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Recovery Boiler Modeling

is too severe for measurement The model provides comprehensive information throughout the entire boiler at relatively low cost Can evaluate “what if” scenarios to improve operation/design Supplements steam chief and operator knowledge of recovery boiler operations Assists mill managers in making informed decisions regarding boiler refits/replacements Details of the Recovery Boiler Model Advanced and verified solution algorithm Black liquor combustion model Drying Pyrolysis CO, CO2, CH4/

Introductions My name is Randall Austin

b. Water temperature of 210° F; and c. Nominal water containing capacity of 120 gallons. What requires an Operating Certificate? All Boilers. Water Heaters, when it exceeds the following; (a) Heat input of two hundred thousand British thermal units per hour/your insurance inspector. Notify ADOA, Risk Management. Application for certificate inspection. Are there fines or penalties for not reporting? No, we are interested in safety, better late than never. What if my boiler, water heater or direct fired steam/

Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials Definition: How it Relates to Boiler MACT and CISWI Rules Biloxi, MS ♦ September 13, 2012 Melissa Hillman Justin Fickas.

must be stored and used within “reasonable time frames” NHSM must be managed in a manner that prevents releases to the environment Example: A facility combusts wood scraps in a boiler. Prior to combustion, the wood scraps are co-mingled with the / One of criteria involves “processing” to make a non-waste fuel or ingredient What is Processing? The following operations qualify as processing: Remove or destroy contaminants Improve the fuel characteristics of the material Chemically improve the as-fired /

Miura North America Inc. South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) 1. Jurisdiction (Counties governed by SCAQMD) 2. Rules and regulations for.

any adjustments to the oxygen sensor set points, then the unit may be checked quarterly or every 2000 unit operating hours whichever occurs later. Until there is an emission check indicating noncompliance, which will revert the testing to the/Rick Alcantara Yesenia Davila SoCal Sales Rep Sales Administrator Mario Medina Sales Manager-Western Region & Mexico Anthony Yonemoto Maintenance Area Manager Call us today regarding our Low Nox boiler models and for source testing services. We are happy to answer any/

Advanced Boiler Control for Biomass and Chemical Recovery Boilers

Fuel Ratios, and Air Distribution. Multi-fuel Combustion Rate Model. Boiler Master with Load Allocation and Comprehensive Constraint Control. Burner Management and Optimization. Chemical Recovery Boiler Throughput, Consumed Air, and Air Distribution Optimization. Active Control of/Fuel Valve Advanced Boiler Control CIMExcel Software Inc. Slide 4 4 Combustion Rate Model – Biomass Boiler CRM calculates the combustion rate of the variable quality biomass fuel during steady and unsteady boiler operation. CRM can/

VF™ Series Boiler.

’ x 6’ Advanced EMC-5000 Modulating Control Helps you control every boiler function: Prevents energy-stealing short cycling Starting the blower Igniting and modulation of the main burner Controlling boiler temperature Boiler pump operation Advanced EMC-5000 Modulating Control Comprehensive LED displays temperature and current boiler status in easy-to-read text Precise temperature management of ±1ºF Self-diagnostics eliminate guesswork, pinpoint problems for troubleshooting/

2001 TAPPI PCE&I / ISA PUPID Joint ConferenceMarch 27, 2001Page 1 Automated Recovery Boiler Sootblowing Control System Barbara G. Haley; B.A., Accounting;

Spikes  Plant Equipment Life Was Extended and the Plant Now Avoids Forced Outages Due to Soot Accumulation MORE CONCLUSIONS  The Operators Can Use the Additional Real-time Process Data and Alarm Management Display to Schedule Sootblowing Sequences and Optimally Operate the Recovery Boiler Automated Recovery Boiler Sootblowing Control System 2001 TAPPI PCE&I / ISA PUPID Joint ConferenceMarch 27, 2001Page 22  Implement Smart Sootblowing By Implementing/

TNA and Technology Action Plan Climate Change Technology Needs Assessments for Thailand: Technology for Energy Management Science and Technology Research.

, biomass, biogas, MSW, biofuels) Energy demand forecast Electricity consumption (motors and drives, air compressor, air conditioning, etc.) Fuel consumption (transport) Thermal energy consumption (boiler, burner) Energy management system (control system) Energy (power) transmission Energy distribution Petroleum/gas transport Operation & Maintenance Power Oil refinery GSP Grid Tube Transport Final Energy Consumption Industry Res Commercial Transport Others CCS 1.Smart grid 2.Waste-to-power/

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Heat and electricity can be produced by burning grains, crop residues or dedicated energy crops in burners or boilers. Pelletized Biomass: Switchgrass and other high-growth crops can be harvested and pelletized for ease of transportation, storage/ term "biodrying" was coined by Jewell et al. (1984) whilst reporting on the operational parameters relevant for drying dairy manure. IN MSW management, the term "biodrying" denotes: the bioconversion reactor within which waste is processed; the physiobiochemical/

Blue Skies Delaware; Clean Air for Life Small Boiler Permits State of Delaware DNREC - Air Quality Management William K. Harris.

to conduct a close analysis of fuel consumption and hours of operation Blue Skies Delaware; Clean Air for Life Minor New Source Review Example: Natural Gas Boiler, running at full capacity 24 hours per day:  Uncontrolled /Boiler Permit Fees Application: $165 per boiler up to 100 MMBtu/hr Advertising: $165 Annual: $75 per boiler Blue Skies Delaware; Clean Air for Life If you think you may require a permit… Bill Harris Phone: 302-323-4542 bill.harris@state.de.us Please, contact DNREC - Air Quality Management/

Gas Turbines Based CHP Clean, Green & Sustainable Géraldine Roy - Proposals Manager – FEED Richard Williamson – Framework Support Manager Derek Fothergill.

payback periods. Matching the combination of units to optimise efficiency and financial return. Ducted hot air for adjacent buildings. Management of heat use from coolers and condensers will push efficiency up. Power utilised locally and exported. Large reduction in/existing electric chilling. Two of the existing boilers provide 100 back-up for periods of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance while the third existing boiler is available for standby duty. The normal operation is for the generator to run in /

Energy Management Opportunities for Residential Property Managers.

from 140°F to 120°F 13 Corporate Energy Management –Key Components of Energy Management  Commitment by owners and management  Clearly stated goals on energy efficiency and waste reduction/(21°C) year round.  Roughly 30% savings compared to AC/Boiler or AC/Furnace combo  Geothermal requires higher capital investment and much real/ or fences  Optimize pump systems High-Efficiency Pumps Water Circulation: Reduce Pump Operating Time »Use timers to achieve short cycles Source: DOE 45 The Business Solutions/

Lansing Board of Water & Light REO Town Headquarters & Cogeneration Plant REO Town Cogeneration: Concept to Commercial Operation.

to project schedule challenges, BWL supplemented the startup and commissioning team with Operators, Instrument Controls Specialists, Controls Engineer, Project Engineer, Maintenance Supervisors, Plant Manager and a Trainer. 24 Starting Up & Commissioning your own Plant!? (cont’d)  Major equipment suppliers (ie. GE gas turbines, Boilers, Reverse Osmosis trains, etc.) commissioned their equipment with field technicians supported by the BWL team  We made it! $182/

Long Waste Management Long Term Waste Management Rev A, ‘Waste Energy History & Process Data’, May 16, 2011 Rev B, ‘GENESIS Process Simulator & Operator.

- Unit 3. REV M, Added Inside Boiler tube Heat Transfer Relationships for Improved Heat & Energy Response. Rev N, Added Generator Hydrogen Coolers Producing Synthetic Fuel from Municipal Waste Waste Management Produces More Renewable Energy Than Solar Industry According to/ Integral’ (PI) or ‘PID’ control (automatic or manual), alarms, & history module with variable trending. Unit operation is prototypical. Below water is separated from the process and returned to the deaerator where a portion of the steam /

Boiler Safety Valves: Practical Guidelines for Maintenance Planning Jim Domitrovich Territory Manager Consolidated ® Pressure Relief Valves August, 2008.

relief solutions for the power generation industry Expertise and application knowledge Commitment to safe, efficient boiler operation Address unique challenges from any application Support from initial design phase through long-term maintenance programs/of planning for inspection, maintenance and repair Identification of operational trends Improves access to critical valve data (Valvkeep) Assists in trouble-shooting Manages repair process workflow Provides details for compliance reports Helps prevent/

ARENA Perti, Australia Feb. 2016 Peter Badstue Jensen, VP - Partner, Aalborg CSP Concentrated Solar Power Optimizing operation cost, through Integrating.


Testing Requirements in the Boiler House Requirements for regular testing will vary according to national regulations, and the type of equipment installed.

high integrity self-monitoring low level alarms are mounted in the boiler shell, since they are automatically self- testing, they only require a full operational test by a trained boiler attendant once per week. When standard low level alarms (floats or/cope with actual boiler water level change. It is recommended that all tests be properly logged in a boiler house log book, for which the Engineering Manager is responsible. Footnote: These basic notes are based on GARIONI NAVAL SPA boiler house practice, /

B URNER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM & I NTERLOCK Presented By:- Nikhil Gupta Instrument SPP-RAS.

to fuel preparation and fuel burning equipment. Continoue… The burner management system is provided for the start up of boiler on oil firing for raising the initial temperature of the boiler for the coal firing temperature. Oil feed to the boiler is taken off or removed once the solid fuel started and fed into boiler.Operation shall be performed in remote and local panel by selecting/

Green Boilers: Energy and Carbon Savings

every 10 seconds Additional Safeguards The M2G will not turn off a running boiler The M2G will not turn on a boiler The M2G fails closed to insure boiler operations are not affected Opto-isolators insure circuits are only monitored and not charged M2G Technology … Installation Compatible with existing controls and operations Building Management Systems (BMS) Outdoor Temperature Reset Lead/Lag Controls Does NOT require any/

Ways of reducing accounted CO2

Code interface) 4: Fireside Corrosion 5: Welding 6: Fabricability 7: Coatings Develop the materials technology to fabricate and operate a A-USC Steam Boiler with Steam Parameter up to 1400°F (760°C) Nickel alloys can permit steam temperatures to reach 760oC. /on processes like soil organic turnover, soil erosion or crop yields but local conditions (climate, soil type and crop management) have a strong influence Effict biomass use : Since competition for biomass resources will be inevitable, it is important /

Health and Safety at Works of Marine Surveyors

tanks, Industrial gases stations (oxy acetylene), Paint lockers, Maintenance workshops, Boilers, Cargo holds (dusts of sugar, flour, coal…), Risk of Fire & Explosion, ATEX Measures to be taken by the management Every surveyor must be made aware of the contents of this document/When alternative means of access are used (e.g. Cherry Picker and portable ladder), their conditions and competency of the Operator are to be checked and verified satisfactory prior to usage. Working at height The IACS Rec. 91, Rev. 1 /

Your Partner in Sustainable Water Management Solutions

Cooling Mills & Roller Cooling Cracker unit cooling Boiler & Condenser Cooling Design & Engg. Entire process design Basic & Detailed engineering In-house piping design, Electro Mechanical, Electrical & Automation Design Pool of experienced professionals in Cooling EPC Integrated Project delivery & management BOM & Specifications Material sourcing & supply On-site handling & installation Quality & performance testing Managed Services Turnkey implementation & operation Yearly and long term O&M Contracts/

Risk Management and Commercial Property—Part I Chapter 9

taken on the service of inspection and servicing of boiler operations and technical machinery Failure of the vessel to pass an inspection may mean imminent danger to continued operations The insurer reserves the right to suspend coverage immediately/ discourage attendance substantially Whereas in other locations even a light rainfall will ruin attendance Hospital Disaster Risk Management Many business such as utilities and hospitals may have liability suits arise from their alleged negligence in preparing/


TANWAT POWER PLANT (case study) Rabiel Ulomi Power station Manager 2. BACKGROUND 2.1 Establishment of Tanwat: Tanganyika wattle company (Tanwat) derives its name from the wattle/transformer. CHALLENGES 7.1 Pollution of environment with boiler grits. Solution: installed a grit arrestor on the flue gas line. 7.2 Monitoring boiler operating parameters 1) Boiler water level-lost one boiler in 1996 due loss of water Solution: Intensive training on boiler emergency shut down procedure. 2) Steam temperature control/

Environmental Update ROHIT SHARMA LyondellBasell, Environmental Issues Manager August 21, 2013.

. An inventory of major energy use systems consuming energy from affected boilers and process heaters and which are under the control of the boiler/process heater owner/operator. A review of available architectural and engineering plans, facility operation and maintenance procedures and logs, and fuel usage. A review of the facilitys energy management practices and provide recommendations for improvements consistent with the definition of energy/

Q Premier Floor Standing Boiler

as accessory. Weight = 243 lbs. Q Premier – How it Works OSS HEX Heating System Boiler Pump Diverting Valve Diverting valve (3-way valve) manages flow between the heating system and the domestic hot water system, giving priority to domestic. Plate /KEY POINTS OF WARRANTY COVERAGE Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship when the product is installed and operated according to Rinnai written installation instructions Warranty applies only to products that are installed per local and/or state/

Introduction to Petroleum Refinery Processing

capacity issued for preliminary estimates. This represents the total installed costs for gas-or oil-fired, forced draft boilers, operating at 250 to 300 psig. And all appurtenant items such as water treating, deaerating, feed pumps, yard / process unit costs. Offsites 6- Special Costs Special costs include the following: land, spare parts, inspection, project management, chemicals, miscellaneous supplies, and office and laboratory furniture. For preliminary estimates these costs can be estimated as 4/

Customer Service VICTRIX 90 Central heating only, wall hung condensing boiler.

stainless steel condensing module  Electronic board and NTC probes (12 kohm)  4 bar safety valve  “Green Series” dedicated flue system  Ready for: - Cascade operation (max 8 boilers ) - Connection to external cylinder - Connection to Immergas accessories for thermoregulation (external probe, zone managing devices, etc..) Caratteristiche principali Customer Service  Height = 1086 mm  Length = 600 mm  Depth = 610 mm Dimensions and connections Key: V – Electric supply/

NANOPURE INC Engineering and Pyrolysis Consultant & Manufacturers  Consultant and manufacturer in : – Sugar plant boiler consultants – Boiling house,Overhead.

and manufacturer in : – Sugar plant boiler consultants – Boiling house,Overhead Cranes Gantries Various Raw material carriers manufacturing. – Pyrolysis plant consultants and manufacturing.  D-U-N-S number for Nanopure inc: 863445205  Nanopure inc is D & B and CRISIL Rated company. NANOPURE INC - Organization family  Nanopure Inc Management Team credentials  Mr. BHUPENDRA MISHRA (PROMOTOR & HEAD OF PROJECT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT)  Mr. Bhupendra Mishra is Chief Promoter/

SAND No. 2010-3070C Sandia is a multi-program laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of.

Technology-Specific Standards – Other Countries Mandate the Use of Specific Technologies Prior to Land Disposal, Facilities Privately Operated. 5 Management –Legal Approaches 6  Proper and strict enforcement is the cornerstone of any successful system.  Restrictions on/) High temperature oxidation –Rotary Kiln –Fixed Grate –Fluidized Bed Air pollution control (APC) Industrial Furnaces Boilers – produces steam for power Kilns – produces product and reduces fuel Furnace – provides process heat APC part/

7 – Case studies in Solid Waste Management Introduction to Climate Change Wim Maaskant BGP Engineers – The Netherlands www.bgpengineers.com.

) 7 – Case studies in Solid Waste Management Financing instruments Case 2: continued… Energy case: Purpose: to reduce costs Main object: two operating boilers that generate steam EE option: the coal-fired boiler has the capacity to generate 40 tons of/ will define, calculate and assess the costs and benefits of the envisaged investment and the operations 7 – Case studies in Solid Waste Management Financing instruments Case 3: Landfill gas capture and energy generation Basic information, more facts: Release/

ENERGY MANAGEMENT. A combined design and management function which embraces the disciplines of engineering mathematics accounting operations research.

operations research software engineering environmental management THE ENERGY MANAGEMENT FUNCTION Measure THE ENERGY MANAGEMENT FUNCTION MeasureAnalyse THE ENERGY MANAGEMENT FUNCTION MeasureAnalyseCriticise THE ENERGY MANAGEMENT FUNCTION MeasureAnalyseCriticise Generate Options THE ENERGY MANAGEMENT FUNCTION MeasureAnalyseCriticise Generate Options Evaluate Options THE ENERGY MANAGEMENT/nV/3) DT Fuel Burnt by Boiler (W) = ((U A + nV/3) DT) / h where h is the boiler efficiency (%) expressed as a fraction /


BOILERS OF THERMAL POWER STATION-1 NLC LIMITED,NEYVELI. PROJECT MEMBERS A.JANARTHANAN (80106114012) S.K.KRISHNAKUMAR (80106114019) N.SARAVANAPRASATH (80106114032) T.SATHISHKUMAR (80106114034) PROJECT GUIDES INTERNAL GUIDE EXTERNAL GUIDE Mr.S.RAJKUMAR Mr.K.GANESAN ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Chief Manager/ after modification) ……. (B)  Therefore overall increase in efficiency of boiler = (B)-(A) in %. CALCULATION :( Data from NLC manual, Boiler operation and maintenance) Minimum air required/kg of fuel. = (100/23)/

Measurements used for assessing feed water and boiler water quality and their effect on boiler efficiency and lifetime Dr. Dusan Kordik, Office of Standardization.

of non-volatile alkalis to prevent any risk of acidic corrosion. Note: During initial operation or post chemical cleaning, the boiler steel reacts with the water and steam forming a protective film of iron oxides. / monitoring Guidelines for continuous operation and for plant start-up The guidelines recommend conditions for both continuous operation and for plant start-up. Target range - no action required; this range covers the practicable values which plant managers will normally achieve without excessive/



Managing differencies in coverage, institutional and methodological issues (EU ETS vs GHG inventory) case of France Jean-Pierre FONTELLE Centre Interprofessionnel.

discussion scope and classification problems benefits for inventories impact on emission inventory process management and institutional arrangements for ETS & GHG inventory Scope and classification A boiler is a boiler, A stack is a stack, 1 ton of CO 2 is 1/) The difference (2,4%) corresponds to 1 non ETS plant. more details in data collection are required to operate conveniently with specifications of various needs, additional appropriate QC actions have to be implemented, more confidence in some sectoral /

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation. q Introduction q Architecture q Communication Networks q Operation Workstation q Summary Preferred Utilities.

for any location Operator Workstation Features…. q Intellution iFix q Centralized Boiler Control q Data Acquisition q Alarm Monitoring q Historical Trending q Boiler Tuning q Reports Smart, Central Boiler Control Alarm Management Smart, Central Boiler Control Data Acquisition Historical Trending Boiler Tuning Meaningful / Make-up water flow in pounds and also as a percent of steam flow q Hours of operation for each boiler q Steam flow to each of the distribution headers q All reported for the shift, day,/

What Now? More Standards for Safety and Regulatory Compliance

PSM Standard” which includes 35 references. Reference 30 is "Prevention of Furnace Explosions/Implosions in Multiple Burner Boiler Furnaces," National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 85C, which is now out of date. National Fire Protection / final element testing through automatic periodic testing, improves the probability of appropriate and timely operator response with advanced alarm management, and provides management of bypasses during startup sequences. Conclusions – Standards Benefits ISA TR-5 and API/

Energy for Generations © Using Forests to Produce Biomass Solid Fuels April 12, 2011 Presented By: Mike Curci Business Development Manager of BioFuel &

Solid Fuels April 12, 2011 Presented By: Mike Curci Business Development Manager of BioFuel & BioPower Indeck Energy Insight. Inspiration. Independence. 22 Indeck Energy Services, Inc. Formed in 1985 from Indeck Power Equipment Company Part of the Indeck Group of Companies Indeck Energy Services, Inc. Indeck Operations, Inc. Indeck Power Equipment Company Indeck Boiler Company Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC Insight. Inspiration. Independence. 33 Indeck/

Improved Boiler System Operation with Real-Time Chemical Control

Operating Boiler/boiler Commonly treat with oxygen scavengers and pH control agents Traditionally, scale and oxygen control chemicals have been measured and controlled in the boiler/boiler will have unique lag time Based on design, feedwater quality and operating/Operational/ tube boilers with/boiler water residual Boiler/Done Manually Boiler cycles ranged /operating costs, protect asset life, and improve productivity Numerous benefits to feedwater automation including: Improved asset preservation, increase boiler/

Maryland Made Easy 1 Building Equipment Safety and What You Need To Know about Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Elevators.

G. Brown, Lt. Governor Alexander M. Sanchez, Secretary Safety Inspection Unit Rob McGeeney Program Manager Maryland Made Easy 3 Purpose An Overview of the elevator, boiler and pressure vessel safety law. & The responsibilities of Industry Stakeholders. Maryland Made Easy 4 /Inspection You Post the Certificate in or on the equipment. Maryland Made Easy 41 Owner and User Responsibilities Operating a boiler or pressure vessel in Maryland without a valid Certificate of Inspection is a violation of the law and /

Anglia Woodfuels - a case study Euroforenet Conference Sustainable Forest Management and Wood Energy: Developing Local Co-operation between Private and.

Anglia Woodfuels - a case study Euroforenet Conference Sustainable Forest Management and Wood Energy: Developing Local Co-operation between Private and Municipal Forest Owners in Europe. 20 th November 2007 / and Growth Area Funding Anglia Woodfuels has demonstrated the value of co- operation between private forest owners, businesses and public municipalities and authorities. It has demonstrated the problems when support for boiler installation is disconnected from support for the supply chain. It has shown /


programs are designed to archive the following objectives. 1.Enhances the process performance by way of smooth running of system. 2.Reliable operation, which will enable a planned shut down. 3.Improving bottom line by way of generating returns on the cost of treatment. /AND SAFETY FACTORS IN TO ACCOUNT. COMPANY PROFILE TO SERVE THE INDUSTRIES IN WATER TREATMENT FOR BOILER, COOLING TOWER. MANAGING WATER WHICH IS BECOMING MORE AND MORE SCARCE NATURAL RESOURCE N AND IS AS CRITICAL TO THE CONTINUED GROWTH OF /

Managing Environmental Issues with Hospital Expansion Projects Tank, Generator, and Boiler Installations from an Environmental Permitting Perspective Chris.

Environmental Permitting Perspective Chris C. Maye, P.E. Manager, Environmental Services Case Study – CUP Expansion Plan Generator Installation:4 months –2 1,500-kW Generators (Diesel) –1 2,000-kW Generator (Diesel) Boiler Installation:5 months –4 Dual Fuel, ~29 /–Plan Approval Time to Issuance:~3-6 months No real limitations; can be used only for the operation of a boiler on fuel oil. Boilers – Case Study To meet construction timeline, Air Permitting performed included: –Obtain Coverage under General Permit/

Why We Made the Decisions We Made and Where We Are in Building New Generation February 17, 2005 Prepared by Nilaksh Kothari, P.E. General Manager Manitowoc.

Where We Are in Building New Generation February 17, 2005 Prepared by Nilaksh Kothari, P.E. General Manager Manitowoc Public Utilities February 17, 2005 2 OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION  OVERVIEW OF THE SYSTEM  THE PROBLEM/CONCERNS/ 40-50 years  Increased down time of equipment for maintenance l Boiler #5  Environmental concerns- notice of violation from DNR  Requires special fuel, and is relatively expensive to operate l Transmission constraints limit import capability  Regional and Statewide  Interconnect/

City of Detroit-Appeals Board Hearing-BSEE January 22, 2015

Boiler Operators. Mr. Douglas W. Stockwell, Business Manager, Local 324 Mr. Tom Scott, Recording-Corresponding Secretary and Business Representative-Stationary Division Mr. James Arini, Treasurer and Business Representative-Stationary Division, 35 Year City of Detroit Licensed Boiler Operator/ POD Ordinance Andrew Nickelhoff: Ordinance No. 706-G Chapter 11-A Stationary Engineer, Boiler Operator and Refrigeration Operator Licensing Ordinance: “Purpose: The purpose of this Ordinance is provide safety for life,/

December 11, 2009 Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering 1 Boiler Green Initiative.

.. 29 Questions? Hillel House Boiler Green Initiative 1 Bio-Energy Project (BGI) Final Design Review  12-11-09 2 Introduction  Sean Zimmerman, Team Leader, Freshman, Engineering  Bryson Maikranz, Time Manager, Freshman, Engineering  Scott Sylvester, Budget Manager, Freshman, Engineering  Amber/ replacement technology for carbon treatment facilities  Work with WWTP to integrate team’s proposals into current operations Bio-Energy 11 Statistics  Purdue is giving 5 tons of pulp per week This adds up to/

Barriers and Opportunities Commercial and Institutional Sectors Katherine Delves Senior Standards Development Manager Office of Energy Efficiency, NRCan.

equipment buyers make energy-efficient decisions with business benefits in mind.  Provides energy-saving tips for the purchase, operation and maintenance of energy- efficient equipment.  Products covered include:  Motors  HVAC  Lighting  Distribution transformers  Battery chargers  Pumps  Uninterruptible  Variable Frequency power suppliesdrives And coming soon:  Boilers & Steam  Compressed air  Arc welding  And more 20 Information on each product: Introduction An overview, including how/

By H. S RINIVASAIAH Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health Government of Karnataka By H. S RINIVASAIAH Director of Factories, Boilers,

DO WE ACHIEVE THIS ?  Management – play the role of visionary  Employees – play the role of implementer Directorate of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health-Karnataka WHAT SHOULD BE THE STRATEGY ?  Pragmatic approach !!! PRAGMATIC APPROACH  Natural events, accidents, man made disasters, technical brake downs, rogue employees, external threats are the potential perils - watch them  The personnel working closest to its operations are the best equipped/

Organic waste management by a small- scale innovative automated system of anaerobic digestion Supported by the European Commission under the research for.

be derived. The list can be a valuable support for the plant operator to evaluate periodically the actual effectiveness of the overall safety measures and to address a safer management of the plant. Analysis of biogas plants 5 The production and /valves may fail prematurely. ORION – combustion system 21 Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) clean up equipment should be installed. The boiler needs to be independently earth bonded. If any gas detectors use ionising radiation then this should be stated in the manual/

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