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Real Sector Division IMF Statistics Department The views expressed herein are those of the authors and should not necessarily be attributed to the IMF,

and home mortgages -103.0-161.1132.849.8-13.5 Memo: Expected default losses, commercial banks loans and home mortgages54.592.2161.1200.1195.6 Net lending with no correction for expected credit losses-94.6-91.2304.4263.8183.3 Real Sector Division IMF Statistics Department Saving less Net Capital Transfers Paid, Households and NPISH in the US (percent of disposable/

Credit RISK MANAGEMENT in Banks (Basel Norms) Ramesh Subramanian M.com., C.A.I.I.B.,F.C.S.,LL.M.,ACMA.,CIMA Adv.Dip.MA (UK) June 11, 2016.

operations are often conducted on a day-to- day basis in a manner that balances inflation while helping banks continue to lend. The RBI uses OMO along with other monetary policy tools such as repo rate, cash reserve ratio/ sustainable growth and stability. Financial Sector Reforms Economic reforms were undertaken with two broad objectives – Reorient the economy from a statist, state-dominated and highly controlled to a market friendly, reduce controls and reduce trade barriers. – Macro-economic stability by /

Fair Lending in the Student Loan Market

lending laws Types of lending discrimination Cohort default rate CFPB focus on student loans and fair lending Fair lending statistical analysis Other fair lending-related compliance issues Steering Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Best practices Hypotheticals Fair Lending Laws Equal Credit Opportunity Act The primary federal fair lending/ Financial Protection Bureau Other agencies with enforcement authority include the prudential bank regulators (OCC, FDIC, and Federal Reserve), the Department of Justice, /

LENDING BOOMS, FOREIGN BANK ENTRY AND COMPETITION: THE CROATIAN CASE Evan KraftLjubinko Jankov Croatian National Bank *The views presented here are the.

, %3,73,43,85,4 Real GDP growth, %6,86,06,62,5 Current Account, % GDP-7,7-5,5-11,6-7,1 Sources: Croatian National Bank and Central Statistical Office. Macro side of lending boom, phase 2 1999200020012002 Inflation, retail prices, %4,47,42,62,3 Real GDP growth, %-0,42,93,85,2 Current Account, % GDP-6,9-2,3/

Final Framework and Work Plan for Market Survey, for

exposure, non-availability of collateral and a traditional lending approach adopted by banks. Keeping in view the above, International Finance Corporation (IFC) in liaison with State Bank of Pakistan has mandated Grant Thornton Pakistan to conduct/ Selection of subsectors from Manufacturing sector Share of Large Scale Manufacturing Subsectors in GDP Source: Federal Bureau of Statistics, 2005-06 Manufacturing is the largest subsector and contributes approximately 19% to the GDP of Pakistan. Manufacturing /


regulating its circulation Regulating the inter-bank lending and bond markets Administering foreign exchange and regulating the inter-bank foreign exchange market Regulating the gold market Holding and managing official foreign exchange and gold reserves Managing the state treasury, including the issuance of treasury bonds and other government securities Operating the payment and settlement system Maintaining financial statistics and conducting financial analysis and forecasts/

Competition and Specialization in Credit Markets Rebecca Zarutskie Duke University 45 th Annual Bank Structure Conference Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

re-sales. Smaller banks and banks that have a longer established presence in a lending market may have an advantage in specializing in borrower quality assessment in more opaque lending markets such as lending market S. –Smaller banks may be more /small C&I Loans, as well) –Personal Loans –Agricultural Loans –Other Loans 10 Summary statistics 11 Identification of the effect of competition on bank-level specialization Equation (1): Equation (2): 12 Loan category specialization regressions 1976-1994 13 Loan/

Canons of Lending Lecture Objectives

point might be awarded for each year, up to a maximum of 10 points. Credit Scoring System The questions are designed by the lending specialists of the bank with the guidelines as to how the credit staff should interpret the total score of an application. If the total score is above a/the asset quality of financial institution. Before the tutorial Visit the library to find the Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics and make a copy of the Loans and Advances for Use in Hong Kong by Economic Sector. Discuss the/

1 The related literature on foreign banks The proponents of foreign bank entry argue that foreign banks enhance competition in domestic banking markets,

global financial crisis of 2008-9.  specifically focus on the bank lending channel  Using bank-level data from 2000 to 2009, covering 136 foreign bank subsidiaries, of 74 multinational banks, located in 7 emerging Asian economies,  Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand 14 Source: BIS Locational Banking Statistics and Cetorelli and Goldberg (2010) Cross-border bank flows by region (US$ in bil.) 15 Foreign/

1 Strategy for Competing in Russia’s Banking Market Oleg Tumanov, Deputy CEO Alfa Bank, Moscow London, December 2003.

loans are twice as expensive as corporate loans Retail lending attractive Rates on retail lending are attractive 16 Investment banking Source: Alfa Bank statistics Option 3: New market instruments for $12 bln  Underwriting is shared between Alfa Bank, Trust, MDM, Rosbank and Raiffeisen  Current /,8 bln tо $2 bln  Credit notes –market size may increase to $0,5-$0,7 bln 17 Investment banking Sources: Alfa Bank statistics, RTS, Goskomstat, KMPG Option 3: M&A market of $5 bln in 1H03  Only 5 IPOs took place /

The consequences of money creation by central banks that we are all Austrian economist s NOW!

but high money growth is followed by accelerating inflation Sources: FRED, Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; Bureau of Labor Statistics, http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/categories/25; accessed September 30, 2010. Quantity Theory of Money Money / It is the relationship between the quantity of money supplied and i. ‒ Quantity of money supplied is determined by bank lending and the Fed. ‒ On any given day, the quantity of money is fixed independent of the interest rate. 2/

  The Determinants of Cross-Border Lending in the Euro Zone The 14th Dubrovnik Economic Conference June 26-27, 2008 Sylvia Heuchemer Cologne University.

countrypair-year specific observations 5 Sylvia Heuchemer, Stefanie Kleimeier & Harald Sander - Increase in banking market integration - Lending is right-skewed, indicating that lending activities are concentrated in a few countries Cross-border loans more than doubled Data 6 / Sander Estimation Procedure 1: Fixed Vs Random Effects in Loan Markets None of the explanatory variables are statistically significant. Variation in cross-border loans can be explained by country- pair and time specific factors. 0/

The global implementation programme for the 2008 SNA and supporting statistics Seminar on the implementation of the System of National Accounts 2008 in.

Registers and Frames Surveys Integration Framework Dissemination Structure for organizing the information base based on a stylized statistical production model  Insufficient staff and training.  For exhaustive coverage of economic activities – data / Financial sector indicators 6.1Central Bank net foreign assets 6.2Central Bank domestic lending 6.3Central Bank reserve money 6.4Depository corporations net foreign assets 6.5Depository corporations domestic lending 6.6Depository corporations broad money /

Copyright 2010, The World Bank Group. All Rights Reserved. 1 GOVERNMENT FINANCE STATISTICS ANALYTIC FRAMEWORK Part 1 This lecture introduces the analytic.

or utilizing the financial resources generated by other sectors. STATEMENTS AND ANALYTIC BALANCES Copyright 2010, The World Bank Group. All Rights Reserved. 8 GOVERNMENT FINANCE STATISTICS Statement of Government Operations Revenue Minus (-) Expense Equals (=) Net/Gross operating balance Plus (+) Net acquisition of nonfinancial assets Equals (=) Net lending/borrowing Equals (=) Transactions in Financial Assets and Liabilities (Financing) Net acquisition of financial assets Domestic Foreign/

Norges Bank 11 Executive Board meeting 25 June 2008.

items Metals Sources: Thomson Reuters, Statistics Norway and Norges Bank Norges Bank 12 UK Euro area US Japan /Bank Norges Bank 18 Source: Statistics Norway Total interest margin Lending margin Deposit margin Banks’ 1) total interest margin Divided into deposit and lending margin 2). Percentage points. End of quarter. 97 Q4 – 08 Q1 1) All banks in Norway 2) Deposit and lending margins are measured against 3-month money market rates Norges Bank 19 Key policy rate, money market rate 1) and bankslending/

1 Methods and tools of macroprudential analysis the central bank’s perspective Piotr Szpunar.

Fall in prices real estate market High divident payments Large portfolio of household credits from the period of lenient lending policy High share of FX loans Higher share of funding via market Higher share of foreign and parent entities/, and third parties 53 Structure of the ESRB SECRETARIAT (Staffed by employees of the European Central Bank) Analytical, statistical, administrative and logistical support to ESRB GENERAL BOARD Main decision-making body Voting members include: President and Vice-President/

Effects of Bank Consolidation on Small Business Lending By Gek Peng Yeo.

 Berger 02- Transactions-based lending vs. Relationship lending  DeYoung 04 – Past, present, and future of community banks Large Bank vs. Small Bank  Mid, small, and rural banks decreases  Large bank increases Regression Analysis – Bank Size vs. Small Business Lending  Avg. Loan Size vs. Bank Size As bank size grows, average small business loan size grows R2 is low at 0.09, but all bank size parameters are statistically significant  SBL/TA vs. Size/

Sovereign Bancorp, Inc. Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Regional Bank Conference February 28, 2008.

and consumer leadership ensures consistent product, pricing, policy and performance Core Consumer (within footprint):  Home Equity Lending  Residential Mortgage  Retail Banking  Automobile Lending 8 Strategic Alliances  CVS/Cardtronics  Over 1,100 ATMs installed to date  Over 500,000 transactions /74026% 621 to 68010% <6202% CLTV Distribution FICO Distribution 1 Data as of 12/31/07. 1) Statistics based on original loan amount and are as of time of origination for those loans that data were available. /

Section 5: Prospects for Financial Stability. Chart 5.1 Perceived risks of UK financial instability diminished further Sources: Bank of England Systemic.

lending at above 80% LTV before and after the speed limit Sources: Reserve Bank of New Zealand. a)20 August — 10% limit was announced. b)1 October — 10% limit was implemented. Chart B Hong Kong: house prices and residential mortgage delinquencies (a) Sources: BIS Residential Property Price database www.bis.org/statistics//pp.htm, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, national sources and Bank calculations. a)The fall in delinquencies in the mid-/

1 SME Programme Lending Overview Group Best Practices & Key Challenges SME Conference Lahore, Pakistan - May 2005 David Yong GRM Consumer & Programme Lending.

–limited reliable data for credit assessment 12 There are many ways to create growth in Small Business banking  Aus/NZ Bank had lost Small Business (SB) share after attempting to build low-cost remote channel model  Re/24 Implementing Program Lending faces challenges (continued)  Implementation of scoring methods –Scoring systems make sense only for high volume business –Application Scoring increase underwriting process efficiency improve portfolio quality thru statistical control –Behaviour Scoring/

Norges Bank 11 Executive Board meeting 28 May 2008.

), US Large and medium-sized enterprises, US Enterprises, euro area Mortgages, euro area Survey of bank lending practices. US and the euro area. Share of banks that will tighten their credit standards for different customer groups. Per cent. Quarterly figures. 03 Q1/Price indices 1) for Norwegian exports in NOK 2001=100. Q1 2001 – Q1 2008 Sources: Reuters (EcoWin), Statistics Norway and Norges Bank Norges Bank 17 Freight rates. Indices based on rates in USD. Tank: World Scale West from the Middle East. Dry /

State of Small Business Lending: US and UK Karen Gordon Mills Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School & Harvard Kennedy School Former Administrator of the.

P DRAFT US: SMALL FIRMS HIT HARDEST IN CRISIS -- 60% OF JOB LOSSES 3 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Dynamics Statistics (latest as of 4Q14). Chart shows the change in the number of charges by firm size, specifically “small / BANK LENDING TO SMALL FIRMS FROZE IN CRISIS, YET TO RECOVER 9 Source BIS: Monthly BIS survey and Bank calculations. Lending by four UK lenders to enterprises with annual bank account debit turnover less than £25 million. Survey ended December 2012. Source BOE: Lending/

World Bank support for Strategic Planning in Statistics June 7, 2006 Makiko Harrison Development Data Group, World Bank.

.Support, rather than supplant, existing governance arrangements. What the World Bank provides Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building (TFSCB) grant program Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building (TFSCB) grant program STATCAP lending program STATCAP lending program Development Grant Facility Development Grant Facility General lending/grant projects with statistical component General lending/grant projects with statistical component Advisory services (GDDS, PRSPs, NSDS, projects, etc.) Advisory/

Chapter 15: Evaluating Consumer Loans. Evaluating Consumer Loans Today, many banks target individuals as the primary source of growth in attracting new.

Scoring – With judgmental analysis, loan officer subjectively interprets information in light of bank’s lending guidelines and accepts or rejects the loan. Assessment can be completed shortly after receiving the loan application and visiting with the applicant. – With a credit scoring model, loan officer grades request according to a statistically sound model that assigns points to characteristics of the prospective borrower. Loan is/

Client since 2005 2013 Revenue $1,649.5M Asset Size $41,229M Company Statistics Commercial, regional, national and state commercial banking, capital markets,

been active for the past year and we’re working on finding out their current pipeline. Asset-Based Lending Our TD Bank relationship is currently divided between three areas (1) Healthcare Lending (2) Commercial Real Estate and (3) Asset-Based Lending. Our lawyers have also represented TD Bank in ABL transactions in the past. Jeff Rosenthal and Tom Duignan represented the Healthcare group on transactions/

Www.ober.com Disparate Impact Discrimination and Community Banks March 5, 2013 Presented by Frank C. Bonaventure, Jr. Andrew F. Campbell.

the largest in history.  Wells Fargo – mortgage brokers were given pricing discretion; statistical analysis allegedly showed that African-Americans and Hispanic borrowers in the Chicago area were charged /Lending with bank regulators  Data-driven examination procedures  State of the art consumer complaint system  Fair lending staff member assigned to each examination of banks and non-banks 9 www.ober.com CFPB Enforcement “ CFPB’s Fair Lending and Enforcement offices have a number of pending fair lending/

Central Bank of Iraq Statistics & Research Dept. Study Entitled: Accelerate the Restructuring of the Two Biggest State-Owned Banks (Raffidain&Rashid) and.

participation in the Second International Exhibition and Conference on Financial and Banking Business in Iraq 27-28 January 2014" Prepared by Waleed Eidy AbdulNabi December 2014 D.G. of Statistics & Research Dept. The Concept and Nature of Restructuring Restructuring operation/high officials of the two banks to lend certain social trenches or open documentary credits and letters of guarantee as collateral and part of those amounts belonged to the bank itself, both Rafidain and Rashid banks set a side the /

House Committee on Pensions, Investments & Financial Services Department of Banking Commissioner Charles G. Cooper April 2, 2009 Savings and Mortgage Lending.

7 Offered by: Texas Department of Banking and Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending April 2009 Responses  Horizontal or targeted/Banking and Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending April 2009 Deposit Market Share in Texas B Source: FDIC Offered by: Texas Department of Banking and Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending April 2009 C D E CSBS Letter for States to Send to Their Congressional Delegation Texas State-Chartered Bank and Thrift Loan Growth F Adjusted for major mergers and acquisitions Source: FDIC Statistics/

Presentation to Senate Committee on Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, and Statistics on “State of Pakistan Economy” By Dr. Shamshad Akhtar Governor State.

Presentation to Senate Committee on Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, and Statistics on “State of Pakistan Economy” By Dr. Shamshad Akhtar Governor State Bank of Pakistan 2 1.Inflation shot up to 21.5% in June 08 from /; 1 July 2008; ; 2 September 2008; 3 October 2008 Note: Nominal lending rate for Indonesia is the simple average of commercial banks lending rates on loans for working capital and investment purposes Lending rates in Regional countries Back 45 Back Credit to private sector remained strong 1./

Platform to Create Shared Value in Agribusiness Key Issues and Solutions in Agri-finance Analysis of questionnaire responses and interviews of bank and.

12:05 Coromandel SBI Jain Irrigation ICICI Bank Mother Dairy HDFC Bank StarAgri BASIX UPL IDBI Bank 12:05 to 12:20 Coromandel IDBI Bank Jain Irrigation SBI Mother Dairy ICICI Bank StarAgri HDFC Bank UPL BASIX 35 F. Background Background 1.Strategies, issues and solutions being built by: HDFC Bank SBI Axis Bank Yes Bank ICICI Bank 2.Key competitors 3.Statistics on agricultural lending 4.Implications of new priority sector/

The Effect of Banking Relationships on the Future of Financially Distressed Firms Claire M. Rosenfeld September 21, 2007 Disclaimer: The analysis presented.

Paid Timing: Distress Date – Loan Date Industry Indicators –Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Services Macroeconomy: CFNAI Sample Statistics: Table IV Table V: Probit Regressions Min. Distress Rank: 7 LHS: Firm Success Significance: *=10%/ »Given actual relationship »Includes all controls –Nature of lending relationship »Given instruments »Includes all controls Endogeneity: Instruments Banking Market Concentration –Affects lending policies Banks’ reliance upon relationship loans –HHI(Deposits), winsorized at/

Chapter 19 Banking Industry: Structure and Competition.

in decline. Some of this business has been replaced by the shadow banking system, in which bank lending has been replaced by lending via the securities market. Copyright ©2015 Pearson Education, Inc. All /statistics for these banks as well as the ten largest U.S. banks. Copyright ©2015 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.19-38 Structure of the Commercial Banking Industry FDIC statistics on banking http://www.fdic.gov/bank/statistical/index.html Table 19.2 Size Distribution of Insured Commercial Banks/

Towards a New Paradigm for Monetary Economics Reserve Bank of India December 2006.

of New Paradigm Information is local (regional) Regional banks have more information about their own region, lend to their own region –Shocks to their region affect their net worth, their ability and willingness to lend –Regional credit interlinkages exacerbate regional downturns—extend impacts beyond non-traded sectors to traded goods produced within the region –Statistical studies confirm the effect in the U.S. Underlying/

Sovereign Bancorp, Inc. Merrill Lynch Banking and Financial Services Conference November 13, 2007.

does not have any lending units whose principal focus is on sub-prime lending Core Commercial:  Commercial Real Estate  Mini Perm  Conduit  C&I Lending  Business Banking Branch Business Banking SBA  Centralized strategy with a de-centralized delivery structure  Community Banking delivery model, each/ Footprint 64% 36% >741 32% 681 to 74041% 621 to 68024% <6202% FICO Distribution 1 1 Statistics based on original loan amount and are as of time of origination for those loans that data were available. 28/

Revise Lecture 18. Basic Lending Principles Q: What is asset management banking?

Profitability Management Profitability management involves the monitoring of three distinct types of profitability statistics. The profits of bank can be measured in three ways; By organization By product By account Basic Lending Principles Profitability Management Organizational profitability is the most familiar type since all banks have some system for reporting the performance of their major organizational units. However, an effective profitability management system will/

Cross-border bank lending versus FDI in Africa’s growth story Jose Brambila Macias Isabella Massa Victor Murinde University of ReadingOverseas Development.

and data;  Results;  Conclusions and policy recommendations. Stylized Facts  Arguably, FDI and cross-border bank lending are the two main types of private capital flows for many African countries.  They are distributed heterogeneously within/2007.  Data sources: UNCTAD’s FDI On-line database, BIS Consolidated Banking Statistics, World Bank’s WDI, IMF’s IFS, Heritage Foundation. Descriptive Statistics All African CountriesAfrica without SANE countriesNon-APPA membersAPPA members MeanS.D.MinMaxMeanS.D/

Presented by Joanna Charles Assistant General Manager Bank Of Saint Lucia (BOSL)

registered SMEs in St. Lucia SME Loans represent $85.8M SME overdrafts represent $9M The SME lending portfolio represents 8% of the Banks total credit portfolio. Average demand is estimated at EC$ 63,000 for small loan facilities and EC$ 460,000 for medium-sized loans. Key Statistics: SME Portfolio Quality: Productive SME loans: $79M (83% of SME portfolio) Non-productive SME loans/

Asset Quality. Upcoming 1.Theory of Bank Credit 2.Analyzing Bank Credit Risk 3.Credit Process 4.Credit Derivatives.

loan. Evaluating Bank Credit Risk History of Credit Performance (Charge- offs) Future expected losses (non-performing loans, types of lending, diversification) Current Strength of bank preparation (reserves, earnings coverage). Net Charge-offs to Loans Statistic on Depository / ible Loans Written off Collection Process Recovery Net Chargeoffs Non Current Assets to Loans Statistic on Depository Institutions Measuring a Banks Credit Risk/Key Ratios Loans are assets with the most credit risk (also the/


Demand - Philippines Poverty Statistics No. of Poor Households – 5.8 million Source: World Bank According to the Philippine Central Bank, the potential demand /banking. Rural Banks are Ideally positioned for MF… Grameen Model: Grameen Model: The rural banks, especially those that are PCFC conduits, commonly adopt different variations of Grameen micro- lending/saving. Individual Lending: Individual Lending: The MABS approach, which emphasizes individual lending, is now gaining ground, as more and more banks/

Norges Bank 1 Executive Board meeting 30 May 2007.

Retail sales index 12-month growth. 3-month moving average. Per cent January 2000 – February 2007 Sources: Statistics Norway and Norges Bank Norges Bank 20 Household net lending and net financial wealth to income ratio Last four quarters. 1997 Q1 - 2006 Q4 Source: Norges Bank Net lending 2) Net financial wealth to income ratio 1) 1) Net assets as a share of disposable income. 2) In/

Bank Credit, Trade Credit or No Credit? Evidence from the Surveys of Small Business Finances Rebel A. Cole DePaul University 2011 Annual Meetings of the.

by census region Cannot use results from unweighted descriptive statistics or from OLS to make inferences about the populationCannot use results from unweighted descriptive statistics or from OLS to make inferences about the population / to small business lending. Existing proposals focus exclusively on bank lending while totally ignoring trade credit, which is an equally important source of capital for small businesses. Existing proposals focus exclusively on bank lending while totally ignoring trade/

Facilitating Growth of SMEs through Introduction of Non-bank Financial Institutions as Alternative Sources of Financing Presentation at Hyatt Hotel 8 November.

348). Minimum income is RSD 18,400, i.e. EUR 164.* *Source: Serbia Statistical Data Very poor Poor population Target Audience AI Why are we Different from Banks? (1) Satellite offices MunicipalitiesPopulation No of Househol ds Rural household s Rural/ total HH/ outreach with donors. Solution: NBFI Law Can NBFI’s Play a Role? Goals of Non-Bank Lending Provision (microfinance) in Serbia: 1.Increase the amount of lending support to startups, SMEs and rural areas by accessing high levels of EU donor and social /

1 The Causes of Banking Crises: What Do We Know? Pierre-Richard Agénor The World Bank University of Crete 4th Conference in Macroeconomic Analysis May.

. l Measures of financial fragility (ratio of broad money to reserves, the share of bank reserves in total bank assets, and the share of bank lending directed to the public sector) are also not significant. 43 l Large and significant correlation/all the variables simultaneously; the additional information provided by new variables can easily be checked. è Indicators that are statistically significant are used to calculate the probability of a crisis occurring in a specific period. l Disadvantage of this /

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation – SME Financing and Loan Guarantee Conference 2014 Central Bank’s Programmes Supporting SME Financing Marina.

contributor to SME growth Banking system remains supportive of SMEs, in all key economic sectors p: preliminary f: forecast Lending to SMEs by Banking System (RM b) Source: Department of Statistics, SME Corporation Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia Contribution of /Flexible and encourage pioneering Recognises individuality of regulatees E.g. priority sector lending, microfinance, agent banking Minimise Information Asymmetry CCRIS – assists FIs ascertain behaviour of applicants Credit Bureau Malaysia – independent credit /

Government Finance Division IMF Statistics Department The views expressed herein are those of the author and should not be attributed to the IMF, its Executive.

Fire Sale of Assets Default on loans and bonds Rise in NPLs losses on assets Reduced lending Government Finance Division IMF Statistics Department The views expressed herein are those of the author and should not be attributed to the/) Holder of the Liability (Creditor Sector) Reduced lending Rise in interest rates Banks exposure to sovereign Feedback loop to government Rise in debt from contingent liability Government Finance Division IMF Statistics Department Balance Sheet Analysis in IMF Surveillance (8//

Municipal Borrowing – Bonds or Bank Loans. Recent Experiences from Hungary Charles Jókay, Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Public Policy, CEU, and Executive.

 Bond market developed 10 years after regulatory framework was in place  Non-bank financial institutions tend to ignore municipal lending market and do not buy municipal securities for their portfolios  If bonds are issued in great numbers for the wrong reason, regulators will overreact Information Sources National Bank of Hungary statistics: http://english.mnb.hu Hungarian Financial Markets Supervision: http://english.pszaf.hu Municipal/

Towards a New Paradigm for Monetary Economics Bank Negara January, 2005 Joseph E. Stiglitz.

riskiness of the environment Proposition 1. A Decrease in Bank’s Net Worth Leads to a Decrease in Bank Lending Optimal behavior of bank is described by where ø is the marginal bankruptcy cost/banks have more information about their own region, lend to their own region –Shocks to their region affect their net worth, their ability and willingness to lend –Regional credit interlinkages exacerbate regional downturns—extend impacts beyond non-traded sectors to traded goods produced within the region –Statistical/

PRIORITY SHORT-TERM ECONOMIC STATISTICS FOR THE ARAB REGION High-Level meeting and Regional Seminar on the Implementation 2008 SNA and Supporting Statistics.

is a joint undertaking of the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics (Inter- Agency Group): Bank for International Settlements (BIS), European Central Bank (EC), Eurostat, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), See document E//market indicatorsTier 1Monthly شهريمؤشرات سوق رأس المالمؤشرات السوق المالي 11Financial market indicators Others as relevant : spreads between lending and deposit rates, highest-lowest interbank rate; etc. مؤشرات السوق المالي 11Real estate market indicators Residential /


Bureau of Statistics of China  Classification of banks by the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission SUOMEN PANKKI | FINLANDS BANK | BANK OF FINLAND TYPES OF BANKS  Large commercial banks –Four main banks established in 1984 (ABC, BoC, CCB, ICBC) and Bank of /in other monetary policy measures.  => we tend to support the absence of the bank lending channel in China. SUOMEN PANKKI | FINLANDS BANK | BANK OF FINLAND CONCLUSION  2. Changes in reserve requirements influence loan growth directly  We /

Implementation of the 2008 System of National Accounts in Azerbaijan and some challenges of FISIM estimation Author: Nuru Suleymanov State Statistics Committee.

to improve national accounts indicators for 2009–2011, which aimed to fill gaps in implementing the 1993 SNA, improve basic statistics and price indices used for producing SNA indicators and establish a methodology and database for implementing the recommendations of the 2008 /lent to finance certain segments of the economy from government anti-crisis measures and  The inter – bank lending resulting from bilateral agreements with low interest rates.  The reference rates were calculated using the data/

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