Ppt on articles for class 2

“The Middle-Class Black’s Burden”

some digging… http://scottholleran.com/culture/the-suicide-of- leanita-mcclain/ Read the article and create a circle map identifying 5 items about this author’s background information./, Audience, Structure and Language 1. What is the “middle-class black’s burden” to which the title refers? 2. What does McClain argue? Answers vary.  3. What / comparing here? What are her main points of comparison? 6. McClain sets the tone for this essay in the very first sentence. How would you describe this tone? Do you/

Conservation December 3, 2013. Page  2 Announcements  Due next class (12/5) –Technology Paper –Article Log (14 articles)  Alternate HW assignment due.

2 Announcements  Due next class (12/5) –Technology Paper –Article Log (14 articles)  Alternate HW assignment due Friday  Final Exam 12/16 2pm Page  3 Seminars  Tariq Samad, Honeywell –Today, right after class in this room –Topic: Smart Grids  Stu Van Scoyoc, Van Scoyoc & Associates –Thursday (12/5), right after class/natural gas pipelines. Conservation, Cheney said, “is not a sufficient basis all by itself, for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.” Moreover, he added, “the government shouldn’t step in/

TITANIC Learning Objectives: - To identify the language, structure and layout conventions of newspaper articles. - To write a newspaper article following.

how we wanted to go back for them as our boat had spaces, but could not risk them dragging us under with their weight. It is a decision that will haunt me forever.’ First Class Passenger Account 1. WHAT happened? 2. WHO was involved? 3. WHERE/ to captivate their audience. Ship Sinks! Alliteration How could I improve this headline? Proof Read Before you hand in your newspaper article remember to proof read your work! Is it your best effort? Does it follow newspaper conventions? Have you checked the spelling /

Do Now: Read the article on social milestones in children. Ms. Clements-Lifespan Studies Aim: How do children develop socially?

the toys are similar. The child engaged in parallel play will play beside the other children rather than with them (2-3 years) Parallel Play Starts off with On-looker behavior and transitions into parallel play Associative Play This type of play/ from what we have learned by using the articles that you have been given to provide proof why play is important for each type of development. You may do this by using quotes from the articles in class. Option Two Create a PowerPoint presentation that presents/

Art 222 Digital Multimedia In-class Presentation Week 9B.

In 2004, at the suggestion of Glen Keane, Karl developed a Dynamic Figure For Maya class to help computer artists understand authentic movement in the new technology.  http/ By Stephen Schleicher  http://www.creativemac.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=14898 http://www.creativemac.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=14898  An example of / drama, comedy, etc.)  Format: There are two major parts to the assignment: 1.DVD 2.Four downloadable web versions of the film to be handed in on a data CD.  Quicktime /

Class will start at the top of the hour! Please turn the volume up on your computer speakers to access the audio feature of this seminar. WELCOME TO EP100.

Class will start at the top of the hour! Please turn the volume up on your computer speakers to access the audio feature of this seminar. WELCOME TO EP100 Preparing for an Educational Paraprofessional Career Unit 4 Paraprofessionals / 1: A Day in the Life of a Middle/High School Paraprofessional Reading 2: Spartacus Strategy: Reading Comprehension Learning Activities Video *Newspaper Article "Teacher Aides are Rewarded...." *Journal Article "Mining the Middle School Mind" (this will be used in the Discussion/

GRAMMAR: ARTICLES What, Why, and How? 14. Articles What are they? The English language has definite (“the”) and indefinite articles (“a” and “an”). The.

on the globe geographical areas deserts, forests, gulfs and peninsulas 1. Last week _______ seagull dropped his fish onto my car. 2. Maria took out _______ garbage before reading. 3. _______ surfboard cut through the waves as she sped toward the beach. 4/ studying _______ American history in school, but only after I pass my Biology class and ace _______ final exam. PRACTICE (Pause) Exercise 1 – Definite and Indefinite Articles Fill in the blank for each sentence using either a, an, or the, or leave the space/

Learning Objectives The Syria Conflict In this unit of work you will: Compare a set of article about the Syria Conflict which are written from different.

FROM THOSE THEY COVER 5. IT MUST SERVE AS AN INDEPENDENT MONITOR OF POWER 6. IT MUST PROVIDE A FORUM FOR PUBLIC CRITICISM AND COMPROMISE 7. IT MUST STRIVE TO MAKE THE SIGNIFICANT INTERESTING AND RELEVANT 8. IT MUST KEEP THE /should report your findings back to the class. Starter – Lesson 2 Write a brief outline of your attitude towards the Syria Conflict. Task 2 – Individual Exercise Look again at your article (the whole article this time) and briefly rewrite the article, but from the point of view/

Technology in the K – 2 Classroom Enhancing the Learning Experience.

2/ Extracurricular activities Extracurricular activities Can be used to reward class efforts. Can be used to reward class efforts. Projectors Can be used to visually show information//eet/articles/projectors/ind ex.htm http://www.buyplusdirect.com/site/product/en dorsements.html#classroom Projectors: http://coe.sdsu.edu/eet/articles/projectors//education- world.com/a_tech/tech/tech195.shtml Internet sites that are helpful for learning Patterns: http://arcytech.org/java/patterns/patterns_j.sh tml Patterns: http/

How did we get here from there? CLASS INSTRUCTIONS FOR WORLD HISTORY 09/02-09/03.

family, the media, or previous history classes. Be prepared to share this with groups who read other articles. Jigsaw step 2  Meet as a group of 6-7 people who have read all six of the different articles. Please share the information that each of/have to identify yourself with any religion, church, or structure. You may just identify some basic things that you believe. (For example, if you are uncomfortable with deep religious or philosophical beliefs, you might simply express that ice cream can improve any/

 Wikipedia is funded by donations by Pay Pal on the site or businesses who give money to Wikipedia to put articles about their business on Wikipedia.

same language, manners, tradition and law. (see civilization).civilization 2.Commune or residential/religious collective. 3.The condition of having/for it Here is a 6 step way to making your own article The ultimate aim of an article is to achieve ‘featured article’ status. This means it will appear on the top articles list and will be recommended to the public to consult from. Featured articles are marked ( ), A-class articles with ( ), Good articles with ( ), B- class articles with ( ) and C-class articles/

WORKSHOP  WRITING. When do we start teaching our students writing? a)Starting from Junior classes b)Starting from A senior c)Starting from D class.

D class Can writing be taught or is it a talent? a)It’s a talent. b)It can be taught. a) True b) False What types of writing do we teach our students? a)notes b)messages c)letters d)emails e)articles f/ entry Email Poster with text Article Project Note Story Message Diary entry NEW POWER 2 Email Article Letter Story Project Account Profile NEW POWER 3 Note Letter Postcard Email Article Story Text Message Entry for a TV guide NEW POWER 4 Letter – informal Story Article Letter – formal Diary entry Email/


player is needed to see animations embedded in this content. Subject – Science Class -8 th Chapter- 18 - Air pollution School- Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Borai/.net/details-respiratory- 336326.html Scene 18 –Air quality for kids http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/air/aq4kids/default./-planet-solar-energy.com/smog- air-pollution.html 24.2- Respiratory disorders - http://www.pptsearch.net/find.php?/- http://www.buzzle.com/articles/causes-and-effects- of-acid-rain.htmlhttp://www.buzzle.com/articles/causes-and-effects- of-/

Roaring 20’s Magazine Project. Magazines vs Newspapers Newspapers covered immediate events – Politics – Economics Daily editions Short Articles Quick.

) & headline related to one of the 1920s articles within. – Interior pages with original articles on the topics below. Articles should be detailed, informative, and utilize multiple sources. Each article must include pictures. There should be 1 to 2 articles per interior page. – A back cover that includes the name and class period of the magazine’s creator AND Works Cited for the project. Presentation Students will be expected/

January 26, 2011 Wednesday. Agenda Objective: We will be able to… EVALUATE, with the use of a rubric, Article Summaries written by our peers as well as.

happened so far. please record your group’s thoughts and report it to the class. Grade: C Gives basic details Michael Jackson’s death is still being investigated His doctor is being held responsible for not keeping a close enough watch on Jackson’s medication Round 2 Using the Article Summary rubric, grade the following: Army wants helicopter training the Big Island By Associated/

The articles “a,” “an,” and “the” aredifficult for many non-native speakers of English to learn to use properly. Some of the rules that govern article.

a noun and show that it represents a type, group, or a class distinct from some other type, group, or class. ☯ An earthquake (a type of natural disaster) struck at 7:11 AM. ☯ A gas (a type of gas) that can be deadly is carbon monoxide. Do not use an article for plural or uncountable nouns ☯ Ø Stars (celestial bodies) shine brightly. Identification The definite/

Task. 1. What time does your school day start? Free talk 2. Do you think this is too late or too early? What about your ideal time? 3. When do you finish.

an hour of homework. have They have an hour for lunch. They chat nd listen to music. They wear school uniforms. There are about 20 students in each class. I have...because.... / I love..., so... There/ and good handwriting Self-editing: Check your article by yourselves according to assessment rules( 评价细则 ). 1. Does your article have any paragraphs( 段落 )? 2. Are all the punctuations( 标点 ) right? 3. Is the tense( 时态 ) of your article right? Peer-editing: Share your article with your partners in a group of four/

Good morning. Pick up a copy of the article “Plane passenger ill with Ebola spreads outbreak to fourth country”. Read the article.

West Africa and other Ebola ravaged regions? Elaborate using evidence from novel and article. Discuss Regular Seniors – What novel are you planning on reading for your independent novel? Why did you choose this novel? Small group We / (pp. 570–571) We will be discussing the notes next class period. Your notes need to be completed and ready to turn in at end of class. You will add notes from the power point to your notes / that you found interesting? 2. What is one thing that you feel you can improve in future/

Midterm Study Guide COP 4331 and EEL4884 OO Processes for Software Development © Dr. David A. Workman School of EE and Computer Science University of Central.

Object Active Objects Passive Objects Class Abstract Class Concrete Class Message Analysis Class Boundary Class Entity Class Control Class Polymorphism Dynamic Binding Static Type /Article Refer to this article and answer the following questions.CrossTalk Article 1.List the top five sources or causes of change on a software project. 2.What four questions does a Configuration Management System attempt to answer? 3.What are the three major purposes of CM? 4.Identify and give a short paragraph description for/

Welcome! Please sign in and hold onto your article review. We will start with book shares.

Article share Models for Place Value Base-ten models and the ten-makes-one relationship Groupable models Pregrouped or trading models Nonproportional models Copyright © Allyn and Bacon 2010 Building Concepts Through Games/Activities Build a Shape Race to 100 Place It Word Problems 1.Read 1.Read the entire problem. who 2/brown eyes. How many students are in the class? Students with brown eyes Students with other eyes 777 77 ? Grade 4 Three-fifths of the students in the class have brown eyes. There are 7 more /

Class 7 – 1st year 2005/2006 Systematic Review Use of Levosimendan on the treatment of Acute Heart Failure Cristina Mendes, David Mota, Débora Monteiro,

heart failure, the 60-day mortality rate was 9.6% and the combined rate for mortality an rehospitalization within 60 days was 35,2% (4) Estimates of the risk of death or rehospitalizations within 60 days of admission/articles were registered with the use of SPSS Number of articles throughout selection: Systematic review phaseResults Pubmed’s Query 115 articles 25 not excluded 8 included Cochrane’s Query Total included articles 39 articles 18 not excluded 10 included 8 repeated 10 articles Class /

Welcome back to Life Science! Please sit in the same seat as yesterday! Materials Check: 1.Notebook 2.Dry erase marker (Please get them out and be ready.

Table of Contents Date Assignment Page # Skip a few blank pages (5-6) for your table of contents How to set up your notebook … 1L 1R Label the left/) Science notebook pages are used: Right = Shared Space (info that is definitely correct) class notes lab activities any activity we do together Left = Personal Space (info that might be/, but about their article. You will record the info they share with you in your notebook. 1.What new information is this article sharing with you? 2. Is this topic related/

10 steps to an analytical paper…. * Create a cover page with your name, class period, date and title of the document.

* Create a cover page with your name, class period, date and title of the document. “Witchcraft/paragraph. This is your comparison paragraph. Again using approximately 150-200 words compare and contrast the 2 articles. What are the different perspectives? Write your fifth paragraph…this is your conclusion paragraph. In/ matter or any other related topic. Still in 3 rd person however… * Proof read and spell check for any mistakes. Reading it out loud will help. * Watch your use of weak words including…says, a/

ARTICLE DISSECTION David Varricchio Earth Sciences Montana State U. Bozeman, MT

class read and answer a series of questions concerning the article. The follow up in class discussion focuses on the strength of the evidence and potential alternative hypotheses. ARTICLE CHOICE Three articles used through the semester: 1. “Dinosaur Family Values” from Discover, an article about the work of R. Bakker. 2/ ‘turf’ sites? List any additional features not mentioned in the article, that you would predict for these localities given Bakker’s environmental interpretation of these sites. Provide /

10 steps to an analytical paper…. * Create a cover page with your name, class period, date and title of the document.

* Create a cover page with your name, class period, date and title of the document. “The/paragraph. This is your comparison paragraph. Again using approximately 150-200 words compare and contrast the 2 articles. What are the different perspectives? Write your fifth paragraph…this is your conclusion paragraph. In/ will express your opinion on the subject matter or any other related topic. * Proof read and spell check for any mistakes. * Watch your use of weak words including…says, a lot, very, got, get, there/

E SCRIBAN EN SUS A PUNTES Write the definite and indefinite articles in Spanish. Give an example of a noun with a definite article and make it plural by.

articles in Spanish. Give an example of a noun with a definite article and make it plural by using a indefinite article/are some differences. SingularPlural 1 st person I = Yo We = nosotros (m) Nosotras (f) 2 nd person You (familiar) = tú You (plural, familiar) = vosotros vosotras 3 rd person /mark. If you do, you are actually writing the Spanish word for “the” él = heel = the 3 RD PERSON SINGULAR /t use vosotros/as) Since we use Latin American Spanish in class, we will only use Uds. to indicate all forms of /

Indefinite and definite articles- it’s so easy! Prepared by Małgosia Musztyfaga.

articles 1.Introduction of articles: a/an and the 2.Articles a/an - examples 3.Article the - examples 4.Zero article 5.Summary Introduction of articles Indefinite articles: a/an Used with: singular countable nouns „ a” before consonant sound (a unique experience) „an” before vowel sound (an umbrella) things mentioned for the first time, not being specific Definite article/ first class TRAVEL: in the car, on the bus HEALTH: have the flu ORGANIZATIONS: the BBC, the police, the United Nations Zero article We /

Bell Ringer! Why do you think that the State of Florida thinks World History is important enough to require you to take this class in order to receive.

History is important enough to require you to take this class in order to receive a high school diploma? Explain in/ photographs are primary sources. Those were taken during actual events. ▫Example 2: The same holds true for videos or film created during an event. A film was made interviewing /told you, you are the secondary source. Secondary source materials can be articles in newspapers, magazines, books or articles found that evaluate or criticize someone elses original research Secondary Source Almanacs, /



Article IV States must honor the laws of other states States must treat all citizens equally Extradition- Criminals cannot hide in other states. Must.

war and Articles of Confederation Supremacy Clause- Federal laws outrank state laws. Article VII 9 states must ratify the Constitution for it to take effect Federalists Goals: Ratify the Constitution Views: Strong Federal Government necessary Supporters: Educated, upper class, Wealthy / Constitution Freedom of Speech Freedom of Press Freedom of Religion Right to Assembly Right to Petition the Government 2 nd Amendment—Right to bear arms “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a /

MLA Style A presentation by the Writing Center. What is MLA style? The style of the Modern Language Association MLA style is used by:  English classes.

English classes  humanities classes  language classes Why use MLA style? Avoid plagiarism  must cite quotations and borrowed ideas  information borrowed word for word /or more Authors: (Smith and Johnson 33). Works Cited Entries Books Newspapers/Magazine Articles Scholarly Journals Scholarly Journals Online Web Sites Books Last Name, First Name. Book / Books cont. Books with edition numbers: Smith, John. Many People, Many Faiths. 2 nd ed. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 1999. Books with editors: Smith/

MY CLASS. Introduction Chowdhury Musfequr Rahman Assistant Teacher(English) Boyra Dak Bivagia High School. Boyra- Khulna. Class :-IX-X Subject:- English.

a noun begins with U and pronounces like “u”, it takes “ A “ instead of An 1.I want ---------------- orange. 2.This is --------------- house. 3.Kamal carries--------- umbrella. 4.I have --------------- one taka note. 5.I saw ----------------- owl. 6/snake. Pair Work Discuss with your partner and solve the gap with article. Evaluation Look at the picture and pronounce with indefinite article A and An. Home Work Write down twenty words with article. And submit in the next class. THANK YOU ALL FOR ATTENDING MY/

 Skills Notes and Practice: MLA Style and Plagiarism  Review Current Events Journal assignment and Unit I Schedule  Assign homework By the end of class.

will collect your homework: your student letter and your signed parent/guardian and student letter (If you did not finish last class). Sources...  provide context  strengthen your argument  add interest to your paper  provide you with new ideas  /. 1. Please write an example of a citation, correctly using MLA style, for each of the following:  Book or Article (use a magazine or newspaper)  Website  App Based Article 2. Next, using your above examples, create a Works Cited page, correctly using /

Introduction NIMAI CHANDRA KIRTONIA SUBIDPUR HIGH SCHOOL NALCHITY,JHALAKATI Class-VIII English 2nd Paper Subject: Article Time-50 minutes.

Introduction NIMAI CHANDRA KIRTONIA SUBIDPUR HIGH SCHOOL NALCHITY,JHALAKATI Class-VIII English 2nd Paper Subject: Article Time-50 minutes The Mountain looks nice. The Titanic sank in the Atlantic. How beautiful the world is! দা মাউন্টেইন ) The/kinds of nouns. 1. Specified nouns ( পূর্ব থেকেই নির্দিষ্ট করা আছে ), The sun 2. To specify a noun/nouns ( নির্দিষ্ট করে বুঝাতে ), The boy Individual Activities (Orally/many interesting stories. So I have chosen book for myself. There are many interesting books in shop/

A/an //the and zero article Use of articles in English.

a/an //the and zero article Use of articles in English Indefinite articles: a /an With singular countable nouns 1. Talking about one thing. But not being specific. I´d like to go to a concert tonight but there´s nothing good on. 2. Mentioning something for the first time. I´ve had a great idea! 3. Talking about things generally (formal). A poet sees the/

CJA 204 Week 5 Individual Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Crime Article To purchase this material click

Myth v. Reality: Juvenile Boot Camps are an Effective way of Treating Offenders o Issue 1: "Net Widening" with Regards to Juveniles o Issue 2: Transfer of Juveniles to Criminal Court and Juveniles in Adult Correctional Facilities Imagine you are a magazine writer investigating the realities of juvenile crime in the/tried as adults · One current issue in the juvenile justice system and your opinion on that issue Format the article consistent with APA guidelines. For more classes visit www.assignmentcloud.com

Earth/Space Science Current Event 1. Find a newspaper or magazine article on a CURRENT EVENT involving one of the branches of earth science. 2. Date of.

Format (heading) ______ 30 - Complete Summary ______ 15 – Opinion ______ 15- Presentation to class 100 Total Points Due Date Oct. 2-Bring article to class to write paper Oct. 5-Present to class Extra Credit Additional current event projects may be turned in for extra credit. (Limited to 1 each nine weeks) Practice Article http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/ 63629/title/Gulf_spill_may_have_been_some what_bigger_than_feds%2C_BP_estimated http/

The use of the definite article Unit 4, Lesson 10.

article? The definite article is the word THE You already know two of the definite articles in French! The for a masculine noun le Examples: le baladeur – the CD player le livre – the book le chien – the dog le cahier – the notebook The for/plural nouns later…) Besides saying the----- There are 2 times the French use the definite article where we do not use it in English. /les films en classe. I like French. I prefer math. Do you like rap? We like movies in class. The rule: Use the definite article (le, /

PARTS OF SPEECH How To Build A Beautiful Sentence noun verb adverb article preposition adjective conjunction pronoun by Laura Jensen.

can be used as adjectives: This is an interesting class, so the students are never bored! Nouns can also function as adjectives: The fire alarm rang loudly. He wrote a newspaper article about his adventure. Use enough to make your writing / (3 words) 2. She has a husband named Peter and two sons named Alex and Carl. (2 phrases ) 3. Peters father lives near us, but Lauras father lives in California. (2 clauses) Bonus Question: What is a parallel structure? Coordinating Conjunctions For And Nor But/

Definite and Indefinite Articles

. I’d love to hold a baby lion. any baby lion; no particular lion in mind Indefinite Article 2 A noun is often indefinite the first time a speaker mentions it. It is usually definite after the /class or category. There are three ways to use count nouns generically. zero article + plural count noun 1. Cheetahs are predatory animals. indefinite article + count noun 2. A cheetah is a predatory animal. zero article + non-count noun 3. Water is essential for all animals to survive. Zero Article 2 Use zero article/

Week 22: Progressivism February 2-610th Grade U.S. History.

Social Tensions **This assignment is due at the beginning of class on Day 2 next week** ***Have your devices in class (and charged) for Day 3*** Day 3: Bell Ringer (Feb.5 or 6) None. In-Class Activity/Assignment 1.Be sure that all 7 Field Reporting /by writing a newspaper report that will stir your readers to action. Investigative Newspaper Report Your article must include these elements: 1. An appropriate and appealing title. 2. A byline with your name and an appropriate date from the time period. 3. /

Social Media as Teaching/Learning tool Prepared for presentation at The 10 th Annual National Economics Teaching Conference San Diego, California November.

Xn5boM  1 Billion people have a Facebook account, 50% login on any given day  The average user has 150 friends  2.7 Billion “Likes” every day  43% of users say they have rejected a candidate because of something negative they have found on/ assignments walked us through  I learned a lot from the articles, they wear interesting and informative grate class  This is good for people who may need some extra points  I think using Facebook articles for extra credit is a good idea because it relates to the /


PROFESSOR FISCHER THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA September 22 2008 CLASS OUTLINE 1. Wrap-Up Points 2. Goals for this class: –A. To be able to analyze the copyrightability of pictorial, graphic, and sculptural /exist to prevent copying the 3-D shape of certain kinds of useful articles. What are these? No general design protection legislation otherwise Design Protection Legislation Narrow but complete design protection for 1. Vessel Hulls (s. 1301) 2. Architectural Works (s. 102(a)(8)) 3. Computer “mask” /

The Cause of Health Inequalities

in junk food? Decrease in physical activity? What social classes are most affected? Summarise this article Summarise the main statistics from the following article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/8384429.stm Social Class - Alcohol An increase in drinking among middle-age and/70%. Studies in a number of countries have shown that losing one’s job can trigger problem drinking for 1 in 5 men and 2 in 5 women. The evidence of a link between unemployment and suicide is particularly strong. The Samaritans have/

APS Wikipedia Initiative: Using Wikipedia Writing in Psychology Classes Rosta Farzan & Robert Kraut Human Computer Interaction Institute Carnegie Mellon.

added All6031079826,636 PhDs67256107,267 Students535749720,021 Original 1 article combing bio and theory Sections: 7 Words: 831 Images: 0 References: 5 External links: 7 New 2 pages with bio separated from theory Sections: 27 / & instructor – In class – On-line – Explicit peer review Typical time-line (cont) Post updates to the public article If appropriate, nominate for ‘Did You Know” review. – New article – Existing article expanded 5x If appropriate, nominate for ‘Good Article’ status Respond to community/

Lecture Virtual Communities This week Thinking-through 1.Marshall McLuhans global village thesis, 2.Virtual communities 3.Networks.

2.Virtual communities 3.Networks Aims of lecture To develop an understanding of virtual communities, global village thesis and notions of the network Reading for this week Reading and viewing the Global Village Marshall McLuhans Global Village‘ By Benjamin SymesGlobal Village‘ Danah Boyd, (2007) Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpaceViewing American class/ constantly surrounded by talk of networks. Every third message, article, and advertisement seems to be about one network or another/

Revised Schedule Anthropology 100. New Sequence for Topics and Readings Due to a number of circumstances, we are adjusting the timeframe and lecture/reading.

for the class: Week 7: Week 7: Monday—Subsistence (Kottak Chapter 8) Wednesday—Economy and Political Systems (Kottak Chapter 9; Articles 15, 16, 36) New Schedule, continued... Week 8 (Feb. 23 – 27) Week 8 (Feb. 23 – 27) Monday—Kinship and Descent (Kottak Chapter 10; Articles/ 18, 19). Movie: Kinship and Descent. Wednesday—Marriage (Kottak Chapter 11; Articles 17, 20,22). Quiz No. 2. New Schedule, continued... Week 9 (March 1- 5) Week 9 (March 1- 5) Monday—Gender (Kottak Chapter 12, Articles 23, /

Unit 1: Grades K-2 Caring School Climate. Grade Level: Kindergarten-Grade 2 Topic: Caring School Climate Unit Goal: Students study Article 1 (Right.

our schools, families, and communities? Make a kindness sharing time in class each day. Make the Unity Book into a slide show for multi-media and/or online display. Unit 2: Grades 3-5 Human Migration Grade Level: 3-5 Topic: Human Migration/ and protect this human right? Who within our schools, families, and communities promote and protect this human right? Read articles about immigration issues relevant to the community or state and generate a working definition of human rights. Use Fact/Fiction Activity/

PARTS OF SPEECH How To Build A Beautiful Sentence noun verb adverb article preposition adjective conjunction pronoun by Laura Jensen.

Participles can be used as adjectives:  This is an interesting class, so the students are never bored!  Nouns can also function as adjectives:  The fire alarm rang loudly.  He wrote a newspaper article about his adventure.  Use enough to make your writing interesting—/has taught at NSC since 1991. (2 phrases ) 3. Laura likes to visit California, but she prefers to live in Washington. (2 clauses) Bonus Question: What is a parallel structure? Coordinating Conjunctions For And Nor But Or Yet So Fan /

Class 8: Anabaptists and English Reformation 4 February 2015.

of all believers  Recall Luther required training for Pastors  Calvin wrote massive Institutes Schleitheim Articles 1527 Written at a meeting of non-Lutheran, non- Zwingli Protestants in Swiss town of Schleitheim Only two classes of people: good and bad Shepherd is/7.10 in The European Reformations Sourcebook. ed Carter Lindberg. Malden: Blackwell, 2000. p. 132-133. 2. Thirty Nine Article of Church of England. 12.21 in The European Reformations Sourcebook. ed Carter Lindberg. Malden: Blackwell, 2000. /

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