic profiling tools / Full site optimisation tailored to consumer language //

Moscow - December 20041 How market-driven management generates shareholder value ? Professor J.J. Lambin.

- December 200454 TRUST The willingness of the customer to rely on the ability of the brand to perform its stated function. AFFECT A brand’s potential to elicit a positive emotional response as a result of its use. TRUST AND/-oriented in not enough. 2. Customers are looking for the total solution of their problems and the firm should target the customer mental reference market. 3. Referring to customer mental virtual markets offer to the firm attractive growth opportunities. 4. Customer value generates /

Marketing Yourself: Analyzing the Marketing Interview Marketing Yourself: Analyzing the Marketing Interview.

no direct authority? Give an example of an innovative solution to a business problem. Pretend today is your first day at work as a brand manager for Brand X. What are the ten most important questions you would ask. Give me a 30-second commercial about yourself. What are the attributes of a successful marketing campaign? Give me a specific example of a time/

Dell Precision T1600 Sales Training

end branded or whitebox desktop. I need more computational performance than the average user.” Solution: The T1600 provides the right performance at an affordable price from a company who is a leader in the workstation market /workstation provider T1600: Best value entry level workstation in the 2D and entry 3D markets Grow market – capture non-workstation branded market customers using workstation class applications Anticipated Workstation Product Mix Confidential Key Messages Confidential Product Value/

C A M B R I D G E M A R K E T I N G C O L L E G ES © CMC 2005 Signifo Expenses Strategic Marketing in Practice Case Study December 2005.

institutes PROCUREMENT - Combined buying power INBOUND LOGISTICS Intranet JIT for suppliers OPERATIONS JIT Efficient production (closely monitored) OUTBOUND LOGISTICS E- Order handling JIT MARKETING AND SALES Customer/ segment research Investment in Branding Relationship marketing, Key Account managment SERVICE Total systems solution Consultancy services Maintenance Outsourcing, MARGIN SUPPORT ACTIVITIES PRIMARY FUN CTIONS C A M B R I D G E M A R K/

Tom Peters’ Manifestos2002 The Solutions Imperative: From “Customer Satisfaction” to “Customer Success” Version 03.01.2002.

All dogs must learn … lotsa … new tricks. (Bad news: Everybody’s after the same space. Mr. Darwin is on the prowl!) Diversity Marketing … Communities of Interest … Bank of America relationship … specialized acquisitions … Farmers Agency Dashboard … HelpPoint … licensed financial planners … etc. … etc./. PERIOD. 15. We all invest in “wiring” the customer organization. 16. WE ALL “LIVE THE BRAND.” (Brand = Solutions. That MAKE MONEY FOR OUR CUSTOMER- PARTNER.) 17. We use the word “PARTNER” until we all want/

Our Enterprise Companies

help companies to understand their customers And to maintain and grow their customer demographics The Marketing Solution Investment The Marketing Solution Additionally, American Sports Marketing will acquire, train and manage the national sales force for Resort Clubs International, Inc./ASM partner or client. ASM looks forward to consulting with clients on projects that include marketing, sales presentations, brand awareness, and business development. ASM can adapt its sales and support network to its /

Survey of Advertisers and Agencies Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) February, 2009 Complete Results for SEMPO Members The State.

years’ surveys, advertisers report their primary objectives for SEM spending are direct sales (61 percent) and increased brand awareness (63 percent). More than half (56 percent) reported wanting to generate leads that they will / Targeting for Search Retargeting "Are you using behavioral targeting solutions for search retargeting? [Multiple Responses Allowed] ADVERTISERS > TARGETING Advertisers n=229 Source: Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization survey of SEM agencies and advertisers, Nov 08/

Consumer Buying Behavior

on existing relationship First time prospects, novices, sophisticates Segment based on purchasing criteria – price oriented customers, solution oriented customers strategic value customers (enterprise selling or partners) Super Segments A set of segments sharing some exploitable/; Journal of marketing research published by the AMA) Competitive Market Structuring Market Structure of Soft drinks Caffeine Non-cola Caffeine-Free Cola Regular Regular Diet Diet C CF C CF C CF C CF BRANDS Market Structure of Soft/

Kraft Foods at Walmart Partnering with Walmart to Build Kraft Brands March, 2009.

, address the retailer’s key initiatives, and deliver on the retailer’s marketing priorities. 3. Retailer differentiation and added value Retailer-specific solutions strengthen shopper loyalty by creating value for the retailer and shoppers. Manufacturers can/ area for shoppers to find simple, easy, affordable, and delicious mealtime ideas using their favorite Kraft brands Mealtime ideas aligned with consumer needs across breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking occasions Merchandising layout provided clarity/

© 2009 IBM Corporation Tressa Wilson Global Marketing, Channel Enablement Business Partner Presentation Cross Brand Selling Advisor Overview & Attach Advisor.

providing through relevant discussions with clients. – IBM Software Advisor - an all-in-one resource for sales, marketing, training, business value and return on investment information on all the IBM software brands. – Express Advantage Advisor - a customer facing tool that offers a broad range of solutions for mid-market customers based on industry, infrastructure or purely product navigational paths. – IBM Services Advisor - a powerful tool/

Your ONE SOURCE for Promotional Products, Printing, Document and eCommerce Solutions.

Services Warehousing & Fulfillment Forms & Labels Introducing Your Company Awards and Recognition eCommerce Solutions Video Websites Marketing Programs Finding Opportunity How Proforma can be the ONE SOURCE to help you: Reduce costs Streamline processes Increase efficiencies Manage your brand See how others began with us The Solution How Proforma Can Help Promotional Products BRAND STRENGTH? IT PAYS TO BID ON PROFORMA. CHALLENGE: PayPal®, a subsidiary of/

SAP Crystal Solutions 2011 Launch Campaign Overview for Partners SAP Global DRC Marketing July 2011.

o-use and consume Offers flexible, open licensing and deployment options Grows as your BI needs grow SAP Crystal solutions Brand Open Empowering Approachable Positive “Can do” Friendly, fun and inspiring Campaign Flow & Communication Assets ©2011 SAP/ BI is a key message and differentiator for SAP Crystal solutions 2011. ©2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.13 Go-To-Market Supporting Resources Solution Configurator - Overview The Solution Configurator, available on the Crystal Reseller Information Center, is an/

The Trusted Source for Security Identity Solutions © HID Global Corporation/ASSA ABLOY AB. All rights reserved. An ASSA ABLOY Group brand The Trusted Source.

& Industrial Ranges: - HID has good market share - Steady growth, very project driven, solution sales - Drivers: diff. products, integrated products, card security & durabilty, Professional Services capability An ASSA ABLOY Group brand 0/45/86 248/152/29 0/As a trusted industry leader, our global customer base includes businesses and organizations in virtually all market sectors.  Broadest solutions portfolio delivered via trusted HID partners enables customers to make the best product selections for their /

Providing Artwork at an Episodic Level Shared XDAM Solution or ExtraNet Feed Solution Proof of Concept.

) Lacks Automatic Notification System when Assets Move Folders or Sent to Feeds Cons Systems Legend Photography Marketing Brand Extranet NBCU DD Episodic d XDAM Seasonal Episodic Brand XDAM Marketing Episodic Seasonal Photography Shared XDAM Solution ExtraNet Feed Solutions System Adjustments 1.Marketing workflow moved to XDAM 1.Photo & Marketing same system 2.Brands Approving in XDAM 2.Necessary Builds 1.Digital Distribution front end (Which might be the Extranet/

Branding Past – Present – Future. What is “Brand”? Automobile? Electronics? Nowadays, Innovation Capability Creates Brand.

IN KANPUR? GET YOUR POSITIONING RIGHT “Ghari is everybody’s brand. It is the best solution available in the market and gives you value for your money.” - MURLIDHAR GYANCHANDANI, CREATOR OF GHARI DETERGENTS EVERYBODY’S BRAND. The detergent market has three well-defined segments: Premium which is about 15 per cent of the market and includes brands like Hindustan Unilever’s Surf and Procter & Gamble’s Ariel/


– is there privity of contract which contributors do other contributors depend upon for the delivery of goods/services into the payment solution without any commercial or contractual obligations between them Real Danger of technology, process, brand alliance and trade-mark flooding and confusion as the market becomes overcrowded with a proliferation of vastly different payment methods – at one point, many predict the payment/

Www.wisitech.com 1Digital Media Solutions. Make the internet & mobile work for your business Identify the crucial missing link(s) Capitalize on the booming.

of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN & others maximizing your return on investment  Assess your web/ marketing content for customer appeal, branding and positioning, structure and flow and keyword richness Digital Media Solutions24 Digital Media Solutions25 Web Design, Development and Marketing Solutions We design and develop web solutions. We visualize, we write, we create. We build and enhance online business. We promote, we position, we/

© 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Cisco ConfidentialPresentation_ID 1 Strategic Marketing at Cisco Dean Eyers Senior Director - Strategic.

Vision/ Strategy Smart Selling (Sales) Market Mix Optimization Product Positioning (CDO 4Ps) Brand Analysis Shape and Support Cisco Overall Shape and Support Cisco Marketing © 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Cisco ConfidentialPresentation_ID 13 Strategic Marketing Capabilities CapabilitiesCoverage Enterprise Commercial Service Provider Consumer Solution/ Technology Global Market View (GMV) Secondary Research Competitive Intelligence Market Analysis Custom Research Customer Intelligence Database/

Branding. Product & Brand Management By Srikanth venkataswamy Branding: Definitions What is Branding ? The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol.

consumer’s minds (i.e., does your brand offer the cheap solution, the good value for the money solution, the high-end, high-price tag solution, etc.?). Product & Brand Management By Srikanth venkataswamy 5 Factors of Brand Positioning Take some time to create a thorough picture of the current market and how your brand fits in that market to determine your brand’s current position. If that’s not the/


type of product or solution. Establish the brand in the mind of the consumer through associations to certain properties. Assure brand identification and brand meaning are accurate. HUMAN RECEIVER FOCUS Consumer-based approach – –The brand is a consumer mental construct – –The consumer is the owner of the brandMarketer can program the consumer through brand messages CUSTOMER-BASED BRAND EQUITY PYRAMID RESONANCE SALIENCE Projecting the brand JUDGMENTS FEELINGS PERFORMANCE IMAGERY/

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