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as the “sweat of the sun.” According to some sources, the temple even had a garden with plants and animals crafted entirely from gold and silver. In fact, gold was a common sight throughout Cuzco. The walls of several buildings had a / a new movement for religious reform began in Germany. It then swept much of Europe.  Critics of the Church claimed that its leaders were corrupt. The popes who ruled during the Renaissance patronized the arts, spent extravagantly on personal pleasure, and fought wars. /

Studying the History of New Hampshire Adapted from A New Hampshire History Curriculum, Book 1 (1997) and Book 2 (1999), by Judith Moyer et al. Concord:

groups contributed to N.H. life? Study Topics Daughters of the American Revolution Peace Movement Civil Rights Organization Feminist Organizations Veterans Organizations Private Schools People Chart 70 Focus 6Focus 6:/and feelings? What creative arts and crafts could I use to express my thoughts and feelings? Writing? Talking? Drama? Music? Drawing? Painting? Sculpture? Needlework? Dancing? Others? How have individuals and different ethnic, cultural, or national groups expressed their thoughts and/

Arts and Crafts Architecture By : Brooke Adams. Findings A. The decades in which these homes were first used were in the 19 th century, but were most.

it shows how the movement changed those of plain boring homes into creative warming homes with style. 2. The advantages are the space, warmth and enjoyment of the home, disadvantages.. probably expensive. References Brown P.L. (n.d) 2010, William. Craftsman Perspective: A Visual Guide to Arts and Crafts Architecture,Http://www.frontdoor.com/buy/arts-and-crafts- architecture/1045Http://www.frontdoor.com/buy/arts-and-crafts- architecture/1045 The Greene/

Fun-Arts Year 6 – California Migration, Cooperation & Community Lesson 2: Migration Part 2 Copyright 2012 Fun-Arts, Folsom, CA

“Finale” movement lasts 3 minutes, 34 seconds. The overture’s “Finale” movement lasts 3 minutes, 34 seconds. Music: “William Tell Overture Finale” by Gioacchino Rossini VISUAL ART: Planning /Arts lessons are written and produced by Monica Merrill Vinberg copyright 2012. Fun-Arts lessons are written and produced by Monica Merrill Vinberg copyright 2012. Craft plans are written by Christine Krause. Craft plans are written by Christine Krause. Fun-Arts is a non-profit group hoping to share the world’s fine arts/

Criticism and Craft: Reflections on the State of Criticism in the Ceramic Arts Summer Hills-Bonczyk Work by Diego Romero, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Ron.

* Disclaimer: quotes are rough, based on my written notes from the conference. GARTH CLARK Well known art dealer, writer, critic, and speaker on ceramics. Numerous publications and conferences on contemporary ceramics. Controversial lecture, “How envy killed the crafts movement: An autopsy in two parts” (2008) and follow-up “Palace and Cottage” (2010) In Santa Fe… Likes: Functional pots about food People that are just potters Granny pots/

Unit Art Unit 1 Art By: XieYongqing ( 下载整理 ). Warming up -- Brainstorming  If you were an artist, what kind of pictures would you paint? pictures realistic.

provides an extensive overview of modernism. Starting with the reform ideology established by the Arts and Crafts movement, the collection covers major movements of the twentieth century and contemporary issues. The architecture collection documents buildings through models, drawings, and photographs.  The design collection comprises more than 3,000 objects, ranging from appliances, furniture, and tableware to tools, textiles, sports cars—even a helicopter. The graphic design collection includes/

The BAUHAUS: a short history 1919-1933. In 1919 Walter Gropius was asked to direct the Wiemar combined Schools of fine arts and arts and crafts. He renamed.

Pavilion at a trade fair in Barcelona. He designed the entire pavilion, including the furniture. This is in keeping with the idea of total design integration that began with the arts and crafts movement, was practiced by Frank Lloyd Wright and was a guiding principle of Walter Gropius. Bauhaus Mies van der Rohe put his stamp on Chicago, designing the Federal Building/

Revised Curriculum 2008 Skills. Index Subject AreaPage Language Literacy and Communication FP3 Language Literacy and Communication KS25 English5 Modern.

group to develop their own and others’ ideas and help them to reflect on them 6.perform movements or patterns, including some from traditional Welsh dances and from other cultures Skills 15 Creative Development Key Stage 2 – Art and Design Understanding Pupils should be given opportunities to: 1. describe and make comparisons: between their own work and that of others 2.experiment with and examine the methods used by/

Interior Design American Decorating Styles. Today, we will learn the seven basic American home decorating styles.  Country  Colonial  Victorian  Arts.

the mid 19 th to early 20 th century Movement was in the mid 19 th to early 20 th century Color palette – Rich, somber point colors Color palette – Rich, somber point colors Windows were elegantly dressed in layers of draperies, scarves, and shears Windows were elegantly dressed in layers of draperies, scarves, and shears Arts crafts Arts and crafts Designers wanted to cure society of the excesses/

Art between 1900 - 1925. European Art Nouveau 1880-1905 The unruly Continental offspring, Art Nouveau (the new art) became the first popular 20th-century.

the constant source of inspiration. While Arts and Crafts ornament led to and overlapped with Art Nouveau decoration, particularly in metalwork and ceramics, furniture designs led almost directly to De Stijl and Bauhaus geometry of the 1920s. The work of Gustav Stickley in particular, and the appearance of his Craftsman magazine from 1901 to 1916, paralleled the mature phase of the American movement which extended to the severe furniture/

NCECA 2009 Regional Student Juried Exhibition From the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts At the Tempe Center for the Arts.

them. She said that they were very special and fragile. Where she grew up there were people who spun round and round to reach God. The movement captured in those porcelain figurines still holds an intrinsic/and fibers. She has received scholarships to study abroad and attend workshops at Anderson Ranch Arts Center (Snowmass Village, Colo.), Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, Tenn.) and Penland (N.C.) School of Crafts. She plans to pursue a career in the arts combining her teaching, business and/

Rethinking the Subject: Feminism and Creative Practice LECTURE THREE Feminism and Creative Practice After/Beyond the Womens Liberation Movement: Undutiful.

Practice After/Beyond the Womens Liberation Movement: Undutiful Daughters? Alexandra Kokoli a.m.kokoli@rgu.ac.uk Lecture Overview Addenda & clarifications –Crafts/quilting; Faith Ringgold The dangers of classifications (reification) The return to the woman artist The case of Tracey Emin Fine Art and/vs. the crafts: QUILTING As old as humankind Driven by necessity, thrift, and superstition ~ memory & commemoration: community and family histories Quilting bees: community/

1865/ $2900 Star of Bethlehem 1889/ $3600 Folk Art & Stars Created by Karen Pollard 2010.

hand-quilted, but hand tied for quick use. Crazy Quilt During the last years of the 1800s and into the 1900s the Arts and Craft Movement in America inspired people to go back to the old ways of bygone days. Fashion of the day demanded simple home furnishings, pottery and glassware all made by hand. This included the old traditional patterns in quilt design. Hand-tied/

I Deep & Daily The depth of daily life is reinforced and confirmed to be at the centre of the Deep & Daily MindStyle (a constant now for fifteen years),

to performing arts) draw from this reservoir of stimuli, traditions and rites, reinventing the sensory perceptions at 360 degrees, with accessible and democratic manners that are still unique and distinctive. Visual gratifications, the genuine perceptual, and artistic performance,/ with consoles envisioned and designed in a way to take advantage of interaction, movement and the third dimension. 25 Deep & Daily BONUS WONDER SLOW COST JOYFUL STANDARDS 3D DAYS > Deep Minimal Pleasures > Crafted Grace > Serial /

Alberti On Painting Book Two Alberti begins Book Two by making an appeal to his readers that painting is not merely a craft, but is an intellectual art.

a craft, but is an intellectual art of the highest importance. Alberti On Painting Book Two 1.Ethos: Painting contains a divine force (63) Painting was given the highest honor by our ancestors (64) The most noble citizens, philosophers and quite/and art to rest, as the learned maintain, on knowing how to use black and white (82). Michelangelo, Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel, 1508-1512 Review of What Makes Good Istoria (72-81) 1.Planes 2.Proportions 3.Appropriateness/Dignity 4.Copiousness/Variety 5.Movement/

Chapter 29 Fin de Siècle.

Rodin Burghers of Calais 1884-1889 bronze 6 ft. 10 1/2 in. high Arts and Crafts The Arts and Crafts movement originated in England. The goal of the movement was to decry the impact of rampant industrialism and to create an “art made by the people for the people as a joy for the maker and the user.” The type of objects its members produced included interior decorative objects such/

William Morris The Art of Industrialism Tyler Weber Social studies Paula Meckes November 17 th, 2014.

He believed that industrially manufactured items lacked the honesty of traditional craft work. Influence, architecture, furniture making and the decorative arts, such as interior design, started to displayed the simplicity and crafts approach. Why: was the Art Movement of 1880-1910 a ‘‘Rebellion’’ The arts and crafts movement was an international design movement that flourished between 1880 to 1910. William Morris wrote, ‘‘the middle ages was a period of greatness in the/

23-24 Poetry Fixed and Open Forms.

tennis without a net." Fixed Forms continued … In Chapter 23 of Literature: Craft and Voice, Nicholas Delbanco and Alan Cheuse explain poetry’s most popular fixed forms: • Sonnet • Villanelle / of compression that I love in art.” – Molly Peacock Sonnet One of the most enduring and popular forms of poetry has been /tuck a Through the arrangement of lines and onomatopoeia, Williams replicates a stairway and the energetic movement of a bellhop. Sound, rhythm, structure, and appearance merge for a playful effect./

PROF. RACIDON P. BERNARTE HU 110 Introduction to Humanities

to distinguish between art that was purely aesthetic and art that was also practical The FINE ARTS (French beaux arts)—including literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, and architecture—are concerned primarily with aesthetics The DECORATIVE OR PRACTICAL ARTS, such as pottery, metalwork, furniture, tapestry, and enamel, are often useful arts and for a time were demoted to the rank of crafts. Nature and Characteristics of ART The École des Beaux-Arts in Paris taught/

Technology and Art: Hubris, Habitus and the Hybrid Imagination Andrew Jamison 2. Modern Times.

major influence on… Arts and crafts movements Architecture: Wright, Gehry Nordic design and furniture Art Nouveau and functionalism Tolkien and modern myth-makers The Third Wave ”the age of empire” (ca 1880-1930) Automobiles, airplanes, radio and television Technologies of modernization Art become industrialized (General Electric, RCA) Social and cultural movements: anticolonialism and fascism modernism and human ecology Art becomes big business: Walt Disney (1901-66) and a new cultural form and a new world/

Presented By: N Sharath Chandra (09010233) G V L Somesh (09010216) P Dinesh Nadh (09010624) As A Part of HS 405: Inventing Truth: Art & Craft of Autobiography.

to make amends with personal afflictions.  Rembrandt, van Gogh and later, Kahlo used facial expressions, distinct brush strokes and lighting to portray their inner selves. Gustave Courbet, a leader in the Realist movement, was known for using the element of fantasy in creating /." In this case, his own face provided a wide range of opportunity for growth and discovery as an artist. HS 405 : Inventing The Truth: The Art & Craft of Autobiography Cont… Slide 10 using his face to test new techniques. It is /

Hubris and Hybrids: A History of Technology and Science Andrew Jamison.

, Krupp) The rise of the corporation (Carnegie, Krupp) Social and cultural movements: Social and cultural movements: populism, communism and social-democracy populism, communism and social-democracy science fiction and arts and crafts science fiction and arts and crafts The Industrial Society Appropriating Nature The hybrid imagination: William Morris and arts and crafts ”nothing can be a work of art that is not useful” The Lesser Arts, 1878 The Lesser Arts, 1878 The hybrid imagination: Karl Marx (1818-1883/

Chapter 3 ArtTalk Textbook

were formed, and apprentices learned their craft from the masters. During this time, a wealthy middle class sprung up. Now there are three classes – upper, middle and lower. Two new developments freed up architecture – the pointed arch and the flying /Art, New York. Jose Clemente Orozco, The Dartmouth Mural. 1932 – 1934. 20th Century Art Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism was one of the first art movements to emerge after World War II. It was abstract because it emphasized the elements of art and /

LanguageMathsScienceCymraeg History Music Geography Overview PSEREPE Art ICT Design Technology.

, e.g. drawing, painting, printing, multimedia, craft processes, three- dimensional processes, digital-based processes, etc. Suggested Activities Explore some of the different art styles which developed through out the 20 th century. (eg. Cubist, surrealist, geometric abstract, pop art). Consider work of Picasso, Dali, Mondrian, Warhol. Use art books and internet to view work. Discuss children’s ideas and opinions about the work of these artists/

Revised Curriculum 2008 Range. Index Subject AreaPage Language Literacy and Communication FP3 Language Literacy and Communication KS24 English4 Modern.

experience art, craft, design, music and dance from Wales and other cultures. Range 15 Creative Development Key Stage 2 – Art and Design Range In art and design, pupils at Key Stage 2 should develop their understanding and investigating skills in order to enrich and inform their making. Understanding Pupils should be stimulated and inspired, where appropriate, by: other artists, craftworkers and designers methods and processes media styles ideas local and Welsh art, craft and design images and artefacts/

The Language of Art Chapter 1 ArtTalk Textbook. Art is a way of communicating Art is a universal language – it can be understood regardless of whether.

be functional as well as visually appealing. Examples of crafts are weaving, quilting, baskets, pottery, glass arts, and jewelry. Examples of crafts are weaving, quilting, baskets, pottery, glass arts, and jewelry. The Work of Art The work of art is defined by three basic properties – subject, composition, and content. The work of art is defined by three basic properties – subject, composition, and content. The subject is the image that viewers can/

Chapter 21 The Rise of Modernism : Art of the Later 19 th Century.

H. Hirshhorn, 1966). 21.8 The Arts and Crafts Movement Examine the ideas of Ruskin and Morris in shaping the Arts and Crafts Movement. Understand the interest in aesthetic functional objects in the Arts and Crafts Movement. Examine the preference for high-quality artisanship and honest labor. Examine the preferred nature forms of Art Nouveau in art and architecture. Objects and Décor of the Arts & Crafts Understand the interest in aesthetic functional objects and the preference for high-quality artisanship/

THE PYRAMIDS OF GEEZEH Arts Every Day Model Lesson Robert Bullwinkel, 2013 Essential Question: How do artists and writers create harmony through careful.

and complement each other. Analyze Text “A Short Walk through the Pyramids and through the World of Art” Reading Strategy: Highlight or underline words and phrases that stand out to you. Creative Process: Explore/Experiment/Develop Craft Generate descriptive words and/3. All parts of the performance relate to and complement each other (harmony). Use two or more staging techniques tableau (frozen stage picture) pantomime (acting without words) choral movement (same movements at the same time) split focus (two/

GCSE Revision (Section B) - Design Movements. W e A re L earning T o – You will have an understanding of Design movements and their defining features.

defining features. You are able to name a famous designer from 1 movement. Level A B C Q What are Design Movements? Please turn to pages 12 -13 of the AQA product design workbook. Video Notes Arts and Crafts / 1885- 1900 / William Morris Art Nouveau / 1890- 1910 / Charles rennie mckintosh Bauhaus / 1917- 1933 / Walter Gropius Art Deco / 1920 – 1930 / William Van Alen American Streamlining/ 1928 – 1955 / Raymond/

Architectural Tile and Ornament Ceramics 1. Nara, Japan 1200-1400 CE Roof top of a shrine. The central tile is press molded as are the round circles below.

installation in Japan Martina Lantin Lantin is a contemporary artist interested in historic ornamentation. These are press molded ceramic tiles. Arts and Crafts Movement 1900-1920 Charles Rennie MacIntosh Tile. The Arts and Crafts Movement sought to bring art into everyday life from tiles to wallpaper. Art Nouveau Tile. The Art Nouveau style is marked by the curving lines of vegetation. Complex tile patterns from Uzbekistan More Uzbek Tile – Your tile/

1 About Colors Corridor Colors Corridor is an e-art gallery purposely positioned to promote various art forms, primarily paintings of the contemporary.

Monica Talukdar, the Founder President of Doon Art Society Dehradun, is a blessed maestro in the semi figurative art form. Her work gets wide acclaim for capturing the movements of human faiths related to spirituality. Alumni of Allahabad University she has done her post graduation in English and Diploma in Fine Arts and Craft. She was associated with Doon and Welham School for more than two decades. She/

PH354 Aristotle Weeks 1 and 2. The Desire to Understand & Nature

are and come to be by nature. 199a, 20- 31 The Craft Analogy (Physics, 199a 8- 19) If a house were one of the things which come to be due to nature, it would come to be just as it now does by the agency of art; and if/ analogy with nature.” (1987: 97) The general idea: Premise 2 is true because nature has a similarity of structure (end-directed movement) to craft. We can think that premise 2 is true without thinking that nature contains psychological representations of the goal or aim. Worries for the /

AGENDA: Begin Warm-up Immediately upon entering classroom !

city, during which Crusaders massacred its Egyptian defenders as well as Muslim and Jewish inhabitants. Bridgeman Art Library, London/New York PP Design of T. Loessin; Akins / It was all part of the reform movement (changes) the Church undertook to clean up the corruption and problems within itself and return to the basic principles of Christianity/ p. 5 As more and more people became craftsmen, people of the same craft united together in order to protect their professional and personal interests. They found /

Design History Design in Prehistoric Times Pre-3000 BC Before recorded history, humans constructed stone circles, megaliths, and other structures.

Bridge, & O’Hara Paris, London, & Chicago Arts and Crafts Movement in Design 1860 to 1900 AD Arts and Crafts was a late 19th-century backlash against the forces of industrialization. The Arts and Crafts movement revived an interest in handicrafts and sought a spiritual connection with the surrounding environment, both natural and manmade. The Craftsman Bungalow evolved from the Arts and Crafts movement. Gamble House & Davis House Pasadena, California & Eugene, Oregon Art Nouveau Design 1890 to 1905 AD/

The triumph of traditional politics with its corrupting effects upon the masses is occasioned by the failure of the middle and upper classes to govern.

gross national happiness. The barangay’s labor force consists of people in diverse occupations, professions, or fields of endeavor – in arts and crafts, in services, in enterprises. In addition to its revenues, its capital includes the equity, holdings, or possessions of its /as a community. Consensus is the hallmark of a community’s political maturity.# V. GBM: A PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT The GISING BARANGAY MOVEMENT is an alliance of Filipinos who wish to do the little things in the barangay that together make up /

ESSLLI 2006 Treebank-Based Acquisition of LFG, HPSG and CCG Resources1 Advanced Course: Treebank-Based Acquisition of LFG, HPSG and CCG Resources Josef.

NP ESSLLI 2006 Treebank-Based Acquisition of LFG, HPSG and CCG Resources30 Type-raising and Composition Wh-movement: Right-node raising: ESSLLI 2006 Treebank-Based Acquisition of LFG, HPSG and CCG Resources31 Another CCG derivation We will only be /and CCG Resources160 Parsing: Penn-II and LFG How do treebank-based constraint grammars compare to deep hand- crafted grammars like XLE and RASP? XLE (Riezler et al. 2002, Kaplan et al. 2004) –hand-crafted, wide-coverage, deep, state-of-the-art English LFG and/

Civilization is the making of a world by man. CREATING A MAN-MADE ORDER THE MAKING OF SIGN AND SPACE SIGN = Written word SPACE= architecture includes painting,

in graphic design, architecture, art, and crafts, as well as other media such as music and theater. Universal significance of forms……shun the historical and culturally specific nature of visual design. Islamic and Indian influence on visual culture/ & flattened. Symbolic colors. Empirical perspective. Capturing movement. Use of figure ground relationship. Fluid content. Challenging & disturbing Cubist artwork objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form— instead of depicting objects/

Architecture, networks, and complexity John Doyle John G Braun Professor Control and dynamical systems BioEngineering, Electrical Engineering Caltech.

and adaptive, yet … food sex toolmaking sports music dance crafts art VTA Prefrontal cortex Accumbens dopamine work family community nature Universal reward systems Robust and adaptive, yet … food sex toolmaking sports music dance crafts art sex food toolmaking sports music dance crafts art/certain hand motions are not allowed because they produce large, unstable tip movements. This presents an obstacle in the space of dynamic hand movements that must be avoided, making control more difficult. If you make /

Principles of Art …or, what are the tools needed to make really great works of art?

of art creation. Patterns are key to making handicrafts. They play a large role in ethnic or native art. We can apply pattern to decorate various types of craft projects./Movement Movement Emphasis Emphasis Contrast Contrast Repetition / Pattern Repetition / Pattern Unity Unity Balance Balance Your Assignment: Create a work of art utilizing five (5) elements and four (4) principles of art. Create a work of art utilizing five (5) elements and four (4) principles of art. The subject matter, style, medium and/

Literature: Craft & Voice | Delbanco and Cheuse | Chapter 33 ©2013 The McGraw-Hill Companies 1 William Shakespeare Hamlet, Prince of Denmark 33.

William Shakespeare Hamlet, Prince of Denmark 33 Literature: Craft & Voice | Delbanco and Cheuse | Chapter 33 ©2013 The McGraw-Hill Companies 2 Shakespeare’s England At the time of Shakespeare, England was a small nation by modern standards, with a population of about five million. The English Renaissance was in full bloom. The arts and sciences flourished, and increased contact with other nations led to new/

Objectives Grasp the speed of change in art in our own time. Grasp the speed of change in art in our own time. Recognize the emergence of New York as.

Points to Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument Black Granite = Reflective Black Granite = Reflective Influenced by the Minimalist movement Influenced by the Minimalist movement Feminist Art Coincided with the Women’s Liberation movement in the late 60’s-70’s Coincided with the Women’s Liberation movement in the late 60’s-70’s Challenged dominance of men Challenged dominance of men Arts VS. Crafts Arts VS. Crafts Faith Ringgold Born/

SUNDANCER: cultivate wonder Nature, Literature, Movement, Crafts, Gardening, Culinary Expeditions, Exploring Cultures — Fun and funky multimedia workshops.

warm greetings, an intro to the theme, and a preview of all activities. * read a high-interest, age-appropriate book which relates to the week’s theme. * explore creative movement, singing, and instrument exploration. * create together, using a wide/ are for both children and parents Experienced teachers Creative and original curriculum Workshops practice skills needed for Pre-K & K, while remaining creative & fun Participants create homegrown, folk art, etsy-like crafts Small instructor to student ratio/


EXAM #3 “REVIEW” SLIDE RECOGNITION VICTORIAN ARTS AND CRAFTS EARLY 20TH CENTURY MID 20 TH CENTURY MODERN 1Designed in 1897 for Miss Cranstons Argyle Tearoom in Glasgow, who designed this chair? a Mackintosh b Stickley c Reitveld d Wright e Ruhlman 2Author of the "CRAFTSMAN" and proponent of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America, who designed this "Mission Style" reclining chair? a Wright b Morris c Stickley/

“Building house”. * Most influential school of design * Stood for modern simple forms, and to unify art, craft, and technology * Teachers included:

“Building house” * Most influential school of design * Stood for modern simple forms, and to unify art, craft, and technology * Teachers included: * Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky * Johannes Itten * Josef Albers * Herbert Bayer * László Moholy-Nag * The Bauhaus was influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement (1860- 1910) * William Morris (England) led the Arts and Crafts Movement * The Bauhaus was founded by by Walter Gropius in 1919 in Weimer, Germany * The Bauhaus moved to/

GUSTAV KLIMT (July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918) - He started to attend the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts at the age of 14 years old. - In the early.

the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts at the age of 14 years old. - In the early 1890s Klimt met Emilie Louise Flöge, who was his companion during all his life. His painting The Kiss (1907-08) is thought to be an image of them as lovers. - Austrian symbolist painter. - A prominent member of the Vienna Secession movement. WORKS OF ART  PAINTINGS  MURALS  CEILINGS/

World War II and Restructuring the Post- War World Pre-AP Unit #14.

soldiers landed, they stepped out of their landing crafts into a rainstorm of bullets, shells, and death. Some crafts dumped their occupants too far from the beach/was a dying institution. World War II had strengthened nationalist movements while weakening the economic and military positions of traditional European powers. In Vietnam, Ho /authoritarian rule. Brezhnev allowed more access to Western styles of music, dress, and art. In his economic policies, Brezhnev continued to emphasize heavy industry. Two /

Design Movements 1850 - NOW How did we get from this…. …..to this?

) Reaction to industrial revolution Against “soulless” machine-made production Not constrained to furniture – also included housing, arts, politics, etc… Arts & Crafts Art Nouveau (1880-1905) Free-flowing, floral designs Use of wrought iron and irregularly shaped glass Expensive to produce Lots of embellishments Died out just before WWI Modern Movements 1915 – 1980 Simplification of form & elimination of ornament “The house is a machine for living in/

OCTOBER 9, 2015: UNIT 13 - ROCK AND R & B AFTER 1970 POPULAR MUSIC IN AMERICA Dr. Love, professor.

They demonstrate a rare combination of almost unrestrained power and subtle artistry of superbly calculated craft CHAPTER 55: ROCK IN THE EARLY 1970S Heavy Metal and Early 1970s Rock Power and Craft are two outstanding qualities of heavy metal Other parts of/experiments anticipated the world music movement for the 1980s Performed very few times in the 80s and 90s but continued to write and record She also explored what some called “jazz/folk” fusion CHAPTER 57: GENDER, ART, AND THE BOUNDARIES OF ROCK Dog/

Image shutterstock.com CHAPTER 15 Furniture Styles and Construction Housing and Interior Design by Carolyn S. Turner.

function” was the Bauhaus philosophy Typical Bauhaus furniture designs were very simple Chair designs by Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe became popular during this period Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only.© Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Arts and Crafts The Arts and Crafts movement –began with John Ruskin and William Morris –protested the shoddy industrial production of goods in Victorian design –urged a return to creative/

and when I say show, I mean power-point.

in the Sixties. Earth art, a movement that combined environmental and minimalist ideas on a large scale, was promoted by artists such as Michael Heizer, Walter de Maria, Robert Smithson, James Turrel, Alice Aycock, Claes Oldenburg, and Richard Serra. Massive earthworks such as Smithsons Spiral Jetty, challenged all the rules regarding mass, time, size, and space. Land art and environmental art, variations of earth art, were also prominent. Other/

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