Ppt on articles of association and memorandum


by shares or by guarantee FORMATION DOCUMENTS Memorandum of Association  Company has unlimited objects unless restricted by articles  Location of registered office  Proposed name  Whether a private or a public company  Name and address of agent for subscribers (if appropriate)  Statement of capital and initial shareholdings, or statement of guarantee  Statement of the first officers  Address of registered office  Articles of Association (unless a model form is adopted by default)  Aggregate/


must be the members of the Managing Committee. Memorandum, Articles, Rules and Regulations of Association required in printed form Memorandum must contain object clause whereas Articles must state how society will operate Societies Registration Act, 1860 The Memo of Association must include: The name and registered address of the society. The names, addresses and occupation of each present member of the Managing Committee. Rules and Regulations of the society or Articles of Association duly signed by all/

Training the Cultural Resource Manager

29 visually describes the steps associated with Section 106.   A key talking point from this slide is the importance of consulting early and often. Assess adverse effects Apply criteria of adverse effect CONSULT No historic properties adversely affected CONSULT Historic properties are adversely affected Resolve adverse effects Continue consultation CONSULT Memorandum of Agreement Failure to agree Council Comment Area of Potential Effect (APE) and Project Footprint The lead/

Article 12 AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION All-Craft Conference Las Vegas, NV September 30-October 3, 2009.

section (as defined in Item 18 of the Local Memorandum of Understanding) to another, is the duty assignment reposted in accordance with Article 37.3.A.4? No. The duty assignment is abolished and the provisions of Article 12, Section 5.C.4 are applied/ Source: JCIM Article 12, page 7 QUESTION The junior of the two excessed employees, selected to be a mail handler at an Associated Office, whereas the senior affected employee is a clerk at an Associated Office. Who has first offer of retreat rights? ANSWER/

BUSINESS OWNERSHIP. TYPES OF OWNERSHIP Franchise Co-operative Public Ownership Public Limited Company (plc) Private Limited Company Ltd Partnership Sole.

Raleigh Cineworld Setting up a LTD company Comply with the Companies Act Register with Registrar of Companies Documents required: Memorandum of Association Articles of Association Memorandum or Association Company’s name Address of its registered office States shareholders have limited liability Amount of share capital to be raised Purpose of the company (main activity) Articles of Association Names of directors and their role How profits will be distributed Internal rules for running the business – rules/

Ukrainian Bar Association Cyprus Companies September 2009 Presentation during 2009 UBA Conference, Limassol, Cyprus Use of Jurisdictions for structuring.

System still largely similar to the English Legal System- Flexibility has been retained Cyprus Companies used for all intends and purposes in International Structures Regulation of the affairs of a Cyprus Company largely through its Memorandum and Articles of Association Regulation of relationship of Shareholders of Cyprus Companies through Shareholders’ Agreements Legal system allowing for the relationship of Cyprus Companies with third parties to be conducted with flexibility, as to representation, choice/

25 JULY 2015 CS SACHIN BHAGWAT.  “Counsel have drawn our attention to the extremely unsatisfactorily drafting of this Act and we must confess that.

transactions with its Holding company / subsidiary / associate company / co- subsidiary even if such transactions are not in OCB or at AL  In respect of transactions of a private companies with ‘other related parties’, not in OCB and AL, the related party concerned is entitled to cast vote at the general meeting Sec 43 shall not apply where Memorandum or Articles so provide  Private company can define/

The Companies Bill, 2008 has been introduced in the Lok Sabha to consolidate and amend the law relating to companies. Once approved, it will replace the.

State will require approval of Central Government [Clause 12(4) of Companies Bill, 2008] Company can re-register itself with change in memorandum and articles [Clause 17 of Companies Bill, 2008]Share capital Concept of shares with differential rights eliminated. Provisions relating to register and index of members continue. A suit may be filed or any action may be taken by any person, group of persons or association of persons who have/

Company means- An association of persons united for a common object. A Company formed and registered under Companies Act or an existing Company.

by the memorandum is ultra vires the memorandum. Consequences of Ultra Vires Injuction Breach of warranty of authority Personal Liability of Directors Ultra Vires Contracts Articles of Association The articles of association are the rules and regulations of a company framed for the purpose of management of its internal affairs. It defines the powers of its officers. The Articles usually contain following matters Number and value of shares Allotment of shares Calls on shares Forfeiture of shares Borrowing/

Articles of Association Contains the rules, regulations and by laws of the general administration of the company. It need to be registered along with the.

.1 Form and signature of Article is contained in s.30 Articles must not contain anything the effect of which is to alter a condition contained the memorandum or which is contrary to its provisions. AoA is subordinate to MoA If there is a conflict between AoA and MoA MoA would prevail over it. Alteration of Articles of Association-s.31 Every company have the power to alter its articles of association by a/

Formation of a company is a complex activity involving completion of a lot of legal formalities and procedures. To fully understand the process one can.

about their address, occupation and the number of share subscribed by them. 2.The articles of Association duly stamped and witnessed as in case of the Memorandum. However, as stated earlier, a public company may adopt table A, which is a model set of Articles, given in the companies Act. In that case a statement in lieu of the prospectus is submitted, instead of Article of Association. 3. Written consent of the proposed directors to act/

Company Law Ministry of Corporate Affairs. What is a company? A Company is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of doing business,

members to discharge the liability. The details of the number of members with which the company is registered and the amount of share capital has to be stated in the Articles of Association (AOA). The details of the number of members with which the company is registered and the amount of share capital has to be stated in the Articles of Association (AOA). Government Company When 51% of the paid up share capital is held/

John-Paul Redmond Barrister Blackstone Chambers. Law of Associations Types of Business Organisations: Sole Trader UnincorporatedAssociations Corporations.

Riche Corporate Governance 2. Companies Registered After the Company Law Review Act 1998 (i)Status of memorandum and articles of association CLERP provides the memorandum of association is abolished and articles of association are not necessary: s134 CA: Provides that a company is not required to have a constitution and introduces the concept of replaceable rules which establish basic rules of internal management  effect that a company may be governed by a constitution, replaceable rules, or/

“Legal Due Diligence in JVS and M&As”

Institutions Business Act Foreign Exchange Act Environmental Protection and Promotion Act Competition Act Labour Protection Act Act on Establishment and procedures of the tax court Trade Mark Act Copyright Act Patent Act Conduct of legal due diligence SCOPE OF DUE DILIGENCE IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRANSACTIONS Conduct of legal due diligence Affidavit, Memorandum and Articles of Association and the list of shareholders shall be reviewed. Financial statements of the target company shall be provided. MOU/


a trust As a company u/s 25 of the Indian Companies Act. Registration Document Trust deed Memorandum of association and rules and regulations Memorandum and articles of association. and regulations Stamp Duty Trust deed to be executed on non-judicial stamp paper, vary from state to state No stamp paper required for memorandum of association and rules and regulations. No stamp paper required for memorandum and articles of association. Members Required Minimum – two trustees. No upper limit. Minimum – seven/


registered with the recruitment arm of the Ministry of Labour, Minors and associates of the Interior Community. Working with youths and apprentices (work- study students, etc.) of different organizations, the population of job-seekers registered with the recruitment arm of the Ministry of Labour, Minors and associates of the Interior Community. Memorandum of Cooperation/Understanding In excess of 20 Enterprises have signed In excess of 20 Enterprises have signed Many of these enterprises still work with/

Formation of companies with Charitable objects

for name availability so it is advisable to check guidelines for the same before applying for name. Refer Rule-8 of Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. 4. Preparation of the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) Drafting of the MOA and AOA is generally a step subsequent to the availability of name made by the Registrar. It should be noted that the main objects should match with the objects shown/


clause 1 “abridged prospectus” means a memorandum containing such salient features of a prospectus as may be specified by the Securities and Exchange Board by making regulations in this behalf clause  3 “alter” or “alteration” includes the making of additions, omissions and substitutions clause  4 “Appellate Tribunal” means the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal clause  5 “articles” means the articles of association of a company as originally framed or as/

By CA Ved Mittal Ved & Associates 205, Jagdamba Tower 13, commercial complex Delhi-110092 Contact : 011-22456788,42686788 9811011665

will be executed in non judicial stamp paper with the registrar No stamp paper required for Memorandum of association, and rules and regulations. No Stamp paper required for Memorandum of association and articles of association. NameVery easy to choose Prior approval required from Registrar of Companies. Differential factors TrustSociety Company ( Sec 8 ) Management BoardTrusteesGoverning Body Board of Directors & Management committee Voting Rights Equal rights to all Trustee Equal Rights to all Members/

Dante Gatmaytan.  The most basic application of the lessons learned in legal method is the memorandum of law. First year law students are given a legal.

the practices at Guantánamo Bay. Bar associations and members of the academe objected to the arguments that justified the Guantánamo policy, producing a massive body of work replete with criticisms. These works reflected a variety of perspectives that included international law, constitutional law, and legal ethics and succeeded in forcing the Office of Legal Counsel to abandon its Torture Memorandum. Even former OLC lawyers jumped into the/

Simplification of Acts and Creation of New Procedures in the Portuguese Commercial registry.

immediately delivering: – the company’s taxpayer identification number; – the social security number; – the company’s memorandum and articles of association; – the Permanent Certificate access code; – the company’s card. On the Spot Firm: a complete/Forming an "Online company" costs 180 €, publication included (plus stamp duty) if you choose a model memorandum and articles of association. –Forming an "Online company“, whose purpose is to promote technological innovation, research or development costs only /


/contains of two documents.1. The constitution of a company comprises/consists/contains of two documents. 2. The memorandum of association states /provides for / sets up the objects of the company and details its authorised capital.2. The memorandum of association states /provides for / sets up the objects of the company and details its authorised capital. 3. The articles of association contain arguments / provisions / directives for the internal management of a company3. The articles of association contain/

“Status & Implication of 97 th Constitutional Amendments on Audit of Co Op Societies under MCS Act.” Faculty CA. B. B. Mane Lecture Series Organised by:

information ix.Article 243ZP Returns x.Article 243ZQ Offences and penalties xi.Article 243ZR Application to multi-State co operative societies xii.Article 243ZS Application to union territories xiii.Article 243ZT Continuance of existing law B. B. Mane & Co. Chartered Accountants 09422308272 Article 19 of Indian Constitution (1) All citizens shall have the right— (a) to freedom of speech and expression; (b) to assemble peaceably and without arms; (c) to form associations or/

Running a business. UK: types of business 1)sole _____ = individual proprietor (____________ liability for debts) 2) partnership (____________ liability.

into English společenská smlouva Memorandum of Association translate into English stanovy společnosti Articles of Association translate into English kupovat akcie na burze buy shares/stock on Stock Exchange translate into English emise akcií a share issue translate into English správní rada (board of) directors translate into English právnická osoba artificial (legal) person, legal entity translate into Czech assets and liabilities aktiva a pasiva translate/

Chapter # 03 Registrar Of Companies Salman Masood Sheikh M.Com, MBA, M.Phil, ACMA,FPA, AITM, ACPA, CA (Int) Director Quality Assurance, Superior University,

rules made there under regarding registration of memorandum association and articles of association  Register the memorandum of association and articles of association and articles of association. Functions & Powers of Registrar  Accept and decide an appeal against the orders of an additional registrar, joint registrars, deputy registrars, or an assistant registrar for refusal to register the memorandum of association and articles of association.  May consent to adopt the name of such a company which is/

1 Law of Evidence Mark Pollitt Associate Professor.

memorandum, report, record or data compilation, all as shown by the testimony of the custodian or other qualified witness, or by certification that complies with Rule 902(11), Rule 902(12), or a statute permitting certification, unless the source of information or the method or circumstances of preparation indicate lack of trustworthiness. The term "business" as used in this paragraph includes business, institution, association, profession, occupation, and/

PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW Mr. Benjamin A. Cabrido Jr. Professor, USJ-R College of Law.

GENERALLY IN THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES, relative to: Acquisition of movable and immovable property; Right of association in non-political and non-profit-making associations and trade unions; Gainful employment and practice of liberal profession; Housing and public education other than elementary education; and Freedom of movement. Refugees Persons who are outside the country of his nationality, or if he has no nationality, the country of his former habitual residence either because: He has or/

DEMUTUALIZATION OF THE NAIROBI STOCK EXCHANGE LEGAL FRAMEWORK A presentation made at the Demutualization Stakeholders workshop on November 24, 2009 By.

the Demutualization Act and any other Act; the provisions of the Demutualization Act will prevail. However, the Exchange, once demutualized should be required to apply to the Authority as per the existing Capital Markets Regulations. Memorandum of Association. The Memorandum of Association was revised to ensure that the objects are as wide as possible to offer a suite of services in line with modern securities exchanges; Articles of Association. At demutualization all/

Current Issues in International Cross-Border I.P. Strategies

Entity structure: Company unit trust ltd, partnership Funding type: Closed-end, VC professional investor funds Formation time/docs: 2-3 months, memorandum, articles of association or deed of trust Shareholding mtgs: Annual meeting in Ireland Taxation: Special tax zone exempts funds and shareholders from income and capital gains tax; tax treaty Authority Info: Official secrets act maintain confidentiality except in limited circumstances Sept 6, 2003 Luxembourg Entity/

DoD Instruction 5000.02 8 December 2008 Operation of the Defense Acquisition System Statutory and Regulatory Changes Sam Fazio DAU Midwest Region 20.

and Competition “Evolutionary acquisition requires . . . Technology development preceding initiation of an increment shall continue until the required level of maturity is achieved, and prototypes of the system or key system elements are produced . . .” “The TDS and associated funding shall provide for two or more competing teams producing prototypes of the system and/encl. 4, DoDI 500.02) Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) (update) Acquisition Strategy Affordability /


MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING 13 Re: Bullying in the Workplace The Parties reaffirmed that workplace bullying occurrences are serious issues. Amendments focus on process and provide more rigorous timelines. COURAGE CURIOSITY SERVICE ACCOUNTABILITY PASSION TEAMWORK DISMISSAL, SUSPENSION, DISCIPLINE AND GREIVANCE PROCESS BCGEU Agreement Correctional and Sheriffs Component Allowances Letter Re: Calculation of Overtime “Deletion of Article 10 (a) of the Correctional and/in Professional and Allied Associations, Etc/


company is incorporated Articles of Association These are the regulations that govern the internal management affairs of the company and the conduct of its business. The Articles are subordinate to the Memorandum of Association. THINGS REQUIRED Four printed certified copies of the Memorandum of association and Articles of Association. Address of the registered or principal office A list of Director, Chief Executive and Secretary of the company Particulars of the principal officer of the company in Pakistan/

Bombay Stamp Act, Schedule – I Major documents ArticleDocumentRate at present Rs. 4Affidavit20 5(a)Agreement or Memorandum of Agreement (b)If relating.

1 rupee for every 10,000 rupees Bombay Stamp Act, Schedule – I Major documents 6Agreement or Memorandum of Agreement relating to Deposit of Title Deeds, Pawn, Pledge or Hypothecation (If repayable not more than three months, half the duty/ 28GiftStamp duty as on conveyance as per Article-20 30LeaseVarious rates starting from 1% to 3.50% depending upon the period of Lease and average annual rent payable Bombay Stamp Act, Schedule – I Major documents 35Memorandum of Association Rs. 100 36Mortgage Deed (0.35%)/

AN INSIGHT TO Directors – Role, Responsibilities and Liabilities.

duty.  Ultra vires acts- Directors are supposed to act within the parameters of the provisions o the Companies Act, Memorandum and Articles of association, since these lay down the activities to the limits of the company and consequently to the powers of the Board of Directors. Where the directors act ultra vires, they are liable to indemnify the company for any loss/damage suffered due to such act. CONTD……….... Liabilities/

Business Administration 1.1Identify the features of different types of business organisations.

necessary documents must be prepared, such as – The Memorandum of Association – sets out how the company will related to the outside world – The Articles of Association – sets out the internal rules for running the business Form A1 – The company’s registered address – A Statement of the authorised and Issued share capital – A list of directors of the company – The written consent of each of the directors to act as the director – A/

Making South Africa a Global Leader in Harnessing ICTs for Socio-economic Development South African Post Office Bill, [B2-2010] Department of Communications.

Africa a Global Leader in Harnessing ICTs for Socio-economic Development 6 Clause 3: Continued existence of Post Office  “ 3. (4) (a) Notwithstanding the Companies Act, the Minister exercises the power to add to or alter the memorandum [and articles of association] of incorporation of the Post Office.”  “ 3. (5) The memorandum [of association] of incorporation of the Post Office must inter alia provide ……..” Making South Africa a Global Leader in Harnessing ICTs/

Krishna C Rolli article student. In AMCA&CO www.amca.co.

shall file the following documents along with E-Form INC-21 with the ROC:  List of members of the co. with their shareholding.  Consent of Auditors Certified true copy of the Memorandum and Article of Association of company. Details of preliminary expense already incurred/proposed to be incurred by the Co. Certified true copy of the Memorandum and Article of Association of company. Copy of agreements for appointments of MD, Underwriters, Contracts etc. entered into by the promoters before incorporation/

MGT211 Introduction to Business Lecture 06. Promotion Stage Initiation of idea Further discussion with other people Collection of further information.

of Memorandum of Association Authorized capital of the company. Liability clause Liability of the investor is limited to the extent of investment in the business. Association clause. Articles of Association Share capital of the company. Procedure to change the capital. Procedure for meetings. Procedure for voting. Appointment of directors. Directors are the officials of the company who are appointed to run the affairs of the business. Articles of Association Duties and authorities of directors. Rights of/

Sanjay Ranade, Head, DCJ, UoM1 PRESS LAWS. Sanjay Ranade, Head, DCJ, UoM2 A History of Press Legislation in India In India, the history of laws directed.

national movement on a country-wide scale. Pal has written that it was a time of awakening among students, which found expression in patriotic songs and plays, and in the press. Students’ associations and societies began to grow, some of them functioning secretly, and their patriotic fervour was fuelled by the impassioned speeches of Bannerjee who was as active as a frontline politician as a journalist. Sanjay Ranade/

Formation of a Private Limited Company. Objectives At the end of this lesson, students should be able to…. Complete a Memorandum of association List private.

, students should be able to…. Complete a Memorandum of association List private limited companies within their locality Talk about Articles of Association and form A1 Robertinos LTD. Wexford transport LTD Form A1 Includes; Company name, address, and sectary Details about directors including their occupations Signature of each director to show that they will run company properly ( Declaration of Compliance Memorandum of Association External Rules of the company Name of the company Objectives : What the co/

Demystifying the Process of Establishing and Registering a Company in the UK Wednesday 25 th April 2012 / Dr. Jan Könighaus, M. Jur. (Oxon.), Chief Legal.

or too similar to an existing company - 5 - Memorandum of association (= confirmation of subscribers to form a company) Name Legal domicile in UK (England & Wales, Wales only, Scotland or Northern Ireland) Objectives - 6 - Articles of association (= the company’s internal rulebook) Rights of shareholders Rules governing transfer of shares/issuance of shares Procedure for general meeting of shareholders Powers and duties of directors Payment of dividends - 7 - Filing obligations vis-à-vis Companies House/


Board has the power to do everything that a Company can do, Subject to: –   i. Provisions of The Companies Act, 1956. (The Act) ii. Provisions of Memorandum and Articles of Association. iii. Shareholder’s approval wherever required. POWERS TO BE EXCERCISED BY The Directors, collectively as Board are responsible for the conduct of Management of the Company and have to exercise powers at Board meetings.(section 291- 293)  (In case/


and/or realise any of its objects stated in the Memorandum of Association, it is known as Intra vires ( i.e., within the powers of ) the company... Any other act of the company which is outside the scope of the objects clause of the Memorandum of Association is called Ultra vires(i.e., beyond the powers of ) the company .. Doctrine of Constructive notice states that every outsider is assumed to have read the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. …Doctrine of/


ChD 519 WHY? TO PROTECT CREDITOR’S AND COMPANY MEMBERS’ INTEREST. COMPANY’S MEMBERS ARE ENTITLED TO EXPECT THAT THE ISSUED CAPITAL BE EMPLOYED BY THE COMPANY FORE OBJECTS SET OUT IN THE MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION. Provisions to prevent capital leaving the company / paid shares in co to be held by themselves by way of beneficial ownership S. 67A: PLC Authorised by articles Purchase through Stock Exchange Co. solvent at date of purchase and will not become insolvent by incurring debts involved in paying for /

What do you mean by a formation of a Company?

exchange for listing of shares. →Issue of prospectus inviting public to subscribe. →Allotting share →Memorandum of AssociationArticles of Association →Prospectus Documents of Company →Memorandum of AssociationArticles of Association →Prospectus Memorandum of association →MOA contains the fundamental rules regarding the constitution and activities of the company. →it is the charter of the company. →lays down the area of operation →Regulates the external affairs of the company. Contents of MOA →The name/

TYPES OF COMPANY. 1. Classification of Companies by Mode of Incorporation Depending on the mode of incorporation, there are three classes of joint stock.

not have a share capital. Each member promises to pay a fixed sum of money specified in the Memorandum in the event of liquidation of the company for payment of the debts and liabilities of the company [Sec 13(3)] This amount promised by him is called (13) ‘Guarantee’. The Articles of Association of the company state the number of member with which the company is to be registered [Sec 27 (2/

Provisions of Companies Act, 2013 & Clause 49 of Listing Agreement DIRECTORS.

of Contract of Service with a Managing or Whole-time Director, or If contract is not in writing a written memorandum setting out its terms. Copies of Contract or memorandum keep open for members inspection at free of cost. Punishment – (i) Company – Fine – Rs 25000 and/limit of Paid up capital for appointing a whole-time company secretary to Rupees 5 Crores.} Appointment of Key Managerial Personnel (S. 203) MD and CFO should not be appointed as Chairman unless- (i) provided in the Articles of Association, or/

Division of Food Safety & Inspection Update 2012 NYS Conference of Environmental Health Directors – Technical Session New York State Department of Agriculture.

at the State & Local Level l Memorandum of Understanding l Effective use of our limited resources l Mutual obligation to protect the public health History of Cooperation History of Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding l WHEREAS, the parties hereto previously entered in a Memorandum of Understanding, effective March 1, 1986, concerning inspection of Food Service Establishments and Food Processing Establishments; and l WHEREAS, this Memorandum of Understanding was subsequently amended in 1993 to/

GRADE 11 – CAPS 27 June 2012 InitialledSigned. 2 Concept “Assessment” Program of Assessment Types of Assessment Types: Formal Assessment GRADE 11 – CAPS.

Indiana: National Educational Service Obama, O. 2010. Drop-out parental involvement low performing schools. http://articles.cnn.com [30 May 201] PROJECT : REFERENCE LIST Burger, M., Ross, D. & /of this question, together with a marking memorandum. 8060min TOTAL3003 hours Structure of Mid and End of the Year Exam 39. Suggested Structure of Controlled Tests SECTIONDESCRIPTION MARKS AND TIME GUIDE A (Compulsory) Different types of short and objective questions should be set using various assessment styles and/

Presentation on Incorporation of a Private Limited Company.

fee & stamp duty to be paid on the basis of the authorised and paid up capital of the proposed company. Requisite forms with the copies of the memorandum and articles of association to be filed with the office of the Registrar of Companies having territorial jurisdiction over state in which registered office of the proposed company is to be situated. On the Memorandum and Articles of Association & other particulars being found to be in order the certificate/

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