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Bioremediation A technology that encourages growth and reproduction of indigenous microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) to enhance biodegradation of organic.

and an energy source (carbon). Bioremediation utilizes microbes such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, and algae that can biodegrade organic chemicals Biostimulation is the addition of nutrients to enhance the growth of native microbes. Microbes bioremediate the environment as they biodegrade the pollutant to obtain energy. Non/difficult to handle. For example, hydrocarbon spills (specifically, petrol spills) or certain chlorinated solvents may contaminate groundwater, and introducing the appropriate electron /

Environmental pollution may be defined as, “the unfavorable alteration of our surroundings”. It changes the quality of air, water and land which interferes.

earth. Pollution are of different kinds depending on the nature of pollutant generated from different sources. Example : Industry, automobiles, thermal power plants, farming, nuclear reactors, generate different types of pollutants causing pollution to air, water bodies and land. 1. Biodegradable pollutants Biodegradable pollutants decompose rapidly by natural processes. Non-degradable pollutants do not decompose or decompose slowly in the environment. Slowly decomposed materials are more/

Go Green: FTC Regulations …and Beyond! By Julia Wright, MAS.

be deceptive. The Pacific Cooler is filled with a super absorbent polymer which is non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe! Price includes one color imprint and individual polybag with instruction card. 16 oz double wall insulated acrylic tumbler with straw./of Fibbing: the least frequent Sin, is committed by making environmental claims that are simply false. The most common examples were products falsely claiming to be Energy Star certified or registered. 7. Sin of Worshiping False Labels: The /


rubbish each year… How Much? Types of waste There are 2 types of waste, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable means it’s able to rot naturally and non-biodegradable can’t rot naturally. Examples of biodegradable waste include garden and kitchen waste like potato skins and banana skins. Newspaper is also biodegradable! Click the picture to learn more about biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste! How to STOP! Buy things loose. When you’re buying vegetables or fruit/

CE/Geol/ChE 174 Hazardous Materials Treatment of Commercial and Industrial Hazardous Wastes Christopher Vais 510-610-3396

and cyanide 5. Color and turbidity 6. Nitrogen and phosphorus 7. Refractory substances (resistant to biodegradation) 8. Oil and/the reducing agent to the chemical being reduced, EXAMPLE: reduction of Cr+6 (hexavalent state) to /and treated Deep Well Injection Transfer of liquid waste deep underground – Far away from freshwater sources Criteria for waste waters: – Low Volume, High Concentration Waste – Difficult to treat by other methods – Compatible with material in disposal zone – Biologically Inactive – Non/

THE ENVIRONMENTAL CASE FOR PAPER HENRY COPPENS Sappi emissions and energy technical specialist.

example of zero based raw material development not reliant on a natural door step resource 1. Makes own energy Nearly 50 % of the energy used to make paper by Sappi & Mondi comes from the raw material – the wood chips  It’s renewable  Non /& Tropical forests. Conclusion Neither plastic nor glass biodegrade readily. Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. When plastic photo-degrades, it causes harm to soil and water. Recycling rate in SA 25 % for glass and 32% for plastic. Plastic needs to be /


Biodegradable: undergoes a biological transformation. Complete degradation results in CO2 and some inorganic compounds 2) Persistent: do not biodegrade in certain environments 3) Recalcitrant: resist biodegradation in most environments Not always beneficial process: 1) non /benzene, pesticides, herbicides... 7 Ananda Chakrabarty’s “Super-Pseudomonas” 9/21/2010 Compound Plasmid Examples of naturally occurring “catabolic plasmids” capable to interspecies transfer Compound Biphenyl Plasmid pBS241 Size 195 /

Catalytic wet air oxidation The Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering Arezoo Mohammad.

chemical industry since they may contain toxic, non-biodegradable and hazardous pollutants. One of the present technologies used for non-biodegradable waste treatment is wet air oxidation (WAO) One of the present technologies used for non-biodegradable waste treatment is wet air oxidation (WAO)/Oxide coating) proved to be the most efficient. constant decrease in COD for example in case of the catalyst Net constant decrease in COD for example in case of the catalyst Net In general we can see a following /

BMA Mission: To promote excellence in the manufacture, sale and use of biobased products and the responsible development of renewable resources.

polymers, lubricants, solvents, and plant-made pharmaceuticals) Biomaterials (fiber products, lumber, leather, processed foods, laminates, roofing, plastics, insulation, etc.) Examples of Biobased feedstocks: /Biodegradable foam food containers Biodegradable foam insulation products Films for bags and wraps Compostable shopping bags Biodegradable fast food plates, cups, straws & eating utensils Biodegradable/, new product development and substantial market success in traditional non-biobased product areas. /


and biodegradable materials for medicalapplications. In the biomedical field, the goal is to develop and characterize artificial materialsor, in other words, “spare parts” for use in the human body to MEASURE,RESTORE and IMPROVE physical functions and enhance survival and qualityof life. What’s a biomaterial? 1980 - Passive and/ and lacerations Important characteristics for sutures:: Tensile strength Flexibility Non-irritating Tissue Adhesives Used for repair of fragile, non-suturable tissues Examples:/

Organic Chemistry Assignment Make a concept map, timeline or alternative notebook which includes a brief history and the progression of organic chemistry.

πολυ (poly), meaning "many"; and μέρος (meros), meaning "part". Well known examples of polymers include plastics, DNA and proteins. moleculemacromoleculestructural unitscovalentchemical bonds plasticsDNAproteinsmoleculemacromoleculestructural unitscovalentchemical/called non-biodegradable. Biodegradable waste can be commonly found in municipal solid waste (sometimes called biodegradable municipal waste, or BMW) as green waste, food waste, paper waste, and biodegradable plastics. Other biodegradable wastes/

7. TOXIC ORGANIC CHEMICALS If we live as if it matters and it doesnt master, it doesnt matter. If we live as if it doesnt matter, and it matters, then.

Pseudomonas (with 2,4-D and paraquat), Nocardia (with dalapon and propanil), and Aspergillus species (with trifluralin and picloram) are poignant examples. Table 7.1 Biological Transformations /a gas space, and kept in the dark eliminates the other fate pathways. In order to evaluate k a and k b, several non-neutral pH experiments /fact that a chemical bioaccumulates at all is an indication that it resists biodegradation and is somewhat "biologically hard" or "nonlabile." The kinetics of bioaccumulation are /

7. TOXIC ORGANIC CHEMICALS If we live as if it matters and it doesnt master, it doesnt matter. If we live as if it doesnt matter, and it matters, then.

Pseudomonas (with 2,4-D and paraquat), Nocardia (with dalapon and propanil), and Aspergillus species (with trifluralin and picloram) are poignant examples. Table 7.1 Biological Transformations /a gas space, and kept in the dark eliminates the other fate pathways. In order to evaluate k a and k b, several non- neutral pH / The fact that a chemical bioaccumulates at all is an indication that it resists biodegradation and is somewhat "biologically hard" or "nonlabile."   The kinetics of bioaccumulation are/

Evaluation of Intrinsic Biodegradation and Amendments to Support Enhanced Monitored Natural Recovery of Sediments Tom Krug and David Himmelheber, Geosyntec.

processes may involve amendments to:  sorb or sequester target compounds  address nutrient or microbial limitations Implementing EMNR Examples of Treatability Testing  biodegradation of chlorinated organics  biodegradation of BTEX and PAH  sorption of PAHs with activated carbon  sorption / sequestration of PCBs and Hg & MeHg with activated carbon and other sorbents Site Water Site Sediment Sorption / Sequestration Processes Sequestration of Contaminants with Activated Carbon  Hydrophobic Organic/

After completing this topic you should be able to : State that a thermosoftening plastic is one, which can be melted or reshaped; and that a thermosetting.

burn or smoulder to give off toxic fumes, including carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen cyanide. Give examples of advantages and disadvantages of natural and synthetic materials. State what is meant by biodegradable. State that most plastics are not biodegradable and that their durability can cause environmental problems. Many polymers soften and melt when heated and become rigid again when cooled. These polymers are called T TT THERMOSOFTENING (or/

Hybrid Non-Woven Technology for the Manufacture of Cotton Personal Care Wipes Rick Jezzi A.D. Jezzi & Associates, LLC Consultants in Personal Care Absorbent.

Process Hybrid: Combination of two existing processes to deliver new non-woven materials (examples) Hybrid: Combination of two existing processes to deliver new non-woven materials (examples) Spunbond and Spunlace (Hydraulic Needling)Spunbond and Spunlace (Hydraulic Needling) Spunbond and Meltblown (SMS)Spunbond and Meltblown (SMS) Meltblown and Air FormingMeltblown and Air Forming Tissue(Paper Making) and SpunlaceTissue(Paper Making) and Spunlace (Hydraulic Needling) Jan. 10, 2007 A.D. Jezzi & Associates/

ICCA GPS Hazard Characterization Renate Paumann Workshop: GPS Risk Assessment and REACH/GHS Implementation in practice INT market 45431 27-28 October 2011.

» Abiotic Degradation » Hydrolysis » Photodegradation 25 Environmental Chemistry Biodegradation » Ready and Inherent Biodegradability » Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation » Anaerobic Biodegradability » Metabolite/Pathway Identification Environmental Fate Simulation Tests » Wastewater/ threshold / non-threshold (Mode of Action) » Non-threshold carcinogen Step 3: Modify Point of Departure » No modification needed 44 Examples for DMEL calculation (non threshold) Step 4 / 5: Apply assessment factors and derive DMEL/

Solid and Hazardous Waste. 2 Women and Waste are inseparable Women generate most of the kitchen wastes and dispose of waste from homes. Women bear the.

World Countries are resource-conserving and frugal. We sell newspapers, bottles and tins to doorstep waste-buyers and re-use a lot, discarding little. We generate only 50-100 gms of non- biodegradable waste per capita per day./domestic, commercial and industrial wastes Examples: plastics, styrofoam containers, bottles, cans, papers, scrap iron, and other trash Liquid Wastes: wastes in liquid form Examples: domestic washings, chemicals, oils, waste water from ponds, manufacturing industries and other sources/

PLASTICS AND ENVIRONMENT Riya Garg,43. Introduction:- When we go to the market, we usually get things wrapped in plastic or packet in polythene bags.

stuffs etc. A material which is not easily decomposed by natural processes is termed as non- biodegradable. For example- tin, metal cans, aluminium and plastics bags. Vinet,41 Well, over 500 billion to 1 trillion single-use plastic bags/ IT ALL…… Vivek.42 MEASURES TO PROTECT ENVIRONMENT FROM PLASTICS-  do not throw plastic wrappers carelessly on road.  Biodegradable and non biodegradable waste should be separately disposed off  Redue the usage of plastic bags. Instead use jute or paper bags  Remember the/

Green Marketing Claims Regulations and Potential Liability Presented by William C. MacLeod, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP.

marketer should make the basis for the comparison clear, saying, for example, “30% more efficient than typical washing machines were in 2006.” Types of Advertising Claims in the Green Guides General environmental benefits Degradable, biodegradable, and photodegradable Compostable Recycled content Recylcable Source reduction Refillable Ozone safe/ozone friendly Non-toxic Environmental Seals and Certifications Independent from advertiser Professional expertise in area Certification does not insulate/

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considered uniformly impacted. For these scenarios, it was assumed that there is no dispersion or biodegradation, and that dissolution is not mass-transfer limited (i.e., equilibrium dissolution). Case A: This case/examples of other LNAPL Remedial Objectives. Risk-based and non-risk based, and regulatory drivers. You may have to use different remedial strategies to target LNAPL saturation and LNAPL composition concerns in a cost-effective way. 53 53 Key Terms and Concepts LNAPL Remedial Objective – Examples/

Polymer & Plastic waste and Recycling Dr. Manohar Singh Saini Director, Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College, Ludhiana January 3, 2012.

landscape where another victim may ingest it. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable And one of the worst environmental effects of plastic bags is that they are non- biodegradable. The decomposition of plastic bags takes about 1000 years./ waste tyres for retreading, rubber reclaim and shredding. Tyre Waste Examples of use are: Tiles and tile adhesives, mixing with asphalt, sports surfaces, carpet underlay, noise and vibration insulation, playgrounds and matting. Incineration Incineration or controlled burning /

POLYMERIC IMPLANTS Biodegradable suture Intraocular Lens Wound dressing Contact Lens.

reprocessed) Opthalmologic applications, wound dressings Polymer Devices Advantages: Disadvantages: Examples: Some joint replacement articulating surfaces Spinal cages Biodegradable bone plates for low load regions Biodegradable sutures Hip jointSpinal cage for spine fusion Bone plates Mechanical / transport Why Hydrogels?: Cell Culture Systems Biocompatible substrate –Non-toxic and have no immunological responses Cytoarchitecture which favors cell growth –Flexibility for cells to rearrange in /

CHAPTER 9 THE BIOSPHERE: HOW THE REVOLUTION IN BIOLOGY RELATES TO GREEN CHEMISTRY From Green Chemistry and the Ten Commandments of Sustainability, Stanley.

the function for which it is designed in the organism; for example, it may function as an enzyme to carry out metabolic processes. Genome Sequencing and Green Chemistry A key goal of green chemistry is to use chemicals/of a toxic substance to non-toxic or less toxic substance without necessarily undergoing biodegradation Factors in Biodegradation A number of factors are involved in determining the effectiveness and rate of biodegradation The compound has to be biodegradable Physical properties, such as water/

Waste Chapter 19. Solid Waste Objectives 1.Name one characteristic that makes a material biodegradable. 2.Identify two types of solid waste. 3.Describe.

fibers… Non biodegradable can not be broken down –Plastics, polyester, nylon Plastic material creates a huge disposal problem –Made from petroleum –Literally will never decompose in our land fills Types –Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Waste produced by households and businesses –/Recycle –Process of reusing materials or recovering valuable materials from the waste or scrap –Saves energy, water, and other resources Examples 95% less energy is used to make aluminum cans from recycled cans than from ore 75% less /

Fate and Transport of Ethanol in the Environment Presented to the Environmental Protection Agency Blue Ribbon Panel Presented by Michael C. Kavanaugh,

BTEX or MTBE? Comparative Properties of Ethanol and Other Gasoline Additives Significance of Properties s Properties –Aqueous Solubility –Vapor Pressure –Henry’s Constant –Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient –Biodegradability –Reactivity –Structure s Examples of Significance – Rate of migration; /[mg/L] Vapor Pressure (mm Hg) s As pure ethanol - low vapor pressure s In hydrocarbon plume - non-ideal behavior - highly polar –Much higher effective vapor pressure –Reid vapor pressure (18 psi) greater than MTBE (/

The oil Industry. C.2.1 Compare the use of oil as an energy source and as a chemical feedstock C.2.2 Compare catalytic cracking, thermal cracking and.

and global warming (maybe!) Plastics are non-biodegradable and it can be problematic to dispose of them. Crude oil is a non-renewable resource It will last longer if we conserve energy and recycle materials. Alternative energy sources are becoming available. Polymers and / to polymers The properties of polymers can also be modified by adding other substances. For example expanded polystyrene (used for packing material and coffee cups – or to make houses!!) Pentane is added to the mixture during the /

4 Application of Environmental Isotopes in Studies of Biodegradation of Organic Contaminants in Groundwater Ramon Aravena, Department of Earth Sciences,

of organic compounds gained from laboratory and field studies. Biodegradation of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) Acknowledgements This project was supported through grants from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology and the University Consortium Solvents-in-Groundwater Research Program. Quantification of isotope fractionation in laboratory experiments Example: Reductive dechlorination of vinyl chloride (initial concentration/

Chapter 2 – Science, Matter, Energy and Systems Endeavor to discover how nature works and to use that knowledge to make predictions about what is likely.

are isotopes of an element that can be split through fission. Only certain isotopes of certain elements are fissile. For example, one isotope of uranium, 235 U, is fissile, while another isotope, 238 U, is not. Nuclear Fission / takes as long as several decades to breakdown. Some biodegradable plastics such as grocery bags or food wrap, diapers, etc. Cotton and other organic materials sold as consumable products. Non-biodegradable Non-biodegradable refers to those pollutants that cannot be broken down by/

Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies. Permission required for reproduction or display. 1 Applied and Industrial Microbiology Chapter 41.

control of agitation, temperature, pH changes, and oxygenation non-Newtonian broth –viscous, plastic medium resulting from growth of filamentous fungi and actinomycetes –resists stirring and aeration, making maintenance of appropriate levels of/or display. 76 examples –use of microbial communities to carry out biodegradation, bioremediation and environmental maintenance processes –addition of microbes to soils or plants for the improvement of crop production Biodegradation and Bioremediation by Natural /

Integrated Science Unit 2. Warm UP Cut out the types of “litter” Arrange them and glue them into the appropriate categories Biodegradable – will break.

as a method of filling in or extending usable land. Biodegradable Material that is able to degrade or break down What are some examples? Apple cores, bones, paper, flowers, serving utensils, plates made of corn products Non-biodegradable Materials that are not broken down by organisms? What are some examples? Plastic, glass, polyester clothing items, and aluminum cans Exit Slip Complete the definitions labeled “1” on/

Basic information on pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems Martin Sterba, PharmD., PhD. Associate Professor Department of Pharmacology.

formulations –Eye inserts (soluble, insoluble, biodegradable) – slow release of API Examples : antiglaucoma drugs (pilocarpin, timolol), antimicrobial agents, vasoconstriction agents and antihistamines, mydriatics/myotics Examples : antiglaucoma drugs (pilocarpin, timolol), antimicrobial agents, vasoconstriction agents and antihistamines, mydriatics/myotics Nasal/ear drops and prays Nasal/ear drops and prays –Usually isotonic –Vehicles and API must be non-irritating –Vehicle – isotonic aqueous solutions/

Land pollution. Introduction Solid waste is classified into five main types by making reference to the sources of waste and the institutional arrangements.

and waste from country parks collected by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The TWO major domestic wastes are plastic and metal cans. Plastic Bacteria can decompose some types of the plastics. These are called biodegradable materials, and will not cause serious pollution problem after decomposition. However, non- biodegradable/ practice of reduce, reuse and recycle helps in minimizing waste, reducing the demand for scarce landfill space & saving resources. Examples: 1. Metal wastes are/

Strategies and Molecular Design Criteria for 3D Printable Hydrogels [ Chem. Rev. 116, pp 1496-1539 (2016)] 1. Introduction - Additive manufacturing (AM),

and drop-on-demand (DOD) printing - i) ink ejection; ii) drop formation during flight; iii) impact and interaction of drops after collection on the substrate Figure 2. Inkjet printing. (A) Schematic drawing of the process. (B) Example/processing and modifications, abundance, non-antigenicity, biodegradability 단점 ) batch-to-batch variations, loss of shape and consistency (shrinkage) poor mechanical property, hard to sterilize - gelatin: partially denatured collagen RGD-motifs, biodegradability, /

One of the best solutions to get rid of non-biodegradable wastes is ________. a. burning b. dumping c. burying d. recycling.

burning b. dumping c. burying d. recycling Which of the following is biodegradable? a. iron nails b. plastic mugs c. leather belts d. silver foil Which of the following is non-biodegradable? a. animal bones b. nylon c. tea leaves d. wool In/.none of the answers List 5 pollutants, their sources, and their possible effects on human health. Explain how pollution can arise from both natural sources and from human activities. Give two examples of how hormone disrupters have caused physical changes in some animals/

PHA – A Novel Storage Compound Dr. Bhavesh Patel Dr. Bhavesh PatelPrincipal V.P. and R.P.T.P. Science College Vallabh Vidyanagar –

 Bacterial cell can use them when environmental sources are depleted  Examples: glycogen, poly-b-hydroxybutyrate, gas vesicles for floating, sulfur and polyphosphate granules, Cyanophycin granules (Cyanobacteria – Nitrogen storage), Carboxysome (reduce CO2/on non renewable fossil fuels. PHA reduces our dependency on non renewable fossil fuels. Biodegradable. Biodegradable. Success depends on the close collaboration of microbiologist, molecular biologists, polymer scientists, material scientists and /

功能性高分子在基因 / 藥物傳遞上之應用 The Research Center of Textile and Fiber Materials National Chung Hsing University 12/10/2014 Department of Fiber and Composite Materials.

Statistic.aspx?f_list_no=312&fod_list_no=1610 General cancer treatments Limitations of chemotherapy Example: Paclitaxel (Taxol ® )- treats numerous types of cancers  Formulated/Cons: ✕Low water solubility ✕Low tumor permeability ✕Fast clearance ✕Adverse effects ✕Non-targeting Anti-cancer drugs Nanotechnology Polymer chemistry Polymeric Nanomedicine  Nano-sized (EPR/to the repeated administration need in gene therapy, the safety and biodegradability of vectors have to be taken into consideration for clinical/

Solar Photocatalysis for Urban and Industrial Waste Water Reclamation

/38 Examples of techno-economic studies Sound examples of techno-economic studies: AOP-BIO and BIO-AOP Lanfill leachate Treatment of Ecs Combination NF/AOPs 8/38 AOP-BIO and BIO-AOP 9/38 AOP-BIO and BIO-AOP WW characterization: TOC, COD, BOD, main inorganics, contaminants (LC-MS/GC-MS) TOXICITY Non-toxic or partially toxic (<50%) Toxic (>50%) EVALUATION OF BIODEGRADABILITY AOP EVALUATION OF BIODEGRADABILITY DURING/

Biomedical waste Management

has been observed that  85 to 90% of the total waste becomes  non infected only 10 to 15% are infected waste which need special disposal system/ peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, dry inorganic chemical and ozone are examples of such chemical. Most chemical processes are water-intensive and require neutralising agents. 2. Thermal processes These / studies. These beds were charged with infected biodegradable waste comprising of cotton/gauze pieces soiled with blood, pus and body fluids etc. In many cases it /

Advanced Placement Environmental Science

and Mississippi are the worst examples of polluted rivers Pollution of Streams and Lakes flowing water can recover rapidly by dilution and decay © Brooks/Cole Publishing Company / ITP Water Resources and/biodegrade or not in human time… Floats Has high strength Is ingested by and entangles ocean animals However, plastic floats, and is not biodegradable, and strangles ocean organisms and birds that have been caught in plastic netting and/specific, approved uses for which non-potable water is adequate (process /

Waste Treatment ENVR 421 Mark Sobsey. Household Human Wastes and Wastewaters.

Treatment Treatment of the settled solids from 1 o and 2 o sewage treatment Biological “digestion” to biologically stabilize the sludge solids –Anaerobic digestion (anaerobic biodegradation) –Aerobic digestion (aerobic biodegradation) –Mesophilic digestion: ambient temp. to ~40 o/A sludge or “biosolids” can be disposed by a variety of options (marketed and distributed as soil conditioner for use on non- edible plants) Land Application of Treated Wastewater: Alternative Disposal Option Facultative Oxidation /

Pesticides Science 1206. Pest Pests are living organisms that are not wanted around us. Examples of pests include unwanted dandelions growing in the lawn;

also created some environmental problems: –they also killed other beneficial organisms, –polluted water and soil resources used by man. –Most early pesticides were non-biodegradable (meaning that they were not broken down within the ecosystem). Therefore, they began to accumulate/ man and more specific toward the intended pests. Some of these pesticides were fat soluble. This characteristic lead to a problem known as bioaccumulation. Toxins become more highly concentrated at higher trophic levels. One example of /

From the earth - into the earth PHB formulations as alternatives to PP and PE-HD Opportunities with a thermoplastic biopolyester Urs J. Hänggi, Biomer.

nice polymer, but without additives a lousy plastic. There is a need to compound it with nucleants, plasticizers, and other processing aids. This is the main duty of Biomer. Naturally, all additives Biomer chooses either are biodegradable or bio-inert (non-toxic minerals). Two examples of such formulations are shown in slide 10 (now 6). From the data is becomes clear that plastics processors/

“Ground-Water Issues Associated with the Use of MTBE and Other Oxygenates in Gasoline” Presented on January 22, 1999 to Clean Air Act Advisory Committee.

will be less with lower f oc. Biodegradation of MTBE in Ground Water Stability due to tertiary carbon and ether bond Low cell yields comparable to anaerobic fermenting bacteria and autotrophs (Salanitro and others, 1994, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, July, p. 2593- /-Water Contamination Maximum level of MTBE Example Source in ground water Point-source release> 100,000  g/L (gasoline storage tank, pipeline, etc.) Recreational watercraft~10 - 50  g/L (emissions/losses) Non-point sources~1 - 10  g/

Nanotech in Biomedicine: Biodegradable Polymer Nanoparticles for drug delivery through mucosal Membranes By Group #3 Phillip Keller Micheal.

_method=retrieve&_udi=B6T3R-4V4KPJ9-3&_image=fig6&_ba=6&_user Particle Biodegradability and Drug Delivery No Interaction with Mucus Fibers Dense PEGylation of particle surface/ Nanoparticle Dense Surface Coating of PEG Low Molecular Weight Neutral Surface Charge Non-Penetrating particles have highly negative surface charge Flexible Drug Delivery Controlled Drug /good balance of text and graphics. Both were large enough for the audience in the back to see clearly Nice hands-on example with the grapefruit//

Green Procurement USACHPPM - Readiness thru Health Pat Rippey Introduction to Green Procurement and Training for Federal Purchase Card Holders U.S. Army.

42 designated items! Designated Biobased Items Examples of Designated Items under the BioPreferred Program  Lip care products  Biodegradable films  Hydraulic fluids  Biodegradable cutlery  Glass cleaners  Greases  Dust suppressants  Carpets  Carpet and upholstery cleaners  Parts wash solutions  Adhesive and mastic removers  Hand cleaners/sanitizers  Biodegradable containers  Fertilizers  Sorbents  Graffiti and grease removers  Laundry products  Bathroom and spa cleaners  De-icers  Films/


inh/y PAYT examples: ECONOMICS INSTRUMENTS AT WASTE LEVEL (2) CountryLandfill Tax (€/t) Incineration Tax (€/t) Landfill Ban Banned Materials / Wastes Austria(87)/2672004 Biodegradability and other criteria Finland302005 Biodegradable and compostable waste Germany2001 Biodegradability and other criteria Ireland30 In consideration 2009 Waste that is not pre-treated Italy26 2003/ 2007 Biodegradability and other criteria Belgium- Flanders 607 1998/ 2000 Unsorted wastes, sorted and non-sorted wastes for recovery/

National Candle Association 35 th Annual Meeting Candles and All That Jazz Are you a fragrance? If so, its not easy being GREEN!

and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. What is “Organic” (cont.) Organic Fragrances? – Difficult – Limited crops – Small crops – Expensive What is Biodegradability? Biodegradability/non-government organization to create a pro- environmental image, sell a product or a policy, or to try and rehabilitate their standing with the public and/company gives factual information thats essentially meaningless. For example, labeling a product CFC- free when CFCs/

Version 2, February 15, 2008 Rules and Tools for Cataloging Internet Resources Course Introduction and Background Instructors: Organizer / Dates.

in existing record for the Web site Example: Change in title proper [1] Record updated in January 2008: 245 00 University of Minnesota biocatalysis/biodegradation database ‡h [electronic resource]. 247 10 Database of biocatalysis and biodegradation information ‡f 500 Title from home page/cts |f j 948 3_ |a 20031211 |h DOAJ |i tbltrack 985 __ |t Biomagnetic research and technology Example: MARC record built from non- MARC data (Cornell) 000 01439cam 22003493a 450 006 m d 007 cr|bn_---uuuuu 008 020110s1875 xxu/

Cell and Tissue Engineering, Nanotechnology BIOE 506 Muqeem Qayyum Tissue Engineering CellsScaffolds BiorectorsSignals.

Relies on non-covalent interactions to achieve spontaneously assembled 3D structure. Biopolymers such as peptides and nucleic acids are used. Example is /and bioreactor to design and fabricate tissues and organs. Biocompatible Scaffolds Properties Promote growth Maintain 3-D structure Non-immunogenic Design scaffold with maximum control over: biocompatibility (chemical) biodegradability (mechanical) Support tissue and cell forces Materials Synthetic –Mimic mechanical properties (strength, elongation and/

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