Ppt on autism in india

Intersectoral coordination in the provision of care for specially abled persons Dr. Prashant Ghodam Moderator: Dr. Chetna Maliye.

, mental retardation, mental illness and persons cured of leprosy. Legislations  National Trust for Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities Act, 1999. To execute the mandated responsibilities, a Central Co/ Organization, 2011. 2.The Report on Disability – Census of India 2011 by Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner, Government of India. 3.People with Disability in India: From Commitments to Outcomes by Human Development Unit, South Asia /

What do we need to know?.  It was a cold morning in November 1912. Thousands of Mexicans, most of them single men, got off the train in Bingham, Utah.

Information for your storybook  List of DisabilitiesDevelopmental Disabilities  ADD/ADHD ADD/ADHD  Asperger Syndrome Asperger Syndrome  Autism Autism  Down syndrome Down syndrome  Dyslexia Dyslexia  Mental Disabilities  Alzheimers Disease Alzheimers Disease  Anxiety Disorder Anxiety / Festival of Colors & India Fest – Spanish Fork http://www.ksl.com/?nid=1016&sid=19729645 http://www.ksl.com/?nid=1016&sid=19729645  Information for your storybook  Immigrants want to fit in, but they also want /

Hazards in our environment by Dr M Khalid Munir Hyderabad, India

Hazards in our environment by Dr M Khalid Munir Hyderabad, India http://drkhalidmnir.googlepages.com medlifeasia@gmail.com Someone with diffuse and otherwise/ glycol Isopropyl Alcohol Major toxic chemicals These can cause: Premature aging Autism in children (a mental abnormality) Dermatitis Reduces immunity Asthma Headache GI disorders Hormonal disturbances Major toxic chemicals These can cause: Premature aging Autism in children (a mental abnormality) Dermatitis Reduces immunity Asthma Headache GI disorders/

Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in Student Writing: A QuIRKy Experience Nathan D. Grawe Carleton College With support from the US Department of Education’s.

Evolving Assessment Tools: The QuIRK Rubric Example of effective peripheral QR paper: “Democracy in India” Thesis: Because India is exceptional in creating democracy despite the lack of typical preconditions, it is a useful example for us /Higher Education. Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America. Wallis, Claudia. 2007. “Is the Autism Epidemic a Myth,” Time, January 12. Wallis, Claudia. 2007. “Is the Autism Epidemic a Myth,” Time, January 12. WCCO. 2007. “Report: Indians Denied Home Loans /

CA. Rajat Mohan B.Com(H),ACA, ACS, DISA 1 Tax Planning through Investments SECTION-80U DEDUCTION IN CASE OF A PERSON WITH DISABILITY.

IN CASE OF A PERSON WITH DISABILITY. MOHAN AGGARWAL & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants 2 3 (A).TAXPAYER CATEGORY SECTION-80U This deduction is available to individual taxpayer only. MOHAN AGGARWAL & ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants 4 (i)Assessee is resident of India/Participation) Act, 1995, and includes autism, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities referred to in clauses (a), (c) and (h) of section 2 of the National Trust for Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple/



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Article 253 of the Constitution read with item No. 13 of the Union List  National Trust for Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disability Act, 1999  The Act provides for constitution of the Board of the /of declarations for their protection.  There about 3 million patients are there in India. The Government started taking care after the SC judgment in Mr X V Hospital Z in 1998 held that the hospital discloses information for a prospective partner is not wrong/

Dr. Pawan Saharan – Founder, CEO - Biomix Inc. id: Paradigm shift in discovery.

ALLERGIES & ASTHMA TUBERCULOSIS ALZHEIMER BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERPLASIA HEPATIC CELLULAR CARCINOMA HYPERTENSION LUPUS (DISCOID AND SYSTEMIC) ORAL THRUSH AUTISM PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME AND ENDOMETRIOSIS RHEUMATOID & OSTEO ARTHRITIS SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY 4 Therapeutic Cost Therapeutic efficacy Challenges with / 386.76+102.69 ± 267.440.008 Summary of study 2 data (Mumbai, India phase III ) 40 Statistically significant gain in weight p<0.05 in both the Study I and Study II Study 1 Study 2 Indian Study : STAND /


experiment using the words "kiki" and "bouba" and asked American college undergraduates and Tamil speakers in India “Which of these shapes is bouba and which is kiki?” In both the English and the Tamil speakers, 95% to 98% selected the curvy shape as "/ that this effect might be the neurological basis for sound symbolism, in which sounds are non-arbitrarily mapped to objects and events in the world. The bouba/kiki effect Individuals with autism do not show as strong a preference. Where average people agree/

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NCPEDP Study on Disability Question in Population Census of India 2011 Prepared by DEOC.

Census Questionnaire of 2011 - The Questionnaire and the Explanatory Note was prepared METHODOLOGY The database of representatives of disability sector in India was prepared. It was a selective sample with representation of: Different regions Neglected regions Different disability groups, such as, Autism, learning disabilities, deaf-blindness, leprosy, Thalassaemia and Haemophilia. Rural and urban areas A large part of the sample consisted of persons/


110019 4 Music Therapy Academy, New DelhiMusic Therapy Academy, New Delhi (Delhi) The Music Therapy Trust (TMTT), C/O Action for Autism, Pocket 7 & 8, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi (Delhi) - 110025 5 Shivaji University : Department of Music and Dramatics, /GPSC – UPSC  Defense direct entry  M.S.  M.B.A.  M.Tech. (IIT)  Government Contractor SCHOLARSHIP IN INDIA SR. NO. NAME OF SCHOLARSHIPELIGI BILITY AMOUNTWEBSITE 1 NATIONAL MEANS CUM MERIT SCHOLARSHIPVIII 500/- PER MONTH WWW.SEBEXAM.ORG 2 NATIONAL TALENT /

Information for International applicants and offer holders from India.

Hoy, one of the UK’s most successful Olympians Edinburgh and India 229 Indian students UK’s first ever South Asian Student Association founded in Edinburgh in 1875 1876 first Indian graduate Indian Partner Universities: University of Delhi Indian/Snooker Society South Asian Society Spanish and Latino Society Standing Ovation Stop Aids String Orchestra Student Action for Autism Student Action For Refugees (STAR) Student Cancer Fund Student Christian Movement Student Newspaper Student Scout and Guide/

Joanna Kossewska Pedagogical University of Krakow Department of Psychology Vocational needs of disabled persons in the context of quality of life.

members with an intellectual or developmental disability. 2. The project was initiated in 1997 by researchers from Australia, Canada, and Israel and other 20 countries are now involved (Australia Austria Bosnia Belgium Canada India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, /Spiritual and Cultural Beliefs 7.Career and Preparation for Career 8.Leisure and Enjoyment of Life 9.Community and Civil Involvement Autism (n=18) Mean Age: 7.78 yrs Age Range: 6-13 Down (n=33) Mean Age: 7./

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OF ACCESSIBLE DIGITAL BOOKS IN DAISY FORMAT Satyajeet Singh People with print impairments cannot read the standard print because of:  Visual Impairment (blindness or low vision)  Cognitive disabilities such as dyslexia, autism, slow learners, ADHD/persons with disabilities. DAISY Forum of India is a forum of Not for Profit organizations from India started in 2007. These organizations are involved in production and distribution of books and reading materials in accessible formats for persons who cannot /

DERI & GROESFAEN COMMUNITIES FIRST PARTNERSHIP “FUN” IN THE COMMUNITY COMMUNITY Parc Cwm Darren 6 th September 10 – 4 pm Cardiff Male Voice Choir Karate.

Face Painting Fly Fishing Home made Cake Competition Lap The Lake in Fancy Dress Competition 5K Race Kids Art Competition s Nordic walking demo Valleys Radio Broadcasting Live from the event Bushcraft Entrance free Steel Pan India Dance Wales Caerphilly Storm Family fun day ParC Cwm Darren Family / South Wales Small Animal RescueSouth Wales Small Animal Rescue Breast & Cervical Cancer Group Guide Dogs Autism & M S ENTRANCEFREE For further information contact: Ann Vincent 07985 213012 Something for everyone

sankalp day care, kanpur

sankalp day care, kanpur 2011-2012 renewal Background Caters to children with special needs (autism, mental retardation, speech & language issues, behavioral problems, learning disabilities) Project’s goal is with targeted attention and/ other Asha-SV project except the funds sent are only those that have been directly donated to the project) 80G income tax registration in India but no FCRA yet Asha Kanpur oversees the project (funds are sent to them, they disburse it and review funds utilization); they also/

Sudesh Mukhopadhyay Chairperson, Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI) 1 Policies for Accessible Learning Opportunities: Indian Perspective Policies for.

Sudesh Mukhopadhyay Chairperson, Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI) 1 Policies for Accessible Learning Opportunities: Indian Perspective Policies for Accessible Learning Opportunities: Indian Perspective Open and Distance Learning Services for Learners with Disabilities: The Rights Perspective The Information Age 2  Unprecedented opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in society  Access to knowledge, information and services  Possibility of ensuring equal opportunities for all  /

IMHO Year in Review: 2013-14 Building Health Systems & Addressing Vital Humanitarian Needs Nanda Nanthakumar, PhD IMHO Board of Directors.

to school children Philippines Typhoon Relief: $5,000 For victims of Typhoon Haiyan India Flood Relief: $2,500 For flood victims in Uttarakhand Livelihoods Support: $22,601 Throughout NE Sri Lanka Three-Wheeler Livelihoods Support /improvements at National Institute of Mental Health Multi-disciplinary mental health team in Tellipalai Ongoing support for facilities and services at Kalmunai Rehab Unit Initial autism project support Handicap Toilets: $10,575 Constructing specially accessible toilets for/

Sankalp Special School Kanpur 2015-2016 Renewal. Background Caters to children with special needs (autism, behavioral problems, learning disabilities,

Sankalp Special School Kanpur 2015-2016 Renewal Background Caters to children with special needs (autism, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, speech/language issues, mentally challenged) Project’s goal is to/ Like any other Asha-SV project except the funds sent are only those that have been directly donated to the project –80G income tax registration in India –Completely under Asha Trust starting this year Current Statistics Students - 48 Staff - 7 teachers for classes - 1 craft and dance teacher - 1/

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Asha for Education - Mission

501(c)3) Total disbursements as of 2004 exceed $5,300,000 Every dollar raised through donations goes to projects in India Asha Austin Projects Asha Sikshan Sansthan Bharatiya Jan Seva Ashram Prasanna Jyoti Raja Shivaji Vidyalaya Seva Chakkara Orphanage Sristhi Special /including downs syndrome, autism. Teaches basic life skills to enable children to take care of themselves. Identifies the talents of each child and tries to match a vocational skill that the child can do to integrate them in the society. Work /

Namasthe Kerala Historically education was assigned importance Literacy rate of 94% (Males 96%, Female 91%) Near 100% enrollment in schools Lowest dropout.

a crucial role Pockets of illiteracy in inaccessible areas Poor quality infrastructure Quality issues SSA an important tool for the Government to address these issues Opening Balance 8825.68 lakhs Government of India Release16327.17 lakhs Government of Kerala10712./OI 11516, MR 35694, CP 4843, MD 5959, LD 23440 Autism 2582 1208 Medical Camps conducted Implemented Remedial Teaching and Parental education in 1385 CRCs Therapeutic services and HBE in all CRCs Three day special training to 12,000 teachers S. No/

TAMILNADU STATE MISSION OF EDUCATION FOR ALL Annual Work Plan & Budget Activities in 2014-15 & Proposals for 2015-16.

of performance A – Very Good, B- Good, C- Average, D- Below Average Design for Change  In the DFC school challenge India 2014, out of 2000 entries at National level, the maximum participation was from Tamilnadu with 1086 entries.  Out/ through NIVH Adapted text Adapted exercise Usage of ICT Development of Text Books in assessable format especially for children with cerebral palsy, Multiple Disabilities and Autism. Individualized Educational Plan Timely work order of the books and Distribution of Braille/

Prepared by DEOC For Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India and National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People.

. Any Other - Code 7 www.deoc.in If the respondent/person reports a disability other than those listed in the question, then it should be noted as ‘Any Other’ Some examples are: Autism Inherited bleeding disorders such as Thalassemia, or /, literacy, economic activity, marital status, fertility, etc. This information will help in getting the socio-economic status of persons with disabilities in India. Write the Correct Code www.deoc.in 1. Respondent: Father has paralysis of one side and walks with a stick./

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Hank Nunn Institute is a not-for-profit registered charitable trust Radical approaches in mental health Our vision To provide treatment and recovery programs.

last 14 years Worked with persons suffering from chronic psychiatric disorders Special Educator for children and adults with autism Associate staff member of the Living Learning Experience workshops, UK Shama Parkhe – Clinical Director MSc in psychology (clinical) from Christ University Hands on experience in observing and interacting with the clinical population in a psychiatric as well as a community setting Workshops and received training/

Andrea Baruchin, Ph.D. Senior Advisor to the President India-US Technology Summit November 19, 2014.

Baruchin, Ph.D. Senior Advisor to the President India-US Technology Summit November 19, 2014 Purpose Created by Congress: → To support the NIH in its mission; → To advance collaboration with biomedical / Inc Non-Profit Organizations Alzheimer’s Association American Diabetes Association American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Arthritis Foundation Autism Speaks Biotechnology Industry Organization California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF) Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research CHDI Foundation /


INDIA www.peejays.in DOCTORS’ DAY ORATION : JULY 1 st, 2012 CUTTING-EDGE TOOL IN MEDICINE: THE CLINICIAN’S HAND A highly respected Physician, C.M of W. Bengal for 14 years. Alumnus of the Medical College, Calcutta. Completed both F.R.C.S. and M.R.C.P. simultaneously in/ Clinical Diagnoses. An MRI or CT cannot detect Cerebral Palsy. And computer-generated Questionnaires cannot diagnose Autism! Technology cannot replace Physical Examination and a resultant Doctor-Patient relationship. ‘Get up from the chair/

Bullying All you need to know… Bullying Included in this is; 1.An overview of bullying – the different types 2.How has bullying changed over the years.

It can effect people that are physically disabled or people with special conditions such as autism. dyslexia or cleft lips. Gay Bullying This targets gay people specifically. It could come in the forms of physical, emotional or verbal. For example refusing to talk or associate with/, I just accepted it and tried to forget that someone was acting like that towards me. When I left India I went to my new school in Tonbridge. Everyone was nice to me the first day, then the second day everyone left me on my own,/

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yeast infection Members exchange information on news, therapies, resources, advocacy, on just about anything concerning autism fluconazole 150mg tablets price in india Finally, EPA Administrator concludes the letter by making the rather harsh statement that passage of the proposed/doses of diflucan for yeast infection how long does it take diflucan to cure male yeast infection diflucan tablets in india diflucan dosage gi yeast infection @James It maybe sooner than we all thought diflucan used to treat std /

What is Question Answering?

calories are there in two slices of apple pie? What is the average age of the onset of autism? Where is Apple Computer based? Complex (narrative) questions: In children with an acute febrile illness, what is the efficacy of acetaminophen in reducing fever? What/simple regular expressions, or hybrid Return the string with the right type: Who is the prime minister of India (PERSON) Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, had told left leaders that the deal would not be renegotiated. How tall is Mt. Everest? (/

Bellringer: Describe normal adolescent behavior in a Twitter feed.

the following settings… ◦A rural village in India ◦A presidential inauguration ◦A funeral ◦A courtyard in the city of Beijing China ◦Which of the behaviors you named would be “abnormal” in each of these settings? Why? NORMAL The/ explicitly defined categories Axis II: used to describe developmental disorders and long-standing personality disorders…language disorders, autism, mental retardation. Axis III: physical disorders or general medical conditions that are potentially relevant to understanding or/

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Genetic Disorders. Genetic disorders  Disorders caused by abnormalities in an individual’s DNA  These can be inherited (germ cell) or caused by a mutation.

number of RBC  Reduced number of RBC= decrease in hemoglobin= decrease in oxygen delivery throughout body  Most common in people from SE and Central Asia, Mediterranean, Middle East, India, and North Africa  Genetics  Inherited from parents / Does not affect life expectancy  Symptoms  Males: significant intellectual disability, large ears, long face, ADD, ADHD, autism/autistic behaviors, sensory disorders  Females: mild-moderate intellectual disability (2/3)  Genetics  Mutation on the X chromosome/

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(Homeopath, Psychologist & Naturopath)

very popular in Europe, India and many other countries becoming popular in the U.S. also. easily available in many natural health food stores Pediatric ear infection – a chronic vicious cycle. Why? is the most common and takes place in the middle/ Biomed) 14 & 15 with a constitutional remedy (1M+) prescribed by DHM. Give also remedies like ATTEND by Vaxa 6. Autism spectrum Disorders – CSE 12 & 20 together with Chelation, diet changes and behavioral approaches, Homeopathic detoxifiers by Newton or other firms/

Florence Clark Putting OT in HD Susan Nguyen, Sara Devoe, Linda Vena, Heather Schuler.

from http://ot.usc.edu/faculty/directory/Florence_Clark/ Sensory Integration International – The Ayres Clinic. (2011). Autism Link. http://www.autismlink.com/listing/sensory_integration_international_the_ayres_clinic University of Southern California (2011). Lifestyle redesign programs. Retrieved /: Evidence that occupational therapy helps prevent decline in seniors. OT Practice, 16(13), 8-10. What is OT? (2011). The Mumbai Branch of All India Occupational Therapist’s Association. Retrieved from http:///

Disability Rights Tribunal in Asia & the Pacific Project :Disability Rights Tribunal in Asia & Pacific Funded by TOYOTA FOUNDATION Project Leader Senior.

Policy and Plan of Action 2008-2015 is in line with the CRPD but there is no law. Regional aspect no comprehensive disability law Seven governments (Australia, Hong Kong China, India, Japan, Philippines and Republic of Korea)/Malaysia and Thailand -- define disability from the social model perspective Regional aspect no comprehensive disability law ・ Persons with autism are not included in Bangladesh. ・ Often, the definition of “mental disabilities” does not make clear whether it includes persons with /


“Take the EYE pledge” initiatives SAPNA – Free vision evaluations for underprivileged in India VLC – Attend military career fairs to support veterans entering the workforce WLI – Support Women in Optometry Healthy Vision Activities: o Project See (HOLA, SAPNA ) o The/ Day (ASIA) o Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) o Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (WLI) o Autism Support & Awareness (Millennials) o Nemours Teddy Bear Affair (SAPNA) o GSA (gay-straight-alliance) partnerships at our local /

1 Disability Law in Asia and the Pacific: Challenges in ensuring non-discrimination for persons with disabilities. Aiko Akiyama Social Afffairs Office.

 Seven Governments ( Australia, Azerbaijian, Hong Kong China, India, Japan, Philippines and Republic of Korea) reported that they have anti-discrimination law. The region has variance in definitions on disability and persons with disabilities.  31 (/Malaysia, Thailand The region has variance in definitions on disability and persons with disabilities.  Coverage is not consistent throughout the region.  For example, persons with autism is not included in Bangladesh.  Interpretation of “mental disabilities/

1 Research Misconduct. 2 3 Examples of Misconduct 1.Ptolemy may have copied sky charts 2.Paul Kammerer (1920s) faked breeding results in toads using.

of Misconduct 1.Ptolemy may have copied sky charts 2.Paul Kammerer (1920s) faked breeding results in toads using India ink Sponsored Programs 4 + + 3.William T. Summerlin (1970s) faked results of skin / Significant recent examples: MMR Vaccine / Autism study Speed of Himalayan glacier melting Human stem cell cloning study 5 9 What is Research Misconduct? “Fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results” OSTP Definition OSTP The/

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